Vibration not working on Samsung j7 2017

Because of what WI-FI, Bluetooth, camera, vibration on Samsung does not work?

Mobile phone owners often face various problems that they cannot solve on their own. That is why we work. Our service center will solve any problem, in particular, if WI-FI stops working on Samsung, the camera, Bluetooth, vibration alert does not work.

vibration, working, samsung, 2017

If WI-FI does not work on Samsung, the first step is to determine why the error occurred. There are many factors that lead to this kind of breakdown. The first step is to remember what happened to the device and what mechanical damage was before the function stopped working:

does not see and does not catch the WI-FI network on Samsung if the antenna is damaged. It fails as a result of falling or strong blows. In order to eliminate this, it is necessary to replace the part;

does not connect writes no WI-FI to Samsung when the WI-FI module is damaged. It can also be triggered by falling or getting liquid into the middle of the device. If you accidentally dropped your Samsung into a glass of water, you should contact a specialized center for help. In order to resume work, it will be necessary to replace the module itself. We do not recommend doing it yourself, as only a professional can cope with this difficult task.

Why Bluetooth doesn’t work on Samsung?

Bluetooth does not work on Samsung if antenna is damaged. In this case, you need to contact a specialized center for help, where they will make a quality replacement quickly and efficiently;

Samsung does not find Bluetooth when the Bluetooth module fails. In order for it to work again, you need to replace it;

Samsung J7 Pro / J7 (2017) Vibrator Repair Guide

also the function does not work if the software crashes. In this case, you need to change the software.

Why vibration doesn’t work on Samsung?

If vibration does not work on Samsung, it brings a lot of inconvenience to its owner. Check your phone settings first. Perhaps the reason lies here. If this does not help, then the vibration has disappeared and the vibration does not work on Samsung, most likely because the vibration motor is faulty and then it must be replaced.

Most often, the camera fails from shock and moisture. It may show blurry or not open at all. Blame it all:

camera problem it won’t open on samsung. In this case, the camera itself is most likely faulty. In order for it to start functioning, it must be replaced with a new one. Replacing a camera with a Samsung is a rather complicated process. It is better not to try to do this on your own, unskilled intervention will only harm;

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The camera does not work on Samsung if the camera control chip is faulty. Here it will also be necessary to change it to a new one.

In case of any problems and malfunctions of the cellular Samsung, do not waste your time, contact our service center for help. We have masters who know their job perfectly.

The young man dropped the phone, after which the Samsung camera stopped working. He turned to our service center for help. As a result, the diagnostics showed that the camera control microcircuit was out of order. Our masters quickly and efficiently replaced it with a new one.

Stock! Until the end of the month, for any repair, ultrasonic cleaning is free.

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Samsung Galaxy j7 freezes, what to do if the smartphone heats up and does not respond to anything. Force restart frozen Galaxy j7, j5, j3 j1 smartphones and similar Android devices.

If the smartphone is frozen with a removable battery, then the problem is solved by removing the battery, but what if the battery is not removable? that’s for this, and there is a way to force restart the android by pressing and holding certain buttons of the smartphone.
There can be many reasons for the Galaxy j7 and similar devices freezing, and this is not always due to weak processor characteristics and insufficient RAM. Sometimes Samsung Galaxy freezes for no apparent reason, it sometimes freezes when charging or when the battery is completely discharged, the screen stops responding to touches and the power buttons do not work and the frozen Samsung cannot be turned off.
You can also wait until the frozen Android discharges itself and turns off, but this can drag on for more than one day, and you need a phone for work or you are waiting for a call that cannot be missed.

Now let’s see how to get Galaxy j7, j5, j3 j1 and similar devices out of freeze.
To forcibly restart the frozen Android, hold down and hold the following 3 buttons simultaneously: the “on / off” button and the “”. “volume buttons, all these three buttons need to be held for a few seconds, from about 7 to 10 seconds. (The volume button must be pressed on both sides).
If the first time it did not work to get the Samsung Galaxy out of the freeze, then try again to hold and hold all three buttons, but keep the buttons pressed longer.
On some frozen smartphones and tablets on Android, to reboot, just press the “on / off” button and hold it for up to 20 seconds, and sometimes longer.
If you did everything right, the frozen Android will come back to life and will delight its owner again.

Samsung phone won’t catch the network

If you are faced with such a nuisance, when at times it does not find the Samsung network, then we recommend that you contact a specialized service center. In our workshop you will be provided with all kinds of repair and maintenance services for all models of cellular devices of this brand! We do the restoration quickly, efficiently, reliably! The most convenient and favorable conditions have been created for you here.!

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Unpleasant situations when Samsung stopped catching and does not search for a network can be caused by various reasons.

    The most likely cause of the Samsung phone not catching the network may be a transmitter power amplifier failure. As a rule, this kind of breakdown occurs as a result of mechanical or physical negative impact (falls, shocks, moisture ingress into the middle of the mechanism).

  • There are situations when Samsung loses the network, because there is a breakdown of the radio path. The complexity of this case lies in the design of this component. Since it consists of many parts, in order to accurately identify the location of the problem, it is necessary to perform complex diagnostics.
  • At the same time, when the network on Samsung has gone missing, the reason may lie in an antenna malfunction. This part is also most likely to be damaged by drops, impacts or liquid spills.
  • When it is already known why there is no network on Samsung, the question becomes what to do. The answer depends on the cause and may be as follows:

    • if you have a problem related to a malfunction of the transmitter power amplifier, then you will need to replace it;
    • when the radio path is out of order, in order to resume the normal functioning of the Samsung device, you must first establish which components are faulty, and, depending on the nature and severity of the damage, perform either recovery procedures or replace individual parts;
    • an antenna breakdown also provides for its replacement;
    • problems when Samsung does not detect and does not work the network on the phone, related to a software glitch, in most cases, can be solved by flashing the phone and resetting all settings.

    In any case, for an accurate finding, it is necessary to make diagnostics, and we have it absolutely free!

    Question. Answer

    My device does not see the cellular connection.
    over, in all SIM card slots.
    It happens from time to time it finds the network, but I can’t call, check the balance and they can’t get through to me.

    Good afternoon, Daniel. It is necessary to carry out diagnostics in our service.

    The phone does not catch the network on any of the SIM cards and does not catch the Internet either

    Good afternoon, Julia. Your smartphone needs to be diagnosed, contact your nearest service center.

    Good afternoon, Dmitry. Bring it to us for diagnostics.

    how much will it cost to repair a phone if the phone itself loses the network

    Hello Anastasia. You can guide you on the cost after examining and diagnosing a smartphone.

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    The phone was bought 2 days ago. The house does not catch mobile tele2 and beeline. There are no problems on the street. There is a Samsung A20 at home, it works without problems. What could be the problem? Check, warranty, everything is there

    Good day, Maria. Bring it to us for diagnostics.

    Hello. The phone fell into a bucket of liquid, all applications work, but the connection began to be lost, i.e. writes not registered on the network, or MII problems.

    Good afternoon, Natalia. Repair after moisture ingress costs from 1500.

    Doesn’t catch the network! How much will it cost to do?

    Hello Milan. Unfortunately, without diagnostics I will not be able to guide you in terms of cost.

    Good evening. My phone does not catch the network. Wherever I am. At the dacha, in the apartment, etc. In one place it catches normally, but in the other it doesn’t and it’s not registered on the network. I thought that the case with the operator from Megafon was gone on tele2, but the problem remained the same.

    Good day, Ekaterina. Bring it to us for diagnostics, after inspection we will be able to guide you on the cost of repair.

    Hello, thanks in advance
    After the firmware, the phone did not turn on and the wizard with the programmer reinstalled the firmware and the phone turned on but does not see the SIM card writes “not registered in the network” what do you think? What to do?

    Good day, Ruslan. It is necessary to bring the software repair to the end.

    Hello Galymzhan. Bring it for diagnostics, we will figure it out.

    Hello, Alexander. Bring on diagnostics.

    Hello Artem. Repair from 1300, the exact cost can be found after inspecting the device.

    The phone does not catch the network, it appears on reboot, but then disappears. I removed half of the unnecessary in the phone, began to catch the network. But sometimes it still disappears.

    Good afternoon, Ekaterina. Your phone needs to be diagnosed. It is carried out free of charge, after receiving the results we will orientate the cost of the repair.

    The phone suddenly began to intermittently catch the network and then completely stopped (only emergency calls). The phone did not fall, did not flood in the near future. After turning off and on, it shows the network for half a minute or a minute and then loses it again.
    What is the approximate cost of diagnostics (if you have a paid one) and repair.

    Hello, Alexander. Diagnostics with us is free, we can say the cost after it is carried out.

    Good afternoon, Svetlana. Bring your device for diagnostics, we will estimate the cost of repair.