Unlock iPhone 5s If Locked

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Through recovery mode

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A window will pop up on the computer in which you need to click on the “Restore” button.

After the end of the recovery, roll up the backup and set a new password.

Extra headache. True, if a smartphone is needed urgently, there is nowhere to go. Of course, when it’s only locked for 15 minutes, it’s easier to wait. It takes longer to recover.

It makes sense to try one of the above methods only if the block is standing for several hours.

P.S. For those who “found” a smartphone on the street: if you don’t know the Apple ID, don’t even try to drop the password from someone else’s handset, you will still fail.

Via iTunes if Find My iPhone is disabled

After restoring the firmware, roll up the backup. The iPhone will then ask you to enter a new password.

What Happens When Blocked

The iPhone is quite protective of the owner’s data. You just need to enable the password. The smartphone immediately becomes useless in the wrong hands, except to disassemble for details.

The lock screen cannot be bypassed right away, it is well protected, including from password guessing. After five incorrect attempts, the iPhone will only go to the sixth one after a minute. By the seventh in 5 minutes. By the eighth. in 15.

Even if the owner got his phone back, he simply won’t be able to enter the password. Example. Once my iPhone was in my nephew’s hands. The blocked “brick” has returned.

Rebooting does not solve the problem, but only slightly decreases the counter. It would seem easier to put off your smartphone until tomorrow. But this is not a solution, we dig further.

There are three ways to bring your iPhone back to life:

Via iCloud

We select “Find iPhone”. All devices. the device we need.

Click “Erase iPhone”, after which the smartphone connected to Wi-Fi will go through the recovery procedure.

Install a backup via the cloud (or via a computer) and enter a new password.

How To: Remove Forgotten PASSCODE iPhone 5S & 5C | iPad Mini iOS | Bypass Password | Unlock Tutorial

How to revive a locked iPhone

What to do if the smartphone asks to wait a couple of days before entering the password.

How to unlock iPhone 5 / 5s if you forgot your password

Entering an iPhone passcode is a secure way to keep prying eyes from your personal data. Well, what if you forget your password? Entering the wrong passcode multiple times brings up the message that your iPhone is disabled, sometimes some iPhone consumers have it locked for several years. Whether you receive this message or just know you forgot your password, follow these 3 steps to regain access to your iPhone.

There are 3 main ways to remove passcode and restore a new one: using iTunes, iCloud or recovery mode.

How to Recover iPhone Password via iTunes

If your device was previously synchronized with iTunes, then you can restore it. This will erase the data on the phone and its password. Below are the step-by-step instructions for using iTunes to remove and restore your iPhone.

Connect the device to the computer on which the sync action was completed;

Open iTunes. If a message appears asking you to enter the password, use another computer on which you will also do the synchronization;

Wait, after completing the synchronization and backup, click “Restore [device]”;

Passcode Unlock Iphone 5, 5S, 5C, 6, 6 plus, 4s, 4, / Forgot Passcode / Iphone Disabled any iOS

In the process of restoring an iOS device, the setup page will open, click “Restore from iTunes copy”;

Then select your device in iTunes. Look at the creation date and size of each backup and choose the one that suits you best.

If iPhone / iPad / iPod has not previously synced with iTunes.

In this situation, follow these steps:

Put your mobile device into recovery mode. To do this, you need to connect the USB cable to your computer, but do not connect it to your mobile device yet. Your iPhone must be turned off. to do this, simply hold the Power (Lock) button until the slider appears on the screen, and then swipe it. With your phone turned off, press and hold the HOME button and connect the USB cable to your device. The smartphone screen will light up and you will see the Apple logo. Do not release the HOME button until you see the iTunes and USB cable logo on the screen. As soon as it appears, release the home button. That’s it, you’ve put your mobile device into recovery mode.

Now in the pop-up iTunes window, click on the “Restore” button and wait for the process to complete.

How to Unlock Locked iPhone via iCloud

If you’ve enabled Find iPhone on your device, you can use iCloud to remove and restore too. Use this option if you don’t have access to your phone, or if you’re syncing with iCloud and not iTunes. Check out how to use iCloud to erase your iPhone.

As mentioned, you must have Find iPhone configured on your device before it is stolen. If you have done so, go to https://www.iCloud.com/ in your web browser;

Sign in to iCloud using the account you used when you set up Find My iPhone. This is likely your Apple ID / iTunes account;

Click Find My iPhone in the web tools offered by iCloud. Find My iPhone immediately starts trying to find all the devices you have turned on. You will see onscreen messages as it works;

If you have more than one device installed for Find My iPhone, click All Devices at the top of the screen and select the device you are looking for;

And then you can click “Erase”. This will erase all data on your phone, preventing a thief from accessing it;

After that, you can restore from a backup device or set up as new. It should be noted that you need to connect your iPhone to Wi-Fi or cellular in order for you to use the Find My iPhone service.

How to jailbreak iPhone if you forgot your password using a handy tool

If your iPhone is not connected to any of the services mentioned above, this article also provides one of the easiest and fastest ways to fix your problem. Tenorshare 4uKey. is an iPhone unlocking tool that allows you to unlock your iPhone without a passcode. The software is also available in Russian.

Download and install the program on your PC / Mac before we start.

Run the program and connect iPhone to computer via USB cable.

After the tool recognizes your device, you can press “Start” to remove the iPhone passcode.

Before unlocking iPhone passcode, download the latest iOS firmware over the Internet.

When the software is downloaded to your computer, you can click Open Now to start iPhone recovery without passcode.

The whole process takes a few minutes. Please keep your device connected to the system recovery process.

When the iPhone passcode is removed successfully, you can set your iPhone as new, including passcode, touch ID.

Phone password protection is relatively strong, good for security, but bad if you forget your password. Don’t let a forgotten password prevent you from using the passcode in the future; this is too important for security. Just make sure that next time you use a password that will be easier for you to remember (but not so easy to guess!) I wish this article is useful to you. !

How to Unlock iPhone X / 8/7/6 / 5S Without iTunes If Forgot Password


Using iTunes is a relatively easy and at the same time unlikely way to regain lost access to your device. For a successful outcome of the operation, two important factors must coincide. Find My iPhone must be turned off on your device and you have a backup on your computer. If synchronization with this PC was performed at least once, the recovery procedure will allow you to reset the forgotten access combination.

  • After launching iTunes, use the icon indicated by the arrow to activate mobile device management. We connect the smartphone using a USB cable. When the computer recognizes iPhone as a trusted device, the restore from backup button marked with “two” is activated.
  • Using the drop-down menu marked with an arrow, you can select the most suitable backup option from the number of saved archive copies. After that, it remains to click on the button highlighted in the frame to activate the procedure.
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During the restore from the backup, the smartphone operating system will be updated to the latest version and the old password will be reset. Thus, the owner has the opportunity to set a new, more memorable combination.

Recovery mode

When at least one of the conditions of the previous paragraph is not met, the use of backup becomes impossible. In this case, to unlock it, you will have to put the 5C into forced recovery mode. The data saved on the device will be lost, but it can be unlocked.

  • We connect the smartphone to the PC using a USB cable. We reboot by simultaneously pressing and holding the Home and Power Off buttons.
  • When iTunes recognizes the connected device, the iPhone displays the cable image and the software logo.
  • At the same time, the warning shown in the screenshot will appear on the computer screen. We select the item marked with a frame. The program will automatically check the smartphone software, download the latest current version and perform a recovery.

After completing the procedure, the iPhone can be set up as a new one or data can be restored “over the air” from the “cloud” iCloud.

Find iPhone

One feature of iPhone’s built-in Activation Lock feature is to remotely erase information on a lost device. As the owner of the phone and knowing the details of the Apple ID, you can use it to unlock it. If the Find iPhone function was prudently activated, you can control your smartphone using the program of the same name on another Apple device or directly on the iCloud.com website.

  • We confirm access rights by entering your Apple ID data.
  • Once in the service control menu, select the desired device on the side panel. At the bottom of the screen, use the “Actions” button to open the extended menu.
  • Press the button marked in the screenshot with a frame.
  • The system will ask for confirmation of the actions being performed. By clicking on the designated button, we completely erase all data from the device, and it returns to the factory state.

The key to using this method is the need to know the password for the account. Activation Lock allows its owner to lock the device in case of theft or loss and prevents unauthorized people from hacking it. When purchasing a device from your hands, be sure to check that it is unlinked from the Apple ID of the previous user. Otherwise, only the old owner can turn off iCloud Lock and can be tricky to find. A person can leave for another city and then, in order to be able to use the iPhone, they will have to look for him in Saratov, Vladivostok or New York.

Apple Customer Service will not be able to connect to the blocking problem because the company does not have access to the personal information of user accounts. In this case, the owner of the smartphone must rely only on himself. You can protect yourself from inconvenience by setting up your iPhone correctly. Using the Touch ID scanner is preferred because fingerprints cannot be lost or forgotten.

How to unlock iPhone 5s

The 5S is the first in Apple’s family of smartphones to have a fingerprint scanner, but not all users enjoy using it. Someone prefers to apply the old methods by setting a digital combination to unlock, and many generally miss the “slide to unlock” function. The unpleasant moment is that you can forget the password. After six attempts to enter incorrectly, the phone will be locked. This was done in order to exclude gaining access to personal information by selecting combinations. In this article, we will look at how to unlock iPhone 5S if it is locked as a result of such an annoying misunderstanding.

Recover access to Apple ID

If the mail to which your Apple ID was linked is available, you should try resetting your Apple ID password.

Go to the dedicated page for managing your Apple ID account.

Click on Forgot Apple ID or Password link.

Select the Reset password option.

Enter the email address to which the identifier is linked.

Enter the 6-digit confirmation code that will come to your email.

Now it remains to come up with a new password, confirm it and that’s it. you can use your Apple ID account.

Disable Mode on iPhone

Lost mode is initially disabled by entering the unlock password on the device.

If the password is unknown or forgotten, you will have to restore access to your Apple ID.

Disable Lost Mode

Next, you need to go to the iCloud website. If your account uses two-factor authentication, you’ll need confirmation to sign in.

A confirmation code will be sent to trusted devices at the time of authorization. This can be an iPhone, iPad, Mac, from which you previously logged in under your Apple ID account.

If there was only one authorized iPhone, which is currently locked, you will have to contact Apple Support.

To do this, it is enough that you know your Apple ID, the password for it and have a phone in your hands that is locked on this account. It will not be superfluous to have access to the phone number, which is indicated as the main one for accounting and the bank card associated with the account.

Apple Support contact information is available on the company’s website.

If two-factor authentication is not enabled or there is a second trusted device, we confirm the entrance by entering the verification code.

Go to the Find iPhone section, select your smartphone and turn off the Lost Mode on it.

How does blocking work?

The meaning of the protective function is simple. to make the device useless in the wrong hands. The owner includes a password in the smartphone settings, and no one else will have access to user files. The nuance is that after entering a certain number of incorrect passwords, the phone is completely locked. And even the owner himself will not be able to enter the digital code. Often, similar situations occur with children who like to play with their parents’ smartphones. Restarting the problem will not solve the problem; for each incorrect password entry, the counter increases until the next attempt. Therefore, simple waiting will not solve the problem, you will have to look for alternative options for bypassing the device lock.

Recovery through security questions

On the same page, when choosing a password recovery method, the system offers to answer security questions. This method is suitable in cases where there is no access to the additional mailbox. Select the “Answer security questions” item. a window with forms will open, where you will have to enter answers. Questions are asked by the user when registering an account, so it is recommended to indicate what is difficult to forget. the names of pets, car brands, street names or the names of relatives. If the owner answers the questions correctly, instructions for recovering an Apple ID will open.

Special cases

Users are interested in the question of what to do if they have completely forgotten the password from the iPhone 5S. how to unlock the device if there is no access to the mail and Apple ID account? In such a situation, most often people find themselves who bought a smartphone from their hands. Experts advise against trusting unauthorized persons setting up your smartphone, unless it is Apple service experts. Remember that representatives of the company will not go towards a person who cannot prove that he is the rightful owner of the device, so do not rush to throw out checks and boxes. these certificates will serve well in the future.

Recovery via email

If the owner has access to the linked e-mail, then it will not be difficult to restore the Apple account. To do this, open the Apple ID page in any browser. The authorization form provides a link “Forgot your Apple ID or password?” Find the item “Password reset”. In the window that opens, the owner will be offered several options to reset the password, in order to receive an e-mail, select the appropriate option. Wait for the letter, and then follow the instructions in it. If the email has not arrived, please check the correctness of the specified address or request to resend the email.

If the phone was in use

For the sake of saving money, people prefer to buy used Apple phones. The solution looks correct until the first problems. if the owner, for unknown reasons, did not delete the personal Apple ID account from the device. In such cases, you will have to look for the former owner to reset, otherwise the iPhone will be locked forever. To avoid such problems, ask for a decoupling of the device upon purchase and a complete set of documents along with the box. It’s also a good idea to take a receipt for the receipt of funds so that the previous owner is not tempted to report the theft of the smartphone.

Recover Disabled iPhone with iTunes or Finder

After putting your iPhone into recovery mode, iTunes will detect your iPhone and display a warning that iPhone is in recovery mode, follow the below step to restore your iPhone using iTunes.

iTunes will open new windows, when you see the Restore or Refresh option, select “Restore”.

To restore disabled factory settings and remove the password, click Restore iPhone. “.

Finder or iTunes will download the IPSW firmware for your iPhone, the whole download process will take over 15 minutes.

Once the software download is complete, Finder or iTunes will start iPhone recovery and remove the passcode. Please wait until the end of the recovery process. Your iPhone will restart and exit recovery mode. then set up and use your iPhone.

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How to Unlock a Disabled iPhone Using iTunes or Finder

Justin Sabrina Updated on January 27, 2021

If you enter the wrong password 10 times, you will receive the message “iPhone is disabled, please connect to iTunes. In this case, the only way to unlock the disabled iPhone. is to restore it. You can use iTunes to restore iPhone, which is the easiest and free method to unlock iPhone.

Unlock your disabled iPhone with iTunes. Just follow these simple steps to learn how to unlock locked or disabled iPhone using iTunes. Connect your device to your PC or Mac. Allow iTunes to sync your device and create a backup. After the sync and backup is complete, select “Restore” your device.

Your iPhone will be restored and all iPhone data will be erased.

If you’ve tried the wrong passcode repeatedly, your iPhone is disabled or locked. As a result, you can turn iPhone into recovery mode and connect it to iTunes, after which iTunes will detect your iPhone in recovery mode, in this case, use iTunes to unlock iPhone through device recovery.Also, if you haven’t connected your iPhone to iTunes before. iTunes will ask you for a password to “trust this computer”, but you forgot the password on the screen.

If the message asks for your device password or Trust this computer, you need to enter the password to unlock iPhone backups (used when encrypting backups). If you’ve forgotten your password, you won’t be able to unlock your iPhone using iTunes or Finder.

However, how to unlock a disabled iPhone? Let’s discuss this issue together. You will learn how to unlock a disabled iPhone with or without iTunes / Finder.

Put iPhone into Recovery Mode, iTunes Detects It

When you cannot access the system, the recovery mode allows you to restore your iPhone to iTunes. Let’s teach you how to enter recovery mode on different iPhone models.

Enter Recovery Mode on iPhone 6s or earlier or iPad

Disconnect your iPhone, iPod touch, or iPad if it’s not already turned off. Press and hold the power button on the right side (iPhone 6 or later) or top (all other iPhones, iPods and iPads) for 3 seconds.

Swipe to turn off the confirmation slider on the right.

Press and hold the Home button on your iPhone, iPod touch, or iPhone. Connect your iPhone, iPod touch, or iPad to your computer and make sure iTunes is running. Release Home button when you see the iTunes Connect screen.

Enter Recovery Mode on iPhone 7 or iPhone 7 Plus

Turn off your iPhone 7 if it’s not already turned off. Press and hold the power button on the right side.

Swipe the screen to turn off the power confirmation slider on the right.

Press and hold the power button, slide the confirmation slider Press and hold Volume Down on your iPhone 7. Connect your iPhone 7 to your computer with a USB cable and make sure iTunes is working. Release Volume Down when you see Connect to iTunes screen (iPhone 7 in recovery mode).

How to Unlock a Disabled iPhone Using iTunes or Finder?

iPhone disabled? To fix “iPhone is disabled. Connect to iTunes “, you need to put iPhone into recovery mode first.

This is the worst case for iPhone disconnection as it requires the iPhone to be connected to the computer in order to access it again. I hope you have recently made a backup on this computer and hopefully you have memorized the actual iPhone password, otherwise you will have to erase the device and lose all data on it.

Enter Recovery Mode on iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus, iPhone SE (2nd generation), iPhone X, iPhone XS, iPhone 11, or iPhone 11 Pro

If iTunes is open on your computer, close it. Finder your iPhone to your computer using a USB cable. iTunes is open. Press and release the Volume Up and then the Volume Down button. Then press and hold On Off until you see the recovery mode screen.

How to Unlock a Disabled iPhone without iTunes or Finder?

If you haven’t turned off Find My iPhone before you forgot your password, iTunes or Finder will ask you for your iCloud password. Sometimes iTunes or Finder may ask for your device password or trust this computer, because you forgot the password, you cannot unlock iPhone with iTunes or Finder.

To remove passcode from a disabled iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch without using iTunes or Finder, you need to use a professional iOS unlock tool. Follow these steps to unlock a disabled iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch using a third-party iOS. Unlocking tool.

UkeySoft iPhone Unlocker tool is what you need. It is a professional iOS Unlocker and iOS System Recovery tool that provides a reliable, extremely secure and fast solution to unlock a disabled iPhone, iPod and iPod touch.

UkeySoft Unlocker not only can help you fix a disabled iPhone, but it also allows you to fix other iOS issues like malware attack, iPhone stuck on Apple logo, iPhone stuck in recovery mode, iPhone stuck in recovery loop, black screen of death, and more. Your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch is disabled or locked, it supports the latest iOS 13 and works well on Windows and Mac computers.

  • Unlock a disabled iPhone, iPad and iPod touch without iTunes;
  • Fix “iPhone is disabled, connect to iTunes” at home;
  • Unlock locked iPhone without passcode;
  • Unlock Apple ID Lock on iOS devices in seconds;
  • Bypass password on the screen, as well as face identification and Touch ID;
  • Fix iPhone stuck on Apple logo, black screen, connect to iTunes screen and other iOS system errors
  • Works for all iPhone, iPad and iPod touch models;
  • Fully compatible with the latest iOS 13;
  • Work well on Windows 10 / 8.1 / 8/7 / Vista / XP; macOS 10.8 or later.

How to Unlock iPhone Screen or iCloud If Forgot Password?

iPhone Locked, How to Unlock iPhone 5s Lock Screen or iCloud if Forgot Password? Initially, it is worth trying to unlock the phone through the iTunes service by connecting the gadget to a computer with the program installed. In case of normal download to the device, this method will allow you to reset the password without losing data. At the same time, it is important to periodically synchronize the information on the phone with the service so that the latter is as relevant as possible for the user of apple technology.

What to do if you forgot how to unlock a locked iPhone?

Actually, the algorithm itself looks like this:

  • In the iTunes section you need to open “Devices”.
  • Find your gadget.
  • Open the “Overview” tab.
  • Click “Restore”.

Sometimes the iPhone 5 is locked so that it is impossible to save data on the phone and you can only hope for iTunes and iCloud backups. The following procedure will help to bypass the password protection system:

  • forced reboot of a gadget connected to a computer via a USB cable by simultaneously holding down the Home and Power keys;
  • in DFU mode download the latest version of iTunes.

The main thing in a situation when you forgot how to unlock a locked iPhone 5 is not to panic and do not make hasty decisions. The best option: immediately contact the previous owner (if the device was purchased from hand) for an Apple ID and password or to an authorized service center (for users of a new gadget).

How to unlock iPhone lock screen or iCloud while saving information?

So, you can unlock iPhone 5s or 4s, if it is locked, without losing data, you can only use iTunes. If the specified method did not help, there are 2 more options: use the iCloud service and Apple technical support. To contact the latter, you need to have the original box, a receipt and do not use a jailbreak on the device. And even then, there is no guarantee that the phone’s functionality will resume if it is locked via Activation Lock.

For those who do not know how to unlock iPhone if they forgot their password via iCloud, we suggest the following:

  • Open Find My iPhone tab.
  • Select the “Erase” option.
  • Confirm action followed by the introduction of Apple ID.
  • Click “Finish”.

This method will help unlock models 5 and 6, but with the loss of all stored information. We recommend that you constantly update the backup, and write down the set passwords separately on a PC or in a notepad. Additional questions on restoring the system or hardware part of the device can be asked to the manager of the certified service center at the phone number or e-mail address specified in the “Contacts” section.

use recovery mode to reset iPad without password

You can also reset iPad without password by putting iPad into recovery mode if you’ve never synced iPad with iTunes before.

Connect your locked iPad to your computer via USB cable, then launch iTunes.

When connected, force restart iPad by pressing and holding the Home button and the Sleep / Wake button at the same time until the Connect to iTunes screen appears.

Then iTunes will automatically recognize it and display the following prompt. Just click the “Restore” button to reboot your device.

When it’s complete, your data will be erased and your iPad will be accessible again without a password. You can set up and use your iPad.

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How to Reset Locked iPad without Passcode

Justin Sabrina Updated on July 29, 2020

“How stupid I am, I forgot my password and now my iPad is locked. How to reset locked iPad without password? “

If you also face the same situation as above and want to reset iPad without using a password, you will get help from this article. In general, you need to restart your iPad if you encounter the following:

How To Unlock Any iPhone Without PassCode in 5 Minutes 1 Million% Working

You need to delete all existing data on iPad before selling or giving away You receive a used iPad, but it is locked and you do not know the password. You forgot your password. Your iPad is disabled or unresponsive, then you need to reset it to factory settings You want to do a factory reset to fix some software problems on iPad.

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Setting a password on iPad. one of the best ways to protect your privacy. However, this can sometimes be tricky because if you haven’t used your password for a while, you might forget your password. IPhone lock can be activated by entering the wrong password multiple times. If your iPad is locked and you don’t know the correct password, take it easy, read and find four effective ways to factory reset iPad without a password.

Hot solutions. ALSO ON UkeySoft SOFTWARE

Looking for a secret passcode to unlock any iPhone? Using passcode to unlock iPhone and iPad, you need iCloud remote unlock. This article will show you how to unlock iPhone with or without a computer.

IPhone screen is broken or unresponsive? How to enter passcode on iPhone with broken screen to access it? This article will teach you the useful method to enter password on broken iPhone screen, you can also learn how to unlock broken iPhone and iPad screen.

Can’t enter passcode on iPhone with broken screen? Try the solutions mentioned in the article to enter passcode on iPhone with broken screen and you can also use iPhone unlock tool to unlock broken iPhone screen without passcode.

How to remove passcode from disabled iPhone? How to unlock iPhone if you forgot your passcode? This article will show you how to remove password from locked iPhone / iPad using iTunes, iCloud or UkeySoft iPhone Unlocker.

Factory Reset Locked iPad with Synchronized iTunes

This requires your iPad to be synced with iTunes earlier so that it doesn’t ask for a password again when restoring. Please follow the instructions below.

Launch iTunes and connect iPad to computer with digital cable.

Click on your iPad icon, then go to Conclusion “.

Click on “Restore iPad” “Restore” icon. iTunes will erase data from your iPad and install the latest iOS software. When you’re done, your password will be removed at the same time.

Way 1: reset locked iPad without password with UkeySoft Unlocker

Why is UkeySoft Unlocker recommended first? UkeySoft Unlocker is designed to restore factory settings when you forgot iPad password. Generally, it supports removing 4 passwords like 4 passwords, 6 passwords, Touch ID and Face ID. Also, it comes in handy when you need to unlock Apple ID on iPhone / iPad without password. It is 100% doable if you forget iPhone / iPad / iPod touch passcode, broken screen, or can’t access your used iDevice. You can use it to bypass password from any iOS version and model.

  • Reset locked iPad without password;
  • Unlock 4 types of passwords such as 4-digit / 6-digit passcode, Touch ID and Face ID;
  • Remove screen passcode when your iPad is locked, disconnected, screen broken, or outdated iOS installed;
  • Unlock Apple ID on any activated iPhone, iPad and iPod touch;
  • A few easy steps to remove your locked screen;
  • Works for all iPhone, iPad and iPod touch models such as iPhone 11, iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max, iPhone X, iPhone 8/8 Plus, iPhone 7/7 Plus, iPhone SE / 6S / 6 / 5S, etc;
  • Fully compatible with the latest iOS 13;

Use UkeySoft Unlocker to Reset Locked iPad without Password

Launch UkeySoft Unlocker

Click on the installation package above to download and install UkeySoft Unlocker on your Mac. You will immediately receive the screenshot below and select “Unlock Screen Password” to start the reset process.

On the next page, you will learn under what circumstances you can use it to unlock your screen password. Click “Next”.

Put iPhone into Recovery Mode

When your iPad is completely unresponsive, follow these steps to put your iOS device into recovery mode. Different device models have different methods, please read them carefully.

If your device is successfully discovered, it usually provides the latest firmware. You can click “Download” now. Or click “Copy Link” to download the firmware package through your browser. Then click “Select” to find the downloaded package. The program will then start downloading the firmware package you selected, which may take some time. Be patient.

Reset iPad without password

When the process is complete, click “Start Unlock” and then confirm twice to start unlocking your iPad. UkeySoft Unlocker will unlock your screen and reset iPad to factory settings without password. When it finishes, you can seamlessly access your iPad.

Removing Activation Lock

Often, when updating the iOS operating system, users are faced with the need to enter the Apple ID of the previous owner. This situation is very unpleasant due to the fact that there is practically no easy resolution. This happens due to the fact that the previous owner did not unlink the smartphone from his Apple ID account.

The blocking information is stored on the Apple server and the firmware or changes to the iOS files will not affect the blocking of the device in any way. The easiest way to solve this problem is to contact the previous owner and ask to unpin this phone from his Apple ID.

If this is not possible, then almost the only option is to contact the developers. The main thing that you need is to have a device, a box and a purchase receipt. The most effective option is to contact technical support by phone or by email, attaching photos of the receipt, stickers of the box and smartphone to the letter.

If the smartphone was stolen and the previous owner “erased” it, then even Technical Support will not help in solving this problem. There is a do-it-yourself way to unlock Apple devices, but after completing it, the connection will not work.

Via iCloud

If a device with Find My iPhone is enabled with a password and is also connected to the Internet using a cellular connection or a known Wi-Fi network, you can also reset the unlock code.

To do this, you should run:

  • sign in to iCloud;
  • select “All devices” in the drop-down list;

After confirmation, the process of deleting all settings will begin. You can recover data using iTunes or iCloud service.

Unlocking methods if you forgot your password

If you set an unlock password and forgot it, then you can restore access to the iPhone by resetting the settings.

At the moment, if you lose your code, there are several ways to reset your password:

  • using iTunes;
  • using the “find iPhone” function;
  • using iCloud;
  • using “recovery mode”.

Find iPhone

This method will only help you if the “Find iPhone” function is enabled.

To reset the settings, you must perform the following operations:

  • to check if the function is enabled on your phone, you need to log into iCloud;
  • select your gadget in the drop-down list at the top of the site;
  • after selection, you must click on the “erase” icon;
  • to restore data from the latest backup, use the assistant on your phone.

IPhone 5s Unlocking Methods

By blocking an iPhone, iPad or iPod, users often mean several different types of blocking at once, including the presence of an operator binding, an activation request using a login and password by the Find iPhone service, as well as the screen lock itself.

If the problem of the lost code only threatens to reset the parameters, then binding the phones to the operator does not allow the use of other SIM cards, and the activation request does not allow using the device at all. Consider the question of whether it is possible to unlock the iPhone 5s in all these cases.?

Why is the device blocked

Devices are blocked by the operator for use only with a specific SIM card when purchasing an iPhone under a contract. As a rule, the cost of an iPhone with a contract is much lower than without it, the phone itself can cost up to 1. If you use another SIM card, the connection will simply not be available.

The next situation is updating devices to iOS to version 7, in which the “Find iPhone” function was implemented, which was designed to significantly reduce the percentage of theft of Apple products. But along with the robbers, people who purchased this model from previous owners also suffered.

Thus, if the owner of the phone during the sale did not untie the device from his account, then the buyer has a high probability of getting a blocked “gadget”. At the moment there are a huge number of specialists offering their services in unlocking Apple mobile products, unfortunately most of them are common scammers.

If, in some situations, certain knowledge or skills are really required, then in the case of a forgotten lock password, any user can cope.

Via R-SIM / Gevey

Unlocking with R-SIM / Gevey can cause various difficulties. You will need to purchase a special chip with a tray into which you insert your SIM card.

When choosing R-SIM / Gevey, you should pay attention to the following points:

  • your iPhone model;
  • the operator whose blocking is installed on the device;
  • iOS version.

Taking into account each factor, you should choose the R-SIM / Gevey suitable for your phone. The price, as a rule, directly depends on the relevance of the card, if you are a user of the most recent version of iOS, then most likely the cost of a SIM card suitable for you will be as high as possible.

This unlocking method is very inconvenient when updating the OS. In most cases, after installing a new version, you will face the same problem as in the beginning.

The main advantage of this method is the relatively low price compared to the official version, as well as the ability to unlock the binding from almost any operator. Official unlocking, as we know, is not supported by all operators.

The most convenient option is to purchase completely “unlocked” models (factory unlocked), which work perfectly with any SIM-cards.