What to do if the TV does not find channels

When a diplexer is connected

By simultaneously connecting satellite and digital television, they are completely different devices. Everyone has their own working conditions:

Signal reception depends on the antenna that picks up the signal. If it is deformed or bad weather, then the channels will not be displayed.

Antenna and television cable integrity

Sometimes there is no signal because the signal from the home antenna is too weak. To eliminate this problem, an amplifier is required. It is also important to ensure the integrity of the television cable. Sometimes minor deformations prevent the signal from forming a picture on TV.

Digital set-top box does not find channels. what to do?

There are several ways to search for channels, which are described in detail below. If the set-top box does not pick up channels, try:

  • check the coverage;
  • make sure the integrity of the antenna and its direction vector;
  • correct channel settings;

After checking these items, all channels should be shown.


Antenna failure is the most common problem. An indoor antenna does not always pick up a digit perfectly. Only on condition that the tower is far away. Make sure nothing is interfering with the signal. tall trees, buildings, etc. If you have a communal antenna, feel free to connect from a common antenna for greater convenience. The outdoor antenna should be monitored after prolonged exposure to weather conditions. So that it is directed strictly to the tower, without deformations and non-working elements.

Why does the digital TV set-top box not find channels?

System problems are accompanied by various prompts for the user. For the convenience of solving such problems, they are conventionally divided into categories:

  • hardware;
  • software;
  • external factors.

Hardware problems occur after devices break down. Software. arise due to improper connection of devices. The user does not influence external factors. But understanding the essence of the problem will allow you to think over an action plan.

Correct channel setup

An important problem is incorrect connection of the tuner with TV and other elements. To eliminate the cause, check the following parameters:

  • uses a 75 Ohm cable for connection;
  • correct connection of the set-top box to the tuner;
  • correct use of amplification blocks.

The wire used must guarantee good transmission. Observe the standards for the absence of signal attenuation. It is also important to pay attention to connectors for bells, scart and other systems. When buying a new TV, check which connectors are available.

Search setting

The problem may lie in the wrong setting. Disconnect all wires and reconnect everything. If the problem persists, then turn off all wires and turn on again.


If the first methods did not help and the channels did not reflect, then make sure that everything is in order with the cable. Examine the cable carefully for deformation. Especially if initially there were no problems with the image. If only 10 channels are working, then the reasons are not in the cable, but in the features of the signal.

does, find, channels

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Does TV support digital TV

Before purchasing an amplifier and a repeater, the TV is checked for connectivity to digital TV. DVB T2 is a digital connection standard used for broadcasting channels. Almost all modern TV models since 2017 support the. To find out exactly, the connectivity is checked on the website of the service provider, for this, the model name is entered. If the TV is old, you will need additional equipment in the form of a tuner.


Software failures can be easily eliminated on their own, without contacting the wizard. Procedure:

  • in the settings menu, change the name of the country to “Other”;
  • we search for channels in manual mode.

In case of an unsuccessful outcome of all manipulations, it resets the TV and receiver to the factory settings.

When a diplexer is connected

The receiver can combine several types of broadcasting into one. When connecting satellite and digital TV, remember that the principle of operation of the devices is different, but they are displayed on the TV as a whole. Reception difference:

  • for a home antenna, the quality indicator and the weather are important, since the TV station spreads the signal over the entire area;
  • the satellite is characterized by an example of a strong signal that exceeds 10 GHz.
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Changing the channel frequency can only be displayed on one receive view. In the absence of a program for two at once. a sign of system work.

Why does the digital TV set-top box not find channels?

The first thing that is done when connecting DVB T2 is autosearch, the absence of channels after completing the option indicates a malfunction. There are many reasons for the problem, it can be either a weak signal or incorrect antenna settings. To find the right solution, you need to find out the specifics of the problem.

Checking the coverage

Before connecting a digit, the coverage map is checked. Provides information about the location of the tower and the signal quality. You can view all the data on the official website of the service, all you need to do is indicate the area and enter the address of residence. After downloading the data, it will be possible to understand whether the purchase of an amplifier is required.

Correct channel setup

Customization is key. A properly performed autosearch will ensure the availability of TV programs. How does it work:

  • through the main “Menu” go to the “Settings” section;
  • choose the type of connection and antenna;
  • click “Autosearch” and wait for the download to complete.

After successful saving, assign a number on the remote control.

Antenna location

The location plays an important role in the quality of the received signal. Indoor indoor antenna can show different broadcast quality. What to do:

  • move across the entire area of ​​the house and place on elevations, manipulations will help when the device is without an amplifier;
  • place a street street above the level of the crown of trees, as obstacles interfere with a high-quality signal.

In the case when the tower is far away, an additional amplifier is purchased.


When the set-top box does not find channels, the problem may be in the cable. The problem is observed with the owners of the cable search format, in such cases, the first thing to do is to check the integrity. Kinks, loose plugs cause connection problems and, as a result, equipment that does not work correctly. In cases when all the channels were shown, and then the broadcast was interrupted for some of them, then the reason may be the performance of technical work at the station. If, after several hours of waiting, the list of programs has not become the same, the search is repeated.

TV finds digital channels but does not show

Thanks to modern technology, everyone can now watch the highest quality digital TV channels. But sometimes situations arise when, instead of your favorite program, the message “no signal” appears on the screen. Why is this happening? Indeed, when scanning the air in order to search for TV channels, the TV finds them, but does not show them.

Why does the TV not show digital channels

Digital TV viewing on TV is not possible due to:

  • Wrong direction of the antenna;
  • The fact that the decimeter antenna is not suitable for receiving TV channels at a specific frequency;
  • A faulty or disconnected receiver;
  • Weak signal received by the TV tuner;
  • Old version of TV tuner software. It is necessary to download a new version of the receiver software from the website of the digital TV provider (if the TV tuner belongs to the digital TV installer) or the TV manufacturer (if the TV tuner is built into the TV receiver).
  • TV channel broadcasting on a paid basis. In such cases, the signal is supplied in an encoded form and only additional equipment installed by the provider can decode it.

Before setting up the receiver, it is recommended to first turn it on. Upon entering the menu, you will be prompted to enter the country of residence in the appropriate field. This is not worth doing, since in this case a limited number of TV channels will be displayed on the TV screen.

Next, the frequency level is manually adjusted and the software version is checked (the outdated software needs to be updated). Do not panic if you make a mistake in the TV tuner settings. There is an option in the menu to automatically reset to factory defaults.

How to find digital channels

After checking and setting up the receiver, you can start searching for TV channels on your TV. Note that the sequence of this operation differs depending on the TV model, as well as the model of the TV tuner supplied by the provider. Below is the sequence of searching for TV programs in the most common models of TV sets.

After switching to the TV tuner mode, you need to open the menu (press the “Menu” button on the remote control) and find the “Options” item. Then you can proceed to the selection of the country (this is not recommended for the above reasons). If there is no way to refuse to choose a country, then it is better to indicate Germany or Poland in the “Region” column.

After that, you can go to the main menu and find the item “Settings”, and then. “AutoScan”. “Cable”. In the window that opens, you need to use the “Settings” button to set the frequency, the best option for which is 314000 kHz. You also need to manually set the following parameters:

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Now you can select the item “Scan”. After a few minutes, the list of found TV programs will be displayed on the screen. It should be noted that the list of found TV channels will be updated periodically in automatic mode.

After switching to the TV tuner mode, you must open the menu (press the “Menu” button on the remote control) and find the item “Configuration”. Then we sequentially turn on the functions “Installation”, “Channel settings”, “Auto Install”, “Start”, “Reinstall channels”, “Country”. The “Cable” item is selected as the connection method. After that, in the “Settings” section, you need to set the parameters:

  • Symbol rate value: 6875 kS / s;
  • Frequency value: 314.00 kHz.
  • The last item is a click on the “Start” button.
  • Now you can click on the “Scan” button.

After switching to the TV tuner mode, you need to open the menu (press the “Menu” button on the remote control) and find the “Channel” item. In the window that opens, in the “Antenna” field, select “Cable”, in the “Region” column. “Other”. When the authorization window appears, enter “0000”.

If the TV, after all the above settings, does not find the TV channels, then you need to check the serviceability of the cable within the apartment and then call the masters from the provider organization.

Solving the problem yourself

If the device is not possible to tune or it does not show all channels, you should pay attention to the condition of the antenna. This defect is most often encountered when connecting new television devices. The cable may break or be pinched by furniture. External examination often reveals a problem.

If the antenna is in good condition, it is worth inspecting the plug and the quality of the antenna connection. It should be free of oxidation and other defects.

If there are no problems, contact your neighbors after a visual inspection. If everything is fine with them, then the next step is to inspect the receiver or tuner, if any. If it malfunctions, the TV does not find digital channels while analog ones are working normally.

If these manipulations did not help, and the TV does not see the channels as before, you need to seek help from professionals who will thoroughly diagnose the device and repair it at home with a guarantee.

We strongly recommend that you do not try to repair it yourself, as this often leads to additional failures, which will subsequently require higher financial costs. That is why, before starting repair work, assess your capabilities.

The TV does not find channels and does not tune

There are often cases when all settings are reset, and the TV does not tune in and does not find channels.

Some reasons can be set independently, and correct operation will be restored.

But in most cases, due to more serious failures that are diagnosed only by experienced specialists.

If the TV does not tune the channels, you can make an application for calling a TV master by calling us at 8 (495) 228-42-94 or using the feedback form on the website. We work seven days a week from 8:00 to 22:00.

If your TV is malfunctioning, it is better to contact a specialist, so you will save time and nerves.

Have questions? Call us: 8 (495) 228-42-94 or Order a consultation

Lack of channels on the TV. Causes of defects

  • Damage to antenna sockets. This breakdown involves the replacement of an element or the restoration of contacts.
  • Incorrect operation of the TV receiver or tuner. The malfunction can only be identified after professional diagnostics.
  • Burnt out microcircuit. Almost all consumables are available in our company for most of the existing models.
  • Burned paths on the board. Repair does not always require replacement. A professional tool allows you to restore elements, for which a warranty is issued.
  • Burnt diodes or swollen capacitors. The restoration is carried out in a short time, so that the client can return to using the technique in a few hours.
  • Incorrect operation of the device firmware. To fix this, you need a software update.
  • Incorrect frequency setting of digital channels. Check if the frequency is entered correctly.

Sometimes the problem goes deeper. If you have digital television connected, then some older TV models may not support the modern format, the same can be said about equipment that is not intended for the Russian market.

In this case, unfortunately, it is necessary to replace the TV with a newer one for domestic broadcasting.

Repair and adjustment of TV by specialists of the “TVF” workshop

Experienced engineers will carry out home repairs with high quality and within the agreed time frame, after which the problem will be solved. Modern professional equipment allows you to correctly diagnose and repair any type of malfunction.

To call the master at home, fill out the online form or call us at 8 (495) 228-42-94. We work from 8-22 on any day of the week without weekends and holidays.

How to increase the number of channels on T2

If the external or built-in tuner does not find the terrestrial digital TV channels of one of the multiplexes, check through the service kart.rtrs.rf whether it is available in your region of residence. There you will also find all the necessary data to receive a signal from the tower you need and you can increase the number of channels from 10 to 20.

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What to do if the tuner cannot find channels

If, during home diagnostics, you practically ruled out everything, that is, there are no hardware and software errors, here are the probable reasons:

  • Tuner technical problems. it is recommended to take the device to the service center;
  • The TV firmware is outdated and it also needs to be updated (along with the drivers required for the software to work). You can find it on the manufacturer’s website;
  • Professional work on the repeater.
  • If specific channels have disappeared, then their work may have been terminated.
  • Alternatively, you are not looking for channels correctly. Read our instructions.

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What to do if the tuner does not find channels on the TV

The transition to digital television has led to a peak in the popularity of digital set-top boxes, supplementing older TV models with the options they need to work with digital. But not everything is as smooth with the prefix as we would like. It is not uncommon for the TV tuner to not find channels on the TV. What can be done in this case, read below.

What to do if the T2 signal periodically disappears

Again, more detail is needed. A common case of periodic signal loss is in:

  • A burnt out amplifier after a thunderstorm.
  • Oxidized Antenna Pins.
  • Power supply unit that is out of order.
  • Violation of cable insulation.
  • Tower problem (can be found out by asking neighbors about the problem).

Most likely, the reason is on your side and it is not connected with the receiver and TV, but with the antenna equipment.

Possible reasons

When nothing is shown on the TV screen or the inscription: “No signal” appears. multiple signs contribute to this. These traits are easiest to classify into categories:

  • Hardware. when the problem is in the hardware. Possible incorrect connection or breakdown of any element of technology.
  • Software. when malfunctions and failures are caused by incorrectly set parameters. With a 99% probability, such a malfunction can be solved by the user himself.
  • External factors. when the problem is related to reasons beyond the control of the user (bad weather, a broken repeater, etc.).
  • The UHF antenna (or all-wave) and the amplifier are mated to the TV tuner with different wires.
  • Connecting the receiver to the TV is done through the AV or HDMI ports and the cables corresponding to these ports.
  • Connecting a TV tuner to a computer works through the VGA port. If the requirement is not met, the technician does not see the tuner.
  • Whether the search for channels on the TV is working or not, you can find out by connecting to a conventional terrestrial antenna.
  • In the settings of the set-top box menu, you can start autosearching channels and see what happens. When the picture changes, but there are no channels. a malfunction in the signal receiver or antenna.
  • You can check the signal quality at your own address using the service kart.rtrs.rf. Not the point to generation 1 or 2 multiplexes you are connecting. Only the distance from the repeater is important, the signal quality depends on it.
  • When the amplification is active and the image changes on the display, but it still shows badly. you have an antenna with low powers or the signal is not strong enough.
  • It is recommended to update the firmware when there are no channels. Since the software tends to become outdated, and not every developer can support it, this leads to an incorrect search for channels at different frequencies.
  • Always select the correct channel on your TV. For these purposes, you need to press the “Sourse” button on the TV remote control and select the connection channel of the DVB-T2 receiver. After that, pick up the console from the console and catch the desired channels. Otherwise, nothing will be found except for analogue channels.
  • Sometimes, on the television tower and repeaters, preventive work (repair, maintenance) is carried out. You can also find out about this on the website rtrs.rf
  • Climatic conditions can also disrupt the broadcasting of TV channels. Although there is no such strong impact of bad weather, as it was with analog television, strong winds, cloudiness can further worsen the signal if the tower is really far away. If you install a more powerful antenna, the problem will disappear by itself.

Why the tuner does not find channels, and the TV does not want to play them, if the TV equipment is working. this may be due to various reasons. From a receiver incorrectly connected to a TV to problems with a TV tower. To find out and eliminate the cause, analyze each point in the article and compare it with the operation of your equipment.