What does Smart TV mean on TV

Linux OS

This operating system for Smart TV is a remake of the OS of the same name for PC. The development of Sony allows you to watch videos and surf the Internet. It is also possible to install additional applications from the available catalog. The downside is that, unlike a similar system on a PC, this OS does not have the same flexibility. On such a Smart TV, you cannot install third-party applications and various extensions that are not provided by the developer. There is also a problem with updating apps. However, this can be a plus, since the closed code allows you to protect users from various kinds of interventions and risks of incompatibility and incorrect work.

Linux or Android. which is better on TV?

Televisions have long ceased to be a simple screen for broadcasting images from an antenna. Now they represent a rather complex and multifunctional device. For a long time on TV, you can view various sites, include publicly available video and even play games. To do this, almost all modern TVs have Smart TV technology. This technology is based on existing operating systems. These can be either existing operating systems or manufacturers’ own developments. Two of the most popular operating systems can be distinguished: Linux and Android.

Android OS

This system is the most popular because it is easy to learn and versatile. On TV with this OS, you can install almost any application and run many games. The list of applications is the same as on modern smartphones. Both operating systems are almost the same and are interchangeable.

The downside may be some risks that arise if the user decides to install applications from third-party developers. And, although the system warns of possible instability when installing applications that are not provided by the manufacturer, users often carry out this procedure and face various kinds of difficulties.

The Android OS is an open source system, which creates a lot of opportunities for attackers. Installing third-party applications can turn out, at best, into the fact that the installed option will not work correctly or will not work at all. In the worst case, the TV can simply turn into a “brick”, losing its performance. In this situation, only the help of specialists can come to the aid of the user.

What’s better?

Both systems, both Linux and Android, provide the user with a lot of possibilities, turning the TV into a kind of computer with a lot of options. When choosing a TV OS, the user should decide what is more important for him: multifunctionality or reliability.

Android OS provides the owner with much more opportunities than Linux, however, these opportunities are accompanied by risks, especially for users unfamiliar with the world of technology. Linux on the TV, in turn, allows the owner to enjoy all the basic benefits of Smart TV, without the risk of picking up malware or damaging the TV. However, many functions are limited by developers, and some options are not available for users of this particular operating system.


The Korean company Samsung is rightfully considered the leader of the TV market all over the world. The company is actively engaged in the production of equipment of various levels, among which there are sure to be both cheap devices and premium ones. All models are of high quality and durability, which will allow you not to worry about performance for a long time.

Samsung models by default have a certain set of programs, among which there are extremely convenient applications for using the TV functionality.

LG is also a leader in the smart TV market. It offers its customers functional devices with which you can actively use social networks, watch movies and use search. At the same time, everything is maximally adapted for large screens and remote controls.

Which TV model to choose, what do popular Smart TV manufacturers offer

Now many manufacturers offer devices with a built-in Smart TV system. It is best to pay attention to the products of well-known, proven brands.


Philips has been able to carve a niche in the modern Smart TV market with its spectacular, functional and yet inexpensive models. Even small TVs by modern standards are equipped with wireless modules for connecting to the Internet, with the help of which you can easily use all the achievements of mankind in the field of multimedia. And the top models provide the function of a pointer on the remote control, through which the selection of points of interest in the menu is greatly simplified. And on the back of the remote control you can often see a full-fledged keyboard for convenient input of the necessary data.

Features of the operation of such a device

The component can be built directly into the TV or it can be an external set-top box. The functionality in both cases is similar and depends on the level of equipment.

Smart TV allows you to use a large number of channels in high quality, use the browser, install games, listen to music and chat in video chats. The functionality may differ for different TV models, but some general principles remain unchanged.

For such equipment to work, you will definitely need an Internet connection, which can be realized using a cable or through wireless interfaces. The second option seems to be more convenient, which is why it is more common.

What is Smart TV on TV

Smart TV in a TV means some kind of additional device that turns a regular TV viewing device into something like a computer. Impressive opportunities open up for the use of various content from the Internet.

What opportunities does

Modern TVs and set-top boxes with Smart function open up the following possibilities for the user:

  • the ability to access the Internet;
  • installation of games;
  • using special applications for watching movies;
  • checking email;
  • communication on social networks;
  • use of video communication.

Separately, it is worth highlighting the advanced capabilities for working with a variety of content. It will not be difficult to connect third-party sources of information to a TV or set-top box with Smart TV, such as a computer or flash drive. Through such equipment, you can easily watch any films in high quality.

Using the Skype program also turns out to be an extremely convenient opportunity for communication between people. In modern TV models, the camera is already built. But even if it is not there, you can always purchase it separately. At the same time, the correct setting guarantees high-quality image transmission at any distance via the Internet.

In terms of management, manufacturers also try to do everything as intuitively as possible. The latest devices support the recognition of the user’s hand movements, which allows simple swings to control the functionality of the equipment.

The ability to install games will significantly diversify your leisure time. It is convenient for users of models on the Android operating system, as there is always a lot of entertainment on this platform.

How to use Smart TV

Buying a Smart TV is a major investment that needs to be thought about in advance. It is best for the user to immediately determine what functions the device should perform. Thus, it will be possible to avoid unnecessary expenses, as well as purchase the model that will not disappoint in the future.

Sometimes even an internet connection is optional. This is true if you plan to use the model as a regular TV with periodic connection of external media. However, in this case, it is difficult to understand why Smart TV is needed.

To control the functions of the TV, the set always comes with a remote control. In Smart TV models, this remote is most often extremely functional and is often equipped with scrolling capabilities or a laser cursor with which you can easily select an item of interest on the TV screen.

For convenience, you can also install the Smart Touch program (for devices on the Android system), with which you can control functions with your hands from a distance. Impressive functionality implies well-thought-out management, so manufacturers pay great attention to this.

Why do you need Smart TV on TV and its functions

Smart TV function in the TV can significantly expand the capabilities of the device and create a real multimedia center. In addition to the fact that the control of TV functions is greatly simplified, it also provides an impressive set of various kinds of add-ons. Modern Smart TVs can operate under various operating systems, but all of them are as convenient and thoughtful as possible. Below is a detailed discussion of what it is. Smart TV, and what opportunities it offers.

does, smart, mean

How to connect

The device connects to the Internet using Wi-Fi or in the classic way using a cable. To operate the set-top box via Wi-Fi, you need a router, which is recommended to be installed near the set-top box, this will ensure good signal reception. The cable connection requires the set-top box to match the connector. If the connector does not fit, then this problem can be solved by purchasing a LAN-USB adapter. Connecting through the HDMI port, which supports high-quality signal transmission. If the TV model is already old enough and it does not provide for the presence of an HDMI port, in such cases it is recommended to buy set-top boxes with VGA and AV ports.

The size of the device is also important:

  • Small set-top boxes the size of a flash drive. equipped with only WI-FI and USB. input.
  • Large set-top boxes similar in shape to a DVD player. have additional connectors, for example: VGA, Optical.
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Smart attachment

It should be noted that in addition to TVs with a built-in Smart option, you can purchase a special set-top box, install it on your TV, and get access to all Smart services in full. The lineup of set-top boxes is diverse, some resemble a DVD-player or receiver, others. a USB flash drive.

The price depends on the manufacturer, functionality, model, average


This Korean brand is the leader in the production of Smart TVs. The company produces models of various price categories, the main difference being the functionality of the device. The more expensive the model, the more features. The operating system is equipped with a built-in global search. this is the main advantage over other manufacturers. Thanks to the global search, the user can, without going online, type the desired request in the search line. the system will independently connect to the Internet, process the request and display information.

The company is also introducing the Social TV application into its TVs, which allows you to simultaneously communicate with friends and watch a movie or program.

Like Samsung, LG TVs have great functionality that includes TV. ONLINE, Internet access and social media. Many applications that can be used without downloading a browser, for example: LG users also have access to the 3D WORLD service, which allows viewing in three-dimensional mode.

Why do you need the Smart TV function on a TV

Smart TV is a technology that allows a TV set to work with various digital and interactive services over the Internet. Consider why Smart TV is on a TV and how it makes the viewer’s life easier.

Smart (translated into Russian “smart”) TV is not just a screen and a decoder, but a full-fledged computer based on an operating system. Smart set-top boxes have similar functions. They add the capabilities of Smart TVs to devices that did not originally have them.

Smart TVs and set-top boxes have a number of advantages:

  • Without the Internet, Smart TV remains a regular TV or media player.
  • To get a good picture, you need a stable high-speed Internet connection. And these are additional costs, choice of provider and other problems.
  • The set of software depends on the current platform. The lack of support for outdated operating systems reduces the number of available services and applications. This means that it reduces the freedom to choose the owner of a Smart TV.

Which TV model to choose

You need to give preference to the most popular and well-known brands. To date, the list of the best TVs with Smart TV option is headed by brands: Samsung, LG, Philips.


The brand is successfully developing its operating system, as a result of which the model range has increased. One of the advantages is versatility, even in budget models. In addition, the advantages of the brand include built-in access to films of the Megogo application and to some Russian video portals, for example, STS.

How to set up a Smart TV

A prerequisite for Smart TV is Internet access. It is important to know that the setting diagrams differ depending on the brand, model.

  • connection of connecting cables;
  • custom settings;
  • Internet connection.

Principle of operation

There are two main principles of operation of consoles:

  • Applications are stored on the memory card of the set-top box, and all information is read from there when turned on. This means that in order to use the application, you need to download and install it on the device.
  • All program files are contained in the cloud, which means that when the application is launched, it is first loaded from the virtual storage, and then the work starts.

Do I need Smart TV on my TV

The rapid development of modern technologies has made it possible to change the appearance and “stuffing” of most household appliances. Progress has not bypassed its attention on TV either. It would seem that a couple of decades ago in our homes there were overwhelming CRT “machines”, which have now turned into thin, light and elegant devices, endowed with “intelligence.” Smart TV is not just a function for watching programs, but a kind of multifunctional center, endowed with a wide range of features and functions. Do you really need Smart in your TV? Let’s figure it out.

Functions with Smart TV

In order for all the services of a “smart TV” to be available, first of all, it must be connected to the Internet. This can be done as follows:

After completing the Internet setup, you can use all the functions available on the device. These include:

  • Internet access is made by using a browser or special built-in applications such as YouTube, or. In some models, you can also find applications of Russian social networks;
  • Communication using Skype. Some models even have a built-in video camera for easy communication, but for most TVs you will have to purchase and connect it yourself;
  • Viewing video and listening to audio files from external storage devices (flash drives), as well as from a phone or tablet;
  • Control of TV functions using smartphone or tablet, Android or OS systems. To implement this feature, a special program must be installed on these devices. On more expensive models, the function of using head recognition or gestures is available for control, or control using a wireless keyboard is built-in;
  • Recording of TV broadcasts to a USB flash drive or disk, which does not require presence. At the same time, recording on such external recording devices is allowed only if digital broadcasting is used and there is no copy protection.

What is Smart TV

The built-in Smart system, due to the presence of additional settings for the TV set, gives additional opportunities to its owner. Such televisions, as a rule, combine the functions of a television receiver and a personal computer. Connect such a device to the system unit. and you do not need a monitor, but want to use it instead of a tablet, connecting all the necessary “peripherals” to it. To use all the functions built into the TV, it is enough to have a WiFi or a network cable in the room.

Most often, such devices have a certain set of built-in services and installed applications, as well as the Smart platform “flooded” by the manufacturer. over, the packages installed in the device make it possible to watch videos without the need to use a browser.

Advantages and disadvantages of Smart TV

TVs equipped with the Smart system undoubtedly have a number of significant advantages over their simpler models:

  • Ability to view and record the required content;
  • In addition to video and audio files of the usual format, they allow you to listen and view files in Full HD format, broadcast radio stations, a browser, use voice communication and play games. In addition, it is allowed to connect the TV to a personal computer or laptop and, with the help of them, further expand the functions of the device;
  • The ability to access the Google Play service to download and install its educational and entertainment applications;
  • Convenience and ease of use. with a remote control, wireless keyboard or voice;
  • Continuous development and perfection of this kind of technology, which leads to the expansion of the available functions and the improvement of the quality of the service provided.

However, it should be noted that all Google Play functions are available for use only in those models in which the Android system is installed.

The disadvantages of Smart TVs include:

  • Limited functionality compared to a simple TV connected to a computer. This is due to the fact that in a Smart device, as a rule, there is only entertainment content;
  • The presence of certain content and services permitted for use is regulated by the model manufacturer.

Drawing a conclusion, it should be noted that a high-quality LCD TV is able to fully compete with its advanced and “smart” counterpart, since when connected to a computer it can perform almost the same functions as Smart, and it costs an order of magnitude cheaper. Therefore, when making a purchase decision, it is worth considering not only models with intelligence, but also LCD devices.

Smart TV what is it

To expand the capabilities of a television receiver, manufacturers have been using Smart TV for several years now, such television sets are also called “smart TVs”. How to use it, what is Smart TV on TV, what opportunities does it provide to the viewer?

What Is A Smart TV. Smart TVs Review

Smart TV of the first releases works like an operating system in a computer. No wonder, as a result of its development, Smart TV came to use a real operating system already in the TV.

Smart TV sets can work on the Internet, unite all media devices at home into a single network, allow you to play games, install additional applications. And all this thanks to the Smart TV functionality.

Samsung’s Tizen system

The main advantage of smart TVs is their own access to the Internet, which allows you to watch movies online without a computer, without downloading. There are many services on the Internet with films, photos, music, and all this becomes available to you. For example, YouTube or Netflix, Megogo, TVigle and others.

I must say right away that Smart-TV is an additional functionality and it does not affect the image or sound quality in any way. You can watch live TV programs without these new features.

LG’s webOS interface

In modern devices of any well-known brand, almost all models have a Smart TV system, only it bears the name of the operating system used.

Companies use different operating systems on their models:

  • Samsung. Tizen;
  • LG. webOS;
  • Philips, Sony. Android TV;
  • Panasonic. its own development “My Home Screen” based on Firefox OS.

Smart TV capabilities

Initially, Smart TV was intended to receive video content from other sources, not just from terrestrial channels. To do this, we used a connection to a computer via a local network and an Internet connection to watch online video. Today, this Smart TV function remains the main one.

Using the operating system as the basis for Smart TV allows you to expand the functionality. For example, you noticed that Sony is using Android TV. And most viewers are familiar with Android smartphones. So this is how the functionality of the TV receiver can be expanded, although there are different versions of Android on the TV and smartphone. You can download applications from Google Play and install. And these are weather widgets, news, various games, etc. And each operating system has such capabilities, only the services there are of their own.

Plus, all operating systems have the ability to work with social networks. where you can chat while watching movies or broadcasts of sports competitions.

Manufacturers for such TV sets produce special control panels, they are made specifically for their operating systems, so that it is easy to operate them. Today, such smart remote controls are made universal so that they work with all equipment from one company.

Smart TV allows the viewer to control using gestures or voice. To do this, the device has a built-in camera to follow your gestures. For voice commands, a microphone is built into the remote control.

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You can also connect smartphones to the TV set. and this makes it possible to control and transfer media files.

Technologies are developing so much that it is already possible to control all household appliances of the same brand from the TV using special services, and these are refrigerators, washing machines, etc. This is how the idea of ​​a smart home is realized and television receivers with Smart TV play a central role here.

How to use

For Smart TV to work properly, in order to use all the functions, you need to connect the TV to the Internet. To do this, you need to use a cable from the router and the Ethernet port on the device or the built-in Wi-Fi module. Wi-Fi requires a router in the house, connected to the upstream Internet cable from your ISP. The communication channel must provide a speed of at least 2 Mbit / s, but this is a minimum, and preferably 10-20 Mbit / s for watching 4K video.

Through the settings, find the item “network” and there, using the prompts, connect to the Internet. It’s easier to do this on a TV set than on a computer.

After that, registration on the official website of the manufacturer may be required to gain access to the full set of functions.

Video with information about different Smart TV systems:

All services that use the Internet are of course a convenient thing, but do not forget that all the time you will have to use only the remote control and the virtual keyboard. This can cause some discomfort with the browser. Here everyone will have to choose personally whether he needs all these innovations with such ease of work.

But modern Smart TV systems already have pre-installed services that open when the cursor is pressed and there is no need to open them through the browser.

Pre-installed services are widgets of popular sites on the Internet dedicated to films, music, news, etc. Therefore, you can watch movies from the Internet quite simply. over, many companies implement in their TV receiver models the ability to control using gestures or voice commands.

Android TV on Sony

You can make a Smart TV from any TV, for this you buy a set-top box on Android and connect to the Internet and a TV set of any brand. Get the same functionality or even more.

What is the refresh rate of a TV?

Do not confuse LCD refresh rate with video frame refresh rate.

The frame refresh rate is the number of frames of video content displayed on the TV screen in a period of 1 second. The frequency directly depends on the type of content.

The standard frame rate of the filmed film is 24 frames per second.

TV content frequency. 50 frames per second (in European countries).

Refresh rate is a parameter that means how many frames per second the LCD TV can display, this value will not improve the picture quality in movies.

Where a higher refresh rate LCD can be useful?

For example, when connected to a computer, a 120Hz LCD TV will display smoother animations in Windows. With a supporting video card, you can get a good picture in games.

does, smart, mean

What the Hz value on TV really means

When we choose a TV, we often come across such a parameter as the frame rate. Hz. TV manufacturers advertise their own technology as the best solution in the LCD TV market, promising us the best picture quality. And marketers are actively using various tricks when calculating the coveted parameter.

In the technical specifications, the manufacturer often indicates considerable numbers. 100, 200, 400, 600, 800, 1200Hz and so on.

In this article, we will find out the impact of this parameter on the image quality, as well as refute the well-known myths and misconceptions associated with the frequency of the TV.

Why do we need additional Hz?

In old CRT TVs with a screen diagonal of more than 70 cm, at a standard frequency of 50-60 Hz, strong flickering was observed, which gave additional strain on the eyes.

The reason for this was not a low number of personnel, but a feature of the technology itself. Therefore, engineers developed a CRT TV with a refresh rate of 100 Hz. With such a frequency, the picture did not blink, and the eyes did not get tired.

That is why there was a misconception that a TV with a high frequency value does not affect vision.

In LCD TV with a frequency of 60 Hz, there is no flicker, and an increase in the frequency indicator is necessary for completely other purposes.

100,200,400,800 Hz technology

The main disadvantage of LCD TVs is a decrease in the resolution of the displayed frame in dynamic scenes.

Dynamic resolution is affected by the response of the sensor, caused by the slow switching of liquid crystals from the current color to completely black and back. An example of high-quality display of fast scenes in films is any plasma TV.

1.Application of Led illumination to increase dynamic resolution. scanning illumination. The easiest method. The effect on the clarity of the picture is noticeable, but at the same time the brightness value decreases and flickering is observed. The benefits of this feature are ambiguous. Used in budget TVs.

Inserting additional frames. The technology requires a powerful processor and is used in mid-range models.

The impact on the picture in dynamic scenes is significant. There are a number of disadvantages:

Combined method. The above technologies and various algorithms for processing, smoothing and eliminating image defects. The best solution. You can adjust the creation of additional frames and the degree of suppression of the blur effect in dynamics separately. Thus, to obtain high dynamic resolution in movies (24fps) without the effect of the spectacle.

The numerical value indicated in the characteristics is the image processing index, the sum of which includes the work of all TV technologies. over, the efficiency of the index does not depend on the numerical value.

There is no need to chase the Hz value, this is a marketing ploy to sell a TV at a higher price. The quality of the picture depends on the complex of technologies used to improve the image. Frequency over 100 Hz makes sense to be on TVs with 3D image support, in other cases do not chase this value.

What is webOS

The main difference between modern TVs is a wide variety of functions and the best picture quality. All innovative technologies are aimed solely at improving these two parameters: to make the picture more detailed and high-quality, and to simplify the control of the TV and all the functions that it has. Today, LG developers are the best at this task.

When creating modern TV models that support Smart TV, the company’s engineers set themselves a single goal. to make TV control more understandable and convenient. The interface update was quite successful and instead of a grid of online services and applications, a scrolling line with icons appeared. All this became possible due to the fact that the operating system Webos was installed.

What is Webos?

Many buyers who hear that Smart TV has such an operating system are wondering: what is Webos?

Webos is an operating system that allows you to work and manage data. In fact, restricting access, saving, creating or deleting any data occurs in the same way as in other television operating systems. For this, the same application programs are used that reproduce and display the same data as other operating systems. The only difference between Web OS and another platform is the graphical interface, which differs not only in its appearance, but also in great convenience.

Today, there are different versions of this platform, which differ from each other only in the number of different services and capabilities. In modern LG Smart TVs, it is customary to use Webos TV 2.0.

The history of development

This operating system was developed back in 2009 by Palm and was originally used only for tablets, smartphones and some household appliances. It was based on Linux, and in 2010 it was bought by HP, with which they worked until 2012.

Since 2012, it has become open source, which made it possible to use it on any other devices, and for companies to develop a large number of applications for it. In 2013, LG began to use this operating system in its Smart TVs. Since then, LG and Palm have been developing Web OS together.

When developing Web OS for Smart TV, special attention is paid to multitasking and the ability to work with social networks. And thanks to additional applications that work with this system, you can significantly expand the capabilities that LG Smart TVs initially have.

Benefits of Webos

LG Smart TVs, on which the Webos platform is installed, have a clear and bright enough interface, as well as a lot of additional features. The main advantages of Smart TV Web OS include the following:

  • Easy to connect and use. Thanks to the Web OS, watching and searching for videos on the Internet has become much easier. Also, you can easily connect any additional device to your TV. An animated character will help you with this, providing detailed information about all the settings and connection features. The Webos platform quite quickly recognizes and connects an additional device, offering a list of actions that can be performed.
  • Convenience and speed of work with content. Thanks to the updated menu, you can quickly switch between channels, files and content in Smart TV. That being said, you don’t have to constantly return to the home page. Thanks to this, you can simultaneously listen to music and surf the Internet, or play games and watch TV.
  • Content search. In the Web OS there is a “Today” menu, in which you will be offered all the most popular films, programs and series. Also, these TVs have a huge variety of widgets and categories. There are special icons for games, 3D videos and films, thanks to which it is quite easy to find the necessary information.

Also, the most modern Smart TVs from LG have the following features:

  • Smart Share. Thanks to this item in the menu, you can connect absolutely any device to your TV. Using the USB connector, you can connect a camera or hard drive, and using DLNA, you can create a local network in your home. Smart Share also supports the following data transfer methods: TagOn, WiDi, Miracast, and MHL.
  • Smart TV control using gestures and voice. With gestures, you can turn the TV on or off, increase or decrease the sound volume, and change channels. To control the TV using your voice, you need a MagicRemote remote control.

How to set up Smart TV

Before you start setting up the operation of the device, you must ensure an uninterrupted connection to the network, the speed must be at least twenty Mbit / s. As noted above, the connection is possible via cable, via wi-fi, and also thanks to the special technologies WPS, One Foot Connection. You can select a pairing option in the sub-item of the menu with network settings. The best quality is the use of the wired method. To do this, you need to insert the cable into the connector located on the rear TV panel, and then enter the router settings into the indicated menu. After successfully connecting to the Internet, you can configure the channels.

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Almost every well-known brand that produces this type of technology has a Smart TV line that helps to increase the possibilities for users. Today, large companies can offer not only products with unique functionality, but also specialized services that are available exclusively from products of a particular brand.

Smart TV LG

One of the leading positions in this segment is held by LG corporation. Back in 2009, devices appeared that could go online thanks to the existing NetCast system. This brand offers some really serious opportunities, such as:

  • watching TV online;
  • access to popular social networks;
  • standard internet surfing.

From an LV TV with this system, it is easy to immediately use the services of YouTube, Picasa, watch the weather on AccuWeather, go to Yandex, without using a browser At the same time, in social networks, you can quickly read the message, as well as, if necessary, send an SMS. Owners of TVs with 3D can activate 3D World, it will easily replace the lack of such a service from TV service providers in Russia.

What is Smart TV on TV. an overview of Smart TV of different brands

What is Smart TV on TV? This technology has rapidly gained immense popularity. In this article, we will look at its functionality and key benefits. Today, such TVs of various sizes and capabilities are presented in a wide range, moreover, many manufacturers who previously produced simple devices began to create Smart equipment.

Smart TV Samsung

You should be aware that devices with this technology need special cameras, simple WEB cameras used on a PC are not suitable. In addition, products of other brands will not work on Samsung equipment, so it is better to take this into account when choosing individual modules. The operating system of this manufacturer’s equipment differs from others in that it has a built-in extensive search. How do I use it? It is not necessary to go online, you just enter your request in the search bar, and the equipment itself will connect to the Internet, find the requested information and display everything on the monitor.

In addition, a link to multimedia content will appear not only for the resource, but also for devices paired with TV that have this file. Samsung Resources has support for Flash playback, so you can work with multiple tabs at the same time. The products of this brand have another service. Social TV, it is responsible for maintaining communication on social networks and at the same time watching videos.

Option 4. controllable without a remote control

In addition, some models have voice control, for example, some Samsung representatives easily cope with the commands. “next channel” or “third channel”. In budget phones, before adjusting the desired volume, you will have to say “Louder” or “Hush” a couple of times. So the new management methods won’t necessarily be cooler than the usual ones. In top-end devices, in addition to a camera for communicating via Skype, you can find in the package bundle:

  • gesture recognition function. by moving your hand, you can move the pointer across the monitor, and clenching the fist brings up a menu;
  • an additional remote control with a gyroscope and capable of moving the cursor by hand movement. a more convenient control option.

Option 5. Records desired content

If you have a Smart TV, you can at any time activate the recording of an interesting TV show, movie to any external media, for example, it can be a USB memory stick. If the channel does not have write protection, you will find a sequence of actions in the instructions for your model that will help you save the video for re-viewing. It is worth noting that you can only view what has been saved on the same TV, PC or other device for this purpose.

Option 6. gaming software

Each Smart Technology hardware has several preinstalled games applications. Devices operating on the Android OS will help you download and install the game that interests you, even the one that will be of the same quality as a modern program for a console or computer.

Smart TV Philips

  • built-in access to the Megogo resource;
  • domestic video services;
  • news content;
  • HTML5 Video viewer.

The top-end devices have a “Pointer” function, it is navigation through the monitor with the movements of the control panel. To make it convenient to enter something, there is a traditional QWERTY keyboard on the back.

Platform manufacturers

The South Korean company Samsung became a pioneer in the creation of Smart platforms. Following them, by 2013, every self-respecting TV manufacturer launched the release of models with the Smart TV function, as well as special set-top boxes for connecting a conventional TV to modern capabilities.

This is the list of the most famous Smart TV platforms:

  • Apple TV;
  • Blobbox from TeleSystems and Tiscali TVBox;
  • Google TV;
  • Smart Hub from Samsung;
  • iVision by Netris;
  • Microsoft’s Mediaroom
  • MeeGo;
  • NetCast Entertainment Access from LG;
  • Open webOS from LG;
  • Opera TV by Opera Software
  • Realcube Multibox;
  • Smart TV;
  • Sony Entertainment Network from SONY;

The most popular platforms in Russia are from LG and Samsung. The interface of “smart” TVs produced by these companies resembles a popular and well-known smartphone. icons on the screen, behind which open up unlimited possibilities.

Also on the Russian market are Smart TVs from manufacturers SONY and Panasonic. The popularity of this feature is growing rapidly.
Russian telecom operators do not yet realize the promising direction of Smart TV and do not show due attention to this technology.

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Companies that produce their own interactive set-top boxes include Beeline, MTS, Rostelecom and Onlime. True, while domestic developments do not reach full-fledged platforms, but still have a number of useful interactive functions.

How else is the management carried out?

    voice commands. You just call the number of the stored channel or say the words “next” and “previous”. Likewise, you can adjust the volume by saying the words “quieter” and “louder”;

Voice control technology and gesture control are continually evolving with new Smart TVs.

How Smart TV works

Let’s say you are considering purchasing a smart TV. “How does it work?” Is the first question that comes to your mind. It’s simple enough.

Smart TV is a platform (set of programs) that turns an ordinary TV into a multimedia center. Using DNLA technology, the platform connects to a PC or other device to access the Internet.

Control in a “smart” TV is carried out using widgets. special programs that provide additional opportunities. For example, a widget for searching news, for social networks, for watching videos, etc.

By connecting to the Internet using the Smart TV function, you can visit all sites without exception, including content libraries specially designed for owners of “smart” TVs.

Features and Benefits

Unlike standard cable TV, with Smart TV, you get access to an unlimited amount of information from any source.

Independent news, rare photographs, author’s programs, director’s versions of films, rare music, documentaries. everything that did not make it into the television program easily appears on your screen.

Access (in many cases free) to a huge variety of films, music, TV series, cartoons, entertainment, educational and educational programs.

For a relatively small fee, you can watch the latest film distribution in good quality and on the big screen. No need to adjust to the TV program: watch at a convenient time without being distracted by advertising.

Make full use of all Internet resources: news, entertainment, gaming, social, educational and cognitive.

With Smart TV, you get access to a completely new level of television: more convenient, varied and affordable. Now TVs with Smart-function are almost equal in price to conventional TVs of famous brands.

Currently, unfortunately, not all sellers (and even more so not all potential buyers) understand the capabilities of Smart TV. Many people mistakenly believe that this function only allows you to search for information online through your home TV.

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In fact, the benefits of using Smart TV are enormous, and allow you to access a huge variety of multimedia content (especially video and music) on the Internet, downloading it all to the TV screen.

Main functions

Through a smart TV, you will have access to the following aspects of modern life:

What is Smart TV technology

So far in Russia, not all users have appreciated the new system, and you may be hearing about it for the first time. What is this Smart TV function? If we explain in the most accessible language, then this is a set of programs that allow you to connect your TV to the World Wide Web. From a more professional point of view, Smart TV is an operating system similar to that used in mobile phones, but converted to run on a TV.

When first hearing about the Smart TV function, the user usually asks the question: do you need a special TV set to access interactive content??

Or just connect a special device to an existing conventional TV?

Typically, you need a dedicated TV set with a set of programs to access Smart Features. But owners of ordinary TVs can also purchase a digital receiver with a built-in Smart TV platform. Plus, the platform easily connects to Blu-ray players and game consoles.

So, to start using the Smart TV function, you need to purchase one of two:

  • TV with built-in software package;
  • set-top box for connecting to a TV, media player or game console.

Smart TV technology is, first of all, the ability to access and display on a TV screen an unlimited amount of various information from the Internet, from movies and music to games and blogs.

What is Smart TV function and how to use its capabilities

Television is no longer a dull “box” with a standard selection of programs broadcasting at fixed times and often interrupted by advertisements. Thanks to the Smart TV software package, the 21st century TV can be safely called a multimedia platform for accessing all kinds of information.

Having been marketed in 2010, the Smart TV interactive programming system quickly became a popular trend in many countries. Having familiarized yourself with the functions and advantages of use, you can conclude whether you personally need such a function.