What to do if iPhone charging breaks down

Why the iPhone battery is getting hot?

Possible reasons for iPhone heating up are:

  • Charging process. When the mobile device is connected to electricity, some processes in the battery are accelerated, which can affect the temperature.
  • Watching a movie or playing a game. If several applications are running at the same time or any program that requires a lot of power is active, the phone may heat up more than usual.
  • Ingress of moisture. Heating of the battery may be caused by water entering the smartphone.

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Remember that the phone will warm up while charging, especially if the device is still in use. In this case, you should not panic. But if the iPhone 5 runs out of power quickly and the battery temperature is elevated during standby, then you should be concerned and go to a service center. Although before that, it is still recommended to follow the recommendations for optimizing the operation of the device, which are given below.

So, if the iPhone 5 heats up and quickly discharges, to solve such a problem, you just need to set up your smartphone correctly.

iPhone 5 runs out of battery quickly: causes and solutions

Why does iPhone 5 run out of battery quickly? This question often arises among the owners of a smartphone manufactured by Apple. If the mobile device has been in use for two years or longer before this problem occurs, then the battery is already worn out and may need to be replaced. But what if your iPhone battery runs out of power after just one month? Most likely, the matter is in the wrong settings of the smartphone. This article describes the causes of the problem and provides detailed recommendations on how to optimize the performance of your mobile device.

Get rid of push notifications

Push notifications are signals and windows that appear on the iPhone screen when an application installed on a mobile device wants to attract the attention of the owner.

Superfluous messages of this nature are not only distracting, but they also quickly drain the battery on the iPhone 5. To turn them off, you need to select “Settings” and go to the “Notification Center”. At the very bottom of the screen, there will be a list of installed applications. For each of them, you need to do the following: put the mark “No” in the “Style of reminders” and deactivate the four available items by moving the corresponding slider to the left. These items that are recommended to be disabled are called “Icon Sticker”, “Sounds”, “In Notification Center” and “On Lock Screen”.

If light notifications are active in the smartphone, which are given by the camera flash, they should also be turned off. To do this, follow the route “Settings”. “General”. “Universal access”. “LED flash for notifications” and move the corresponding slider to the left.

Why iPhone battery drains quickly?

If the iPhone 5 runs out of battery quickly, then the reasons for this may be the following:

    Failure of the power controller. This happens if there are sudden voltage fluctuations while charging the phone. Such situations most often occur when the smartphone is powered by electricity on the road or using mobile devices. Also, the cause of the failure may be the use of a charger of higher power.

Disable Photo Stream

Photo Stream is part of the iCloud app. It makes automatic uploading of new pictures to the cloud storage when the mobile device is connected to Wi-Fi. If your iPhone 5 s runs out of power quickly, you need to pay attention to this function and disable it. This can be done by selecting the “Settings” section, the iCloud utility, the “Photos” item.

Perform a hard reboot

Why does iPhone 5 run out of battery quickly? The reason may be the failure of an application, which as a result begins to intensively absorb the battery power. The hard reboot process can help solve this problem. To do this, simultaneously hold down two buttons: “Home” (a circle located under the screen) and “Sleep / Wake” (a rectangular button on the upper edge of the device). You should hold them in the clamped state for seven seconds until the screen goes out.

Turn off automatic downloads

The “Automatic downloads” function independently downloads applications purchased on a paired device to a smartphone. If it is active, the iPhone 5 will drain quickly. What to do in this case? You need to turn it off by going to “Settings”, item “iTunes Store, App Store”.

Please note that the program update function in the current iOS version is recommended to be left active.

What to do if iPhone won’t charge

It also happens that the phone simply refuses to charge even with the original charging or through a connection to a third-party battery or personal computer. There may be a lot of reasons for this. The main ones are:

  • Breakdown of the socket. You should check the outlet with other electrical appliances or move the phone to another room for charging.
  • Failure of the power supply or cable. Even original and high-quality Apple accessories can be broken and no one is safe from this. It is necessary to try to recharge the gadget in other ways in order to exclude internal damage.
  • Faults in the power connector on the phone. If dust, dirt or water got into it, then this could cause poor contact and the inability to receive electricity.
  • The controller is burnt out or out of order. Power management and charging are controlled by a special chip that could be damaged mechanically or by moisture getting into the device case. In the latter case, corrosive processes could occur that prevent the electric current from passing freely through the board to the battery.
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Important! There can be a huge number of reasons for a malfunction. To solve the problem, it is recommended to contact the service centers for the repair of iPhones.

If the phone does not charge, then there are obvious problems.

Using third party chargers

It is believed that third-party chargers can harm equipment, disable it and even lead to a battery fire. In most cases, this is a myth, since modern power supplies and USB cables have good characteristics of reliability and durability, regardless of the manufacturer and purpose.

Naturally, you should avoid chargers that are frankly cheap and of poor quality even in appearance. They are usually passed off as originals from companies such as Apple or Samsung. Unfortunately, these manufacturers do not make or sell budgetary charges anywhere.

Unoriginal charging can damage your phone even more

Charge iPhone 4, 5, 6, 7 without charger

If you need to charge your iPhone, but you don’t have a working charger or outlet at hand, then you don’t need to panic. The best solution would be to repair the original charger and use it normally. You can charge your phone without a power supply and even without an outlet using a wind generator and even a battery made of fruits or vegetables, but these are completely exotic methods that involve partial disassembly of the device and can cause irreparable harm to it. It is much safer to use standard methods if the power supply or charger suddenly breaks.

If the wired charging is broken, you can use the wireless

  • USB port of a personal computer or laptop;
  • wireless charging;
  • battery case;
  • some other possible options.

How To Fix iPhone That Won’t Charge

Charging with a USB cable assumes that you use an original wire or cord from any other manufacturer that matches the iPhone connector. The cable connects one side to the phone and the other to any working port on a PC or laptop. Charging in this way is carried out more slowly than from a regular outlet. The thing is that the port capacity is usually not enough.

The second method, how to charge your iPhone without charging at home, is to use a dedicated wireless device. It does not fit all phone models. The official website gives the following list of supported gadgets: iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus, iPhone X, iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max, iPhone XR, iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro and iPhone 11 Pro Max.

The Smart Battery Case also enables successful battery recharge. Before using this method, you need to update your iPhone‘s iOS firmware to the latest version. Simply put, the case is a regular power bank.

Important! There are several other options as well. One of them is based on the use of solar-powered charging. You can also purchase a dynamo charger that will power the phone by rotating its handle and generating an electric current.

How to charge iPhone without charging at home

Modern gadgets are almost always portable devices that are not permanently connected to the electrical network. The batteries installed in them allow such devices to work autonomously for some time. Sometimes it happens that these elements or chargers fail, and the phone needs to be urgently used. It is at such moments that the thought of how to charge an iPhone without charging comes.

What to avoid while charging your iPhone

There are several points that not everyone knows. For example, some people think that the phone should not be left on charge for a long time. In fact, this applies to very old models and these are not iPhones. Any Apple gadget, like other modern smartphones, has an internal chip that controls the entire charging process. When the cycle reaches its limit, it automatically stops supplying power and does not allow overcharging. The battery simply stays idle and the phone is powered from the mains.

It is better not to use the gadget while charging and let it go through the entire cycle. Of course, this will not bring any damage, but the process itself may take a long time. This is especially true when a person plays demanding games and simultaneously charges the iPhone.

Important! It is recommended not to use unstable or problematic devices while the iPhone is charging. They can cause short circuits or voltage surges in the home that the controller chip is sometimes unable to withstand.

Therefore, it is possible to charge the iPhone using other devices, but it is important to remember that sometimes it can be unsafe for both the phone and the person.

what to do if iPhone charging breaks down

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How to breastfeed. Decently

So, you are breastfeeding! Great! Breast-feeding. a wonderful way not only to feed your baby, but also to form a strong bond with him. Unfortunately, milk flows out of the breasts, so let’s discuss some rules for breastfeeding.

Surely it’s not news to you that modern society strongly observes (female) modesty. Udder flickering is absolutely unacceptable. Well, are you a model on the cover of a magazine or a singer in a video clip. Then you can. Science has proven that breasts are, in fact, large vulvas. Only you or your husband can look at them. Don’t swing your breasts just because they have milk in them.

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“The breasts are not visible at all when I feed.” a common excuse from exhibitionist mothers. It doesn’t matter that you can’t see anything during feeding. Just imagining that you can see nipples THERE is offensive and seductive enough for married or about to marry men.

“I noticed a nursing woman in the park and I was overwhelmed with desire. I left my wife the same day.” Ivan, 34 years old,

“I was married. We had eight children. A month ago, in a public garden, I saw a nursing woman. We have been married for a week.” Vasya, 45 years old, St. Petersburg.

“Only two years ago I was a successful businessman in a large corporation. ends. “. Anton, 45 years old, Moscow.

No one will piss in public (when sober), so please behave yourself and exude your mother’s nectar without us seeing it.

Note. Public bowel movements and breastfeeding are identical because fluid is poured out of the body in both cases. Not to be confused with crying in public, because in this case, the liquid is poured out above the neck. If you can feed with your eyes, good for health!

Here are some simple rules to follow in order for all of us to feel comfortable.

Rule 1: Use a cape. Everytime. There is a huge selection of beautiful and original bedspreads on the market. jacquard or lace trim. Or, for example, you can cover yourself with a diaper. If a diaper was perfect for keeping Jesus warm, how is your baby better? Statistics point to the fact that people enjoy being in confined spaces. Children will grow up to be adults, so this also applies to them. I myself often eat covered with a spacious sheet in the bedroom, and I even like it.

Please, don’t excuse yourself with excuses about summer and heat. Do not! This is not a reason to flash your milk bags. For example, last week I ate a whole sandwich, covered myself with a handmade patchwork quilt in 40-degree heat, hugging my friend tightly to simulate feeding in summer weather. Were we hot? Yes! Has one of us passed out? For a minute! Was it uncomfortable for us? Undoubtedly! Have we made anyone around us contemplate our nipples? NOT!

Do not follow the lead of narrow speculations! The importance of air exchange. just a trick of politicians.! Ten out of 10 babies reported that they love to inhale carbon dioxide. There are women who can feed without anyone noticing. If they can, then you can. All children are the same!

If you have a flappy child who pulls off a cape in death throes to breathe fresh air and see the sunlight before dying from suffocation, consider training your child at home. You, as a mother, are obliged to teach the child to behave decently and to know what is good and what is bad. If your infant, conceived in original sin, still tries to breathe a breath of fresh air, insert two straws into his nostrils, imitating a scuba diving mask. This way your child will be able to breathe in the cool air from under the sackcloth, while we do not break off at the sight of your boobs.

If you’re concerned about decency, strain a little! Sew the weight into the corners of the blanket so that the cape is not accidentally blown away by the wind.

Rule 2. Feed in the toilet. Who doesn’t like public toilets? They are filled with exotic smells and sounds! As soon as the baby beggar begins to whimper in search of leaks from your chest, run to the nearest toilet stall or parasha on the street.

Feed while standing, trying not to touch bacteria-contaminated surfaces while holding the baby spinning. It is a great exercise for major muscle groups. At the same time, you will be able to quickly get rid of the abdominal hanging after childbirth, and everyone around you will be so pleased to look at you! After all, summer. swimwear season!

Don’t have a bag hook? Place it on the floor or in the sink. When you get home, wipe the bag with a bleach solution to disinfect the bag of feces. If you have used the uterus more than once, and you have a second, or God forbid, a third child, invite insects with you to the booth. What a cozy, intimate party! And don’t worry if you raised your kids the right way, they won’t touch anything.

Well-bred children suckle for 10-15 minutes. Before you have time to look back, and you are already on the street! If you are unlucky and your baby is breastfeeding for more than 20 minutes, lift him off when you feel right. This will teach the child dexterity. Track fastest feeds on iPhone and reward your baby (e.g. with a kiss or hug) for skimmed feeding minutes.

Children should not be seen or heard. If you are insolent and bring your child to a cafe or restaurant, it is your responsibility to leave the table and go to the toilet to feed. Your food won’t go anywhere. If the smell of sewers ruins your appetite, be grateful for such a wonderful way to lose weight! How cool will you look in a bikini?!

Rule 3. When you leave the house, feed with a bottle. If your child has never sucked a bottle, you should be ashamed that you did not prepare your child for the world around you. Everyone knows that babies are comfortable switching from breast to bottle and vice versa, so this will not affect the ability to breastfeed in a socially acceptable environment (dark bedroom).

Expression. simple, fast and easy. Skillful mothers know how to inject 4 liters of milk in 7 minutes. Whenever you need to go somewhere, bring your discharge from the refrigerator with you. If your breasts are swollen from missed feedings, rejoice that you are doing this for the comfort of all humanity.

Mixture. available and cheap. And bottles enable other people to feed the baby. Drop your selfishness! Allow other people to feed the baby. You gave birth to a child so that other people could feel good. Pass the child from hand to hand like a basketball and count the compliments!

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If the child refuses to take the bottle, do not despair! In the end, you will break his will. If not, see rule 4.

Rule 4. Stay at home. It will be much easier for both you and us if you spend the day within the confines of your home. Not forever. Only as much as it will take to teach a child to suck a bottle or eat food that does not pour out of your genitals. There are so many things to do at home. TV, walks on the balcony (do not try to feed on the balcony, if you may be noticed. RESPECT for others. do not forget about it!), cooking, cleaning, and of course, Learn. Just don’t post your feeding photos on the Internet. The last thing the internet wants to see is women’s breasts in an innocent context. It’s disgusting!

Rule 5. Type the rules of decency. Do you have sex in public? Not. then why are you dumping your breasts in public for sex for a baby? If something is natural, it does not mean that we all want to see it. Yes, we will survive if a celebrity’s breasts fall out and a nipple or areola is exposed. Yes, breasts on magazine covers and bouncing breasts up and down on TV and music channels. quite another matter. If the breast is shown in exchange for money, we have no complaints. Did your stumpy kid pay you? Not? Then stuff them in your clothes.

, breastfeeding in public places. an activity for lazy, thrill-seeking exhibitionists trying to steal other people’s husbands. For maters who have nothing to do but make us flinch in disgust. Cover up!

Battery charging

If you do not have a computer or any type of charger at hand, you can try to charge the phone battery using conventional AA batteries. However, any other batteries will also work, the only condition is that the total voltage must be at least 5 volts. Those. you will need 4 AA batteries or one “Krona”. To charge, you need to connect the batteries in series in one circuit, then use a piece of wire to connect the battery to the battery circuit, observing the polarity of the contacts.

If it is possible to experiment, cut off the wire with a plug from the broken telephone “charging”, attach one end of it to one pole of the battery, the other to the other, having previously connected a 2 Ohm resistor to the “plus”. Insert the plug into the telephone jack. Using this method, you can charge the battery very quickly. in about 40-50 minutes.

iPhone isn’t charging anymore – 3 things to try 1 TRICK

Spare people, in case of unexpected need, purchase a special charger with a battery block. It is much easier than assembling a simple but not very reliable chain. It is enough to insert the batteries into the slots and connect the battery, and after a while it will be fully charged without any problems.

Universal charger

All types of batteries can be charged without problems using a charger, commonly called a “frog”. With the help of the pressure plate and the sliding contacts, the battery can be secured in the “frog” and charged. The only inconvenience is that you have to remove the battery from the phone to do this, which means you won’t be able to be in touch while charging.

If you are on the road, you can use a car charger for charging, which connects to the cigarette lighter.

What to do if your phone charger breaks down?

Troubles happen at the most inopportune time. this is an axiom of being. If you are waiting for an important call or must constantly be in touch, a charger breakdown is undoubtedly not just a nuisance, but an insidious blow to the stomach. Nevertheless, even if you do not have the opportunity to rush headlong for a new “charger”. this is not a disaster, and in your apartment, most likely, there is everything you need to recharge your phone battery. What is needed for this? Let’s think together.

USB cable

The easiest and easiest way to charge your phone battery is by connecting to a computer via a USB cable. This connector is used in modern phones both for switching with a computer or laptop, and for charging.

You just need to plug the cord into the corresponding slots on the phone and computer and the charging process will flow by itself. You just need to understand that it will take longer than in the case of using a charger, since a weaker electric current flows here. Alternatively, you can use a universal charger with a USB connector. This is a necessary device in many cases, which it is advisable to purchase in advance and keep in the house for such cases.

Such a device is inexpensive, but thanks to it you will effectively solve the problems arising in connection with a breakdown or loss of “regular” charging of the phone, camera, MP3 player and a number of other devices.

Charger from an old phone

Dig into the drawers of your desk. for sure in the far corner you will find a charger from an old, long-broken and discarded mobile phone. Now it will be useful to you. Cut off the plug from it, it still doesn’t fit your connector. Strip the ends of the wire about 5-6 millimeters. Pull the battery out of the phone, check which of the contacts indicates “plus”, on which “minus”. Attach the blue wire to the “plus” and the red wire to the “minus” with electrical tape or tape.

Plug the charger in and charge the battery. This charging method will also replenish your electricity supply much faster than usual.