TV indicator flashes but TV does not turn on

technical issues

The reason why the TV stopped turning on may be in a malfunction of the control panel. To check this, press the start button. when the LED is blinking, this indicates the correct operation of the remote control. But when the LED does not flash or does not light at all, you should inspect the remote control. Sometimes you just need to change the batteries and the problem is solved. When the same remote control is available, it is recommended to try to turn on the equipment with it. If again there are no changes even when using a different remote control, you should try to start the technique from the button on the case itself.

Often, when a breakdown occurs, the built-in speakers reproduce typical sounds. the TV clicks, cracks, etc. When the speaker clicks at the moment of pressing the remote control, this indicates that the remote control is working normally, the reason must be looked for further. Some modern TVs have a built-in sound signal that reacts to the lack of connection with another device or the wrong mode.

indicator, flashes, does, turn

When the equipment constantly clicks, but does not turn on, you should find out the peculiarity of these signals. A single signal when the TV is turned on cannot be regarded as a breakdown. Depending on the manufacturer of the device, this beep may be more or less loud.

When the components of the TV cabinet are made of cheap plastic materials, they can also produce typical clicking sounds. Causes this heating, then cooling of these parts. Such phenomena should not be considered a breakdown either, although this can be pretty annoying.

When the TV did not manage to turn on, but it clicks, it is likely that the malfunction lies in the power supply, which stops the start of the equipment. This can be determined as follows, when a clicking sound occurs after pressing the start button and disappears after turning off the TV, the probability of a breakdown of the power supply or other internal part is very high.

Extraneous sounds when the TV is not working and there is no indication

Sometimes TV owners are faced with clicks or other sounds inside. Symptoms may vary:

  • The TV did not turn on, the indicator blinks, the relay clicks.
  • The light is off, the TV clicks.
  • The TV beeps and does not turn on.

The most common causes of clicks on TVs are:

  • Interlocking system actuation. In the event of some types of malfunctions (power supply unit or other units), the protective function is activated. It is designed to avoid more serious damage in the event of a malfunction. It is the blocker that emits characteristic clicks when the TV tries to turn on.
  • Heating and cooling of the plastic parts of the case. So, even a working TV can click.
  • Giving a signal about an activated (not used for a long time) operating mode for the selected source. At the same time, TVs can beep or whistle.
  • Excessive load on the power supply. The cause could be a transformer, microcircuit, or transistors. In this case, the TV does not turn on at all. A qualified master is indispensable here.

General problems

  • The power light is on or flashing, but the device does not respond to the power button.
  • The diode on the device lights up red, but it does not respond to pressing any buttons.
  • The indicator is off, the TV does not turn on.
  • When you try to turn on the TV, it starts to make uncharacteristic sounds and does not turn on.

Despite the fact that most types of such equipment have a different design (namely, LCD, plasma or electron-beam), due to design differences, they can also differ in size. But the above problems and methods of solving them are suitable for any type of device.

Indicator flashes

If the indicator flashes, then the TV itself diagnoses the type of problem. Usually the red light will flash a certain number of times. In this case, you need to open the operating instructions for the device and find the section where the types of faults and their indication are indicated. And, already based on this, take the necessary actions.

Another option that can cause a similar symptom is the TV is connected to the computer as a monitor. If a connected computer enters “sleep mode” or is turned off, when turned on from the remote control, the device will flash for a few seconds. Alternatively, the TV is connected by a second monitor, but not as the main one.

You need to take the computer out of Stand By mode (move the mouse or press a button on the keyboard) or start it by pressing the power button. Basically, the TV is working. It’s just that the image is not fed to it.

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Any TV model is characterized by malfunctions. In different situations, you need to take specific measures to restore the performance of the TV device. If the TV does not turn on and the light is off, or the equipment emits extraneous sounds, you cannot use a single method of repairing Smart TV. How to fix a TV correctly. further in the article.

Voltage surge

If power surges in your apartment are a common occurrence, then be prepared to react to them and TVs. In some models, protection against voltage surges is installed: after that, the device does not turn on for several minutes. But if after 10 minutes the TV did not work, then the accident did not pass without a trace for her:

  • fuse blown;
  • due to a short circuit, the wiring could be damaged;
  • the electronic control board or other electronic element of the TV has broken: the electronics are especially sensitive to voltage drops.

In any case, in such a situation, you should contact a specialist, even if we are talking only about a blown fuse: firstly, there may be several of them in modern TVs, and, most importantly, you should not go into a complex modern device without special training.

And another good piece of advice: if you are constantly faced with voltage drops, buy a voltage stabilizer and connect the TV and other sensitive household appliances to the mains through it.

The indicator turns green, but nothing happens

  • To check the working board, measure the supply voltage. If necessary, a replacement fee is needed.
  • If, when switching channels, a sound appears, but not a picture, then the reason is in the inventor, or you need to check the TV’s power supply.
  • The problem can appear on any device (Toshiba, Samsung). The TV does not turn on, the red light blinks, turns green, but the picture does not appear on the screen, check the software.

To return the device and the light bulb to a working state, you need to flash the TV device.

The indicator constantly changes color

If the power-on indicator lights up as expected (green or red, without blinking), then this indicates that the power supply may be working correctly, and the problem should be looked for somewhere else. In normal mode, the indicator changes color when the TV enters its sleep mode into a working state. In this case, a current begins to flow through the power supply, which is captured by the corresponding sensor and changes the frequency on the indicator, as a result of which the color of its radiation changes.

If the indicator blinks, “dances” with lights, then this most likely means that there is a problem. over, if you look closely, it becomes noticeable that the light bulb blinks not only in red / green, but also in yellow and even blue shades. This suggests that, most likely, there is a defect on the power supply unit, called a breakdown. Diagnostics of a malfunction should start with an analysis of the performance of the power supply board, that is, you need to carry out:

  • voltage check in standby mode;
  • checking the stability of voltage retention when trying to activate the operating mode;
  • filtration level needs to be measured.

Well, and you need to start with a simple visual inspection of the unit, a study of its functionality and safe performance.

Important! The most common failure is associated with swelling of electrolytic capacitors at their top. Such capacitors, of course, must be replaced immediately.

Philips brand TVs

The most common problems with Philips TVs are related to:

  • sudden distortion of the image during the broadcast;
  • the device stops responding to commands from the control panel;
  • the brightness of the picture decreases significantly.

In the first case, most likely, there are problems in the microcircuits. In the second. (if it’s not banal dead batteries in the remote control) we are talking about problems with the built-in memory. And finally, if the picture becomes less saturated, then this, as a rule, indicates a problem with the internal backlight of the screen.

However, none of these defects can cause a dark screen when turned on. Philips does not have this problem.

Samsung TVs

Samsung often “suffer” from bugs in the firmware. And in this case, spontaneous shutdowns of the device with refusal to turn on later can really happen here. However, this effect does not appear immediately: at first there will be a freeze in the playback of the picture, the image will, as it were, slow down a little. Sometimes the device will reboot repeatedly. And the refusal of work is already the final stage. To eliminate this breakdown, a professional software reinstallation is required.

Why the TV does not turn on, but the red or blue light is flashing

You can’t imagine anything worse when you don’t know what to do with a complex, smart, but at the same time non-working technique. The point is that a familiar electronic device gives regular signs of “vital activity”, however, the entire device as a whole does not function as expected (and does not even turn on). It is not clear what to think: whether to let the smart electronic device “hang a little”, or to rush to call the master, or to raise your own qualifications to the level of the end of primary classes. But, as a rule, you want to watch TV in order to relax, but here you have to strain. So, let’s consider a specific situation: the TV does not turn on, the indicator is on. what to do?

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Protection function

As you can already understand from the defects discussed above, if the red indicator remains on when the TV power button is pressed, the red indicator flashes, any other indicator color blinks, but no picture appears on the screen, then with an overwhelming degree of probability the problem lies in the power supply. One of the most common “working” reasons is a latent voltage surge in the off state, when all levels of protection are broken through and such a current arises on the incoming transformer windings that the thin metal simply melts.

  • If the TV does not turn on, you need to start checking for problems with checking the power supply.
  • If the device spontaneously turns off after it has worked for some time after activation, and then the indicator lights up green, but there is no picture or sound, then this is definitely a problem with the power supply.
  • The indicator is blinking green, but there is no picture.
  • When turned on, the indicator turns from red to green and immediately goes out.

These are all typical signs of a malfunctioning power supply. In addition, troubles can be exacerbated by the appearance of microcracks in the motherboard. And all because of the same power surge.

The problem is in the matrix

Here it seems reasonable to go from the opposite and, listing all the main effects of problems with a television matrix, highlight the one that meets the introductory conditions. So, the TV has problems with the matrix if the following effects are observed:

  • On-screen “snow” when the image is only guessed due to thick ripples. In order not to be mistaken in the diagnosis, you need to check the antenna.
  • The image is blinking. Most likely, the backlight is “covered”. In addition, there may be problems in the cooling system.
  • Stripes (vertical or horizontal). The matrix line scan module is faulty here.
  • Broken Pixels. Typical Matrix Failure.
  • Confusion with the colors on the screen. Color rendition “goes crazy” usually when there are problems with firmware.
  • One or more colors are missing. Here the matrix chromaticity unit or video amplifier is faulty.
  • Wide one- or two-color. Check the integrity of the connection between the matrix and the motherboard. The train can be trivially broken.
  • Static stripes in one place on the screen. Here the problem is in the correct operation of the signal decoder or the matrix scanner driver.

And finally, if there is no image at all (when the TV on indicator is green), then it is possible that the problem lies in the burned-out capacitors of the motherboard.

That is, if the indicator indicates that it is on, but the screen is dark, then the matrix here is most likely not to blame.

Software crash

The main feature of various software failures that regulate the operation of the device is the fact that all these are visible defects.

Example: a “riot” of colors begins on the screen (a sharp change in the palette at each point). this is evidence that there is a bug in the device firmware. Reset and install new firmware. (This should be done by a professional master).

However, the software matrix activation procedure itself has no effect. In order for the matrix to light up (in the good sense of the word), the correct electrical signal (with the required parameters) must simply reach it. Software defects cannot simply cause a dark screen (with no sound) when the power indicator is green.


The power plug is securely connected to both the TV and the outlet

The TV menu is not displayed (press the home button) on the remote control. If the menu does not appear, follow the steps in the next article)

Ultra Slim 4K UHD OLED Powered by Android TV OS

TV does not display picture / does not play sound or does not start.

Test operation with a different electrical outlet

Do not use any type of voltage regulator for this test. Directly plug the power cable of the TV into a different electrical socket.

Note. Make sure the tested sockets are working properly. Try another electronic device to check, for example, that the voltage of the power supply is sufficient.

Perform a power cycle

Disconnect all cables, accessories and devices from the TV, including the CAM, if applicable

Wait at least one minute (after the LED has turned off)

Reconnect the power cord without reconnecting any of the disconnected cables, accessories, and devices. The TV screen remains black, but the LED is on. When the LED indicator remains on and the TV does not turn on automatically, the TV can be turned on using the standby button on the remote control.

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If the TV does not start, repeat the power cycle in step 3. If the TV does not turn on, go to step 4.

If the TV starts up, make sure you update the TV software to improve the TV’s functionality: Click here to visit the Philips support web page and find the latest software, instructions on how to update your TV, or go to the next article; “How do I update my TV software?”.


The reason for the inability to turn on the TV can be caused by various factors.

If one of the following scenarios occurs, follow the steps below:

No indicator light on front panel (standby)

The front LED (standby) indicator remains on (see step 3)

The front LED indicator (standby) flashes before pressing the button on the remote control (see Step 3)

Starting from standby

Turn on the TV using the button / joystick on the TV. The ON / OFF button is located on the back or under the TV screen.

Wait 2 minutes for the TV to start up. If the image is not displayed, press the “power button” on the remote control.

If the TV does not turn on, go to step 2.

Contact Support Philips TV

If the TV does not turn on after the steps above, please contact the dedicated Philips support department.

The information on this page applies to the following models: 65OLED803 / 12. 55OLED803 / 12. 65PUS7803 / 12. 65PUS8503 / 12. 65PUS8303 / 12. 50PFS5503 / 12. 65PUS6523 / 12. 50PFS5823 / 12. 50PFS5803 / 12. 43PFS5503 / 12. 50PUS6523 / 12. 49PUS7803 / 12. 43PFS5823 / 12. 43PFS5803 / 12. 43PUS6523 / 12. 75PUS7803 / 12. 55PUS7803 / 12. 55PUS6523 / 12. 49PUS8503 / 12. 49PUS8303 / 12. 32PFS5803 / 12. 55PUS8503 / 12. 55PUS8303 / 12. 32PHS4503 / 12. 32PFS5823 / 12. 24PFS5703 / 12. 65PUS7303 / 12. 65PUS6703 / 12. 65PUS6503 / 12. 22PFS5303 / 12. 55PUS7503 / 12. 55PUS6703 / 12. 55PUS6503 / 12. 50PUS6703 / 12. 50PUS6503 / 12. 49PUS7503 / 12. 43PUS6703 / 12. 24PFS5303 / 12. 43PUS6503 / 12. 50PUS7383 / 12. 50PUS7303 / 12. 22PFS5403 / 12. 55PUS7383 / 12. 55PUS7303 / 12. 43PUS7383 / 12. 43PUS7303 / 12. 32PFS5603 / 12. 24PFS5603 / 12. 65OLED873 / 12. 65OLED973 / 12. 39PHS4112 / 12. 22PFS4022 / 12. 55POS9002 / 12. 50PUT6162 / 12. 50PUS6162 / 12. 32PFT5362 / 12. 32PFS5362 / 12. 65PUS7502 / 12. 22PFT4022 / 12. 24PHS4022 / 12. 24PFT4022 / 12. 24PFT4032 / 12. 65PUS6412 / 12. 32PHS4032 / 12. 65PUS6162 / 12. 55PUS7502 / 12. 49PUS7502 / 12. 49PUS6482 / 12. 32PHT4032 / 12. 24PHS4032 / 12. 55PUS6482 / 12. 55PUS6262 / 12. 50PUS6262 / 12. 49PUS6412 / 12. 43PUS6412 / 12. 43PUS6262 / 12. 24PHT4032 / 12. 49PUS6162 / 12. 55PUT6162 / 12. 55PUS6412 / 12. 55PUS6162 / 12. 49PUS6262 / 12. 43PUS6162 / 12. 49PFS4132 / 12. 43PUT6162 / 12. 43PFS4132 / 12. 22PFS4232 / 12. 32PHT4132 / 12. 32PHS4132 / 12. 22PFT4232 / 12. 32PFS4132 / 12. 32PFT4132 / 12. 32PHS5302 / 12. 43PUS6201 / 12. 55PUS6201 / 12. 32PHS5301 / 12. 49PFT5301 / 12. 49PFS5301 / 12. 43PFT5301 / 12. 43PFS5301 / 12. 32PHT5301 / 12. 22PFS4031 / 12. 49PFS4131 / 12. 43PFT4131 / 12. 32PHT4131 / 12. 32PFT4131 / 12. 24PHT4031 / 12. 24PHS4031 / 12. 22PFT4031 / 12. 32PFS6402 / 12. 65PUS7601 / 12. 32PFH4101 / 88. 32PHT4101 / 12. 32PFT4101 / 12. 43PUH6101 / 88. 55PUS6101 / 12. 55PUH6101 / 88. 49PUS6101 / 12. 49PUH6101 / 88. 43PUS6101 / 12. 32PHH4201 / 88. 40PFT4201 / 12. 40PFS5501 / 12. 40PFH5501 / 88. 32PHT4201 / 12. 32PHS4001 / 12. 48PFT4101 / 12. 49PFS5501 / 12. 65PUS7101 / 12. 32PFS5501 / 12. 65PUS6521 / 12. 49PFH5501 / 88. 40PFH4101 / 88. 32PFT5501 / 12. 32PFH5501 / 88. 43PUS6401 / 12. 40PFT4101 / 12. 49PUS6401 / 12. 43PUS6501 / 12. 55PUS7181 / 12. 55PUS6401 / 12. 49PUS7181 / 12. 49PUS6501 / 12. 49PUS6561 / 12. 32PFS6401 / 12. 55PUS7101 / 12. 55PUS6561 / 12. 55PUS6501 / 12. 49PUS7101 / 12. 65PUS8901 / 12. 55PUS8601 / 12. 65PUS8601 / 12. 43PUT4900 / 12. 55PUT4900 / 12. 49PUT4900 / 12. 55PUS8700 / 12. 65PUS8700 / 12. 32PFT6500 / 12. 32PFH5500 / 88. 55PFT5500 / 12. 48PFT5500 / 12. 48PFH5500 / 88. 40PFT5500 / 12. 40PFH5500 / 88. 32PFT5500 / 12. 48PUS7600 / 12. 65PUS7600 / 12. 55PUT6400 / 12. 55PUS7600 / 12. 50PUT6400 / 12. 40PUT6400 / 12. 65PUS7120 / 12. 40PFT6550 / 12. 65PFT6520 / 12. 55PUS7170 / 12. 55PUS7100 / 12. 50PFT6550 / 12. 49PUS7170 / 12. 49PUS7150 / 12. 49PUS7100 / 12. 43PUS7150 / 12. 43PUS7100 / 12. 40PFT6510 / 12. 50PFT6510 / 12. 32PHT4200 / 12. 40PFT4200 / 12. 32PFH5300 / 88. 50PFT5300 / 12. 40PFT5300 / 12. 40PFH5300 / 88. 32PFT5300 / 12. 40PFT4100 / 12. 48PFT4100 / 12. 32PFH4100 / 88. 32PHT4100 / 12. 32PFT4100 / 12. 22PFT4000 / 12. 55PFT6510 / 12. 24PHT5210 / 12. 24PHT4000 / 12. 40PFS6909 / 12. 65PFS5909 / 60. 65PFS5909 / 12. 55PFS6909 / 12. 48PFS6909 / 12. 32PFT4009 / 12. 50PFT4009 / 12. 40PFT4009 / 60. 40PFT4009 / 12. 32PHT4009 / 12. 32PFT4009 / 60. 49PUS7909 / 12. 55PUS7909 / 60. 55PUS7909 / 12. 49PUS7909 / 60. 55PUS9109 / 12. 65PUS9109 / 12. 65PUS9809 / 12. 40PUS6809 / 12. 50PUS6809 / 12. 48PFS8109 / 12. 55PUS8809 / 12. 55PFS8209 / 12. 55PFS8109 / 12. 48PFS8209 / 12. 24PHT5219 / 12. 40PFT5509 / 12. 32PFS5709 / 12. 65PFS7559 / 12. 65PFS6659 / 12. 55PFT6309 / 12. 48PFS5709 / 12. 40PFT4509 / 12. 40PFT4109 / 12. 40PFS6409 / 12. 40PFS5709 / 12. 32PFT5509 / 12. 55PFT5209 / 12. 48PFS6609 / 12. 48PFT5509 / 12. 48PFS6719 / 12. 55PFS7109 / 12. 55PFS7199 / 12. 55PFS7189 / 12. 32PFT4309 / 12. 55PUS7809 / 12. 50PFT4309 / 12. 49PUS7809 / 12. 40PFT4319 / 12. 40PFT4309 / 12. 32PHT4509 / 12. 32PHT4319 / 12. 32PHT4309 / 12. 32PHT4109 / 12. 40PFS6609 / 12. 50PFT4509 / 12. 40PFS6719 / 12. 55PFS7509 / 12. 22PFT4109 / 12. 55PFT6109 / 12. 24PHT4109 / 12. 22PFL3108H / 12. 22PFL4008T / 12. 22PFL2908H / 12. 22PFL3517T / 12. 22PFL3517H / 12. 22PFL3507H / 12. 22PFL3206H / 58. 22PFL3606H / 58. Click here to see more product numbers Click here to show fewer product numbers