The TV responds to the remote control but does not turn on

Why the TV does not respond to buttons on the case

Each modern TV comes with a remote control, with which it is convenient not only to turn on and off the TV, but also flip through channels, adjust the volume, change settings.

However, on old TVs it happens that the remote control gets lost somewhere or stops working.

In this case, the user recalls the control buttons located on the body of the TV itself, and is surprised to notice that these buttons do not respond to pressing either.

The first thing that comes to mind is that the light has been turned off or the “plug” has moved away from the socket. But later it turns out that everything is in order with the power supply, and this is confirmed by the glowing indicator on the front of the TV.

What could be the problem? Why does the power button light up, but the TV does not turn on either from the remote control or from the buttons?

If the remote control is known to be working properly, but the TV does not respond either to it or to the main buttons, the problem may be hidden in the power supply of the control board.

Such problems occur most often due to failed (swollen) capacitors on the power board.

We’ll have to disassemble the case for a more detailed study. You can check the button boards using a conventional tester (resistance measurement).

In the pressed state, the resistance of the button should be equal to “0”. If the button is faulty, it must be replaced. carefully evaporate and replace it with a similar.

How to repair a TV if it does not respond to the power button on the case

To carry out diagnostics and repairs in this case, you will need the following materials and tools:

  • crosshead screwdriver;
  • soldering iron;
  • solder;
  • soldering flux;
  • new capacitor (s) of appropriate capacity;
  • tester.
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To establish the exact cause of the breakdown, it is necessary to disassemble the TV.

  • Disconnect the TV from the network;
  • Unscrew all fastening screws around the perimeter of the case;
  • Remove the rear housing cover. Since it can additionally be held on clips, an old plastic card can be used to facilitate the process (it must be inserted between the two parts of the case and held along the entire perimeter);
  • Remove the power supply that powers the TV’s main board. To do this, unscrew the mounting screws and disconnect the connector with wires. Since the capacitors of the power supply can store a charge, you should check the voltage with a tester before proceeding.

Then you should inspect the condition of the capacitors on the power supply board. If one or more capacitors are swollen, they must be replaced.

  • Apply a little flux to the capacitor contacts for more accurate desoldering;
  • Preheat the soldering iron. Solder out the failed capacitors;
  • Solder new capacitors of appropriate capacity;
  • Assemble the device in reverse order.

Loss of signals

If the TV does not turn on from the remote control, but the indicator flashes, or the equipment reacts to commands only after pressing the buttons several times, this may signal a signal loss. This malfunction is common on TV panels from companies such as Philips and Samsung.

Advice! In some cases, simultaneously pressing and holding the Program and Volume buttons on the body of the TV receiver will help to eliminate this problem. If the malfunction persists, you will need to update the TV firmware to the latest version, after which the device will respond correctly to the remote control.

Recommendations for replacing the remote control

If the remote control is faulty, and repair is very expensive or even impossible, the user can purchase a new remote control or install an application on the mobile device that performs its functions. Recommendations and benefits for each method will be described below.

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Interference may also interfere with the normal operation of the remote control. This problem is very rare and is typical, as a rule, for televisions in the kitchen. To avoid this inconvenience, the TV receiver should not be placed on or near a microwave oven. Also, interference that interferes with the operation of the remote control can be caused by bright light, for example, LED lamps.

Remote control wear

The next reason for the lack of communication between the remote control and the TV may be the wear of the remote control. During prolonged use, the membrane is erased in it, as a result of which the buttons sink and stop responding to pressing. Another important part that is subject to wear is the remote control board.

Important! In case of wear and tear of the device, only one way out will be advisable. the purchase of a new remote control.

Malfunction TV

If, after checking the remote control for all possible malfunctions, the user does not achieve a positive result, this indicates a breakdown of the TV itself. Most often we are talking about an infrared sensor, but sometimes about other components.

Important! To fix the TV set, it is better to contact the service center; it is undesirable to try to repair the device yourself, because this can lead to a worsening of the situation and more serious malfunctions.

Universal remote

In addition to the original remote control, you can purchase a universal one, which is designed to work with many TVs of various brands. To configure such a remote control for your TV receiver, you need to perform automatic selection of the code according to the instructions included in the kit.

You can also enter the code manually. Usually, for television panels of each manufacturer, there corresponds from one to several code combinations, which are indicated in a special table printed in the user manual. Having found these values, you need to enter them in accordance with the instructions.

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On a note! It should be understood that when using a universal remote control, the user will have access to all the main functions (increase / decrease the volume, select another channel), while the secondary ones in this case may not work due to the absence of some of the buttons that took place on the original remote control.

If the user has a Rostelecom remote control from the IPTV set-top box, he can try to configure it to control the TV. Most of these devices support this feature. Instructions for setting up the remote control are available in the user manual that comes with the set-top box.

Batteries in the remote control

The first thing the user needs to do if the remote control does not work is to check the batteries. They could be discharged or leaked. In this case, the signal to the TV set will be received intermittently, so the TV will not always respond to commands or will stop responding altogether.

Advice! The batteries that came with the remote are intended to test the functionality of the device upon sale and are not designed to last, so it is recommended that you check them first, even if the TV was recently purchased.

To eliminate the malfunction, you need to purchase new and high-quality batteries (for example, manufactured by Sony, Duracell, GP, Camelion, etc.) and install them in the remote control. If the problem was precisely in them, the user will be able to remotely control the TV again.