The TV does not turn on the first time

The second reason. Defective power supply

If the button is normal, and the computer turns on the second or third time, you need to look into its power supply. To begin with, note that the power supply is triggered by a PS-ON signal from the motherboard. When the power button is closed on the contact of the power connector located on the motherboard, an active signal appears, starting the main inverter of the power supply.

does, turn, first, time

You can start the power supply separately from the motherboard if you short-circuit pins 16 and 17 (with a 24 pin connector) or 14 and 15 (with a 20 pin connector). usually green and an adjacent black wire. with a paper clip or wire.

Note that the computer’s power supply includes a so-called standby voltage source of 5 V.

If the plug of the power cable is inserted into the outlet, the voltage of the standby source appears on the contact (usually the purple wire) of the power connector.

This source is low-power. it can only provide 2. 4 A of current (depending on the power of the power supply).

It is necessary to check the voltage of the standby source with a multimeter.

It should be within 5V plus or minus 5%. that is, it should lie in the range of 4.75. 5, 25 V. If it is lower, the inclusion is not guaranteed. In my practice, there was a case when on one power supply unit at a “duty room” voltage of 4.5 V, the computer started up, and at 4.4 V it was no longer.

The voltage of the standby source can be overestimated. In this case, the computer will crash and freeze, although it will turn on steadily the first time.

If you do not have a multimeter at hand, you can connect the computer to another, known working power supply of sufficient power. If it always turns on the first time, the reason is precisely in the power supply. I must say that the underestimated voltage of the standby source is a rather complex malfunction.

The standby source is not the only problem that can be with the power supply.

If you are eager to repair it yourself. look inside!

As a rule, a pile of dust accumulates there.

First you need to carefully remove it from there. I don’t want to poke around in a dusty block!

Then carefully inspect the capacitors.

Low-voltage capacitors fail most often.

They swell, their top cover bursts, and electrolyte leaks from them.

Such capacitors must be replaced with similar ones.

Electrolyte traces must be carefully removed from the board.

Examine the board from the side of the rations with a magnifying glass, especially the details of high-current leads (power diodes and transistors).

These parts can get very hot, which negatively affects the reliability of soldering.

Bad soldering can be determined by the dark concentric ring around the lead.

All such solders must be carefully soldered. Sometimes it happens that the soldering looks good, but inside it is rotten. To eliminate false soldering, you can simply solder the leads of all high-current elements (and the transformer too). In general, poor contact is the cause of many “mysterious” computer failures.

Turning on the power supply (always with a load), see if the cooling fan is spinning? If not, you need to lubricate or replace it. Otherwise, the parts of the power supply will overheat and it will fail.

For more information about repairing a power supply, see the article “How to repair a computer power supply”.

Why the computer does not turn on the first time

Have you ever had this. you press the power button of the computer, but it does not turn on right away? It is necessary to press several times. and only then can you work. Let’s see why this happens.

The first reason. Bad button

The first reason is trivial. the power button on the front of the computer. When you press the power button, it closes two contacts on the computer’s motherboard. This pair of contacts can be marked as “PWR” (from “power”, power), “PWR ON”, “ON / OFF” or simply “ON”.

The easiest way is to open the case of the system unit and trace where the two twisted wires go from the power button.

Note that the wires from this button and other entrances are not just to keep things neat. Laying the wires protects the switching circuit from interference.

You need to disconnect the connector with the wires leading to the power button and close (carefully!) These two contacts with a screwdriver with a narrow blade or tweezers. If the computer turns on right away (repeat a couple of times to make sure), then it’s the button.

It is necessary to become the probes of the multimeter in the mode of measuring the resistance to its contacts and measure their resistance in the closed state. It should be a value in a fraction of Ohm, in extreme cases. several Ohms.

If it is much larger, it means that the contacts have oxidized. This button is best replaced.

With some skill, the button can be disassembled and its contacts cleaned.

But there may be a situation when the button cannot be disassembled, but the other girlfriend is not.

And, according to the law of meanness, the most important work has come.

In many cases, computers retained the Reset button (“magic” button), which is practically not used.

She inherited from the first models of computers, and brought them out of nirvana.

When you press it, the processor is reset, and the initial start commands begin to be executed.

All users know that restarting the computer can be done with the Ctrl-Alt-Del key combination on the keyboard or through the computer shutdown menu.

The wires from the reset button are connected to the “Res” (from “Reset”) pins on the motherboard.

By the way, the reset occurs when the button is pressed, and the initial start commands are executed after the button is released. If the reset button is stuck when pressed, the processor does not come out of the reset state, and the computer does not show signs of life. And you can make a false conclusion about a malfunction of the motherboard.

Thus, the reset button can be used to turn on the computer if its wires are connected to the “PWR” pins on the motherboard.

Before such manipulation, check the resistance of the contacts in the closed state. Most likely, it will be within the normal range. It rarely happens that both buttons are faulty.

Yes, and don’t forget the next morning that the computer is now turned on with another button.

The third reason. Motherboard

Since you’ve looked inside your computer, take a close look at its motherboard.

There may also be swollen capacitors.

Low ESR (Equivalent Series Resistance) capacitors are installed on motherboards, which are more expensive than conventional ones.

Look under the processor heatsink. capacitors can hide there too.

On high-end boards, capacitors with a solid dielectric (polymer) are installed.

It is imperative to check the CR2032 lithium cell that powers the CMOS SETUP.

Its voltage must be at least 3 V.

In principle, the computer can work without it, but then the SETUP settings will not be remembered.

The computer will display both time and date with an error.

Check if the processor heatsink is clogged with dust? Most likely clogged. After all, you haven’t looked into a computer for a long time, have you? There is a fan on it, which drags dust through itself and perniciously lets it into the radiator. Clean it up properly! Make life easier for him and yourself.

Let’s say that sometimes a computer behaves “not so”, and this very “wrong” cannot be clearly explained. These “mysterious” failures can be due to degraded contact in the connectors. These can be power connectors, hard drive, CD drive, other devices.

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Reconnect (disconnect and reconnect) the connectors. All connectors!

Then see if the crashes reappear?

You can read more about repairing a motherboard in the article “How to repair a computer motherboard”.

If you failed to repair the motherboard, you will, alas, have to look for a new one.

Defective remote

This breakdown is to a certain extent similar to the situation when the TV power button does not work. It is possible that the “Power” key on the remote control sinks or is not pressed the first time. As a result, the device turns on randomly. Remote control problems can also be caused by a broken infrared sensor.

There are more commonplace reasons for the malfunction of the remote control. For example, batteries run out. Because of this, it works every other time. In any case, it will not be difficult to eliminate this breakdown. Mostly the consoles are not repaired, but a new one is simply bought. If you use a modern Samsung TV, then you can download a special application to your smartphone, with which you can also control equipment.

Sleep timer enabled

Smart TV settings are extremely easy to get confused about. Therefore, it cannot be ruled out that the user is directly related to the arbitrary switching on of the TV. Many people prefer to fall asleep to music videos, movies or TV shows. Therefore, a sleep timer is used. The bottom line is that after the set time, the device automatically turns off.

Why does the TV turn on by itself if the settings timer is off? This function can work in both directions. Therefore, you need to carefully study the settings, mainly because of this reason, the TV automatically turns off. How to fix the situation? There is nothing complicated. There is no need to contact the service center. You just need to change the sleep timer settings.

Take your TV remote control and go to settings. Select the “off timer” section. See what time you set earlier. Change the shutdown parameters or deactivate the sleep timer altogether. If you want to continue using this function, then you just need to change the time. It is likely that the time displayed was incorrect. Therefore, the TV turned on randomly. The device will start to function correctly immediately after changing the settings.

Power Supply

If the TV does not respond to the remote control, and the red indicator is constantly blinking, then the power supply is out of order. Such a breakdown can also cause the TV to turn on spontaneously. The power adapter is considered one of the most vulnerable nodes of modern TVs running on the Smart TV platform.

The power supply fails as a result of regular power surges. Even a faulty socket can cause damage to this hardware module. Before changing a part, you need to carry out diagnostics. Remove the back cover of the TV. If the component is burned out, there will be soot on the power supply.

You can replace a faulty hardware module yourself. However, only if you have the appropriate skills. You need to be well versed in electronics and know the basic laws of physics. If there is no equipment and knowledge, then you should not expose the equipment to the threat of aggravating the breakdown. Contact the service center. Engineers are able to quickly install a proprietary power supply.

If you changed the power supply unit yourself, the TV works, but it still turns on randomly, then you need to call an electrician. A specialist must measure the voltage of the outlet, and then adjust the power supply.


On the forums, you can find many user complaints that the Samsung TV turns itself off after a firmware update. In fact, this problem is typical of technology from various manufacturers: Philips, Sony, LV, etc. Automatic updating of the Smart TV platform is certainly a useful feature. However, sometimes it becomes the reason that the TV starts to turn on randomly.

If the TV’s automatic software update is disabled and the problem persists, you need to install an older firmware version. It is possible that the beta version was automatically installed, in which there are certain flaws. In this case, it is better to roll back to the previous version.

Instructions for disabling automatic firmware update:

  • Press the “Home” button on the remote control.
  • In the “Settings” section, select the “Help” section.
  • In the list, select the function “System Update”.
  • Disable this option using the remote.

If you disable the automatic installation of updates, then the new version will need to be installed manually. This is extremely easy to do. Go to the official website of the TV manufacturer. Enter the name of the TV model you are using. Download the update files, and then transfer them to a USB flash drive or external hard drive. Insert the USB stick into the USB connector. Run the downloaded file. A notification will appear on the TV screen that updates are being installed.

After the installation is complete, the TV will automatically reboot. After that, you can use the device as usual.

Why the TV turns on randomly and how to fix it

There are plenty of discussions on this topic on various forums. Contrary to the popular belief that the TV itself turns on due to otherworldly forces, experts have a completely rational justification for the appearance of such a problem. All reasons can be conventionally divided into two groups. software failures and hardware failures. The difference between them is enormous. It is within the power of each and every user to eliminate system errors. Rebuilding hardware modules is much more difficult. Since this requires special equipment.

What should the user do if the TV turns on randomly? Of course, turning on uncontrollably in the middle of the night creates some discomfort. Therefore, the problem must be fixed, but how to do it? It all depends on what exactly caused the TV to turn on on its own. We will analyze common breakdowns, as well as give specific recommendations for their elimination.

Electrical problem

Power surges, disturbances in the operation of outlets, wiring problems. all this can also cause the TV to turn on itself at night. For example, voltage drops have an extremely negative effect on capacitors and diodes. These components ensure the correct operation of the screen, regulate the process of switching on and off. Such a malfunction is extremely difficult to eliminate on your own.

It is possible that the Samsung TV turns on itself due to interruptions in the power supply to the inverter. After all, even insignificant damage to the microcircuit or microcontroller will provoke voltage surges in the power system. It is better to entrust the hardware repair of modern TVs to specialists. Service engineers will use an oscilloscope to “ring” the contact circuit, which will eliminate the negative consequences of a short circuit.

Inoperative buttons

There are often situations when the “Power” button located on the front of the TV is stuck and not pressed. This happens as a result of mechanical damage. Sometimes a key is pressed but does not work. Most likely, the plume was damaged. Be sure to check the functionality of the button. Since problems with it can cause the TV to turn on spontaneously.

Breakage is eliminated by replacing the key. Users may have problems with this. First, you need to purchase a button that will fit your TV model. Secondly, the broken key must be carefully removed, and then a new one must be connected. This requires a tool and skills in carrying out such work. Therefore, if you are unsure of your abilities, then contact the service center.

Moisture and dust ingress

Dust and moisture deposited on the surface of microcircuits can lead to short circuits, as a result of which the basic hardware modules burn out. Therefore, it is necessary to adhere to the rules for caring for equipment in order to maximize its operational life. For example, moisture gets in due to the fact that many users spray cleaning products on the screen. This cannot be done. Spray liquid onto a dry cloth or microfiber, and only then wipe the screen.

Absolutely all devices need regular cleaning from dust. Televisions are no exception to this rule. It is possible that the TV turns off and on randomly due to dust deposited on the microcircuits. The accumulation of dirt is conductive. Therefore, they are a catalyst for the appearance of sparks. The result is a short circuit. To clean the equipment from dust, remove the back cover, and then gently blow out the dust with a vacuum cleaner.

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The TV does not turn on the first time

The TV does not turn on the first time more often than you might expect. There may be several reasons for this, and some of them are easy to eliminate on your own. It only takes a couple of minutes of time and a bit of attention to detail.

Power Supply

This problem can be talked about when the TV turns on some time after receiving the command. In this case, it does not matter whether it was supplied from the remote control or from the built-in buttons. Usually, a voltage drop precedes the occurrence of malfunctions, as a result of which the capacitors are burned. Since these elements are partially restored when heated, the TV still turns on, although not immediately. You can verify the correctness of the “diagnosis” simply by observing the operation of the device. the squeak, crackle and noise on the screen indicate the need to immediately contact the TV master.

Replacing a power supply is a low-cost repair. And operating a TV with a faulty unit can lead to breakdowns, resulting in more serious breakdowns.

“Remote” problems

  • an infrared transmitter is included in the remote control;
  • the TV has a similar receiver.

And if at least one of these elements cannot function normally, you will have to forget about the opportunity to completely relax while watching multimedia. This is especially true for broadcasting. annoying ads are also much louder than films usually. So if the TV fails to turn on from the remote control, the first step is to check the possibility of starting by pressing the buttons on the TV panel. If the electromechanics is working properly, the problem is looked for in the receiver-transmitter. The first is more difficult. here you will need the services of a telemaster.

The infrared receiver requires preliminary dismantling for further testing. Taking into account its location and fragility of contacts, it is better to entrust this task to professionals.

But the remote control can start to junk because of:

  • falls. the spikes have moved away or the emitter (“light” on the front end) has shifted inside the case, limiting the angle of the signal beam;
  • oxidation of contacts;
  • dead batteries.

Visual inspection will rule out or confirm most of these problems. To ensure the operation of the remote control, you can test it using a mobile phone. It is enough to turn on the camera, point the emitter at it and press all the buttons one by one. Each actuation is indicated by the glow of the diode.

This test is also capable of revealing a partial loss of the console’s performance:

  • “Sticking” of the button. the diode glows even after it is released;
  • damage. does not light up when pressed.

Upon confirmation of the remote control’s malfunction, it is simply changed to a new one. Fortunately, now this is not a question. there are even “universal” models that allow you to control multiple devices.

Other reasons

The operation of an internal blocking occurs much less frequently than the previous problems. It is revealed simply: if the diode burning in standby mode goes out after trying to turn on the TV, then one of the microcircuits is damaged and the automation opens the circuit. This is how manufacturers reduce the risk of explosion and fire of equipment.

Other reasons include software failures or a malfunctioning system board. Any of them requires separate diagnostics and is eliminated exclusively in service centers.

Resetting your TV

It is possible that the root of the problem is a software glitch that arose during the operation of your TV. In this case, you should try to reset its settings to factory defaults.

Let’s show factory reset using the example of a Samsung TV. the procedure for devices from other manufacturers differs only in the location of the necessary options.

The system will ask you to enter a security code. By default it is 0000, enter it.

Confirm your intention to reset the settings by clicking on “Yes”.

Factory reset will restore YouTube to working condition if the problem was caused by a software glitch in the settings.

User errors

The breakdown of complex electronic equipment is always expensive. the cost of repairing plasma or LCD screens is often completely unprofitable for the owner. When your LG TV won’t turn on, don’t immediately suspect the worst. Most likely, the causes of problems are elementary errors or accidents, which are quite easy to eliminate.

  • Lack of power supply. If no power is supplied to the TV, it will not work. An indirect confirmation of the problem can be a complete lack of indication on the case, lack of reaction to the remote control signals. It is worth checking if the button on the surge protector is not turned off, if the connection is made through it, make sure that there is a plug in the outlet.
  • The mode is selected incorrectly. In the case of switching to Sleep Mode, the screen goes out, but the device itself continues to function as usual, only without external manifestations. You can make sure that this is the case by pressing the Standby button on the remote control. the TV will not respond to other commands. Only when changing modes will the device be ready for use again. Do not use the “sleep” function too often, in this state the equipment is more vulnerable to short circuits and other network failures.
  • Wrong signal source. Sometimes the TV itself is turned on, but it is impossible to watch live TV or other content on it. Checking the signal source is usually enough to fix the problem. Instead of TV, there can be HDMI, AV. You just need to go to the correct mode.
  • Protection against unauthorized access is activated. In this case, the TV cannot be controlled from the buttons built into its body. But from the remote control, all functions will work. The option is positioned as “child protection”. they will not be able to turn on the equipment themselves.
  • Lost brightness settings. If, by setting this parameter, the user has chosen the minimum values, the screen will remain black. In this case, you need to perform the adjustment and return to normal brightness values.

Service country change (LG TVs)

In new LG TVs, sometimes there is an unpleasant bug when, along with YouTube, the LG Content Store and the Internet browser also fall off. This happens most often on TVs bought overseas. One of the solutions to the problem, which helps in most cases, is to change the country of service to Russia. Proceed like this:

  • Press the “Home” button to go to the main menu of the TV. Then hover the cursor over the gear icon and click “OK” to go to the settings, in which select the “Location” option.

Select “Russia”. This option should be selected by all users regardless of the current country of location due to the peculiarities of the European firmware of your TV. Reboot your TV.

If the item “Russia” is not in the list, you will need to access the TV service menu. This can be done using the service panel. If there is none, but there is an Android smartphone with an infrared port, you can use the application-collection of remotes, in particular, MyRemocon.

A list of found settings appears. Select the one marked in the screenshot below and click “Download”.

Wait while the desired remote is downloaded and installed. It will start automatically. Find the “Serv Menu” button on it and press it, aiming the infrared port of the phone at the TV.

Most likely, you will be asked for a password. Enter the combination 0413 and confirm the entry.

The LG service menu appears. The item we need is called “Area Options”, go to it.

Highlight Area Option. You will need to enter the code of the region we need. The code for Russia and other CIS countries is 3640, enter it.

The region will be automatically changed to “Russia”, but just in case, check the method from the first part of the instruction. Restart the TV to apply the settings.

After these manipulations, YouTube and other applications should work as needed.

TV solutions released after 2012

Relatively newer smart TVs have an updated YouTube app, so the problems are not related to API changes. It is possible that there was some kind of software glitch.

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Philips TVs, what to look for the problem

If the TV does not turn on and the indicator light is on, the active mode may not be correctly selected. Modern television devices are equipped with functions that allow you to put the device into “sleep” mode. If this mode was selected, then when you turn on the TV mode from the remote control, the TV should in this case react and turn on.

It is not recommended to solve problems on your own.

But if this does not happen, then some parts of the microcircuit, capacitor or power supply may be damaged. It is not recommended to solve problems with this TV on your own. As a last resort, it is best to:

  • try to turn off, turn on the device again, the problem may lie either in the power button, or in a faulty control panel, or its dead batteries.
  • a dark TV screen can also be with a weak signal from the transmitting device, i.e. the antenna may be incorrectly or poorly connected.

Important. It so happens that the TV screen lights up, then immediately turns off again

Often this means a malfunction of the device microcircuit, only the master of the service center can handle this type of malfunction.

If the TV does turn on, but for a very long time, then the reason may lie in one of the TV blocks. Only specialists can understand such a problem.

Software crash

There can be several reasons for a software failure. Among the most common are the following:

  • technical work can take place on the manufacturer’s server. When finished, the device will work normally;
  • low speed of data reception or internet connection. If digital TV is connected, this reason may not be relevant;
  • outdated firmware. You only need to download a specific firmware for a specific TV model. Otherwise, you can harm Smart TV;
  • incorrect installation of applications. To do this, you will need to reinstall or update the program;
  • not enough memory;
  • congestion of the cache memory in the TV browser;
  • old software version;
  • firmware failure due to update.
  • wrong mode selection.

The listed problems may be part of a software failure and it is far from always possible to independently determine the cause, so the maximum that a user can do is reset to factory settings. If the plasma TV does not turn on at the same time, then only a master can help. You should not try to connect it to a laptop using YouTube videos and use special programs to solve the problem yourself. Irreparable damage can be caused by these actions.

What to do if the TV does not turn on. tips for users from experts.

(Basic malfunctions that a confident user can deal with.)

  • 1. If the TV is new and does not turn on, the probability of a defect is rather small. Most likely, you are doing something wrong. Stop being nervous. And carefully read the instructions for connecting and using the TV.
  • 2. If the TV worked and stopped turning on.
  • 2.1. Check if the TV is in Standby mode. Standby is the standby or standby mode of the TV, the fact that it is turned on can be indicated by a glowing red or green LED on the front of the TV. By the way, we do not recommend leaving the TV in this mode for a long period of time, although it is convenient for users, but in this mode, the primary power supply circuits of the TV’s power supply are energized, and in the event of a power surge, despite the fact that the TV does not seem to work, these circuits will fail and the TV will not turn on. So it’s better to turn off the TV with the power button. So that the risk of TV failure is less.
  • 2.1.1. If there is an indication of the standby mode, and the TV does not turn on from the remote control, then try to turn on the TV from the control panel on the TV itself. Perhaps your remote control is simply not working properly. (There is nothing special to break in the remote control, the batteries have moved away or run out, and if the remote control falls, then the quartz resonator may have broken, it needs to be replaced.)
  • 2.1.2. If the TV does not turn on from the panel. Then you need to know how the standby indicator will behave.
  • If it turns off, then the problem is most likely deeper in the TV and the operation is blocked by one of the modules that is out of order. On some TVs, the lock is triggered with a faint click of the closing relay. Here it is already necessary to call the master to repair the TV or take the TV to the service center.
  • But it is possible that the TV turned on and works fine, but only the TV is in AV mode or PC connection mode. It means that you need to switch the TV to normal mode. (By the way. If the antenna is not plugged into the TV or the TV signal is weak on the plug, then the TVs suppress the noise and enter the monitor mode. That is, the screen is dark and there is no sound.)
  • 2.2. If there is no indication of standby mode and when the power button is pressed, the TV does not turn on at all, there are no clicks or blinking of indicators, then there is certainly a small chance to assume that the TV will turn on from another outlet, but this chance is not very big. Unless you have a very broken surge protector or extension cord. Without the appropriate knowledge and qualifications, we do not recommend repairing TVs on your own, you simply cannot replace the fuses. Firstly, they don’t fly so easily, and secondly, you won’t find them so easily on modern LCD boards or plasma TVs. Contact the nearest TV repair service centers.
  • 3. If the TV turns on for a long time, then in any case it is a malfunction of one of the TV units. For CRT TVs and LCD TVs, the reasons for such breakdowns are different.It is quite difficult to diagnose these malfunctions, since a faulty element of a faulty unit still enters the operating mode and it is almost impossible to confidently identify it without a certain amount of experience with these models. So it is necessary to repair in a service center using special measuring equipment, service programs and stands.
  • TV Does Not Turn On. User Tips and Experiences for TV Masters.

    Repair of LCD TVs from 1,500 rubles, CRT. from 1 200 rub. Call the master and technical consultation by phone 7 (921) 352-88-88.
    Addresses of service centers for the repair of TVs in St. Petersburg. Single telephone number of the network of service centers “Support-Service” 7 (931) 343-46-39.
    For cashless payments, we are waiting for the details to the E-mail:

    Not always a TV malfunction, especially such a general one as the TV does not turn on, is associated with serious problems that only specialists can cope with. Sometimes users themselves come up with a problem that can be solved in an elementary way, and with which they can cope on their own.

    When repairing any equipment, including when repairing TVs, there is a certain algorithm for troubleshooting. Which starts from the socket and goes through the wires to the power supply, switching board, processor module, sweep, synchronization module, and ends with a faulty zener diode in the control unit or a punctured transistor in a line scan. All that without opening the TV can be done not only by a specialist, but also by a user. Anything deeper, with a screwdriver, soldering iron, oscilloscope, tweezers, scalpel and cucumber. this is the business of telemasters.

    The TV does not turn on. TV masters exchange experiences.

    (Only for specialists and colleagues! We do not prohibit reading as a simple user, but we strongly do not recommend getting in with a soldering iron!)

    At present, the processing and generalization of data on the repair of television sets of the association of service centers “Opora-Service” is under way. The link to this section will be active in a month.