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does not play video from phone on computer

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IPhone Videos Won’t Play on Computer

Video does not play on the computer, what to do?

Why the video won’t play. Fast decision!

If the video on the computer captured on the phone or camera does not play

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does not play video from phone on computer

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How to Transfer Videos from iPhone to Computer?. iWiki. Apple Encyclopedia

Smartphones are shooting more video today than professional cameras. However, the majority has a completely understandable and natural desire to preserve creativity on laptops, stationary computers, and burn to discs. There are various reasons. from the need to clear the memory to the desire to watch the video on the big screen. And just keep to yourself.

The standard iOS 7 application called “Photos” can work not only with pictures, but also with video. This is why it has become so much easier to save a collection of diverse video files. iPhone can be directly connected directly to the computer. The program will start by itself, automatically. Right in the interface, you can click on the “import all” button to save the media format files, or select the import option. After completing the procedure, you will be prompted to delete everything from the device. Then decide for yourself.

Image Capture lets you capture videos on Mac. It starts automatically. But if for some reason this does not happen, which is frankly rare, you can simply go to the program folder and open it manually. There you can specify the location for the import. Then find the item “Parameters”, enter this tab. There you can put an option that will delete all files after downloading. Of course, this is worth doing if free space on the device is more important to you.

video, being, dropped, iphone

SOLVED: Fix The Device is Unreachable When Copying Files From iPhone to Windows

After you exit the options, you need to click on the “Download All” button to reset both photos and videos from iPhone to PC. Interesting on Windows 8 reset video. Several ways to do this are presented here, but in practice, so far only one has justified itself. You need to connect the device to the laptop, for example, go to the computer folder, and then select the device. Then go to the Internal Storage folder, select DCIM in it, and from there. 100Apple (in modern iPhones it can be called differently, and there can also be more than one folder, but only one of them contains photos and videos from the camera). This is where all the files that interest you are located.

It is necessary to select further those files that are of interest, copy them to the desired folder on the PC. This is far from the easiest way, and besides, it does not guarantee that all information is automatically cleared from the iPhone. However, alternatives often lead to the loss of some files when saving from iPhone to computer.

What if we are dealing with a Seven or Vista? Again, connect your iPhone directly to your PC. When the autorun window appears, you need to click on the button for importing images and videos. In all other cases, it is best to start it manually. To do this, go to the “Computer” folder. There you will see the icon of the connected device. You need to click on it, select an item from the menu that opens, which allows you to import. And in the import parameters, you can quite easily select the folder into which the photo and (or) video from the iPhone is dropped. Throw it off. Done.

How to Transfer Videos from iPhone to Computer

Not infrequently, after taking a photo or video on a smartphone, it becomes necessary to throw it off to a computer. But, this operation often causes difficulties for inexperienced users. In this article, we will tell you how to download a video from an iPhone to a computer running Windows or Mac OS X.

What to do if the computer does not see the video on the iPhone

How to add a movie to iTunes and what to do if it doesn’t work

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The new iOS 7 firmware has many new convenient features, but after the update, there are also some incomprehensible innovations. For example, the new control center saves time on very frequently used tasks, the updated multitasking has become more convenient and allows you to close several applications at once. We studied all these innovations without connecting the iPhone to the computer. But after taking a lot of photos using the Camera application, and taking a couple of dozen screenshots, we decided to throw the whole thing into a computer. Anyone who has been reading iBobra for a long time already knows how to transfer a photo from an iPhone to a computer.

After connecting the iPhone to a computer with the Windows operating system installed, we started My computer as usual, but the phone did not appear among the local drives, for some reason the computer did not see the iPhone, we connected the device to the laptop, which the iPhone saw, but for some reason refused to show photos Alternatively, we tried right-clicking on the device and choosing. Get pictures, to which the iPhone said something like “You are not supposed to.” I already wanted to use i-FunBox. It turned out that iOS 7 introduced the function of trust between the iPhone (iPad) and the computer. When we took the iPhone connected to the computer and unlocked it, then a question appeared on the screen:

Why the computer does not see the phone, smartphone, camera, how to solve the problem

Trust this computer? Your settings and data will be available from this computer when you connect to it.

We clicked Trust and the photos became available for transferring from iPhone to computer. Launched My Computer again, where the iPhone appeared:


How to Transfer Videos from iPhone to Mac OS X

If you have an Apple computer with Mac OS X operating system, then the procedure for transferring video files will be a little more complicated. Here, in order to capture a video from iPhone to your computer, you need to use the “Image Capture” program. Typically, this program opens itself after you connect your iPhone to your computer.

If it does not open, then you can open it manually. To do this, go to the built-in Spotlight search (the search icon in the upper right corner of the desktop) and enter the search term “Image Capture”. After that, the system will prompt you to open this program.

So, you have opened the Image Capture program. Now you can start uploading video clips from iPhone to your computer. First you need to pay attention to the left side of the window of this program. There will be a list of mobile devices connected to the computer. In this list, you need to select the iPhone from which you want to transfer the video to your computer.

The next step is to select a folder or program where you want to upload your videos. To do this, open the drop-down menu at the bottom of the program window and select one of the appropriate options. For example, you can drop a video from iPhone to the Pictures folder, or just to the desktop.

After that, you can skip the video. If you want to throw off all the videos and photos at once, then just click on the “Import all” button.

In order to drop only individual videos, select them with the mouse and click on the “Import” button. Also, you can simply drag the selected video files from the “Image Capture” program to any suitable folder.

Transferring images via iCloud

Check if you can use iCloud Music Library or My Photo Stream

If you’ve turned on iCloud Music Library on your Mac and iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch, your photos may already be on your computer.

You can go to and open the Photos app to view your entire library and select photos to import. If you haven’t turned on iCloud Music Library, try using My Photo Stream to access your photos on your computer.

If you are not using iCloud Music Library or My Photo Stream, try these steps.

  • Check connections and update software.
  • Try importing photos using a different Apple USB cable.
  • If the import still fails, update the software.
  • Download the latest iTunes.
  • Try to import photos again.

How to transfer photos from iPhone to computer via WI-FI?

In addition to connecting by wire, photo transfer can also be done wirelessly. Before starting the transfer, you will need to sync via Wi-Fi.

From a computer, you first need to connect the device using a cable and open iTunes. On the left side of the window, in the “Devices” block, select the iPhone or iPad for synchronization. In the “Overview” tab in the “Parameters” block, you will need to put a checkbox opposite “Synchronization. devices via Wi-Fi “. Now the gadget will automatically sync when it is on the same network with a computer with iTunes installed.

Synchronization can be started from the phone via the device settings. To do this, in the “General” menu, you will need to select “Sync with iTunes via Wi-Fi”. The presence of synchronization is indicated by an icon in the phone’s tray. The device now appears as connected. Consequently, all actions on it can be performed in the same way as when connecting using a conventional cable. twisted pair.

Why the computer does not see the photo from the iPhone?

Your OS recognizes the iPhone just like a digital camera and can copy images from it just like from a memory card.

  • After establishing a connection using a cable and after 5 seconds, as a rule, an automatic launch of the standard application “Image Capture” follows. If this does not happen, you can open it manually (located in the program section);
  • All images will be presented in the opened window of this utility. At the same time, copying them is quite simple: you need to select the necessary ones and transfer them to a specific folder.
  • We connect the gadget to the PC. In just 5 seconds, you will see an autoload pop-up window on the screen. If this does not happen, then you need to go to “My Computer” and open the iPhone as a Portable Device (for the seventh Windows) or as a camera, if you have WinXP;
  • Next, open the storage of the iPhone itself, and then go to the DCIM folder. Its contents are, as a rule, two or three folders, which contain photos and video files;
  • We find our photos and copy those that need to be uploaded to the computer;
  • Paste it into the folder previously created on the PC. After importing the files, you can unplug the cord from the computer.
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Note. When the iPhone is connected to the computer for the first time, a message will appear on the iPhone screen with the question: “Trust this device?” Of course, if you want to transfer photos, then you need to select the item “trust”.

If you still can’t import photos to your computer, or your computer doesn’t recognize your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch as a camera, follow these steps.

Try using a different computer

If the camera does not appear in Device Manager, check the health of your iOS device by connecting it to another computer. If the iOS device is recognized as a camera on another computer, contact Microsoft or other Windows support on your computer for help.

Apple iOS 7 doesn’t trust my computer. Problems transferring photos from iPhone

There is a cruel way if all attempts to enter a password have been exhausted and there is no computer that your iphone would “trust”.

  • Connect iPhone to your computer using the USB cable that comes with the standard kit.
  • Apple iPhone will appear among all devices, a personal computer will recognize it as a digital camera.
  • To access the Lockdown folder, run the Finder program in Mac OS. In other operating systems, the window of trust in iPhone, iPad and iPod touch is also invoked by clearing the Lockdown folder on the computer.
  • After “trusting” on the computer, iTunes sees the iPhone.
  • You must wait for the computer to detect the digital camera. Then you need to go into the device, select the photos, copy them to the clipboard and move them to a folder on your computer. With the help of iTunes, you can transfer not only photos to your computer, but also music, ringtones, videos and much more. First, you need to connect your iPhone to your computer with a USD cable. When the computer beeps to notify that a new device is found, open iTunes.
  • If the iPhone is configured with email, then photos can be sent via e-mail, and then transferred to a computer. You can transfer photos without connecting a USB cable to your computer; this can be easily done through the shared folder of the Yandex cloud service.

Import photos using cloud services

An excellent alternative to the second method, because by using auxiliary cloud services, you can quickly throw a large number of photos from your iPhone to your computer. To do this, you need a good Internet connection, as well as a registered account in one or several services: Yandex.Disk, DropBox, Cloud. Even email is fine for fewer images.

  • transfer photos from your iPhone to a file hosting service;
  • then download the downloaded files from a file hosting service, but only through a computer.

As you can see, copying photos from iPhone to computer is absolutely easy. With a hand filled, you can transfer footage in less than 5 minutes.

Device is unreachable when copying photos and videos from iPhone. how to fix

When copying a photo or video via cable from an iPhone and iPad to a Windows 10 or 8.1 computer, you may receive a message that an error occurred while copying a file or folder with the information The device is unreachable. And sometimes some files are copied without problems, while others. with the specified error.

In this short instruction. about the reasons for what is happening and two ways to fix the “Device unreachable” error on iPhone and iPad when copying video files and photos from them to a computer or laptop with Windows. Also useful: Empty DCIM (IPhone Internal Storage) folder on iPhone. why and what to do.

How to Fix “Device Unreachable” Error on iPhone

Given the reasons for the error, there are two options for fixing it:

  • Disable converting photos and videos to iPhone when copying to a computer or laptop with Windows.
  • Slow down copying speed.

The first can be done as follows:

  • Disconnect your phone from your computer.
  • Go to “Settings”. “Photo”.
  • At the bottom of the Photos preferences page, under Transfer to Mac or PC, set Transfer Originals instead of Automatic.
  • Done. You can reconnect your iPhone and copy photos and videos, now without errors.

Please note that this will copy photos and videos to your computer in HEIC and HEVC formats, which may not be supported by your player or photo viewer. There are two solutions. enable photos in JPG on iPhone so that shooting is immediately carried out in this format, or use special HEIF / HEIC codecs for Windows.

It is also possible to use third-party programs to open such files: Best photo viewers (XnView has a free plug-in for HEIC), VLC Media Player (can play HEVC H.265 videos).

The second method, namely “slowing down the copy speed”, involves connecting your iPhone to your computer using a USB 2.0 port instead of 3.0. As a rule, in this case, the copying error “Device unreachable” does not occur, since the phone has time to convert files to the desired format.

Cause of “Device unreachable” error

By default, new iPhones and iPads shoot photos and videos in HEIC and HEVC formats, respectively, while if you connect your phone to a computer with Windows 10 or 8.1, then with the default iPhone settings when copying these photos and videos, they are automatically converted by the phone itself to supported ones. computer formats. JPG and MP4 H.264.

That is why more often an error occurs when copying large files (or groups of photos and videos at once), but it may not appear when copying photos to a computer one by one. There are two methods to fix this, which are described below.

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Hello! I can’t download photos and videos to my computer anyway, I included the original photo in the iPhone and it’s no use, there was no such problem before the ios update! And it is very important for me to throw off the photo on a hard disk and print it later

When the original photo was turned on, at this time the phone itself was disconnected from the computer?
And what does it write when trying to download? The same error. “device unreachable” or something else?

Thank you so much, Human!
Reckoned, already tired and mad!

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One toggle switch. and life began to play with normal copying!

Dmitry, on the contrary, cannot be thrown from a laptop to an iPhone. install firewood as you wrote in the article?

Ah that’s what. If from a laptop to an iPhone, then I would recommend either sending photos to iCloud from a computer, directly through Or use cloud services.

Asus ultrabook laptop, entered BIOS, changed USB parameters to auto. After uploading photos and videos, it is still interrupted. (the device connected to the system does not work)
Background: before the laptop format, I threw pictures from all iPhones, everything was in order. After installing the new Windows 10, I ran into the problem “the folder is empty”, checked all the drivers, I trust the computer, reset the geo settings, set access to the iPhone with a USB screen lock, logged in to iTunes. Now he throws off several photos and interrupts, then he does not see again but you need to transfer 20 GB. What to do next?

According to the description, the point is exactly what the article is about. too fast transfer.
Further, depending on which particular Asus model:
1. Connect your phone to a USB 2.0 connector, not 3.0 (those that are 3 are either blue or marked with two S).
2. On the phone, enable “transfer of originals”.
Well, another option is to install an application for cloud storage, where you would be given the right place and put it there, and then download it, although in terms of time and convenience at 20 GB this is not the best option.

Hello Dmitry! Thank you for being in touch! The laptop has 2 USB ports, both are blue. How to manually change 3.0 to 2.0?

Sometimes there is such an option in the BIOS, but if not, then I will not offer simple methods.
But: if suddenly you have somewhere lying around some extension cable or USB splitter (by the way, there are still such built-in monitors in the monitors), then you can use it: they are many USB 2.0 and when we connect it to the 3.0 connector, and already in we will connect the cable from the iPhone to it, as a result we will get speeds of 2.0.

Thank you so much!! finally it turned out to throw everything off

good day!
If you make “transfer originals” in the settings, the computer cannot open them. I copy in small portions (15 photos at a time), it still hangs and turns off for 3-4 parties. I connect via USB 2.0 and nothing changes (what else? 13,000 photos are not a joke (it is no longer realistic to navigate these photos

Third-party photo viewers can open HEIC photos taken by the iPhone (i.e. the very originals). details:

Good afternoon, I get the same error as in the video, (after each sent video) I have all the settings turned on as needed. Another iPhone on the right side, from the side of the screen, starts to warm up when connected. When connected to a laptop (Windows 10), the “Photos” application comes out, which indicates that something is wrong with the device, but the explorer is working. The 128 Gb Iphone 7 device is completely full of photos and videos, and how evil is such a problem, while other iPhones have to drop files through AirDrop and then drop them on the PC. What you can try to do in such a situation?

Good day. Thanks for your information. I solved the problem with downloading thanks to your instructions, But I have the following problem, when I download a video for more than 1 minute to an HP all-in-one, it is very stupid, video and sound are not uploaded, and when the video is opened through the Movavi video editor, there is sound but no video. Tell me how to be? But so far I have not tried all the methods. I change the video and photo settings in the IPhone XS Max phone itself

Movavi may not display video due to lack of codecs. but why the video is stupid. I don’t know. try to play with another player, VLC for example.

Good day! How to do it. so that the iPhone immediately photographed JPG? I checked it, changed it on the phone, did not automatically put it, but the original, now there is no disconnection, but I can not open the photo on the PC, it is very inconvenient. Now we need to look for these special codecs (

Third-party viewers can open:
On the topic of how to make JPG right away.

It helped, thank you!
10 times already regretted switching to iPhone.

Thank you so much! Just a great gratitude to the author for the work. I could not solve the problem with data transfer for an hour!

Thank you, I was able to copy the files, otherwise not all Live photos were copied before.

Thank you kind person!
I almost lost my mind while trying to copy the video. According to this instruction, everything worked out right away!)))

In addition to the article, not an unimportant point:
1. Allow the use of USB in the security settings: TouchID and passcode. USB accessories.
2. To fully verify that everything has entered into force, reboot the phone, and then connect to the PC.

It turned out in the first way, by switching to the option Transfer originals. Before that I suffered for a long time. thanks a lot.

In general, my phone as a hard drive is not displayed after these interruptions. What to do?

Many thanks! Not for the first time the site helps out. You are one of the best

Unfortunately, it helps every other time. It is necessary to transfer 160 gigs of photos / videos without using the cloud. And it’s tough for how long. Either the PC does not see the files in the iPhone folder, or an error pops up when copying, copying is obtained only in small portions). On USB 2.0, as a rule, he does not see files at all, and on 3.0 he sometimes sees, but again, you can go crazy. Reinstalling drivers does not help, reboot does too. Everything is in originals. What is wrong with these iPhones and why people do not understand such punishment. Such cool photo quality and such confused software

Wow, good afternoon. Indeed, USB 2.0 helped, although I download in small portions (160 gigs heh)