The TV screen blinks and does not turn on

Mechanical damage

Samsung equipment manufacturers are trying to fully protect large elements of their devices from mechanical damage, but no one has yet managed to cope with this task 100%. there is always a risk of breaking the TV receiver case. If the blow is especially strong, you can even damage the fragile microcircuit.

In order to establish a breakdown of this kind, it is enough just to inspect the TV for cracks and chips.

One of the most vulnerable elements of any LED receiver is the monitor. If you notice cracks and broken pixels on it, then the equipment should be taken to a specialized service center for repair. Eliminating such a malfunction on your own is possible only when you have the skills to work with electronic equipment and are equipped with everything necessary for diagnostics and repairs with tools.

Cables and sockets

Quite often, the TV receiver does not turn on if you connect it to the sockets from which the wires are disconnected or they are dangling in their place. In this case, you should cut off the flow of electricity in the house and carefully check all the working contacts, if necessary, repair. after that, the TV can be reconnected to the outlet and see if its work is restored.

If the receiver is new, then only modern euro sockets are suitable for it, otherwise the legs of the plug will be thicker than the holes of the outdated sockets, and this can cause poor contact even if you can connect to the network.

What to do to fix the problem?

Let us dwell in more detail on the ways to fix all breakdowns that can be done at home without contacting the service department.

Standby mode. In the Standby state, the TV receiver continues to function, although at this time its monitor remains completely inactive. In this case, focus on the panel LED. it will glow red in standby mode. To activate the TV, you just need to exit standby mode. for this, the power button on the remote control is pressed.

Broken socket. If the indicator on the TV panel does not light up, then first try to connect your device to some other power source and start it in the usual way.

If it starts to work, therefore, the cause of the breakdown should be looked for in the outlet and cables. You can fix them without even having the skills to work with electronic equipment. Before these manipulations, do not forget to first de-energize the living space.

Active AV, HDMI or wireless connection. It is possible that the TV display is configured to mirror the interface of a mobile gadget or a personal computer, so the option to launch a traditional TV is currently unavailable. In this case, you should disconnect all connected devices and switch the system to watching TV.

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Bad signal. Sometimes a black screen is the result of bad weather, especially during a thunderstorm, snowstorm, or when the external antenna is faulty. Sometimes a couple of hours is enough until the signal quality improves on its own without any outside interference. If this does not happen, then you should consider buying a new antenna.

It may sound funny, but sometimes the problem of a non-working TV can be easily solved by changing the batteries in the remote control. If the TV takes too long to turn on, then usually replacing the battery is the first and most elementary step in troubleshooting such problems. In this case, it is important to pay attention to the equipment indicator, which will light up in a different color when you press any button.

Another effective way to check the operation of the device and make sure that the cause of the breakdown is directly related to the remote control is to press the navigation buttons, which are located on the side or bottom of the case. If the receiver responds to such a press, the problem is 100% related to the remote control.


It is best to start diagnostics of failed parts from the outside, and finish. already directly inside the device.


During strong power surges in the network, the so-called TV filling may simply not withstand and burn out. Determining the source of such a problem visually is difficult, especially if you do not know where to look. Then the organs of smell will come to the rescue. in the overwhelming majority of cases, a problem of this kind is accompanied by a pungent smell of burning, which is absolutely no problem to feel, in addition, something clicks inside the device.

For those who are not afraid to disassemble the case on their own, this will be a good opportunity to visually inspect the board for damage.

Pay attention to any mechanical defects in wires, microcircuits and contacts. A sign of a malfunction will be traces of temperature effects, which may occur during overload.

Samsung TV won’t turn on: causes and solutions

Even the highest quality household appliances of world famous brands can fail. The reasons for this can be very different, and in order to eliminate a malfunction, it is necessary to be able to correctly diagnose a breakdown for one reason or another. We will tell you what to do if your Samsung TV breaks down in our article.

Lcd monitor

One of the most common problems with modern Samsung technology is no picture if sound remains. In this case, you should check the monitor. it is possible that you are dealing with burned out LED bulbs. Most often, such a malfunction occurs in liquid crystal and plasma installations.

Be sure to inspect the backlight inverter. if the cause of the malfunction is in it, you will have to completely replace the liquid crystal matrix of the device.

Extraneous sounds

Very often, TV owners are faced with the fact that the device not only does not turn on, but also emits extraneous sounds. In this case, the technique can behave in different ways:

  • the relay clicks, the LED blinks, the TV does not start;
  • the indicator is off, the TV receiver pokes, or clicks are heard;
  • TV beeps, whistles, does not turn on.
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The most common in the above situations are the following reasons.

  • The blocking has been triggered. If some components of the TV break, for example, the power supply, a protection is triggered, which prevents the device from turning on. This helps to avoid more serious damage. It is the blocker that makes clicking sounds when the TV receiver tries to turn on.
  • The plastic parts of the television cabinet heat up and cool down. Even a working device can produce similar sounds.
  • The TV receiver may emit a warning squeak or whistle if a signal source is selected on it, but the device is not used for an extended period of time.
  • The TV panel can also make clicks when the power supply is under severe stress. In this case, the problem is most likely related to the transformer, transistors, or microcircuit. To solve it, you should contact the service center.

Faulty wires

If the outlet to which the TV receiver is connected is working, and the voltage is not supplied to the device, you need to inspect the TV network cable. It may have been killed or damaged by pets. Even if the power cord looks intact, you should replace it with another one and try to turn on the TV again. The wire may have been damaged on the inside. under the outer insulation.

The problem is electronics

In some cases (very often this happens with Philips TVs), the device does not work due to the failure of electronic components. Resistors, capacitors, or other elements may burn out. Repair of the product in this situation should be entrusted to professionals.


Very often, television panels break down due to power surges, lightning strikes during thunderstorms or frequent power outages. This happens because the devices are connected directly to the Network, and a sharp voltage drop negatively affects their performance. To avoid this, it is necessary to connect the TV receiver to the Network through a stabilizer, UPS or, in the absence of such devices, at least through a surge protector. In the event of a problem with electricity, such a measure will save the TV from damage.

So, if the TV does not turn on, there can be many reasons for this. In some cases, problems are eliminated on site by the user, in other situations, qualified assistance from specialists from the service center will be required. The power indicator will help to understand what exactly happened to the TV receiver. By the way it works. it is on, blinking or not at all. in most cases it is possible to reliably establish the cause of the malfunction.

Broken processor

Modern TVs are equipped with a huge amount of electronics that are controlled by a central processing unit. In the event of a short circuit or burnout of a node on the board, the device will stop working. It will not be possible to solve the problem on your own; to eliminate the malfunction, you need to contact the service center.

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Indicator pulsates

If the TV panel does not turn on, but the red light flashes, this means that the device is trying to identify the cause of the malfunction on its own.

On a note! Many modern TVs, for example, Sony Bravia, Toshiba, Samsung, Sharp, etc., have a self-diagnosis system. The technician determines the malfunction on its own and then reports its code by flashing LEDs in a certain sequence.

If the equipment with a certain pulsation signals the nature of the breakdown, then the user should open the operating manual, find the chapter with a description of possible malfunctions and find out the essence of the problem. Then it will become clear whether it is possible to fix the equipment on your own, or whether you need to call a specialist.

Sometimes users connect the TV receiver to a computer and use it as a secondary or primary monitor. If the PC is turned on, but not used for a long time, it does not turn off, but goes into standby mode. In this case, the TV screen turns off and the indicator blinks. Then you just need to bring the PC out of its current state using the keyboard or mouse, or by holding the power button. There is no need to talk about a malfunction, because the TV panel does not show the image, because it is not broadcast to it.

Indicator is off

If the TV set does not work and the LED is off, this indicates a lack of power, since if the indicator burns out, the TV would function properly. In this situation, it is necessary to check all possible household reasons. lack of light, disconnection of machines, tightness of the plug to the outlet, etc.

Another reason why the indicator does not light up is the disabled “Network” button, which the manufacturer usually places on the bottom, side or back of the TV panel. While it is off, the user will not be able to turn on the TV from the remote control or control buttons on the device. It is necessary to return the toggle switch to the working position.

Sometimes the problem can be more serious. So, on CRT TVs Daewoo, Thomson, Gorizont, Rubin, Vityaz and other manufacturers, as well as in modern plasma and LCD TV sets made by LG, a fuse may blow out. To fix the problem, you need to replace the part with a new one. You can do this on your own or use the qualified help of a telemaster.