What is the difference between Smart TV and Android TV

Not Smart TV alone, or What is Android TV

In November 2014, Google, together with Asus, released the first multimedia set-top box for Android TV. and in 2015 Sony announced the release of its first BRAVIA TV on this operating system in Russia, at that time with Android 5.0.

What is this operating system and why is it needed? Android TV is capable of transforming an ordinary TV, which receives only terrestrial programs, into a multimedia center with a huge number of possibilities. The system initially has all the standard functions, including typical settings for reception and image quality, selection of video content sources, etc. Android and iOS system. This makes it possible to install many times more applications than any other Smart TV option.

As already mentioned, the implementation of Smart TV is possible in two ways. using the Android set-top box. the so-called TV Box. or the built-in app on the TV. At first glance, it may seem that buying and installing a set-top box is more profitable and convenient. You don’t have to spend money on buying a new TV (standard), TV Box is compatible with most models (not all), so it can be used even if the TV is replaced with a new one.

But we must not forget that only the embedded operating system guarantees full compatibility, which means that the device works perfectly. At the same time, not every set-top box is capable of revealing all the possibilities of a new TV, before buying you will definitely have to compare the characteristics of both. You can also not be sure that they are completely suitable for each other. In addition, there is no need to connect additional devices to the TV, setup requires a minimum of steps, and the system is controlled from a single remote control.

Today, TVs from several manufacturers have built-in Android TV functionality. One of the leaders in this area is Sony. offers a large selection of models on the Android TV operating system with different diagonal. from 43 to 100 inches. Except Sony. actively use the system of Sharp and Philips.

In theory, Android TV is the next step in smart TV development. but in fact, we are talking about a fundamentally different platform. From the point of view of an advanced user, a TV with a traditional Smart TV is a computer on which you can install programs and applications from just one developer. This is clearly not enough. The system is suitable only for non-picky Internet users and for those who want to slightly expand the capabilities of a standard TV by increasing the amount of content. If you need to create a multimedia center or display on a large screen, for example, movies and games from a PC and tablet, then you should choose Android TV. Its essential difference from the traditional Smart TV is the availability of Google services and other interesting features offered by the Android operating system. such as a single Google account for all devices, integrated voice search, support for Google Cast. connection of peripheral devices and the ability to install various applications not limited to the Google Play service. The user can access the content from any of the devices since Android TV. essentially unites TV and mobile devices. For example, you can transfer your favorite content from a tablet or phone to a large TV screen with just one touch of the gadget display.

The Google Cast service (ChromeCast) is designed to broadcast movies, music, TV shows and any other media content to the TV screen from a computer, tablet or smartphone. To expand the capabilities of ChromeCast, there is a Google Home function. With it, you can create your own custom screensavers that will be shown between TV programs, search for films by titles, names of actors and directors, stream music to different devices, search for the applications you need.

At the start of sales in TV models with Android TV, only one game was available to users. Two weeks later, their number increased to several dozen items. By the end of March 2017, the section “Games for Android TV” consisted of about 150 titles. Almost all of them are free [2].

  • Stickman Battlefields. Free;
  • Crush Your Enemies! (“Crush your enemies!”). free;
  • GTA: Liberty City Stories (“GTA: stories of Liberty City”). paid, about 530 rubles;
  • Hungry Shark Evolution. Free;
  • Chuck’s Challenge 3D. paid, 130 rubles;
  • The Jackbox Party Pack 2 (“Box with Jack’s games: set for parties 2”). paid, 1,600 rubles;
  • Implosion. Never Lose Hope. Free;
  • Zombies Chasing Me. free, etc.

The list is constantly expanding, so that fans of computer games can appreciate the quality of their favorite toys on the big screen.

Social media

Since Android TV turns a TV into a full-fledged computer, the question arises. is it possible to use social networks through it? You can, for this you just need to go online and go to your page. Android TV offers users an improved virtual keyboard for large screens, which is controlled from the remote control and has Russian and English layouts. With a little skill, surfing social networks becomes as comfortable as when working with a tablet or smartphone. The only difference is the very large image on the screen.

Features of Android TV

Like all other television operating systems, Android TV is focused on entertainment, so most of the services it supports are related to games and multimedia.

The system works with almost any Internet browser, so searching on the Internet in this case is no different from searching through any other device. As a rule, set-top boxes do not have a built-in browser, but it can be easily downloaded and installed. As for TVs with built-in Android TV. then they have the well-known Opera browser preinstalled by the developers. The OS supports voice search for content, programs, favorite programs, and even TV control. Almost one hundred percent word recognition.

Android TV: the best for people

The struggle for the buyer between TV manufacturers will never subside. Today it has developed around smart control technologies and value-added services operating in the Internet space and expanding the capabilities of a conventional TV. Familiar Smart TV. focused on interactive television, no longer suits many users. Of course, in comparison with simple models that cannot even be connected to the Internet, such TVs are an indisputable step forward. But they lose to other gadgets due to the lack of flexibility of the system. So the evolution of television technology led to Android TV. a new generation of technology.

We connect and configure: as easy as two and two

There are two ways to connect and set up Android TV. The first. setting up a TV with a built-in Android TV system. does not require any special additional devices and consists of just a few simple steps:

  • Internet connection using Wi-Fi or wired connection. Any TV with Android TV function has a minimum set of connectors and interfaces (Wi-Fi. LAN).
  • Sign in to your Google account using your TV. If you have not already created an account, you must create one on your tablet or computer, since you cannot do this on the TV itself. All login instructions are displayed on the screen.
    Android TV connection and setup is complete. Users do not need to understand the complex interface of TV, as most of them are very familiar with the Android operating system.
  • Download applications and games from the Google Play Store. All downloads are performed in the same way as on a computer or tablet.

The second way to connect Smart TV is with the Android TV Box. It is routed through the HDMI port. High Definition Multimedia Interface. an interface for high-definition multimedia that is found on almost all new TVs. The corresponding cable is connected to the connectors of the TV and set-top box. After booting the system and connecting Wi-Fi, you need to set up Android TV. This is done in the same way as in an embedded application. Connecting through a set-top box is practically no different in complexity from the connection built-in Android TV. but there may be problems with the placement of the STB itself. For example, in the event that the TV is hanging on the wall, the wires will be visible, and for the set-top box itself, you need to provide a place.

Features of LED TVs

In this chapter, we will consider the features of an LED TV and see how it differs from ordinary representatives of this type of technology.

Ice devices are a type of liquid crystal televisions in which the backlight of the screen is carried out by diodes. A diode is a semiconductor that emits a glow when an electric current passes. What is the reason for the high quality of the picture in devices with LED? Thanks to the large number of LEDs, the dimming or brightness change of different sides of the screen occurs evenly, which ensures good color reproduction, excellent image quality.

  • monochromatic. such devices use white backlighting. This type of backlight is the most budget-friendly and provides an image quality similar to LCD;
  • three-color. to transmit the image in such devices, diodes of red, blue, green colors are used. This method improves color rendering, image palette. For such a device to work effectively, a powerful processor is required, which increases power consumption;
  • mixed. this type combines the above two methods, when a layer of a special film with red and green dots is superimposed on a monochrome blue diode. With this method, color transfer is carried out in the highest quality, the viewer can enjoy the entire palette of shades. At the same time, the electricity consumption of such a TV is minimal.

The quality of the image or color transmission also depends on the location of the diode backlight. There are two technologies for the placement of the backlight Direct and Edge.

  • Direct. a way of arranging LEDs over the entire surface of the back side of the screen. The presented type of arrangement provides a high level of contrast transmission. The body of such a TV is much thicker than that of other LED representatives, but the low cost and high image quality overcome this drawback.
  • Edge. technology for placing the backlight around the back of the screen. over, the diodes can be located at the bottom, on two opposite sides, or around the entire perimeter of the screen. This method allows the production of models with a thin body, which can be less than one centimeter. The models of these devices are more expensive than the representatives with direct illumination, since diffusing and reflecting devices are additionally used in the structure for a uniform distribution of light. Although Edge LEDs have a higher cost, the picture quality is much lower and there are glare at the locations of the LEDs.

LED technology is the most widely used among TV and digital equipment manufacturers. The models presented by Samsung, Phillips, LG, SONY and many other manufacturers are very diverse both in the number of functions, in the diagonal of the screens, and in the price policy. A user with any income can purchase a suitable LED TV model with good image quality.

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Is LED TV different from Smart TV?

In this article, you will find the answer to a popular question from netizens: what is the difference between an ice TV and a Smart TV? Progress, as they say, does not stand still, new gadgets and devices with interesting, useful functions appear. Many of them have become indispensable, indispensable helpers in the everyday life of ordinary people. An honorable place among various types of household appliances is occupied by televisions. At the TV, we gather with our family to watch an interesting movie together or cheer with friends for our favorite team. In addition, few people do not like to lie on their favorite couch watching TV on their day off to watch their favorite channel. The first wave-to-image devices were large boxes with a small black and white screen and were considered a luxury, since not everyone could afford such an expensive device. Now in every family there is a representative of this kind of devices, and sometimes several. And these devices are absolutely different from their predecessors, modern TVs are screens that differ in size, which can be hung on a wall or installed on a cabinet.

A large number of representatives of different types of devices have appeared, which may differ from each other in the set of functions, in the way of transferring pictures and sound. The so-called LED TVs have become widespread, and not so long ago new Smart models have appeared. Let’s try to figure out how ice TV differs from Smart.

Smart TV in your home

Advertising of almost all the latest TV models is not complete without a combination of Smart TV, Smart TV technology. What is the difference between a device with a Smart function and a conventional one??

Smart TV is a technology that combines the functions of a computer and a TV in one device. This is the so-called smart TV, which allows the user to use the TV not only to watch certain channels, but also use the Internet connection to install applications on the Smart TV, watch videos, films, online broadcasts. Smart TVs can connect to the network both via a regular Internet connection and via Wi-Fi.

Depending on the region, some applications, both global and local, are already installed in the basic set of TVs. To personalize the device, resources are provided, for example, the App Store or Samsung Apps, through which the user can install applications:

  • for watching Yota Play, IVI, You Tube, Omelet and many others;
  • to install one of the resources of interactive television broadcasting;
  • to download game applications;
  • applications for viewing news, exchange rates, weather forecast;
  • to install social applications. Picasa,

And this is not the whole list of various applications and widgets that are available to users right now. TVs are controlled through special remotes that combine the functions of a joystick and a computer mouse.

Based on all of the above, we conclude that LED technology is a way of transmitting an image, and Smart is a synthesis of the functions of a computer or mobile device with a TV. Thus, a device that has the ability to access the Internet Smart TV can also be LED. Therefore, a question such as: Smart or ice TVs, which is better? It is becoming irrelevant, since these two technologies are different in their functionality and can be combined in one device. In this case, the question arises of choosing between a conventional device and Smart.

If the user and his family prefer watching classic television channels, then buying a device with Internet access is impractical. In addition, such devices are an order of magnitude more expensive than conventional representatives of this type of technology. If the user wants to have a more multifunctional device that will allow at any time to watch any films, series or programs, as well as communicate with friends and family through the big screen, then buying a Smart TV will not be a waste of money.

Features of the device

In addition, there is a LAN port so that a TV set-top box (Internet up to 1000 Mbps) has full access to the World Wide Web. The modules “Wi-Fi” and “Bluetooth” are responsible for the operation of wireless protocols. The gadget supports working with files via an HTPS channel and digital broadcasting of the IPTV class. Connection to the TV is via HDMI-interface version 2.0.


This is an interesting representative of its segment, originally from the Middle Kingdom. The device has a memorable and very attractive appearance, as well as a good filling. The system is based on the “Android” 5.1 platform.

difference, smart, android

One of the most attractive features of the set-top box is the ability to work with ultra-high resolution 4K format. Not every gadget in this price category can boast of such a distinctive feature.

Responsible for the performance is a relatively nimble Amlogic S905 processor, running on four Cortex A53 architecture cores with a frequency of 2 GHz per core. The amount of RAM is not enough to run powerful applications (1 GB), so you will have to be content with average toys and undemanding software.

iconBIT XDS1003DW

This model is not just some ordinary “Android” for a TV set (set-top box), but a real media center. The device is worth, respectively, but the money spent on it pays off with interest. One of the main features of the device is the ability to work with 3D content. over, the model supports such standards as Dolby Digital and DTS, that is, the system easily copes with 5.1 channel sound.

“Android” for the TV (set-top box) of the iconBIT brand has its own distinctive feature. these are two operating systems. That is, on the one hand, we see the shell from Realtek of the RTD 4.5 series, familiar to such gadgets, and on the other, the Android platform. Therefore, the device can be called utterly universal. Although some believe that such a set of operating systems is not entirely successful, they point to some conflicts in the main protocols. But an ordinary user is unlikely to notice any critical flaws, because this tandem works quite tolerably and does not “swear” over trifles.

What is an “Android” TV set-top box?

The review should start with the fact that equipment of this kind differs little from similar counterparts on other platforms in terms of ease of use. That is, there is no need to be afraid of migration from one device to another. There are no tricky requirements here, or something that the average average consumer cannot cope with.

An “Android” TV set-top box is a small “box” that connects to your device, usually via an HDMI interface. Power is supplied either through the usual 220 W network, or from the TV itself, it all depends on the specific model. “Android” for a TV (set-top box), by analogy with tablets and smartphones, has a processor, some amount of RAM, modules of wireless protocols “Bluetooth” or “Wi-Fi”, etc. That is, in essence, this is the same tablet, but only without a screen.

Distinctive features of the device

In addition, the model supports work with external 3.5-inch drives, which is also pleasing. The user just needs to lift the lid, snap the hard drive into the SATA interface and work calmly. If there is such a need, then you can connect non-standard media, such as 2.5-inch drives, which are usually installed on laptops. Also, the set-top box has access to the Internet via a LAN port, at a speed of no more than 1000 Mbps.

Android TV prefix. Smart TV set-top box: characteristics and functions

It is very convenient when your TV, in addition to broadcasting channels, can provide other equally interesting entertainment, such as games, social networks and other online delights. Computers, they, of course, will not replace, but as a tool for more or less full-fledged leisure they will do quite well.

Such functionality is available in modern TV models with the “Smart” prefix, but no matter which manufacturer you take, be it “Sony”, LG, “Samsung” or another brand. usability, and the technology itself is still damp. Very often, many owners complain about some kind of freezes, disconnections, format conflicts and other unpleasant moments. Naturally, you can use it, but the sediment remains unpleasant anyway.

It’s another matter when all these miracles work on the Android platform. In this case, the “Smart-TV” set-top box to the TV significantly expands the capabilities and eliminates many of the problems that are inherent in the original branded firmware. Here you can work with “Google Play”, where the number of programs is simply amazing, in comparison with the same LG World and Game World, and solving problems with format conflicts, and much more.

That is, it turns out that a Smart set-top box on Android for a TV is not just some kind of addition to the main functionality, but a full-fledged entertainment platform with many possibilities. Sometimes there is simply no need to buy an expensive Smart-device, but limit yourself to an ordinary TV, which will work perfectly in tandem with such a set-top box. This nuance, perhaps, will not affect premium models, where everything is taken into account and included, but for TV-gadgets of the middle class. it is quite relevant.

MXQ Pro TV Box

This “Android” for TV (set-top box) runs on the 5.1 platform and has a good set of characteristics, as well as an attractive price tag. The model runs on the well-proven Amlogic S905 chipset (64 bit) with a 4-core Cortex A53 processor with a clock speed of 2 GHz.

There is not much RAM. only 1 GB, but this is quite enough for comfortable viewing of videos in ultra-high definition (“Ultra”.HD) and for not particularly “heavy” games. The internal memory will obviously not be enough for users. 8 GB. Fortunately, there are interfaces for connecting external hard drives and third-party SD cards. So there shouldn’t be any problems with data storage.

Smart set-top box price in Agsat.com.ua

Product Price
Smart set-top box X96 Mini 775 UAH.
Smart set-top box X96 Mini S905W with remote IR (2GB / 16GB) 799 UAH.
Smart attachment H96 MAX UAH 1,085.
Smart set-top box Openbox A4 Pro 919 UAH.
Smart box H96 MAX (4 / 64GB) UAH 1 149.

Today, during the rapid development of modern technologies, new gadgets appear on the market, which have a miniature size and a large set of functional capabilities.

recently, a modern computer with a processor over 1 GHz and several gigabytes of RAM was placed in a fairly capacious case. For that time, he had good characteristics and worked much faster than his predecessors.

But now there are devices that can fully replace personal computers, but their sizes are so small that some of them can be easily placed in the palm of one hand. Such devices are named. Smart TV Box set-top box or Android TV Box.

What are Smart TV Boxes for TV set-top boxes? These are devices running the Android operating system, the latest mini PCs are available with 4-core and 8-core processors, RAM and internal memory more than 1 GB. The number and variety of interfaces depends on manufacturers and models. Most Android PCs have connectors for micro / mini USB, USB 2.0, memory card slots, HDMI, S / PDIF, Ethernet ports, built-in Wi-Fi 802.11 b-g-n adapters that operate at speeds up to 600 Mbps.

The Android TV box is controlled by a special remote control with an AirMouse gyroscope; you can also connect a wireless keyboard and mouse to the set-top box. There is the ability to control from a smartphone, tablet using the RKRemoteControl application.

These mini-computers are capable of converting TVs with HDMI input into multimedia centers with more capabilities than Smart TVs.

Smart set-top box for Android

Android Smart set-top box. it is a multimedia device that combines the capabilities of a smartphone and a tablet and is used to view video content on a TV screen. The Android operating system opens up a wide range of functionality for the owners of set-top boxes. millions of applications from the Play Market can be installed on the device.

Would you like to take advantage of the Android operating system, but buying a new Smart TV is not possible? Then Android TV Box. the perfect solution for you. Smart TV set-top boxes are capable of turning an ordinary TV into a “smart” one.

Appearance and connectors

The TV box is a small black box. With it, you can use all the functions that the Android operating system offers. All you have to do is connect this set-top box to your TV and you can play movies, music, view pictures or even play games with the various applications offered by Android.

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There are many connectors on the body of the set-top box:

  • to the TV,
  • local network or internet,
  • home theater,
  • external drives or hard drive.

You can find out how much Smart set-top box costs from the following table:

Smart TV box

The main areas of application of Android mini PC, which can be distinguished:

  • home computer using a TV as a monitor;
  • Full HD media player;
  • a device for communicating with friends or relatives via Skype or VoIP telephony;
  • game console;
  • together with a projector, for training, various classes, multimedia presentations;
  • for advertising promotional campaigns at points of sale, connecting to LCD monitors;
  • in HoReCa business, to provide additional services to clients;
  • in offices, provided that additional software is installed in the form of firmware and Linux is installed;
  • in a variety of systems, networks, where ingenious engineers figure out how to apply them to reduce the cost of equipment.

Thanks to the presence of a huge number of free applications, the Internet, the fascinating world of entertainment, the possibility of video communication in Skype, or social networks are revealed to the owners of Android mini pc. Classmates and other less common watching movies using applications on Android.

Definition and possibilities

To decide which device is worth buying. Android TV or Smart TV, you first need to understand the terms and names, since this wording is not entirely correct. From a technical point of view, Android TV is one of the varieties of Smart TV, or rather, a way to implement “smart functionality”. In order not to get confused in the concepts, we will immediately clarify that Smart TV is a common name for those TVs that, in addition to broadcasting terrestrial channels, have additional opportunities for accessing the Internet and access to digital television broadcasting. All “smart” models are based on a specific operating system (set of programs) that works the same way as in a computer or smartphone.

This platform can be installed both in the TV-receiver itself and in a set-top box, which is connected in addition to various modifications of TVs to provide Smart functionality.

Smart TV

TV receivers, in the name of which there is a Smart TV prefix, can not only reproduce terrestrial TV channels, but also access the Internet, which results in a very diverse functionality not only of a leisure nature. So, the main capabilities of this type of technique are as follows:

  • searching and viewing various content on the Internet;
  • access to the video library of popular online cinemas;
  • communication on social networks through installed messengers and services, including video conferencing (if you have a webcam);
  • the ability to view digital channels not only through DVB-T or DVB-T2 tuners, but also via the Internet (through special applications);
  • broadcasting satellite television. if you have a DVB-S or DVB-S2 series receivers;
  • control of viewing digital channels. you can pause the broadcast (pause), as well as set up the recording of a movie or TV show in order to watch it at a convenient time, but only when playing via the Network, since a cable or antenna connection does not provide such advantages;
  • the ability to play your favorite games on the big screen without connecting additional devices;
  • control of all “smart” functionality of the TV receiver from one remote control;
  • the ability to use Smart-TV “out of the box”, since the basic services and basic video player are already on the TV;
  • the presence of an option for synchronization with mobile gadgets, which also makes it possible to use a smartphone as a remote control.

And so that owners of “smart” TVs can use all of the above options, Smart TV devices are installed with various operating systems.

Features of TVs with Android TV OS

The Android TV platform is powered by smart TV sets from Sony, Philips, Xiaomi, as well as devices from some other manufacturers who believe that it is more profitable to buy software from a large specialized manufacturer than to develop their own software. Buyers who have purchased Smart TV receivers on Android TV, as a rule, note the following features of the platform:

  • recognizable interface and familiar set of services, familiar from mobile devices on Android;
  • the opportunity after purchase, you can immediately connect the TV to the Internet and start using all the functionality;
  • no extra wires;
  • control of all Smart-capabilities using a single remote control;
  • efficient synchronization with mobile gadgets.

Smart TV and Android TV. what’s the difference

The development of technology is the main instrument of manufacturers in the struggle for interest from the buyer. Using new developments, companies are expanding the traditional capabilities of electronic devices. Among home devices, this trend has affected primarily TVs, which have been able to take over the functions for which a laptop and computer were usually bought. First of all, it is the ability to access the Internet, with all the resulting potential for use. Today on sale you can meet “smart” TVs and TV set-top boxes marked Smart TV and Android TV. Many potential buyers do not quite understand how these devices differ, and which is better. Android TV or Smart TV, so in this material we will give an overview of the capabilities of both types of technology.

Popular OS

The most common platforms installed in modern “smart” TV-receivers are shown in the table.

Android TV

If Tizen or webOS was originally designed to provide Smart functionality on TVs, then by the time Smart TV technology spread, Android already existed for mobile devices. This platform provided the operation of smartphones and tablets and was subsequently specialized for the features and characteristics of TVs, becoming Android TV. Its main features:

  • Android TV differs from other Smart-systems in a large number of widgets that can be installed on the TV from the Play Market content showcase;
  • among the preinstalled software there is already a video service for viewing content from an external medium;
  • unadapted software can be downloaded through the file manager, however, in some cases, when controlling third-party programs using the remote control, difficulties may arise, then it is better to use a connected mouse or keyboard;
  • Movies and IPTV broadcasts can be recorded both on a formatted hard drive and on an external drive;
  • Dedicated smartphone app to simplify TV control.

Features of Android set-top boxes

A set-top box (otherwise. Android-box or TV-box) is an external portable media player that connects with a cable and allows you to turn a regular TV into a device with Smart TV capabilities. Smart set-top box buyers rely heavily on fast-paced technology. In addition, wireless communication protocols are being improved, significantly expanding the capabilities of mobile gadgets. If the screen characteristics and image quality remain at the proper level for 8-10 years, then the average period after which the built-in Smart-functionality may lose its relevance is no more than 3-5 years. As a result, due to limited performance or, for example, insufficient RAM, the Smart TV platform may not be able to handle new applications or playback formats.

The key features of Android TV set-top boxes are:

  • TV-boxes are compatible with most TV models released over the past 10-15 years;
  • set-top boxes have all the functionality inherent in TVs with built-in Android TV;
  • technical data of the device, which are often indicated directly on the box (memory size and processor characteristics), can be selected for your own needs;
  • the mobility of the set-top box allows you to take the device with you, for example, to the country house, and use your favorite services on the big screen outside the home;
  • some consoles support AirPlay, which makes it easier to sync with Apple gadgets;
  • among the many TV-boxes there are inexpensive but functional models.

Summarize. TVs with Android TV or Smart TV written on the packaging are universal media centers with convenient functionality, which primarily allow you to watch high-quality video content from the Internet on a large screen. Since Android is only one of the Smart platforms, when choosing a suitable “smart” TV or TV set-top box, one should compare the capabilities of the software installed on the device.

Smart TV or Android TV: which is better to choose

Smart TV vs Android TV: which is better? In the case of Smart TV, the user is offered a completely finished TV. Smart TV OS is specially designed for playing sound, video files, working with search queries by entering them with a remote control or voice. A set-top box is a separate device that connects to a regular digital TV. Consider both of these solutions.

Pros and cons of Smart TV

The technology came from the constant human need to be in the Internet environment. Even with the TV on. The ability to view not only general television and radio channels offered by state and private companies, to have access to the Internet with the ability to view on a large screen, pushed manufacturers to such developments. The technology has affected not only television, but also receivers, game consoles, various players.

  • abundance of functions;
  • convenient interface shell;
  • elementary management;
  • viewing current programs or in recording;
  • the ability to communicate in social networks;
  • making audio and video calls in different messengers using a built-in or additionally purchased camera.

There are not many disadvantages of the technology, but they are. The main one is the complexity of rewinding the video file. After stretching out the time, the next video file is turned on for viewing or the current video sequence is replayed. In some cases, it is difficult to find the right viewing location.

But such a minus does not negate all the positive aspects of the technology.

Android set-top box or TV with Smart TV function

The choice is often not easy. It is determined by the price, the novelty of the solution, the requirement for the functionality of programs and devices. So which is better: Smart TV or TV box? If you already have a digital TV of the old model with a truncated Smart TV function, then to reduce costs, you can purchase a set-top box and use it fully. If the old type TV is changed to a new one, the best choice would be to buy a TV with a Smart TV function, for example, from Samsung. It can be distinguished by a special Tizen OS with support for video content.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Android TV

The set-top box based on the Android operating system connects to different TVs. It is capable of converting an ordinary TV receiver into a multifunctional multimedia center. The set-top box is supplied as a separate device. a box. It is already equipped with Wi-Fi and has an Internet connection. In what cases the purchase of an additional device will be appropriate and will bring benefits from communication to its owner?

  • If you already have a TV with Smart TV function, but with low functionality.
  • Compatible with legacy digital TV without smart features.
  • LED or LCD TV receiver with partly realizable Smart TV.
  • Expanding the functionality of the old TV, but leaving the usual access to directories and folders.
  • Viewing any TV channels, both domestic and foreign.
  • Convenient navigation. Two layouts are offered. Russian and English on the on-screen keyboard.
  • The TV partially reproduces the multimedia capabilities of an ordinary computer. access to the Internet, search for information by voice or through the search bar, social networks.
  • For the convenience of users, it is possible to create several screens for different needs, switching between them if necessary.
  • Low
    • Video files are shown, but the STB does not correct the picture or sound quality. Therefore, it is preferable to work with new TV tuners.
    • There is no one convenient remote control.

    But, based on the characteristics of the existing device, you can choose an inexpensive box that expands the functions, requests.

    Smart box features

    Smart TV Box is a boxed version of the set-top box. This option has advanced features that differ from the Stick-Smart prefix. The difference in the composition of the kit is webcams, a computer mouse for data entry, the ability to connect with a Lan cable to a working router. Also, connection to a TV is possible through the ports VGA, AV, HDMI. Differs from TV Stik in power supply system. While the Stik is powered only via the USB connector, the Box system can be powered via an AC adapter.

    • multifunctionality;
    • support for popular operating systems. Windows, Google, Android, IOS;
    • support for high definition video, audio streams;
    • many file formats;
    • compactness and mobility.

    OS compatibility plays a leading role in quality, functionality and price:

    • Windows production systems are more expensive, but of better quality, support for all company products is built-in.
    • IOS is more expensive than others, but it supports Apple systems and is famous for its high quality. Limited number of applications. Lots of paid content.
    • Android products have reasonable prices, user-friendly interface. A large number of applications and support for popular Office programs. Alternative product for Windows. Supported by Google products.
    • Google. Working only with the company’s products.
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    Smart box is a computer that is connected to the TV for playing and displaying content. The TV is just a screen, and the rest of the system is connected as usual. via USB ports or wireless channels. For better playback, powerful set-top boxes with expensive processors are a priority. Their functionality is noticeably higher, and the number of disadvantages is less.

    Naked Android Sony, TCL, Sharp

    Televisions of this type are equipped with the Google operating system. It resembles the functions of modern tablets and phones, but without the presence of a desktop. Instead, widgets appear on the screen in the form of tiles. They allow you to download programs and broadcast them on the TV screen.

    • too simple interface;
    • the new image appears on top of the old one;
    • not all Play Store pictures are suitable for being shown on TV.

    Instead of a TV remote control, you can use a smartphone to control.

    Advantages of Smart TV

    The reason for the emergence of technology is the increased need for television viewers on the Internet. The problem affects TVs, receivers, game consoles, video players and other devices.

    • single TV control panel;
    • arrow keys menu;
    • Skype video calls;
    • accessible YouTube menu;
    • games, government services, exchange rates, weather and other resources;
    • compatibility with and other social networks;
    • gesture control (not on all TVs);
    • a large number of applications for TV channels, cartoons and movies.

    Some manufacturers have embedded a program in Smart TV that monitors users and their activity. LG is spotted in these actions.

    LG Web OS

    The downside is uncertainty. The latest version is from 2017.No further developments available.

    Android TV or Smart TV. which is better?

    The TV has long ceased to perform the functions of only displaying a picture with a soundtrack. You can create a computer from it. This requires the use of additional devices. Which is better: Smart TV or Android TV this question often arises from consumers. When using the first option, we get a complete product with a remote control. In the second case, an addition to a television receiver.

    Installing Applications

    Android owners shouldn’t think about updating apps. This process is automatic. Smart TV does not have this function. Applications allow you to download and install various programs or games on your TV.

    Features of Android TV

    The Android TV set-top box is very popular, which easily connects to the TV and provides access to the Internet. The device is purchased at a lower price than Smart TV. A computer keyboard with a mouse and a webcam are connected to the set-top box.

    • easy to install applications;
    • the device is compatible with Google Play;
    • works with a modem or Wi-Fi;
    • profile integration integrates a TV receiver with a computer and phone;
    • control is possible from a smartphone;
    • access to phone and computer folders;
    • low cost.

    An Android set-top box is more functional than a Smart TV, so it is often chosen for watching movies and other programs on the screen.

    Tizen Samsung

    Samsung smart TVs are equipped with a proprietary Tizen operating system. Its manufacturer is South Korea. The device is small in size typical of the company’s products. The system interface is intuitive and has many settings. For beginners, a special instruction manual has been created.

    The TV remote control can be used as a pointer. There is a button to enable voice control. You can attach other devices to the device and exchange information with them. Through the remote control, control over the operation of the “Smart Home” system is organized.

    • a small amount of software;
    • high cost Smart TV.

    Watching a video

    With the Android set-top box, you can view

    • from the Internet;
    • from a flash drive;
    • from DLNA network.

    You need to have a 4K video player to view it.

    Smart TV features

    This technology has arisen due to the increased user demand for access to the Internet. It affected not only TVs, but also receivers, video players, game consoles and other similar devices. Smart TV is characterized by the following factors:

    Several Smart TV manufacturers have been spotted monitoring user activity in order to find target audiences for advertising. LG was noted in this, whose devices told the company the names of the files and the channels they watched.

    Features of Android TV

    There are various Android TV devices, but the most popular are set-top boxes. With standard connectors, it easily connects to even the oldest TV, providing Internet access.

    • To buy such a device is cheaper than a full-fledged modern TV with Smart TV function.
    • It is possible to connect any computer mouse, keyboard, webcam and other functional elements.
    • Installing applications is much easier, because a similar OS is available on Android phones.
    • Full compatibility with Google Play will allow you to download any program to improve interaction with the device.
    • Modem or Wi-Fi connection allows you to enjoy your favorite TV channels.
    • The integration of registered profiles will allow you to integrate your TV, phone and computer. Each device will know what the user was looking for through another device.
    • The owner can control the TV using a smartphone.

    Set-top boxes on Android TV are more functional than full-fledged TVs with the same software solution, so many users prefer to choose a device and screen for watching movies and TV channels separately.

    What is better Smart TV or Android TV: turn a TV into a computer

    The choice between Smart TV and Android TV set-top box is aimed at getting a more functional device. In the first case, the user has a fully equipped device with a remote control, and in the second, an ergonomic addition to an existing TV, integrated with Google applications. Consider the possibilities of these two solutions.

    Which is better Smart TV or Android TV

    The difference between the two options is as follows:

    • Smart TV is a set of operating systems that enable the transformation of a TV into a “smart” device. Programs of this kind are not always convenient for advanced PC owners, but they are quite suitable for ordinary users of the Internet and television.
    • Android TV is a more modern “smart” solution that is compatible with smartphones, Google applications and has a familiar design. However, in the format of the embedded OS for the TV, the complex is produced in a stripped-down version. The prefix will be a more comfortable choice.

    What is better Smart TV or Android TV set-top box. everyone decides in accordance with their capabilities and desires. For watching TV channels and searching for information on the Internet, both options are suitable. Advanced PC users will have more device requirements. Two software solutions are actively developing and the latest models in the required price and functional segment should be compared.

    Smart TV in LG

    You are already familiar with the general characteristics and capabilities of Smart TV. Now let’s look at the features of smart TVs from LG.

    As with any Smart TV, LG models have a built-in Internet browser that allows you to view information on the web. Also installed additional programs for convenient and quick access to such popular social networks as. and. You can watch any videos from the popular video hosting YouTube and communicate via video communication with your friends and acquaintances.

    LG Smart TVs have access to VoD services. This makes it possible to watch films, series and television programs directly on the Internet using special services. Most often, the SS IPTT application is used for this, but it can also be Yota Play, Zoomby, Infox, etc. There are also additional services that allow you to find out the TV program, horoscope, weather and find out the latest news.

    What is Smart TV on TV

    Many people have heard about such technology as Smart TV. But in order to find out what it is for and what capabilities this technique has, you should find out in more detail what capabilities it has. over, the technology should be considered not only as a whole, but also separately for each company, since they differ from each other and have certain advantages, which can play an important role when choosing a TV. Today we will look at this feature in devices from well-known companies such as LG and Samsung.


    Despite the fact that this technology has a lot of advantages, Smart TV, both in LG and Samsung TVs, has certain disadvantages. The main ones include the following:

    • Unusual formats. The TV may not read some formats at all, or problems with video or audio will appear when reading them. At the same time, installing additional codecs may not always work on some models.
    • Controlling the remote control in games is very inconvenient. In addition, they are often outdated and new ones have to be installed. Therefore, in this regard, set-top boxes for Smart TVs on Android are the best option.
    • Viewing certain sites may be limited by the program or device capabilities.
    • High cost, which makes Smart TV inaccessible for most of the population. over, many functions of such a TV can be replaced by an ordinary laptop.


    Essentially, Smart TVs are similar to smartphones. In addition to their main function, they also have a huge number of additional capabilities, such as access to the Internet, work with various applications and more. In fact, such a TV can replace your computer.

    You can install any games and play them on the big screen, as well as record programs, matches and movies from the TV. They will be saved either to internal memory or to external media. At the same time, they can only be viewed on TV. Other devices do not recognize the recording.

    You can connect to the Internet using an Internet cable or Wi-Fi adapter. Also, Smart TV has several Internet browsers for accessing sites and special programs, using which you can go to various social networks or YouTube. In addition, if your TV has a built-in webcam, then you can chat with your friends via Skype.

    You can connect your phone, laptop or any other external media from which you want to view photos, movies or listen to music to your Smart TV. In this case, you can use your smartphone as a remote control. To do this, however, you need to install a dedicated phone app. You can also control the TV using voice commands.

    Some modern TVs with Smart TV function can recognize gestures, with which it is also possible to control programs. Sometimes special gyroscopic consoles are used for this. They are much more convenient than gesture controls.

    Smart TV in Samsung

    Samsung was the first company to decide to combine TV with the Internet and turn it into a kind of computer. They were the first to allow the installation of additional programs, which means they made it possible to significantly expand its capabilities.

    Modern Samsung Smart TVs with Smart TVs have a huge number of different functions. Let’s start with the Smart Hub function, which allows you to download various applications, search for information on the Internet, communicate with friends via video communication and social networks, all without interrupting watching TV programs.

    There is also a Samsung Search All function with which you can find any movies, series or other content on the Internet or your own collection stored both on the computer itself and on external media. There is also a Samsung Social TV function that allows you to discuss the film and leave your review on it. You can also do this on social networks, for access to which there are specially installed applications.

    You can download additional programs, widgets and games from Samsung Apps. At the same time, it can be films or games in 3D format, since Smart TVs from Samsung have a special converter. The sound in them will undoubtedly delight you and allow you to fully immerse yourself in the atmosphere of a game or movie.

    Smart TV interface is quite convenient and intuitive. You can control the TV using a special touch panel with a convenient keyboard for data entry.