Xiaomi TV remote control does not work

How does the remote control work

Gone are the days when, in order to switch TV channels on a TV, add sound on a tape recorder or rewind a cassette, you had to get up from the couch and go to the knobs and switches on the electronic device. Of course, there was nothing wrong with that. once again raising your “fifth point” is very good for your health, but nevertheless, technical progress is inexorable and thanks to it, a remote control appeared, without which, in fact, control of not one of the modern electronic devices.

Consider how this miracle of technology works. In fact, everything is quite simple, if you do not go into details. A remote control, for example a tricolor TV remote control, by itself does not perform any functionally complete task. It works only in tandem with the device (TV, tape recorder, air conditioner) with which it originally comes in the kit or for which it is intended.

The remote control itself contains a microcircuit that converts the information about the pressed key into a sequence of electrical impulses that are fed to the emitter (usually an infrared LED). In turn, the emitter transmits the already visually converted signal to the photodetector, which is located in the electronic device itself (TV, tape recorder or air conditioner). Having received the information in a visual form, the photodetector converts it into a sequence of electrical impulses, which are fed to the microcircuit of the device control unit. And she, in turn, already generates signals to control the functions of a TV, tape recorder or air conditioner.

That is, after you have pressed one of the buttons on the remote control, the signal is first converted into a light form, and then back into an electrical signal. The convenience of such a system is that a very large amount of information can be recorded using a sequence of pulses (electrical signal). This allows not only to give the remote control more functionality, but also to use a unique code for almost every electronic device, so as not to cause false alarms of other electronic devices, which do not need to be controlled at the moment.

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Mainly, an infrared remote control is used to control household electrical appliances. This means that the transmission of the information signal from the emitter to the receiver is carried out in the infrared light range. The human eye cannot see in this range, so physically we do not notice the blinking of the emitter. On the one hand, this is very good. control signals do not interfere, for example, with watching TV. However, on the other hand, we cannot visually see whether the remote control is working or is broken. But this is not such a big problem. To check the operation of the remote control, it is enough to have a mobile phone with a camera at hand. Turn it on in camera mode and point the camera at the LED on the remote control. When you press any of the keys, the operating panel will give out periodic flashes that are clearly visible on the mobile screen. That’s all.

How to fix Xiami mibox remote not working

The set-top box does not respond to the MTS remote control

The user manual clearly describes the main functionality of the set-top box remote control. However, there are no recommendations regarding user actions in cases where the TV set-top box does not respond to the subscriber’s commands. First you need to determine why the remote control is not working. The specifics of the breakdown determines the nature of the device’s recovery.

Common reasons for incorrect operation of the set-top box remote control:

  • The batteries are dead and need to be replaced;
  • The receiver is not connected to the TV correctly;
  • The remote control settings are lost, so it is impossible to turn on the MTS prefix;
  • Mechanical damage to the device;
  • The user has spilled a large amount of liquid on the remote control.

First you need to make sure that the receiver is working. Restart the MTS set-top box, try to turn it on from the manual control panel. Check the coaxial cable for mechanical damage. The receiver may not turn on due to a malfunction of the power source to which it is connected. Is the receiver working properly? This means there are violations in the remote control.

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The most common reason for the malfunctioning of the remote control is very commonplace. the batteries are dead. Try other batteries, make sure they are inserted correctly. Quite often, a simple replacement is sufficient to restore the functionality of the remote control.

What should I do if water gets inside the remote control? You need to carefully disassemble the device. Use a flat head screwdriver to open the latches and split the case in two. Wipe the microcircuits with a cotton swab that was previously moistened with alcohol. This will avoid oxidation and short-circuiting of the contacts. Remove dust and other contaminants. Leave the components for a few hours to dry. A characteristic sign of the remote control being flooded with water is sticking of buttons.

Why the remote control from the MTS TV set-top box does not respond and how to fix it

Today, mobile operators are not limited to their basic functions and offer subscribers a wide range of all kinds of services. Many proposals go beyond the usual collaboration. However, this is hard to call a drawback. For example, the satellite TV service from MTS is in great demand. The provider provides users with the necessary equipment and connects. What to do if the remote control from the MTS TV set-top box does not work?

This is a common problem faced by many subscribers. To avoid aggravating the breakdown, the user must know how to remedy the problem. First, you need to carry out diagnostics, which will allow you to calculate the specifics of damage to the remote control. Mostly all breakdowns can be repaired by yourself. What to do if the MTS set-top box still does not respond to the remote control? If you can’t solve the problem on your own, then you need to contact Customer Support for help.

The remote control does not change channels

Let’s assume that new batteries are inserted into the remote control, the antenna cable is not damaged, and the receiver is correctly connected to the TV and satellite dish. Why, in this case, the MTS prefix does not respond to the remote control? To switch channels remotely, you need to correctly configure all devices for digital TV.

The user needs to switch the signal transmission from the TV to the receiver. Setting up the MTS remote control is carried out by pressing just one button. However, the name of the button depends on the equipment used. In the process of restoring the correct operation of the equipment, users need to be guided by the following conditions:

  • If you use equipment from ZTE, then click on the “MTS” button;
  • Subscribers using Huawei devices should click on “TV” or “MTS TV”;
  • Owners of a Motorola receiver should click on the “MTS” button;
  • In all other cases, the problem is solved by pressing the “STB” button.
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Now you know how to unlock the MTS TV remote control. However, the setup process does not end there. Press the corresponding button, and then watch the light indication. The indicator should start blinking.

Why did the diode not react in any way to the subscriber’s attempts to configure the equipment? This is a sign that the problem is not with the settings, but with the hardware. Consequently, the restoration of satellite TV broadcasting requires the immediate intervention of specialists.

Contacting MTS Support

If the MTS set-top box does not turn on from the phone and the remote control, and attempts to restore the equipment on your own have not been successful, then you need to turn to professionals for help. For complex diagnostics, special equipment is required. Repairs with improvised means can lead to an aggravation of the malfunction.

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You need to explain the problem in detail. Experienced contact center specialists will tell you how to determine why MTS TV does not work on the TV. If the reason for the equipment failure is really serious and it is impossible to eliminate it on your own, then the subscriber will be informed of the addresses of the service centers.

Prepare your passport data in advance, as well as the subscription service agreement signed with the provider. This will significantly speed up the process of considering your application. Consultants identify the subscriber to carry out remote equipment diagnostics.