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What is Power Saving Mode (Yellow Battery Indicator)?

Power Saving Mode (detailed) is a useful feature in iOS that helps you conserve battery life. When the battery is low (from 20% or below), it automatically suggests changing some settings in order to reduce power consumption (processor performance decreases, screen brightness decreases, notifications about new emails are turned off, etc.). This mode significantly extends the battery life, which is indicated by the yellow indicator light.

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Users wishing to extend the operating time of their gadget can turn on the function themselves whenever they wish. However, iOS suggests activating Power Saving Mode when the battery goes below 20%.

In this case, the indicator turns yellow, confusing some. When connected to a power source, the mode remains active until the battery level reaches 80%, after which it automatically turns off. If the function was manually activated (after 80%), it remains activated even with a fully charged battery.

Yellow battery indicator on iPhone, what it means and how to fix it?

Surely every iPhone owner at least once wondered why the battery level indicator turns yellow from time to time. The answer is very simple. a yellow indicator means that the device is in power saving mode. What is it and how to return the usual charge indicator?

How to enable or disable Power Saving Mode

You can activate or deactivate the function and get rid of the yellow icon in at least four ways.

First, you can put the iPhone on charge and wait until the battery level reaches at least 80%. In this case, the mode will turn off automatically and the indicator will turn green again.

Secondly, you can independently enable / disable the power saving mode. To do this, open the “Battery” section in the “Settings” application and set the switch to the required position opposite the “Power saving mode”.

In addition, starting with iOS 11, it became possible to add a convenient Power Saving Mode switch to Control Center. We talked about how to add it in this article.

And finally, starting with iOS 14, it became possible to set the Power Saving Mode automatically on a schedule, when changing the location or after certain actions. We talked about how to set it up in this article.

Keep in mind that Power Saving Mode significantly extends battery life, and if you don’t mind giving up basic performance and some features, it can keep your iPhone going for much longer. Plus, this mode is the only effective way to extend the battery life of devices running iOS 9 and later.

(PRODUCT) RED iPhone XR Hands-on

Know what’s written on your iPhone. It is interesting

Decoding of mysterious numbers and letters on the back cover.

If you look at the back cover of your iPhone, you can see an information block consisting of different numbers, letters and icons.

A lot of important information is encrypted in this block, and now we will figure out together which one.

Introductory information

Right under the model of your iPhone is the proud inscription Designed by Apple in California Assembled in China. What it means: Designed in California, USA by Apple. Device made in China.

By the way, on some Macs you can see Assembled in USA instead of China. But this is very rare.

Truth of Red Product | What are red product by Apple ? ������

IMEI (identification number)

IMEI stands for International Mobile Equipment Identity. international identification number of a mobile device. This 15-digit number is unique for each mobile device, like a passport.

On iPhones of the latest generations, IMEI is no longer indicated on the case. you can only recognize it in the settings of the device itself.

Trash can icon

This symbol warns that in European Union member states this product cannot be simply thrown away with your other household waste.

There is a set of rules according to which the iPhone is subject to a special disposal procedure, so do not throw it in the trash when traveling abroad.

Exclamation mark symbol

This icon warns that the iPhone is not approved by all countries: in some locations, the device uses radio frequencies that are prohibited for use by civilian wireless devices.

Moisture ingress

Usually, after getting wet, other problems appear: the screen turns off or becomes completely white. However, the display can become a multi-colored strip. water will paint the screen in all the colors of the rainbow.

What to do in such a situation:

  • Unplug your phone immediately. Do not turn on the phone to check if it works, do not connect the charger.
  • Remove covers, protective glasses and other accessories.
  • Disassemble the device, collect moisture with napkins, lay to dry in a draft.
  • It will be most effective to dry the phone in a special way. You can read about this on our website here.

Submerging the phone in rice will only help if the iPhone has only been bathed superficially, and not completely submerged in water. You need to leave your smartphone in rice for a long time, moisture will not be absorbed in 1-2 hours.

Do not dry your phone in direct sunlight, on heaters and batteries. It is also not recommended to use a hair dryer. the air flow will drive water along the body. The right solution would be to contact a service center: specialists will disassemble the smartphone, remove moisture and clean the components from corrosion.

Mechanical impact

A bump or fall is the most common cause of streaks on the screen. As a result of mechanical stress, the following can occur:

  • Disconnecting the display cable.
  • Damage to the touchscreen, controller, ribbon cable, motherboard, various connectors and other components.
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There are a lot of options, so you need to not only disassemble the phone, but also study it in detail. If you do not have the skills to repair iPhones, then contact the service center.

Disconnecting iPhone during a call: finding and fixing the cause

Incorrect assembly

If the stripes appeared after replacing the battery, display, touchscreen or other components of the phone, then the reason for this may be:

  • Replacing not all defective components.
  • Incorrect assembly of the device. The housing uses screws of different sizes, if you confuse their location, you can easily punch other components.

As with other hardware problems, it’s best not to try to fix the problem yourself, but go straight to a service center. Otherwise, you can bring the phone to such a state that the white stripes on the screen seem to be a minor malfunction.

Do not forget to read the Комментарии и мнения владельцев, there is also a lot of useful information. If there is no answer to your question, and there is an answer to later Комментарии и мнения владельцев, then the answer to your question is contained in the article, respect someone else’s time.

Eliminate white or colored stripes on iPhone screen

White or colored stripes on the iPhone most often indicate a hardware problem and the need to take the device to a service center. However, on rare occasions, streaks may appear on the screen due to software glitches. Therefore, do not rush to change the touchscreen: you may be able to fix the problem yourself without unnecessary spending.

Reset keyboard dictionary

Why Do It: If iPhone learned a few bad words (mistakes were made when specifying automatic correction options).

What will be erased: all the data that was entered into the auto-correction dictionary during the work with the device.

History of (RED) Apple Products

Question 5: Do I need to back up my iPhone files before hitting “Reset All Settings” on iPhone?

Answer 5: Only system settings will be reset the moment you click “Reset All Settings” on iPhone. But it is always necessary to back up your iPhone to prevent data loss. Well, you can use Apeaksoft iOS Backup Restore to back up data from iPhone to Windows or Mac computer with one click.

Reset all settings

Settings General Reset Reset all settings

Reset all iPhone settings without harming other iOS data. As a result, your installed applications and downloaded files still exist. As for the network settings and other system settings, they will be deleted absolutely.

Question 2: Will I lose iOS data after selecting “Reset All Settings”?

Answer 2: No. Nothing will be deleted except your system settings. This way, your documents, videos, photos, apps and other iPhone files are safe.

Reset Home Settings

Why do it: if you lost the standard application or just want to return the original look of the desktop.

What will be erased: nothing. Only the arrangement of icons on the desktop will change, standard applications will take their original places on the first two screens.

Can I change the network name

Yes, it can be done in the settings. On iPhone and Android, go to network settings and there will be a name at the bottom of the section. Click on the line and enter the desired value. The network name is updated instantly, and does not depend on the number balance or signal quality.

How to remove MegaFon label

If you want not to change, but completely disable the inscription, because it interferes, go to the settings. There, in the functions, look for the line “Network name”, in which there will be an inscription “Megafon # 1”. Erase the characters and keep the blank field. Then the value will disappear from the status bar. The update is displayed on the screen immediately after saving, regardless of the signal strength shown on the smartphone. The inscription on the display can be updated, removed and added for free an unlimited number of times.

Does the Megafon label affect the cost of services?

Megafon is nothing more than just a marking of a new format of a mobile network. The main task is to emphasize that this representative of mobile communications is the first in terms of Internet speed and the number of cell towers. Equality was counted through the competition of operators of the “big four”.

What does Megafon mean on the phone screen in the network status bar and how to remove it

Megafon is the new name of the MegaFon network. The icon on the phone screen was updated on July 3, 2021 in connection with the latest research by Ookla, which recognized MegaFon as the operator with the largest number of base towers. In connection with the newly arrived updates, users have questions about the new inscription. The forums began to actively ask and discuss what it could be. There were a lot of false opinions, so in this article we will clarify what this inscription is and what Megafon LTE means.

Interesting facts about cell towers Megafon # 1

Among the features that the administration of the cellular network and users focus on, there are several interesting facts. In particular:

  • base towers of Megafon are located and function correctly even in the most remote settlements of Russia;
  • one of the towers works in the village of Tomtor, where the air temperature sometimes reaches 68 degrees;
  • in Yakutia, the city of Verkhoyansk, Megafon set up its station at the cosmodrome a few hundred meters from the missile launch site;
  • The complete opposite of the ever-cold Yakutia is the following case. the operator’s base stations on the territory of the Olympic Park in Sochi are located right under the palm trees, and are hidden so as not to catch the eye of visitors.

What does Megafon LTE mean on the phone screen in the network status bar

As already reported in the press service of the department, the new name replaced the old Fastest. According to the release of MegaFon, their company has been the leader in the rating of efficient and high-quality mobile operators for more than three years in a row. Such data was provided by the Russian company OOKLA. So, the department cited the following results as an example:

  • content download speed exceeds 27 Mbps on average;
  • data download on average occurs at a speed of 12 Mbps.

And this data is about one and a half times higher than the indicators of competing operators.

According to Roskomnadzor, the mobile service provider Megafon is the first among operators in terms of the number of base stations. As of May 2021, their number is 240 thousand. Half of them are based on LTE standard towers. To understand how MegaFon is leading, we note that the operators of the Big Four have 5 times less towers. That is, it is safe to say that Megafon means that the operator is recognized as the first number in terms of the number of bases in Russia. The corresponding announcement was made by the official representation of the company in the social network

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What the company says

Subscribers can get advice on communications and innovations around the clock on the hot line of the representative office, or on the official website in their personal account. Technical support on communication and quality of service is carried out by qualified employees of the company free of charge.

What does the orange and green dot on the iPhone screen mean in iOS 14

iOS 14 includes several major new features and many minor changes, as well as visual updates. Those who have already installed the new version of Apple’s mobile operating system must have noticed the new indicators on the right side of the status bar (next to the battery level display) and immediately wondered in our Telegram chat what they are for. These new status symbols appear as orange and green dots or circles. This was not the case in iOS 13.

iOS 14 takes care of the security of user data even better

As it turns out, these dots are actually informational indicators that help protect your data and improve your privacy. In MacBooks and iMacs, Apple already uses a similar thing. it installs a green LED there, located next to the webcam. When you access the camera, the LED immediately turns on to let you know that an app on your system has launched the camera. iPhones and iPads don’t have physical LEDs, so Apple “modeled” them using software.

What does the green dot mean on iPhone?

A green dot appears when the app is using the camera, for example when taking a photo. Camera access also includes microphone access; in this case, you will not see the orange dot separately. Green color matches LEDs used in Apple MacBook and iMac products.

If an app is accessing the camera when it doesn’t make sense, it could mean that the app is violating your privacy. iOS can’t know why a particular app needs access to your camera, so your best bet is to contact the developers of the app you’re suspicious of. They may be doing something illegal and illegal, in which case you can uninstall the application.

The same indicator is available on Mac, only it is physical

A green indicator does not mean that the camera is recording and saving something; iOS only knows that the app is accessing the camera. The operating system is not aware of what the application is doing with the data.

Why does “Recently” appear on iPhone

If you call Control Center within a few minutes after using your camera or microphone, the name of the application that recently used your camera or microphone appears at the top. This provides an extra layer of transparency in case you missed the indicator with small round dots while using the program.

Control Center once again prompts when an app is using a camera or microphone

Again, the system doesn’t know what the app is doing with the information it collects from the microphone or camera. Data can be stored entirely on the device or permanently recorded and sent over the network.

If iOS 14 draws attention to when the camera and microphone are in use, apps that access them unnecessarily will be identified and will have to change accordingly. It remains to be believed that most iOS apps “behave well” and these status indicators will never appear when you don’t expect them to.

What does the orange dot mean on iPhone?

An orange dot means that an app on your phone is using a microphone. The microphone can be listened to through applications and even recorded. If all applications are working “in good faith,” the orange dot should only appear when you launch an application that uses a microphone (Siri, dictation in a navigator, and so on). If an orange dot is displayed when it seems like it shouldn’t be, it could indicate that the app is abusing your privacy, that is, it is gaining access to the microphone.

If you see a dot like this, the app is using a microphone.

If you find such a message (for example, it is unlikely that the calculator needs to access the microphone), you can contact the developer to find out why this is happening. This may just be a bug in the app, not deliberate spyware.

In previous versions of iOS, users didn’t know when the device’s microphone was being used unless the app was in the background. When apps use the microphone while in the background, iOS shows a red indicator at the top left of the screen.

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The “People Nearby” feature in Telegram allows you to determine the coordinates of almost any user using triangulation. It is surprising that the developers do not consider this feature to be a bug and refuse to fix it.

crazymaxs, There is no trouble, it’s not the first to find out. over, this will only have to be faced in a few months. And AI. they are great, because they bring information to the backward layers of the population, such as me, who has no time to look for “the freshest” and there is enough almanac on the site without fingers and races “you will know it first.” Of all Apple sites, this one is the nicest. So forgive them and understand that they seem to be just trying not for you. over, you have other, faster and more accurate sources of information.

What is LTE in iPhone. which model supports

Many users are interested in what LTE is in the iPhone. This abbreviation can be seen next to the signal strength indicator on the top status bar. Sometimes it is replaced by the symbols G, 3G, E, and sometimes there is a plus sign next to them.

What does 3G, 4G and LTE mean in iPhone

All of these cryptic symbols are actually indicators of the type of signal the smartphone is currently using. If the data transmission range is small, then the user will see the letter “E”, which is an abbreviation of the name of the “Edge” network. This network provides the phone with the ability to access the Internet. The rest of the designations are deciphered according to the same principle. For example, if the symbol “G” appears in the top line, it means that the smartphone has access to the “GPRS” network.

At present, any smartphone owner will have no difficulty in accessing the Internet, watching videos through it, listening to music, downloading something or transmitting any information. Now this is taken for granted, but just a few years ago, information technology was not so advanced. People had to wait for a long time to download a movie, music, video. And there was no question of video communication.

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Fortunately, experts worked on this and soon presented the world with 2G, the second generation communication standard. It gave the user access to the Internet, but its frequency range was not enough to cover a large area. The operators tried to solve the problem and began to place a large number of towers at such a distance from each other that there were no “empty” zones between them.

This was extremely inconvenient and costly, so the specialists were looking for a new solution. Soon, 2.5G was created, which provided a higher level of communication at the expense of a larger coverage area. But this type did not last long, because in 2000 it was replaced by the third generation standard, which includes as many as 3 types of packet data transmission. 3G has faster internet speeds than its predecessors.

Note! Thanks to 3G, users were able to communicate via video communication, view content online and use the Internet on the move without interruptions.

The fourth generation was created in 2008, its speed exceeds 100 Mbps. This type of communication is optimal due to the fast Internet connection. Long-Term Evolution (LTE) came alongside 4G. Initially, this technology was used in 3G, and then it began to be used in the 4th generation. In simple terms, LTE is a kind of “accelerator” for the mobile Internet. When this function is enabled, the data transfer rate increases and the smartphone can easily switch to a convenient communication type. LTE also makes it possible to improve the quality of communication when forwarding.

How to enable 4G on iPhone

Many users don’t know how to enable 4G on iPhone, but it’s actually not as difficult as it sounds. First, you need to check if the smartphone has this function. This should be written in the technical specifications of the gadget. It is also worth making sure that the SIM card has a connected Internet access service. Otherwise, the subscriber will not be able to access the network, or risk losing money from the mobile balance.

The user figured out what LTE is in the iPhone, now you should enable this service. To do this, go to settings and open “Cellular”. Here you need to find functions such as “4G LTE” and “Data transmission”. It is necessary to enable each of the options if they are disabled.

If they are turned on, but there are some problems with the Internet, then this means that the smartphone does not pick up the signal from the tower. The operator’s tower may be too far from the person’s location. In addition, the reason may lie in the lack of traffic. This can be checked with the mobile operator.

Often the internet does not work due to the fact that the APN name is not configured. To configure the name of the access point, you need to go to the settings and go to the parameters of the cellular network. Next, you need to set the name of the access point. The name depends on the subscriber of which operator the user is. If it is Beeline, then you need to enter internet.billine.ru. You can find out the name of the access point by contacting the operator.

How to set up the LTE function

With newer iPhones, you can customize LTE to your liking. For example, improve the sound quality of a voice call through faster data transfer, as well as improve the speed of the Internet. Before turning on LTE on the iPhone, you should figure out if the phone supports this option. This can be viewed by going to the tab “Cellular networks”.

Important! Some telecommunication networks do not provide for LTE communication type.

If the subscriber has access to the LTE function, he can turn it on or off. If there is no such function, then the user can turn off the Internet, or 2G, 3G or 4G.

How to disable LTE on iPhone

In some situations, the owner of the gadget needs to know how to disable LTE on the iPhone. This function, like any other, wastes battery power, in addition, the mobile Internet must be turned off during flights. To disable the option, you need to go to the settings and open the “Cellular” tab. In the line “4G LTE”, you need to change the checkbox from enabled status to disabled.

What is iPhone firmware and what is it for?

If you still do not know what iPhone firmware is, I hasten to assure you that there is nothing bad or shameful in this: new technologies have burst into our lives too quickly for each of us to keep track of their development.

So what is it? The iPhone’s firmware is called the OS (operating system), and to be precise, iOS is what it is called.

If these words do not mean anything to you, then remember your computer or laptop, which, when loaded, happily showed Windows welcome and green meadows on the desktop.

So, the firmware for the phone, roughly speaking, is the same as Windows for the computer. In addition, the very process of installing this very operating system is also called firmware.

Why install new firmware

The main reasons for flashing iPhone are as follows:

  • Serious operating system failure. In this case, a flashing is performed in order to restore the device’s performance.
  • The new version of the firmware has eliminated any shortcomings and so-called bugs. Updating the firmware improves the security of your data, eliminating the causes of minor failures.
  • New applications are not installed on the old firmware version. It is clear here and without comment.


  • The concept of jailbreak cannot be ignored. Jailbreak is not a firmware, but a modification of it, which allows the user to get full access to all files and settings of the iPhone.
  • The main motive for such a modification is usually the ability to install applications that are not located in the AppStore, which often allows you to use a free analogue instead of an expensive paid application.
  • Jailbreak also allows you to “jailbreak” the iPhone, tied to a specific operator, and use other SIM-cards.
  • Of course, Apple does not welcome such modifications, considering it a violation of copyright, and therefore the warranty does not apply to devices with a jailbreak installed.
  • At the same time, it is not an offense to install a jailbreak in the United States. In Russia, the laws are such that even owners of iPhones with modified firmware, if necessary, may require warranty repair.

Summing up, it can be noted that updating the iPhone firmware is a simple procedure that many device owners can easily cope with.

Timely firmware updates generally improve the safety and comfort of your iPhone. Jailbreak is a matter of taste and personal preference.

It should be noted that Apple does not guarantee the correct operation of an iPhone on which applications not obtained from the AppStore are installed.