Transfer viber from iPhone to Android

Transfer Music from iTunes

You can transfer tracks from iTunes to the Google Music cloud for free.

  • Make sure your iPhone or iPad is fully synced with iTunes on your computer. In this case, all music from iTunes will also be saved on your computer.
  • Downloading Google Music Download Manager.
  • Log in to the manager with your Google account, and then, in one click, transfer your entire music library from iTunes to Google. The procedure is so simple that it fits into a 20-second video:

The standard version of Google Music is free, but you’ll be asked to create your Google Wallet to complete the setup. In the future, you will need it to make purchases in Google services.

Transferring other contacts

If you store contacts locally on iPhone or use a service other than iCloud and Gmail, you can transfer contacts to your Android device using iTunes on your computer.

  • Connect iPhone to computer.
  • Open iTunes and select the connected device in the upper right corner.
  • Open the “Information” tab and mark the item “Synchronize contacts with”.
  • Select “Google Contacts” and indicate your Google account.

Done. Also, as alternative methods of transferring contacts, you can use specialized third-party applications that you trust, or a SIM card.

How to migrate from iOS to Android

Enough tolerating this! Switch to Android. He is cool.

When you ask an iPhone owner why on DO hasn’t bought a Nexus yet, you usually hear vague excuses about music, photos, contacts, mail, and applications. The process of moving from iOS to Android seems daunting and arduous. Not really.

Below is Google’s one-stop guide to migrating from iOS to Android.

Setting up Gmail mail

No further action is required. As soon as you log into the Android device with your Google account, your Gmail mail will immediately be available in the application of the same name.

Hot tip: Google Account is the key to all Google services. Be sure to strengthen its protection with two-factor authentication.

Transfer iCloud contacts

  • We go to the device settings, then “Mail, contacts, calendars”, then “Accounts”. Find iCloud here.
  • Open iCloud and turn on the “Contacts” item.
  • In the browser, go to, log in with your Apple ID and select “Contacts”. In the lower left corner, click on the wheel, “Select All”, click on the wheel again and select “Export vCard”.
  • In the browser, go to, in the upper left corner, click on the “Mail” item and select “Contacts”.
  • At the top of the interface, we find the “Advanced” button and select “Import”. Click on “Select file” and specify the path to the saved vCard file.

Done. Now all your iCloud contacts have been transferred to Gmail, and you can get rid of duplicate contacts in the same “” menu using the “Find and merge matching contacts” option.

Transferring Gmail contacts

No further action is required. All your Gmail mail and contacts will be automatically downloaded to your Android device, where you log in with your Google account.

Transfer photos

  • Open the Google app and log in with your Google account (that is, just enter your Gmail-mail address and password to it).
  • Tap on the menu icon, then click on the gear icon in the upper right corner and select “Camera and Photos”.
  • Select “Startup” and set the switch to “ON”.

Done. Photos have already started uploading to the Google cloud. After a while, your entire photo gallery will be available in the “Photos” application on your Android smartphone, in which you are logged in with your Google account.

  • Go to the device settings, select “Privacy”, then “Photos”.
  • Set the Google switch to ON.


transfer, viber, iphone, android

This messenger offers two ways to create backups. The first is a shared backup via a backup of the device itself, and the second via email.

Of course, in the first case, it is impossible to transfer the Anroid backup to iOS, and so that users do not even try to do something with the copy sent by e-mail, the company’s website warns:

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Please note that the message history saved in the backup file cannot be restored to another device.

It turns out that the backup is only needed to store history in case of an emergency, and not to restore it on another device.

Recover messages from cloud storage on a new device

Important! You can restore messages from your backup only on a device with the same operating system as the one where you created it and with the same phone number.

If you change the number, you need to activate the new number in Viber on the old phone, before creating a backup.

  • change and activate your number on your old smartphone;
  • on it, create a backup copy of your account and correspondence;
  • install Viber and activate it on a new phone;

Only after that you can proceed directly to the recovery of messages.

Backing up conversations on iOS

Again, access to cloud storage is required. On the iPhone, this is iCloud. Here’s how to provide this access:

  • Open the system application “Settings”.
  • Go to the iCloud tab and sign in to your account.
  • Select the “iCloud Drive” setting and activate it.
  • Find Viber in the list of applications that appears and open access.

The preparation is done. Then everything is very simple:

  • Go to the screen.
  • Select the “Account” section in the list of settings.
  • Go to the “Backup” tab.
  • Click on the “Create a backup” button and wait until the end.
  • You can choose the update frequency: every week or month.

Done! Backups are created and updated automatically. It remains to figure out how to restore them to a new device.

From smartphone to computer

In order to transfer Viber data to a PC or laptop, you need to set up synchronization.

  • Download and install vibe for your computer.
  • We go through the registration process, indicating that the application is installed on the smartphone.
  • When the installation is complete, the Synchronization message will appear automatically. Click on her.
  • Open the vibe on your phone and click on “Start”.

Done, data is in sync. Steps for tablets are identical.

Creating a backup and configuring a backup

The messenger itself does not save your precious correspondence, does not restore them. But, you can manually create a backup, set up an automatic data backup once and no longer worry. Owners of iPhone and any Android device can create a reserve.

You can save only the data that is available right now. When you create a new copy of the data, the old one will be deleted by itself.

Important! Not all types of data in messages can be recovered!

You can get from the backup only text messages and a list of public accounts to which you have been subscribed. Save personal photos and videos in the device memory.

Restoring correspondence on Andro

  • Go to “Backup”.
  • Click “Restore”.
  • Select the “Recover Now” option.
  • Saving media files

    Please note that transferring vibe data to another phone using the options described above, you will lose photo and video files. These methods are effective only for text messages. You will have to move the media manually by copying the pictures to an external medium.

    How to transfer the program

    Transferring the program to a new device resembles the initial process of installing Viber on a computer, so all the steps will be familiar to you.

    Is it possible to transfer Viber from computer to computer

    You need to start with the fact that any computer version of Viber works exclusively from the main device. a smartphone, since a SIM card is inserted into it and the user can be identified. That is, if you do not have Viber installed on your phone, then you will not be able to use it on your computer. The desktop version on the computer is a “mirror” of the mobile one and works under its settings and guidance. At the same time, all correspondence and sent media files are synchronized, regardless of which device they were sent from. Therefore, if you want not only to install the Viber program on another computer, but also to save the correspondence, then here you can use only one transfer method. synchronization.

    Downloading the app

    You need to start by downloading the program to another computer. You can download Viber on our website at the link below, choosing only your type of operating system. Windows, Linux, Mac. Then follow these steps step by step:

    • After the download is finished, run the installation file.
    • Wait for the installation to complete.
    • Launch Viber.
    • Log in based on the profile data that works on your smartphone.
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    You can also download the program through the website with the software for your computer platform. Microsoft Store, Mac App Store and Linux.

    Establishing a connection between devices

    Synchronizing messages

    Now you need to set up synchronization between devices so that all correspondence is duplicated from the phone or vice versa:

    • After completing the installation of the program, go to authorization.
    • On the screen you will have a question “Do you have Viber on your phone?”, Answer “Yes”.
    • Next, enter the country and mobile phone number of your profile.
    • A QR code will appear on the computer screen, which should be scanned by the phone camera from the application in Viber.
    • The devices are paired, and now all information between the phone and the computer will be synchronized. messages, media files, call history.

    Synchronization between devices starts from the moment Viber is installed on a new device, that is, you will not be able to transfer messages from yesterday and download them in the form of ready-made chats.

    For computer versions, the “Backup” function does not work, which means that you cannot restore a backup copy of all previously saved correspondences. However, there is another option “Send message history”:

    • Log in to Viber from your phone.
    • Go to the “” section, at the bottom of the panel.
    • Select “Settings”, then “Calls and messages”.
    • Find the option “Send message history”.
    • You are waiting for the archive of all chats to be formed.
    • Next, choose where or how to send. by e-mail, via a social network, to another messenger or via Bluetooth.

    Just don’t confuse the sent message archive with a backup copy. Using the “Send message history” function, you simply archive all text messages, and they are presented in one document, which you can open on your computer and read important information from a dialogue with a specific user. And you won’t be able to upload the archive to Viber. Dialogues will be displayed in Viber only from the moment the program is installed on the computer and synchronized with the phone.

    Transferring media files

    The backup and Send Message History feature does not mean storing media files, only text messages. Pictures, photos and videos sent to you by other users are reflected on the computer only after the application is installed and synchronized. Everything that was received before will have to be saved manually from the old computer and transferred to the new one. Therefore, do not rush to delete Viber from your old device, first save all the media files you need on it, and then transfer it to another computer using a flash drive.

    How to transfer Viber from one computer to another without data loss

    Viber is a messenger application for communication. Having installed Viber for yourself, you will be able to correspond and call with the same users of the program for free without restriction and binding to the location. For greater convenience, the company released, in addition to the mobile version, a desktop version for computers and tablets. If you use the Viber application on a PC and want to change the device, then the question arises. how to transfer the program to another computer and not lose any data from correspondence?

    Possible problems and solutions

    Some users, when installing Viber on another computer, face various problems. What you may encounter when transferring the program to another device:

    • it is impossible to set up synchronization with a computer;
    • viber is not installed on another device;
    • you cannot send message history;
    • Synchronization failed while transferring data to your computer;
    • not all messages were transferred.

    You can sync your computer with your account only during the initial installation of the messenger. Also, be sure to wait for the final download of the synchronization and only then start working in the application. If you have paired two devices, but messages, calls and media files are reflected in the phone, but not in the computer, then you need to double-check the Viber version. The sync function is only available for versions above 7.3. Updating the program often helps to solve all problems, as well as to set up correspondence on two devices at the same time.

    Making a backup

    The easiest and most convenient way is to create a backup in Viber on an iPhone, that is, an old device. But you should know that Viber does not automatically save your correspondence, if you have not previously activated this function. How the autosave chat history function works:

    • You enter the application.
    • Go to the settings menu through the “” button at the bottom of the screen.
    • Choose “Account”.
    • In the list of tasks you will see the button “Backup”.

    If this function is active and the period of regularity of updating the archive of correspondence is specified. a month, a week, a day, then it means that you can restore data from this copy at any time. This can be done as follows:

    • You download and install the Viber app on a new Android device.
    • Open the application and go into it under your account data. indicate your mobile phone number.
    • When the app loads, your chats will be all empty.
    • Go to the settings menu via “”.
    • Select the item “Account”.
    • Next “Backup”, “Restore”.
    • You are waiting for the archive to be unloaded, and on the main page “Chats” you can see the history of correspondence with other users.
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    Therefore, if you have not yet deleted Viber on your old device, then before installing it on Android, first create a backup copy of your data.

    How to transfer Viber to Android from iPhone

    Viber is an irreplaceable and popular application for any smartphone. With the help of Viber, you can communicate with any users for free. The function of both calls and messages is available to you. Also in Viber it is very convenient to exchange files of different formats. photos, pictures, videos, documents. But what if you decide or have to switch your phone from iOS to Android? Is it possible to transfer not only contacts, but also message history from iPhone to another phone running on Android platform?

    Viber transfer order

    We found out that the data from Viber can be transferred to another device under the same account. However, this can be done only if certain conditions are met, without which the restoration of correspondence will be impossible. Below are two methods applied from iPhone to Android.

    Is it possible to transfer Viber from iPhone to Android

    You changed your phone, and when you installed Viber on a new device, your account was empty: no call history, no messages, no media files. It’s good if this question is not important to you and there is no valuable information in your chats. And if you missed something important or just want to establish the same convenient workflow in Viber, then what should you do then? Regardless of which phone you are switching to, it is quite possible to transfer your chats, but for this, the correspondence had to be previously saved in a backup.

    Recover messages on a new device

    Any iPhone requires an iCloud account. This particular box is the only one with which Apple cooperates. The phone data is registered on this server. Also, iCloud has a storage where you can synchronize the necessary information from your smartphone, including the history in Viber. In order to later use this data on another device, for example, on an Android phone, you need to set up copying to storage on a working phone in advance. So, before you delete Viber on iPhone, check the following steps:

    • Go to “Settings” on iPhone.
    • Go to the “Passwords and Accounts” section.
    • Choose “iCloud”.
    • Go down and go to iCloud Drive.
    • See if the Viber app is activated.
    • If the lever shines green opposite the name of the application, it means that the data from Viber is archived in the iCloud storage, and if not, then activate.

    It is impossible to download data from iCloud storage and transfer it to Viber to a device with another operating system, only on iOS.

    What’s the way out for a new Android phone? For transferring from iPhone to Android, Viber history via cloud storage is possible only if you send the archived correspondence to the mail. This is also done through Viber, “Settings”, “Account”, “Backup” and “Send chat history”. Click on this button and enter your email address. Other methods have not yet been invented. Despite the fact that such an archived file in the mail cannot be transferred to Viber and display the correspondence in chats, but you can find important information in messages.

    How to transfer media files

    Another feature of Viber backup is that data is transferred only in the form of text messages. This means that it will not be possible to recover pictures, photos and videos. Therefore, if you plan to switch to another phone, then save the necessary files on the device manually in advance. open the full screen photo or video, and through the “Share” icon, click “Save on device”. And then from the iPhone you can send the saved files to a new phone via mail, social networks or another messenger.