Where are the settings on a Samsung phone

Personalize your navigation bar

Usually, most Android smartphones have a standard arrangement of navigation buttons, but Samsung can change the arrangement of the buttons. Go to “Settings“. “Display”. Navigate bar and customize positions as you like. For example, “Back” can be placed not on the right, but on the left. In addition, it is possible to activate gesture control to speed up the work with the smartphone.

ways to customize your Samsung smartphone

What’s the best way to personalize your Samsung smartphone? You will learn about this from our recommendations in this article.

Despite the fact that in modern models of Samsung smartphones, a lot of various functions have been added that allow you to individually customize the appearance and other functionality, many users still want to expand their capabilities in this regard. over, for this on Google Play there are many programs that are easy to download and convenient to use.

Most of them are suitable not only for the latest Samsung Galaxy S10, Galaxy M30, M20, M10, Galaxy A10, A20, A30, A40, A50, A60, A70 models, but also for last year’s devices, increasing their functionality.

We have selected ten methods, where we will also offer several Android applications that will help you customize your Samsung smartphone and turn it into a unique device in terms of visual effects and software chips.

Setting the screen resolution

If you own a Samsung Galaxy S10, you can change the screen resolution whenever convenient. Just select “Settings”. “Screen” “Screen resolution” and get three options: HD. FHD and WQHD. This will allow not only to achieve the optimal size of the displayed information, but also to save battery power when setting a lower resolution.

Customizing the status bar

Traditionally, the status bar is located at the top of the screen and displays all the vital functions of the smartphone, here you can find out the time, track the battery level and see how reliable the mobile connection is.

When you receive a lot of notifications, this overload of unnecessary information makes it difficult to quickly find out the basic information. In order to avoid this, you can limit the number of displayed notifications, select “Settings”. “Notifications”. “Status bar” and activate only three icons at a time or completely disable this function.

Updating the wallpaper and lock screen

Changing the wallpaper and the lock screen is the very first step in changing the appearance of the OS, for this you just need to go to “Settings”. “Wallpapers and Themes” and use any image you like that Samsung gives to its users. The choice is large enough and many will surely find what they like and stop there.

But if it happens that the search for a suitable picture has not been crowned with success, you can always use a third-party application, for example, Zedge Companion, which contains a large number of options for customizing wallpapers and ringtones. An extensive database of the program consists exclusively of high-quality images and sound files, sharpened specifically for Samsung, everyone will find a suitable option for themselves.

Zedge will become as convenient as possible and will perfectly fit into the original appearance of the branded windows of smartphones from the South Korean manufacturer. Like most software of this level, not all of the proposed content is free, the developers should “eat their own loaf of butter”. But there are still more free ones, so you will not be disappointed.

How to change the theme?

When there is no desire to look directly for a new lock screen or specific wallpaper, then you can completely change the entire theme of the smartphone OS desktop. This is done through the same menu item “Settings”. “Wallpapers and Themes”, which also has a lot of all kinds of Galaxy Themes to choose from.

And if you can’t find a suitable one, you can use the Zedge Companion application or any other. But you need to take into account the factor of full compatibility with Samsung smartphones, otherwise distortions may appear or some functions may not work correctly.

Installing the keyboard

The reason to change this interface element on a smartphone, for example, may be the transition from Apple devices to Samsung. Users get used to the specific layout and functionality of the buttons and no longer want to use the standard keyboard from South Korean developers. But it may be a completely different reason, just wanted something new.

There are a lot of applications on Google Play that offer different functionality and type of keyboard, but we liked the SwiftKey option the most. The key feature of the program is the set of symbols using the swipe method, that is, you do not need to take your finger off the screen, but simply translate from letter to letter.

With a certain skill, this is a very convenient typing method that significantly increases the typing speed. This analyzes the typed text and automatically includes frequently used words. Definitely, the swipe keyboard will become an indispensable assistant.

Icon customization

You can change the icons from the same menu where all branded Samsung Galaxy Themes are located. Many users do not particularly like customizing shortcuts, since the changes concern only standard system images, the icons of third-party applications will remain in their previous form. In any case, this way to make your smartphone different from everyone else also has a place to be and is often used to give individuality by updating the images that are boring from daily use.

Alternatively, you can use a good third-party application OxyPie Free Icon, which supports not only Samsung smartphones, but also Huawei, OnePlus and others. For example, you can install branded sets of shortcuts that are used in branded skins from other manufacturers. In general, the choice is huge, there are hundreds of variations for creating a personal screen.

Where in Samsung Galaxy Settings to Enable Flash Notification.

Don’t know how to set up Samsung Galaxy to notify you with a flash of incoming calls, messages and other events? In this article, you will find information on how to activate this function on your smartphone.

To enable the flash notification function on Samsung Galaxy, do the following: Open Android Samsung Settings next Accessibility next Hearing and Flash notification. to activate the function, tap the switch.

Done, now your Samsung Galaxy smartphone will flash to notify you of calls, messages and other events. To disable this function, do the same and tap the switch to turn it off.

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How to find a shopping cart on a Samsung phone

In Samsung mobile devices, this type of folder is directly related to the gallery. You can find it through this section. To find the folder, you need to go to the gallery and click on the button in the form of three dots at the top of the screen.

settings, samsung, phone

In the context menu that appears, select the required section.

You will be taken to the folder where all deleted photos, audio, video and more are stored. By clicking on each of them, you can restore it or permanently delete it. Data is stored in this section for 15 days, after which it is completely erased.

How to activate on your phone

If your device does not find a separate section for erased items, you can use third-party applications to create such a directory. One of the most famous is Dumpster. By installing it, you can safely delete items, having the ability to restore them within two weeks. You can also store deleted files on the cloud storage and set up automatic directory cleaning. The program is completely free, you can download it from the Google Play service.

There you can also find several analogs of this program, there are both completely free and partially, and completely paid utilities for creating a basket on the phone. Choose the most convenient for you and use to create a directory of pre-erasing files.

How to empty the trash?

To empty a standard or your own shopping cart, you need to enter it using the method described above. Your browse will open a folder containing your recently erased files. You can clear it pointwise by selecting each element separately. for this you just need to hold down the element and click on the urn-shaped icon in the context menu that appears, or vice versa, restore the element by selecting the appropriate option. If you want to completely clear the directory, you just need to click on the “Clear” button at the top right of the screen. Confirm your action and observe the gradual deletion of all files. The list of deleted media is now empty.

Image thumbnails

In addition to the web browser cache, data on the operation of the standard Gallery application is stored in a separate folder on Samsung Android devices. The size of the directory directly depends on the number of graphic files on the device, but at the same time it can reach very large values. It is easy to delete such a cache using third-party applications from the first method or manually deleting the folder “.thumbnails”.

For cleaning it will be enough to go from the root directory to “Storage”, open the “DCIM” folder and delete the “.thumbnails”. By default, the directory is not displayed, which requires a file manager with support for hidden files. We talked about this in a separate article using the link provided above.

Web browser cache

When working with the Internet, a web browser cache accumulates on a smartphone, which, apart from gaming applications, takes up the largest amount of space in temporary storage. It is not difficult to get rid of it through the internal parameters of the program, which in most situations differ slightly from each other in design. As an example, we will take a look at the procedure in Google Chrome.

Note: You can clear the cache in several programs at once using the software named in the first method.

  • Open your Internet browser, click on the menu icon located in the upper right corner, and select “History”. As a result, a list of all websites ever visited should open.

Now, at the top of the page, tap on the “Clear history” link to go to the parameters. To delete data in a charming manner, check the box “Cookies” and “Other files stored in the cache”.

Complete the setup using the Time Range menu and selecting the All Time value. Click on the “Delete data” button in the lower right corner of the window and wait for the procedure to complete.

In addition to general settings, you can go to the “Advanced” tab to get rid of all data about the browser, including saved passwords.

The main feature of the web browser cache is that after deleting websites that were once loaded into temporary storage, the speed of opening pages may take longer than usual. This is noticeable only in the case of a low connection speed and only at the first download.

Clearing memory

Any Android device, regardless of brand, provides a number of standard settings that allow you to delete data from the device’s memory. At the same time, if on most phones memory management occurs through the “Storage”, on Samsung the necessary functions are displayed in the “Optimization” section. As an example, we will consider only one newer version of the proprietary shell, when, on some models, the location and signatures of items may differ.

Complete cleaning

    In the list of apps, find and open Settings. Here you need to use the “Optimization” line and, regardless of the scanning procedure, tap on the “Memory” icon on the bottom panel.

The next step will automatically start checking the device for unnecessary data. When finished, click the “Clear” button to delete all files found on the device.

This procedure will take some time, displaying the progress on the corresponding page. If successful, a message with the statistics of the deleted information will appear on the screen.

Selective cleaning

    Instead of deleting all files at once, you can limit yourself to the application cache. To do this, in the “Optimization” section, open the “Memory” page, expand the menu in the upper right corner and select “Memory settings“.

After waiting for the completion of the assessment of the occupied space, tap on the line “Cached data”. In the window that opens, confirm the deletion by clicking the “Clear” button.

This method can save a lot of time by deleting the activity data of each installed application, including web browsers. In many ways, the procedure is similar to using third-party software, but at the same time, some unnecessary files may be skipped.

Where is the cache on a Samsung phone

On Samsung Android devices, each installed application automatically creates cache files that take up some space in the smartphone’s memory. Most often, this kind of data is not used by applications, but in total it requires a lot of space. In the course of this article, we will tell you about all the existing methods of how to clear the cache on Android Samsung Galaxy and other models of this company.

Clearing cache on Samsung

At the moment, on Android-devices of the Samsung brand, cleaning can be done literally in the same ways as in the case of any other smartphone on this platform.

What is cache?

Caches are temporary files that speed up your smartphone. They are stored in memory for later use by the operating system and applications. As you might have guessed, there are two types of cache: system cache and application cache. While its purpose is to make your Galaxy smartphone faster, it can also cause various software problems. Therefore, it is necessary to regularly clean.

Where screenshots are stored

Screenshots taken in the standard way (i.e. through hardware buttons) fall into the Pictures / Screenshot folder (Android 8, 9).

On later versions of Android (10, 11), the location is different: DCIM / Screenshots.

If you have installed an alternative application for capturing screenshots, go to the settings of this program, if any, and check the save path.

Instructions on how to find recently saved files

Open the application, select Device memory or memory card (by disk name, in my case SG-SDR).

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In the field with an asterisk (Search) enter jpg. Thus, all files of this extension will participate in the search.

Check the Not older option and set the age, for example, 1 month.

The size is more than 650 k (kilobytes). This will filter out sketches and other garbage that we don’t need.

To start, click on the Search button.

The results will display all the sources where jpg files can be stored (and are actually stored).

  • /storage/emmc/DCIM/.thumbnails (if only internal memory is used)
  • /storage/sdcard0/DCIM/.thumbnails (if an SD card is inserted into the phone)

On Android 11, the location of thumbnails has changed: Pictures /.thumbnails.

Where are images stored on Android. What is DCIM and thumbnails

Convenient when photos are stored on your phone. But the memory of a mobile device is not rubber. It is difficult and time consuming to put things in order by raking the photo archive.

There is also another problem. It is not entirely clear where what is stored: photographs, sketches, and other images. Thus, whole photo albums, screenshots and files downloaded from social networks disappear.

In general, let’s figure it out. If you do not find the answer to your question, please ask questions in the Комментарии и мнения владельцев or contact me through the contact form on the site. I try to help.

By the way, share in the Комментарии и мнения владельцев what problem you encountered and how you solved it. This will help me understand if the topic is fully covered.

Here is the same instruction, but in the format

What is the thumbnails folder for?

This folder, according to its name, stores thumbnails. a reduced version of photos, downloaded images (for example, from Whatsapp or Skype). A smaller copy helps the smartphone open an image from the Gallery faster.

Where is the recording stored?

Voice recorder recordings are stored directly in the application. After the first sound file appears, the “List” tab will be highlighted in the program. In this section, you can view the list of recordings and start playback.

The files are located directly in the Sounds folder. It can be located both on a flash drive and in the built-in memory of the device.

How to enable voice recorder on Samsung

How to enable voice recorder on Samsung? Some users ask a similar question. Therefore, it is necessary to understand all the details, what we will do with you in the prepared article.

How to Find Voice Recorder in Samsung Phone?

Voice Recorder is a standard utility found in most Android smartphones. It allows you to record various sounds, save copies of telephone conversations.

One of the features of Android is an open operating system and ample opportunities for developers. Almost every major manufacturer creates its own shell for this OS, significantly transforming it. Developers often change the location of system applications, and it becomes difficult for users to find them on a device from another brand.

Where is the voice recorder located in Samsung? If you also find it difficult to find this program, then the instructions below are for you. Where is the utility located?

  • Initially open the “Samsung” folder.
  • Find the “Sound Recorder” application in it.
  • To start, you must press the red button. The interface of the utility is simple, the application can be mastered in a few seconds.

How to turn on the voice recorder during a call on Samsung?

Samsung restricts the ability to record mobile phone conversations with system tools. You can try to unblock it, but this is a very complicated procedure that requires ROOT rights. Therefore, it is much easier to use a third-party application.

  • Download the app.
  • Run it.
  • Accept the rules.
  • In the main window, open the additional menu.
  • Go to “Settings“.
  • Turn on the lever to record conversations.
  • The rest of the parameters can be changed if necessary.
  • Now you can exit the program. She will work in the background and independently record all phone conversations.

Unlocking the system function (you need ROOT rights):

  • Download Root Explorer and launch it.
  • Grant the app superuser rights.
  • Go to root / system / csc.
  • Find the file others.xml.
  • Mark it with a long tap, expand the menu of additional actions, indicated by three dots.
  • Open the file in a text editor.
  • Find the following text:
  • Above it, you need to add RecordingAllowed
  • Confirm saving.
  • Restart the machine.

9 Samsung Galaxy Settings You Need To Turn Off Now

Now, when making a voice call, an additional icon with a cassette will appear. By clicking on it, you can record the current conversation. Files are saved in the “Call” or “Voices” folder.

We strongly recommend that you use third-party call recording applications. If you do not have experience in rooting devices and editing system files, then it is better not to engage in such a complicated procedure for adding a function to the OS.

How to set up SMS on Samsung Galaxy phone

Hey! Today I will show you how to set up SMS messages on your Samsung Galaxy phone. You can very simply and quickly set up the SMS function on your smartphone. See the instructions below and write Комментарии и мнения владельцев if something is not clear to you. Go!

On the home screen, find the Messages app and tap on its shortcut.

On the messages page, at the top right, click on the Properties button (three dots).

In the window that opens, click on the Settings tab.

Here you will be shown what functions you can configure.

In notifications, you can completely disable SMS messages on your phone. Or, on the contrary, enable if they were disabled. You can turn off indicators on icons. You can enable or disable SMS for an individual SIM card.

You can change the background of the posts page.

You can create quick replies to quickly insert them into SMS messages.

You can block messages. You can specify phrases, in the presence of which in the message, the SMS number will be blocked.

Also you can customize the font of the text in SMS, etc.

Still have questions? Write a comment! Good luck!

After updating to Android 9, I can’t change the background in messages. Android 8 had the word background in the settings. And where to find it in 9k?

I myself have the 8th version so far. Look in the settings carefully, somewhere there must be.

how to use instant messages in Samsung A50? I created the text in the settings, but how to pick them up in the current message is unclear. in the previous phone, when writing an SMS, it entered the menu (three dots) and selected the line “quick messages”. there is no such line in A50

So the A50 is somewhere else. You definitely looked at everything carefully?

The same thing. after the update, I have a white font on a white background and cannot be changed in any way.

You definitely looked at everything carefully in the settings?

I have g7. I have not found it anywhere. Rummaged through the entire phone. The problem is that there are white letters on a white background and SMS cannot be read. I had to delete all themes and put the original built-in wallpaper. Then the background turned gray. But I would like to change the color.

Put on a different theme, with the color you need.

Yes. And so I had to do it. It’s just not clear why the background and font settings function has disappeared. And the appearance itself has now become uncomfortable. And the signatures of the shortcuts on the main screen disappeared. only pictures. All in all, a stupid update.


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If you looked at everything very carefully and did not find it, then your phone does not have such a function.


I want to change the background in messages. I don’t like the white background. Previously, you go into messages, settings and there was the word background and you change it, you could also change the message frame, but now there is no such thing. Updates have not been completed.

How to configure messages to be written with verification

Hello, please tell me how to turn on Samsung a10 when writing SMS so that the number of displayed characters is displayed (I need this to send SMS to the village when I can not get through) and the Internet is not caught there

Good day. There are no such settings in the smartphone. Open any site that shows the number of characters in the text, for example text.ru. Write a message there, copy it and paste it into an SMS on your phone.

i can’t delete messages. the button is there but it is transparent

Who is transparent? You need to press and hold on the message, then the “Delete” trash can icon will appear. What version of Android do you have?

Sends 20 pieces, on another nokia 100, how to set up a mailing for 100?

Very simple. On the compose page, first add one recipient. Then, at the bottom, click on the “4 squares” icon. A window will open at the bottom, click on the “Contacts” icon there. Now you can select all contacts by clicking on the “All” circle at the top left. If you have 100-200-300, at least 1000 in your contacts, they will all be added as recipients of your message. Do you understand? It is necessary that all recipients are in contacts, otherwise you will have to manually add. What is your smartphone model? Android version?

Change these 10 Settings on your Samsung Galaxy Smartphone NOW (Galaxy S20, Note 10, S10, etc)

Yes, Samsung Galaxy 7 (2018) Android 9 sends 20 SMS, you need up to 100 SMS at a time. I dial manually, the numbers are not from the phone book, but I do not send more than 20 SMS at a time, I need more than 70 SMS. I don’t want to clog up the SMS program with third-party mailing. Rooms not with telephone. manually

What mobile operator do you have? Maybe it’s him, not the phone. On the smartphone I did not find such settings at all, it looks like they are not at all.

I have a smartphone Samsung Galaxy A 01 SMS is duplicated one SMS comes at the same time 2 times also if I send SMS they withdraw money from me 2 times called the megaphone they said everything is fine with them, the matter is in the phone, and I don’t know where to look for the error and how everything is fix so that SMS are not duplicated. Thank you.

How old is your phone and SIM card? To any numbers or only certain?

the phone was given to me by the children in August, 2 months ago, it is completely new, the SIM card is from 2013, but it was old, large, we changed it to a new small one, I don’t know what it’s called, operator MEGAFON.

you need to try first with another sim card on the same phone, and then with your sim card but on another smartphone, then it will be clear where the jamb is, in the phone or mobile operator

did not add. So far, SMS was sent to me from a megaphone, Sberbank, and from my husband’s number, that is, from different numbers.

Are the messages vivered and the background is too invisible? Aka will fix

you can give a link to the screenshot to make it clear, you tried to change the settings?

All-Ravono SMS is not sent. Failure to send SMS is displayed. What to do in this case?

Check the balance so that the money is in the account and restart the smartphone

Blacklist in Samsung phone: Where to find, how to add and how to remove?

Many smartphone brands have their own Black List. It can be used to filter out messages from unwanted callers. Consider the black list in Samsung phones: where you can find it, how to add a subscriber there, and then remove it. You will learn about everything in order in this article.

What is the blacklist for Samsung

Most of us have come across situations when we are pestered by acquaintances or strangers with phone calls. The blacklist was created so that we can block unnecessary incoming SMS or calls on our phone. Create a list of numbers that will not be able to reach us. In Samsung mobile devices, such a list hides short text and multimedia messages in a special blocked folder. In this case, the user receives a notification that the spam storage has been replenished.

Call Blocker applications for adding subscribers to the black list

You can download the Call Blocker app for Samsung devices from the Play Store. This is a set of utilities that will help to resist not only unwanted numbers, but also to determine whether it belongs to scammers.

In the program, you can search the database of cybercriminals’ numbers if you are often called from unknown numbers. Blocked calls will not bother you. They are silently saved to an archive, from which you can view all the details.

Application Features: Explanation:
Multitasking. Complete blocker of SMS messages and incoming calls.
The application can recognize calls made by a robot from various services. It blocks them immediately.
Enhanced CallerID function. Automatically identify contacts.
Do Not Disturb. In it, you can create a schedule for which hours or days you will not be disturbed by incoming calls and SMS.

The app is supported by most Android versions including 4.0.

In addition to the ones mentioned, the Call Blocker application has a number of other, less significant functions. After installing it on your Samsung smartphone, you can familiarize yourself with them in more detail.

How to add or remove a blacklisted contact on Samsung

When you need to find a contact, add it to an emergency on Samsung or remove it from the list, follow these instructions:

    Open the Phone app again. This can be done by pressing the green handset in the main menu or at the bottom of the smartphone screen;

The standard application has a limited set of functions. But they are quite enough to manage the black list of contacts. interesting features are available in third-party applications, which can be downloaded to Samsung from the Play Market.

Where to Find Black List on Samsung Phone

The Blacklist app in Samsung smartphones can be located in different places. It depends not only on the model of the device, but also on the version of the Android OS that it has.

In order to open an emergency, go to the “Phone” application:

First 10 Settings to Change on Your Samsung Phone

    In the window with a numeric keypad for dialing a number or combination, select the three dots at the top;

If this item is currently activated on Samsung, you can turn it off by moving the slider to the “Inactive” position. The function will be useful for those who want to receive calls only from a fixed list or phone book.