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Where is the clipboard on the phone?

Clipboard. this is part of the RAM of your gadget. Therefore, it is located in its (“RAM”) root folders. However, on many devices, access to them is possible only when the user obtains ROOT rights. Information from the clipboard is stored in the data / clipboard folder.

But you can see it in less complicated ways. Where is the clipboard on my Samsung phone? This is a special key on your keyboard. And on some devices, it can also be called in a dialog box. just pinch the text input line with your finger.

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Extended capabilities

If you were looking for where the clipboard is located in an LG phone, “Samsung” and any other “Android” version older than 4.4, then we recall that a lot of text elements for insertion can be simultaneously stored in the RAM of such a gadget. But she cannot store several photos or videos, tk. buffer has limited volumes.

So, if you want to know what is stored in your clipboard, then you need to do the following:

  • Open any application with the ability to insert text. Messages, Notepad, Notes.
  • Hold the line with the cursor with your finger.
  • In the dialog box that appears, tap on “Clipboard”.
  • All information stored there will pop up at the bottom of the display.
  • By tapping on any piece of text, you can insert it.

Why is it needed?

If you are wondering where the clipboard is on your phone, then you are aware of its functionality. This is a component of the device’s RAM. Depending on the model of the latter, it can contain not only text, but also photo, video, audio. Just like on a PC, you work with the clipboard on your phone in copy-paste mode.

The functions of this share of the gadget’s RAM are very useful when you need to send a friend a phone number, copy a link to an interesting page on the network, share a photo with several acquaintances, send a video invitation for a holiday to a large circle of people, and so on.

But we do not advise you to trust important information to the clipboard. It is volatile, which means that when you turn off or restart the gadget, all data from it is irretrievably erased.

How to work with him?

When we know where the clipboard is on the phone, sooner or later we will decide to use it. It is easy to do this:

  • Hold your finger on the piece of text you want to copy.
  • The word on which he (the finger) is located will be highlighted on both sides with sliders.
  • Move them around, highlighting the section of text that you want to place on the clipboard.
  • In the pop-up cloud-window, click on “Copy” (maybe, depending on the gadget model, the functions “Cut”, “Share”, “Find”, etc. are also available) The text is placed on the clipboard.
  • Now go to the application where you need to insert it.
  • Place your finger on the line where the cursor is flashing.
  • The dialog box will reappear. click on “Insert”.
  • Information from the clipboard has been moved! By the way, going into other applications, you can insert it a few more times.

If you want to transfer any content to the clipboard, then look for the “Copy” item in the submenu to a photo, track, video.

The clipboard in the phone: where it is located, why it is needed, how to use it?

Our smartphones with you. convenient mini-computers. Like their “big brothers”, these gadgets are equipped with a clipboard. location for temporary storage of information and transfer of data (text, content, links) between several applications. In this case, the new copied text or image will displace the old one (taking its place in the buffer). But where is the clipboard on the phone? We will answer this and other pressing questions further.

Clearing the clipboard

Although this share of the RAM is small, sometimes there is a need to clean it up. You can remove information from here in one of these three easy ways:

  • In any text-entry application, hold your finger on the line with the cursor. In the dialog box that appears, click on “Clipboard”. Press and hold one of the text fragments that appear until deletion crosses appear in the corners of all the icons. Click on the last ones to remove the desired one from the buffer.
  • Use a “cleaner” application like Clean Master, which, among other things, cleans up the clipboard.
  • Restart or turn on / off the gadget. The buffer will clear itself.

And if it doesn’t work?

It is extremely rare for the clipboard to stop functioning. The problem is associated in most cases with system errors. It’s easy to solve. reboot your device. If this does not help, then you can go to extreme measures. reset to factory settings. But before that, do not forget to make a backup copy of the data stored on the device.!

In the case when the hard reset did not bring any sense, there is only one way out. contact the service center.

Now you not only know where the clipboard is located on your Android phone, iPhone, but also how you can use it. Functionality on a smartphone or tablet practically does not differ from the capabilities of the “older brother” on a computer or laptop.

Where is the clipboard on the phone?

Since the buffer itself is an element of RAM, it does not seem to be available to find it on the phone, since a separate file for this role simply does not exist, some models have a special function, but they are extremely rare.

Despite the fact that there is no separate file, this does not mean that we cannot find out what is stored in the buffer and interact with it. There are several ways that allow you to work with this repository: using a regular editor or a special program.

So, how to find the clipboard on your phone, or rather its contents, using a notepad:

  • Open the test editor, each smartphone has a standard notebook;
  • On the area of ​​the screen where you can paste text, make a long press until the “Clipboard” button appears;
  • Then, at the bottom of the screen, you will see a box with various copied snippets. With a long press, a cross appears in the corner of the entry to delete the element yourself.

The action is not supported by all smartphones, but you will be able to find out where the clipboard is on the Samsung Galaxy phone and most other models. Also, the method only helps in those gadgets that support multiple copying, otherwise only the last element will be in the buffer and you can simply view it by pasting it into a notepad.

How to use clipboard on Samsung and Lenovo phone using Clipper?

A more universal way to view the clipboard on an Android phone, regardless of manufacturer, is using the Clipper. Clipboard Manager program. It is specially designed for this purpose to interact with the clipboard and customize it.

The Clipper app is useful in that it allows you to add templates to RAM, so that the second tab and subsequent ones will store the items that you often use. Thus, you can customize this storage and use a multifunctional buffer with actual text fragments.

Many users are looking for where to find the clipboard on the phone in order to free up RAM, as the smartphone lags. In fact, this is not always a useful activity, since the buffer does not take up a lot of memory, but in cases where you have loaded a large amount of data there, this function can help you. It is also located in the Clipper utility, you can access the removal simply by clicking on the item. The buffer is clogged not only when copying, but also when watching online movies and using games.

Thanks to the application, you can find the clipboard in Lenovo, Samsung, and any other Android phones. There is also another way that allows you not so much to interact with the buffer, but also to reload it.

Where is the clipboard in Lenovo and Samsung phone and how to use it?

The clipboard is a specially designated RAM that stores fragments of text or files you have copied or cut. Thanks to such a convenient function, you can move the fragments you need to different places, copy any elements of the system with their further pasting. The data exchange function is present in all smartphones and is standard for the Android OS.

Using the clipboard can be quite simple, you need to select the text, it is done like this: hold down on the area of ​​interest until the brackets appear and until the information is highlighted in blue. Then move the sliders so that all the relevant information is inside. Now press copy or cut and the specified data will appear in the buffer. Then click “Paste” in the right place. It is worth noting that immediately after using the data, the buffer is not cleared and you can insert information an unlimited number of times.

Some smartphones have a function that allows you to copy several fragments or files in parallel. Then you can just paste the data, but there is an option to select the desired, copied element.

Manual buffer restart

The question of where the clipboard is located in the phone arises when it simply stops working or functions with lags. In this case, you need to restore functionality, the easiest way is to reboot the device, but if this does not help, then you should:

  • Go to Android root directory;
  • Delete the contents of the data / clipboard folder;
  • Now go to “Settings”;
  • Select “Applications”;
  • Next, open TestService and click “Stop”, then “Clear data”;

To perform this action, you need to open root-rights in your gadget.

That’s all, we learned where the clipboard is on the phone, how to use it and interact with it. The clipboard is a very flexible tool, you cannot use any device without it, and correct work with it saves a lot of time and effort.

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Where is the clipboard on the phone and how to use it

If you have Android, you have probably come across a situation when a message appears on the screen that the information you have selected has been copied to the clipboard. But not everyone knows where the clipboard is on the phone and why it is needed. Details are in our article.

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What is a clipboard? This is a standard operating system feature found on any Android system device. Now we are talking about a part of RAM, for example, on a Samsung phone, which is responsible for any information (text, picture, sound or video file), or rather, for storing it. When you select the required file and click “copy”, this is where it is placed, after which you can easily copy the file to the location you need.

How to find your clipboard in Android

If you are interested in where the clipboard is located in an Android phone, for example, the clipboard in Samsung, then there is no specific instruction on how to enter it. It is in RAM. over, after turning off the phone, the information stored in it is deleted automatically.

If you have a phone, for example, Lenovo, which runs on Android 4.4, then you need:

  • Open the text field by long pressing, call up a new menu and select the appropriate item;
  • The information will appear on the screen in the form of text. On some versions it is possible to save several blocks at once;
  • If you cannot save several blocks due to, for example, the absence of such an option, then you will need to install the Clipper program. a functional exchange manager, which, in fact, saves all the information that you copied. Thus, you can access it when you need it;

Ease of use

To copy the text you need, you need to hold down the required piece of text in the browser and hold it until two delimiters appear. Then you need to set the boundaries of the beginning and end of the desired segment. Then press the button “copy” or “cut”. Usually, users do not have a question how to find the clipboard, because it serves for short-term data movement.

When the selected text is copied to the clipboard, open a notebook or notepad in your phone, press and hold on an empty spot on the screen. The “paste” key should appear, clicking on which, you paste the copied text.

Don’t worry, text information on your phone doesn’t take up much space. If you nevertheless decide to clean your phone, hold down the unnecessary segment with a long press until a cross appears above it, and delete it.

If the clipboard doesn’t work

If the function of temporary storage of information suddenly does not work even after restarting the phone, the situation can be corrected in two ways:

  • Reset settings. Returning to factory settings can help, but in this case all previously installed applications will be deleted. they will have to be installed on a new one;
  • You need to go to / data / clipboard and delete the contents of the folder. Then in the application settings you need to find the line “everything”, in it. the line “TestService”. Next, you need to stop the process and delete the data. Restart your phone. After that, everything should start working again.

Where is the Android clipboard on the phone?

This area is located in RAM and cannot be physically seen. You can only view the content (text, pictures, etc.) that the user writes to a temporary storage location. After recording, the owner of the smartphone can do anything with this information: insert it into other programs. This is very convenient when you have to find a congratulation on the Internet, then copy it and later paste it into an SMS message.

Also, you can select sentences (and even whole paragraphs), copy the necessary fragments, then paste them into text editors.

Alas, after turning off the phone, the clipboard is reset to zero. It is impossible to restore its contents.

Android Nougat : How to Set Buffer size for logging in Samsung Galaxy S8 or S8

Temporary storage

These two words can describe the essence of the clipboard (BO). This is an area in memory where data is written to be copied / moved from one application and then pasted into another. Each new copy operation overwrites previously saved information.

That is, it is a kind of intermediary between the two utilities. Let’s talk about the appointment further.

How to use?


  • In any application, place your finger on the screen where the text you want is located. Hold until a pair of limit markers are displayed. Move them to highlight the part you want:
  • At the top, click on the button for the appropriate action: copy or cut. Perhaps your version of Android will not have buttons, but text commands with appropriate names. Immediately after completing this step, the selected information will be sent to the phone’s BO.
  • Open the second program (Notepad or SMS Messages) and hold your finger in the application area. A menu should appear with a button or command “Insert”:
  • Also, you may display a link to the clipboard, by clicking on which you can view all the fragments copied since the last time the mobile gadget was turned on:

Where is the clipboard on the phone, how to clear

Almost every modern person has a smartphone, which is a combination of a telephone and a compact computer. And although the functionality of a PC is a little limited (compared to a full-fledged analogue), ordinary users should know where the clipboard is located in Samsung (and other models) on the phone, what it is, why it is needed, how to clear it if necessary.

How to clear the clipboard of an Android phone?

In practice, such a need rarely arises. And if someone says that in this way you will free up a lot of space in the RAM, then this is complete nonsense. Maximum. several megabytes.

But suddenly you want to do it, here are a couple of ways:

  • Open the contents of the clipboard as described in the previous instructions, hold your finger on the fragment that you want to delete. A red cross should appear, by clicking on which you will achieve the desired result:
  • The second method is generally simple: just restart your smartphone.

I told you where the Samsung clipboard is located on the phone (and not only), how to work with it. If you have any questions. you are welcome in the comments.

Without ROOT rights

If you don’t have root rights, or you just don’t want to go into system settings, then you can clear the storage in another way:

  • hold your finger on the input field for 2-3 seconds;
  • the menu appears on the display. Select “Clipboard” in it, after which a tab with all data stored in the clipboard will appear;
  • at the top of the screen, find the basket and click on it;
  • mark the documents to be deleted and confirm the actions.

Important! If there is no basket icon, then hold down any text block in the list with your finger. After that, it will be possible to delete.

When the actions are completed, you need to restart the smartphone so that it works correctly again.

Where is the clipboard on a Samsung phone

When an area is selected on an Android smartphone and copied, a message is displayed on the user’s screen that the information has been copied to the clipboard. From the article, the reader will learn what the clipboard is and where it is located on the Samsung phone.

What it is

This is a kind of storage that contains the copied data: text, messages, search bar in the browser, and so on. Simply put, it allows you to copy data from one place and paste into another.

It is noteworthy that there is no specific file or section containing the copied information. over, such storage is built into all modern smartphones and tablets.

Cleanup with ROOT rights

If you have received superuser rights, then finding and viewing the storage, as well as cleaning it, will not be difficult for you.

After these steps, the phone needs to be restarted. If your device is low on RAM, then from now on it will work faster.

Note! Follow these instructions carefully, as there is a risk of damage to the system if you do something wrong.

Through the app

You can clear the clipboard on Samsung Galaxy using the app. To do this, download Clipper software or any other similar utility from the Play Market.

After the program is installed, you need to open it. On the main menu, you will see pieces of text copied to the clipboard at different times. This information can be edited and reused as needed.

To clear the vault, click on the ellipsis located in the upper right corner of the screen. After that, the “Delete” command will appear. Click on it and the vault will be cleared.

How to use copy

In order to copy a specific section of text, hold down your finger on the desired element until a highlighted area appears. To save data to storage, do the following:

  • put the left delimiter at the beginning of the copied piece of text, and the right delimiter at the end;
  • a window will appear, click “Copy” in it. Next, the screen will display a notification that the data has been copied to the clipboard;
  • open the program or site where you want to place the item;
  • hold your finger in the desired area and wait until the tab is highlighted;
  • in it, click “Insert”.

Some programs do not have an action popup. In them, copying and pasting are carried out using the icons that appear.

Where is the buffer

Based on the above, the question arises: where is the clipboard stored in the Samsung Galaxy phone? In all gadgets, the clipboard is located in the device memory. The data will be stored in it until the user performs another copying and the new information is overwritten instead of the old one.

Accordingly, you can paste the data in the clipboard an unlimited number of times until they are replaced with others.

How to use Samsung’s clipboard manager

How to find the clipboard on your own in a Samsung phone. it is located in the RAM, in its special part. Location address. category / data / Clipboard, but it is hidden from the user. To gain access, you need to root the device.

Similar capabilities are available using the Minimal ADB and Fastboot tool. The folder is root. Therefore, you can see its contents, but you won’t be able to open the files.

Where is the clipboard on a Samsung phone

In this article, we will show you how to find the clipboard in your Samsung phone and how to clean it properly. The option does not apply to the visible area of ​​the software.

Clipboard on Android Samsung

The function helps to save time when writing texts, to optimize the information storage system on the device. When typing SMS-messages, the buffer is used in order to save a certain selected text piece and then paste it in the specified place. Convenient, for example, to send phone numbers, website addresses or e-mail, standard or frequently used phrases.

The algorithm is used to move “heavy” files from the phone memory to the SD card. This increases the performance of the smartphone. In the event of a phone failure, the information will be available, because you can simply pull out the drive and copy its archive to another device.

The copied data goes there and will remain there only until the copy is made again. In fact, new data is overwritten instead of old. You can insert the saved information as many times as you like, but exactly until it is replaced with another one. It is allowed to import data between different applications, for example, from the phone book to an SMS messenger.

How to clear the clipboard

Since it is impossible for an ordinary user to find the clipboard in a Samsung phone or tablet, because Android does not allow such interventions, you can use special programs to clear the storage.

On the Google Play market there are utilities like Clipper Clipboard Manager. It is compatible with Android and easy to use.

After installing Clipper, the gadget will continue to work in standard mode. If you open the program, you can make sure that all the pieces of text copied at different times are saved in the journal. The data can be edited and reused by copying it to various applications. The option is activated by pressing the button with three dots. The menu contains the “Delete” command. With its help, they get rid of unnecessary notes.

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You can use the Gboard keyboard to clear temporary storage. It is standard for new models of Samsung smartphones. The keyboard provides direct access to this part of the RAM and does not require the use of additional software. If the utility is not available, you can download it from the Play Store.

  • go to the message manager;
  • tap “” at the end of the text box;
  • when the keyboard pops up, press the “G”, which will be on the left side of the keyboard;
  • a menu will pop up in which you should activate the temporary storage symbol. Then the information that is there at the moment will appear;
  • if the option has not been used before, you need to select “Enable Clipboard”. After that, you will be able to see the previously saved information.
  • follow the above path to its menu;
  • select extra data arrays;
  • click on the trash can symbol.

Where is the clipboard on a Samsung phone

Every time you cut or copy any content on your phone, that content will be saved to its clipboard. The latter is not a visible data area on your phone. But it is quite useful and you can access it if you want. Where exactly is the clipboard on your Samsung mobile phone? And how to view and delete its contents? Let’s talk about this in our material.

What is a clipboard?

The clipboard (in English. “clipboard”) is a special place in the memory of your gadget, intended for temporary storage of data. Such data can be copied or cut from a document, file, image and other relevant sources. When any data is stored in the clipboard, it can be pasted from there to another place we need. It can store the information you need until you turn off your Samsung. Or do not delete the data there yourself.

The ability to copy and paste data on your smartphone is extremely useful. This allows you to copy the necessary text segments when visiting sites on the Internet to the clipboard, and then send them wherever you want in the form of text messages.

However, simple copy and paste allows you to paste only the most recently copied data. Professional work with storage on a Samsung smartphone allows you to store many copied files in it. And also choose where to insert them and where they will be.

This is useful: where is the clipboard located on the phone.

How to Clear Data on Samsung Phone

If you use the clipboard to copy and paste any confidential information, then you hardly see the need to store such information in the memory of your gadget. Therefore, from a security point of view, it makes sense to delete such data after finishing work with your Samsung phone. After all, such information is in a very vulnerable place.

If you are using the Clipper Clipboard Manager, then you will notice that there is a Delete option when you select the three-dot button on the right. You can use it to clean up and remove unwanted items.

An alternative solution is to use the “Gboard” keyboard, which is available on new Samsung gadgets. If this keyboard is not available to you, you can install “Gboard” from the Play Store.

    Open the messaging app on your Samsung, and press the symbol (or a similar button) to compose a text message. When the keyboard appears, click on the “G” symbol at the top left of the keyboard;

It comes in handy: how to remove pop-up ads on Samsung.

Using the Clipper Clipboard Manager

An easy and convenient way to access your clipboard history is to use a dedicated app. Among the available analogs, we note the Clipper Clipboard Manager. a popular and easy-to-use data manager.

To use the app on your Samsung, do the following:

    Go to Google Play and install “Clipper Clipboard Manager” on your gadget;

Where is the clipboard in Samsung phones?

When you save text to the clipboard of your Samsung, the data is saved in the RAM assigned to the service. On standard Android gadgets, there is no dedicated place where you can view such information. But on Samsung phones, the story is located in the / data / Clipboard folder.

However, this directory is inaccessible to the average user without rooting his gadget. But you can get the access you need to the clipboard history on any Android smartphone using a specialized manager.

For example, if you are using Android OS that stores information in the system directory, then you can view its contents using the “Minimal ADB and Fastboot” functionality.

At the same time, this directory is root, and is available only with ROOT rights. Therefore, it is very likely that even if you find the clipboard files on your Samsung using ADB, you will not be able to open them.

Above, we examined where exactly the clipboard we need is located in the Samsung mobile phone. For professional work, we recommend using applications of the Clipper Clipboard Manager level, which allow you to work with the buffer without using ROOT rights. Applications of this plan allow you not only to delete unnecessary data, but also to fix any data there in order to always have access to them.

How to work with data storage on Android

If you have some kind of text, part of which needs to be copied to the clipboard, then open it, long press on its section until two delimiters appear. With these delimiters mark the area of ​​the text that you want to copy, and then click on “Copy”, after which the marked fragment will be placed on the clipboard.

Then go to the place where you want to insert this text (for example, in the mode of creating an SMS), and in the line for typing the SMS text, long press until the “Insert” button appears. Click on this button, and the text from the clipboard will appear in this line.

Such operations can be carried out with files as well, with which mobile file managers will help you. In this case, the algorithm of work here is the same as with text. copy the desired file to the clipboard, go to the directory you need to insert, and click on the “Paste” button.

What is a clipboard in a mobile phone

The clipboard in a smartphone is a small part of the phone’s memory where data is temporarily stored. These can be texts or clippings from them, music files, photos, and so on, which will later be moved from it to another location on your device.

That is, the clipboard is a kind of “staging post” created to facilitate copying information from one place on the phone to another.

Most often, the clipboard (in English “clipboard”) is used to transfer links and pieces of text required by the user (for example, a link using the clipboard can be easily copied into “Notes” and vice versa). Next, I will tell you where the clipboard is located on your mobile device.

On a PC, the key combinations “Copy” (to the clipboard) and “Paste” (from the clipboard) are responsible for working with the clipboard, the corresponding keys CtrlC and CtrlV are also used. On mobile devices, a slightly different specifics of working with a buffer is used, which I will discuss below.

If you are not yet familiar with such concepts as teletype, HDR, NFC and cached data in a smartphone, then be sure to study these technologies by following the links!

Where is the clipboard on the phone

Surely many of the users have already met with the clipboard. One part of users has been using this convenient tool for a long time, while the other part is rather dimly aware of what it is, what its purpose and basic functions are. This material is intended to remove “dark spots” from this topic, below I will tell you in detail what a clipboard is, where the clipboard is located in a smartphone, and what are its main functions.

Find your clipboard on your phone and tablet

When answering these questions, I will immediately warn the reader that the operating system (in our case, “Android OS”) does not have a clear address for the location of the clipboard. Basically, the clipboard is a virtual space in your phone’s memory, reserved for transferring data from one place on the device to another.

If you are interested in the question “how to open the clipboard” and the ability to work with its contents, then there are two main ways:

Working with the clipboard using the functionality of modern phones. If you have a modern smartphone model (smartphones from “Samsung” and “LG” work well with the clipboard) with the same modern OS, then you can view its contents and perform a number of actions with it.

  • To do this, long press (without pressing) on ​​any field for insertion (for example, in the Notes application, you must first click on the plus sign to create a new note.
  • And then perform a long press on an empty space in a new note), after which the buttons “Paste” and “Clipboard” will appear.
  • By clicking on the “Clipboard”, you will gain access to its contents and be able to carry out a series of actions with the latter.
  • For example, if you have some text there, then we perform a long press on this text, and in the menu that appears, select what to do with this text (delete, block in the clipboard, etc.).

Find the clipboard using special programs (Clipper level). This program allows you to access the contents of the clipboard, and perform various manipulations with it (edit, group, delete, share with friends, and so on). Just download and install this application, launch it, go to the “Clipboard” tab and select the function you need.

Where can I find the clipboard on mobile? When answering this question, it should be noted that the phone does not have a specially allocated physical area of ​​memory, which must contain the clipboard. The system simply reserves a free area of ​​memory for the functions of the clipboard, and performs the necessary operations with it. At the same time, its use can be relevant when working with various texts. thanks to several tapas, the desired piece of text is quickly transferred from one place of your device to another.

Where is the clipboard on a Samsung phone

Telephones have long ceased to be just a means of making calls. These are full-fledged mini-computers that allow not only receiving information, but also processing it. This requires an option such as a clipboard, which is necessary for saving and transferring data between individual programs. Where is the clipboard on the Samsung phone, how to interact with it and how can it be cleared when overflowing?

What is hidden under the term “clipboard”?

Any device that makes it possible to copy and temporarily save information has a clipboard.

A clipboard is a specific area of ​​RAM that is used to store blocks of data. This can be text, a part of a message, an email address, or a browser search bar.

It is noteworthy that physically there is no file containing information copied to the buffer. A logical question arises. where is the clipboard located in the Samsung phone? All information copied by the user to RAM is located along the data / clipboard path.

The benefit of the presence of such a tool lies in the ability to promptly send contact information, enter complex details containing many numbers, or simply when drawing up a document by phone or writing a message.

Where is the clipboard on a Samsung phone or how to clear it?

There are two ways to clean up: the standard method and the programmatic method.

The first assumes also two options, when the user has “superuser” rights and in their absence.

How to carry out similar actions in the presence of “root”?


  • Navigate using the file manager along the path: Android / data / clipboard and completely delete all information available there.
  • Open settings, select the “Application” tab.
  • Find the TestService you want to stop.

How to clean the clipboard without root rights?

In the drop-down menu, select the “Clipboard” item, which will lead to the appearance of all the copied information.

A trash can icon will appear at the top of the screen, clicking on which, you can clean up.

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  • To remove the required elements, you must mark them and confirm the action.
  • If there is no basket, you can click on any block of text for a few seconds, after which it becomes possible to mark the elements of the temporary storage for deletion.

    How to use the copy text feature?

    To copy the desired section of text for its subsequent insertion, you need to wait for the highlighted selection area to appear on the desired element with a long tap. Two delimiters (square brackets) will be located along its borders. To copy a specific piece, you need:

      put the left delimiter to the beginning of the copied piece of text, the right delimiter to the place where the copy area ends;

  • in the pop-up menu that appears, select the “Copy” item, after which a notification will appear that “The item has been copied to the clipboard”;
  • open the page or application where you want to place the text, and again perform a long tap on the input area;
  • from the drop-down menu, select the “Paste” button, as a result of which the copied text will appear on the screen.
  • Some applications (for example, the mail client from) do not have a drop-down menu. There, the copy operation is accompanied by the appearance of the corresponding icons.

    Modern versions of Android (above 4.4) allow you to save more than one piece of text to the buffer. When you paste them later, you can view them by selecting the “Clipboard” item when copying.

    How to work with the clipboard: open, view, commands, keyboard shortcuts

    Let’s consider what needs to be done to work with the tool on different devices. how it is controlled and what are the features on some of them.

    The clip.exe program itself cannot be opened on new PCs. You can see the content by pasting it somewhere.

    • with the mouse. Select a fragment, images (if the work is carried out in a graphical editor), folder, file, right-click, select “copy / cut”. Go to the insertion point, for example, to an online comment in a contact, right-click again, select “insert”; information from the clipboard will be pasted;
    • Hotkeys. After selection, press ctrlc (copy), ctrlz (cut). To insert, click the combination ctrlv. If you need to select everything, use the ctrla buttons;
    • application tools. In text, graphics applications there is a menu with tools. on special panels. It is not difficult to find out the line. there are icons on it. In MS word go to the “home” tab, press “cut” or “copy”, then. “paste”. Office has a paste special option. In ordinary graphic editors, access to the function is located on the edit tab.

    Mac computer, do the following:

    • select a fragment or object to copy; cutting to clipboard;
    • copy by clicking cmdc, or through edit, click “copy”;
    • cut by clicking cmdx;
    • insert. Click cmdv or use the edit tool.

    Phone huawei, Samsung, LG, zte, others with Android:

    • click to select an object;
    • hold the snapshot for a long time until the boundary detectors appear;
    • when they appear, you can clarify the boundaries;
    • press “cut / copy”;
    • only then open the message, notepad, application for inserting the selected area;
    • for a long time to hold the place where to insert sentences;
    • click “insert”.

    Similarly, the add to clipboard function works on most phone models, for example, Samsung Galaxy a5, j7, Xiaomi redmi 7a, honor 7x, 8a, 8x.

    Smartphone iPhone 5, 7, 8, 9 and the rest of the names above:

    • select a fragment. To select a word, tap it with one finger, a sentence. tap it three times, a paragraph. four times. For notes: the text is selected by touching its right corner, holding, scrolling to the last word;
    • bring three fingers together to copy. To cut, repeat the action twice;
    • spread three fingers to insert.
    • select the desired site;
    • hold for a long time;
    • by touching the interface, select an action;
    • press “insert”. suitable for all formats.

    When using the standard clipboard, placing a new element in it deletes the previous one. If you cut out a document, part of it, a folder, forgot, accidentally cut out something else, the previous documents will disappear. the system is accustomed to clearing unnecessary.

    To save several files, texts, images, useful programs are used, convenient and accessible to everyone.

    • comfort clipboard. This is a clipboard manager. Download for thanks. free of charge from the developers’ site, information portals. For Windows 7, 10. Saves several text fragments, information blocks, pictures, links, files, phones, screenshots in a magazine. the formats are different. Assigns the icons that belong to each item. With their help, it is convenient to select the required information. To paste, drag and drop the copied to the desired location or use customizable hotkeys. When the PC is turned off, the information is saved;
    • clipboard. An English-language utility that belongs to the universal. The Lite version stores up to 10 elements, there is a camera. An unlimited number of fragments are saved in full, there is a filter, search, the ability to set labels;
    • clcl for Windows. Stores images, texts, links. Creates thumbnails, allows you to filter the contents of the clipboard;
    • clipdiary. Works on Windows. The list of working topics is large: files, pieces of documents, pictures, clips, links are saved automatically, including after rebooting, turning on the PC, everything remains in the clipboard. Allows you to put tags, conveniently organize the menu taking into account the desired moments and sections, restore accidentally deleted content;
    • automator. Designed for macOS. There is a viewing function, quick add settings. a photo or text is inserted using hot keys;
    • paste 2 for mac, iOS. In the first case, the utility is paid, in the second, it is free. You can copy texts, images. There is an integration with iCloud. Can show save date, source;
    • copied for iOS 10 and newer, mac. The mobile version is installed without payment, for the computer it is paid. There is a keyboard. Stores links, suggestions, pictures. Synchronization with other devices, iCloud;
    • clip. Serves for automatic recognition of the contents of the clipboard. If the memory contains a phone number, the call is made from the utility.
    • pastebot for iPhone. Retains in memory 99 images, parts of the text. There is a function of viewing information, editing. The application is paid;
    • clipboard for Android. The program provides the ability to store a large number of notes, pictures of different sizes. There is a sorting tool, combining texts into one, a translator, setting a password. Works on Meizu, Samsung Galaxy, Honorc, Zte, Xiaomi Redmi, Huawei;
    • clipper clipboard manager for Android. The free version saves no more than 20 elements, for advanced functionality it will cost extra money. When uploading new ones, the old ones are deleted automatically. The paid manager has no ads, there are no restrictions on the number of fragments, there is a search. Works for Xiaomi, Samsung.

    Where is the computer and phone

    A separate space is allocated in RAM for the clipboard.

    • xp. c: \ Windows \ system32 \ clipbrd.exe. When you start the program, data appears that was previously cut or copied to the clipboard;
    • newer Windows versions. c: \ Windows \ system32 \ clip.exe. The application does not start. It is impossible to get into it. If you need to use the program on a new Windows, try to find an old version of win, copy clipboard.exe from the “I386” folder, save it on your PC, unpack it, run it. Separate programs are used to view the content.

    Each application used to work with documents has its own repositories. The standard Windows tool saves one copy after clicking. Word stores up to 20.

    On Android phones, the folder is located in memory. Search by address. Android / data / clipboard. The operating system will not allow you to find it on all smartphones, it will not work on several.

    What is a clipboard on a PC and a smartphone, why is it needed, how to open it, see: details on how to use it

    We constantly copy documents, photos, videos. We see that the content usually goes to the mysterious clipboard by default. Then we get the content out of it in order to insert it into the necessary directories and documents. Sometimes we lose. One of the reasons for this is the lack of knowledge among users about the principles of storing copied, cut information. To fill this gap, let’s talk today about the clipboard. what it is and where it is. We will introduce you to detailed instructions on how to use it, clean it up, tell you how it works and what its functionality is. The article also presents programs designed to store data.

    Best Clipboard Software for Windows. Punto Switcher

    The Punto Switcher app is better known for its ability to switch the keyboard from one language to another.

    A little-known function of the utility. connecting to the clipboard.
    Work algorithm:

    • after installation, run the application;
    • go to “general”;
    • select “advanced settings”
    • mark “watch the buffer“;
    • to save information after shutdown, mark saving after reboot;
    • confirm;
    • restart PC.

    To view the log, right-click on the utility icon, click on “buffer”, then select “view history”. Up to 30 items can be stored in memory. To pull out the desired one, click “copy”, make a paste.

    How to completely clear it or replace its contents

    The clipboard, which is native to all OS, is cleared automatically when you turn off your smartphone, computer, RAM is cleared.

    To replace the content, the content is cut and copied. This helps free up memory space. After inserting a large file, cut out a small sentence, a word. The size of the temporary folder will automatically decrease.

    • find, run clipbrd.exe. The utility looks like a small gray window;
    • enter the edit;
    • select the “delete” tool.

    To clean the exchange folder in Windows 7 and higher, create the command:

    • right-click on the desktop;
    • click “create shortcut”;
    • enter items cmd / c echo off | clip;
    • specify a name that means command.

    Check the work like this: put the info on the clipboard, enter the command. A black window will appear on the screen, immediately disappear.

    • open the “start”;
    • go to “parameters”;
    • go to the “system”;
    • open the “clipboard”;
    • clear.

    If you are using third-party applications:

    • run the utility;
    • select unwanted or all content;
    • delete.

    How long information is stored in the clipboard on PC and Android

    Clipboard content has a limited lifetime.

    • the new element will not get into the RAM. It doesn’t matter if you copy a text fragment, clip, file. Almost everyone has encountered when previous copies were replaced with new ones. It will delete the previous one;
    • PC will not be rebooted, turned off. the system will clear the sections of the clipboard.

    It is advisable to use your own information placed in the clipboard immediately, otherwise there is a risk of losing it.

    The exchange folder on a smartphone works the same way. The copied data will remain in the RAM until you make a new copy, the device will not turn off, will not reboot.

    What is a clipboard

    A clipboard in computer science is understood as a temporary place in the memory of a PC, laptop, intended for storing information. Provided by software. The function underlies the usual operations of cutting, copying, pasting folders, files, images, text fragments.

    The tool synonyms are the English word clipboard, abbreviated clipbrd. These concepts are often called “clipboard” in Russian transcription. The word clipboard is also used, but this is not entirely correct. Word denotes a tablet with a clip for paper.

    The clipboard is a fairly popular function, and few people think about its work and why it is needed. But without it, it is difficult to imagine working on a computer or phone, and even on the Internet. on VK, instagram. Its purpose is to store intermediate data. The best analogue is a flash drive, onto which the information was copied and transferred to another PC, smartphone. In this case, the flash drive is a buffer.

    The lack of a function will lead to the fact that any texts will have to be rewritten manually. At the same time, you can forget about inserting images, video clips, folders.

    The size of the clipboard corresponds to the size of the data placed in it in the RAM.

    Windows has a built-in program that stores your information:

    • clipboard.exe. in the win version up to xp;
    • clip.exe. in version 7 and higher.