Why Internet does not work on Smart TV


When connecting wirelessly, the very first thing you can do is disconnect the router and TV from the network. Remove the plugs completely from the sockets and wait a few minutes. Then connect the router from the beginning and wait until it enters normal operation. After that, you can turn on the TV and try to connect to the Network.

If restarting the equipment did not lead to a positive result, you can try to start checking the TV.

  • Enter the Menu;
  • Next Configuration;
  • Cleaning Internet Applications;
  • Clean up application memory.

Nothing has improved? Call the technical support of the service provider and tell them what messages appear, what exactly TV says about connection problems.

I need to update the router’s firmware

The problem may be caused by an outdated firmware version. In this case, the situation will be resolved after updating the firmware of the router or the TV itself.

For some TV models, there may be a problem with a mismatch in the MTU level. precisely, you can find out this question from your provider. If there is such a problem, the customer support service is sure to already know about it. It is likely that they will tell you how to fix the situation. Lowering MTU sometimes helps. Start decreasing a few units and see if getting better with the Internet. If you receive a notification about an invalid MTU when you try to connect, you must change it to the specified.

Software problems

A common problem with Smart TVs is that outdated software is not compatible with updates on the provider’s servers. And if there is no Internet, where can I get the new software? All that remains is to look for a working Internet on another device, for example, on a stationary computer, search, record on a flash drive and from where to install it on a TV.

The reason for problems with Smart TV can be an elementary lack of work of the Internet channel or a weak signal. The problem will fix itself after a while. over, the provider’s customer support staff themselves may not be aware of the violations.

Try to connect to the network manually

First, find a subscription service agreement. you will need the data provided by the provider to connect to the network. Enter Menu, then Configuration, Network Settings, Static IP, Static Configuration. All data received from the provider must be accurately and accurately entered in the settings. After that, click OK and try to reconnect Smart TV.

If the malfunction repeats and the same notification about unsuccessful connection attempts appears on the screen, call the service provider and tell them that you have changed the equipment. The operator will need to provide the MAC address, which can be found in the Network Settings menu.

Smart TV does not work: instructions for solving the problem

What to do if Smart TV does not work? After switching on, a message appears about attempts to connect to the Network, but the connection does not occur for a long time.

If possible, you need to check if the Internet is working. It is likely that the provider’s servers are carrying out maintenance work or the equipment and software are being updated. To find out exactly what is happening with the network, you need to call the technical support of the provider.

If the Network works normally on other computers, there may be problems with the firmware of the router, with the adapter and TV settings. If the router normally distributes the network, the adapter finds a connection, but Smart TV still does not work, the TV settings could be lost.

Router malfunction

The router could have broken down, and the TV settings are not to blame. Maybe someone you know has a router and it will be possible to connect your device from a new device. If the malfunction really lies in the router, after replacing it, the Internet should connect and configure itself automatically, without additional manipulations.

If the router has been in operation for a long time, there might have been some innovations in the methods of signal transmission. And then the old router simply won’t work on the new system. There is an opinion that equipment manufacturers and Internet providers purposefully carry out such manipulations in order to stimulate narrators to timely purchase more modern equipment.

Some routers will need to be manually connected and configured for each TV, while others with factory firmware easily find the network.

Updating the router firmware

Updating Smart TV firmware is a standard procedure, most users switch it to automatic mode. If the firmware is outdated, the service does not stop working, but crashes in applications. But other software. a router may become outdated, thereby depriving the TV of an Internet connection. It is not difficult to update it, it is only important to find out the model of the router and follow the simple instructions.

  • Download the latest software version for your router model from the Internet.
  • Connect the device to a PC via a LAN cable and open its web interface.
  • Before starting the upgrade, it is recommended to back up your data. the settings will be reset to the factory settings during the upgrade. To do this, open the path Advanced Settings. System Tools. Backup and Restore. Backup.
  • Open the “System Tools” section, select “Firmware Update”.
  • If the update is from a file, select “Local update” and specify the path to the file via the “Browse” button. If the update is online, select this mode.
  • Click on “Update”. the process will take a few minutes.
  • After completion, you need to check the result. for this in the “System settings” check the software version,
  • Manually reset to factory settings: in step 3, the last item in the chain should be “Restore factory settings”.
  • Return to the user settings saved in the backup. for this use the “Recovery” section.

To carry out this procedure, you do not need an Internet connection, you only need to configure the web interface of the router on your computer.

Reasons why Smart TV may not work

Smart TV is a stable service, usually malfunctions in its work are easy to fix with proper diagnostics. Before proceeding to it, it is worth checking if there is an Internet in principle. It is likely that the Wi-Fi router has stopped sending out a signal, which is why the Smart TV cannot be turned on. Checking is simple. just connect any other device, smartphone, computer or laptop to the router. If they are unable to access the Internet, the problem is not with the TV. Otherwise, you need to move on to considering other possible causes.

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Smart TV does not work on TV: solution to all problems

It is hard for television to compete with the Internet in terms of the variety of video content, it is a known fact. But the situation is balanced by the Smart TV service. it actually allows you to use the TV for Internet surfing. The process of connecting it is simple, you only need an Internet connection and a minimum of effort to configure. But sometimes a problem appears. Smart TV does not work, which may be caused by several factors.

Mandatory reboot

If Smart TV is not showing, but the Internet is working, the next step is to reboot. It is likely that a memory failure has occurred that can be repaired in this way. To do this, you need to turn off the router and TV, and then disconnect them. Wait a few minutes and turn it on again. If Smart TV does not start loading, you can clear the application memory, i.e. a kind of reboot:

  • Enter Menu.
  • Open the section “Settings” or “Configuration”.
  • Select “Clean up Internet Applications”.

In case of failure, it is recommended to call the provider and report the problem. If you are sure that the TV itself is to blame, you should continue to search for the problem yourself.

It is widely believed that with such errors, you need to reset the TV to factory settings.

However, this is a desperate measure. after a rollback, the system will have to be configured again, because everything that the user created will be deleted. Before this operation, you need to check other possible options.

Connecting to the network manually

Sometimes the reason for the failure of Smart TV may be an error in identifying the network connection. To fix the problem, you can try to enter the necessary data yourself. you can find it out from the contract with the provider. If the contract is unavailable or lost, you can call the technical support service and get the data from them.

To enter manually, you need to open “Settings” in the Menu, then go to the “Configuration” section and the “Network Settings” subsection. A window will appear with several lines. in them you need to enter the information of the provider. After successful input, you need to restart Smart TV.

For Samsung and LG TVs, the following problem is typical: the Wi-Fi router works for all devices except the TV. A temporary solution to the problem will be the following action: in the “Network Settings” specify the value of the DNS server “”.

Factory reset

This procedure will delete all user information on the TV. from color settings to deleting compiled channels and downloaded applications. You will have to configure everything again, so this method is the last in the list of possible solutions to the problem.

To reset to factory settings, you need to go to the Menu through the remote control, where you can select either the “Self-diagnosis” and “Reset” (for Samsung), or “Advanced settings” and the “General” section (for LG). For other models, you need to look for a reset item in the same sections.

Software problems

As noted above, the firmware may become outdated on the TV too. in this case, some applications will not work, and others will give out frequent crashes. The easiest way to find out if an update has appeared is from the TV itself. If for some reason you cannot enter the settings, you can update the firmware via a flash drive. To do this, it is formatted for the operating system of the TV, the update file (not an archive!) Is downloaded to it, then the flash drive is inserted into the TV connector and the update is started. It is much more convenient to navigate it through the settings of the TV itself. Below we will consider the procedure for Samsung TVs, if Smart TV does not turn on on the TV.

  • Open Menu.
  • Select the section “Support”.
  • Click on the item “Software update”. If it is not available, disconnect the TV for a few minutes and try again.
  • Select the line “Update now” or “Update over the network”.
  • A search will be carried out for a new firmware version. If it is found, a dialog box about its installation will appear. Confirm Action.
  • Wait for the end of the installation process, then the TV turns off and on again.

This scheme is suitable for Samsung TV, but also for other brands. LG, for example, it is identical. It is important that the TV does not turn off during the update. this can lead to serious malfunctions.

Router malfunction

It is easy to identify this reason. if no device connects to the router, and the firmware update did not help, it is faulty.

Ideally, to be sure, take another device and replace the diagnosed device with it. If the connection is restored, you need to replace the hardware.

Smart TV is widely used by TV owners, it is multifunctional and replaces standard TV. Minor malfunctions in its work are most often associated with a lack of memory, which can be eliminated in a few steps. The situation is different when Smart TV stops working completely. In this case, you need to consistently check all possible reasons. it can be a router or the TV itself.

Why is the Internet connected but not working?!

One of the most common situations that I have to face in my practice is when a user has the Internet connected, but does not work. Why is this happening?!
The first thing to start looking for a solution to the problem is to reboot all devices associated with access to the Internet. a router, a computer, etc. Very often this is the result of a small malfunction in one of them and is solved by a simple restart. If it doesn’t help, read on!

So, the Internet does not work for you. How are you connected to it? As a rule, in most cases, the connection is organized via a Wi-Fi router, then see if its Internet access indicator is on or not. For example, on D-Link routers, it is made in the form of a globe, on most devices it is simply signed as Internet.

Does not burn? Check the router settings and, if everything is in order with them, call the technical support of your provider.
But if the indicator glows affably, then the connection is successful. Check access from other devices. from a tablet, phone or laptop. So you can find out from which side it is worth looking for the cause of the problem. Such cases, when a router connects to the global web and at the same time does not distribute the Internet to connected devices, happens once in a thousand. Usually they are associated with a failure in its operation and are treated by resetting the settings to the factory settings, followed by a complete reconfiguration. often it happens that there is no access from only one of the computers, while everything works fine for others. Then you need to look for the “root of evil” already on it.

If you are connected to the mobile Internet via a USB modem or WI-FI module plugged into a USB port, then try disconnecting it and reconnecting it. Doesn’t help. switch the gadget to an adjacent free port. Windows will reinstall the drivers and it will be possible to check again whether access has appeared.

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Diagnosing Internet connection in Windows 10

If the Internet is connected on your computer or laptop but does not work and you are sure that the reason lies in incorrect settings, then it is worth performing a few simple operations. Let’s start by pinging some popular site. To do this, press the WinR key combination so that the “Run” window appears:

In the “Open” line, type the cmd command. Click on the “OK” button to open the command line window. We type the command:

Don’t like Yandex. you can specify Google instead. Press the “Enter” key and see the result. If everything is in order, then you will receive approximately the following response from the server:

This is the IP address of Yandex’s public DNS server, which is always available. Alternatively, you can ping the server from Google. If the PC has access to an external network, then the answer should be:

If a host is pinged by IP, and the sites do not open at the same time, then this usually means that the Internet is connected but does not work due to the fact that the DNS server address is not registered (or incorrectly spelled out) in the network card settings. I will tell you how to do this below.

Then it’s worth checking if the router is available. To do this, you also need to ping it. You can see what IP-address is used on it on a sticker located usually at the bottom of the case. Usually this is either or I have a D-Link router and it uses the second option:

If the router pings, but the node is not on the Internet, then the reason is most likely again in the router or in its settings.
But if the router is also unavailable, this is a reason to delve into the configuration of the network adapter on the computer. But before that, try to disable your antivirus and firewall, as very often they are the cause of most of the network problems.

Didn’t help and the Internet is still connected but not working ?! Well, then press the WinR key combination again so that the “Run” window appears and enter the command ncpa.cpl.
If everything was done correctly, then the Windows 10 network connections window should appear:

Right-click on the connection icon and select “Properties” from the menu. In the window that appears, double-click on the line “IP version 4 (TCP / IPv4)” to get into the protocol parameters:

Here we try to set the automatic receipt of addresses and again check the access to the global web.
Doesn’t work anyway? Then we tick the box “Use the following addresses”:

You need to register an IP address from the subnet of your router. If it has an IP of, then set the computer to If the router uses, then the PC will have Mask As a gateway, you must specify the address of the router. Register it as your preferred DNS server. Alternative DNS, you can specify a server from Yandex or from Google.

As a rule, after this, Internet access appears. If none of the advice helped you, then I am afraid that it is necessary to call a professional specialist who can determine the cause of the problem and can eliminate it. Good luck to all!

Updating the TV’s firmware

  • Press the “Menu” button on the remote
  • Select “Support”
  • Then “Software Update”
  • Select the item “Update now” or “Online”
  • If a new firmware version is available and ready for installation, a notification will appear. Click “Yes”
  • Wait for the update to complete. Do not turn off the TV while doing this.

Manual for Samsung TVs

Reinstalling the IVI application:

You can reinstall the application on Samsung only on the J, K, M, N, Q, LS series (i.e. 2015-2018 release) on OS Tizen.

  • Go to the “APPS” app drawer
  • Select IVI
  • Press and hold the center button of the remote control or press the “Tools” button
  • In the menu window that appears, select “Reinstall”
  • Wait for the installation. The end time depends on the speed of your Internet.

Resetting your TV to factory settings:

  • Press the “Menu” button on the remote
  • Then select “Support”
  • Select “Self Diagnosis”
  • Click “Reset”
  • Next, enter the TV PIN-code (if you did not set it yourself, then the default PIN-code is 0000).

Why IVI does not work on Smart TV

Sometimes Smart TV users face the following problem: some services do not load, freeze or crash altogether. This applies to the most popular applications in the arsenal of smart TVs. online cinemas, in particular IVI.

IVI is an advanced domestic streaming service that offers home viewers more than 60,000 thousand Russian and foreign video content: films of any genre, TV series, new film distribution, television programs and animation; both free and paid access to use; clear and very user-friendly interface! It’s a shame when a pleasant viewing is interrupted or becomes unbearable, if the video every now and then “stumbles” on the download icon. It also happens when, for sure, evil rock simply does not let you into the application and keeps a black screen in front of your nose. But there is a solution to everything! In this article we will discuss why ivi does not work on TV and how this problem can be solved at home.!

DNS server address change

  • Enter “Settings” on your device
  • Select “General”
  • Item “Network”
  • Next “Network Status”
  • If Internet access is available, then select “IP Settings”
  • Click on “DNS Settings” and select “Enter manually”
  • Select “DNS Server” and enter or Click Finish, then the Back button
  • “OK” to save data
  • Reboot your TV. If everything is in order with the Internet connection, then try to enter the application again

Reasons why IVI slows down and recommendations for solving the problem

Before cursing the application itself, you need to check whether all the factors on which the operation of the online cinema depends.

  • Update your TV’s firmware. It is quite possible that you cannot enjoy watching movies, watching an ever-hanging picture in front of your eyes due to the technical features of your TV model. Unfortunately, there is rarely anything you can do about it. However, there is still one solution. Probably, the firmware of your device is outdated for a long time and simply does not pull the application. In this case, check your TV for the latest updates.
  • Finally, one of the most effective ways to get a naughty service to work is to reset the Smart Hub. This operation deletes all downloaded applications, their data and reinstalls the factory ones, but possible errors are eliminated.

Resetting Smart Hub Settings

  • Select “Menu”
  • Select “Support”
  • Next “Self-diagnosis”
  • “Reset Smart Hub”
  • Enter PIN (default 0000)
  • Wait for the operation to complete
  • “Menu”
  • Select “Smart Features”
  • Next “Reset Smart Hub”
  • Enter PIN (default 0000).
  • After all settings are reset, you need to set the correct time, time zone and date. Go to Menu System Time Clock Set the clock. Now that all the data has been set, go to Smart TV, to the IVI application and check its work.

Again, to avoid blocking Smart Hub before resetting, make sure your device model is certified for Russia, look at the factory sticker. Also, this information can be found on the TV itself.

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To do this, follow: Menu Support Contacting Samsung, a number will be indicated in the Model Code field. Example: UE32F6800. The Latin letter in front of the last four digits is the series of your TV and an indication of the year of release.

A. 2008;
B. 2009;
C— 2010;
D. 2011;
ES / EH. 2012;
F / FH. 2013;
H / HU. 2014;
J / JU / JS. 2015;
K / KU / KS. 2016;
M / MU / Q / LS. 2017;
N / NU. 2018;
S. premium models of different years

DNS change

In case the program does not open, they offer this method of solving the failure. Use a DNS change to troubleshoot the problem. It should be noted that this option is not always successful. If you change the network address incorrectly, other problems may arise.

To replace DNS in Smart TV Samsung, you need to launch the Settings section. Then select the “Network” item. Then the “Network Status” folder:

  • check network settings and access to home WI-FI;
  • click on “IP Settings”;
  • select the “Settings” section;
  • use manual settings and enter a combination of numbers;
  • confirm the actions and click on “Ok”.

Be careful! Wrong actions can lead to serious problems.

Internet connection check

If megogo slows down on the TV, there may be problems with the Internet connection. To check, connect to another Internet source. Turn off Wi-Fi and use mobile internet. If access is resumed, then there is a problem with the provider. Call Customer Support and find out the connection status. Possible technical work in a service company. Wait a while and reconnect.

Fix Wi-Fi Connected But No Internet Access in Smart TV

If you have any questions or complaints. let us know

Why Megogo doesn’t work on TV?

Megogo won’t start on TV? Before troubleshooting, you will need to find out the cause. Main problems:

  • old update;
  • failure in settings;
  • DNS problems;
  • lack of internet connection;
  • breakage inside the device.

Turn off the TV

Did you see an error message on the displays. try again later? In certain cases, a simple reboot of the TV will be required. Models of category M, N, Q reboot without disconnecting from the power supply system. Deactivate TV and restart after 5 minutes.

Contacting support

Didn’t the previous tips fix the problem? In this case, they recommend Samsung technical support. Here you can download updates and get detailed information. Ask a question to the Samsung Service Center Manager. They will be able to provide detailed information on the operation of the TV model. The answer will come within 24 hours. There, detailed instructions for performing.

Smart Hub

When deleting settings on Smart Hub, clear the program memory, delete inactive widgets and cache. Before operation, check that the Samsung device is suitable for use in Russia. This information is located in the instructions for the TV. In addition, the technical specifications are located on the back of the TV. Further details about removal

Why Megogo does not work on TV: reasons what to do?

Every user at least once has the question “Why doesn’t Megogo work on TV?” It’s worth starting with the fact that Megogo provides extensive media content to customers. Through the application it is possible to view video files without ads. When subscribing, the user receives many films, series and TV channels online at no additional cost. The platform is available on personal computers, smartphones and tablets LG, Sony, Philips.


A factory reset is a radical solution to the crash. It allows you to remove all parameters from your TV and set-top box. At the end of the process, the user will need to re-configure the device. Only built-in programs will be installed on the TV. Regardless of the service, the instructions are practically the same.

Smart TV. reasons for video, sound slowdown

Every modern TV set today is equipped with a new and useful function. “Smart TV”. This option allows you to view on TV without the use of computer equipment. videos, web pages, pictures, as well as listen to music online.

internet, does, work, smart

Like all equipment, TVs with the option “Smart TV” can sometimes slow down and malfunction. Of course, if such problems began in functioning, then I would like to know: “Why does Smart TV slow down?” The answer is often hidden in the TV settings, so it is important to know how to do this for Samsung, LG and Philips TVs. However, today it is not uncommon for cases of failures when watching videos due to:

  • internet speed;
  • memory loaded with a large number of widgets;
  • cache, built-in web browser;
  • the need to update the software.

It is necessary to understand the listed reasons. in more detail and how to solve them.

Internet and its connection to the device

Indeed, many Smart TV owners claim that they had problems watching videos due to improper Internet connection to the TV.

The simplest and most intuitive way to connect to a local network is through a router. Everything is simple here. It is required to enter the menu, select a connection via Wi-Fi and enter a username and password. The device connects instantly. If there are difficulties in connection and a window appears on the screen: “I cannot get the network settings”, then it is advisable to update the firmware of the router.

There may also be problems when connecting the network cable. In this case, everything will depend on the provider and the protocol it uses. Most providers today provide. dynamic IP, but if the protocol is PPPoE, PPtP, L2TP, then you need to enter a username and password to connect the device to the network. You can find out such data only from the provider’s manager when calling at home or through a phone call. Just connecting the cable. the Internet will not appear.

Old software

Very often, manufacturers update software on Smart TVs. Therefore, if a new software version appears while checking for updates, it should be urgently installed. Otherwise, it will simply not be possible to enter the Smart TV option. But if it is not possible to update via the Internet on the TV, then the new software can be downloaded using a laptop, computer and dropped onto a USB flash drive. Then connect it to the device and update. Read also How to Update Samsung and LV with Smart TV Function.

It is very important to always use the latest software on Smart TVs.

Device settings

If there is a child in the family and he was playing with the remote control, something “clipped” because of which the TV stopped functioning normally. Reset to factory settings. This feature is available on all Smart TVs.

We hope that the given examples of solving problems with inhibition will help. Of course, if the device memory is loaded, then try to delete unnecessary widgets, but rather discard the settings to the factory settings. Use the built-in web browser less often. It is advisable to periodically clear the cache in the browser.

Remember, if the above examples of solving the problem did not help, contact the technical support from the manufacturer!