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If, during viewing, clicks appear instead of the usual sound, if the TV wheezes and “stutters”, if the sound sequence seems to “float”, this situation also needs to be resolved faster. If the sound suddenly becomes weak, something rattles or squeaks in the background, check first, or it’s definitely on the TV. Maybe a laptop or other equipment is connected to the device, you need to check their settings. If the TV hums itself while watching channels, this step is skipped.

Possible reasons for intermittent sound degradation or persistently poor TV sound are:

  • problems with the radio channel. in this case, you need to invite a specialist for repair;
  • problems with the central processor. you will also have to contact the service center;
  • failure in the memory card. and this problem cannot be solved without professional help.

It is not worth hoping that everything will pass by itself. Of course, if you turn on / off the TV and the problem disappears, you don‘t need to look for it again.

But if the distorted sound now and then reminds of itself, it’s time to call the master.

Common malfunctions

There is no need to sin on acoustics right away, since other elements are also capable of breaking. If the sound disappeared abruptly, right during viewing, it is likely that there was a short circuit in the microcircuit. Contacts may burn out due to a weak connection or, which happens more often, due to voltage surges. But when a microcircuit fails or burned out contacts, a characteristic burning smell usually arises. Sometimes there is even smoke. If this happens, the cord must be pulled out of the network and the master must be invited home. Repair is needed already professional.

No sound when turned on

Before taking the TV to the service, you need to make sure that the volume button is not at zero. Oddly enough, but people forget to check first the banal reasons for the alleged breakdown. Again, don’t forget about the mute button on the remote. It may be unclaimed all the time you use the remote control, but one day someone accidentally presses on it (for example, a child), and then everyone just wonders how the TV broke down so quickly.

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If the point is definitely not in the remote control, and in fact it can fail, you need to turn off the TV. Remove the cord from the outlet, wait a couple of minutes. Turn on the device again by starting it from the remote control. If the sound does not appear, it is more likely that the speakers are shrunken or the contacts are broken.

You can check the possible cause of the breakdown by connecting headphones to the TV. If the sound enters the headphones, then it is the speakers in the TV that are broken. The headphones can be turned off, because you need to take the phone and call the master. Or just load the equipment into the car and take it to the service center.

TV Sound Problems: Causes and Solutions

And although now it is even fashionable to say: “I do not watch TV,” in many cases this is nothing more than slyness. Even if it is used primarily as a monitor, the medium for watching movies and videos on the Internet is still the same TV. It’s unpleasant when it breaks down. This paralyzes the plans for the usual leisure. One of the most common breakdowns is problems with the sound on the TV. Let’s take a closer look at the reasons and ways to solve them.

Late arrival

The sound may lag behind the video or not coincide with it, appear with a serious slowdown. this is also a fairly common type of breakdown. Experts say the following:

  • if there is no sound when the device is turned on, but it appears after some time, from 10 seconds to several minutes, the matter may be in the breakdown of the connector in the TV; you can fix this problem at the service center;
  • if the sound lags, breakdowns of the speaker are not excluded, but only a master can diagnose this for sure;
  • finally, the case may be in loose contacts, and this is also eliminated in the service center.
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It is a dangerous story to try to fix a breakdown yourself if you are not confident in your own experience in this area. The sound stopped working, all safe methods of self-diagnosis and repairs did not help, it is necessary to resolve the issue through the service center.

sound, cannot, sony

Disappearing while watching

If the sound disappeared abruptly during viewing, and the room smelled of smoke, the signal amplifier could burn out, and the microcircuit responsible for the sound could also burn out. Turn off the TV immediately, remove the cord from the outlet.

If the sound disappears during viewing from time to time, but then it recovers by itself, it is probably due to overheating of some electronic components. It overheats, cools down, and then turns on again. But there is nothing to rejoice at: sooner or later this component will burn out, and a full-fledged repair is still ahead.

If the audio and video on the TV disappear at the same time, make sure that the matter is not in the device connected to the TV. That is, switch to the normal channel. If everything is fine on the channel, it is most likely a cable problem. Such cables can completely fail: then both the picture and the sound disappear. But often they break partially, then the sound disappears with a bright working screen. There will be no problems with the sound reproduction in TV broadcasting.

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Important! Sound is skipping on one or more channels. If only on one, most likely, the reason is not in the TV, but in the violation of the broadcast of a particular channel.

Possible reasons for no sound

It is necessary to react promptly to interruptions in sound supply, otherwise the acoustic system of the device may “fly”. It is not so difficult to identify the cause of the breakdown of the audio transmission; even those who understand little about the device of TVs can cope with this. The following situations are more likely to be associated with audio problems:

  • after turning on the technique, there is no sound immediately;
  • when switching channels, an abruptness of the sound row is noted. long or short;
  • the volume cannot be adjusted either on the remote control or on the device itself;
  • the sound became quieter at the usual volume levels.

Sony TV No Sound Fix it Now

The reasons why this happens are also typical. Sound can be lost due to the following:

  • the banal accidental activation of the “silent” button on the remote control, a huge number of people do not notice this and do not assume that there is such a button, they call the wizard for a trifling situation;
  • disruption of the remote control. the batteries ran out, the contacts burned out, the remote control simply failed due to the end of its service life;
  • breakdown of the speaker system itself, which is already more serious;
  • amplifier defect due to wire damage (for example, burned out contacts);
  • deformation of the processor;
  • broken speakers or acoustic headset;
  • burned out control board.

If this is not the case, you can look at the microcircuits and connectors in the TV itself.