The TV does not turn on the red light is off

The light is off

A light bulb on a TV has several functions. It shows the connection of the device to the network, the setting of the standby mode, and it is also a kind of signaling device for malfunctions in the operation of the device. Depending on the circumstances, the backlight mode will begin to change.

Most often, TV owners are faced with the problem of a complete lack of indicator backlighting. This problem is considered the simplest and the easiest to fix. If the indicator is inactive, and there is no image on the screen, then the problem is related to the supply of electric current. To locate the fault location, several operations must be performed:

  • make sure that the TV is connected to the mains;
  • check the serviceability of the connection;
  • the plug of the TV cable must be firmly inserted into the outlet;
  • sometimes knocks out plugs on the electrical panel;
  • if there is no electricity in the whole house, you will have to wait a little until the scheduled power supply occurs.

Good to know! If the indicator is burned out, the electricity is supplied in full, the image will definitely appear.

The TV does not turn on and the lamp does not light up

Modern household appliances have become much more reliable. It rarely breaks down, its reliability has increased. Manufacturers today produce high-tech equipment only of the highest quality. This allows the most famous companies to increase their sales market, to be the first in the ranking of the best companies.

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Extraneous sounds when the indicator is off and the TV does not turn on

Some devices, in addition to light indicators, are equipped with sound sensors. They are an indicator of possible malfunctions. These sounds have several meanings. The normal ones are:

  • after pressing the power button on the remote control, a single click is heard;
  • sometimes a small noise is heard due to the heating of the plastic parts located on the device body.

When the instrument is at factory settings, it is possible that characteristic signals appear indicating a problem. To decode the signal, you must carefully study the instructions. If a click is heard during power-on, and the TV first works, and then the image disappears, you can make an assumption about the damage to the microcircuit. A burnt-out part, after opening the lid, immediately catches the eye.

Indicator flashes

There are times when there are no network faults, the indicator light is on, but not constantly, it blinks randomly. One of the reasons for such a problem is a malfunction of the remote control. It is necessary to check its work, visually inspect, to determine:

  • mechanical damage to the case;
  • the state of the buttons (defects are not allowed);
  • the batteries are working, they may have run out, they need to be replaced.

If after checking the operation of the remote control the problem persists, you can try to turn on the receiver using the control panel located under the TV screen. If the connection fails, it means that the operating mode was configured incorrectly, or it has failed. The TV has various playback modes:

does, turn, light
  • standard;
  • sleeping;
  • connected to a personal computer;
  • the video is shown through the player.
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To return the TV to working condition, you can try to change its operating mode. Set the standard parameters (default), an image should appear on the screen.

Note! On some receivers, manufacturers specifically set the blinking parameters. This helps to find the problem faster. A detailed description of this function is given in the passport of the receiver.

The TV does not turn on: types of malfunctions

First of all, you need to determine the cause of the problem. Only after the source of the malfunction has been identified can repair operations begin. The main reasons for which the TV stopped turning on can be attributed to several options:

  • there is no electricity supply;
  • the device is not connected to the mains;
  • damage to electrical wiring;
  • the remote control is broken;
  • the power supply does not work, replacement is required;
  • the operating mode is incorrectly adjusted;
  • other technical problems (the microcircuit “flew”), without the help of a specialist repair is impossible.

Reference! Very often the device itself suggests the essence of the problem. Take a close look at the indicator, how it works. Its glow can be different. It all depends on the specific cases. The operation of the indicator will help determine the source of the problem, choose the right repair method.

The light is on continuously

If the lamp is lit with a bright continuous light, then the correct connection to the mains has been made. The problem is related to the operation of the remote control. If it does not have mechanical damage, you can try to push harder on the buttons, especially when they sink. If the problem is solved, it is better to replace the remote control in order to ensure the normal operation of the device.

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If the image does not appear even after using the keypad, the motherboard may have been damaged. To check the entire electrical system, you must contact a specialized workshop.

Causes of malfunction of TVs of different brands

Modern devices are divided into several groups, differing in their design:

  • plasma;
  • liquid crystal;
  • LED.

The principle of checking any TV is exactly the same. You just need to stick to the plan presented above. If the breakdown remains, the operation of the indicators looks not entirely normal, you must carefully study the TV passport. The manufacturer may have given a specific description of the problem and steps to fix it.

Supra TVs often break down due to poor quality chips. Korean Samsung devices have a very sensitive power supply, the slightest failure will damage it. Philips TVs start to shut down when overheated.

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