What can be done with ipad 2

iPad 2.Overview

Of course, I was very interested in the second iPad. simply because I am an avid user of the first iPad. In addition, by the nature of my work, I had to test about a dozen of the most diverse tablets, which, after the explosive success of the iPad, fell on the market like mushrooms after rain, and I had to admit that none of these tablets even stood next to the iPad. with all the known iPad shortcomings. Well, except that Motorola XOOM looked very decent in hardware, but completely raw Android 3.0 inside and the absence of applications for this version. it is not at all clear why such a piece of hardware was produced with such software. Well, at that price. one and a half times more expensive than an iPad.

And then Apple took and planted an outright pig on all other manufacturers: while they were trying to somehow reach the first iPad, Apple released a second model, which, moreover, began to sell at the price of the first, and for the first lowered the price by 100.

However, what does it matter to us? Let the producers cry and try to catch up with the flying away bitten apple. we, the consumers, only get better from it. Let them know where to strive. And now my task is simple. see what the second iPad is like, and draw a conclusion on whether it is worth changing the first to the second or is it like changing Granny Smith to Melba or Renet Kichunova.

iPad 2

Operating system: iPhone OS 4.3
Processor: 900 MHz dual-core Apple A5
Flash memory: 16GB (can be 32GB and 64GB)
RAM: 512 MB
Display: 9.7 “, 1024 × 768, IPS-matrix with LED backlight, glossy, capacitive, with support for Multitouch
Network: Wi-Fi (802.11a / b / g / n), Bluetooth 2.1 EDR technology (there are also models with 3G and CDMA EV-DO)
I / O: dock connector, 3.5mm stereo jack, speaker, microphone
Battery: built-in, 25 Wh, lithium polymer
Cameras: on the back cover 0.7 megapixels, on the front. VGA
Optional: 3D gyroscope, accelerometer, light sensor, digital compass, (GPS for 3G models)
Dimensions: 241 x 186 x 8.8mm
Weight: 613g

From the above characteristics, it can be seen that the tablet has not changed the display, but a noticeably more powerful processor and two video cameras of quite disgusting resolution have appeared. The weight has decreased by 80 grams, the device has become slightly smaller in height and width, and has been cut by almost a third in thickness. 8.8 mm versus the previous 13.4 mm.

As usual, they do not indulge in this: the device itself, a USB cable, a network adapter, two leaflets with a guarantee, a leaflet indicating what the Power button is for, and, of course, the main thing is why it is all bought. a page with two Velcro in the form of a bitten apple. Velcro can be stuck on, for example, a refrigerator. Or on a Chinese-made tablet for 120. Or on your forehead. In general, many uses.


Externally, the second iPad has changed very little compared to the first.

First iPad (left) and second iPad (right of first)

The only thing. it became thinner and the end was actually removed from it, greatly rounding the back cover.

Above. iPad 2, underneath. iPad

Back cover

iPad and iPad 2

The control buttons and ports remain the same, however they are now located on the beveled surfaces and look like this.

Sound control, locking (sound, screen), turning on and opening the camera on the back cover

Microphone, headphone output

One of the innovations of the second iPad. clever cover, which, however, is not included in the package: it must be purchased separately, and there are several types of different materials (polyurethane and leather) and different colors.

Cover ruler

Polyurethane covers cost 39 (in the States, of course), leather. 69.

I got a green polyurethane in such a package.

Cover in packaging


Colored top with magnetic strips, gray bottom with a special coating, which is supposed to clean the tablet surface, side magnetic mount.

The mount self-sticks to the left front side of the tablet (and only there). just bring it to a suitable surface. In height, the mount is absolutely precisely positioned independently. there is no other way to stick it.

Attaching the cover to the tablet

With the cover closed, the tablet looks like this.

Closed cover tablet

The magnet is quite strong there, so when the cover is attached to the body of the iPad, it can be lifted by the cover. won’t come off.

iPad sadly hanging on the cover

It closes the screen perfectly. the screen does not see anything and immediately falls asleep from chagrin. And one has only to raise the edge of the cover. the screen wakes up immediately.

About cleaning the screen. marketing bullshit. Doesn’t clean a damn thing (and it’s not clear how this is physically possible at all). Although in some “reviews”, which are clearly compiled from advertising brochures, I saw emotion that after closing the screen with a cover all fingerprints disappear.

So, they lie like gray geldings. Not a damn thing wasted. here is the proof of life of prints.

Blurred screen to cover

Blurred screen after cover

However, it is clear that there is nothing to blame on the cover, since the body secretes something through the skin. Cleanse, not the first time! over, everyone trained on the first iPad for a long time. For example, gopniks clean their iPad with a dirty handkerchief. Business people are cleaning their iPad with an even dirtier handkerchief. Rabelaisians and niggas clean the iPad with their friend’s panties. Schoolchildren clean their iPads with their own underpants.

Special set

However, back to the second main function of the cover. pedestal. The cover folds into triangles with built-in magnets that can hold the iPad upright and half-recline. It looks like this.

Stands upright

Lies half-lying

Now what do you end up with for the cover, kids? The cover is definitely cool. And pretty. Stylish, innovative. Multi-colored. Less cumbersome. But in terms of ease of use, it is specifically inferior to the good old case-cover, which I have been using for a hundred years and am very pleased. over, the good old one performs all the same functions, including the lack of screen cleaning.

Good old

This is what the iPad 2 desktop looks like today.

iPad 2


What’s added here? Three new apps. FaceTime, Camera and Photo Booth. And all three relate to working with the camera and images.

FaceTime. this is the ability to make video calls with Wi-Fi and provided that your subscriber’s phone also supports FaceTime, that is, it is either an iPhone 4 or iPad 2.

In general, the utility is quite convenient, I often use it. And it’s nice that now the iPad also supports this feature.

FaceTime is enabled in the device settings. After that, a FaceTime button is added to any contact, and if you know that the subscriber can take such a call. you call. The joke is that, apart from the subscriber and any characteristics of contact with him (at least e-mail), FaceTime does not need anything else. The utility will find the subscriber itself, make a video call itself (if possible).

Below is a FaceTime call from iPad 2 to iPhone 4.

FaceTime call

By the way, on this shovel (I mean iPad 2) it turned out to be quite convenient to make video calls. What can you see there on the iPhone? Nothing really. And here. ten-inch screen. Beauty, all the details can be clearly seen!

In addition, you can switch to another camera (which is on the back) and show your counterpart a mess in the room, a new cactus flower or a view from the window of a snow melting plant in beautiful less than megapixel resolution.

With Skype, of course, you can have fun in a completely similar way, but the HD version for iPad has not yet been released. But the iPhone version plows quite well here. in iPhone resolution.

Skype video call via tablet in iPhone resolution

With the camera here, the Cupertinians decided not to strain too much. IPhone 4 has an external camera. 5 megapixels. Here is a very peculiar camera, which takes photos at a resolution of 0.7 megapixels (720×960), but video. in 720p (1280×720), that is, 1.2 megapixels. Why the camera cannot take photos in 1.2 megapixels. unclear. Apple themselves keep a proud silence and write modestly in the specification of the external camera: “Camera. Can shoot 720p video.” And silence. Well done! Young people!

The front camera shoots in the appropriate resolution quality. Settings, as is customary with Apple, at least, there is no flash and HDR mode, like the iPhone 4 (well, that’s understandable). You can also turn on the shooting mode from the front camera (there is a usual VGA).

It seems that the external camera is intended more for shooting video, which is obtained from it of quite good quality, even in technical cases when dynamic scenes are filmed or the camera itself is moving quickly.

Shooting with an external camera

A simple utility for creating all kinds of visual effects when shooting. Choose an effect, click on it. the camera is launched, the frames from which are processed in accordance with the selected effect.


For example, here is a frame taken with one of the effects.

Frame with effect

Nothing new and interesting appeared in the settings. except that minor innovations in firmware 4.3.


Formally, the display has barely changed. cool, but with the same resolution and matrix. They say that by the third version of the iPad, Apple threatens to hit everyone with a screen of some incredible resolution. In the meantime, we will, like the last suckers, with an IPS-matrix with LED backlighting and a resolution of 1024 × 768. Yes, it’s sad to feel like a caveman on the eve of April 2011, but nevertheless.

However, they did conjure something up there. There is a feeling that the display has become more saturated and contrasting. In addition, there is a new graphics subsystem and a noticeably faster processor, and this, believe me, is reflected in the performance of the entire tablet. he just flies. Although, I will note, and the first iPad did not differ in slowness. But now everything is quite fast.

The browser (Safari) has become clearly faster (however, this is a feature of firmware 4.3), and games with the new iPad 2 should reach a new level. I looked at how games behave with serious graphics, and they became very fast.

For example, Hunters: Episode One HD and Infinity Blade, which on the first iPad, barely turning around, puffed so much that could be heard in the next room, on the second iPad they fly with a whistle so that the whistle is heard even in the yard. Seriously impressive.

Hunters: Episode One HD

Infinity Blade

And here are the numbers of a dry theory. tests according to GLBenchmark1.1. Compare with iPad tests.

IPad 2 Test Chart

IPad Test Table

Well, and one more very indicative comparative plate.

comparison table

In general, it became clear that now game developers have a lot to turn. For iPad 2, you can create games with very advanced graphics. And this is all the wife here will run into the wretchedness of controlling the fingers on the screen. Wireless keyboards with mice for iPad are already available. now it will be the turn of the Apple gamepad, which is a dazzling white egg without a single button or joystick, steering wheel, and a game stand for ten ipads hanging around the head. So there is where to turn, there is.

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In general, this innovation appeared, as far as I understand, in firmware 4.3, and not in the iPad 2. Now you can output video to an external source. using a special adapter, which is sold separately and costs 39 in a plain white version and 69 in a version with Swarovski crystals. Here is this adapter in a simple version.


Supported by iPhone 4, iPod Touch 4, iPad, iPad 2 devices with corresponding firmware. Designed to display on the TV screen (projector, other source) what is happening on the screen of the apple-apple. The image can output up to 1080p video. up to 720p.

On the block. HDMI output and standard USB connector for iPhones-iPads so that the device can be charged and synced at the same time.

I tested how it all works. The iPad 2 plows as stated. displays everything that happens on the tablet screen to the TV.

TV screen output

If a video is displayed, then an inscription appears on the tablet screen that the TV is working, and a splash screen appears on the tablet instead of the video, and the video is running on the TV screen.

YouTube videos on TV

And there are all sorts of fun. For example, when displaying video from the small preview screen of the YouTube app. on TV, it still comes in full size. The quality, by the way, is pretty decent.

But this is all on iPad 2. With the iPad, the situation was somewhat different. I did not succeed in displaying the usual image from the iPad to the TV, although I blew out three tambourines and broke two button accordions. (Note that the iPad had the necessary firmware. 4.3.) I only achieved video output, and even then it appeared in such a disgusting quality that I could not resist and watched the entire speech of Vova Solovyov at the Edrosia congress.

It was not possible to achieve at least decent quality from the iPad (under the same conditions as the iPad 2 was installed in), so the technology probably requires some improvement.

Why is this thing useful in the case of the iPad 2? Well, there are many uses. Display on the TV screen photos and videos taken directly by the tablet itself or something else, play presentations. Well, also output video. for example, you went somewhere on vacation, threw serials on the tablet, connected it to the TV in the hotel. and forward the whole company to watch and enjoy. over, in this case, you can connect the tablet to the adapter and it will not be discharged.

Apple has firmly stated that, with all the thinning and explicitly thickening, it will keep the battery life at least the same.

Of course, I didn’t believe it. And I checked. Well, more precisely, I believed it, because they hadn’t lied before, but I checked it anyway.

You didn’t lie! Real operating time with Wi-Fi turned on, automatic screen brightness (by the way, you can even dim it) and constant Internet surfing (every minute the Internet page reloaded, on which a cheerful blonde is. did you really get up?). eleven hours twenty four minutes!

Continuous video playback (TV series) with Wi-Fi off. nine hours forty eight minutes! And there was still 5% of the charge left! It’s just that on this the tablet said that this series had tortured him and let’s start charging, since such a thing.

So, in my opinion, the result is just great. In this regard, no one is catching up with the iPad even nearby. However, in other plans, very few people catch up with him either.

In the States, the for new iPads are as follows:

iPad 2 Wi-Fi 16Gb. 499
iPad 2 Wi-Fi 32Gb. 599
iPad 2 Wi-Fi 64Gb. 699
iPad 2 Wi-Fi 3G 16Gb. 629
iPad 2 Wi-Fi 3G 32Gb. 729
iPad 2 Wi-Fi 3G 64Gb. 829

That is, they are one to one correlated with the first iPads. Apple sells new models at the price of the old ones. And the old ones dropped each by 100, but their production was discontinued. soon the first iPads will become an antique rarity and experts will give much more money for scratched models with picturesque cracks on the glass than for well-preserved ones.

In Russia, the official second iPads should appear in three months (with optimistic forecasts), the price for the younger model is promised in the region of twenty thousand rubles. At the moment, iPad 2 are delivered purely unofficially and their price reaches right up to the cost of a decent dinner for six at the Pushkin Cafe with a shaggy pinot noir. But this will soon pass, the price will settle down and will approximately correspond to the first iPad, which is sold for about 20 tyr for the younger model.

My impressions, and is it worth paying for the first or second

Many IT journalists and just advanced users who have already grasped the coveted second version of the tray with microcircuits expressed their disappointment that, they say, the second version did not bring a resolution of 15789 × 12735 pixels, did not start brewing coffee and does not offer sexual services.

As for me, I am not disappointed at all. Of course, on the one hand, I expected a higher resolution. With another. Well tell me, what does not suit you in this resolution? Surf the Internet. quite comfortable. Read books. perfectly. Watch the video. great. over, it supports 720p. Well, much more 720p on a ten-inch tablet?

But the performance. yes, it is useful. Thickness. even more useful. Cameras. very useful for video conversations (especially for those who do not have an iPhone). Well, the video output, which turns the iPad into a multimedia player. what’s wrong and disappointing?

However, when asked whether it is worth giving up everything, selling an apartment with a car and urgently changing the first iPad for the second, I will answer in the negative. Change the first to the second. completely optional. Personally, I do not plan to change yet, although I have the opportunity to do it with a minimum of cash costs. But I already have my first iPad. But who is just going to buy this, of course, a cool thing. here are the cards in hand: for the same money he will get a new model.

And we, the pioneering pioneers, are waiting for the third one right away. With a resolution of 15789 × 12735 pixels and to be able to brew coffee.

iPad with iPadOS 13

It turns out that not every iPad can be connected to a Mac via Sidecar. Apple Pencil compatibility is key to connectivity.

  • iPad Pro. All Models
  • iPad (6th generation) and later
  • iPad mini (5th generation)
  • iPad Air (3rd generation)

How Sidecar works

The iPad can be used not only as a second screen or monitor for one application (I brought Telegram there so that only a text editor and a browser could be left on the main Mac monitor). The function also allows you to duplicate the contents of the Mac screen. To do this, return to the AirPlay menu as a blue rectangle while using Sidecar. And choose the screen mirroring option.

Using the iPad 2 in 2020. Review

When using the iPad as a “backup” for the main monitor, a side menu with control keys appears on it. It has Command and Shift, as well as other modification keys, allowing you to select commands with the tap of your finger or with the Apple Pencil. That is, if you want, you can take an iPad, lie down on the bed and work on it, just like on a Mac. Useful if you, for example, use a 27-inch iMac. you can’t put such a computer on your lap.

Side Menu on iPad when used with Sidecar

One of Sidecar’s unique features is the ability to display the Touch Bar on your iPad (even if your MacBook doesn’t have one). All programs that have functional touch keys will display the corresponding buttons directly on the tablet screen.

Many people have different attitudes towards Sidecar, but in the end everyone agrees that the MacBook sometimes needs a second portable screen.

Which Mac and iPad support Sidecar

Unfortunately, this feature does not work on all Macs. There are minimum system requirements for the Sidecar app.

iPad idle? Turn your tablet into a second monitor!

Last year Apple showed us the new iPadOS and macOS Catalina. Among the many new features, it makes sense to highlight the Sidecar option. This technology allows iPad to be used as an external display for Mac. For a long time, I treated this function more like a toy, but when I had to work from home from morning to evening, I realized that it would be nice to have another monitor at my disposal. The large 30-inch, alas, remained in the office, did not have time to pick it up. Just at the end of last year I took a 7th generation iPad (which is a “budget” 10.2-inch). it’s time to try this feature.

If your iPad is idle too, it’s time to make it work.!

What iPad gestures are available in Sidecar

Even if iPad is your second monitor, you can still use multitouch gestures on it. I most appreciated the following:

done, ipad
  • Scroll: swipe with two fingers.
  • Copy: pinch three fingers.
  • Cut: pinch three fingers twice.
  • Paste: Spread three fingers apart.
  • Undo: Swipe left with three fingers or double-tap with three fingers.
  • Redo: Swipe right with three fingers.
done, ipad

Mac with macOS Catalina

With the Mac, too, everything is not so simple. As in the case of the iPad, for some reason Apple decided to limit the number of computer models that can connect to the tablet via Sidecar:

  • MacBook Pro (2016) and later;
  • MacBook (2016) and later
  • MacBook Air (2018) and later
  • iMac (2017) and later and iMac (Retina 5K, 27-inch, Late 2015)
  • iMac Pro;
  • Mac mini (2018) and later
  • Mac Pro (2019).

I have a 2012 MacBook Pro Retina that clearly doesn’t fit the Sidecar. There is one way to get around this limitation on the web, but after the release of macOS Catalina, it stopped working. Alternatively, some suggest installing some kind of left-handed patch. I tried it and after that all the icons on the top bar disappeared on the MacBook Pro, including Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, rebooting did not help. I had to restore the system. So if you really need this feature badly, you’ll have to fork out for a new Mac.

IPad and Mac Tips

Although Sidecar can be used wirelessly (requires Wi-Fi connection), the function only works correctly up to 10 meters away. It’s much easier to place your iPad next to your Mac using a stand and have another monitor at your disposal. Here is an example of such a stand, but there are a lot of them on the Web now, you can choose which one you like. By the way, share a photo of your setup in the comments or in our Telegram chat (it’s even more convenient there), maybe others will take note of something (and me too).

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Option to use iPad as a second display

Many people buy themselves an iPad Pro for 60-100 thousand rubles, and it seems to me that using a tablet as a second monitor is a good way to recoup your investment. Nevertheless, when we work at a computer, the tablet mostly lies next to or in another room on the couch, and so it will always be in business.

How to make iPad a second monitor

Sidecar is one of a slew of innovations that expands the ecosystem capabilities of Apple devices. Unlike the Duet Display app, which also displays an image from a Mac on the iPad and allows you to interact with computer elements on a touch screen, Sidecar is much more functional and useful. To turn iPad into another monitor, you just need to follow one sequence of actions that will take you less than a minute. In the future, you will connect the tablet to the Mac without any problems, since it is enough to do it once, and you will remember everything.

  • Both iPad and Mac must be signed in to the same Apple ID.
  • To use iPad as a monitor, simply place it near your MacBook, iMac, or other Apple computer.
  • After that, click the AirPlay icon in the top menu bar on your Mac, then select the iPad connection option. it will appear in the list of monitors.
  • The iPad will now be an extension of the Mac screen. You can move windows to it, and also use it as a normal display.

After choosing iPad, it will turn into a second monitor

I liked that, if necessary, you can display only one application on the screen. for this you need to hold the full screen icon in the window of the desired application.

Can I use iPad for one specific app with Mac


The most anticipated innovation, which was never received by fans of technological innovations, is a Retina screen similar to that used in the iPhone 4 and iPod touch with a quadrupled resolution. It was reserved for one of the next generations of tablets, but for now, the iPad 2 uses “just” an improved version of the same 9.7-inch IPS-matrix with a resolution of 1024 by 768 pixels, a capacitive touch layer and an oleophobic coating.

To match the entire device, the display unit became thinner, but the potential loss of its reliability was compensated for by more flexible and durable glass. The image quality seems to be identical to the first version of the tablet, but in a face-to-face comparison the difference is quite noticeable. Even the old IPS-screen did not experience any particular problems with viewing angles. characteristic artifacts in the form of a purple fill at an acute viewing angle showed themselves only in dark areas. However, in the new screen, this effect manifests itself to a much lesser extent. The same is true for the contrast level. the image looks sharper and more vibrant, which is especially noticeable in small details.

The range of brightness control has also been expanded, the new model produces a minimum of 20 and a maximum of 300 cd / m2, while the first Apple iPad provided a maximum of 260-270 cd / m2. In principle, the brightness level of 250 cd / m2 and higher is already sufficient for working with the device outdoors on a sunny day, but in conditions of a glossy surface, you will have to select a “glare-free” angle. The minimum system backlight level is 20 cd / m2, with one exception. the iBooks application has the ability to dim to a barely visible 2-3 cd / m2 for reading in complete darkness.

Those of you who followed the fate of the new tablet probably did not lose sight of the messages of some of its first owners about the noticeable unevenness of the display backlight. Interestingly, in the sample we got for the test, we also found a small flare in the lower right corner of the screen, but it was so weak that without looking for it on purpose, we would never have guessed about its presence.


Despite the relative shortness of the test due to fluctuations in the price of a tablet on the local market, we managed to spend a full-fledged “weekend on the couch” with the Apple iPad 2. that is, in the conditions most typical for this device. Still, it is more convenient to carry more compact 7-inch models with you, and a tablet with a screen diagonal of 9.7-inches fits on a coffee table. As a result, cards, that is, tablets of two generations, were laid out on the table in an attempt to isolate the difference in experience and usage patterns.

When Smart Cover is wrapped behind the back edge, it can get in the way of adjusting the sound with the corresponding rocker

So, the difference in weight is noticeable, but it is not critical. to say that hands fall off from the first iPad after half an hour of browsing, and the second is simply not weightless. Fatigue when used without support (in the stomach or legs, as it is more convenient to whom) sooner or later occurs in both cases. The difference in thickness is not noticeable at all, where in the first model the hands were holding on to the bend of the back panel, in the iPad 2 you hold right to the bottom. this has practically no effect on the grip. The same situation is in the exercise “lift the tablet off the table”, both models have side edges blocked up enough to stick your fingers into the gap without any problems and take the device in your hands. Due to the difference in the geometry of the surface of the base of the case, the tablets lie in different ways. the first one can be shaken a little like a rocking chair, while the iPad 2 lies on a flat surface just unshakably. This does not affect anything other than the aesthetic perception of the device. But the fact that the buttons are now located not on flat edges, but practically on the bend of the rear panel is very unusual. it would seem that the arrangement of the keys has not changed, but there is not enough visual feedback.

over, when Smart Cover is wrapped behind the back edge, it can simply interfere with adjusting the sound with the corresponding rocker. An equally noticeable effect on the operation of the tablet is exerted by the ability to unlock the screen by simply swiping, you get used to it very quickly and feel sincere bewilderment when the same operation with the cover of the first iPad does not lead to the same result. By the way, using the “smart cover” with the first generation of Apple’s tablet will not work. it needs reciprocal magnets in the device itself. The same situation is true in the opposite direction. the iPad 2 can be placed in the case from the first, but the reduced dimensions (and, first of all, the thickness) lead to the fact that the tablet dangles there in the most indecent way. So those who want to protect their expensive charms from scratches and reasonable drops will have to look for a full-fledged cover from third-party manufacturers or use corresponding stickers on the back panel in a pair with Smart Cover (since their number already allows you to choose a design option for every taste.

The fact that the buttons are now located not on flat edges, but practically on the bend of the rear panel is quite unusual

The difference in performance is noticeable very clearly, and first of all, with active browsing and PDF reading. each of the actions (page rendering, drawing and scaling of the magazine sheet) takes at least a second, but faster, thereby saving the user’s time. Over the weekend, those seconds really add up to minutes and tens of minutes, so productivity is really in demand. Game lovers will like it even more as soon as they start optimizing their projects for the dual-core A5 platform. The gyroscope really allows you to more accurately control the gameplay, this is especially noticeable in maze-type games and in racing series, where the tablet acts as a steering wheel. We talked about the quality of photos and videos above, but even the process of using the 9.7-inch viewfinder is difficult. it is simply inconvenient to shoot, so the cameras in the iPad are really more for entertainment in Photo Booth, occasional posting on social networks and for chatting in FaceTime Despite the fact that the speaker grille occupies a larger area and received a slightly higher volume level, the sound quality of the iPad 2 has become worse. where in the first iPad there was at least some hint of sound depth, in the iPad 2 we get a more empty and rattling typical mobile sound. Music sounds noticeably more pleasant in headphones, so music lovers are immediately advised to get a docking station with normal acoustics.

And the last thing we can say about the ergonomics of iPad 2 is that its Home button is noticeably softer and quieter. It would seem that such a trifle, but when you exit the next application for the tenth time, these regular clicks can really prevent someone from falling asleep.

With active use, the back cover slightly heats up, which was not observed in the first “fat” iPad

The dual-core A5 processor shows a noticeable performance boost over the single-core A4. At the same time, the autonomy remained at the same level, which is good news. Apps launch faster, web pages load earlier, and even PDF pages render faster than the first generation tablet. Interestingly, the developers have increased the RAM to 512 MB of RAM, while the standard value for competing Honeycomb models is 1 GB.

With active use, the back cover gets a little warm, which was not observed in the first “fat” iPad. The company itself speaks of a two-fold increase in CPU performance and a nine-fold increase in performance in graphics applications. In casual games, this is almost imperceptible, but in more complex projects like Infinity Blade, the difference in quality is obvious, and the further, the more games made only for iPad 2 will be found.

Less significant innovations include the appearance of a gyroscope, which allows you to more accurately track the position of the device in space. The ability of the iPad 2 to output an image to a TV using an HDMI adapter does not hurt either. It is unlikely that the residents of Ukraine will be interested in the presence of the Verizon version of the tablet, designed to work in CDMA networks, but the fact that the price of its predecessor has been preserved is welcome.

You probably noticed that in the technical specifications we indicated retail for iPad 2 and Smart Cover in the USA, without paying attention to the cost of these products in Ukraine. The fact is that in the conditions of a shortage of these devices, even in the North American market, which is the main one for Apple, we have simply panicky and agiotage formed on them. Only those who “really want to” can afford to buy the device, overpaying almost twice in comparison with the recommended price. For the rest, we would recommend waiting out the first wave of saturation, or even using the help of friends and relatives who are going to or permanently reside in the United States.

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Should you run to sell the first generation iPad and change it to iPad 2? Only if you really need cameras and the level of performance is critical. Until a certain number of applications, sharpened exclusively for iPad 2, appear, the owners of the previous version will not feel infringed, which means that there is no particular point in such an exchange. If you don’t have any tablet yet, then the choice is simple. if you want a beautiful and easy-to-use tablet with a number of limitations noticeable for a geek. take iPad 2, you can’t live without USB, HDMI and Flash content. start looking at one of the Honeycomb models which will appear en masse on our market in early summer.

Apple iPad 2

Thinner and lighter body; increased productivity with consistently high autonomy; the level of recommended prices, identical to the first generation; softer and quieter home button

Smart Cover

According to many users, it is the “smart cover” that has become the most unusual and useful feature of the Apple iPad 2. Smart Cover is not included in the package, it will have to be purchased separately. the usual polyurethane version will cost 39, the stylish leather version. 69 (of course, we are talking about the market USA). At the same time, the design colors available for the two options do not intersect; each of them has five own shades.

The lid consists of four vertical plates, the outer side is finished with practical smooth polyurethane (or leather, if you have not regretted the extra 30), which is easy to clean from dirt, and the inner is made of velvety material. During transportation, this surface rubs against the screen, wiping off fingerprints. you will not achieve 100% cleanliness, but it is quite possible to reduce the effect of dirty hands.

It is enough to bring the cover to the left side for the smart piece of plastic to orient itself and securely fasten itself to the tablet

It is enough to bring the cover to the left side for the clever piece of plastic to orient itself and securely fasten itself to the tablet. This uses a system of strong magnets in the cover and tablet, and it takes a very noticeable effort to break the bond. The cover can simply cover the screen, it can be folded over the back edge in whole or in part, so as not to cover the camera lens. By folding it into a triangle, you get a comfortable stand with lying and standing positions. However, the most unusual feature of the cover is the ability to turn the screen on and off by slightly lifting the edge of the Smart Cover above the screen. To activate this function, all the same magnets are used, and if you want to lock the screen in the old fashioned way with the power button, you can disable this feature in the menu.

The workmanship and attention to detail are impressive, so as not to scratch the sides of the tablet with a metal hinge, the latter is equipped with silicone inserts. In fact, the only drawback of Smart Cover is that it does not protect the back edge of the tablet, which, if used carelessly, will quickly become covered with scratches. On the other hand, it allows the hotter dual-core heart of the tablet to cool more freely.


Added cameras on the front and back panels, you can do a lot of things. First, use cameras for Facetime. The application icon is on the desktop, it is very simple to work with it, contacts are simply added. no problem. A Wi-Fi connection is required to call. You can see how the program works in our video. Don’t expect a crystal frequency, that’s for sure. As with the iPhone 4, it is possible to switch camera views.

Another pampering program. Photobooth, in the near future, a lot of profile photos made with its help will probably appear on other social networks. The bottom line is that you can choose any funny effect, take a picture. self-portrait and immediately send it somewhere.

The camera on the back is not very good, the pictures are so-so. The video shoots well, the resolution is 1280 x 720 pixels.

Geotags are supported, focusing on the object you specified is possible.


As you can see, the MTS SIM card was quickly recognized, let me remind you again. no jailbreak for iPad is needed. The Wi-Fi version looks very attractive for iPhone 3Gs and iPhone 4 owners, because in iOS 4.3 there was a little thing called “Personal Hotspot”. I will write about this separately. But, in my opinion, if we take it, then take the version with 3G. Unlike the version with Wi-Fi, there is a digital compass (works in Google Maps, for example), aGPS.

You can connect to the TV with might and main, another accessory for the device and an extra thirty dollars for you. I mean, you have to spend on this adapter. Curious how much of a demand this feature will be, how many iPad owners will want to connect their tablet to a TV. It would be interesting to hear opinions in the forum.

There are no problems with connecting to access points, Bluetooth works with a normal or stereo headset without problems.


Everything is the same, the volume control buttons and the lever are at the end, you can program its action in the menu, this is either mute the sound or turn off the automatic image rotation. The button under the display has become softer, although it probably only seems to me. The top-left button remained in place, it was “pulled” out of the case, it is convenient to use.

The touchscreen is great, I haven’t seen a tablet as easy to use as of yet.

Design, construction

The device resembles an iPod Touch, as if they took many, many “tachets”, put them together, it turned out to be a second iPad. Subtle, but there are more visual trickery here. rounded edges to some extent hide the true thickness of the device. At first, you take it in your hands, and it seems that it is much smaller and lighter than the first iPad. To some extent this is true, but even if you look at the photographs, you will see. the size difference is small. But there is a difference in weight. The first model weighed 680 grams and measured 242.8×189.7×13.4 mm. The iPad 2 weighs 601 grams and measures 241.2×185.7×8.8 mm. Again, the difference in thickness is not very noticeable.

The material is still the same, rough aluminum, an oleophobic coating has appeared on the display protection. But given the size of the screen, prints still remain, and they are clearly visible.

Due to the fact that the ends are beveled, something strange happens with USB cables. In the photo you can see how the connector is arranged here. So, for some reason only the cable out of the box is suitable, the other device simply does not perceive. Although I did not find any differences. The set comes with an AC adapter, for Russia there will, of course, be the correct plug.

I was dealing with the version in the maximum configuration, Wi-Fi 3G, 64 GB memory. The set includes a clip for removing the SIM-card slot, with the slot, too, not everything is great, in the first iPad it was more convenient to insert it into place. Although, this is unlikely to be done often.

The design of the speaker is interesting, the perforated area in the lower part of the case. Compared to the first iPad, the speaker has become a little louder, a little better, but nothing more. And then maybe it seems to me.

The 3G versions also have a black insert on the top of the case, which also has a microphone hole. The 3.5mm jack is also beveled, but there were no problems with different headsets.

Accessories for the first model are suitable for iPad 2, but one simple fact must be taken into account, not everything is smooth with the connector, you will definitely have to try add-ons before buying. Covers, if they are simple models, cases, covers. fit no problem. I haven’t seen the new case from Apple yet, as soon as it gets into my hands, I’ll tell you more about this innovation.

The most important update, in my opinion. the ability to choose black or white iPad 2, the frame color changes. Let’s just say for girls and boys. Although, if we talk about the iPad for boys, then this is rather the first model. chopped forms, you take it in your hands, you feel the thing and all that.


Either 16 GB, or 32 GB, or 64 GB, everything is simple here. the bigger, the better. To watch serials. Or store music. Who likes what more. By the way, the sound quality has not changed compared to the first iPad, I tried listening with Monster Turbine, everything is very similar.

Contents of delivery:

My task is very simple, because there was already an article about the announcement, it was discussed in order on the forum, and I just had to calmly tell what I saw when I opened a small box. Yesterday you could get to know the iPad 2 better at first glance, today a little more. Not much because iPad. this is not the kind of thing about which you can write a complete and most complete review. Everything very much depends on the software, because this tablet turns into a game console or a typewriter precisely thanks to additional programs. So think about what kind of hypostasis of the device to write about. An amazing thing, the phenomenon, when consumers give money for a piece of iron, then to puzzle over how to use it. I have an iPad, of course. A new interesting toy comes out, and it gets out of the cubbyhole. You need to take something like a presentation with you. back into battle. Rescue in traffic jams. Library. Sometimes it lies idle for weeks. But without it, it’s hard to imagine your set of the most-most gadgets of all time.

Other scenarios are also happening literally before our eyes. a person buys an iPad and does not understand what to do with it. Children take away the toy and quickly find what to do (there are plenty of games). Or, the girl takes it away. It happens. To sit “in contact” or c. But you never know.


Apple A5 1GHz dual-core processor, but that doesn’t tell us anything, does it? The difference can only be seen.

I didn’t start shooting another video about the speed of work. will have time. But I can say one thing, when comparing iPad and iPad 2 face to face, Safari works much faster on the latter, for many it is the main tool. Games start faster. Faster switching between applications, using multitasking. That is, you don’t even need to convince yourself. the difference is visible with the naked eye.

For those who like to play, there is also good news, there is now a gyroscope, it is very cool to race in races.