TV does not connect to the internet via cable

Connecting via a router

For example, suppose you have a router and your TV does not have Wi-Fi. We can simply lay a network cable from the router to the TV.

Our router must be connected to the Internet and configured.

We connect one end of the cable to the router, to the yellow connector (sorry for the quality of the photo).

does, connect, internet, cable

On the TV, we connect the other end of the cable to the network connector (RJ-45). Better to have the TV on.

If everything is fine, then immediately after connecting the cable, a window should appear on the TV with a message that a connection to the wired network has been established (it quickly disappears).

That’s it, the Internet on the TV is already working! You can use all the functions of Smart TV.

We connect the TV to the Internet via a network cable (LAN)

A few days ago, an instruction for connecting a TV to the Internet via Wi-Fi was published, you can read it po-wi-fi-na-primere-LG-32ln575u /. Today I want to prepare an article and talk about how to connect a TV to the network via a network cable.

A cable connection can be useful in two cases: when your TV does not have a built-in (or external) Wi-Fi module, and when you do not have a Wi-Fi router (or you simply cannot connect to a wireless network).

  • Direct connection using a LAN cable, which most likely you have at home (the cable that the provider laid).
  • And connecting through a router.
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I will show on the example of the LG 32LN575U TV.

Direct connection, network cable from the provider

Here, almost everything is the same as in the previous method. If your provider uses the “Dynamic IP” connection technology (you can check with the support). then just connect the cable to the TV and everything works.

But, if the PPPoE technology, then here it is already a little more complicated. For example, on my LG 32LN575U there is no way to configure such a connection. There is already only one option, to install a router and raise the connection on it. And already with a cable, or via Wi-Fi, connect the TV.

But, as far as I know, for example, some Samsung TVs are able to raise the PPPoE connection. See characteristics, check with the manufacturer.

Setting static IP and DNS on the TV

Perhaps, when connecting via LAN, you will need to set a static IP and DNS (the provider can also use this technology). It can be done. Shown as

Go to Smart TV and select the network icon (you can also through the settings).

Click the Configure connection button.

Selecting the Manual Settings button.

Select the “Wired” button.

Next, set the required IP and DNS manually. Click Ok.

The TV will build a network map and display the result of the Internet connection. Like this (your map may differ, this is normal):

Click Finish. Everything, wired network with static IP configured.

The provider binds to the MAC address. Where to watch MAC on TV?

If your ISP binds to the MAC address, and the Internet is already tied to a computer, for example, then it will most likely fail to connect it to the TV. It is necessary for the provider to change the binding to the MAC address of the TV.

In this case, we need to find out the MAC address of our TV. This can be done as a rule in the settings.

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In LG 32LN575U on the Support tab. Info. about product / service.

That’s all. If you have any questions, then ask them in the comments! Good luck!

Why the TV does not see Wi-Fi

There are several sources of problems leading to the inoperability of the Internet. The main thing is the lack of Smart TV functionality. Sometimes the question is related to the parameters of the TV or router, which also will not allow you to be included in the broadcasting band. In the latter case, the distributor will not be visible to any gadget, and in the first. only to the TV receiver.

Solution to the problem

In order not to wonder why the TV does not see Wi-Fi, it is enough to use simple but effective methods. Any of them will be able to adjust the TV receiver and restore its line with the Internet, and will no longer let the signal disappear.


If the TV does not pick up Wi-Fi well, what should I do? The equipment is rebooted to correct the incorrect performance of functions. Re-enabling the device requires its obligatory disconnection from the local grid. Most receivers need to be additionally disconnected from electricity. for 15. 20 seconds.

After rebooting the equipment, they wait a similar time. before starting again. This approach allows you to start a new session and completely close the previous one. Violation of the rule will not allow the settings to be reset, and the equipment will continue to operate under the old parameters.

Restart menu

Change the connection method

The use of WPS technology is relevant when manually entering a password. The function helps to quickly connect the TV receiver to the Internet. Activation takes place both on the TV and on the distributor. To execute the algorithm, it is enough to find the corresponding key on the body of the device or use the control panel.

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Smart TV firmware update

  • After formatting the flash card into the “FAT32” system, a folder is created on it and called “LG_DTV”.
  • Download the update from the manufacturer’s official website and transfer it to a USB flash drive (in a folder).
  • After unpacking the file, the card is inserted into the TV receiver.
  • The system automatically recognizes the new software version and suggests making changes. After confirming the action, the update process will start.
  • Until the process is completely completed and the TV receiver is turned off on its own, it is strictly forbidden to remove the flash card. If the rules are violated, the system may completely crash and no longer respond to commands.

For the updates to take effect, you need to return the device to the factory settings. The procedure is performed through the subsection “reset settings”.

For reference! The instructions for the equipment detail information on self-flashing the TV.

Internet does not work after connecting to Wi-Fi

Connection does not always ensure the performance of the equipment. The error “unable to connect to the Internet via Wi-Fi” occurs due to the DNS address parameters. The way to solve the problem is to replace the settings.

Wi-Fi won’t turn on on LG TV

If the TV does not see Wi-Fi, then restarting the receiver will help fix the situation. In the absence of the expected effect, the question arises of the inoperability of the adapter. The problem is solved by contacting a service center and subsequent repair.