Why did light spots appear on the TV screen?

Reasons for the appearance

Spots on a liquid crystal (LCD) monitor or TV most often appear during the operation of equipment. Not a single screen, even the most expensive company, is immune from such a malfunction. The main reason for the appearance of such errors is considered to be a factory defect.

But the spots are different. It so happens that when watching TV in some places of the screen (if there is a certain color in some area), you can see barely noticeable white highlights.

light, spots, appear, screen

This situation can happen with any LCD, LED or plasma screen. But do not rush to sound the alarm, such an image may be a feature of this model, and not a defect.

In rare cases, such “spots” are a design feature. They can also include thin stripes along the edges of the screens a couple of tones lighter than the rest of the surface. Some people who are not tempted with a good image may not notice such shortcomings for years, and a picky user will immediately discover them. In other cases, such spots may appear during the operation of the TV, and each type of screen may have its own reasons for their appearance.

How to get rid of?

Areas of uneven brightness can sometimes be corrected in 2 ways:

  • light pressure;
  • adjustable brightness and contrast.

Let’s take a closer look at each of the methods.

White spots on the TV screen: why did they appear and what to do?

It happens that on the TV screen you can notice some kind of light, which is most visible at the edges of the screen and in the corners. Many users are greatly disturbed by such finds. In today’s article, we will talk about where white spots come from on a TV screen and what to do with them.

Adjusting brightness in settings

Open the settings menu with the remote control. Now you need to go to the section that is responsible for adjusting the brightness of the image. Next, you need to set the backlight level to the minimum acceptable level.

On some TV models, the backlight can be turned off completely without degrading the picture quality. Turn off any settings that adjust brightness based on the lighting in the room. This will disable the control parameter, which is necessary to reduce the visibility of errors on the screen during viewing.

There are times when small dots appear on the screen. Most likely, it is dust trapped between the layers. And such situations arise very often during repairs in a room where the TV is located, or during a move. This is not always a factory defect, since all screens are equipped with a ventilated gap between the layers. it happens that any small debris gets into this distance. In order not to disassemble the screen, users have found several ways out of this situation.

The first method contradicts all the rules for using such devices, however, many use it at home and are satisfied with the result. The essence of this method is to gently knock out a speck of dust from the screen. In order not to damage the device, you need to take something that will damp the force of the impact, and distribute it evenly. A wool scarf or sweater will do. Having wound it around your hand, you need to start applying light blows to the screen next to the place where the foreign body is located.

This method can be called “barbaric”, but it is used and quite successfully.

A more gentle option is to remove a foreign object from the layers of the screen, they also came up with it at home. The object is removed with a vacuum cleaner, only, as with the previous method, the main thing here is not to overdo it and keep the vacuum cleaner hose at a distance.

LCD and LED screens

The reason for the appearance of white areas on screens of this type may be:

  • incorrect assembly of the device. if the matrix is ​​installed skewed, then such defects may appear;
  • physical impact on the surface of the screen (pressing or hitting it).

In any of the described cases, you will have to completely change the matrix.

Manual fix

In order to correct this problem manually, we need a soft cloth. Turn off the TV and start gently rubbing the screen from the center to the edges.

Repeat the procedure several times until the area with the defect disappears.

On some models, the rear screws that hold the front bezel together with the back are overtightened at the factory, causing the screen to warp and light up around the perimeter. To fix this, loosen all the screws around the perimeter about ¼ of a turn. Thus, remove unnecessary load from the matrix.


A plasma panel also has such shortcomings, only here the problem lies in the malfunction of the blocks that are responsible for the construction of the picture. In rare cases, this may be a defect in the matrix itself. To fix this problem, you will need to replace the image building block.

As soon as you notice problems with the image, and if the warranty period has not yet expired, then it is advisable to immediately send the product to a service center for repair or replacement. It should be noted that sometimes very small and not very conspicuous spots cannot always be regarded as a warranty case and will be refused repair.

What to do with a faulty motherboard or video card?

In the event of a faulty motherboard or integrated video card, the laptop will have to be sent for repair. This is not a cheap pleasure, so be sure to ask for an agreement on the price of the repair.

If the video chip is faulty, you may be offered three options for “treatment”:

  • Warming up the chip is the cheapest option, but with it there is no guarantee that it will help, moreover, the malfunction may then arise again.
  • Reballing a chip is a more expensive method, but if the chip is faulty, this option gives 99% of a successful outcome.
  • Complete replacement of the chip is also 99% successful, but this option is much more expensive than reballing, and it is not a fact that replacing the chip is so necessary.

Important! The motherboard could be damaged due to overheating, oxidation of the contacts, or it could rust slightly from, for example, spilled coffee. The repair options are the same as for the video card, plus some additional measures

If the problem turns out to be global, and besides, your computer model is already outdated, it makes sense to think about buying a new one. Here we offer the following reviews to help you:

  • budget notebooks.
  • convertible laptops.
  • Best gaming laptops.

Thus, in this article we examined the question of how to remove stripes on a computer monitor. Such a problem is not uncommon, so it is advisable for every laptop user to know why it can occur, as well as how to fix it.

Black bar on the monitor

The simplest situation is when black stripes on the monitor are placed on the sides or on one side of the screen, forming a kind of frame.

In this case, the graphic elements are not overlapped, but only displaced or stretched relative to the center of the screen. In this case, we can talk about incorrect settings of the aspect ratio of the image.

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The problem is solved programmatically, through the settings of the video card driver or by using the menu buttons on the monitor itself.

If flickering black bars appear on the monitor screen, which periodically change their location, this may be the result of a faulty or incorrectly configured video card

In particular, you should pay attention to the parameters of resolution, frequency and synchronization.

If static vertical or horizontal black bars of different widths are randomly located on the monitor, overlapping image elements, the device must be repaired at a service center, because we are talking, most likely, about the breakdown of the matrix or components of the control board.

How to remove dark spots

“Torn” bright spots on a dark-colored TV, located almost all over the screen, indicate a malfunction of the polarizer or diffuser, which are located in the matrix body. Only a specialist who has the appropriate tools and equipment at his disposal can independently eliminate such a defect.

Dark spots on a regular LCD TV screen. round or oval, with decreasing intensity closer to the edges of the shape, are most likely caused by dust entering the matrix. Most often this happens due to sharp temperature fluctuations. The layers of the matrix begin to move, and dust particles penetrate into the vacated space.

In a good half of the cases, you can remove such stains on your own.

  • We lay the TV on a soft surface with the back side up.
  • Unscrew the screws securing the back wall and carefully remove it.
  • Using a vacuum cleaner set for blowing, or a compressed air cylinder, we blow through all the edges of the matrix, directing the air stream at an angle.
  • We wait 5-10 minutes and put the TV cover back in place.

Important! During blowing it is necessary to avoid jamming of the matrix edges. If the air flow is too strong, then during the procedure, the instrument must be moved away to a certain distance. If the black spot from the dust that has penetrated inside is very small, then you can try to get rid of it in an easier way.

Take a dry soft cloth and, wrapping it on your finger, tap on the screen. Small particles must fall

If the black spot from the dust that has penetrated inside is very small, then you can try to get rid of it in an easier way. Take a dry soft cloth and, wrapping it on your finger, tap on the screen. Small particles must fall.

On a plasma TV, such problems are solved, alas, in only one way. by calling the master at home or by going to a service center. In this case, it is impossible to remove black spots on your own. This requires expensive equipment and special tools.

Vertical blue stripes on the monitor

After a long game, when the equipment overheats or the video card is worn out, many users notice that vertical blue stripes have appeared on the monitor screen. In this case, if the warranty remains, then the video card should be replaced. There is another reason for the appearance of vertical blue or blue stripes. possible damage to one of the contacts of the matrix cable or delamination of the video processor solder balls from the BGA substrate due to overheating.

Vertical pink stripe on the monitor

In most cases, colored stripes on the screen are associated with a breakdown of the monitor matrix. This can happen as a result of failures in the power supply system, falls, shocks and other similar influences or wear of parts. If a vertical stripe appears on the monitor, which is painted in pink or purple, then this more often than usual indicates a malfunction of the scaler. The appearance of such a defect can also be observed on new monitors, but it’s all a factory defect.

Vertical red bar on the monitor screen

There are users who complain that distortions appear on the screen from time to time. If you are interested in why vertical red stripes appear on the monitor, then you should know that often the whole point is in poor contact of the matrix cable. Rarely, a problem can be triggered by burning elements. Areas of rectangular shape, consisting of vertical stripes, are a signal of dustiness or damage to the cable connectors. Other reasons: the track on the control board is peeled off or the video controller cable or VGA wire is damaged.

Impact damage

Impact or strong pressure on the surface of the liquid crystal panel is a common cause of stains on the CRT. over, the defect can appear not only in the place of exposure, but also creep across the screen. It is impossible to eliminate dead pixels. In this case, you will need to replace the matrix, which you can do yourself.

A dark spot on the screen may appear after impact or pressure.

Moisture penetration

If the user is sure that the problem is caused by moisture getting inside the LCD panel, rinse the matrix using a special detergent. It is impossible to use other liquids for the procedure. this will cause damage to the TV, or the impurities contained in the water will remain on the matrix and will be noticeable during operation.

The procedure should be carried out in a well-ventilated area with high humidity. An extractor hood and a humidifier will help create optimal conditions. Use soft cotton gloves to avoid scratching the panel elements. If you do not have the necessary skills, or you are not sure of the final result, contact a TV technician, especially when the TV is under factory warranty.

If moisture penetrates, contact a specialist.

White spots on the TV screen

A high-quality picture of digital television depends on the correct setup of the equipment, a good receiver and the correct operation of the monitor. Over time, even on good models of equipment from Sony, Samsung, LG, white spots may appear on the TV screen. To eliminate them, you need to find out the cause of the breakdown, decide whether you can fix the TV yourself or if you should refer the equipment to professionals.

What to do if white spots appear on the TV screen?

In some cases, to fix the problem, it is enough to carry out simple manipulations at home. It is worth remembering that only professionals can fix most of the faults. Regardless of the place of repair, the reasons for the appearance of white spots include:

impact or pressure on the screen surface

breakage of the blocks responsible for the construction of the image;

Installing new building blocks

A failed picture tube cannot be repaired. In rare cases, it can be replaced.

Attempts to repair yourself in most cases can lead to the need to purchase a new TV. Repair of equipment by professionals will cost 1.5-3 times cheaper.

Defect elimination options

If light spots appear on the LCD TV screen, you will need a clean soft cloth and a remote control to remove them. The second thing to do is adjust the TV settings. This can be done by adjusting the backlight and screen brightness:

  • Lower the backlight level to the minimum acceptable level.
  • Disable all auto adjustments that are responsible for the brightness of the image depending on the lighting level in the room.
  • Make all settings manually.

Important! In the process of changing the brightness level, the intensity of the white spots should change. If they remain unchanged, the settings are not the cause of the defect.

How to remove white spots on TV manually?

After checking the settings, you can manually clean the LCD TV screen from white streaks. To do this, do the following:

  • Turn off the TV from the network
  • Wipe the screen with a clean, lint-free cloth until no clouds are visible. Run a rag from the center of the display to the edges.
  • Loosen the screws at the top of the rear panel. Often they are tightened too tightly, this leads to the appearance of “flashing”.

Important! When loosening the screws, do not loosen them too much. This can lead to an unexpected “disassembly” of the TV without your participation.

Self-replacement of the matrix

If wiping the screen, checking the brightness and contrast settings, and loosening the screws did not get rid of the white spots on the LCD TV screen, you can replace the matrix. It is better to contact specialists for this, but if you have experience with television equipment, you can carry out repairs on your own. For this:

  • Clean up the workplace.
  • Unscrew the screws from the back of the TV with a screwdriver.
  • Remove the protective cover gently.
  • Disconnect all cables and loops connecting the shield.
  • Remove the screws holding the die.
  • Replace the matrix with a new one.
  • Assemble the TV in reverse order.
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Important! It is best to carry out repairs with soft cotton gloves. Disconnect the cables carefully and smoothly. If you damage them during the repair process, you will have to replace them or buy a new plasma, LCD TV.

If your TV is under warranty and white spots appear during this period, take it to a service center. Masters will diagnose, exclude or confirm the presence of a factory defect. Will repair the TV for free or with a big discount.

Black or colored spots and streaks are removed in other ways. The general repair option is possible only in case of system failures, when a reboot of the equipment or restoration of factory settings is required.

How to remove stains on a TV screen

Modern TV technology pleases with a clear and realistic picture, but, just like in the case of old analog TVs, it is burdened with its own specific problems. One of the most common troubles is the appearance of spots: black, light or colored.

All this clearly does not contribute to a comfortable viewing of content, indicating a malfunction of the technology. We will deal with the causes of the appearance of spots, the consequences and consider options for solving such problems. The information will be relevant for plasma, LCD and LED TVs.

Physical damage

Pressing or bumping the TV screen may cause colored spots to appear. over, the broken pixels can spread to the rest of the matrix, which is typical for budget models, where there is no independent protection for each sector. This kind of damage excludes any repairs. only replacement of the matrix.

Ingress of moisture and air into the matrix

There may be a violation of the transport rules by the seller or improper operation of the equipment by the user. Even a few drops of water or dust particles trapped in the sensor body can cause unpleasant stains on the LCD TV screen.

High temperatures

If there is a heater or other strong source of heat near the TV equipment, then the matrix may stratify at LCD devices, or even stop working if it is a plasma panel. In this case, small flares appear, which gradually fill the entire screen space.

The shape and color of the spots can also tell a lot about the nature of the problem, which allows you to start solving it right away. For example, on old analog TVs, colored spots indicate excessive screen magnetization. To eliminate this trouble, it is enough just to move the device to another place, away from the electromagnetic equipment affecting it.

Yellow spots indicate that the process of matrix stratification has already begun, which is typical for budget models that have been actively used for more than 5 years. expensive TV equipment for the most part is devoid of such problems.

Manufacturing defects

This is a sin not only of budget, but even premium models of famous brands. Samsung, LG, Philips and others.

Advice! The only way to avoid a factory defect is to thoroughly check the equipment at the time of purchase.

Why do spots appear on the screen?

To begin with, let’s consider the common problems inherent to all modern TV equipment, regardless of its type. Fortunately, there are much fewer of them than that of old analog TVs, because although a rather complex one is responsible for correct visualization, there is only one element. a matrix.

How to remove dark spots

“Torn” bright spots on a dark-colored TV, located almost all over the screen, indicate a malfunction of the polarizer or diffuser, which are located in the matrix body. Only a specialist who has the appropriate tools and equipment at his disposal can independently eliminate such a defect.

Dark spots on a regular LCD TV screen. round or oval, with decreasing intensity closer to the edges of the shape, are most likely caused by dust entering the matrix. Most often this happens due to sharp temperature fluctuations. The layers of the matrix begin to move, and dust particles penetrate into the vacated space.

  • We lay the TV on a soft surface with the back side up.
  • Unscrew the screws securing the back wall and carefully remove it.
  • Using a vacuum cleaner set for blowing, or a compressed air cylinder, we blow through all the edges of the matrix, directing the air stream at an angle.
  • We wait 5-10 minutes and put the TV cover back in place.

If the black spot from the dust that has penetrated inside is very small, then you can try to get rid of it in an easier way. Take a dry soft cloth and, wrapping it on your finger, tap on the screen. Small particles must fall.

On a plasma TV, such problems are solved, alas, in only one way. by calling the master at home or by going to a service center. In this case, it is impossible to remove black spots on your own. This requires expensive equipment and special tools.

Spots in corners or around the perimeter

Dark spots on an LCD TV screen can be of different origins, and the cost, as well as the ability to repair, can be different. If dark oval or round stains appear around the perimeter or in the corners of the screen, then, most likely, part of the LED backlight of the matrix is ​​out of order. This defect is often found on TVs and monitors from Chinese manufacturers in the budget price segment. Such a breakdown can be easily eliminated by replacing burnt out diodes. In some cases, soldering the backlight contacts can help.

Dark spots from impact

In addition to factory defects and the influence of low-quality components, there are cases of darkening on the display due to mechanical damage. Such defects appear completely black with sharp edges and cracks. Vague edges may appear after a while. This is the result of overheating of neighboring pixels. In this case, there can be only one advice. replacing the matrix. Due to the thinness of the LCD panel, it has a very low maintainability, and its replacement is much easier, cheaper and faster. In addition, this method will help solve the problem with dark spots on the LCD TV screen at the root.

Dust and other particles

White spots on the TV appear due to dust getting into the matrix layers. this is the result of a violation of the tightness of the layers. When the temperature fluctuates during the heating and cooling of the LCD screen, the air between the layers starts to move, sucking in dust from the outside. The photo shows which dust spots are formed after a few months of the appearance of a defect in the protection of layers around the perimeter.

Advice: dust is removed by blowing. This is done very carefully so as not to damage the matrix.

In addition to dust between the layers of the matrix, larger particles and even insects can get stuck (in exceptional cases, but this is definitely a factory defect). You can get rid of large dust and debris as follows: tap the screen with a soft cloth. So the dust particles gradually fall down, while weak traces may appear on the matrix, which immediately disappear.

In addition, dust particles can fall between the layers of the screen if you lightly tap on the edges of the TV or monitor.

Dark spots

A dark spot on an LCD TV or any other monitor may indicate an LED failure. The photo shows an example of such spots. this is local dimming along the edge of the screen. It is enough to replace the failed element in order to eliminate the malfunction.

If the screen has not been opened, and the warranty period has not yet expired, then a free replacement of the LEDs is possible.

Recent questions

Dark spots began to appear on Smart TV Samsung UE48H6500AT after a year of operation. First, the upper left corner darkened, within 2-3 weeks other darkening appeared. When watching movies it is not very noticeable, but the TV set is often used as a monitor. on a white screen is very noticeable. What it is? Problems with backlight diodes? I ask for advice on how to fix?

Quite right! the problem is precisely in the backlight diodes (of course, if the TV is not flooded with liquid), they can be replaced, our SC is engaged in such work

When as many LEDs fail as you can see in your photos, the TV, most often, does not turn on. it goes into defense. But the problem is clearly with the matrix. details can be said only after analysis and inspection.

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Hello, Probably the case is in the diodes, but in order to accurately identify the defect, a diagnosis is required.

Yes, there may be a problem with the backlight diodes, but it is better to contact the SC for diagnostics.

Samsung UE48H6500AT problem with the matrix, repair 8000 rubles plus spare parts.

Stanislav, is it possible to do it yourself? Hands grow from where it is necessary, I can work with a soldering iron. and where to look for such diodes?

If black spots began to appear on the LCD TV screen, then almost always this is a problem with the matrix. Repair is a screen replacement and it usually costs a pretty penny. In some cases, it is not cost effective to repair at all. Your best bet is to contact a service center for a more accurate diagnosis.

The problem with the backlight diodes, they need to be changed. The price of repairs is around 4500r

It may be necessary to replace the entire backlight

At least I’m not a special telecom, but like the masters, they told me that the backlight also burns if one lamp is on, then the TV will go to the system, I will go to the diagnostics in the SC, they say that the problem is looking for a growing pack, I don’t know what it is and I don’t know one ss on the phone said that the matrix could be detached, to which the other ss said that there was nothing to detach and the same was said by other ss that the problem was in the lamps, but as if it had to go in defense

Spots on the screen of a TV, monitor or other LCD device often occur during the operation of electronics. Even screens from expensive companies, for example, Samsung, LG, etc., may be defective. What do black, white or dark spots mean and how to get rid of them?

Flooded screen

Moisture stain looks completely different than dust stain.

A similar defect is left by alcohol, tea, coffee or just tap water. You can remove the stain by rinsing with distilled water or purified alcohol.

Important: Gloves should be used to remove stains from the screen. The room should be free of dust and drafts.

Darkening on a white background

Uneven white glow of the matrix is ​​a sign that the plane of one or more inner layers is broken, or their uneven pressure on each other. Often this does not appear immediately after the purchase, but after some time. Indeed, due to the low quality of materials or assembly under the influence of heating, the geometry of the part is violated.

Also, due to poor quality protection of the layers, dust can get into the matrix. When the panel is heated and cooled, it expands and contracts, respectively. She, like a pump, can suck in dust.

From the point of view of manufacturers, such “sores” can be explained by the desire to reduce the cost and simplify the design and components. And you can fix this with a simple purge. But it must be carried out as carefully as possible, since a dent or scratch, inadvertently left on the panel, cannot be removed.

Cleaning the screen protector glass surface

One of the reasons for the appearance of spots in the external adhesion of dirt, dust. In such a situation, it is not necessary to disassemble the equipment or reboot it. It is enough to wash the screen surface. For this:

  • Disconnect equipment. It is advisable to disconnect it from the network.
  • Purchase a special cleaner for LCD monitors.
  • Take a soft microfiber cloth.
  • Apply a small amount of the product to it.
  • Wash the screen without pressing hard.

It is advisable to do such care 2 times a week. This will save dust from penetrating under the case and sticking to the matrix.

Digital TV allows you to watch your favorite movies, cartoons and series in excellent quality with high definition and good sound. However, owners of LCD monitors may encounter the problem of dark spots appearing on the screen. Let’s take a closer look at the reasons for their appearance and options for repairing equipment.

Causes of dark spots

Repair of equipment depends on the source of the stain and on the type of equipment.

How to get rid of dark stains due to moisture penetration

If a defect appears due to water ingress, the matrix must be rinsed. This will require a special detergent. Running water is not suitable. It contains a large amount of invisible impurities, abrasive particles that will settle on the matrix and make the situation even worse.

Cleaning should be done in a well-ventilated and well ventilated area to remove dark spots from the TV matrix. It is advisable to turn on a humidifier, if available. Clean with soft cotton gloves.

Important! If the die is broken, it must be replaced. And this can only be done in a professional workshop or service center.

If you wish, you can carry out the replacement yourself if you have the skills to work with household television appliances. The repair instructions are as follows:

  • Prepare the workplace and all necessary screwdrivers, other tools.
  • Disconnect the TV. Using a screwdriver, remove all bolts to remove the housing.
  • Disconnect wires and cables. This should be done as carefully as possible. If the connecting elements are damaged, they will also have to be replaced.
  • Unscrew the bolts holding the die. Carefully remove it and put a new one.
  • Assemble the TV in reverse order. Switch on and check the correctness of work.

Important! If the TV is still under warranty, you do not need to disassemble it yourself. After any of your interventions, the warranty card is no longer valid. And the repair will be carried out for you free of charge or with a big discount and in the service center.

How to get rid of dust spots

Rarely wiping the surface from dirt and dust leads to the ingress of microparticles on the matrix. Over time, a large dark spot is born from a small black dot. The following actions will help to save from the first manifestations:

  • Tap your finger very gently on the surface of the screen where the small black dot appears.
  • Try vacuuming the screen. This can be done at a distance of 2-5 cm from the screen and at a low speed of the vacuum cleaner.
  • Disassemble the device and wipe the inside of the screen. You can also wipe the matrix from dust, but you need to do everything very carefully.

If the dark spots have not disappeared after all the manipulations, the TV from Sony, Samsung or any other manufacturer must be taken to the workshop for a full diagnosis and repair.

Malfunction manifestation

Often, a dark spot appears on LCD TV screens, even the proven and popular Samsung, Sony, LG maars. They can be localized in one corner, located in the center or in several places at once.

Spots do not disappear when switching channels. Even with the TV turned off, glare is visible in their place. over, blackouts can be not only black or dark gray, but also white or colored. This indicates color errors or other problems.

When it is necessary to carry the device to the masters

If a dark spot appears due to moisture or dust, you can try to fix it yourself. If streaks appeared due to mechanical stress or strong exposure to high temperatures, which led to matrix delamination or failure of loops, it is necessary to carry the equipment to the workshop.

The service center specialist will carry out repairs in the following sequence:

  • Accept the equipment and write out a ticket that you handed it over.
  • Carries out diagnostics, often a PC is used for this to identify the exact causes of the breakdown.
  • Will repair parts to be repaired or install new ones.
  • Check the efficiency of the equipment and issue a new warranty card for their services.

On average, it takes from 1 to 5 working days to eliminate dark spots on a TV screen, depending on the workload of the wizard and the availability of parts in the service. The cost of repairs depends on the degree of damage and the price of spare parts.