Sound skips on TV with digital set-top box

Sound stutters on TV: reasons

Does the TV stutter when playing channels through a set-top box or directly from a cable? This problem is faced by users who have abandoned analog broadcasting and switched to a digital signal. Often the problem is solved independently by correctly connecting the equipment and setting it up correctly. Sometimes it is necessary to rewrite the TV set or set-top box, which only an experienced TV technician can perform.

Old TV software

When the sound of the TV is interrupted, but the picture remains stable, the source of the problem should be looked for in the incorrectly installed or outdated software of the device itself. In this case, the issue can be resolved by self-updating the software. To do this, go to the TV settings and check for the latest software version. Most modern models are updated “over the air” (for example, Samsung Smart-TV with Wi-Fi connection), but older models need to install the firmware yourself.

  • on the official website of the manufacturer, you need to select the type of device and model (in some cases, you must specify your region);
  • make sure there is new software and download it to a USB-drive;
  • insert the USB flash drive into the TV connector and download the firmware through the main menu.

Sometimes the sound of the TV set stutters after installing the latest software version. Especially often Sony TV owners face this problem when updating the firmware. The Japanese manufacturer releases software that does not always work correctly with the digital signal from regional providers. In this case, it is necessary to “roll back” the model to an older firmware version. If you can’t do it yourself, call a TV technician.

There is not enough power of the terrestrial antenna

A weak signal is one of the factors that the equipment does not “pull out” the image and sound in high quality. If the gain is less than 40 dB, incorrect audio or video playback may occur. If the sound on the TV stutters due to a weak signal, it is enough to purchase an indoor antenna with an amplifier, which can correctly broadcast the broadcast.

Why does it crash when playing audio and video signals?

Digital television is increasingly replacing analog broadcasting from the air due to its high image quality (up to FHD). To watch programs in high definition, you can conclude an agreement with a cable / satellite TV provider or purchase a special digital set-top box.

In some cases, the picture and sound on digital channels do not correspond to the declared parameters, which makes viewing impossible.

  • the image is fuzzy, static or discontinuous (image layering, “cubes”);
  • everything is in order with the picture, but the sound began to stutter;
  • video and audio signal problem.

Sometimes the problem is “wandering”, appearing and disappearing when switching channels or changing audio / video settings. Let’s consider the main causes of defects and ways to eliminate them.

Prefix problems

If the sound on the TV stutters through the set-top box, there are two possible reasons:

  • old or “pirated” software;
  • incorrect connection of the device to the TV receiver.

The use of unlicensed firmware downloaded from unofficial sites and forums can be the main reason for the violation of the correct decoding of the audio signal. The problem also concerns the owners of cheap Chinese devices on which software of unknown origin is installed. In order not to aggravate the situation, it is better to call a telemaster who will make the correct setup of the equipment.

Before connecting the set-top box to the TV receiver, you need to carefully study the instructions. Often, when using a standard RCA cable, the user does not observe the color matching of the plugs and jacks. When connecting via the HDMI interface, you need to specify this type of connection in the equipment settings.

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Digital TV freezes with and without a set-top box: reasons, how to fix?

Why does digital TV hang with a set-top box? In 2021, digital television is considered one of the highest quality and functional, therefore it is in demand among its target audience. But even digital does not provide a perfect and uninterrupted signal. One of the problems faced by consumers is considered to be freezing.

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Why does digital TV freeze without a set-top box

If digital TV freezes, the circumstances may be as follows:

  • cables are incorrectly connected;
  • the antenna cable is broken;
  • the provider has interrupted the broadcast;
  • the TV is out of date (software);
  • a virus that blocks the player.

Another common cause of malfunction is the antenna amplifier, which fails due to unfavorable weather conditions.

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Why digital TV freezes: reasons

To begin with, let’s deal with the symptoms that additional equipment displays:

  • periodically, either the image, or the sound, or all together disappears. this indicates that an insufficiently powerful communication stream is being sent to the antenna;
  • the image freezes, multi-colored cubes appear, the so-called “air noise”. interference that interferes with normal relaying (most often observed in those who live far from the tower, or in the lowlands, when the signal “flies” by);
  • freezing picture. hardware problems, planned or unscheduled maintenance work on the server or on the tower.

Specific causes are often lurking in hardware issues as well:

  • antenna breakdown. when turned on, interference, failures, freezes and other lags immediately appear;
  • problems with the set-top box. freezes, power and software version mismatch, poor cable connection to the socket;
  • malfunction of the TV. the use of Chinese-made equipment with a “crooked” firmware, non-working ports, cables that go off, outdated software and so on;
  • other cases. transmission of low-quality images, unfavorable weather conditions, damage to the antenna due to normal wear and tear, technical work on the part of the provider, cessation of broadcasting by the channel administration.

Many will be surprised that most of these situations can be resolved on their own, at home, without involving paid masters and consultants.

Digital TV freezes. what to do?

If the digital TV set-top box freezes, the procedure is as follows:

  • check the functionality of cables and jacks;
  • make sure the antenna is working properly;
  • contact your service provider to clarify the availability of maintenance or planned outages;
  • restart all equipment;
  • delete all settings and try to reconnect.

Quite often, due to unfavorable weather conditions, the set-top boxes fail. they burn. Such situations are rarely repairable because the main network socket breaks down. If this happens, then it will have to be completely replaced. To avoid this problem, unplug the receiver every time during a thunderstorm or strong wind.

If all contacts are established, and the provider is supplying the connection stably, but some channels still freeze and slow down, open the playlist and see from which source they are served. Then, through the settings menu, delete the information of this source, and reinstall it. Also, do not forget to update programs in time, as this greatly simplifies the work for Smart TV and Android TV. Regardless of which TV model is in your home, it has to be periodically cleaned of information “garbage”. cache, etc. This will both speed up the operation of the device itself and clear the signal for IPTV.

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How to set up a digital set-top box and connect to a TV

In connection with the transition of Russia completely to digital broadcasting, many televisions were unable to receive a digital signal, thereby viewing your favorite TV channels became impossible.
After all, in order to continue watching digital TV channels on your old TV, you need additional equipment, namely a DVB-T2 digital set-top box and a UHF antenna to receive a stable signal

What you need to receive 20 channels

To watch 20 free channels on your TV, which does not have a built-in DVB-T2 digital tuner.

  • You need a TV itself that will serve as a monitor, even a very old model will do.
  • Digital set-top box.
  • UHF antenna for digital signal reception.

One of the main factors for stable broadcasting is the right antenna. It must necessarily work in the decimeter range, since it is broadcast in this frequency plan. It is also worth taking into account your location and the installation location of the antenna, with a weak signal, the higher it is, the better.

Main selection criteria

  • DVB-T2 and MPEG-4 support.
  • The remote control, in some budget models, the dimensions of such mini remotes and the control of the set-top box become inconvenient.
  • The presence of buttons on the front panel of the receiver. These buttons may be needed if the remote control is malfunctioning.
  • USB port, may be useful for software updates. Also, viewing videos and photos on the set-top box itself is very convenient.
  • TimeShift function, very useful in that you can pause while watching.
  • The presence of an HDMI video output, but only if this input is on the TV.
  • Wi-Fi, this function allows you to access the network.
  • Brand and price, buying a budget set-top box, no one will give you a guarantee in the quality of the product and broadcast.
  • Power supply, they often fail and having an external one can be replaced in case of breakdown.

Connecting a set-top box to a TV

Before connecting the equipment, you must disconnect them from the network. Usually, the set-top box itself already has a standard RCA-tulip cable, but if it is possible to connect via an HDMI cable, use it for better signal transmission.

Also, some TVs only have an output
SCART. In this case, use a SCART-RCA adapter and your problem will be solved.

We proceed to connecting devices, for this, follow a few steps given below.

  • We connect the antenna cable to the set-top box, since now it acts as a tuner.
  • We connect the set-top box to the TV using an RCA or HDMI cable.
  • Turn on the devices.
  • On the TV, you need to select a video channel, basically it is called AV. You can select the broadcast mode by pressing the source or input button.

How to choose a set-top box for watching digital TV

At the moment, there are a huge number of digital TV set-top boxes on the market. Any set-top box of DVB-T2 format is suitable for watching digital TV channels. The cost of set-top boxes depends on many factors, from the manufacturer’s brand, additional functions, the number of installed video outputs, etc. Now there are set-top boxes with Smart TV technology on the market.

Channel setup

To set up digital television, use the remote control from the set-top box, from the TV, the remote control is now only needed to turn on and off, or to add sound.

  • Press the Menu button.
  • Find the section Channels or Search.
  • If your set-top box supports several formats, then you need to select DVB-T2 to watch DTV.
    DVB-C is for cable broadcasting.
  • If you have an antenna with an amplifier, do not forget to turn on the power of the antenna.
  • Find the Autosearch mode and start scanning.

When auto-tuning is selected, the channel search can take several minutes, all frequencies will be scanned, wait until the process is complete

If, as a result of auto search, nothing was found, use Manual search.

  • Find the item Manual tuning in the menu.
  • Lead multiplex frequency or channel number
  • Search step 8 MHz.
  • Click Ok
  • Pay attention to the scale Power and Quality, the more the indicators go, the better. In the absence of a signal, they will show the minimum values.

Digital broadcasting is carried out in packets, and not as analogue where one channel occupied one frequency. Each multiplex contains about ten channels. At the moment, only two multiplexes are broadcasting on the territory of the Russian Federation. You can find out the broadcasting frequency in your locality by going to the RTRS website.

Broadcast quality problems

If, after tuning in digital channels, there are problems with the broadcast quality, then the received signal is too weak. Remember, each device has its own sensitivity, so one set-top box or TV can show without problems, and the second device will have interference or there will be no broadcasting at all.

The main problem with poor broadcast quality is the antenna, so pay attention to it for troubleshooting.

Why does the sound disappear on the Tricolor TV

In general, updates are intended to fix existing bugs. In this situation, things are different. the firmware introduces even more problems. And the manufacturer does not explain this in any way. In some cases, in addition to sound, the TV shows problems with the picture: it slows down or disappears altogether. Most often, owners of the GS-8306 receiver face this.

About 40% of users complain about uncontrolled volume, that is, it is set itself. Another 60% claim that after the update on Tricolor TV, there is no sound at all. Whatever settings are set, nothing helps.

At times, sound problems depend on other household electrical equipment. For example, it may disappear when the kettle is turned off.

Of course, problems with the receiver itself should not be ruled out. Perhaps it is not new for a long time and began to glitch. This applies not only to the GS-8306 models. And reboot, update doesn’t change anything.

No sound on Tricolor TV. what to do

Tricolor TV is an operator providing television services. To watch paid channels, the user purchases a receiver and subscribes. Sometimes, after updating the software of the equipment, sound disappears on TV channels, and there is an image.

This usually happens with those who use the GS-8306 brand prefix. The fact is that the update is incomplete, with a number of bugs. What to do if the sound on Tricolor TV is lost, is it possible to do without visiting the service center. about this in the article.

Sound disappeared on all channels

Some users get into a stupor when they realize that the sound on the TV suddenly disappeared, and the volume control on the remote control does not help. What is the reason:

  • the Mute button on the remote control was accidentally pressed;
  • technical work on the part of the operator;
  • problems with the cable connecting the TV to the receiver;
  • an error in the hardware settings (lost after the update).

Sometimes receivers with updated firmware start to respond to turning on / off the lights in the room.

Software Update

Sometimes, after installing a new firmware, sound or picture disappears on all channels. This indicates that the cable used is out of date. Usually, after replacing with a clearer interface, for example, HDMI 2.0, the problem is solved.

If everything is in order with the wires, they try to reset the firmware. First you need to reset the receiver to factory settings. How to do this is indicated in the instructions for a specific model.

  • Go to the official website tricolor.TV.
  • Section “Help”. “Technical issues”. “Software”.
  • There they find the desired model of the receiver, where a detailed algorithm for updating is indicated.
  • If everything is successful, the equipment will restart.
  • Next, start the “Automatic channel search”.

Checking the cables

  • SCART cable. The easiest way is to pull out the connecting cable and plug it back in. There is a possibility that the contacts do not fit well together;
  • RCA (tulips). There are three cables at once and you need to make sure that they are all in working order and connected to the TV in accordance with the colors. If your TV has input 2, you can try switching the receiver to “MONO” mode. To do this, go to the Main Menu. Tuner Settings. AV Input Settings. Audio Output;
  • HDMI and other types of cables. The connection between the equipment must be tight. If everything is normal with this, they change the sound track. To do this, press the F2 button on the remote control and select “Russian AC3” or “Russian”. If there is no result, try to connect with a different wire.

A lot depends on the quality of the cable, up to the sensitivity of the equipment to voltage drops. Therefore, if the wiring is already old, it is worth replacing it with a new one.

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Sound disappeared on some channels

  • check the condition of the cables;
  • trying to change the audio track;
  • see if the “Mute” button on the remote control is turned on;
  • launch an automatic, if it does not help, manual channel search;
  • check the status of the receiver, it may have lost the settings.

You can try turning off the equipment, unplugging it and letting it “rest” for 10 minutes. If after rebooting the problem persists, the receiver settings are reset to zero (by default) and try to update the software.

Manual channel search

If the problem persists, you can try to fix the sound in a different way:

  • In the main menu of the receiver, press “Ok”, in the window that appears, select “Settings”.
  • Enter the PIN code. The default is “0000”.
  • Select the “Start Search” tab, press “Ok”.
  • Scanning of TV channels will start. After the end, the found ones save.
  • They go to the item “Organization of TV channels”. There, to open the editing menu, press “Ok” three times.
  • In the window that opens, select the channels on which the sound is not displayed. Confirm by clicking on “Ok”.
  • Then press the “i” button to delete the selected channels.
  • Pressing “Exit” three times will return to the “Settings” item. Select “Manual search” here. Opposite the line “Frequency” should be the value 12226/12225, “Speed”. 27500. “Network search” must be enabled.
  • Exit the menu by clicking on “Exit”.

After finishing the manual search, most of the channels will be broadcast already with sound.

If the sound is lost on the Rostelecom set-top box

Not all users were able to take advantage of this feature, because in many cases no sound was produced. The times of silent films are in the distant past, it is not surprising that the situation is perplexing. So why is there no sound in the digital set-top box? The device produces tracks in MP3 format, and movies and video files are often encoded in AC3.

After the country completely switched to digital, it became necessary to purchase modern TV receivers or special equipment in the form of a set-top box. Rostelecom is the most popular provider of digital TV services to its subscribers. Despite all the advantages and technical capabilities of the devices supplied by the operator, everyone may have a situation when the image or sound disappears.

To understand why the sound disappeared on the Rostelecom digital set-top box, it is not necessary to seek help from the wizard. Broadcast errors are often associated with failures on the part of the provider. In this case, it is recommended to contact the technical department of the company and describe your problem in detail.

Also, difficulties with playing audio tracks may arise due to equipment problems. If the sound was at first, and then suddenly disappeared, it is worth considering the following reasons:

  • one of the wires is disconnected;
  • the connectors of the contacts are loose;
  • silent mode was accidentally activated.

Owners of STBs from Rostelecom are advised to do the following:

  • restart the digital set-top box;
  • disconnect and then reconnect all cables;
  • reflash the receiver by resetting the settings to the factory settings;
  • owners of modern TVs can restart the receiver itself, it could freeze.

To perform a reset, you need to open the main menu of the receiver, go to the system settings section and find the item “Restore factory settings”. To confirm, you must click on the “Ok” button. Normal operation of the tuner can be restored by another method. To do this, press and hold the “Menu” button on the remote control. After that, select the “Factory Reset” command, save the parameters and reboot the equipment.

Why is there no sound on a digital set-top box

Analog broadcasting ceased to exist in Russia on January 1, 2019. The owners of many TV receivers were forced to purchase special equipment in the form of a DVB-T2 receiver. Since the transition to digital, the owners of such devices realized that the money was not wasted, and they received a lot of additional opportunities in return. Digital tuners are equipped with a USB port, which means they can be used to watch movies or listen to music from external media.

How to fix the problem

There are several ways to solve the problem of no sound. The easiest option is to buy an additional device and connect it using the S / PDIF connector. The nest can be found on the back of the receiver, next to the usual tulips. SP Digital Interface is designed to output sounds in digital format. When the tuner has insufficient decoding capabilities, another device does the job for it to play audio files. Not all set-top boxes are equipped with an S / PDIF connector, you will need to connect the tuner to the TV using an HDMI cable.

The second method requires a personal computer. You will also need a special program for decoding Virtual TUB video and skills in working with it. The “naughty file” is converted by the application to an MP3 audio track. The process will take less time if the transcoding is performed using a more powerful device.

When using set-top boxes from different providers, the sound may be lost when trying to play a file from an external media. There is a USB connector on the body of modern STB receivers. If there is no sound through a digital set-top box when playing files from an external media, the reason most likely lies in the support of certain codecs.

The ability to view content directly from media has appeared relatively recently. A few years ago, many operators offered subscribers to put files from a flash drive into a cloud storage, where they were decoded, and then write them back to a USB drive. Due to the high load, the reformat process could take from several days to several weeks, which caused user dissatisfaction. Since 2013, leading operators have abandoned the automatic decoding system and began to supply devices that can read most of the audio formats.

Malfunctions that lead to the disappearance of sound

If you have lost sound in your TV, this may not always be the result of a breakdown of the speaker system. Very often, the failure of other components of the device leads to such a problem. To identify a malfunction, you need to find out the circumstances due to which it arose.

For example, if the sound disappears right while watching TV, this may indicate defects in the microcircuit, its burnout as a result of a sudden power surge or for other reasons. Such malfunctions are often accompanied by the appearance of an unpleasant burning smell, so it will not be difficult to identify them. Immediately turn off the TV and call the technician to carry out repairs, since you cannot do anything on your own in this situation.

Is there a sound, but its volume is minimal, despite the fact that the regulator is turned to the maximum? In addition to the problems with the radio channel already mentioned above, such a symptom can cause a malfunction of the TV processor or a software failure. In both cases, it makes sense to turn to a telemaster who can quickly detect and fix a breakdown.

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Causes of malfunction

In the vast majority of cases, the complete disappearance of sound is the reason for the failure of any components of the speaker system. Therefore, in order to identify a malfunction, it is simply necessary to diagnose such nodes as:

  • amplifier. It is he who is designed to ensure high-quality sound of a television receiver. The device is very susceptible to voltage surges in the network, due to which it can quickly burn out. Therefore, the search for breakdowns should start with him;
  • speakers. The very simple design of these components makes them very reliable, but mechanical damage or normal wear and tear can lead to the disappearance of sound;
  • radio channel. Its malfunction may be indicated by too low sound volume and the inability to adjust it.

If we talk about the most common problems, then in almost any TV set, it is the speakers that fail over time. For self-diagnosis of the malfunction of these parts, you can suggest connecting headphones to the device. If the sound appears in them, then you will need to install new speakers.

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Why is the sound on the TV disappearing?

What can you do if the sound on your TV goes missing? We must say right away that there are a huge variety of reasons for such a malfunction, so it is not as easy to determine them yourself as it might seem. The most commonplace of them is that you simply mute the sound or crank the knob to the minimum. You may laugh, but these situations do happen, so be sure to check the volume.

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Malfunction of contacts and connectors of the TV

Poor contact between the speaker system and the TV’s motherboard can also cause loss of sound, as well as the following problems:

  • the sound disappears immediately after turning on the device. In such a situation, you can try to turn off and start the TV again. Sometimes this helps to restore normal operation, otherwise repairs are required;
  • when you turn on the sound, there is no sound, but after a few seconds it still appears. This malfunction is the result of a speaker breakdown or the disappearance of contact between individual modules of the device.

What if the problem lies in the failure of contact groups or connectors? First you need to find the part that failed. This will require ringing the entire circuit with a multimeter. If a problem is found, the old connector is removed from the board and replaced with a new one.

If you know a little about the design of modern TVs, there are a few simple steps you can take to fix the sound fade issue:

  • remove the plugs connecting the speakers with the sound path, make sure they are intact and connect back;
  • check the presence of a signal at the output from the microprocessor;
  • make sure that voltage is applied to the amplifier;
  • check for the presence of the MUTE signal;
  • tap gently on the speaker cone. It is quite possible that the contact has simply departed in it and a small impact will eliminate the problem;
  • use a screwdriver to touch the amplifier input to make sure the signal is passing through the speakers.

This will help you find the most likely causes of the malfunction, however, all of the above operations must be performed with extreme caution so as not to be exposed to electric shock.

We identify the cause of the loss of sound on the TV

What problems can lurk inside the TV? The most common option due to improper handling of equipment is moisture ingress. Even if your TV is in a dry room, it is not flooded with water from the window in the rain, this will not always be a guarantee of safety. Many housewives wipe the equipment with damp rags, spray indoor plants with spray guns. and then there is a risk that moisture will still penetrate the TV. And this can be fatal for the correct operation of the microcircuits. The microcircuit just got wet. and the sound on the TV instantly disappeared.

So, microcircuits are the first vulnerability of every TV. They influence the presence of sound. BBK, Supra, Akai and others have yet to come up with a versatile option that can resist moisture. Of course, it is best to avoid such situations, but once the problem has happened, you will need to call the wizard. Self-repair of equipment can only aggravate the situation, and in the case of such a complex device as a TV, it can become dangerous for the user.

Speaker malfunction is the second most common reason why there is no sound on the TV. The TV itself may be fine, but if the speaker is broken, no sound will appear. Only a competent expert can diagnose this problem and find solutions. You should not unscrew the speakers on your own, if you are not a specialist, in 70% of cases this only leads to more complicated breakdown and damage to more parts of the TV.

No sound on TV when PC is connected via HDMI

The subtle point is connecting a computer to a TV. Let’s say you’ve downloaded an interesting movie from the Internet and now you want to watch it on a large LCD screen using an HDMI cable. One problem. when connecting HDMI from a PC, there is no sound on the TV. This may be a signal that the contacts have moved away from the connector, and it is simply impossible to output sound to the TV. Loose contact is the third most popular reason for “silent” televisions. Even if you connect correctly, there will still be no sound until the pins snap into place. In this case, there is an image, but the sound from the computer is not output to the TV speakers.

Imaginary breakdowns

In practice, the “breakdown” may not be so bad at all. Some of the reasons why TV sound is missing may be ludicrous, but they are very common. Often people simply forget to increase the sound on the remote control, and it seems to them that it has disappeared. Therefore, first of all, see if everything is in order with the settings. Forgot to switch them, that’s why there is no sound. Also, don’t forget to check the batteries in the remote control.

However, these kinds of failures. those that you can easily fix on your own. are just the tip of the iceberg. If you have lost sound, then most often the cause of the breakdown lies in the bowels of the equipment. It is better not to go there on your own. The scheme of the device of all TVs is approximately the same, and therefore a qualified specialist will undertake the repair of any brand: Toshiba, Sony, Daewoo. for the master it does not matter. If the sound does not work, then it is likely that something is broken in the filling.

Why did the sound on the TV disappear??

No sound on the TV makes it impossible to watch your favorite shows. It is wrong to think that this problem only applies to old devices: unfortunately, the sound can suddenly disappear even on a TV purchased yesterday. Often the reason lies on the surface and it can be solved at home on your own. But there are often cases when a breakdown still occurs inside, and you will certainly need the help of a qualified specialist. What to do if there is no sound on the TV?

Where to go?

In fact, if your TV has no sound, this does not mean an unequivocal breakdown of equipment. It doesn’t matter what kind of TV you have. Samsung or Philips, LG or Sharp. CRT, plasma or LCD. The principle of their operation is in many ways similar and, before calling the master, just check the device visually.

Summing up

So, in addition to the typical everyday reasons caused by the absent-mindedness of the user, the following main ones can be listed:

  • Ingress of moisture;
  • Damage to microcircuits;
  • Broken speakers;
  • Bad contacts.

Breakdowns of this kind should not be attempted with your own hands. Here lies the danger of further disrupting the operation of equipment and, as a result, buying a new one. You always need to call the help of a qualified specialist. it’s good that today such a service as repairing TVs at home is also available. Whether your TV is a JVC or Rolsen brand, or any other, an experienced TV technician will always diagnose the problem and easily fix the equipment. If you have lost sound, do not despair! Call by phone 8 (495) 707-05-05.


In old TVs, the speaker may simply fail, having worked out the allotted time. And in new devices it happens that there is a factory defect of these parts.

No sound when turned on

Try connecting external sources to the receiver. speakers or headphones. If playback is going through them, then the connector or speaker is broken. A specialist can also fix this.


All TV sets have a similar design, and most of the problems that cause no sound are related to the same reasons. These include improper connection of equipment, problems with a speaker or amplifier, burnout of a microcircuit, wear of connectors with connectors, as well as various damage due to a falling TV.

Sound skips intermittently

Loose or clogged pins of poor quality can cause intermittent loss of sound.

The smell of burning

If, along with the lack of sound, a burning smell appears, then this signals a problem with the microcircuit. You cannot carry out repairs yourself. At the first appearance of a burning smell, immediately disconnect the electronics from the power supply.

What to do if sound disappears from the TV

There are situations when the sound disappears while watching a movie. This happens not only with old models of television sets, but also happens with new ones. This can be due to either normal disconnection of wires or wear of internal parts. Since with such a defect it becomes impossible to watch TV, many are interested in what to do if the sound on the TV is lost.

Connectors and connectors

All external peripherals such as set-top boxes or speakers are connected to the TV via connectors. Due to the frequent change of equipment, the units wear out, which is why they lose their working qualities.