The TV remote control is broken what to do

Why the TV remote control of the device does not work

The TV-set has two remotes: the first is located on the TV box itself, and the second is remote control (RC). In order to determine where the breakdown is, we apply the elimination method.

If, when you press the buttons on the TV, all functions are performed correctly, the remote control is to blame. If the opposite is true, then the TV box

.To fix the buttons on the TV device itself, you need to know electronics and be able to solder. But an ordinary person can fix some malfunctions of the remote control. There are several signs when the remote is not working:

  • When pressed, nothing happens, i.e. TV does not respond.
  • Some functions do not work because the buttons do not work.

Where to start diagnostics

Before proceeding with the diagnosis, you will need to make sure that it is the remote control that is malfunctioning, and not the TV itself. How to do this has already been described in the article above. After that, you must also make sure that there is no interference in the signal path from the remotes.

Next, the user must check all the batteries in the device. To do this, you just need to remove the batteries from the remote control and check all the contacts. Finally, the owner of the broken device must also make sure that the device has not been mechanically damaged. To do this, you just need to inspect it for dents or chips. The LED light bulb should also not be damaged in any way.

How to restore the TV remote control to work

Before proceeding to repair the remote control device, call the service center or buy a new one, you must make sure that the reason is not in the power source. Batteries may fail in an elementary way. In the absence of a voltmeter, you can check the presence of voltage in them through any other electronic device, clock or musical children’s toy. Further, malfunction can be caused by factors such as moisture ingress or mechanical damage. It is possible that there is a defect in the development.

If the TV stopped working from the remote control, and at the same time there were no prerequisites in the form of a fall from a height or immersion in water, then the reason may be contamination of the remote control inside. During operation, dust and grease particles get in, which leads to dysfunction of the mechanism, and the TV remote control does not work. To eliminate this reason, it is necessary to disassemble and remove dirt, observing the rules for cleaning the remote control. With a high degree of probability, after these manipulations, the remote control will work again.

remote, control, broken

When clear separation of contacts is visible in the soldering points, if you have a soldering iron, you can independently eliminate such a defect. If over time the graphite inserts have worn out or the board itself is out of order, then it will be necessary to select a new remote control.

A situation may arise when, when pressed, the remote control indicator lights up, but the TV still does not work. In this case, you may need to flash the software to install the official latest version. If there is no experience in these actions, it is better to contact the wizard.

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In the absence of the ability to control the TV remotely, do not panic, but follow the step-by-step recommendations for restoring operability. If it was not possible to fix the malfunction on your own, you can measure the cost of the repairman’s services and the price of a new remote control, and make a choice towards an effective solution. By the way, an alternative to the traditional remote control can be a smartphone, from which you can also control the TV.

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If some buttons do not work

One of the most common problems is that some buttons on the TV remote control do not work, i.e. the remote control does not work only partially. Usually the most frequently used buttons fail. At first, to switch, you have to press harder, then it does not help. There are two reasons for this malfunction. The first is accumulated dirt, the second is the wear of the graphite coating.

To restore the remote control from the TV, we carefully disassemble it

What to do after transfer

The installation of the device at a new place of operation is carried out by a representative of the power supply. But the owner of the site needs to make sure that the device is correctly put into operation, that all the necessary documents are drawn up:

  • In order for the meter to be put into operation, you need to submit an application to the energy company. It indicates the passport data of the consumer, his contacts, the number of the contract with the supplier.
  • The representative of the company will draw up the documents and indicate the time of arrival of the specialist for the installation of the seal. The first sealing should be free.
  • After putting the meter into operation, you need to make sure that it is reliably protected by a special shield with a transparent window for reading indicators.

Checking the remote

To check the operation of the remote control, you need to take a smartphone (turn on the “Camera” function), a camera or a video camera, point the remote control at the photographing device and press any button. If the device is in good working order, the flash of the LED will be visible through the camera lens. In this case, it is necessary to check the receiver itself for possible damage or incorrect connection.

The absence of flashes indicates that the Tricolor TV remote control is broken and something needs to be done to repair it.

Contamination of the remote control

During operation, liquid may get inside the remote control or it may become dirty from frequent contact with human hands. The buttons gradually get dirty, the fat layer prevents the graphic coating and the rubber base from contacting normally with the buttons. As a consequence, it is necessary to apply force when pressing the button to switch.

To fix the problem, you need to learn how to disassemble the Tricolor remote control. First of all, you should get the batteries to prevent accidental activation of the receiver. If the halves just snap into place, then it is enough to open them using a screwdriver or any other thin object. When connecting parts with bolts, unscrew them with a screwdriver.

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To clean the board, use a cotton swab dipped in alcohol (not cologne!). All parts, except for the board, must be washed with a brush and soapy water, dried thoroughly and assembled. If water gets into the device, it must be opened and dried.

Remote does not work after software update

Updating the software allows the subscriber to receive better TV channels, while often increasing the possibility of an expanded search for TV broadcasting channels, and, consequently, their number.

Sometimes the Tricolor prefix does not respond to the remote control due to the download of new software. In this case, you must follow the given algorithm:

  • it is necessary to simultaneously press the buttons “TV / RADIO” and “CHANNEL”, which are located on the receiver;
  • press the “STANDBY” button.

If the malfunction of the remote control was associated with the installation of a new software version, then after performing these actions, normal operation will be resumed.

Battery change required

The most elementary and common reason why the Tricolor receiver does not respond to the remote control is discharged batteries. The solution to the problem is to replace them.

Sometimes, opening the cover of the battery compartment, you can see that the batteries “leaked” and the power contacts are covered with rust. In this case, they get rid of rust by cleaning the contacts and wiping them with alcohol.

Mechanical damage to parts

The remote control can be adversely affected by mechanical damage resulting from falling or hitting hard objects. Therefore, if the remote control from the Tricolor console does not work, you should check its weak points.

Most often, the battery contacts on the board suffer from this. In case of blows, the soldering is destroyed and the contacts “go away”. To eliminate the breakage, it is enough to solder them well. Another weak element is an infrared diode, it also disappears at the soldering points.

The most severe breakdown is a board crack. It is not always visible on visual inspection. Cracked copper tracks can be repaired by soldering. If the coal paths are cracked, then they cannot be restored.

We recommend that you learn how to fix error 6 on the Tricolor TV set-top box.

The device is in special modes

If the Tricolor receiver does not respond to the remote control, which is in working condition, you should check the mode of its operation.

To avoid accidental channel switching or other unwanted actions, for example, by a child, the remote control can be protected by switching on “Standby mode”. To return to the operating mode, press the “STANDBY” button.

There is also a button that is responsible for the “HDMI” mode. It is used when connecting a special cable for this mode. Provided that the cable is not connected and the button is accidentally pressed, the Tricolor remote control will not switch channels. To cancel this mode, simply press the indicated button a second time.

Causes of malfunction of the remote control from the Tricolor TV set-top box

Tricolor TV is one of the largest satellite TV operators in the Russian Federation. In addition to providing a wide range of services for the provision of television broadcasting, the Internet, the company is a distributor of equipment of its own production. Any equipment, even of the highest quality, can fail due to improper adjustment, operation, breakdown of components. The Tricolor remote control (RC) is no exception, if it breaks down, the subscriber has to think about how to change or repair it.

the TV remote control is broken what to do

A year ago, around this time, I went on maternity leave. And now I already have two screaming children and a valerian on the bedside table))).

Anastasia Khaldin: The first child is usually a long-awaited miracle. The fourth child is a miracle, no less beloved and long-awaited, but completely different. How do they differ?

I put on a new hat. Tim comes up and strokes: you are so delicate, so sweet

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A grasshopper was sitting in the grass, a grasshopper was still sitting in the grass, a parrot was sitting in the grass.

I blew, blew on the tablet, and nothing happened. Now I need to understand how I blew.

I’ll start a series of posts about Demka, on January 21 he will turn 1.6.

And this whole month I have very mixed feelings.

First child. usually a welcome miracle. Third child. a miracle no less beloved and long-awaited, but completely different. How do they differ?
First child. no one really knows what to do with him and therefore a lot of mistakes are made in his upbringing. With a third child, parents are more experienced, so his psyche suffers less from all kinds of experiments in discipline methods.
The first child is fed with mashed potatoes and porridge, which is put in a mouth with a special spoon. The first feeding of the third child. a chicken leg, which, out of the kindness of his soul, is shoved into his mouth by his brother)

The first child amazes everyone. he can do this and that and in general, how unusual he is. The third child is immediately compared with the database: what did the first and the second do at his age? Most likely, they did the same thing, so mom yawns and goes on to do her own thing. The child gets used to the fact that the world does not revolve around him.
The first child is put to bed on schedule, the third. when it dangles and yells underfoot.
With the first child, locks are put on all boxes, on the stairs. goal. Then the whole family rushes after the child. “what if it falls”.
“What, climbed up on the closet again?”. Mom calmly asks about the third child. “Make sure you don’t throw the vase out of there”.

For the first child, the mother is looking for educational circles, games and classes for the study of letters. There is no need to teach the third anything. he looks at his brothers-sisters and knows everything from somewhere. Here are his parents and do not torment him with their ambitions.
The first child is reprimanded for a painted sofa, for a broken chair, for a cut teddy bear. The third is asked: “What, again?” and move on. Got used to.
Age-appropriate, environmentally friendly toys are carefully selected for the first child. The third plays with his mother’s shoe, TV remote control and pot lids, and no one would even think of buying him toys. If the child is quiet, he does not need anything. Then it gets bored, plays with a rubber boot.
Every step, action and word of the first child is recorded and remembered. The third child is hard to hear because of the screams of the elders, so everyone thinks that he only says “mom, dad, kaka” until he begins to recite long poems by heart. Do not interfere with development.
They choose a wardrobe for the first child and make sure that the shoes fit the shirt. The third one wears the clothes of a brother or sister and these clothes can be three sizes larger. Mom is not up to the little things.
With the first child, the mother is full of doubts. whether to go to work, whether to give to the garden. With the third, mom has a life and in this life mom is comfortable. So the child will be fine too.
The first child is loved by mom and dad, grandparents, and the third child is born in a full ocean of love, because everyone adores him.