The TV Is Working But The Screen Is Not Showing

Bad weather

If you had to deal with satellite TV, then you probably know that during rain or heavy snow, the picture literally crumbles into squares or disappears altogether. DVB digital TV has SIMilar problems with excessive rainfall.

The TV Is Working But The Screen Is Not Showing

A weak signal comes from the antenna to the receiver, because of this, the TV does not show well in bad weather. Determining this problem is extremely SIMple; you just need to test the signal strength. If there is no digital television signal or it is very weak, it is necessary to increase it, mainly for this additional devices are used. amplifiers.

Reasons for not showing digital channels

All reasons can be conditionally divided into 4 categories:

  • hardware or software failure of the equipment;
  • repair work;
  • natural factor;
  • termination of broadcast.

Of course, you first need to determine why digital television is not working. Diagnostics is reduced to the study of symptoms, for example, if the image becomes square or the sound is delayed, then this may be due to bad weather or a thunderstorm.

It is almost impossible to avoid the listed problems, since for the most part they are of a force majeure nature. The only exception is hardware failure. Preventing software crashes is quite SIMple. update the operating system of the set-top box in a timely manner. Hardware damage is even easier. follow the rules of equipment operation.

Now we will consider in detail what determines the quality of broadcasting, and also determine why there is no signal on digital television. Let’s focus on the most common reasons that have already been voiced earlier.

The equipment is out of order

If cable TV does not work, then first you need to figure out what exactly caused the failure:

  • breakdown of the receiver;
  • damage to the antenna;
  • cable fault.

First, let’s deal with the incorrect operation of a digital set-top box. It makes no sense to focus too much on this point, since the symptoms of a receiver breakdown are obvious. When the receiver is turned on, the indicators indicating that the equipment is starting will not light up. Sometimes the LED is on, but extremely dim.

Many tuners are equipped with an independent 5 volt power supply. Mostly the set-top boxes are equipped with a standard adapter, so it is extremely easy to check its performance, you can connect a SIMilar component from the router.

In some situations, testing the voltage level with a multimeter does not give results, because in the absence of loads, the measurement will show the 5 Volts set by the regulations.

Poor sound of DVB-T2 tuner is another symptom. Sometimes the device SIMply reboots or shuts down randomly, does not respond to commands from the remote control.

Another common type of hardware problem is cable and connection faults. As a result, absolutely all channels are not shown as the signal is lost. Carefully check absolutely all connections and cable integrity.

Particular attention should be paid to the white wire (RG-6), which is intended for indoor installation. The service life of this cable is extremely short, especially if you used it during the external installation process. Water gets into it, thereby destroying the braid.

The third cause of hardware problems is antenna failure. Indoor antennas rarely fail, unlike outdoor ones. Mostly precipitation or thunderstorms become a catalyst for malfunction. You can try to re-tune the receiver several times, but the channels will not be found. In this case, follow the proven aLGorithm of actions:

  • Check cable and plugs.
  • Estimate voltage supply from set-top box or power adapter.
  • Connect a new antenna.

Remember, if the antenna for some reason does not pick up channels, check if it is really aimed at the signal transmitter.

All of the factors listed above fully explain why the TV does not pick up channels. Modern TV models are equipped with built-in T2 set-top boxes, which also sometimes fail.

For what reasons does not show digital TV

The systematic shutdown of analogue television broadcasting in favor of “digital” is in full swing. Digital TV is not only a high quality of the broadcast image and sound, but also stable broadcasting. However, sometimes problems with television do arise. As a result, the device does not catch digital channels.

The first time you start the receiver, the user tunes in the TV channels. This process is mainly carried out automatically. However, what to do if, due to a bad signal on the TV, you cannot tune in the channels included in the two free multiplexes?

In fact, there may be several reasons. It is about them that we will now talk. Let’s take a close look at the main difficulties faced by users in order to answer the question of why digital television is not shown today. We will give real arguments and effective ways to solve the problems that have arisen.

Stop broadcast

If digital TV channels do not work due to prevention, then go to the website, information about the time and duration of such events is displayed here. In addition, a sign with a corresponding notification will appear on the TV screen.

Sometimes the receiver catches only 10 channels of the first multiplex, but at the same time the second package was broadcast just yesterday. In this case, check its signal strength. If it is zero, then most likely the second multiplex is SIMply disabled. This is mainly due to the broadcast in test mode. After the equipment collected information, the TV channels disappeared.

As mentioned earlier, the first multiplex is mandatory, so it works correctly almost throughout Russia. There are certain difficulties with the second multiplex. In many ways, they are related to a lack of funding. In addition, analog TV is still active in some regions, so free frequencies are SIMply not enough.

A complete rejection of analog TV broadcasting will contribute to the early appearance of the second multiplex in all regions of Russia.

Why is there a black screen on the TV, but the sound remains?

You faced this problem on TV: the TV screen is black, but there is sound. Naturally, due to this malfunction, viewing the programs is not possible. In this article, we’ll show you what to do about this problem. What caused the picture to disappear? Let’s look at the internal and external causes of the problem.

  • To understand what is out of order, first: we look at the equipment. If the equipment is completely new, this malfunction may appear due to the manufacturer’s defect.
  • If the device has served you for several years, there is a possibility that the batteries or backlights are out of order.
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It follows from practice that the technology itself most often has absolutely nothing to do with it: this malfunction is not always the result of equipment failure. Uninterrupted image reproduction depends not only on internal elements (boards, circuits, blocks), but also on external ones (antenna cable, distribution box, etc.)

Don’t be discouraged if you just see a black screen when you turn on the TV.

There is a chance that the solution to the problem is very close:

  • Antenna cable (cord);
  • Distribution board;
  • Plug;
  • An external antenna located on the roof is the most vulnerable element in this problem.

Inspect these items, especially the plug. Basically, it is connected from the back to a special connector (socket).

First you need to pull it out of the connector and insert it back. There is a possibility that due to poor contact, the signal coming through the plug is weak. This could be one of the sources of image fading.

Next, you need to connect a second TV (of course, a working one) to the antenna wire in order to check the signal quality.

If, after connecting, a poor-quality signal began to arrive or there is SIMply no image, then most likely the problem is either in the external antenna or in the antenna cable.

If there is a problem with the external antenna, then it remains only to call the organization responsible for its maintenance.

Proper handling of the TV is the key to its long-term service!

Often equipment fails due to improper operation.

Unscrupulous attitude to the appearance of minor malfunctions, mechanical stress, penetration of moisture into the body. all this leads to wear of components, as a result of which malfunctions appear.

One of the most vulnerable spots in modern TVs is the inverter. This part fails quite often. An inverter is an expensive part, so a specialist will often recommend repairing it rather than changing it. This problem, for which the picture is missing, is typical for TVs of LG and Samsung models.

Why does a black screen appear on TV and sound works

Try to find out if your TV has a mute function. This is true for newer LCD / LED TVs such as:

  • Philips (Philips);
  • Toshiba (Toshiba);
  • Sony (Sony);
  • LG (LG);
  • Samsung (Samsung).

Certain TVs have the ability to turn off the picture: this function allows you to listen to the sound of the TV or DVD player when the picture is turned off. Make sure not to enable this function.

But if we exclude all factors from the outside, then only the problem remains at the hardware level. Let’s see what’s the matter.

A common cause of malfunction of new TVs, due to which the image disappears when there is sound, is the failure of lamps or LEDs of the screen backlight.

The easiest way to determine whether the problem is in the backlight or not is: take any light source (lamp, hand-held flashlight or even a flashlight on your phone) and, with the TV turned on, bring the light source to the screen.

If you see that there is an image, but it is very difficult to see it, then your lamps or LED strip are out of order. Of course, there is a possibility that the color module, power supply, frame and line scan unit, tuner or matrix are out of order.

If you are not an expert in this matter, it is rather difficult to replace or repair the listed parts, therefore, this work should be carried out only by a TV repair specialist.

What is the reason for the missing image on the TV screen connected via HDMI?

Let’s just superficially touch on the connection via HDMI of a computer to a TV. In rare cases, with this connection, the image can often disappear. The first thing to do is test the HDMI cable itself. Also check if hibernation is running on your computer.

The sound can also be played, but the picture will never be. Basically, everyone can handle the HDMI cable connection, and this is not a serious problem if you have a whole and working HDMI cable. But this issue has its own pitfalls that the user may encounter.

So what to do. If you do not have an image when connecting, check the cable for kinks, bends, kinks, if there is any damage, you need to replace the HDMI cable.

You also need to check the settings and make sure that the computer has not entered sleep mode. Another option is connector failure. In this case, you need to refer the technician for repair to specialists.

These are the main reasons due to which, when the TV is connected via HDMI, the image is not displayed.

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Why the monitor won’t turn on and what to do?

Once you turn on your computer, and everything seems to be fine, the system unit is running, but the monitor screen does not work. What to do in this situation and how to solve the problem. we will tell you in our article.

To begin with, it is worth saying a few words about diagnostics. It is very important in this case to determine the nature of the problem. If, when the computer is turned on, the monitor does not react in any way, then this means that it does not receive a signal from the computer, but if the monitor responds to turning on the computer, the indicator shows a connection with it, then the problem is either in the card or with the monitor itself. If the system itself does not boot, while the BIOS loading does not appear on the monitor either, then the reason is in the operation of the computer itself.

After such analysis, proceed to finding the reasons for the absence of an image on the monitor and solving this problem.

Why the monitor does not work?

Further, the experts of the website will tell you about the most common reasons why the monitor does not turn on or there is no image on the monitor.

    Lack of monitor power
    Check the mains supply to the monitor first. When the monitor is connected to the network. there should be a yellow or red light on it. Check the plug of the cable to the outlet and the connection of the power cable to the monitor itself. You can also try connecting your monitor with a different power cable. If everything is connected and the power light is on, then the problem is not in the power supply.
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Connecting cable incorrectly or poorly connected
The second most common reason why the computer monitor does not turn on is an incorrectly connected connecting cable between the monitor and the system unit. Check that the cable is connected to that connector, since if you have an integrated card, and with it a discrete one, then the cable from the monitor must be connected to the discrete one, it is usually located below.

Along with this, we also recommend checking the correctness of the connection to the connector itself, for this, remove and re-insert the connection cable, both in the system unit and in the monitor itself. There is a possibility that the connecting cable may be damaged, so try connecting the monitor to the computer with a different cable.

Settings problem
The reason why the monitor does not work on the computer is a failure in the image settings. This may be due to the incorrectly set monitor resolution, frequency, and other settings. To do this, connect the monitor to a different connector, or enter through safe mode and reset the monitor settings.

If you have 2 cards, make sure the integrated card is disabled in the BIOS settings.

Card driver problems
Drivers can also cause a problem with the absence of an image on the monitor. If you have previously uninstalled the driver or installed a new one, or have updated it, then the card may start to work incorrectly as a result, including the absence of an image on the monitor. To do this, go to the system through safe mode and completely remove the old card driver and install a new one.

Map problems
The problem with the card can arise not only because of the drivers. For example, if you previously cleaned the system unit, then it is possible that you touched the card, and if you removed it, then you inserted it incorrectly. To do this, turn off the computer, remove the card and reinsert it.

If the problem is not resolved, or before that you did not conduct any robots in the system unit, then try connecting the card to another connector on the motherboard, and if there is an integrated one, connect the monitor to it, having previously pulled out the discrete card to check the monitor itself. It is possible that the card itself is broken.

Monitor problems
We also recommend checking the settings of the monitor itself. In particular, make sure that the used cable connection type (VGA, DVI or HDMI) is selected in the settings. Also wander through other settings.

It may be that the monitor itself has broken, this also occurs. In this case, you should not be very upset, because if the monitor does not turn on, then this is not as bad as in case of problems with the screen matrix.

  • Operating system problems
    In the case when the monitor displays only the BIOS loading, and then does not turn on, while the operating system startup sound is played, then the problem with the monitor may lie in the system itself. There may be an error or there may be a problem with the system files. If before that you installed any programs that change the visual style, then because of this such a conflict may occur. Viruses that block the operation of the operating system itself, as well as the operation of drivers and devices, can also lead to such a problem.
  • When the monitor displays the BIOS loading, but after that a black screen appears, and there is no OS startup sound, then reinstall the system.

    If the monitor does not work even after all the actions performed, then try connecting it to a laptop or player to check its performance. If the monitor works when connected to the player and does not turn on when working with a computer. then the problem is in the card or in other computer components. If, when connected to another device, the monitor does not work, take it for repair. You can also try to connect another monitor to a computer or a modern TV, if the image is. the problem is in your monitor, if not, then look for the problem in the computer components.

    We wish you success in solving this problem, and if you did not manage to solve it, then our experts will help you with this.

    Breakage type

    There are several typical breakdowns. In the first case, the TV SIMply does not turn on, does not respond to the remote control and manual actions. Black screen, absolute silence and no signs of equipment operation. In the second case, the TV does not show anything, but there is sound.

    What to do?

    If there is no complex breakdown, most users are able to fix the problem themselves.

    • You need to disconnect the TV from the power supply and try to make a new start in a few minutes. It happens that the matter is in a banal software failure, in which case the device will recover by itself.
    • If the image disappears, the TV does not work as usual, you can try to reconnect the antenna cables to the connectors on the back of the equipment. It is possible that you will notice a defect in the plugs.
    • If the image disappears or “freezes” as soon as the user tries to connect another electrical appliance, the point is in power surges. You may need to think about purchasing a stabilizer.
    • Sometimes such a SIMple action helps: if there is no color picture, but there is sound, you need to raise the volume level to the maximum for literally a couple of seconds, and then turn it back. The image may appear on its own after a few seconds.

    It cannot be ruled out that the channel tuning is out of order (or SIMply performed incorrectly). The antenna must match the signal of the TV tower, and when a suitable signal is caught, the adapter will display it on the screen.

    How to set up channels:

    • you need to open the settings menu in the “Channel installation / broadcast” section;
    • select the item “Auto-tuning”, click “OK” or “Start”;
    • then select a signal source. cable or antenna;
    • then you need to select either the complete list or individual subdirectories;
    • the only thing left is to start a search and let the program do everything on its own.

    What to do if it doesn’t show TV?

    The TV stopped showing. no equipment is immune from such a breakdown. It is important to quickly and correctly figure out the malfunction and, if possible, fix it yourself. In most cases, the problem is really SIMpler than it seems at first glance.


    If digital TV shows poorly and is periodically lost, there are several reasons for this. For example, the whole thing may be a malfunction of a digital set-top box. It is impossible to exclude a factory defect of equipment. Finally, you need to remember that there is a prophylaxis on the channel or the provider can carry out repair work. The channel could have stopped broadcasting. this should not be ruled out either. Affected signal and bad weather.

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    Black screen

    The most commonplace reason is that the electricity was cut off. During the day, rarely anyone thinks about it, and a person starts trying to turn on the TV, rearrange the batteries of the remote control or violently press all the buttons.

    The main possible causes.

    • The batteries in the remote control are empty. As it turns out, this is the second most common problem with which a black TV screen can be associated. If it is not possible to immediately change the batteries, turn on the device manually.
    • Voltage surges. The TV may break down suddenly. Something clicks in the device, the monitor stops showing. The click can be associated with the operation of a protective relay in the case itself. That is, a fuse is knocked out in the power supply. this often happens during a thunderstorm. In most cases, the problem is fixed by itself: the black screen “hangs” for a few seconds, and then everything returns to normal. But a power surge can also lead to breakdown. If there is a smell of burning, sparks, smoke and even flames are noticeable, you need to urgently pull the plug out of the socket. You should act according to the situation.
    • The cable is loose. If the cable is loosely plugged into the TV jack, it can also cause loss of picture. True, there is more sound in such a situation, but different options are possible. Turn off the TV, remove and insert the plugs of the antenna wires and the electric cable into the corresponding connectors.
    • The inverter is out of order. If the screen is not completely black, but the image distortion is significant, and the sound appears with a delay, the inverter in the TV may be broken. It can be returned to service with a soldering iron, but for this you need to understand electronics.
    • Power supply defective. In this case, you will have to ring each contact on the board. First, remove the housing cover, then carefully inspect the wires for integrity, existing creases and noticeable damage. The capacitors should also be inspected. The main thing is that there are no bloated parts. Then you need to test the voltage with a special tool. It must comply with the norm. If the TV reacts to tapping, then there is poor contact in the power supply. The contacts must certainly be checked and connected, if necessary. In an amicable way, the whole power supply should be replaced.
    • Breakage of the matrix. In this version, half of the TV can be black, half. in stripes. The cause of the matrix defect is the fall of the TV, the indentation. This is the most unfavorable situation, since repairs can be too expensive: often TV owners SIMply purchase new equipment.

    There is sound, but no picture

    And such situations are not uncommon, the reasons may also be different. Why the TV does not show, but everything is in order with the sound. we will analyze below.

    • The processor is damaged. This problem can manifest itself gradually, or it can arise overnight. It is usually expressed by the appearance of color stripes and incorrectly displayed shades. One of the colors may disappear altogether. The sound is either good or is transmitted with a delay. The problem can be solved only by replacing the processor.
    • The backlight unit is broken. The screen does not transmit any picture, but the sound is heard well. A SIMple diagnosis should be carried out. the TV will have to be turned on at night (or SIMply move the equipment into a dark room). Next, you need to take a flashlight, bring it close to the screen and turn on the TV. Where the rays of light hit will give an image with contrasting squares. You will have to replace parts at a service center.
    • The train is deformed. The cable itself is located on the matrix, and it is relatively easy to disable it. for example, if the TV is not properly transported. If earlier horizontal stripes were seen on the TV screen in some areas, if ripples and interference appeared with a high-quality signal, if the screen itself was duplicated or a reduced picture “jumped”, it may be a deformed loop. You will also have to contact the masters to replace the loop.
    • Broken decoder. It appears in wide stripes on the screen. The point is in the dysfunction of the loop contacts. The situation is very serious and many of the “insides” of the TV will have to be changed. Probably, buying new equipment in this case is more prudent.
    • The capacitor housings are swollen. The image on the screen is lost, but the sound works perfectly. You need to open the back cover of the device, carefully examine each capacitor. Be sure to check them by touch. The defect is not always visible visually, therefore tactile testing is more reliable. If swollen parts are found, they will have to be replaced with new ones.

    Sometimes this is enough to detect a problem and deal with it.

    Answers to frequently asked questions about faults

    • Why does “no signal” appear on the screen??

    You need to make sure that the set-top box is connected to the mains and that the input is selected correctly. Not all users can distinguish between an on and off set-top box. If the set-top box is working, the indicator light on the front panel changes color from red to green.

    • If the screen says “no services”?

    This is a sign of a weak signal. You just need to use the manual search. With manual tuning, it is possible to see the signal level, even the weakest. Most likely, you will have to change the antenna or its location.

    • When you can’t try to fix the TV yourself?

    If the matrix “flew”, self-repair can only aggravate the problem. Do not try to repair the device if there is a smell of burning and smoke. You need to deal with a fire hazardous situation as quickly as possible, and then the TV should be taken to the service.

    And yet, more often than not, a black screen, and even no sound, is a consequence of something banal and perfectly normal. It happens that the owners are already calling the masters, but it was elementary to check for the presence of electricity, a working remote control or a cable that came off.

    What to do if the channels on the TV are missing, see below.