Turn On On The Phone Watch On TV

Enable on the phone to watch on TV

If you have a home network, Windows Media Player can be used to stream media to computers, TVs, and other media devices in your home that support DLNA technology. For example, if you have a TV that supports DLNA or a home theater in which this function is present, all devices are connected to a home local network, you can transfer media content (movies, music, photos) from a computer / laptop to a TV or home theater. Thus, you can view media content on the TV from a computer that is physically located in another room, and if you use Wi-Fi, then from a laptop that can be freely moved within the Wi-Fi network.

In order to view files (music, photos) from a computer on a TV through a home local network, several conditions must be met:

1) Set up a home local network in the network, you also need to add a TV or home theater (you can connect with a network cable, you can use Wi-Fi);

2) the TV or home theater must have DLNA function (this information will be indicated in the documentation for the TV or home theater).

If all these conditions are met, proceed to setting.

On the computer / laptop, launch Windows Media Player shortcut is on the taskbar.

If it is not there, press the “Start” button in the search bar for programs and files, enter media and start Windows Media Player.

Click the “Stream” button and select “Enable streaming media”.

In the options window, click “Enable media streaming”.

After that, you will see the TV connected to the network (in my case, it is Philips). Note. what should be allowed to use streaming.

Now if you go to the TV menu and select Browse PC (this is how the menu looks on Philips TVs), you will see movies, music and photos that are available from your computer.

If you did not see the desired files on the TV, you need to add them to the list of available for streaming, for this you need to start Windows Media Player, click on / Music / Pictures and select “Stream Management”.

Using the “Add” button, specify the folder in which the files that we want to see on the TV are located and press the “Add folder”.

You can also start a preview. photos and music from the computer to the TV, for this we click on the file that we want to play with the right mouse button and select “Play to”. “The name of your TV”

There is one drawback to this method, Windows Media Player does not support all formats, i.e. not everything can be viewed on TV through a computer. On the Microsoft page you can see which files are supported by Windows Media Player and which are not.

Where to get Playlists

Free Playlists for watching Smart-TV are usually “embedded” into the program for watching channels.

Sometimes, you can get them from your provider if they are provided with this service.

Specialized resources offer a list of self-updating Playlists, but this can cause some inconvenience in terms of:

  • Installing additional software such as PeersTV.
  • Installing Adguard or other applications with VPN and antispam protection.
  • Loopholes of the program with access to the Internet, and as a result. the display of advertising banners.
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A better solution may be to install widgets for Smart-TV by subscription.

What is IPTV

Interactive television (IPTV) is a digital television broadcasting technology based on the Internet protocol used by digital cable television operators.

Data transfer occurs via a cable connected to a house or apartment. With this technology, an unlimited number of high-definition channels are available to the user. But that’s only in theory.

Do not confuse IPTV with Internet TV.

The content of the second is available to users for free. Usually, this implies the presence of several dozen channels, not the best broadcast quality.

Data transmission passes through a computer network connected to the Internet using open and closed communication channels.

Viewing on a computer

To watch IPTV on a PC, you need to install a VLC player.

Then, use the IPTV Playlist downloaded or purchased on a PC.

Pros and cons

The positives of IPTV lead over the disadvantages.

For example, on Smart-TV from Sony you can:

  • Pause streaming when you need to go to the kitchen or restroom.
  • Record a show, movie or broadcast to a file if it is not possible to view it now.
  • Do not limit yourself to a standard set of regional and federal broadcasting channels.
  • Have access to an entertainment selection of channels, satellite and cable providers.
  • Additionally, do not pay for 100 channel content transmitted over unencrypted networks. Usually, the option is already available in the standard operator package.
  • Use an available, already compiled channel list.
  • Create your own personal list, with general or personal settings for each TV channel.
  • Configure a content viewing and recording scheduler to record multiple streams in the background.
  • Visually see when you need “volume level”, “channel name”, “recording indication” and so on.
  • Connect remote control. All functions for setup and playback can be done from a smartphone.
  • Forget about antennas, receivers and digital receivers from IPTV.

And also, IPTV can be connected to a smartphone, tablet, laptop, computer and an ordinary TV connected via HDMI or through “tulips” with a special TV set-top box.

If this condition is not met or there is a bandwidth problem on the line, then the following appears:

  • Distorted picture.
  • Lead or lag of sound from.
  • Long or “eternal” channel loading.

The second reason for poor IPTV performance is outdated technology.

Some models of TVs, laptops and computers may SIMply not support this technology, due to lack of equipment.

Viewing with Vintera App

Samsung TVs with Tizen shell are available with an application for viewing interactive television:

  • you need to open “Smart Hub”. “Samsung Apps”. section “”. application “Vintera.TV”;
  • select a channel marked free and paid.

Overview of TV operators’ services

Popular operators provide the following IPTV services:

  • Tricolor TV. include the Online TV service in the United package, costing from 1500 rubles. in year. For owners of smart gadgets there is an application “Tricolor Online TV”.
  • Beeline offers services from 150 rubles. monthly subscription to films from 99 rubles. Owners of Android, iOS, Smart-TV LG and Samsung can work through “Beeline TV”.
  • Telecard with the “Telecard online” tariff offers 70 channels at a price of 99 rubles. per month or 999 p. in year. Works with a SIMilar app.

Internet connection and Wi-Fi

To watch IPTV through a smart TV, it must be connected to your home network, via a network cable or Wi-Fi.

The network must be distributed by the router.

To connect TV to the Internet via Wi-Fi you need:

  • Enable Wi-Fi distribution in the router settings, set the hotspot name and password.
  • Turn on Wi-Fi on the TV and join the created point.
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If the configuration needs to be done using a cable, SIMply insert the RJ-45 connector into the LAN connector of the router, pull it to the TV, and insert the other end of the cable into the Ethernet connector.

How to watch TV channels over the Internet on TV

What for

Modern online television has in its arsenal:

  • electronic TV program for channels;
  • content announcements;
  • cinema hall, with a choice of TV channels, films and individual programs.

How to watch 3D on TV?

In order to watch stereoscopic films at home, you need to purchase a new generation TV with 3D support. The technology that creates a visual sense of volume is embodied in modern models of 3D-TVs.

What is 3D technology?

When answering the question of how to watch 3D movies on TV, one should understand the principle of this technology. 3D creates a volumetric image from two consecutive pictures with one scene. The first of the superimposed images is for the right eye, the second for the left. Pictures perceived with the help of special glasses are connected in the viewer’s brain, creating the illusion of a three-dimensional image.

How to connect a 3D TV?

3D TVs are high-end models, on which programs can be viewed both in the usual format and in 3D format, while the image is bright and clear. How do you enable 3D on your TV? This requires a cable or satellite TV with 3D function. You should find out if access to 3D television is provided by contacting a provider who will advise on the possibility of providing this service. There are now quite a few 3D TV shows and movies that are streamed either on cable channels or on pay channels. The development of cable networks dealing only with 3D content is relevant now. It is impossible to redesign an old TV to operate in stereoscopic mode, the exception is DLP projection TVs produced by Mitsubishi and Samsung in recent years, as well as Samsung 3D Ready plasma devices. PNB450 and PNA450.

To play 3D Blu-ray Discs, you need a stereo-capable Blu-ray player and a High Speed ​​HDMI cable to connect the player. Some retailers include Blu-ray discs with their 3D products.

How to watch 3D movies?

In order to watch TV programs and movies in 3D format, you need special 3D glasses. When viewed without glasses, the picture doubles, distorts, which causes eye strain and makes full perception impossible. Experts recommend choosing glasses from the same brand as the TV. Although most often 3D TVs are sold with glasses, but if you are not going to watch movies with stereo effect alone, then you will need additional glasses.

3D glasses provide high quality viewing of three-dimensional feature films and programs. Glasses for 3D TVs have a normal, enlarged and large field of view. The frame is made of cardboard (cheaper models) and plastic. It is convenient to use oversized glasses that can be adjusted if necessary.

Anaglyph glasses

Glasses of this design have been used when watching 3D films about forty years ago. The filter for one eye is red, for the other. blue, which blocks the corresponding part of the picture for each eye, which provides a three-dimensional perception of the image on the screen. There is a certain discomfort from viewing, the more difficult it is to talk about the quality of the picture.

Polarized glasses

There are two types of polarized glasses: linear and circular polarized. Circular polarization has advantages over linear polarization: if you tilt your head with linear glasses, the stereo effect disappears, with circular polarization, the volume of the image is not lost at any position of the viewer.

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By the way, you can make 3D glasses with your own hands.

In recent years, you can buy TVs with the ability to view stereo images without glasses, of course, this equipment costs much more.

How to watch YouTube on TV

YouTube is constantly evolving, expanding and improving! Since relatively recently, you have become available to watch your favorite programs on TV. In this article we will look at all the functionality and learn how to connect YouTube to t TV from a personal computer, as well as from mobile devices.

Turn On On The Phone Watch On TV

TVs that support YouTube capabilities: Smart TV, Apple TV, Android TV, and Google TV.

To configure access, you first need to activate, for this we go to the site. https://youtube.com/activate. After selecting your account, you will be redirected to a page with a code entry. This code will be displayed on your TV in the YouTube app.


All available functions are displayed in the preview window. Explore them to interact comfortably with the content.

  • Home. will return you to the home page (screen).
  • Start / Pause. starts and stops viewing.
  • Forward. Fast forward 10 seconds.
  • Backward. rewinds 10 seconds.
  • Subtitles. click to display subtitles.

Additionally, you can subscribe to the channel and rate it. and also complain content. To do this, click on the button.

Setting up TV and YouTube on android and iphone / ipad

The settings of these devices are somewhat different, so we will consider them separately from each other.

Android and other smartphones

The settings are very SIMple, they only include 3 steps. You can also choose between automatic and manual connection. But, about everything in order.

First, go to https://www.youtube.com/tv and select settings from the menu on the left.

Automatic connection
Follow the steps below to connect your phone to your TV.

  • Both devices must be connected to the same WI-FI network.
  • Launch the YouTube app on your phone.
  • Click on the red icon at the top right to transfer content, then select your TV.

Manual mode
In manual mode, everything is also SIMple, you just need to enter a unique code.

  • Launch the YouTube app on your phone.
  • Go to Settings and select Watch on TV.
  • Click on Enter the code and enter the one shown on the screen.

Connect YouTube TV to iphone and other Apple products

In case you don’t have an Apple TV, you have to resort to some tricks. Since there is a difference in the setting relative to other phones mentioned above.

Due to the lack of an official app, performance on each individual TV is not guaranteed.

So, first you need to install the Belkin MediaPlay application (or equivalent) on your Iphone or Ipad.

Configuration recommendations

In this application, check the boxes opposite “Show or hide visual indicators.”. to quickly select a device. And all the checkboxes with “Share” so that you can log in from any of your other devices.

Next, click on the “Display Device” button to select the TV. After that, start watching and you will have a link “BEAM”. click on it and watch on TV.

Connect YouTube to Smart TV

Detailed instructions on how to link YouTube account to TV. Happy viewing!