TV shows black and white image what to do

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Jittering mouse pointer, jerking images when connected via HDMI

If, after connecting a monitor or TV via HDMI, you notice that the system interface does not behave as smoothly as before, it is usually a matter of the refresh rate, which can be changed in the settings.

However, here it should be borne in mind that an acceptable refresh rate may not be available and it often depends not on the screen:

  • For example, when connecting a laptop or PC with Intel integrated graphics to a 4k UHD display, usually you will not be able to get a refresh rate higher than 30 Hz (for those adapters that are relevant at the time of this writing).
  • If both the video card and the monitor support a high refresh rate via HDMI, but you took the cable itself from the “box with wires” or bought it without paying attention to the HDMI version (and it happens that the information is not correct on cheap Chinese cables for 100-200 rubles). the cable bandwidth may not be sufficient for the desired refresh rate.

Details on how to change the refresh rate of the monitor screen, in the same place about other reasons why it is not possible to set the desired frequency.

Fuzzy fonts, blurry image

There are several possible reasons for a blurry image when outputting over HDMI and other interfaces.

The most important reason for an unclear image on the monitor, regardless of the type of connection, is that the resolution is not set to the physically set screen. Often, when purchasing a monitor or laptop with a high-resolution screen, users, so that everything does not seem small, change the resolution: everything becomes larger, but blurry. Solution for this situation:

  • Choose the screen resolution that your monitor or TV has physically. Usually, it is determined automatically and indicated in the “Recommended” item, otherwise you can familiarize yourself with the monitor specifications on the Internet. See How to change the screen resolution in Windows 10.
    shows, black, white, image
  • If you installed an older OS without scaling support on a laptop with a high resolution screen and the only way to get a reasonable size for system elements is to reduce the resolution, I cannot help here. The fonts will remain blurry. The solution is to use Windows 10, in the latest versions with scaling everything is relatively good.
  • Keep in mind that even when the resolution changes several times: for example, you set Full HD on a 4k monitor, blur will also be present (though not so noticeable).

If the resolution is set correctly, you are using not a monitor, but a TV, but the fonts are still blurry, read the separate instruction How to fix blurry fonts in Windows 10 (some of the solutions are also applicable for previous OS versions).

In a situation when you encounter blurry images after connecting a PC or laptop to a TV as a monitor, and do not sit close to it, carefully study the TV settings: often the reason is the enabled image enhancement functions implemented on the TV.

Faded, discolored colors when connected via HDMI

The first, very common and easily corrected situation: after connecting the monitor to a computer or laptop using an HDMI cable, all colors become pale and desaturated.

The reason for this is that most video cards, when connecting a new HDMI-display, expose a limited sampling range (dynamic range). To change this, follow these steps:

  • Right-click on an empty spot on the desktop and select your graphics card’s utilities to customize the image, for example: NVIDIA Control Panel, Intel Graphics Settings, Radeon Settings.
  • In the properties of the connected displays, find the items responsible for color settings. For example, in the NVIDIA Control Panel, this item will be in Display. Change Resolution. Apply the Following Settings. Use NVIDIA Color Settings. In the item “Output dynamic range” should be set to “Full”.
  • In the Intel HD Graphics Control Panel, the same is found in the “Basic Settings” section under the “Sampling Range”.
  • In the AMD Radeon settings, the setting is in the display properties, where you need to select “Advanced settings”. “Pixel format”. RGB format 4: 4: 4 (Full RGB).

Also pay attention to the following points:

  • If instead of a monitor you use a TV connected via HDMI, then the inclusion of the YCbCr 4: 4: 4 color format can give a better result.
  • If any adapter or converter is used, i.e. connection is not HDMI-HDMI, then such a setting may not appear in the list.

Poor HDMI picture quality. why and how to fix it?

When connecting a computer or laptop to a monitor or TV via HDMI, you may find that the image quality has deteriorated in one way or another. as if faded colors, fuzzy fonts and general blurring of the image, strange twitching, lack of smoothness of the OS interface, and others.

This guide details what can cause bad HDMI video and what actions you can take on a case-by-case basis. The situation when the video card driver is not considered to be at fault, I assume that you downloaded and installed the latest official driver manually (note that the message from the Device Manager that the driver does not need to be updated does not mean that you have the correct driver installed) See also: How to connect laptop to TV, No HDMI sound.

Other Causes of Poor HDMI Display

In conclusion, there are a few more points that can affect the image quality when connected using an HDMI cable (I will repeat some of those that have already been indicated so that you pay attention to them):

  • Using adapters / converters, especially when displaying images from analog output (for example, VGA).
  • Hardware specifics: for example, some of the integrated graphics cards still present on laptops have HDMI resolution limitations. over, some monitors may also have resolution restrictions for individual inputs (for example, everything works in full resolution via DisplayPort, and only in FullHD via HDMI). Study the specifications of both the video card and the monitor carefully. In some cases, creating a custom permission in an application from the video card manufacturer works.
  • Various image enhancement functions. Usually, they are the cause of distortions on TV (especially when working with OS and texts), but they are also present on some monitors: look at the settings.
  • Bad or “wrong” HDMI cable. To check, you can temporarily take such a cable from another device (usually there are more than 1 of them in apartments today).
  • “Matrix overclocking”. setting the screen refresh rate higher than that stated in the device specifications. Sometimes leads to the appearance of various stripes, dots and image artifacts.
  • Rarely, but sometimes it makes sense to install a monitor driver if one is present on the manufacturer’s official website (for many monitor models, there are none and are not necessary).
  • An even less common case is the need to update the monitor’s firmware: it is available only for certain expensive monitor models. The update process is usually launched using special software from the manufacturer when the monitor is connected via USB. Before performing, I strongly recommend that you carefully read the manufacturer’s instructions on this topic.

Hopefully one of the suggested options will work in your situation. If you can share other cases when you managed to fix the image quality over HDMI, I will be glad to your comment.

Collecting camera settings to default values

Under your Skype account, go to the Sound & Video section again and open the camera settings.

Click on the “Default” button to reset the settings to the initial values.

Checking the camera setup

Black-and-white image output may start after the user accidentally turns on monotone mode in the camera settings. Therefore, first of all, you need to check if this mode is activated, however, for a quick solution, it is preferable to reset the camera (or application, for example, Skype) settings to their default values.

Enabling color rendering

Open Skype and sign in to your account. Then click on the icon with three horizontal dots. In the drop-down menu, select the Settings section.

On the left panel, go to the Sound & Video tab and click on the Webcam Settings link.

Then, on the GPU Amplifier tab, check the Chroma checkbox. Apply the changes and check if the colors appear when recording from the camera.

If you are using the camera software, look in the Options or Tools windows for options to activate the color or turn off the black and white mode.

Removing the problematic Windows update

If you found that problems with the camera started after updating Windows 10, then most likely errors occurred during its installation. The computer may have been forcibly shut down while updating the system. In this case, try to remove the incorrectly installed package.

Open the system parameters by clicking on Win I and go to the “Update and security” section. On the right side of the window, find “View update history”.

Then click on the “Uninstall Updates” link and select the package that is causing the problem. Remove the problematic package and check if the problem is resolved.

If you still see a black and white image, try using a restore point to return your system to a previous state.

Why does the camera show a black and white image. what to do?

Sometimes, when turned on, the camera starts to display a black and white image. This can happen due to an accidental shutdown of the color mode or its incorrect setting, an outdated or faulty driver.

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Before applying the solutions, check which camera mode is activated and if the night mode option is enabled. Inspect the unit for shipping stickers on the lens. Find out if it is working properly by connecting to another computer or laptop. If only one application displays black and white, please reset the settings to defaults or reinstall it.

Saturation adjustment

Sometimes users, when adjusting the image quality from the camera, set the saturation slider to positions close to zero, which leads to a black and white image. To check which position it is in, follow these steps.

If you are using the Skype app, log in to your profile again and expand the Sound & Video tab.

In the webcam settings on the Processor Amplifier tab, check the location of the saturation slider. If it is in the range of 0-5, then this is the reason for the monotonic display. Set a higher value and apply the changes. Check if the camera has started working in color mode.

Reinstalling the driver

A damaged driver may be the cause of the black and white picture. As a result, Windows cannot recognize the device correctly, resulting in low-quality, monotonous output. So try reinstalling the driver.

Open the Device Manager with the command devmgmt.msc from the Win R window.

Expand the Imaging Devices tab and right-click on the camera. In the context menu, select “Uninstall”, and confirm the process by clicking on the option “Uninstall driver software for this device”.

After the uninstallation is complete, restart your computer so that Windows will detect devices without drivers during the subsequent boot process and initialize their installation again. As a result, a universal.

Now go to the official website of the camera supplier and download the latest software. Open Device Manager again and go to the Imaging Devices tab. Right click on the camera and select “Refresh”.

Run the search on this computer manually, in the next window click on the “Browse” button and specify the folder with the downloaded original driver. Complete the update and restart your computer.

Why does TV show black and white?

Why does the TV show in black and white? Modern TVs, unlike their predecessors, have excellent color and picture quality. Constantly leading world-famous companies are developing new display formats, delighting the owners of technology with incredibly realistic pictures. However, in the event that at least some kind of malfunction appears in the TV, we begin to feel as if some kind of degradation of technology, for example, we are accustomed to the fact that the picture must be of very high quality, no interference is allowed, and the black and white image completely sends us to several decades ago. Nevertheless, a black and white screen can appear on a completely modern TV.

There may be several reasons, it is far from always possible to recognize them on your own, therefore it is better to contact a professional company to the masters. But in some cases, you can try to figure it out on your own with such a breakdown. There may be several reasons, by performing simple manipulations, the user will be able to return bright colors to the image himself.


It so happens that knowing the cause of the breakdown, many begin to fix it on their own. In fact, this is true, but when the problem is in the settings. Which can be changed from the remote control. If intervention is required in the filling of the TV, then it is better to entrust all this to a professional master.

Receiving problems

In TV models that are more than 10 years old, there was an error between the SECAM and PAL modes, as a result, the color image became black and white. The effect can also occur if the antenna signal weakens, or there was a failure in the channel settings.

To fix the problem, you should change the PAL mode to SECAM or vice versa, but this is if your TV has such a function. Check the antenna, it may be slightly blown or damaged by the wind. Tune the channels in automatic mode, after such manipulations the problem should be solved.

In some cases, the signal already arrives on the TV with a black and white image from a tuner or set-top box. Most likely, in this case, you will have to repair the device itself.

Settings problems

A black and white image in some cases may be due to a settings failure. as a rule, in modern TVs this is already a rarity, but there are models with this switching option. Of course, you can eliminate such a malfunction yourself, even a schoolboy can handle it. First, in manual mode, you should find the search for the required settings. You can just turn off the TV for a while, after disconnecting from the power, some of the controls and settings may return to their original position.

The TV menu also has a special function for resetting to factory settings, that is, possible faults will be reset, and the TV will return to color.

Damage to firmware

modern TVs have a very good and high quality own operating system. Usually. the software is stable and reliable. But there are times when a failure may occur in the TV’s firmware, for example, due to voltage surges. The image quality on the screen will thus change, rarely in a positive direction.

To fix such a defect. You will have to update the software from the manufacturer’s official website, for this you need to connect the TV to the Internet. If this is not possible, then you can download the firmware to a flash card and install the software from it. If you doubt your abilities, then it is better to call the master at home, he will do everything quickly and correctly.

Interesting fact

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Main reasons

It is of paramount importance to understand why the Tricolor does not show a color picture. The following reasons are highlighted:

  • incorrect connection of the cords from the TV to the receiver;
  • the wrong cable is being used;
  • problems with hardware settings;
  • breakdown of the TV or receiver.

Also, a black and white image may appear after installing a new version of the software.

We solve the problem

If you use the HDMI connector for connection, the image should become color. over, the picture and sound will be of higher quality. It is better to purchase a similar cable when installing Tricolor TV equipment, it costs very little, but immediately exclude similar problems. There is also a dedicated SCART wire. If you use it, the image quality is significantly improved.

If everything is still black and white, then check the A / V output settings. To do this, go to the receiver menu, find the TV Standard section, change the color coding option.

What to do if all else fails. In this case, it remains to reset the prefix settings to the factory settings. To do this, go to the equipment menu, go to the settings section and select the desired item. If there is no result, we go to the service center, without the help of specialists, the problem cannot be solved.

Correctly connect the cable from the equipment to the TV

Many users independently connect Tricolor TV equipment. Given that few have the right skills, it is only logical that problems arise. Each wire is installed exclusively in the connector that is provided for it. There are very few of them on the console:

  • HDMI. used for HDMI connection.
  • LNB OUT. used for high frequency satellite cable.
  • CVBS. for bell-type cable, red and white. for sound, yellow. video.
  • LNB IN. connects the wire that goes from the satellite dish.

If you see a black and white screen, you must immediately check if everything is connected correctly. Be sure to check the wire for damage. In general, such a defect is quite effectively solved by replacing the old cord with a more modern version. Modern TV shows a black and white image if the connection is made, for example, with a bell cable. Must use HDMI cable.

We also go into the settings, check if the receiver’s output signal is set correctly.

Why Tricolor TV shows in black and white what to do

Although Tricolor TV equipment is distinguished by a high level of reliability, it periodically surprises users with strange defects. For example, many people complain that a high-quality color image suddenly changes to diachromic. This problem causes many people to be very confused, because no one knows what to do if Tricolor TV shows in black and white.

In conclusion

The problem with the color of the image periodically worries some satellite TV users. Most often, such a defect is safely eliminated by installing a more modern cable. In rare cases, you will need to take the equipment to a service center.

Problems with TV settings

In some cases, this TV behavior is caused by a setting failure. Usually, when a black and white image appears, this is rare, but such cases also occur, especially if there is a similar switch option in the settings.

Why color TV began to show in black and white?

Modern TVs differ from the models of the past in image quality and color reproduction. Companies such as LG, Samsung, Sony, Philips and others are constantly developing new display formats and require owners of their equipment for a variety of colors and their realism. Therefore, when a malfunction appears associated with the transition to black and white, then the person perceives it especially acutely, feeling a kind of degradation of technology.

Problems with signal reception settings

In the countries of TV models, a mistake in the selection of the PAL and SECAM modes very often led to the fact that the color image became black and white. Also, this effect occurred when the antenna signal was weakened or failures in tuning the channels themselves.

The color adjustment board is out of order

A special block or a separate board is responsible for the color rendering process on the TV. Usually, the failure of this element is accompanied by a complete loss of the image. However, in some cases, it can produce certain types of defects and even completely convert the picture to black and white reproduction mode.


To fix such a defect, resort to the following:

  • first try to change the channel settings from PAL to SECAM and vice versa, if the TV has a similar function;
  • further it makes sense to check the antenna, which could have been mixed by the wind;
  • then reconfigure all channels automatically, which should completely solve this problem;
  • if the signal already comes in this form from a set-top box, tuner or other device, then you need to repair it.

Damage to firmware

Many modern TVs have their own operating system. Most often it is stable software with a high degree of reliability. However, there are times when, due to power surges in the network or for other probable reasons, a failure appears in the TV’s firmware that can affect the display quality on the screen.

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Strong magnetic fields from other devices

If you have a CRT TV, the fading or complete disappearance of colors can be caused by prolonged exposure to a strong magnetic field. Plasma and LCD models are not subject to such a defect. Also, this behavior can be caused by improper operation or complete breakdown of demagnetization, but the devices on the tube of the kinescope.

Broken video processor

A malfunction of the video processor or video amplifier leads to the predominance of a certain color on the screen, a violation of color reproduction. A broken knot needs to be replaced, and this is a job for an experienced specialist.

Incorrect color settings

If the colors on the TV screen do not seem completely natural to you, it is not at all necessary that something broke: first you should look into the TV menu and try to adjust the color palette. The same applies to brightness and contrast.

Do not forget that inexpensive TTF matrices are installed on most budget TV models, the picture quality on which is very dependent on the angle of view: even with a slight deviation from the central axis, the color palette changes greatly.

Poor wiring

Any connection in the path of a television signal will certainly add noise to the final picture. If you receive a signal through a collective antenna, wiring for several apartments is usually installed on the floor, if you have several TVs connected to the antenna at home, another similar wiring will be in the apartment. The quality of the antenna cable connection to such wiring can greatly affect the image quality.

The management company is usually responsible for the wiring on the floor, but no one bothers you to inspect it: if there are clearly visible traces of flaws in the contacts, call a telemaster from the management company. To check how your own wiring affects the picture, you can temporarily “run” the antenna cable directly from the shield to the TV, bypassing the wiring: if there is less interference on the screen, you need to more carefully connect the cable to your wiring.

Weak signal in the country

Many summer residents complain about poor image quality: this is quite natural, since television signal sources are usually installed in large settlements, and the signal simply “does not finish off” to summer cottages, it is scattered in space. At least somehow the problem can be solved by installing a more powerful antenna at the highest possible height, and you certainly should not use indoor antennas. they are useless.

Matrix problems

Modern matrices are generally reliable and rarely break, but they can also suffer due to falling or impact, moisture, natural wear and tear. Due to a faulty matrix, colored stripes, spots, circles and other distortions may appear on the screen, the picture may twitch and freeze, horizontal or vertical stripes are often visible.

Matrix repair. a difficult task, it can only be done by a professional armed with the necessary diagnostic equipment. Unfortunately, often the matrix cannot be repaired, it has to be changed, and this is the most expensive part of the TV.

Defective color board

It is the color rendering module that is responsible for the color palette on the screen: if there are any problems in it, the color balance will be disturbed, one color may prevail, other color “effects” may be observed. To diagnose and repair or replace the board, you need to call a specialist.

Errors in firmware

Do not forget that modern TVs are, in fact. small computers with their own software and even operating systems. Errors can creep into the TV software, so if you are faced with a poor-quality image, it does not hurt to update the software to the latest versions, just in case.

Causes of malfunction

Few people are comforted by the fact that black and white is all the rage right now. If the color screen has become monochrome, you will have to try different methods, because there can be many variants of the problem:

  • reset;
  • poor quality signal;
  • electromagnetic interference;
  • defects in firmware;
  • color board malfunction.

Each problem has its own solutions. If the settings are reset and the color rendition is absent only on a specific channel, the image becomes monochrome. The problem can be solved as easy as shelling pears. If this is not the case, then it will be immediately clear, because after setting the color in the menu, the color reproduction should immediately be restored.

Advice! Some people find it helpful to enable auto adjustments. try.

The TV shows a black and white image: causes and how to fix the problem

TV is an important attribute of any interior. Sometimes problems can occur with the TV, for example, color starts to show in black and white. Let’s try to figure out on our own the causes of such a problem and how to fix it.

Checking the connection

Some models, especially Samsung and Philips, do not provide an opportunity to directly connect the T2 tuner to the TV with “tulips” (by the way, “tulips” are an RCA cable), since they do not have an RCA connector. In this case, a component connector is often present. When you plug the yellow cable into the green input (the hole is behind the TV), you get a monochrome image.

As a result of the problem. incorrect cable connection. There is a standard yellow wire for video transmission, and three cables behind the TV for video signal: yellow, blue and red. On modern TVs, the green component jack is represented by a yellow circle. You can try to adjust the image by connecting the RCA cable correctly.

How to fix

Each problem needs to be considered separately. The most common might be a factory reset. Then you just need to go to the menu and adjust the color. If the reason is a malfunction of the antenna, then the problem may be that the plug is inserted halfway (not completely) or some problem with the antenna. You can check the plug first.

If the antenna is indoors, then you can twist it, try to rearrange it from one place to another in order to find the best signal receiving point.

If the antenna is on the street, then there is a high probability of its breakdown. due to strong winds, it could be displaced or damaged. In addition, a faulty tuner can give a poor-quality signal, in this case, only one thing can be done. to repair the device.

The problem with modern TVs may also lie in the firmware. If there is a voltage jump or short circuit, the firmware becomes defective. In this case, to fix the problem, you can connect the TV to the Internet, go to the manufacturer’s official website and download updates from there. If this does not help, the only thing that can be done is to contact the master.

The screen turns black and white when the TV is exposed to electromagnetic fields from a nearby device. To solve the problem, first, you need to remove it further. Next, you need to turn off the TV for a while, and then turn it on again. If all is in vain, then you can look for the demagnetization button (located on the case) and press it.

For reference! If the problem is a malfunction of the color reproduction board, then only the master can fix the breakdown. In this case, it is necessary to replace the part.

First of all, when the TV began to show in black and white, it is necessary to check the wires for the presence or absence of damage. The most effective way is to replace the old cord with a modern one. If none of the methods helped, you can try to reset the prefix settings and return to the factory settings. The main thing is not to get upset, even if you yourself cannot cope with the problem, the service center masters will be happy to help you.

How to set up Denn DDT111 digital receiver, see below.

Self-diagnosis and repair

If the TV has become black and white, you need to check the color rendition in the menu using the PU. This approach is logical if all channels show the same. When only one of them lacks color, it’s not your technique. It is necessary to call the operator of the company providing the TV so that they can debug the normal operation of the broadcast.

You should also check the antenna. Its signal is damaged in many cases:

  • torn or partially exposed cable;
  • the plug came off;
  • outdoor antenna broke.

When the settings go astray on a regular basis, qualified intervention is required. You cannot troubleshoot your Sony or Philips on your own without the proper skills. Also, repairing a TV with your own hands is dangerous to health, since some nodes accumulate a charge and give it out when touched.

Why did some channels go black and white?

The appearance of some black and white channels on the TV indicates outdated software. The human factor does not actually play any role here, except that you can forget about updating the firmware. Modern equipment itself finds the source of the problem and invites the user to upgrade. All you need to do is click “OK” and wait a while.

outdated equipment is not updated on its own. You will need to look for the necessary software on the Internet yourself, download it to a flash drive and update it manually.

The TV shows in black and white, but was in color

If the TV shows in black and white, there may be several reasons, from incorrect settings to serious malfunctions in the operation of equipment.

Initially, when the TV goes black and white, you need to check the color setting. Turning off color shades has this effect.

Black-and-white channels on the TV also appear in the event of an erroneous connection, loose plugs, malfunctions in signal transmission from the antenna.

CRT, LCD and plasma devices transmit colors differently. But the appearance of such a problem is inherent in every device, regardless of the level of its modernity. No brand or model is immune to color fading, whether it’s an old LG or a cutting edge Samsung.

Our company quickly resolves the problems of tone transmission and returns the brilliance of the image. You can call us by phone 8 (495) 228-42-94 from 8:00 to 22:00. Also, for the convenience of users, the function of placing an application online at any time of the day.

Have questions? Call us: 8 (495) 228-42-94 or Order a consultation

The new TV began to show a black and white image

When a new TV shows in black and white, first of all, it is recommended to contact the warranty service center (if the device was purchased from authorized distributors). In accordance with the sales contract, they are obliged to solve the problem, replace the broken ones with original spare parts taken from their own warehouse, or completely change the equipment.

The screen of a new TV does not display correctly if the connection is incorrect. The colors of the plugs correspond to their purpose:

  • Red, white. mono and stereo audio (all audio tracks).
  • Yellow. composite analog video signal (picture feed without sound). In standard mode, it receives and transmits PAL, SECAM and NTSC video signals. Colors are transmitted together, fork release completely removes color.
  • Green, blue. component video signals. They are transmitted without sound (connected separately), and served separately (unlike the previous version). The outlet plug is characterized by partial and single loss.
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Factory defects also cause black and white shots.

Advantages of contacting the TV-Fix service center

Our service center “TVF” is open daily from 8 am to 10 pm without weekends and holidays. The craftsmen provide professional services, they understand both the software of modern equipment and its technical component. An application for the departure of a qualified specialist is available via the Internet. Diagnostic procedures are carried out at home, then the professional starts work on repairing, updating the software, flashing the device. Most importantly, we provide a guarantee, because we are confident in the qualifications of workers, the quality of parts and the operation of the tools used.

Contact us at 8 (495) 228-42-94 or use the feedback form on the website, and we will fix the equipment in no time!

The TV began to show black and white channels

TV manufacturers have long taught us good picture quality. Watching TV shows in black and white has already become something unnatural for us. Therefore, if the TV suddenly lost its color, then for the user this is already a real problem. There are many reasons for switching to BW. And such a situation can happen with any device, both an old picture tube and a modern plasma or LCD screen. It is not always possible to independently determine the cause of the problem. So what to do?

If your TV breaks down, contact the Neat House service center. We provide a service. repair of TVs at home or in St. Petersburg. We employ only highly qualified specialists with extensive experience who, as soon as possible, will determine the causes of the malfunction and eliminate them with high quality. To call the master, you need to fill out an application on the website or call the company by phone: 8 (495) 228-33-48 (for Moscow) and 8 (812) 324-51-24 (for St. Petersburg) from 8:00 to 23 : 00.

Poor TV signal

If the TV turns black and white, then the cause of this may be a malfunction of the antenna. Perhaps its plug is not fully inserted, or the antenna itself is faulty. You need to make sure that the plug is connected correctly.

  • If the antenna is indoor, then twist it or rearrange it from place to place to find the best signal reception point.
  • If the antenna is outdoor, then you need to inspect it. It may have been damaged or dislodged by a strong gust of wind.

It is possible that a poor-quality signal is transmitted by a faulty tuner, set-top box or other transmitting device. In this case, you need to inspect and repair this device.

Settings Failure

If the color rendition is disabled on only one channel, it can be restored using the remote control. Go to the menu and set the chromaticity in the desired range. If this did not bring results, then most likely this is not the case.

In Russia, all channels are usually tuned to the SECAM playback system, all state channels operate on it. But if you have cable TV connected, then some channels may be set to PAL system. You need to look in the settings and switch the system to a color image.

Why did TV go black and white

  • Problems with incorrect settings.
  • Poor signal.
  • Interference from other devices.
  • Color board malfunctions.
  • Defects in firmware.

Some of the reasons that caused the lack of color rendition can be eliminated on your own. For example, restore lost settings. But to fix other problems, you will need to invite an experienced specialist who has not only the necessary knowledge, but also has a special tool.

Color board malfunctions

complex breakdowns, when the TV shows in black and white, include a malfunction of the color reproduction board. In this case, the image may be completely absent, or may be played back only in BW mode.

Only a master can repair this breakdown. Because in this case, a replacement part is required.

Electromagnetic interference from other devices

Also, black and white channels on the TV can appear when it is exposed to a strong electromagnetic field from another device. Often, owners of CRT television receivers encounter such manifestations. LCD and plasma models are not subject to such influences.

In case the TV has lost its color due to demagnetization, firstly, you need to remove all devices that generate an electromagnetic field away. Then, you need to completely disconnect the TV for a while and reconnect it. If this does not help, you can find the demagnetize button on the device body and press it. If after that the color rendition has not returned, then you need to contact a master who, using special equipment, will demagnetize.

Defects in firmware

Modern manufacturers such as LG, Samsung, Sony, Philips and others equip devices with their own software. This ensures high quality reproduction of the device. But sometimes situations arise when, due to a voltage surge in the network or a short circuit, a defect occurs in the TV firmware, which affects the playback quality. How to fix the picture in this case?

  • Connect the TV to the Internet and download the latest operating system updates from the manufacturer’s official website.
  • Download updates to a USB flash drive. Then install it on the TV and reflash it.
  • Contact a wizard who will flash the system.

There are many reasons why your TV began to show in black and white. It can be quite difficult to figure out and identify the immediate cause on your own. And even if you have some knowledge in the field of electrical engineering, it will be problematic to make high-quality repairs. We advise you to turn to professionals. When placing an application, if you indicate the name, model of the TV and the cause of the malfunction, the master can determine the breakdown in advance and will arrive with the necessary spare part. And this will speed up the repair.

Breakages that affect color

If you removed all the interference, installed the current firmware, restored the settings, but it still did not help, perhaps the device had a failure and one of the parts broke. Most often fail:

  • Antenna plug. The damage is often unnoticeable. In 25% of cases, it is impossible to visually diagnose a breakdown. But if you at least once abruptly pulled the cable out of the socket or stepped on it, the signal will arrive with defects.
  • Color reproduction board. Usually this part is well protected by the structure, but if the room is humid or the wiring in the apartment is damaged, there is a risk of voltage surges and even a short circuit. At the moment of a power surge, the color card will burn out first. It cannot be restored in Sony and Philips models, it will need to be replaced.
  • Switch. If you use this unit to receive a good TV signal from different sources (for example, satellite and cable TV), the failure will happen in it. To check if it works, connect each signal source directly to the TV. If colors are restored, simply replace the switch.
  • Matrix controller. If all other malfunctions are not confirmed, the screen microcontroller may have failed. Many workshops do not undertake repairs of such complexity and offer to replace the entire matrix assembly. Repairmen can install the original controller instead of the broken one. It will be much cheaper.

Why does the color disappear?

The loss of a color picture is not always associated with a breakdown, sometimes the cause is a human factor. The most common sources of this problem are:

  • Damage to the antenna. Black and white channels on the TV indicate poor antenna signal. You need to contact your TV provider to amplify the signal. If this does not fix the problem, then the device itself does not perceive the broadcast well. A professional master will help here.
  • Failed settings. In modern television systems, there are several color schemes. PAL, NTSC, SECAM. If you adjusted the metrics for different channels, the color values ​​might get lost. The user manual usually tells you what to do to get the settings back. If you are not sure if you can handle this, it is better to call a specialist.
  • Interference from nearby appliances. CRT users may notice that the image becomes dull at first, and then completely loses color. This indicates that the device has been exposed to strong electromagnetic radiation from other household appliances such as a microwave oven, coffee machine, or vacuum cleaner. In this case, the kinescope will demagnetize and lose its properties. It is for such a case that there is a special restore button on its case. You must move the TV away from other devices, turn it off for 24 hours by pressing the demagnetizing button. If this does not help, then contact a specialist.
  • Connection errors. If you transmit a signal to the screen using RCA. tulip wires, you need to connect them carefully. The yellow plug is responsible for the picture, if you use a red or white image on the monitor does not appear or will be b / w.
  • Old firmware. LG and Samsung LCD models do not work without dedicated software. With each firmware release, something is seriously changing. If you canceled the automatic update, over time, the software will start to process the TV signal incorrectly. Therefore, if the TV shows in black and white, you need to update the firmware. You can download it from the official website of the manufacturer or contact the wizard if you have problems during installation.

Color TV went black and white, why?

If your Plasma or LCD TV goes black and white, you need to check the settings first. Loss of color does not always indicate serious damage. If you do not know how to properly restore the device’s performance, call a specialist.

How to set up a PAL and SECAM system

The most common cause of a TV color defect is a color system failure. The problem is that state channels are encoded using the SECAM system, a Soviet-French analogue color reproduction concept. But all digital and cable programs are tuned to the PAL line-by-line phase change circuit. Therefore, one or several channels can lose color on a modern device, and not all at once.

Therefore, if you suspect that the channel settings are out of order, proceed as follows:

  • Enter the menu.
  • Find the item “Picture Format” or TV Format.
  • Select PAL from the drop-down menu.
  • The color must come back.

If that didn’t work, there might be a configuration conflict. Use the “Return to factory settings” button or contact the service.