What TVs show digital channels without a set-top box

List of popular models with built-in receiver:

The best option is a TV that meets Smart TV standards. These models support viewing IPTV broadcasts over an Internet connection. To use the option, you need to download and install a special application.

If you plan to connect cable TV, choose a TV with a CI slot and a DVB-C2 tuner. The local operator’s cable is connected through an external connector (slot), and the tuner decodes the incoming information.

Determine if the TV is equipped with a built-in receiver

The easiest way to determine whether the TV has a built-in receiver is if the box or passport (instruction, user manual) has been preserved. The characteristics must indicate the European standard of terrestrial television. The modern equipment complies with the second generation (T2) of the DVB group of standards. If the description of the types of reception has the name DVB-T2, then such a TV can receive a digital signal directly.

In the event that neither documents nor packaging can already be found, the owners determine the type of equipment via the Internet:

Equipment manufactured before 1998 only accepts analog signals. From 1998 to 2004, digital tuners were used only on selected models of wide-screen projection TVs (usually with a diagonal of 42 inches or more). If your TV was produced in 2004 or later, it can show multiplex channels.

Tips for choosing a new TV with digital signal reception

When choosing a new TV, you should check its characteristics. The best choice is a TV that supports reception of terrestrial digital signals, cable and IP-TV. Why connecting IPTV or cable is more profitable than receiving TV broadcasts over the air?

The Russian multiplex broadcasting network includes only 20 channels (list). A package of 100, 200 and more channels can be connected via a computer network or cable.

Which TVs support digital television

On November 15, 2018, the Government of the Russian Federation approved the project of the Ministry of Telecom and Mass Communications of the Russian Federation to terminate analog broadcasting and switch to digital television standards by the end of 2019. In this regard, we have prepared an article that will help clarify which TVs support digital TV without a set-top box and how to check it.

Built-in digital receiver (aka tuner, decoder). equipment for receiving broadcasting. The data packets, compressed in binary code, enter the receiver through the connected antenna. The user either sees a clear picture, or the image is completely absent. There is no interference, distortion, extraneous sounds and loss of color, typical for analog television.

Digital receivers perform several functions:

receive and amplify incoming signals;

decode information for transmission via RCA connectors (SCART).

The main advantage of the built-in receiver is that there is no need to buy a special set-top box for watching TV programs.

How to understand that your TV accepts “digital

All channels on the “old” (analog) signal are designated with the letter “A”. If there is no such icon next to the channel name, your TV receives a “number”.

A radical way to find out the type of reception is to remove the antenna plug. The removed connector is held at a distance of five to seven millimeters from the socket. Signal degradation means reception of analogue channels. If the picture is completely missing, the TV is receiving digital signals.

Another verification method is to study the “Settings” section. If in the subsection “Signal source” one of the items is designated as DTV, then it is possible to receive terrestrial digital TV).

What to do if your TV doesn’t have a built-in receiver

Install a special TV set-top box with a built-in receiver and the option to view IPTV broadcasts.

The TV set-top box will replace the built-in tuner, provide connection of one or several TV sets to the Internet and cable TV. The owners of the set-top box have access to such functions as:

watching TV shows and serials broadcast over the Internet;

connection to other services such as YouTube or social networks and many others ”.

Connect to a reliable operator through “Choose.net”, compare the available options. Most users choose cable or IPTV. Use the capabilities of modern technology to organize your leisure at the highest level!

What TVs show digital channels without a set-top box

What kind of TV do you need for digital television? In Russia, digital television has appeared relatively recently, so citizens rarely think about the possibility of buying equipment with some additional functions. You can purchase a screen model with a built-in receiver in order not to buy additional equipment.

There are undoubted leaders in the global TV market that produce models with a built-in decoder card. They work independently, therefore, no additional equipment is required to view digital TV.

The most popular companies with models after 2015 have a built-in decoding chip:

  • Samsung;
  • LG;
  • Sony;
  • Philips;
  • Apple;
  • Panasonic;
  • Toshiba.

There are other manufacturers, but the availability of additional features needs to be clarified.

IMPORTANT: in addition to Apple, which are compatible only with equipment of their own brand, other companies produce universal TVs. These brands can work with devices from any other company (excluding Apple).

Which TVs have a digital tuner? Every year, developers try to make life easier for users. The more modern the model, the more programs and opportunities it has.

Which TV models support digital TV? The presence of a built-in tuner does not guarantee watching live broadcasts. When choosing, it is necessary to clarify the data transmission standards (for a simple antenna, satellite or cable TV).

Do all TVs support digital television

What TV should be for digital TV? It should be noted that not all TVs can receive a digital signal, even modern models. Older screens equipped with a CRT or ray tube only accept analog signals. They will not receive a digital signal without a receiver.

IMPORTANT: Before purchasing external hardware for older models, make sure the connector is up to date. In simple words, having bought a set-top box, the cable may not enter the receiving holes in the TV. This is rare, because a slot for a regular antenna is used.

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What TVs support digital TV without a set-top box? The ability to work with digital video has been in development since 1990, but the first digital TVs appeared in 2004. They met very rarely and were expensive.

What TVs accept digital TV without a set-top box? Plasma and liquid crystal models began to be mass-produced complete with decoders later in 2010. In Russia, similar screens appeared later than 2013.

Today, almost every screen supports digital data acquisition. Exceptions are low-cost models with a minimum set of functions.

IMPORTANT: it must be remembered that there are a number of countries in which terrestrial digital TV is broadcast in other bands than in Russia. For example, in America it is ATSC, in Japan and South America it is ISDB-T, and in neighboring China it is DTMB. In European countries, the channel is broadcast in DVB-T (an outdated format, but there are companies that broadcast on it) and DVB-T2. Russia uses. DVB-T2 frequency.

When buying a TV outside of Russia, you must choose a model with DVB-T2 support.

What is a digital tuner

To receive digital video on a TV, you need to supply additional equipment:


  • a special antenna (maybe a satellite dish) that will receive a digital signal or cable (fiber optic, twisted pair);
  • receiver (tuner) that decrypts digital data and transmits them to the TV (can be built into the TV).

A TV tuner is a special receiver designed to receive and decode a data signal in various formats, with information displayed on the screen. Can capture video and radio digital waves. Available as a separate device or integrated into a TV or computer microcircuit.

Receivers are classified according to a number of parameters:

  • to support television signal standards;
  • by the method of connecting to a PC or TV;
  • on interaction with operating systems.

The tuner accepts several digital stream formats (data is given for Russia):

  • DVB-T, DVB-T2 works with terrestrial broadcasting.
  • DVB-C is for cable TV.
  • DVB-S, DVB-S2. designed to receive a signal through a satellite dish.

There are many models of digital set-top boxes on the market. They differ in cost and functionality, design. Still, the main task of the receiver is to receive data in DVB-T2 format, this goal is fulfilled by all devices.

Each receiver has a USB port (the number of connectors depends on the cost). This makes it possible to connect drives (removable hard drives, flash drives, mobile devices) and watch videos directly from them.

In more expensive models, it is possible to record information from terrestrial television to drives.

There are also tuners with the ability to work on the Internet. The connection is made via a twisted pair cable or via a Wi-Fi radio signal. This expands the possibilities of viewing channels that are on the World Wide Web (for example, YouTube).

The latest models of tuners have a function to work with Android operating systems. This allows you to broadcast Smart-TV (a technology for connecting to a network of TVs through mobile devices or PCs).

It is important to remember which signal will be broadcast and processed by the device. Most television programs are received in MPEG-4 quality, but some large companies are switching to HD format.

There are receivers built into the TV. They have the same functions as an external decoder.

How to understand if TV has DVB-T2

Which TVs accept digital signal without a set-top box? When choosing a TV (or checking an existing TV for the presence of a tuner), you need to look at the parameters in the instructions for the device. It is also possible to find a description for the model on the Internet. For example, on the official resource of the manufacturer. For this manipulation, you need to find the brand and model of the TV. On the device, the model is indicated on the back of the screen.

IMPORTANT: correctly identify the marking. If you pick up a TV with support for DVB-T, which will not work on the DVB-T2 format. A mistake in one number can be an unpleasant discovery in the future.

There are differences in the decoder itself: will it work from a satellite dish (these are waves with a characteristic. DVB-S or DVB-S2). For cable digital television, you must have a tuner that decodes DVB-C information. Or the consumer will be content with conventional broadcasting on the DVB-T2 wave.

In the event that all identification marks and the instruction itself are lost, then you can check the presence of the receiver by scanning the channels. This requires an antenna. It is easy to distinguish digital from analogue broadcasting: the first has excellent quality, the name of the channel is shown, as well as the previous and next channels.

What TVs accept digital TV without a set-top box

Digital television increasingly conquers the hearts of people around the world. The analog signal we are used to will be replaced by a widescreen digital one. What’s the difference between them? The first transmits data continuously at the maximum values ​​of the amplitude of the wave oscillation, while creating a large scatter, which is fraught with interference on the screen. The second signal is transmitted according to the rules of a discrete function, that is, the oscillations take on only certain values. This improves the quality of the signal, there is no interference on the screen and the data is protected from extraneous interference or interception.

Digital television made it possible to watch programs in a new format, the image quality is several times better than that of analog television. Some modern channels broadcast video in HD quality.

Why DVB-T2 beats the set-top box

Which TVs don’t need a set-top box? Some, before buying a digital TV set, ask themselves the question: which is better. a built-in tuner or an external set-top box. An embedded microcircuit has a number of advantages:

  • The signal is processed faster. The video sequence does not “stick”, the pictures do not skip. There is no interference in the cable between the set-top box and the TV.
  • Fast channel setup. To work, you need to go to the TV settings, connect the antenna, and start scanning. With a peripheral tuner, you need to set up the connection to the TV.
  • One remote is used instead of two. On the receiver, the channels are switched by their own remote control, which is not very convenient for the user. The sound is controlled by the TV remote control. There are universal devices, but this is an additional waste.
  • No extra wires. External tuner uses an additional socket.
  • The external decoder must be located within the range of the remote control. For example, if the screen is mounted on a wall, then you need to install the attachment not far from it (sometimes an additional shelf is required).
  • If you buy a TV and an external receiver, then it will cost more than a screen with a built-in tuner.

It is profitable to buy a set-top box when the TV itself is already there, but without the support of a digital decoder.

IMPORTANT: you should not buy a microcircuit in order to integrate it into a TV. It is impossible to do this without special equipment and knowledge.

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Of course, the external decoder also has its advantages. For example, it powers the antenna on its own.

Our TV

Software for watching popular Russian programs related to the music industry via the Internet. Available options allow you to build a list of your favorite TV shows and switch between programs using the remote control.

Top 25 best apps for Mi Box in 2021

The most necessary applications for correct operation are installed in the system and are included in the basic package. If necessary, you can independently download additional programs from the Google Play Store. Consider a selection of the best apps for Xiaomi Mi Box.


The program. an analogue of IP telephony, will allow you to monitor all text messages, if there is no way to be near the computer. Depending on the TV model and the presence of a port for connecting a camera, it is possible to make video calls.

Lime HD

An application with over 200 channels in wide resolution. An opportunity to subscribe and expand access to 100 channels is available. The menu includes, in addition to standard domestic programs, foreign channels from all over the world. A user-friendly interface will allow you to build a list of your favorite channels and follow the program schedule.


A convenient application with support for miracast technology, or, as you know, among users. screen mirroring. The functionality is simple, for work you need a wireless Internet with a stable data transfer rate. To get started, follow the algorithm:

  • launch the application;
  • we activate the option on the smartphone, depending on the operating system, the name may differ, on the iPhone it is a screen mirroring;
  • select the name of the receiver and confirm the connection.

After manipulation, the phone screen will be displayed on TV.

VLC Media Player

Video player for playing movies of different formats. The utility will allow you to watch videos in mkv formats, which are not always supported on TVs. Use and installation are simple and do not require additional registration. It is enough to download and select a file for playback. The application will do the rest of the actions by itself.

Cinema application for moviegoers, by installing the utility, you can enjoy official releases of films in any format. The platform is available for downloading content on the device and online viewing. Depending on the type of subscription you choose, the number of movies available for download differs.

Kodi (XBMC)

First on the list is a media player program for playing any video content in M3U format. The program serves for:

  • playing music playlists from the database;
  • watching movies and TV series.

For comfortable use, you can download a pack with add-ons from the Internet that will simplify the search for the necessary functions.

Tuning digital channels on DEXP TVs

The most common questions about DEXP TVs are related to finding programs. The manufacturer makes every effort to simplify this process. a simple menu, a step-by-step guide in the operating instructions. but in practice there are subtleties that lead users to a dead end. We tell you how to properly tune digital channels on a DEXP TV in 5-10 minutes without calling a TV technician.

Manual setting

In some cases, the automatic tuning of DEXP TVs does not give the desired result. The device may not find any channels or connect only a small part of them. In this situation, perform a manual search. The procedure depends on the type of TV received, we will consider all cases separately.

If your TV does not support digital TV

If your model was not found in the table, then the TV does not have a built-in DVB-T2 tuner. There are two ways out of this situation:

  • Buying a new TV. In this case, it is necessary that the device works with the DVB-T2 standard. for new models start at 8,000 rubles.
  • Purchase of a digital set-top box. It allows any device to broadcast free-to-air TV. That being said, check out our rating of digital set-top boxes. After purchase, the receiver needs to be connected and configured.

Satellite channels

When manually tuning satellite digital channels on DEXP TVs, you need to perform a little more manipulation than when searching for terrestrial and cable ones. Proceed according to the following algorithm:

  • Connect a satellite dish.
  • Go to the settings window through the “Menu” button on the remote control. Go to the “Channels” tab and select the “Manual Search” function. Additionally, do not forget to change the signal reception to “Sputnik”.
  • Set up signal reception. This can be done by entering the parameters obtained from the provider. This concerns the LNB power supply, DiSeqC mode, upper gene. Lnb and lower gen. LNB.
  • Select manual tuning. To do this, use the standard “Up” and “Down” buttons to specify information about the frequency.
  • Start the search process. It will take 7-10 minutes, since the number of channels is more than in terrestrial TV.

Checking for digital TV support on DEXP

Before proceeding directly with the setup, let’s make sure that your equipment supports digital terrestrial TV reception. This function is only available on those models for which the DVB-T2 broadcasting standard is provided.

To check for DTV support, enter your TV model number in the Search box in the table below. If it is found. feel free to start setting up. your receiver can catch a “digit” without additional prefixes.

Model Diagonal Support DVB-T2
22A7100 22
22A7200 22
24A7100 24
28A3000 28
32A3000 32
32A3100 32
32A3200 32
32A7000 32
40A7000 40
40A7100 40
42A7000 42
42A8000 42
42A8100 42
42A8200 42
42A9000 42
46A7000 46
49A8200 49
50A7000 fifty
50A7100 fifty
50A8000 fifty
55A8000 55
F22B7000C 22
F22B7000E / B 22
F22B7000E / W 22
F22B7100EE 22
F22B7200C 22
F22D7100E 21.5
F24B7000C 24
F24B7000E 24
F24B7100EE 24
F24B7100K 24
F24B7200C 24
F24B7200VE 24
F24D7100E 23.6
F24D7200C 23.6
F32C7000B 32
F32C7100B 32
F32C7100B / W 32
F32D7000B 32
F32D7000C 32
F32D7000C / W 32
F39B7000VD 39
F39B7100E 39
F40B7000C 40
F40B7000E 40
F40B7000H 40
F40B7000K 40
F40B7100K 40
F40B7200C 40
F40B8300K 40
F40C7100C 40
F40C7100K 40
F40C8000H 40
F40D7100C 39.6
F40D7200C 40
F40D7200C / W 40
F42B7000ED 42
F42B7000M 42
F42B7000T 42
F42B8000H 42
F42B8100K 42
F42C7000E 42
F43B7200C 43
F43B7200S 43
F43B8000H 43
F43B8000K 43
F43C7000C 43
F43C7100K 43
F43C8000H 43
F43D7000K 43
F43D8000K 42.5
F43D8100H 43
F46B7000MD 46
F48B7000M 48
F48B7000V 48
F48C7200K 48
F48D7000K 48
F48D8000K 47.6
F49B7000T 49
F49B7200C 49
F49B8000K 49
F49B8100K 49
F49B8200K 49
F49C7000C 49
F49C8000H 49
F49D8100H 48.5
F50B8000H fifty
F55B7000T 55
F55B7200C 55
F55B8000H 55
F55B8000K 55
F55B8100K 55
F55B8200K 55
F55C7000C 55
F55C8000H 55
F55D7000E 54.6
F55D7000K 54.6
F55D8000K 54.6
H19B7000C 19
H19B7000E 19
H19D7100E 19
H20B7200C 20
H20C7200C 20
H20C7200C / W 20
H20D7000E 19.5
H24B3000EE 24
H24B7000E 24
H24B7100 24
H24C3000E 24
H24C7200C 24
H24D7000E 23.6
H28B7100C 28
H28B7100E 28
H28C7100C 28
H28D7200K 28
H28D7300K 28
H32С8000H 32
H32B3200CD 32
H32B3400ED / A 32
H32B7000C 32
H32B7100K 32
H32B7200C 32
H32B7200T 32
H32B7300C 32
H32B7400C 32
H32B8200K 32
H32C7100C 32
H32C7200K 32
H32C7300K 32
H32D7000E 32
H32D7000M 31.5
H32D7000Q 31.5
H32D7100C 32
H32D7100K / W 32
H32D8000Q 31.5
H32D8100H 32
H39D7000E 39
H39D7000Q 38.5
H39D7100E 39
H39D8000Q 39
U40B9000H 40
U42B9000K 42
U43D9100H 42.5
U43D9100K 42.5
U49B9000K 49
U49D9000K 48.5
U50B9000H fifty
U55B9000H 55
U55B9000K 55
U55B9100K 55
U55D7100E 54.6
U55D9000K 54.6
U58B9900H 58
U65D9000K 64.5
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Automatic channel search

Automatic digital TV setup on DEXP TVs is done like this:

  • Connect the antenna to the input of the receiver. It is located on the back cover. If the device does not support digital TV, you additionally need to connect a set-top box via the RCA port.
  • Press the “Source” button on the remote control. A table with a list of operating modes will appear on the screen. In the item “Country” select Norway or Finland (Russia often does not give the desired result, this is a disease of many DEXP models). Use the “Up” and “Down” buttons to select “DTV” (digital television). Press “Ok” or “Enter”. Some models of TVs “DEXP” keep this window active for a few seconds after completing all actions in it.
  • Press the “Menu” button on the remote control. Use the “Up” and “Down” keys to select the “Channels” section and click on the “Auto search” function. It allows you to find and connect all 20 digital channels.
  • The automatic search process takes 5 to 10 minutes. During this time, the TV will scan all available frequency bands. At the end, the screen will display the number of TV channels and radio stations found.

Deleting and sorting channels

After all the TV channels are found, some of them can be deleted or sorted (assign a number on the remote control):

  • Use the “Up” and “Down” buttons to select the required program from the list of previously found.
  • To delete a channel, press the red button on the remote control. After that, the frequency of its broadcast will no longer be monitored by the TV.
  • To rename (in ATV mode) use the green button. After pressing it, you can change the name of the item selected from the list.
  • To move the channel, you need the yellow button on the remote control. The selected item from the list becomes active. Using the “Up” and “Down” buttons, you can move it to the desired position.

What older TVs support digital television?

Note that the list of models of old TVs that can work with a digital signal of this format is small. First of all, the technology was tested on models of an expensive price range. Therefore, the built-in tuner, most often, can be found only in the equipment of well-known brands, which have always occupied leading positions in the production of television equipment. over, mainly modifications with a large screen diagonal are presented.

Among the most famous models are:

  • Sony Bravia KDL-40HX753 with 40-inch screen. The model was one of the first released back in 2012. The tuner allows you to receive digital in DVBT, DVBT2 and DVBC formats, that is, it is designed to work with cable and terrestrial broadcasting.
  • Samsung UE-32ES6757. LCD TV with a diagonal of 32 inches, year of manufacture 2012. Already at that time, manufacturers equipped the TV receiver with tuners for working with cable, satellite and terrestrial (T2) television. Notable for support for 3D, SmartTV. One of the most expensive models available at the time with a receiver for terrestrial digital.
  • LG 22LS350T is a more affordable option with a 22-inch screen. Works with terrestrial and cable signal. It was considered an entry-level LCD TV, due to the presence of the T2 tuner it was in good demand.

You can cite a few more models of old TVs that deserve attention. But if you still decide to purchase a more modern device, it is better to opt for devices manufactured in 2018-2019. They have more advanced functionality and better image quality.

Which TVs do not support digital TV?

Immediately, we note that the broadcasting of a digital terrestrial signal will not be able to receive old analog televisions with picture tubes. Finding such a device with a built-in DVBT2 receiver is almost impossible. Even if a tuner is installed in the equipment, it will most likely only support the DVBT format, which is already outdated and is not used for broadcasting TV channels. Therefore, it is not worth even considering the possibility of using such devices for working with digital broadcasting without additional devices.

Among plasma, LCD TVs of various types, you will not find devices with T2 tuners if they were released earlier than 2012. And in 2013-2014, the share of models with such equipment was insignificant.

Sony KD-65XF9005

All of the above modifications of the tuners are, of course, needed, but not for receiving on-air numbers in a modern format, which will be broadcast in Russia. You need a DVBT2 TV with a built-in receiver or you can purchase a TV receiver with advanced dual format devices such as DVBT2 / DVBC or DVBT2 / DVBS2. But let’s say right away that such models are significantly more expensive.

Therefore, when buying, be sure to check with a consultant whether the selected model is equipped with a tuner of this class.

Does your TV support digital broadcast?

In order to get access to TV channels of the DVBT2 standard, it is not always necessary to purchase an additional receiver. A significant part of the equipment presented in retail chains is televisions that support digital television. Therefore, first of all, check the complete set of equipment that you have at home, it is likely already equipped with an appropriate receiver.

To simplify the task, let’s just say from what year TVs support reception of terrestrial television of the DVBT2 standard. the first models of this class have appeared on sale [since 2012. over, you can find models of not only the most famous brands, for example, Samsung, but also television sets of budget brands, such as Mystery.

What TVs support digital TV without a set-top box?

In any major network, there are various models and brands of digital TVs available for sale. The names and new terms are simply dazzling in the eyes. LCD, Led, HD, FULLHD, plasma. But all these designations do not mean that these TV sets show digital channels without a prefix, you need to pay attention to a completely different moment. Namely, the presence of a tuner (receiver) capable of receiving and decoding a digital terrestrial signal.

You shouldn’t even think about whether all LCD TVs are suitable for receiving numbers after the nationwide transition to this broadcasting format. A significant part of them will not allow receiving channels available in free multiplexes.

In order not to make a mistake when buying and not to purchase a TV that cannot help you in any way, first of all, pay attention to the type of built-in receiver.

The most common tuner versions are:

  • DVBT. an outdated receiver that provides reception of terrestrial digital in the old format.
  • DVBC. a block that provides the ability to connect to digital cable television.
  • DVBS and DVBS2. receivers required to access satellite TV capabilities.
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