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How to Transfer App from iPhone to iPhone

3D Touch

One of the useful technologies introduced in the iPhone since version 6S is 3D Touch. Now, using stronger pressure on icons and menu items, you can call a special window with additional settings and quick access to functions. If you need to quickly share an application with another iPhone user, you can use this feature here.

  • Find the app on your desktop that you want to transfer. With some effort, tap on its icon, after which a drop-down list will appear on the screen. Select “Share”.

In the next window, select the desired application. If it is not in the list, select “Copy link”.

Launch any messenger, for example, WhatsApp. Open a dialogue with the user, select the message input line for a long time, then tap on the “Insert” button.

  • A link to the application will be pasted from the clipboard. Finally, tap on the submit button. In turn, another iPhone user will receive a link, clicking which will automatically redirect him to the App Store, from where he can download the application.
  • Transferring apps from one iPhone to another

    Unfortunately, Apple developers have provided not so many ways to transfer programs from one Apple device to another. But still they are.

    Backup copy

    Let’s say you’re moving from one iPhone to another. In this case, it is optimal to create a backup copy on the old gadget, which can be installed on a new one. This task can be easily accomplished using iTunes.

      First, you need to create the most recent backup of your old smartphone. about this has already been discussed on our website.

    Read more: How to back up your iPhone, iPod or iPad
    Once you’ve finished creating the backup, connect a second smartphone to your computer. When iTunes finds the device, click on the thumbnail icon in the upper area of ​​the window.

    iTunes will not be able to start installing the copy as long as Find My iPhone is active on your phone. Therefore, if it works for you, you will need to disable it. To do this, open the gadget settings. At the very top, click on your account and select the “iCloud” section.

    Open the “Find iPhone” item, and then move the slider next to this function to the off state. To accept the changes, you will be prompted to enter your Apple ID password.

    If you have encrypted copies enabled, the next step will be a window asking you to enter a password. Indicate it.

  • And finally, the process of installing a new copy will begin, on average, it takes about 15 minutes (the time depends on the amount of data that needs to be transferred to the gadget). Upon completion, all games and applications from one iPhone will be successfully transferred to another, and with full preservation of their location on the desktop.
  • App Store

      Launch Up Store. At the bottom of the window, go to the “Search” tab, and then enter the name of the application you are looking for.

    Having opened the page with the application, right-click on the ellipsis icon, and then select “Share software”.

  • An additional window will appear on the screen, in which you can either immediately select the application where the application will be sent, or copy the link to the clipboard. Further actions completely coincide with how it was described from the second to the fourth points of the second method.
  • Today these are all ways to send an application from one iPhone to another. We hope this article was helpful to you.

    How to enable Find iPhone

    You can install the function in question only on devices that run on the operating system iOS 5.0 and higher. On others, the “Find iPhone” section will simply not be available. The instruction looks like this:

    • The “Settings” section opens.
    • ICloud selected.
    • Switch “Find iPhone” must be set to “On”.
    • The function can be activated only after entering the username and password from Apple ID;

    Note! The use of IT as the login data makes it possible to exclude that a person who has gained access to the device will be able to turn off the corresponding function. Otherwise, remote phone search will practically not be possible.

    find, iphone

    It is not recommended to provide information about personal data even to a friend. This is due to the fact that the ID password allows you to manage many functions. However, losing your password can be a reason you have to throw your mobile device away. Such information is duplicated only once, sent to the specified email address at the time of registration.

    How to find iPhone from computer via iCloud

    You can check the position of the device through a computer using the iCloud service. Apple developers will not let the product go to waste, so it is enough to have an Internet connection and access to an iCloud account. Search instructions:

    • You need to sign in to your iCloud account using a browser. To do this, just go to the iCloud.com page.
    • In the window of your personal account you need to enter your username and password.
    • Position checking is done by running the application. Tracking is carried out by the built-in GPS-module, which requires power. Therefore, the position can only be determined when the battery is not discharged.
    • In the menu “My devices” you need to select the lost device. After that, a map is displayed on which the point of the position of the phone will be displayed. If you disable the corresponding function, you will not be able to track the device.
    • You can only track your phone if you are connected to the Internet. The map will display the point where the phone was last online.

    Note! The distance the device is located does not matter. Information about him will be available within 24 hours in case of offline.

    You cannot view the position of the phone without an Internet connection. The developers have provided assistance in the search, which consists in sending a message to the postal address that the device was on the network. Information arrives within an hour, the timeline of the Internet entry will be displayed.

    Find iPhone description: how to use

    Recently, devices running on the iOS operating system are very popular, despite the high cost. Apple is constantly working to improve its own software by adding various features. An iPad or mobile phone can determine its own location thanks to the built-in GPS module. Therefore, problems with finding a device do not arise if connected to iTunes. Finding an iPhone has become easier thanks to a special program that has its own specific features.

    How to set up Find My iPhone

    If you lose your phone with the feature turned on, you can quickly find it. To do this, first of all, you need to enable the corresponding function. With the advent of new versions of the operating system, new features have appeared. The program has the “Activation Lock” function. It allows you to completely block the device that is associated with the account. Instructions for enabling the function:

    • The mode is turned off.
    • The device is removed from the account.
    • Personal data is erased.

    The loss of a device with the function enabled does not cause the finder to change the parameters. This is due to the fact that after restoring the operating system and choosing the language, the application will ask for a login from the ID. If you do not enter the password, the phone or other device will not work. Can only be unlocked after entering data.

    A gadget can be lost for various reasons. Serial number ID, password from it are used to restore access. If you lose this information, you will not be able to restore access to the device, even with an official appeal to the company’s Support. In this case, it does not matter what is the reason for the loss of the device. If you have access to the email used to register your personal account, you can try to recover your password. But this method works extremely rarely, so you need to be careful.

    How to turn off Find My iPhone

    If you can lock the device remotely, then in some cases it becomes necessary to disable the corresponding function. This can be done using a computer running a Windows or Mac operating system, as well as on other mobile devices. Sequencing:

    • The “Settings” section opens.
    • ICloud function is selected;
    • The slider is moved to the “Off” mode;
    • Password from ID is entered.

    Note! If you forget the password for your personal account, it may be difficult to manage the device.

    You can remove the mode in several other ways. Immediately after removing the device from the account list, the function is disabled automatically, in the device settings you can erase the account.

    When you turn on the application, geolocation search is automatically activated

    It is recommended to disable this mode only when absolutely necessary. This is due to the fact that even when communicating with a satellite, the position of the device on the map will not be displayed, and a sound signal will not be generated when the corresponding function is selected on another device.

    A corresponding message is sent to the specified email address about a change in state almost immediately. This eliminates the possibility that someone decided to steal the device, having learned the password from the ID.

    The ID password is used to manage all Apple products

    In some cases, you have to disable the function manually yourself. An example is the case when you have to reinstall the operating system or restore the operating system.

    Is it possible to find an iPhone by phone number or IMEI

    IMEI is represented by a 15-character code that is printed on the back of the device. This information is also duplicated on the box, which allows you to search using the MacBook in case of theft.

    The number is represented by a kind of cipher that is transmitted to the cellular operator. It is impossible to bypass the ability to search by IMEI by setting. Search by this method involves the involvement of law enforcement officers. Cellular operators can find a device in this way, and they begin to track its position.

    At the moment a mobile phone goes online through a mobile operator, a code is sent. After that, the data is reconciled. New technologies make it possible to determine the position with an accuracy of several meters even when the GPS module is turned off.

    The device is not found by this method quickly. Often there is a situation when they already have time to remake or disassemble it. Experts recommend using several methods at the same time.

    Where to download Fundo?

    Fundo can also be downloaded from this link for owners of smartphones running the Android operating system, and this link for iPhone owners.


    After the application is downloaded, you need to install it, agree with all the necessary permissions, and you can go straight to the setup. No registration required.

    The application interface is divided into 5 tabs that switch at the bottom of the screen:

    • Me (personal data and statistics of steps, calories and distance for the current day).
    • Analysis (statistics on steps and sleep for the last week).
    • Statistics (data on all types of activity).
    • Report (Activity Data Graphs).
    • (clock settings).

    It will be correct to start working with the application by entering personal data such as name, gender, height, weight and date of birth. This data is required for more accurate measurements and activity analysis. You can also upload your photo.

    To fill in this data, you need to click on the icon at the top of the screen of the “I” tab.

    Then the watch should be connected to a smartphone. To do this, go to the “” tab, click “Add device”, and then select it from the list. Be sure to turn on GPS on your smartphone before syncing. After that, the watch is synchronized with the smartphone and the language of its interface will change to the language of the phone. Time and date are also automatically synchronized.

    Fundo application (Fundo Pro): instructions, where to download, how to set up?

    Recently, Chinese manufacturers of smart watches and fitness bracelets have been releasing many new models of gadgets, and some of them require the use of the Fundo or Fundo Pro mobile application to connect and synchronize with a smartphone. The application itself is very simple and straightforward, but, sometimes, in the process of setting up and using the application, some difficulties and questions may arise.

    We decided to make instructions for the Fundo application and go through all its settings and functions in detail.

    Setting up a clock in Fundo

    We finished with the settings, now you can go to statistics.

    In the “Me” tab, you can see the number of steps, calories burned and distance traveled for the current day, as well as the percentage in comparison with yesterday.

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    At the bottom of the tab are the best results, averages and indicators for the past week.

    The “Activity” tab contains all the data from the sensors:

    • Sports Modes Monitoring.
    • Daily goal progress step by step.
    • Sleep quality information by phase and duration.
    • Heart rate data for a specific day (average heart rate, maximum and minimum).
    • Blood pressure (not available on all watch models).
    • Blood oxygen level (also not available everywhere).

    The button in the upper left part of the screen allows you to synchronize the watch with your smartphone, in the upper right part. share your achievements with friends.

    The “Report” tab displays all the same data as “Activity”, but in the form of graphs.

    Here, in fact, are all the interfaces and settings of the Fundo application. Compared to many similar companion apps, this one is very simple and with significantly limited customization. For example, it sorely lacks the ability to download additional dials or the ability to calibrate the sensors, which leads to not the most accurate readings.

    Sergey Vasiliev

    I am interested in everything related to smartwatches, fitness bracelets and other wearable electronics. I will gladly share the latest events in the world of gadgets, I will try to help you choose the optimal model and figure out the basic settings.

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    185 Комментарии и мнения владельцев to “Fundo application (Fundo Pro): instructions, where to download, how to set up? “

    Everything is fine and understandable and thanks a lot, but during the update I have already lost two hours, they just stopped working and be visible I got new ones, but of course there is no desire, and even more so, to lose the new watch again What do you recommend Fundo Pro program is installed by scanner. I’m waiting for the answer. And another question, is it possible to restore the watch they are completely new. But when they were updated, they simply went out, there must be a way out. The Chinese says, like we came back, we will repair it Well, it’s funny, of course, but there must be a way out

    Do not forget to turn on the jeepies, without it Bluetooth does not see.

    Thank you! We couldn’t connect for half an hour until we saw your comment. )))))

    The application works, geolocation and Bluetooth are turned on, but why does not the weather update, the watch has the same temperature every day, in the application when updating it says “the weather is not working”

    The program does not display Viber’s SMS, what to do ?

    You won’t do anything. Fundo does not support notifications from Viber and Telegram.

    The name is not entered in the application, a plate comes out, please enter the name, but it is not possible to drive in with this plate. The plate leaves, the keyboard leaves with it. Can you tell me what to do? Thank you

    Good evening. My watch cannot be seen by my Samsung A9. How else to connect them?

    Usually this model has no pairing problems. Try restarting your smartphone and watch. Then turn on GPS and Bluetooth on your smartphone. You do not need to connect the watch via Bluetooth through the settings, this is done through the application. If the application still does not see the clock, try restarting Fundo after clearing the application cache. Clearing the bluetooth cache can also help.

    “Increase screen brightness. To be honest, we still don’t understand how this function works, or rather, whether it works at all. “

    If you haven’t figured it out yet, or haven’t figured it out, disabling the option disables the screen from turning on with each wave of the hand. Such sweat tophthalogy 🙂 Thanks for the review!

    The clock came completely discharged, after charging, I accidentally set the German language, how to put Russian or how to reset it to the factory settings, and more, the Xiaomi mi9t phone sees and writes the clock connected, but the clock does not connect, on the phone 5 Bluetooth, and on the clock 3 and 4 ?

    And you can reset the settings to factory settings and change the language, usually, only through the watch menu. Look for something similar to “Sprache” in the menu and change the language in this menu. No need to connect watch to phone via Bluetooth through settings. Disconnect the watch and pair it through the app.

    How to make the alarm clock only vibrate, otherwise the melody is not needed so that the family does not wake up

    Good day! It depends on the watch model. Sound is usually muted in the watch settings, not in the app.

    Hello! I have steps, kilometers, time shows, but pressure, pulse and oxygen in blood does not show. Does it depend on the model or did I not set something in the watch? Thank you.

    Hello. Measurement of pressure, pulse and oxygen is started manually from the watch, and the next time it is synchronized with the application, the obtained data should be displayed in the application.

    What should I do if the phone does not search for the device and says that “it was not possible to pair with the Watch4 device because the wrong PIN code or password was entered” ?? Tell me what to do

    First of all, check if the watch is connected to the smartphone via Bluetooth. Usually, this error occurs in this case.

    From 19.08. This Fundo Pro app is missing from Google Play…. In return, someone posted Fun Fit, but it does not work correctly, it is not possible to connect your Smart watch with a phone…. If someone can restore the old version of Fundo Pro please help people.

    The application can be found by scanning the QR code from the watch.

    Found an app? I downloaded by code but could not connect the Clock in the application, deleted the application and write that now it is impossible to download in the country and region

    Good day. Don’t hit the phone

    Who doesn’t show? Watch, bracelet? Where does it not show, on the device screen or in the app? What model?

    Illegal devices please use genuine. Will come when connecting and then the connection is disconnected

    Hello, after updating to 1.7.1. The application does not see the clock, although the phone itself does. Both bluetooth and geolocation included and app reinstall.

    Hello, the application says that Bluetooth is not turned on. Although geolocation is enabled, so is Bluetooth. We have an iPhone, tell me, maybe we’re doing something wrong?

    Where to dump? Into the application? All data from the watch for the previous day will appear in the application after synchronizing the watch with the application.

    how to reset the data for the day, that is, reset the counter, otherwise it counts the steps with a cumulative total I would like to see how much I walked in a day)

    So the data is automatically reset to zero with the onset of a new day. Maybe you have started one of the sports modes, then the steps will be added there until it is stopped.

    The data for the past day should be reset and start from scratch, for some reason they continue yesterday. Sleep is not detected.

    I don’t know which model (((everything is in Chinese (((

    Let’s do it then, you take a photo of the watch and send it to me by mail, and I will try to help you. Or I can give a WhatsApp number, it will be faster there. Mail: manager@smartchasy.com

    I have a Lemon Tree QW16 watch, the settings in the application are constantly getting confused about reminders and heart rate measurements. And one more problem, it is already 3 o’clock in the afternoon, and data on the quality of sleep does not appear either in the application or on the watch.

    Try restarting your watch, unlinking it from the app, then uninstalling and installing the app again. Then repeat the pairing process

    Please tell me. Faced such a problem. If the clock is not synchronized with the phone day after day, then after a couple of days, for example, after synchronization on the phone, there is no information. Do you need to synchronize them with your phone every day? Previously, I had a mythical clock and there was something in the memory of the clock itself, which did not synchronize them every day and then all the information was transferred to the phone. Now I have Smart WATCH HEART RATE

    Good afternoon. Tell me please, I have 8 model, I downloaded the program all the rules, but when a call comes in, the name does not define and cannot synchronize the phone book, I press the new clock to synchronize Contacts, and knocks out all the time.?

    Good day. The name is not shown, most likely due to the wrong format of the phone in the phone book. All numbers must be in international format, that is, from 7, 3, etc., depending on the country. A 8 model from which manufacturer?

    Hello. I have a Samsung Galaxy S10 phone. Lemfo l9 watch, the watch does not display calls and SMS, although everything is set up in the application. Maybe something else can be done?

    IWO 8.I have an iPhone. I need to rewrite the numbers on my phone? Therefore, I cannot sync?

    IWO 8 can only show phone number, they do not show contact.

    What application do you have installed? It’s just that you are now writing Комментарии и мнения владельцев in the article about the Fundo Pro application, and for your watch, if my memory serves me, Fundo Wear is suitable.

    Notifications from managers are not received. Ho I’m all engines enabled permissions are given.

    Okay, so how do you know who is calling at all? And that means synchronization is not available?

    Download the application recommended by the manufacturer, just uninstall FunDo pro first. Probably the problem is this.

    The program today shows the steps taken for yesterday, and does not move! And the clock considers it normal that I go through today, and in the program it shows that yesterday there are 0 steps?

    Well, just memorize the numbers :). It’s hard to say why they don’t sync. Try to uninstall the application and install it with a new one using the QR code from the instructions. You can also try to ask a question on the forum where your watch is being discussed, I have not yet come across such a model. Here is a link to discuss IWO watches on the w3bsit3-dns.com forum.

    Thank you for your help)))) but tell me in the shower with them you can?

    You are welcome! You cannot take a shower, they have protection like IP32, so they are afraid of water

    Good day. Do not tell me where the application went to the Play Store! You can download it somewhere else?

    Everything is fine with me. But there is one thing. it does not show the sleep report. The first week, no accusations. The next weeks does not show ((((. I tried to reboot and set up again

    Help please, fundo pro does not find the clock, I can not sync, I set everything up like it should, nothing comes out

    I don’t understand how to set up steps and everything else.

    Help. There is no ecg button in the app. What to do? Rebooted many times.

    good day. MICROWEAR L7. Installed Fundo Pro as recommended by the manufacturer. but the program does not see the clock (the smartphone detects the clock, connects. The clock also sees the smartphone, but the program does not). Can anyone come across such a problem?

    Good day. Disconnect the watch from Bluetooth, and then connect through the Fundo Pro app. This is a standard error.

    Thanks, but didn’t help. Disconnected from smartphone (disconnected). I checked the visibility on the watch and whether Bluetooth was turned on, but the program did not see the watch

    Good day! There is a graph in the settings. link the phone number, enter the number, enter the confirmation code, answer. the confirmation code is often entered, I experimented differently, but nothing worked, I just got nervous. What need to do?

    Hello! Everything seems to work, except for two things: notifications from a telegram (from all other applications come) and a sleep report do not come. Perhaps the problem still depends on the fact that the pulse does not count every 10 minutes (as I set in the settings). What to do?

    Good afternoon, the clock is 16 minutes behind the night (6.5 hours, to be precise). heals only reconnection to a smartphone. Is there somewhere in the program to set the synchronization frequency? can I somehow solve the problem?

    I can’t log in. Do not enter a name.

    Hello! In the “Name” field, click on “Not authorized”, then in the pop-up window again on the text “Not authorized”, and you can enter your name.

    Hello. Why is there no “call notification” in the application??

    Hello Vladimir. I bought a watch bracelet, but did not understand what the batteries are for. The tablets that came with the purchase. Where to insert them? Tell me a podluyista.

    The program seems to be nothing, but after ten minutes it disconnects by itself, you have to constantly connect and this is tedious

    Good day! I got a watch. “LEMDIOE professional long standby Smart watch men ecg ppg bluetooh call smartwatch IP68 waterproof for huawei iOS full touch” The manufacturer recommends FunDo Pro. Installed, agreed with all permissions, but the application does not see the clock. I checked it through the phone itself. it sees. For a complete check, I installed the application on another smartphone (Samsung), everything is fine, the clock was immediately identified. I have a sony xperia e5. Attempts to reinstall and reboot did not give anything, does not see. What could be the problem? (before that I used Smart trackers, such programs as yahoo sport and Mi fit worked without such problems.

    Answer to yourself. )) Understood. It turns out that to connect the watch, you need an active GPS module on your phone. Everything worked, the clock was immediately determined.

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    L9 watch, installed FunDo Pro on iPhone, connected, sees everything, but spontaneously restarts. This clears the step counter. What to do?

    Good day. Try a factory reset.

    Hello! Microwear L8 ECG watch, Samsung A5 phone. Downloaded FunDo Pro software. The phone sees the clock, but synchronization does not occur. I tried everything, and restarts and deleted and reloaded the program. GPS is on, so is Bluetooth. Nothing helps. How to be, after all, without synchronization, this is a useless thing, even as a clock cannot be used. Please tell me if they can work with some other program? I would be very grateful for any help and advice.

    Hello! No, they will only work with the FunDo app. It is important that when pairing, the watch is not connected to the phone via Bluetooth, otherwise the application will not see it. You need to connect through the application.

    Yes, there is no possibility to turn on Bluetooth in the application. The application itself writes: turn on Bluetooth. After that you turn it on and, although the clock and the phone see each other, there is no clock in the application.

    Everything is correct. There are no buttons to turn on Bluetooth in the application, it itself offers to turn it on. But, if the watch is connected via Bluetooth through the phone settings before connecting through the application, then the watch application simply will not see.

    Tell me how to answer calls on your watch

    Hello Katya. It depends on the watch model.

    My QW18 bracelet stopped working after trying to update the firmware, the screen is dark, it is visible in the application on the phone, and the bracelet is dark. what to do?

    Watch5 watch via Bluetooth connects with ARK_Benefit_S451 Android 4.4.2 smartphone without any problems. The phone book is visible, calls are made. The seller recommends the FunDo app. For three days now I have been downloading this application from PlayMarket, but when I click on the shortcut, I get the message “An error has occurred in the“ FunDo ”application.” What is the reason?

    That is, the application does not open at all, throwing an error, or an error occurs when trying to pair the watch with the application?

    Hello, the clock does not read sleep and there is nothing in the application that can be done?

    Hello. I have no lines in the application: ECG detection, water intake reminder, movement reminder, alarm clock. True, everything except “ECG detection” and “Reminder of water intake” is in the watch. Without “ECG detection” there is no way to set the measurement of the pulse during the day. L7. Help me please! Thank you!

    Hello. That’s right, the items in the application may differ depending on the model and functionality of the watch. As for measuring the heart rate, not all watch models support this feature, some can measure the frequency only in real time. We had a review of the L7 model from MICROWEAR (here it is: https://smartchasy.com/obzory/obzor-umnyh-chasov/obzor-Smart-chasov-microwear-l7/). If you have such a gadget, then, unfortunately, there is no heart rate measurement during the day.

    Thank you! I have a watch with the functions I need, old. I thought if new, then better.

    Yes, sometimes the old ones can be better than the new ones)

    Yes, after reading this review, I bought just such a watch. L7 silver with brown leather strap. Almost everything works. But there are two points. ECG. On the FunDo Pro “” tab, right after the “Notifications” item is the “Camera” item. Accordingly, there is nothing about ECG in the program. The watch itself works in accordance with the instructions, just as written: for half a minute they draw an “ECG” on their screen, then they get into the “ToAPP” mode. But I cannot request that from the application. There is no such item. Sport. I start the training mode on the watch, they all count, including the pulse. Finish, save, sync. The program includes distance, speed, something else But there is no pulse. According to the interface, there should be a minimum, maximum, average. But there is none. What’s wrong?

    Good day! Now I turned on my watch, and I also did not see the ECG point. After resetting the watch to factory settings and rebooting the watch, the ECG appeared in the application. It also becomes possible to calibrate blood pressure. They show my pulse. Report Tab, Heart Rate Details

    Thank you for your reply. Interestingly, after reading your answer, I just opened the application again and found the “Ecg Detection” item. But he was definitely not there before. I did not do any reset. Apparently, the application was just updated. The ECG is now working. What it draws there is another question. The pulse was on the “Report” tab before. I was talking about the training regimen. There is only one workout mode in this watch. The watch itself displays heart rate information in training mode. But when I open “Sports / Training History”, there is no information about the minimum / average / maximum heart rate. There is not much data there at all. But the pulse is measured during training. Why isn’t he pulling up on this report? And about pressure calibration. Do you have such an opportunity in the application? Not watching yet. Perhaps this function will appear just after resetting and restarting the clock.

    Help with advice, Samsung s9 phone, Smart Watch, the phone connects via bluetooth, connects to the phone. But in the application, he does not want to see them in any way. And in all the Samsungs of my colleagues. I tried everything: JPS, geodata, turned off Bluetooth, and so on. But I instantly connected to Honor in the application. Help.

    Did you untie the watch from Honor before connecting to Samsung? You do not need to connect to the phone via Bluetooth, this is done through the application. If the watch is connected directly, the application will not see it.

    Hello! I studied all the records. not one of my bracelets shows a dream. This pleases)))). But I (QW16) pleased with the sleep indicators only the first 5 days. Almost until the first recharge. And then. sha Neither reinstallation, nor reboot and reconnection help (((((. But it was the same! What do you advise? And my phone is ASUS Zen fon ZC550KL. Thanks.

    Hello! The phone has nothing to do with it. If rebooting the bracelet does not help, the only thing that comes to mind is to completely drain the battery. Maybe after that it will work?

    asks me for some kind of key to them, what kind of key can there still be

    Hello. I have an L5 watch. How to set the device search ringtone from the watch. Plays an audiobook that I deleted from my phone. Meizu 8 phone.

    Increasing the brightness in the application enables the function to turn on the clock by turning your hand. Discharges the battery, because at night the watch itself is not turned on by arbitrary hand movements in a dream.

    The QW16 bracelet and Lenovo P780, when trying to turn on the installed FunDo Pro constantly, when you click on the shortcut, displays the message “An error has occurred in the” FunDo “application.” What is the reason?

    Please tell me, my watch is connected to the phone and I see my contacts on the watch but in this application the phone cannot find the watch ((and I cannot connect to see data in the application

    Disconnect the watch from your phone and then connect via the APP.

    Yes, I tried. This application writes to turn on Bluetooth, and as soon as I turn it on, they automatically sync with the clock. my calls go to the watch and my contacts are also on the watch. only SMS do not open. and in the application I can not connect in any way. I do not see the clock through it at all

    The watch is not connected through the application. There is no such option. There is a search for devices. If you press it, then it writes. turn on Bluetooth. Turn on Bluetooth, the phone and watch see each other, but the app doesn’t.

    Hello, I got the L5 watch today I installed FunDo Pro on Xiaomi Redmi 7 from the market fields, synchronization happened, the phone saw the clock, everything worked, but there was a problem, they can’t get through to my phone, or the informer tells the caller that the phone is offline or is simply reset the caller has a call, I delete the program, calls to the phone begin to come, What could be the gag? Thank you.

    Honestly, I did not encounter a similar problem, although I had such a watch model. Try in the Fundo application settings to deny him access to calls and check if the problem with calls disappears. But, in this case, notifications will not come to the clock. I can also advise you to connect through a similar application called DT NO.1 (available in the Play Market), maybe the watch will work more stably with it.

    ECG setting, call setting and sleep setting are not displayed. What could be connected with? Thank you

    Hello, the application cannot find the clock. On android. What to do ? Although everything was found on the iPhone. CARCAM watches L8

    Hello! Disconnect that watch from iPhone and then connect to Android. You do not need to connect the watch to Bluetooth through the phone settings, this is done exclusively through the application. Also, before pairing, turn on GPS on your smartphone.

    Good afternoon, the Fundo application after a normal two months work today just stopped working it is impossible to enter it even after reinstallation.

    Good day! I checked it myself, the application works stably. Not sure if it will help, but try disabling Play Protection in the Google Play app for a while. Perhaps the protection considered Fundo malicious and does not allow opening it.

    Hello, watch brand: hold Mi Smart-watch L8 (Smart wear) notifications from Viber, telegram, instagram do not come, although everything is in the settings, there are no bans. Deleted, rebooted several times. Incoming calls, regular SMS, Eurosport notifications but come.fundo pro app. tell me the solution to problems in, I will be very grateful

    Xaomi mi A2 Lite phone on Android one

    Hello! How long have notifications stopped moving? Probably since February 15th? It seems that the problem appeared after the release of the last update of the application, which came out on the 15th of February.

    I bought only 23.02.Wait for a new update?

    You can try to install an earlier version of Fundo, it should help. Only you need to install it not from Google Play, but download the APK file

    Installed the previous one. the same. nothing has changed. In my watch settings in notifications, there is also a separate first column of push notifications. Then there are call notifications and SMS notifications. Push notification must also be enabled?

    push notifications, in theory, should not influence. Check back in the phone settings, “applications”. Fundo. “Notifications”. Allow notifications. must be enabled and in the “Permissions” tab give the application permission to all data

    I have Android on. There is no tab right. The rest is all included

    Hello, there is a problem with installing the fundo program on Xiaomi Mi max 3, the application is not even installed on the phone, crashes, what should I do? please tell me!

    Hello! Try disabling Play Protection in the Google Play app for a while. Perhaps the protection considered Fundo malicious and does not allow opening it

    Please help me how to turn off the sound on the alarm you only need vibration

    Hello, my watch L9 downloaded the program, everything installed is working, but after a few days the clock screen stopped responding to touches. Although everything is displayed and responds with the phone what can be done ?

    Hello! It looks like there is a problem with the sensor, but try to wait until the watch is completely discharged and then recharge it.

    Hello, my Xiaomi redmi note 7 in the fundo application writes (not to get the weather) if it can be somehow fixed. Or you need to download some kind of application with the weather

    Good day! No, no additional applications are required. Try turning on geolocation on your smartphone.

    I have it always turned on (mobile Internet, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, GPS), everything is included on the phone itself, the weather is displayed, but in the application it is not on the clock either

    Hello, I have an L9 Lemfo watch. Sleep mode shows zero after a night of sleep in hours. How do I activate it? Thanks in advance. Emil

    In your model, sleep mode is activated from the quick settings panel. Swipe down on the screen and activate the “do not disturb” mode (crescent moon icon).

    Hello. I bought a ZDK A1 watch. I downloaded the FunDo Pro app, tried to sync, but writes that Bluetooth is not connected. What to do?

    Hello! As far as I remember, the ZDK A1 watch works with the BTNOTIFER \ BTNOTIFICATION app, not FunDo Pro. Check the manufacturer’s recommended app in the instructions or scan the QR code from the watch screen.

    Hello, I have an L9 Lemfo watch. Counters (steps, heart rate) in the middle of the day are reset to zero. What to do? Thanks in advance. Emil

    Hello, the program stopped seeing the weather

    good afternoon and how to start a workout. running for example

    Most workouts are started from the watch interface.

    Hello, I have an iwo12 watch, a Xiaomi redmi note 4x phone, I only receive calls, SMS, notifications from Wath App, but they do not come from Viber and other applications, I have already rebooted the phone and the clock, reset the clock to factory settings, reconnected, nothing helps. Please help me solve the problem.

    Hello! I have a smart watch s2 copy of Samsung bought on aliexpress. I downloaded the applications as recommended by FunDo, everything works fine. But I can not download the watch faces in the application, this is not. How can I install them, I may need firmware or another application?

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    How to Use “Find My” For Parents

    Good day! Lemfo L13 watch. The application was installed v1.7.6, everything works but: 1. No add. dials 2. ecg detection there is no time interval for measuring the pulse (measures once) 3 ecg measures but when you look in the application in the NAME column it indicates “do not authorize” and no graphs are visible 4 does not show the weather Tell me how to fix it

    Hello! Unfortunately, there was no experience of using your particular model, but: 1. Extras. there may not be any watch faces in the app. In my opinion, there are only about 12 dial options in the lemfo L13. They can be changed in the clock settings or with a long touch on the main screen. 2. The ECG function only works in real time. That is, the measurement can be started only once, in manual mode. 3. Have you registered an account with Fundo? If registered, then the name must be indicated. 4. To display the weather on the smartphone, geolocation must always be turned on and the watch must be paired with the smartphone.

    Hello. L8 watch (Smart watch, or gear). After the update, the fundo application crashes when opened and prompts you to send a bug report. After a while, an application icon appears in the status bar and the watch is paired (you can switch, take pictures, search for a phone). but when you try to enter it, “send a report” appears again. Please tell me what to do? This is probably a new version that was updated a week ago. Before that, everything was fine.

    Good day! Yes, the problem might be related to the update. Try clearing the disconnect clock, clearing the app cache, and re-linking the clock. Another option is to install an earlier version of the application, with which the clock worked stably. You can download the APK file of previous Fundo versions from here: https://apkpure.com/ru/fundo-pro/com.kct.fundo.btnotification

    Good afternoon, I connect everything according to the instructions, but writes that the device is not legal and cannot be used, what does this mean? Thank you

    Hello Veronica! What is your watch model?

    Hello. And I have the same problem, help me, writes that it is not legal and disconnects. Tel. Sumsung a51. Thank you.

    This appears to be a massive problem with the FUNDO app. Since October 25, many users on various forums have started to complain about the appearance of such a message. over, this error pops up only in FUNDO with version 1.7.7 and with copies of the Apple Watch. So far, no solutions to the problem have been found. It might be worth trying to install a previous version of the FUNDO app. The second, temporary option, is to connect the watch via the M Active app. FUNDO cannot replace it, but some of the clock functions can be used until the developers fix the problem with the application.

    Watch L13-LE. the binding has disappeared (the Fundo application gives out about the allegedly expired device license. I can’t understand what I’m talking about. Can someone tell me how to defeat this trouble?

    This is a massive problem. Since October 26, many have complained about this notification. Until the simplest solution is fixed. prohibit the application from going online and reset all data.

    Hello. I have a little problem the qw16 clock and the Samsung J400 phone seem to be synchronized, but notifications do not come from the Telegram application. There are notifications about calls, they also come from Vatsap I have already turned on all the ticks that I found, reconnected the watch to the phone, deleting the cache, etc. Nothing works out (((there are no notifications from Telegrams. The watch has just been presented something can be done?

    Can I change the wallpaper on the watch using this program?)

    What is the reason when connecting the JET SPORT SW-4C watch, writes that the device is genuine and because of this, the application is disconnected from the clock ((((

    On the contrary, the message indicates that the device is not genuine. This is a massive app problem that many users have been complaining about for over a month now. So far, there is no simple solution to this problem. Someone is helped by installing earlier versions of the application, someone clearing the application data and preventing the application from connecting to the network.

    Hello! I am asking for help. I got Smart watch NO1 DT98. According to the instructions, they must connect to the FundoPro application. Samsung SM-G920F phone, Android 5.02. I tried all possible recommendations (reset to factory settings, reboot, turn off and turn on Bluetooth and GPS, turn on Bluetooth on demand of the application, etc.), as well as all existing versions of Fundo (there are about 15 of them), but nothing helps, clock application does not see. over, the watch itself connects to the phone, even receives calls, but the watch application itself does not see. As a result, there is no way to synchronize the clock and set the time on it. And in the watch itself, the time setting is not provided (which is also a significant flaw). We managed to set the time with the help of the wretched Fundo Wear application, which was installed somehow halfway. I ask for some recommendations, maybe there are similar alternative applications, preferably with the registration of pulse, pressure and ECG. In general, I would have known that it would be so, I probably would not buy a watch.

    Hello Vitaly! Try the WearPro app. It is now being actively developed by NO1. It is also still raw and with a bunch of flaws, but paired with Fundo, you can get a more or less normal result.

    I installed WearPro, but it does not open, it says that an error has occurred. So far, Fundo Wear remains, at least for synchronizing watches. Anyway, Sergey, thank you for responding. If there is new information, please let us know. If I can find a solution, I will also let you know.

    I bought the W26 Smart Watch, installed the app on my iPhone, turned on Bluetooth, the phone and the watch paired, but the Fundo app did not install the watch. decided to delete and re-download the application. Download failed write the application is not available in the country or region. What the hell?? Everything was done in one day, like an application could be banned in a couple of hours. What to do.

    Hello Vika. There have been constant problems with Fundo for several months now. Try downloading the app as an APK file from here: https://apkpure.com/en/fundo-pro/com.kct.fundo.btnotification

    DT95 watch. They connect to the phone through the application, watch search or from the watch, phone search works. The call log is shown. But notifications from applications do not come. Tried previous versions of Fundo, same thing.

    Do they come from any applications at all? The fact is that Fundo does not support notifications from some applications, for example, from Viber and Telegram. With the rest, in principle, there should be no problems. I can also advise you to disconnect the watch from Bluetooth in the phone settings and connect the watch only through the application. With the DT95 there was no experience of “communication”, but the model DT 36 had such a problem. They support two types of connection: through the app and through the Bluetooth settings. In the second case, they are connected as a headset and notifications do not come.

    Yes, I connect only through the application, I don’t connect the phone as a headset via Bluetooth. Indeed, they make their way from the notification, although not from Viber and Telegrams. Who has experience, tell me, there is another model of Chinese watches that shows notifications from these applications?

    It all depends not on the watch model, but on the application. Any watch that works with Fundo will not show notifications from Viber and Telegram. Try installing Wearpro app: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?ID=com.dtno1.WearProhl=rugl=US. This is an alternative to Fundo, which is being developed by the company. We participated in testing it and pointed out to the developers about the problem with notifications from these applications. Eliminated or not, have not yet been checked. As for other models with support for Viber and Telegram, there are a lot of them. These are any Huawei / Honor watches, all Amazfit. Inexpensive: Haylou Solar LS05, Xiaomi Mi Watch Lite, Redmi Watch, etc.

    Hello, I did everything as written, there is even a connection, but after seconds the connection is interrupted and an inscription appears something about the legality of what to do in this case, since there is a connection through the bluetooth, and through the fundo it connects but immediately breaks

    Hello, it also shows me, first it connects, after a second it turns off, translation into Russian, which is illegal, for several months now, calls are coming in, there are no messages, before that everything was fine.

    Features of Viber for iPhone

    You can feel all the benefits of the Viber mobile application only after installing it on your phone. High quality of communication, pleasant and recognizable interface, a set of useful options and this is not all that iPhone owners should be entitled to after you install Viber.

    How to download the app

    • Go from your smartphone to the application with programs available for the iPhone. App Store.
    • At the bottom of the panel, you will see an icon denoting search, click on it.
    • A search line will appear at the top, where you enter the name of the program you are looking for. Viber, click “Find“.
    • The system gives results, you go to the first option with the name “Viber. messenger”.
    • Then click “Download”.

    Features and Capabilities

    After installing Viber on iPhone, you will have access to a number of irreplaceable functions that are provided absolutely free, namely:

    • voice and SMS messages to all Viber users;
    • HD video communication;
    • video conferencing from several participants;
    • high quality of communication;
    • the ability to create communities of interest for an unlimited number of people;
    • send your location to another contact;
    • share any information not only in text mode, but also by sending links, documents, videos, photos, pictures;
    • you can diversify your correspondence with emoticons, gifs, stickers;
    • you can share a card from the contact book.

    You can use the application for free when connected to any Internet network. to Wi-Fi via a router or via mobile Internet to 4G, 3G 2G.

    Thus, Viber is a simple and straightforward mobile application with a huge set of important free features. The most important thing is that anyone can install Viber without complicated registrations and checks. And for those users who want to experience even more benefits, they can connect paid options from the Viber developers, these include calls without an Internet connection or to contact numbers that are not available in the Viber database.

    Download Viber for iPhone

    iPhone is the most prestigious smartphone from the well-known American company Apple. Today, the owners of iPhones can boast not only of the high-quality operation of the device, but also of the numerous available software. Viber is the main and most popular messenger application on all Apple phones. You can download it for free and install it yourself on your smartphone. Viber has a huge set of useful functions that any phone user should have.

    Installation and start of use

    After the standard Viber icon appears on your phone, you can proceed to the installation:

    • Run the application by clicking on it.
    • An installation window will appear on the screen, you click “Continue”.
    • Next, select your country and enter the mobile phone number for which Viber will be listed.
    • Receive an SMS with a code to the specified phone number, you enter it into the program and click “Next”.
    • Allow access to contacts and go to the main application menu.

    It is important that the selected country matches the mobile phone number, that is, the current operators. The language of the interface in the application also depends on the selected country.

    This completes the installation. It only takes you a few minutes. Then you can get to know the program better and customize it for yourself. First, first fill in your profile details. your name and add a personal photo (optional). In the settings menu, through the “” button in the bottom panel, you can change other operating items. Secondly, through the contacts button, view which of your friends also uses Viber. To call or write, just click on the desired user, and then select “Free call” or “Free message”.

    System requirements

    The iPhone was one of the very first devices on which the first version of the Viber messenger was released. Today the application is available for all smartphones and supports all operating systems. But, despite this, before installing, you must familiarize yourself with the minimum technical requirements for the iPhone and comply with them for the program to work correctly:

    • Viber is available for all Apple phones starting with 4S;
    • operating system not lower than iOS 5;
    • free space from 250 MB.

    However, it is worth clarifying that the above minimum requirements do not apply to all versions of Viber. That is, if you have an outdated iOS operating system, for example, from 5 to 9, then you will not be able to use the latest version of 2019 of the Viber messenger, since technically this device does not fit the declared functions of the program. But you can download the current version for your phone, fully use the application. call and text, but it will lack the latest updates. And for owners of smartphones with iOS 10 and higher, the latest version of the eleventh generation Viber is available.