Universal TV remote control huayu codes


You can connect the universal remote to the Supra TV in the following way:

  • turn on TV;
  • direct the UPDU towards the device;
  • click on the “Power” key and hold it for 5-6 seconds;

After a minute, the LED will blink and the option for adjusting the volume will be displayed on the screen. This means that the UPDU is successfully paired. Save parameters and check TV operation.

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Setting up a universal TV remote control Supra

To configure the UPDU for TV Supra, you need to do the following:

  • activate TV;
  • point the device in the right direction;
  • on the device, simultaneously press “Power” and hold it for a minute;
  • wait until the LED lights up and the icon for volume control is displayed on the screen.

If the TV is working, then the parameters are set correctly.

How to set up a universal remote control for Supra: codes, instructions

“How to set up a universal remote control for a Supra TV?”. a question that interests users of the equipment of the same name. A universal remote control will help you not to get confused in numerous devices for household appliances. With one device, you can control TV, DVD, audio receiver and even air conditioning. This will simplify the use of any household appliances. The main thing is to program the UPDU correctly, based on the needs. Setting it up is easy if you know some of the rules. Regardless of the TV model, the instructions are almost the same. Follow the recommendations to get the result.


To synchronize the device manually, follow the step-by-step instructions:

If you have any questions or complaints. let us know

  • find the correct code on the Internet or in the technical data sheet of the model;
  • turn on the technique;
  • direct the remote control towards the display and hold the “Power” button;
  • without stopping to press the button, enter one of the TV model codes;
  • release the key when the indicator starts flashing.

If the value does not match, choose the correct code. There is a list of different combinations for each model. Enter one by one until you find a suitable one. Save the finished result at the end. Go to Supra management.

How to find the TV code

To configure the UPDU, you need to know the combination of numbers for a specific TV. The Supra TV code can be found in the technical data sheet of the device or on the official website of the company. There are special reference tables with similar data. Suitable combination for most Supra models. 0374 and 0009.

No code

To set up the remote to control TV without a code:

  • start TV;
  • in parallel, hold down the “TV” “OK” keys;
  • keep your finger on the button for 2-3 seconds until the buttons on the remote control start blinking;
  • wait a minute for the numeric keys to light up;
  • press the “CH” button for switching TV channels one by one;

To save the parameters, click the “TV” key. If none of the methods helped, contact the service center of the company. Perhaps the device is out of order or broken. It will not be possible to fix it on your own. Make a call to the hotline and ask the required question. The site also has a form for users to contact. Enter your request in a separate window. Operators will provide recommendations to fix the problem.

What is a universal remote

If you have become a happy user of digital television, then a new device with a remote control has appeared in your apartment. a set-top box receiver. And in order not to add another remote control to everyday life, let’s figure out how to use a universal remote control.

Despite all the breakthroughs in technology, remote controls have not changed at all. They can have different shapes, but the design of any remote control still consists of a body, electronic circuit, buttons, LEDs, and an autonomous power source.

The universal remote control has an identical internal structure, only it can be configured to control several devices at once. For example, having bought such a device, you can remove the television, set-top box and multimedia remote control in the closet, and register all their functions in the universal remote control.

Can any remote control be universal? Not. Although outwardly they are similar, their internal electronic circuit is different. Only dedicated devices can be configured to control multiple devices.

How to find the TV code?

The code is required to be able to associate third-party devices with it. Among them are remotes, smartphones or tablets.

It ensures device recognition and correct operation. Consists of a unique set of numbers that can be recognized in this file, as well as in the TV itself.
This will require:

  • log into YouTube;
  • open settings;
  • choose the ability to connect to the phone;
  • after entering the “Connect manually” section, a blue code will appear;
  • remember it or write it down.

How to set up a universal remote control

Each device comes with an instruction manual detailing the setup process. We will consider setting up models from popular manufacturers.

Differences from a conventional remote control

The original remote control and the universal one have two significant differences that significantly increase the cost of the first one. this is its “brand” and quality.

The remote control made by the manufacturer-owner is undoubtedly better than the Chinese one. However, if the TV is already 5-6 years old, then it will not work to find a branded remote control for such an old model.

What is a universal remote

It sounds complicated, but in fact, this is a simple device that creates signal pulses suitable for most TVs and set-top boxes.

Huayu, Gal, DEXP, Supra are considered popular and high-quality PC manufacturers.

To configure them, special codes are used that differ depending on the brand of the TV, and you can see them on this page.

The universal model will suit a large number of common and popular manufacturing companies, for example, Samsung, LG or Philips.

Setting method

When your device does not have a special key on which “SET” is written, then you have it multifunctional and can be tuned to a TV, a modern dvd player, etc. In this case, you will need to press a special button named “SET” at the same time and any other available on the control device. For example, when you make a connection, then you need to press the button with the name “TV” and the shutdown key, then the set indicator will light up and you will need to enter a special code for a certain type of device.

Player “BBK”. 0743, 0983, 1313, 1873.
“Daewoo”. 0021, 2531, 2581, 0061, 0661, 0861, 0931, 1111, 2051, 0081, 0351, 1211, 1811, 1931, 1891, 2411.
“JVC”. 0051, 0171, 0821, 1031, 1181, 0641, 1451, 0301, 1261, 0351.
“NEC”. 0021, 0031, 0261, 0081, 0661, 0751, 0051, 0861, 1281, 0421, 0531, 0931, 2481, 0061, 1211, 1321, 1561, 2031.
“Goldstar”. 0001, 0211, 0281, 0021, 2051, 0081, 0061, 0311, 1191, 0501, 1371, 0071, 0431, 0651, 1351, 1341, 2591, 0931, 1031, 0231.
“LG”. 0001, 0021, 0081, 2591, 1031, 1351, 2051, 0501, 0211, 1341, 1191, 1371, 0431, 0061, 0071, 0231, 0281, 0311, 0651, 0931.
“Philips”. 0021, 0151, 1021, 0931, 1391, 0061, 0291, 0301, 0331, 0391, 0661, 1401, 1571, 1081, 2511.
“Hitachi”. 0051, 0181, 0201, 0071, 0121, 0211, 0231, 0061, 0321, 0081, 0361, 1191, 0761, 0591, 0161, 0281, 0311, 0771, 0781, 0791, 1611, 0931, 0841, 0861, 0971, 0981, 1381, 1891, 2041, 1491, 2001, 1111, 1671, 2391, 0911, 2451, 1991, 2211.
“Panasonic”. 0001, 0061, 0201, 0231, 0371, 0311, 0631, 1611, 0911, 0931, 1161, 1841, 1861, 2361, 2461.
“Samsung”. 0021, 0061, 0101, 0121, 0081, 0471, 0501, 1371, 0801, 0931, 0171, 0231, 0341, 0281, 2051, 1281, 1041, 1061, 1131, 2221, 2111.
“Sharp”. 0051, 0171, 0221, 0301, 0331, 0451, 0831, 1611, 1181, 1551, 1951, 2081, 2371.
“Sony”. 0031, 0051, 0061, 0191, 0221, 0611, 0931, 1791, 1981, 2401, 2471, 2331.
“Thomson”. 0061, 0441, 0591, 0931, 0961, 0211, 0491, 1061.

This device is very convenient and quite practical to use, but before that, they must be configured as correctly as possible. To carry out the configuration, you can use the information that is presented above.

You may need a universal TV remote control for various reasons.

For example, to control multiple screens or due to breakage of a branded device.

In this article, we will briefly and simply explain how to set up the universal remote and where to find the codes from the TV.


To configure it you will need:

  • turn on the TV, point the UE at it and hold down the power button and “Set” at the same time;
  • watch the indicator carefully, it should be on all the time;
  • set commands by adjusting the volume;
  • to exit the pairing mode. press the “Set” button.

Automatic adjustment:

  • turn on the TV, point the remote control at it;
  • hold down the button for the type of device;
  • after the indicator lights up. release it;
  • press the power button on the UP, this will start an automatic code search;
  • as soon as the TV turns off, you must quickly press “OK”, this will save the code in memory.

Sometimes automatic search fails, so you need to set it up manually.

  • after turning on the TV and pressing the “TV” button, the indicator will light up;
  • after releasing it, enter the device code;
  • after entering the fourth digit, the code will be saved in the device’s memory, and the screen will turn off.

Auto tuning takes place according to the following algorithm:

  • turn on the TV, point the UE at it, press the button denoting the TV brand;
  • hold down the “Set” button and hold until the indicator lights up;
  • click on the channel search, the automatic code search will start;
  • as soon as the indicator goes out, immediately press the “OK” button to save the found code.
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If the button is pressed late, you have to do it all over again.

The plus is that with the help of enumerating channels, it is regulated in which direction the search will be performed.

Manual code entry should be started after pressing the “Set” button and the indicator comes on. Enter the found digits and click “OK”. The remote will remember the specified combination.


Automatic tuning algorithm:

  • turn on the TV, point the remote control at it and hold the Power button, release it after the indicator lights up;
  • if the setting is successful, a volume control bar will appear on the screen
  • turn off the device using the “Power” button.
  • find the code for your device in the previously mentioned article;
  • turn on the TV, point the UE at it, hold the Power button without releasing it, enter the found code;
  • only after the indicator has blinked twice. release the power button.

If after setting the universal remote control does not work, contact the seller or the service center, there may be a defect.

First, you need to double-check the codes and repeat the manipulations, sometimes mistakes are made when setting up.

Equipment manufacturers are trying to equip each of their devices with a remote control so that the user is comfortable using their products. You do not need to get up to turn off the light, adjust the operation of the air conditioner, fan or turn on / off the TV, everything can be done while sitting on the couch. This, of course, is convenient, but over time, coffee tables become cluttered with different remote controls, which creates a certain confusion and annoyance.

If you still do not know that there is a universal remote control that can be configured to control several devices at once, then in this article we will tell you about all its capabilities and provide instructions on how to use and how to properly configure it.

How to find the TV code

  • specify the information in the passport of the device, which is expected upon purchase;
  • look at the official website;
  • open the directory called “Code”.

But if you did not find the code, then it is possible to activate auto-TV or manual search.

Setting up Huayu Universal TV Remote

Before connecting the Huayu universal remote, you need to select the setup method. on this below.

No code

If there is no code, then follow the instructions below:

  • turn on the TV and point the remote at it;
  • hold down “TV” and “OK”;
  • leave them until you notice that only the buttons that are marked with numbers are lit;
  • press on “CH” until the TV turns off.

As soon as the TV turns on, then the code matches. Press “TV” to save the settings. Please note that the speed for each device is individual. It is important to keep a close eye on the TV receiver.

How to connect Huayu universal remote to TV: codes, instructions

How to set up the Huayu universal remote control?. an important question for users who have already purchased a device, but have not yet figured out the essence of the work. The use of such a gadget is convenient, since you do not need to get up to turn on the TV, air conditioner or other device. It is difficult to find free space on the coffee table due to the endless remotes from each device. When there are too many of them, confusion can arise. Then the UP comes to the rescue, which alone can solve all the problems with switching. How to connect it in more detail in this article.


To activate manual tuning, you must first find the codes that are suitable for your particular model.

If you have any questions or complaints. let us know

  • turn on TV;
  • press the POWER button. pointing to TV;
  • Enter a code;
  • after the indicator blinks several times, release your fingers from the button.

Then the process will end. The main thing is to check its correctness afterwards. If the device has not responded to the actions, then proceed to other methods. on this below.


To start automatically, follow these instructions:

  • turn on TV and DVD;
  • point the remote control at them;
  • hold down the “Power” button and do not release it for 6 seconds;
  • wait until the indicator lights up;

The symbol of successful loading the appearance of the volume indicator “VOLUME”. Check the device for correct operation.

Smartphones with universal remote function

New smartphones already include the UE function. Therefore, you can not buy the gadget itself, but perform all the settings on your smartphone. But this is only available on those devices that have a Smart TV option. To configure the function on a mobile phone, you must:

  • download a special application;
  • select from the displayed list the name of the equipment you want to control;
  • define a new way of making up a connection. Wi-Fi or Bluetooth;
  • click on the name of the device;

After such settings, it will be a pleasure to control the house. Especially considering that the phone is always at hand. And the absence of an additional purchase of a remote gadget (rm) for each device (dvb t2 and Smart TV consoles) will not only save money, but also make the space more comfortable.

Setting up a universal TV remote control

Universal Remote Control. (Universal Remote Control) will help you not to get confused in a pile of remotes for home appliances. For example, you can combine all control devices for an audio system, set-top boxes and TVs under a common housing. However, before using these amenities, you first need to properly set up your universal TV remote control.

Setting up a universal remote control is not particularly difficult and follows the same principles, regardless of the manufacturer of the device. And yet the binding of each model needs its own instruction.

HUAYU PU setting

Universal remote control “HUAYU” is a convenient and cheap, and therefore a common device.

It is very easy to set up. English-language instructions can sometimes be found right on the back of the HUAYU console.

  • Press the SET button. It can be the top left button on the panel, or the bottom right button. In any case, the “SET” and “POWER” buttons we need are located at the edges of the device.
  • Without removing your finger, also hold down the “POWER” button. A steady continuous light of the illuminated indicator indicates that the device has entered the programming mode.
  • Press the “VOLUME” button several times (see also the designations “VOL”, “”, “” next to the “OK” button.) Continue to press the button successively until the “VOLUME” symbol lights up on the screen.
  • When the “VOLUME” symbol appears, press “SET” twice, then release. This will leave the setup mode. After exiting, the indicator should go out.

IMPORTANT! A similar sequence of actions can be applied on the UNIMAK UPDU. HUAYU will perfectly replace your lost or irretrievably broken LG TV remote control.

What it is

UPDU (serves to replace a lost or non-functional TV remote control. If your TV remote control does not work, use a remote control instead of a broken standard device.

Also, the remote control unit will come in handy if it turned out to be difficult to get the original remotes for your device. Difficulties often arise with the replacement of original equipment accessories. For example, the MTS remote control is sold only complete with a prefix. Do not buy a new set-top box every time the remote control goes awry. In this case, it makes sense to change the MTS for a product from another manufacturer. By the present moment, there are already functional analogs of this device on sale, which will cope with the work no worse than the original. over, after setting up the universal remote control, it will be possible to control not only the TV, but also other household appliances.

IMPORTANT! To make the remote control as easy to use as possible, purchase a remote control with a built-in LCD display or touch screen. Such models are more in line with the needs of the modern user.

Each UPDU requires preliminary binding to the device. It may not always be obvious how to set up a universal remote. Universal remotes for LG TVs are produced by the same company, but many other manufacturers of remote controls are very distantly related to your TV model. There is no remote control suitable for all TV models at once. Each TV and each remote control has its own unique features. However, common models of universal remotes cover market demands for remote controls for all popular brands of TVs.

One of these models is the IHandy RTV-03. This remote control can connect to the TV with 1000 different codes. You can set up a universal remote control for RTV TV both through manual mode and through automatic.
Next, we will tell you more about how to connect the remote to a new device.

Configuring the SUPRA controller

  • Search the net for universal TV remote control codes that match your TV model.
  • Turn on the TV.
  • Direct the remote control towards the screen and hold down the “POWER” button. Don’t remove your finger; enter your TV code at the same time. When the indicator on the remote control blinks twice, release the button.
  • Supra tuning is complete. Check if the TV responds to pressing the buttons on the remote control. If the device does not respond to your actions, try another code.

Automatic process of searching for a code in the device’s memory:

  • Turn on the TV.
  • Point the remote at the screen.
  • Press “Power” and do not release your finger for 6 seconds.
  • After 6 seconds, the indicator on the remote control should light up. At the same time, the “VOLUME” symbol will appear on the screen. After the appearance of these signs of successful binding of the remote control to the TV, release the “Power” button.
  • Check if your device is working properly.

Configuring UPDU BEELINE

In this section, we will tell you how to set up the Beeline remote to synchronize with a TV set-top box. The small-sized beeline TV-remote is densely covered with buttons. To bind to Beeline TV, we need a new model device that has a “SETUP” button.

To synchronize the console with the Cisco prefix, do the following:

  • Turn on the TV.
  • Press the STB button. No need to clamp it.
  • At the same moment press “SETUP” and “C”.
  • Wait until the indicator of the “STB” button blinks.
  • After the double beep, release the two held down buttons.
  • To check the result, press the volume button “VOLUME”.
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This remote is also designed to be connected to other TV boxes. If you are going to bind the remote control to the “Motorola” set-top box, having reached point 03, press the “SETUP” and “B” buttons. To set up synchronization with the Tatung prefix, hold down the SETUP and A buttons.

Automatic configuration of the Beeline remote control:

  • Turn on the TV.
  • We are interested in the “SETUP” key. Find it on the panel. Press your finger to it and do not release it until the nearby light blinks twice.
  • Find the device you need that requires pairing through the control panel. The panel will light up.
  • Aim the device at the TV and hold the “OK” key until the screen turns off.

This remote control is designed primarily to control the set-top box.

How to reprogram it to sync with your TV and other devices:

  • Click SETUP. Keep pressing until “STB” indicator blinks twice.
  • Press the volume up button (“”).
  • Select the device you need, click the corresponding button.
  • Wait for two consecutive signals from the indicator.


To set up the Supra device. a universal TV remote control, follow these steps.

  • Turn on the TV set and point the remote control towards it. But in advance, you should find on the Internet the code for the PU corresponding to your TV model.
  • Next, you should press the “Power” button and, while holding it, enter the code for your TV receiver. The button must be held until the indicator on the control panel blinks 2 times, after which it can be released. At this point, the setting can be considered complete.
  • Check the operation of all buttons on the device. If they do not work, repeat the second step again, trying to enter another code found on the Internet.

You can also automate the entire process of linking the PU. This will require:

  • turn on the TV receiver;
  • point the remote at the TV;
  • to switch the PU to the automatic search mode, you need to press and hold the “power” button for 6 seconds. after this time, the light on the PU should light up;
  • if the automatic setup of the universal remote control is successful, an icon will appear on the TV screen, indicating the volume level “volume”. after that the button can be released;
  • check the performance of the configured pu.

Setting up a universal TV remote control

A universal remote control for all TVs and other devices can be called a great invention and a dream come true for owners of a large number of consumer electronics. For example, if the house has several TVs connected to a satellite receiver, an audio system, a DVD set-top box and other devices that can be controlled remotely, this device will be indispensable. The convenience of using universal remotes lies in the fact that all electronics in the house can be controlled from one control panel. In this case, there will be no confusion when searching for the desired control panel to turn on or off any device. But no matter how good the universal remote is, it should first be set up, since without this procedure this device cannot be applied either to the TV or to other units.

Customizing popular models

We will give specific examples of setting up a universal remote control using the example of popular products.

Purpose of the universal remote control

Any universal remote control is similar in appearance and device to the native remote control of a TV, receiver and other devices with remote control. Inside there are:

  • the transmitter that generates the signal;
  • motherboard. commands are sewn into it;
  • place for batteries;
  • IR diode transmitting a signal;
  • keys for user input.

The principle of operation is as follows. For universal models, commands for a large number of devices are sewn into the microcircuit. By pressing the buttons, the user sets a command that passes from the microcircuit through the transmitter and hits the LED. The LED transmits a given signal to the receiver of a TV or other equipment.

Despite the obvious ease of use, universal remotes have some drawbacks.

  • The workmanship is quite mediocre.
  • Ergonomics and service life are significantly lower than those of branded.
  • After binding, the universal remote control may not perform the full set of functions, as a rule, it is designed for general actions. switching channels, adjusting the volume, selecting a signal source, etc.
  • If the connection is made to the technique of little-known brands, then the procedure may end in failure.
  • Many universal remotes have a huge number of buttons. If the device is initially simple, then the extra keys can interfere and annoy, and the remote control itself has impressive dimensions. However, there are extra buttons and a plus. they can be assigned additional functions, as well as bind to other devices. In this case, one universal remote control will allow you to control the air conditioner, TV and Smart set-top box.

It is worth noting that before buying, you should make sure that the remote control and the device to which it will be connected are compatible. Remote controls are often sold in blister-type packaging, so if it does not work, it will not be possible to return it within two weeks: the original packaging is violated, and the seller has the right to refuse by law.


HUAYU’s UPDU is the most common device for LCD and LED TV sets.

We can thank the manufacturers of this device, because they took care of the users so that they did not rack their brains on how to set up the remote control for the TV, and wrote a brief instruction on the back of the device.

The instruction for PU HUAYU reads as follows.

  • It is required to press the SET key, indicated in the figure above by the number 1. Without releasing this button, press POWER (2), after which the control panel will enter the programming mode. This is confirmed by the constant glow of the indicator on the device.
  • Pressing the VOL button searches for the required command. Press the button until the volume bar appears on the screen. When you press the button, the indicator will react by changing the intensity of the glow.
  • To exit the HUAYU debug mode, press the SET key, after which the LED will turn off.

This instruction can also be useful in a situation if you do not know how to connect the UNIMAK UPDU.

Automatic sync

Most universal remote controls have an automatic code selection function. All you need to do is turn on the TV, point the remote at it and start the search with a special button. Further, it remains to wait until the TV turns off, or the sound volume starts to change. In this case, the process must be completed by pressing the same key again.

It’s easy to check that the correct code is selected. you need to check the operation of the main functions. If something does not work, then you need to search for the code again or go to the manual connection option.

Manual sync

Pairing in automatic mode is easy. However, this does not always work, or not all buttons work as they should. In this situation, you will need to manually connect. To do this, you need to find the device code in the instructions for the remote control, on the manufacturer’s website or simply on the forums. After that, pointing the remote control at TV, the desired combination is entered. Often a set of codes is specified for one manufacturer (for different models), so finding the right one can take time.

Important! Serious brands of TVs have information on connecting to universal remotes on their website, in addition, there you can find a list of certified remote controls that are guaranteed to fit the company’s devices.

How is setup done

Synchronization of the universal remote control and the TV can be carried out in two ways: automatically or manually. The first option implies automatic selection of the encoding that corresponds to a specific manufacturer, in the second case, the connection is carried out by brute-force instruction. The adjustment procedure is similar for different models, but there may be differences, which are best clarified in the instructions.

It was mentioned above that the tuning algorithm may differ for different manufacturers, but the general principle is quite similar. Let’s consider it in more detail.

Automatic tuning

Adjusting the remote control is quick and easy. The process of automatic debugging of the UDP with a receiver is as follows:

  • Turn the screen on.
  • The remote control must be pointed at the TV.
  • Press the “POWER” button for 6 seconds until the indicator on the UDP lights up.
  • When pairing is successful, the “Volume” icon will be displayed on the screen. Press the “POWER” button once.
  • The UDP is ready to use, you need to check its performance.


This device is a popular model for adjusting Samsung, LG, Philips TVs and other TV receiver models. The installation algorithm for Smart TV and older models is the same.

What is a universal remote

The universal remote control (UPDU) is a small, simple-looking device. Contains a microcircuit inside that allows you to simultaneously generate signals of different pulses.

Quite a lot of UPDU models are presented on the market, which differ in configurations, price, appearance and control codes. The most popular models are Supra, Huayu, Beeline.

Codes for setting up a universal remote for use with a specific TV can be found in the document below.

The algorithm for connecting the PU to Smart TV and older set-top boxes is no different. There is no need to look for how to set up a universal remote control for a Samsung TV, or find out at service centers how to set up a universal remote for an LG TV, since the process of adapting a remote control to your equipment does not depend on the manufacturer of the receiver.

How to set up a universal remote control

Each of the UDP models has its own pairing algorithm, which is indicated in the operating instructions. Below we will consider the algorithms for connecting the UPDU of popular manufacturing companies.


It is possible to pair this remote control with any TV, be it an old Philips or Samsung of the latest model. The screen pairing process is the same:

  • Press the “POWER” and “SET” buttons on the HUAYU, which enters the UDP into the programming mode. When the equipment is paired, the indicator on the remote control will be constantly lit.
  • The command is set by the “VOL” button.
  • You can exit the setup mode with the “SET” button.
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Remote control devices from this manufacturer are suitable for controlling LCD and LED TVs. Such a scheme is suitable for setting up Unimak remotes, which are also quite common among remote control buyers.

Manual adjustment

If the described method of adjusting Supra did not help, and you still cannot control the television through the remote control, there is also a manual setting of the universal remote control for the TV:

  • In this document, we select the code corresponding to the model of the TV signal receiver.
  • We connect TV to the network.
  • Direct the UPDU directly to the screen.
  • Clamp “POWER”, enter the previously found code.
  • Do not release “POWER” until the indicator blinks twice.
  • Trying to check each of the buttons on the remote control. If some of them do not work, then you will need to find another code.

Self-configuration of a universal TV remote control

For the convenience of watching television on multiple screens, users purchase a universal control device. However, most are faced with the problem of setting it up. How to set up a universal remote for a TV? Debugging the device will not take much time, but it will allow you to conveniently and simply watch several TVs at the same time


Early models of remote control devices from this company had many flaws, since their connection could be carried out only if the user had a special attachment. Also, the remote control did not have a SETUP button. However, Beeline corrected itself and released an improved version of the remote control equipment. PU decreased in size, but acquired a larger number of function buttons.

To pair the DPU from Beeline with the signal receiver, you will need to follow the following step-by-step instructions:

  • Turn on TV.
  • We hold down the buttons “C” and “SETUP”.
  • Waiting for initialization to complete.
  • When the indicator blinks twice, the buttons can be released.
  • You can check the operability of the device with the “VOL” button.

Each of the remote controls has its own setup algorithm, which should be detailed in the instruction manual included in the kit.

Huayu rm 36e universal remote codes

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IMPERIAL COWN 012,019,025,026,027,028,029,030,031,033,042,053,056,079


The multifunctional remote controller RM-36E is the latest product from HUAYU. He has great opportunities. it consumes little electricity. fully functioning. has a beautiful shape and good quality. than 1000 models of TV remote controllers are integrated into it. In the multifunctional remote controller RM-36E, the setup code can be manually entered quickly. configure by quick scanning (convenient in cases where the brand of the remote control is unknown).

Find the three-digit code in the code list for the corresponding brand. If there is more than one group of codes. choose the first one. If the RM-36E does not work. choose the second and so on. until the remote works. If the device is not in the code list. use the “Manual code search” function.
Press and hold the SET button. then press the POWER button and release both buttons. In this case, the LED indicator should light up. showing. that you have entered the programming mode. If the indicator does not light up. repeat all steps from the beginning.
Enter the three-digit code you found. When entering the first and second digits. the LED indicator should flash once. After entering the third last digit. LED indicator should go out.
After entering the third last digit, the LED indicator should go out. it means. that the installation of the code is complete. You can use the remote control to control the unit.

Note: when setting the code, the interval between keystrokes should not exceed 15 seconds.

To view the three-digit code, press and hold the “SET” and “1” buttons. (2. 3). The number of indicator flashes will correspond to the first digit of the code. “SET” and the second digit. “SET” and the third digit. The number 0 is expressed by the absence of luminescence.

Turn on TV. with whom you will work.
Press and hold the “SET” button on the universal remote control. then press the POWER button at the same time.
The LED indicator will be on continuously. Aim the remote control at the receiving end of your device.
Press and release the VOL button. At this moment, the universal remote will emit a series of pulses to increase the volume. Do this until then. until your device starts to respond to commands from the remote.
When your TV displays the volume control scale press the “SET” button. to stop manual search mode.
Check the correct functioning of your device. If not all buttons on the RM-36E universal remote control function properly or do not work properly. continue manual search.

Replaces the THOMSON RCT100 remote control. for TVs on TX807 chassis (code 160).


This device is designed to solve the problem when a bunch of different remotes are lying around at home for different devices and they are always lost, and finding a suitable one can be, oh, how difficult it is

Huayu RM-36E universal remote control automatically scans most devices with remote control function, from TVs and satellite receivers to computer devices and car devices ——————

The buttons are rubber, they are usually pressed and are unremarkable the remote control is powered by two batteries or the AAA standard

The list of devices supported by Huayu RM-36E is long, here is not a complete list of only names: Panasonic, Sony, Mitsubishi, Sharp, Samsung, Toshiba, Fujitsu, Hitachi, Sanyo, Funai, LG, Akai, National, Imperial cown, Warumaia, Daewoo, Philips, Shetwood, Aiwa, Goldstar, Ustar, TCL, Changhong, Olympic, Konka, Hisense, Skyworth

You can see the full list of supported brand names by enlarging the picture below, as well as downloading the “User Manual” on Huayu RM-36E, the link at the bottom of the page (in the same manual, many codes and other things are provided).

Click on the picture to enlarge!

As already said, the list is not limited and Huayu RM-36E confidently finds and takes control of most devices, including those from clearly “nameless” manufacturers on which it is absolutely impossible to find “native” remotes!

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Yes, I also began to suffer with this remote control. and does not want to “memorize” either. as soon as there is enough negative, I will add the article.

Alas, I have not had this remote control for a long time. and this code is unknown to me)))

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HUAYU DVB-T2TV Universal Remote

The HUAYU remote has all the standard buttons for full control of the digital set-top box and four buttons for controlling the TV: on / off, video input switching and volume control. Please note that some models of CRT TVs are not the power button, but the buttons for switching channels. In this case, the universal remote will not be able to turn on the TV.

Controlling the set-top box and TV from one remote control

When using a digital set-top box, whether it is a terrestrial DVB-T2 receiver, a digital satellite or cable receiver, the same problem arises: you have to use two remotes at the same time: from a TV and a digital device. Considering the large and growing demand for digital set-top boxes, HUAYU has developed a dedicated remote control that can be easily configured for use with almost any TV and DVB-T2 digital set-top box.

Setting up the DVB-T2 TV remote control

This universal remote requires configuration before use. The setup instructions are attached to the remote control, but just in case, we will duplicate the main points of the process here. Setting up the remote control to work with the TV takes place in automatic mode by enumerating the codes from different TVs. To do this, press and hold the red TV power button on the universal remote control for 6 seconds. The remote control starts sending a command to increase the volume from different TV models to the TV, and after you find that the volume on the TV has begun to increase, release the red button. Then you should make sure that the TV is controlled correctly and that all 4 buttons are working. Otherwise, the setup procedure should be repeated. Setting up the remote to work with a TV can take a long time (up to 20 minutes), so be patient, point the remote at the TV sensor and do not release the red button until the setup is complete.

There are two ways to set up the remote control to work with the set-top box: automatic and manual. The first method is similar to setting up the remote control to work with a TV. The only difference is that you need to hold down the green button. The setting ends when the volume on the set-top box starts to increase and a characteristic scale for indicating the volume level appears on the screen. You can also configure the remote manually by pressing and holding the green button and then the button corresponding to your set-top box. The remote comes with an insert listing some of the compatible receiver models. If you did not find your console model in the instructions from the remote control, this does not mean that the remote control will not work. The remote control fits 99% of set-top boxes, but their variety does not allow listing all models in the instructions.

If you buy a set-top box as a gift to a person who is elderly or far from technology, we recommend that you immediately purchase such a remote control along with the set-top box. Believe me, older people who are accustomed to using one remote control can experience serious stress when mastering a new device and using two remotes at the same time can greatly confuse a novice digital TV user.

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