What can be done from a broken LCD TV

How to repair an LCD or CRT TV yourself

A TV is a device of frequent use that is found in almost every home. The more the technique works, the more likely it is to fail. There can be many problems. But, before referring the TV to the master, you need to make sure that the problem exists at all, and if so, what is it. It is possible that you can do your own TV repair at home.

CRT screens

Do-it-yourself LG TV repair, as well as TV brands such as PanaSonyk, Samsung, Rubin, Sharp, etc., consists in checking the fuse.

In order to fix TVs with a cathode ray tube, it is necessary to check for basic faults, and then to fix them.

Checking the fuse. To do this, unscrew the back panel, under which the board is located. The power terminals are connected to the fuse, which must be switched to the base of a conventional lamp and the TV must be connected to the network. If the lamp has gone out, then the device is functioning properly. If the lamp did not start to burn, or vice versa, burned all the time, then it is worth concluding that the fuse has blown.

Diode bridge. In the event of this breakdown, repair is possible only after dialing. To do this, you need a multimeter and a TV passport, which indicate its main characteristics. And then you need to act according to the scheme given in the passport, although if the diode bridge breaks down, it is still better to take it to a service center.

The most difficult problem with CRTs, as a rule, is the malfunction of the posistor. To check it, you need to turn off and turn on the power circuit and monitor the working lamp. To carry out repairs, you first need to adjust the network resistance, and then replace the posistor.

Capacitors or transistors burned out. It is not difficult to detect them, it can be done even visually: if they are swollen or have changed color on the board, then the problem has a place to be. In this situation, the damaged part must be replaced.

Repair of plasma and LCD TVs

Before you start repairing LCD or LED TVs, you should carefully read the Honor documentation for the device and study the principle of operation of your model.

When repairing plasma TVs with your own hands, great care must be taken to avoid deterioration of the unit’s condition. In liquid crystal (LSD) television sets, backlighting is produced by fluorescent or fluorescent lamps, and LEDs are used in LED. Repair of imported LCD TVs Samsung, Sharp, Thomson, Panasonic is similar. Therefore, the procedure for their repair is the same, and it is as follows:

  • If you cannot turn on the monitor, then the first thing to do is to check if the backlight is supplied with power.
  • Turn off the unit from the outlet.
  • Regardless of the brand of TV, you need to remove the back panel by unscrewing the screws.
  • Next, remove the mains power wires from the matrix.
  • To check the functionality of the wires, we connect an ordinary 100-watt incandescent lamp to the contacts.
  • Modern TVs often have several backlight sources, and therefore it is necessary to check each of them.
  • During testing, the matrix is ​​completely removed, the lamp is connected to the contacts, and the power wire is connected to the network.
  • If the lamp is on, the wire is in good order, if not, it is necessary to replace the cable or repair individual threads.

Repair of power supplies

If the LCD TV cannot be turned on and at the same time there is no indication (or it turns on only for a certain time and then turns off on its own), then the problem is most likely in the power supply.

The Samsung brand TV repair scheme described below can be applied to all LCD TVs:

  • Open the back panel of the device with a screwdriver.
  • Remove the cover. The power supply unit will be located on the left side, and the motherboard on the right.
  • The power supply board has top and bottom transformers. We start the check with the last of the listed ones, since it is responsible for the standby mode.
  • The transformer we need should give a voltage of 5 V. To measure the voltage, you need to find a wire. To do this, look at the marking or the diagram: the required wire will be marked “5 V”.
  • First you need to measure the open circuit. To do this, you need to connect one probe to the found contact, and the second to the diode cathode (located on the radiator). We put on the ringing: if there is a sound signal, then there is no break.
  • After that, one probe of the multimeter must be connected to the TV panel, and the second one must be left at the same location. We turn on the screen to the network and begin the process of measuring the voltage. If the device shows voltages less than 5 V, it means that the TV is not functioning at full power and most likely the capacitor has dried out.
  • We re-solder the elements that are out of order. To do this, you first need to remove the board and disconnect the matrix cable.
  • We put the unit back and assemble the device. After that the screen should work.
done, broken

In order to properly assemble the TV and not get confused where and what part should be located, you can first photograph the location of the parts.

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Replacing the backlight

Another reason why the TV screen does not turn on may be a malfunction of the backlight lamp. To fix this problem, you must:

  • Remove the back panel of the device using a screwdriver.
  • The cables should be disconnected from the matrix, and the control panels should be disconnected from the case.
  • Remove housing with electronic boards.
  • Unscrew the front panel, then remove the matrix and filters by snapping off the fasteners on the side.
  • Turn on the power and hold down a couple of keys to enter the service menu. Thanks to this, the lamps will turn on for a certain time.
  • Disconnect the lamp that is not lit and replace it with a new one.
  • Collect all items back.
  • Turn on the TV receiver and go back to the service menu. Reset lamp error counter.
  • The unit should then function normally.

Troubleshooting Algorithm

To find the answer to how to repair a TV, you need to understand what the problem is. Determination of faults will help both for self-repair of TV and for a service center. In the second case, you can explain to the master the reason for the breakdown of the television device, which will speed up the process of solving it.

Below is a description of the main malfunctions that occur when the TV breaks down:

  • I cannot turn off the device. It doesn’t matter: whether it’s a CRT TV or a modern LCD TV, there is only one reason. a blown fuse. It’s just that in different devices it acts as different parts. It is also possible that the diode bridge does not work.
  • That in domestic, that in imported TVs, the potential can go astray, for the function of which the posistor is responsible.
  • Plasma broke. This can manifest itself in a change in the color rendering of TV broadcasts, drops, interference, the appearance of light or dark stripes.
  • Broken power wire or faulty outlet.

If you decide to find the problem yourself, you will first have to clean the internal elements of dust using a soft brush or vacuum cleaner. Sometimes you can visually determine the location of the malfunction by changing the color of the components or their deformation. If such an inspection did not give results, you will have to look in specific circuits and devices: a power supply unit, a picture tube, a video amplifier, etc.

Inoperative remote control

Before you start repairing the TV with your own hands, you should check if the batteries are working from the remote control. If they have sat down, they must be replaced.

Dirty contacts under the buttons. To eliminate this problem, you need to disassemble the remote control yourself and wipe the contacts, then assemble the remote control back.

The quartz emitter is damaged. This could happen if the remote was dropped. So, it just needs to be replaced, since in this situation the emitter is not repairable.

A lamp from a broken TV: cool idea

The best thing to do with a broken thing or technique is to give it a second life. Broken TVs can be an attractive home lighting solution. This article will show you how to disassemble a broken LCD TV or monitor and turn it into an amazing LED panel. It simulates daylight almost perfectly and is useful for photographers and filmmakers who require good lighting for their work.

Required materials and tools

LCD monitors and TVs are great LED panels for daylight because they give the impression that the light is coming from a distance. The main reason for this effect is the Fresnel layer that sits inside these monitors. This design reduces the incidence of light, so objects located far from the light source are still well lit.

  • screwdriver;
  • LED strips;
  • faulty LCD TV or monitor.

The list is small, the task is not difficult, you can proceed to the guide below.

How to make a lamp out of a broken TV

Parsing involves removing the backlight from a damaged TV or monitor. They have powerful white light inside, but they are also equipped with a Fresnel lens. This makes the lighting look very similar to a real skylight due to the way it diffuses light around the room.

  • Place the monitor horizontally and remove all screws on the back. When you remove the plastic cover, you will need to unscrew all the screws from the inside and carefully remove all metal components and electronics. Be careful not to touch the boards as they may still be energized in the capacitors. You will need to remove the LCD panel until the backlight panel itself remains.
  • A backlight panel usually has a diffusion layer, a Fresnel layer underneath, another diffusion sheet, and an acrylic back panel. These are all very useful for your LED panel, but you will have to temporarily take them out.
  • Now that all the layers have been removed, you have a metal backlight frame and its natural light. Newer models contain LED strips, but in older models you will find small CCFL bulbs.
  • When it comes to powering your future LCD panel, you have two options. You can keep the native LCD strips or CCFL lamps, but it can be quite dangerous if you don’t know what you are doing. The electronics with them are quite complicated and they work with high voltages. The preferred option is to remove them and add your own high CRI LED strips. They often come with an adhesive back panel, so they are very easy to install. And if you need to remove CCFL bulbs first, be careful as they contain mercury.
  • After you add the LED strips, you need to return the original panel layers. Start with acrylic, add the first diffusion sheet, a Fresnel layer and finally the last diffusion sheet. Place the original frame on top of everything. In case it no longer fits because of the LED strips, you can simply use gaff strip instead or make your own metal frame.
  • Your LED bar is ready and now you just need to extend your wiring and add a socket.

The light from this LED panel light looks soft and pleasant and does a good job of lighting up a room and can be suitable for many types of photography or video. So, if you have a broken TV or monitor lying around, don’t throw it away, but try to turn it into something amazing.

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What can you clean your LCD TV screen with??

The method of cleaning the TV monitor with a damp cloth is not suitable for modern models. The use of this method contributes to damage to the screen coating, and sometimes even leads to equipment breakdown.

There are various products to help clean the prints of children’s hands, splashes from various liquids and dust at home on the plasma screen.

The very first thing to do is read the instructions. From it you can find out how the manufacturer proposes to clean the equipment from various contaminants. Most often, it is suggested to use special soft tissues to wipe the LCD TV screen. But you can take a dry napkin and moisten it in a self-prepared solution. There are several recipes for preparing a cleaning composition:

  • Dissolve 4 drops of liquid soap in one liter of water, stir the composition. Thoroughly wring out a microfibre cloth and wipe the soiled areas dry with it.
  • Mix 100 ml of water with 100 ml of 3% vinegar. Dip a napkin in the solution, squeeze out thoroughly and gently wipe the screen.

Light dirt or dust can be wiped off with a regular soft cloth.

  • 1. Spray bottle or spray bottle.
  • 2. Clean napkin.
  • 3. Distilled water.
  • 4. Isopropyl alcohol 70%.

To clean the TV monitor, you need to mix equal parts alcohol and water, spray the composition on a napkin and gently wipe off the dirt. Do not spray liquid directly on the screen of the equipment, this can provoke the appearance of streaks from moisture ingress under the protective coating.

Before cleaning off traces of dirt and dust on the TV screen, you must read the following precautions:

  • It is imperative to follow the safety rules; before processing, you must always unplug the equipment from the power outlet. It is not enough to turn off the TV only with the remote control. The device must be de-energized.
  • If the TV screen is without a special coating, then it cannot be cleaned with liquid compounds for glasses and mirrors.
  • It is not recommended to use wipes with long pile, the fluff can catch and get stuck at the joints of the case and the screen.
  • Never apply cleaners and water directly to the monitor and then wipe off the moisture. Moisture will get inside the case and cause damage to the equipment.
  • Do not spray cleaning aerosols directly onto the TV screen. Moisture adhering to the panel can enter the inside of the cabinet. This will short circuit.
  • The LED surface must be handled with great care. Even minor hand pressure can damage such a screen.
  • You cannot turn on the technique until it is completely dry.

Important! When cleaning, it is forbidden to use products containing ethyl chloride, ammonia and its derivatives, acetone, gasoline, dyes, solvents, as well as various abrasives.

By adhering to the listed rules and recommendations, you can maintain the original appearance of the screen for many years.

Required materials and tools

LCD monitors and TVs are great LED panels for daylight because they give the impression that the light is coming from a distance. The main reason for this effect is the Fresnel layer that sits inside these monitors. This design reduces the incidence of light, so objects located far from the light source are still well lit.

  • screwdriver;
  • LED strips;
  • faulty LCD TV or monitor.

The list is small, the task is not difficult, you can proceed to the guide below.

Photo frame lamp

DIY storage boxes. simple and detailed instructions

A stylish art object will turn out from a compact TV, an LED lamp and your favorite photo. After removing the filling from the device, we mount the backlight (you can use a tape) and cut out the film of a suitable size.

Carefully glue the printed photo around the edges. Enjoy the finished piece of art.

How to fix a broken LCD TV for FREE and give it a second life.

Place for a pet

All cats love confined spaces to help them cope with daily stress. To get a stylish house for your pet, it is enough to take out the internal parts, close one of the walls of the fiberboard and provide the lower part of the product with soft bedding.

You can decorate it at your discretion. wallpaper, self-adhesive, paint. On a larger TV, you can arrange a bed for a small dog.


Another idea for connoisseurs of original crafts. Usually dioramas are made using cardboard boxes, but creating a diverse composition on a real TV, you will definitely amaze the imagination of observers. This is the very case when you can show your imagination by depicting any scene from a film, a sketch from life or just a landscape.

What can be done from a broken LCD TV: ideas for use

Published by kachlife on 10/29/2020 10/29/2020

The best thing to do with a broken thing or technique is to give it a second life. Broken TVs can be an attractive home lighting solution. This article will show you how to disassemble a broken LCD TV or monitor and turn it into an amazing LED panel. It simulates daylight almost perfectly and is useful for photographers and filmmakers who require good lighting for their work.

Side table

How to restore old furniture at home?

And such a designer table is easy to build using furniture legs. They can be screwed to the wooden body from the bottom or to the sides, as shown in the photo.

If desired, the product can be painted or pasted over the inner walls with wallpaper.

Shelf for books

How to make shelves with your own hands: 8 options, photo and video master class

Which is better. a book or a TV? Now there is no need to argue about this. A wooden or plastic case from an old device easily turns into a shelf for books: no special processing is required after disassembling it. you just need to add another shelf inside.

An unusual composition will become an original interior decoration and will definitely attract the attention of guests.

What can be done from a broken LCD TV

Nobody is safe from TV breakdown. And when living with small children and hyperactive animals, the chances of accidentally breaking it increase significantly.

If the matrix is ​​damaged in a liquid crystal device, then in most cases it cannot be repaired, only replaced. It can cost almost as much as a new TV, if not more.

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As a rule, in this case, they simply acquire new equipment. But the logical question remains. what to do with the old one? Can you give her a second life? As it turned out, you can!

Lamp from a broken LCD TV

First of all, you should disassemble the TV and understand which parts are useful for its manufacture and which are not. What is definitely no longer needed is a matrix and loops from it. The luminaire speakers are also unnecessary, but they can be used for other purposes. Therefore, you can detach them, but not discard them. The brown and green boards should be left in place, you will understand their purpose a little later.

Having got rid of unnecessary things, put everything back and check the functionality by connecting it to the power supply. If you did everything correctly, you will get a lamp controlled from the remote control. It remains only to install it in the most suitable place.

To decorate such a lamp, you can find the image you like. And then print it in any copy center on a translucent adhesive film of the size of a TV screen. You can do this on paper, but it transmits less light.

Gently glue it onto the screen. You will get a device that looks like a picture in a frame during the day, and turns into a beautiful lamp with the onset of darkness.

You can also leave the speakers unplugged. Then get a light with additional radio function.

In addition, you can not stick a sticker, but use the former TV as a lamp of uniform glow. It can become not only a stylish part of the interior, but also a part of work or hobby for photographers and aquarists.

REFERENCE. It is recommended to use LED TVs for these purposes, since older versions with cathode lamps consume a lot of electricity.

The ability to use hotel parts of the TV

The options for further use of a faulty TV are not limited to one lamp alone. Indeed, it contains many useful parts that can be used.

  • You can use radio channels as an all-wave receiver.
  • The metal back case conducts, distributes and dissipates heat well. Therefore, it can be used to produce an energy-efficient infrared heater. To do this, you need to connect a carbon heating cable for a warm floor to it.
  • The brown board can be re-soldered and used as an element of an audio amplifier.

If you are sure that any items are no longer needed, you can sell them on the relevant sites. In some cases, it is possible not only to cover the costs of the TV, but even to make money. In addition, you can sell some electrical elements even when they are inoperative.

Private Monitor

If you do not want others to see what you are doing on your PC, turn your monitor into a tamper-proof monitor. To prying eyes, it will look like a simple white screen on which nothing is happening, but you can work as usual, wearing special glasses. To make such a monitor, you will need an old screen, a pair of glasses, a screwdriver, scissors, polarizing film, and a penknife. The process of creating a private monitor is demonstrated in the video below.

Miniature puppet theater

After removing the insides of the monitor, it can be turned into a real theater, albeit a puppet show. Place the background on the back, and cut a hole on top to control the dolls. The obsolete device will become a new playground for children!

Laying hen nest

Swap out the pillows for straw and you can start your own small bird farm. Laying hens will love this house.


This project is worth noting for its sense of humor. A broken old monitor, after a minor re-equipment, turns into a trash bin with a standard volume of 50 liters.

Picture frame

Nothing prevents you from making a digital photo frame out of the monitor, but for this you will have to use a whole computer. An outdated monitor, on the other hand, can make a decent analog frame. It can fit anything from photographs to handmade creations.


Do you have a container with a glass lid? So what’s stopping you from making an aquarium out of it? Using epoxy resin and an installation hair dryer, you can achieve the tightness of the container. It remains only to design the background of the aquarium and launch the fish there. Perhaps, over time, there will be a place for other forms of marine life in the cute microtank.

Cat’s house

Your cat is constantly sitting on the computer system unit, so give her the opportunity to finally win. Let the monitor become her comfortable home. This project provides an opportunity to express yourself creatively. You can decorate the dwelling with feathers or colored paper, glue wooden handles on the bottom and place the house at the desired height. A heating pad placed under the bed will make this place not only cozy, but also warm.

What can be done from an old monitor? 12 ideas

Technology is changing so quickly that once revolutionary devices do not even have time to develop their resource, turning into an unnecessary dust collector and a habitat for spiders. Unused electronics are a scourge of the modern world. Many of us probably have fully functional gadgets that are gathering dust, such as old computer monitors, which can be used in a variety of ways.

Until recently, we were happy that they fit on our desktop, making the computer a truly compact and affordable device. Today, it’s just a plastic container stuffed with electronics. It’s a pity to throw out the monitor, because it is still working. Nevertheless, this device may well get a second life, in a different, however, quality.

Older CRT monitors are easy to disassemble, but it can even be dangerous if done incorrectly. Therefore, before implementing any of the projects below, please read the step-by-step instructions on disassembling your device. It must not explode and harm you during the rework.