Sony wi c400 how to connect

Ergonomics, ease of use

Headphones Sony wi c400 can be attributed to the average level of comfort. The rim is made of high-quality plastic, has a pleasant coating that allows it to stick well to the neck, not to slip, not to outweigh it even when running. It can bend well, but it is unlikely to bend to such an extent that it can be folded into a there is a chance that the rim will not survive such manipulations.

The ear cushions are also medium in terms of ergonomics: in many other models they are softer and more comfortable. But in general it is not so noticeable and you quickly get used to them. The headphones sit well in the ears, do not slip out, do not cause discomfort. And it won’t be difficult to spend several hours in a row with the device.

The length of the wires can be adjusted using the loops on the rim, fixed with clamps. It is convenient: you do not have to be afraid that the wire will catch on clothes or interfere. And when you are not using headphones at all, the wires can be completely removed to prevent damage.

Sony wi c400 controls are easy to master. All buttons are located on the left side of the rim. There is a voice assistant function. The downside of the controls is that here the tracks are switched not by double pressing, but by a long.

sony, c400, connect

  • power button. turn on / off the device;
  • long press of the power button. pairing with the source;
  • the pause button is responsible for the start / pause of the track, reception / reset of the call;
  • buttons with signs /. are responsible for the volume level for short presses;
  • long press /. switches tracks to the next and previous.

Sony WI-C400 NFC Pairing and Call button test

Completion and appearance

When buying a Sony wi c400, you get the minimum package:

  • headphones;
  • 3 pairs of interchangeable ear pads;
  • micro USB cable for charging;
  • operating instructions.

There is no storage cover in the kit, which is inconvenient, since many cheaper models have it. But in general, this is not a significant minus, since you can do without a cover.

But the instructions for Sony wi c400 are useful and detailed. Everything is clear there, there are many pictures that help to understand the device.

Outwardly, the model looks quite stylish, especially if you choose bright colors. You are given 4 colors to choose from. I chose white as it is more classic. But even brightly colored headphones look pretty without feeling cheap. All body and bezel materials are of high quality, the assembly is excellent, the headphones seem to be reliable.

The wires that connect the headphones to the neckband are the only part that feels fragile and unreliable. They are very thin, constantly getting confused if left hanging on the chest. Therefore, you should be careful with them. remove the wires when you hold the headphones around your neck or do not use them at all.


Sony wi c400 are great for everyday music listening.

  • type of construction. in-channel;
  • connection. wired;
  • microphone. is;
  • connection type. Bluetooth;
  • fastening type. neckband;
  • frequency range. 8-22000 Hz;
  • radius of action. up to 10 m;
  • working time. 20 hours;
  • charging time. 4.5 hours;
  • fast charging function. yes;
  • active noise cancellation system. no;
  • available colors. black, red, blue, white;
  • weight. 35 g.

Sony wi c400

For a long time I tried to find wireless headphones, the autonomy of which will be more than 5-7 hours. Sony wi c400 was bribed for this very thing. Not every model of in-ear headphones can boast of 20 hours of work without recharging. Here are all the highlights of the Sony wi c400.

Sound quality

The sound quality of Sony wi c400 is average. The predominance of high frequencies is clearly felt, which is unusual for budget models. There is little bass in this model, but it is there. The mids are smooth, relatively detailed. The treble is louder than the bass. But in general, the sound seems clean, even. If you decide to purchase this model, please tell us if their sound suits you.

Noise isolation also works average. If you listen to music in the subway or in other noisy places, you will hear well everything that is happening around. But there is also a plus. the headphones do not let sound out, so you can turn up the volume up to 100% and not worry that the sound will disturb the people nearby.

The microphone quality is far from ideal. In a quiet space, talking will not be uncomfortable. But if you decide to talk on the street or in noisy places, the other person will not hear you well.

Connection and software

You can connect Sony wi c400 to a sound source using a conventional system via Bluetooth devices. To do this, turn it on on your phone and pair it. There is another option. press the power button near the sound source and hold it for a few seconds. pairing will occur automatically.

Sony wi c400 is not suitable for viewing video material, since the sound lags far behind the picture. The same problem occurs when playing games. Therefore, this model is best used only for music. there are no problems with it.


Sony wi c400 can work in active mode for up to 20 hours. This is a good indicator for Bluetooth headphones and the main feature that sets them apart from other competitive models.

But the device is charged only for 4.5 hours. There is a fast charging function, in which in 10 minutes you charge the headphones for another 1 hour of work. This indicator is too small, but it is enough to have time to get home or use the phone for a while.

Sony WI C400 Wireless Stereo Headset How to Pair

Microphone and sound

The sound quality of the Sony C400 is geared more towards everyday use. It will not convey all the tonal features of musical compositions, but for fans of popular music and hip-hop it will turn out to be quite good. For its price segment, the headset copes with the tasks set perfectly.

The company has developed Sony headphones so that there is a balance between low and high frequencies. Bass is heard clearly. A comfortable volume for the client is considered to be from 65 to 80%. During a conversation, the owner hears the interlocutor without interference. But in a noisy place, background noise can be heard, negotiations should be carried out indoors.

In a quiet room, you don’t have to raise your voice, an average volume is enough. If the Wi C400 headphones are under the collar, then it is better to reach it or raise your voice. Incoming calls are received using a control panel with plastic inserts. Mids are heard at a high level, but high sounds are not clear.

For classic lovers, depth may be lacking. Sony Wi C400 with neodymium speakers for high quality sound. Used primarily for home acoustics, they are efficient and light in weight.

Neodymium is responsible for the frequency range, which is higher at the maximum threshold than other models. Unfortunately, this material is susceptible to rusting and it is not recommended to use the Wi C400 wireless headphones in the rain or in the shower. C400 does not have a moisture resistant coating.

IMPORTANT: Increased volume may cause injury, be careful.

NFC and Bluetooth

The Sony C400 connects to phones via Bluetooth 4.2. Unfortunately, there is no Multipoint, you can only connect to one gadget. With NFS, the connection is one-touch. The same function allows you to transfer tracks to friends over the network.

In addition to the phone, wi C400 can be connected to a computer, tablet or mp3 player. Unfortunately, this function does not allow you to connect to Apple devices, the connection is via Bluetooth. But thanks to the Bluetooth 4.2 version, the headphones can be paired with all models of smartphones.

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How to use and connect

The control unit is located on the Sony C400 neck mount, which is held in place by wires with ear pads. Made of plastic material, which is pleasant to the touch. The outer right side is reserved for the NFS function, the Sony manufacturer’s logo is displayed on the left side.

You can adjust the length of the wire yourself, but sometimes the wires can be annoying to the wearer. To solve this problem, the company has developed clamps that hold the wires to a set length. If the C400 Wi headset is not used, it is possible to tie the wires together, then the gadget will not interfere with the client. On the left panel there are earphone control buttons.

  • turning headphones on and off;
  • connection via bluetooth;
  • volume control of music and negotiations;
  • switching tracks;
  • Play key for music;
  • answering an incoming call and rejecting a call.

Sony Wi C400 wireless control does not require complex manipulations: a short press turns on the gadget, a long press turns on additional functionality. When connecting to smartphones, the Bluetooth version and profiles are used: Advanced Audio Distribution Profile (A2DF), Audio Video Remote Control (AVRC), Hands-free Profile (HFP), Headset Profile (HP). The maximum range of the device is ten meters, this allows you to move around the apartment or cottage without losing the signal.

Bluetooth connection is not difficult due to its simplicity. First, the headphones are turned on, then the Bluetooth model is activated on the smartphone or other device, among the devices found, you should find the Sony Wi C400 headphones model and connect.

Further pairing occurs automatically. Charging for one hour is permissible in 10-15 minutes, while the charge is consumed faster. A full charge of the gadget takes about four hours. The micro-USB connector for charging is located on the left panel under the rubber cap.

Sony Wi C400 specifications table

Despite the novelty of the model, Sony wi with standard features, adding useful functions for the client.

Name Sony Wi C400 Parameters
A type headphones
Ear pads format intracanal
Sound system 2.0
Connection type Bluetooth
Emitter type dynamic
Gaming not
Color selection Yes
Fastening method without fastening
Mounts between the ear cushions neckband
Acoustic design closed
Diaphragm diameter 9 mm
Minimum threshold of frequency range 8 Hz
Maximum threshold 22,000 Hz
Microphone presence Yes
Work on charge up to 20 hours
Work radius up to 10 meters
Wired connection not
Noise canceling headphones not
Volume control Yes
Weight 35 gram
Charge duration 10-15 minutes for one hour


The Sony C400 package is minimal. The set includes a gadget, 3 pairs of interchangeable ear pads, one on the headphones, an instruction manual, a warranty card, a micro-USB and USB charging cable. Cover is not included, it is recommended to purchase it separately.

The instruction is written in clear language, accompanied by pictures. Looks like cheap plastic packaging without any extra inserts. In Russia, two colors of headphones are still available: black (black) and white (white), but other colors of the Sony C400 Wi can be found on specialized sites.

The front side of the plastic shows the headphones themselves, and the back side lists the main functions of the device. The charger is suitable for any mains adapter from a smartphone, also easily connects to a portable battery.

IMPORTANT: do not tug unnecessarily on the wires of the headphones, there is a risk of damaging the device.


Vibration notification

Incoming calls when the Sony Wi C400 headset is connected are accompanied by vibration, this does not happen if the quiet mode of the gadget is turned on. When listening to music at the time of a call, the composition does not interrupt abruptly, the volume gradually decreases to zero, switching to the call.

After the end of the call, you do not need to increase the volume manually, the music will automatically come to the fore, which allows you not to turn off the music manually and communicate freely on the headset.

convenience and more wires. less The whole truth about the Sony WI-C400 headphones

☆ 〜 ☆ 〜 ☆ Hello everyone reading me! ☆ 〜 ☆ 〜 ☆

Apparently, the wires in the headphones will soon die out and become such a rare antiquity as music on cassettes is now. For 10 years I have no devices at home that can play music or video from tape cassettes, but headphones that are connected to the phone by air have already appeared at least the second:

It. wireless headphones from my favorite company Sony, model WI-C400. They transmit sound using Bluetooth technology, with the ability to quickly connect any NFC-enabled device (touch connection). Judging by the colorful infa from the official Sony website, they are available in four colors: black, red, blue and white. Of course, I love everything brighter, but black in this case seemed to me the most versatile and stylish.

Although they are, of course, both “wireless” and “wired” at the same time. They communicate with a device that plays music without wires, but they themselves have wires between the rim and the headphones. Such a small conflict of definitions)) But they undoubtedly look cool and unusual. I think it is quite possible that someone, looking at the photo above, without looking closely and without going into the topic, may well decide that this design is put on the top of the head, like the classic burdock headphones. But no! The headband will rest on the neck:

Such a stylish form factor for my taste was the main reason for buying. Unusual, non-standard. Even after studying the information about them well, before buying, I doubted whether it was convenient and whether it would be pleasant?

But still there were too many advantages in them.

When you take it out of the box, the first thing you understand. how easy. The declared 25 grams is like a fluff, and certainly the neck will not be pulled.

It’s easy to “make friends” with her, there is an instruction, and everything is in clear illustrations, no words are needed, so you may not even be able to read))

Headset control buttons. inclusion, pause, volume, which at the same time and rewind. are located on the headband, in easy access. They are easily felt with your fingers, so you quickly begin to find and press them without hesitation.

Some actions, such as connecting to bluetooth and disconnecting, battery charge level, etc., are additionally notified through the headphones by voice, though in English.

The set included several pads for headphones of different sizes.

The wires of the headphones themselves seem to be thin and unreliable, but in fact they are not worth worrying about. In general, the entire structure, together with these wires, is made soundly. There were videos on YouTube in which these headphones were tested for durability. I don’t want to repeat it with my own, I believe so))

And also their wires do not get confused and do not interfere. Because they can be corrected: there is a regulator and there is a limiter. You can either correct the wires directly in use so that it is convenient, or pull them up when you hide them in a bag.

After talking about the wires, it is logical to move on to the sound itself..

So that’s it. the sound is great! At least for headphones for 2.5k rubles. Perhaps, they will not be able to compete with headphones for 10 thousand, but they are much better than our other ones of similar price, and all the more better than the ones that come with the phone. From the sound, you can only find fault with the default bass, which, if desired, can be “twisted” more in the equalizer. And since everyone has different musical tastes, then with some genres and the level of pickiness, this may not even be noticed.

Of course, using the Sony WI-C400 headphones, you can answer phone calls in Hands free mode, the sound is clear in this case. When there is an incoming call or messages, the headphones vibrate slightly, mainly in the back of the neck.

Of course, with such headphones, you have to take care that they are always charged, like a phone or other device. But I am glad that the battery holds for a long time: up to 20 hours! Despite the fact that it is the cheapest in this series of headsets from Sony, the declared charge time is longer than that of the other two. If you discharge it to zero, then it will take 4.5 hours to fully charge the headphones, and if there is no time, and without music, nothing. charging for 10 minutes will provide 1 hour of operation.

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And the most important thing. it is very easy to use. It seemed that at least in winter it would be uncomfortable because of thick clothes and scarves. But no! I have been friends with her all winter, and she sits comfortably on all my winter outfit, and even cute as for me:

These headphones are definitely more comfortable than they seem at first glance.

The quality of the plastic is quite decent. I read statements about “cheap-looking plastic” in relation to these headphones, and so I don’t even know how it comes to people’s minds. Although I guess. Someone dresses in sequins. it’s beautiful, but for me here’s a complete “phi”.

There are, of course, what can be called the disadvantages of these headphones. For example, their portability. They cannot be rolled up and stuffed into a The whole bezel is hard to hide! And if you don’t have a bag with you, and for some reason you need to remove the headphones from your neck, then this is really a problem.

And yet, they cannot be paired with a phone, laptop and tablet at the same time. That is, it will not be possible to make the headphones connected to everything at once, and simply reconnect themselves from the unused device to the one from which you have just started listening to music. You need to manually disconnect and reconnect.

But for me it is insignificant. I love them ^ _ ^

There is an opinion that the format of wireless headphones is needed only for those who train in the hall to music, or run, that is, those who are to one degree or another. athlete. I’m definitely not him)) I think that in general, if you run with these headphones, the bezel will jump over your neck and annoy. So for myself, I understand that this format is more convenient than wired ones in everyday life, it doesn’t matter if you are taking a minibus, or walking, or. Yes, always. The main thing is that the phone can be hidden even behind the back in a backpack. For me, Sony WI-C400 wireless headphones. this is a stylish accessory and high-quality sound for your modest money. Recommend!

Special adapters

Nimble Chinese craftsmen have produced a USB dongle for the PlayStation 4. There is no doubt that it will work on version 5 as well. The technology is the same. Therefore, we buy it and act:

  • We connect the dongle to the USB connector on the console.
  • The second with a jack 3.5 plug is plugged into the gamepad audio jack.
  • We go to the console menu.
  • Choosing devices.
  • Audio devices.
  • Output devices section.
  • Choosing USB headphones.

3D audio over a wireless connection should work. But here you must be prepared for various unsuccessful options:

  • The ears may not connect. This happens with some models;
  • Sometimes a slight but noticeable delay in sound is noted;
  • The pairing flies out. Happens when the console is located remotely. A USB extension cable will help fix the situation. You need to connect a dongle to it and put it next to you;
  • Sound quality is unpredictable. Although 3D technology is available, a lot depends on the quality of your ears.

Note from the author! New original devices sell cheaper after a couple of months. If there is an alternative for this period, then it makes sense to wait and save a couple of thousand on buying headphones for ps5.

Headphones and ps5

Today we’ll talk in detail about the headphones for the new Sony Playstation 5 game console. Let’s figure out which wired and wireless models are compatible with the console. Of course, there will be detailed instructions on various options for connecting ps5 headphones. Sony has promised a new 3D sound Tempest, we will appreciate it too. In general, stay, it will be informative!

Genuine Sony devices

  • Externally, they are designed in the style of the console itself. Although in my opinion they do not hold out. Against the background of the console, which looks very expensive, it looks like a good fake.
  • They sit well on the head, moderately tight, nothing presses. A wide elastic band at the rim serves as a regulator, and this is short-lived. The headband is made of elastic, strong plastic. Leatherette ear cushions, dense and pleasant, round shape.
  • When used on a PC, good, high-quality sound with well-developed bass. But nothing supernatural. This is how headphones can sound much cheaper.
  • In games on the Playstation 5 (those that support the new 3D sound technology), I finally understood why these headphones are needed. The most gorgeous, awesome sound. Every rustle, squeak or volumetric loud sound is worked out so correctly that you don’t play, but just enjoy the sound environment for some time. Accordingly, positioning at the highest level.
  • I tried a couple of other good headphones through the wire. the effect is the same.
  • The advantage of pulse 3d for the Playstation 5 is its durability. The charge lasts for 10-12 hours.
  • Two noise canceling microphones for chatting. That is, it is a full-fledged headset. Microphones can be mute and volume controlled using buttons directly on the headphones. There is also the ability to monitor how you can be heard by pressing a special button.

How to connect wireless headphones?

If Sony didn’t manage to block the wired connection of third-party devices somehow, then they tried with a wireless connection. The fact is that to transmit the signal on the ps5 to the headphones, not Bluetooth, which most wireless ears are aimed at, is used, but the radio signal. Native devices are offered for use. But we all know that we have already managed to get around such obstacles on PlayStation 4.

Through the TV

With a Smart TV with Bluetooth pairing, you can connect any wireless headphones to the Playstation 5. Rather, you will connect them directly to the TV. And the console will transmit the audio signal to the TV, and that to the headphones.

Just turn the headphones into pairing mode and wait for the message on Smart TV. You agree to connect, and you can use it. Now all sound will go to headphones.

It is unlikely that in this way it will be possible to talk about a full-fledged 3D sound, but in the absence of other options, it will do. Again, the quality of your devices, as well as other Bluetooth connections in the surrounding area, can result in delay or loss of signal.

How to connect wired headphones?

As with the last 4 version, Sony is committed to ensuring that the console uses native devices. Therefore, any Sony-made ears are connected via a wire without problems. But in fact, the ps5 (as well as the PlayStation 4) will fit headphones from any other brand, type and cost.

  • If your device has an audio jack 3.5 TRRS format (when there are 4 pins on the plug), then just plug them into the connector on the gamepad.
  • If you have a three-pin jack (TRS format). Or a headset with headphone and microphone plugs separately. You will have to purchase an adapter with two three-pin connectors on one side and a four-pin plug on the other.
  • Ears with USB connection to console hassle-free.

After connecting, you need to rustle in the settings:

  • Open the Playstation menu;
  • Find audio devices;
  • Headphone output;
  • Check the box next to “all sounds”.

Are headphones from PlayStation 4 compatible??

The platinum and gold wireless headsets used on version 4 of the console will work on ps5 as well. And thanks to the built-in 3D sound in the set-top box, it doesn’t matter if you choose gold without 3D audio support or platinum with it. This is a matter of taste and wallet. Still, the price of gold is half as much. 6 thousand versus 12.

In terms of appearance and build quality, there are many complaints about both models. Platinum is bulky and heavy, and it looks awkward on the head. Golda is a little more careful, but there is not even a hint of a stylish thing. Plus, golden ears are pretty fragile.

In comparison with the pulses, both models lose, both in appearance, convenience and build quality, and in sound. In addition, Pulses surpass even Platinum in autonomy. 12 hours versus 8. At the same time, the price of Pulses is about 8 thousand.

But if you still have headphones from the PlayStation 4 and they suit you, then you don’t have to bother buying Pulses.

From the author! I would like to hear your opinion on the ps5 headphones. After all, I’m not a gamer and I can’t appreciate them so fully. What kind of ears do you use on your Sony console? How to connect third-party devices?

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Despite all the difficulties with the selection of headphones for the ps5, it’s great that Sony has built the main sound chip into the console itself. We have the opportunity to choose something more optimal for use on a set-top box. After all, that same three-dimensionality is supported only on a few new games, is it worth buying obviously overpriced Pulses for this?

Connecting wireless headphones to a TV

Sound quality

The sound of bluetooth headphones Sony WI-C400 is relatively good, with a bias towards HF. This is quite unusual for an inexpensive model, as almost every competitor has an Accent on the bass. However, Sony often has a light handwriting.

Nowadays even the sound quality is usually measured by “bass”. If the headphones do not have a boost at low frequencies, most of them will consider their sound bad, because they do not shake. The audiophile dormant in me is very wary of such estimates

    LF. There is not much bass, sub-bass is not heard at all. The rise begins only on mid-bass, which gives at least some percussiveness and energy to dynamic music. Midrange. The middle is not bad. It is quite smooth, moderately detailed. Sometimes the voice can be “obscured” by the bass. The frequency response shows that the rise in the low frequency goes to the middle range. HF. The top is generally not louder than the bass. But here we have rather “sharp” peaks. In general, the sound is quite airy, but sibilance can ruin many compositions.

If you are not basshead and looking for a lighter sound, the Sony WI-C400 may well be for you. But it is not very pleasant to listen to the most widespread rhythmic music in them, the drive is lost. Quite interestingly, this model succeeds in vocal genres, where there is no emphasis on low frequencies. However, do not expect the natural sound of live instruments.

Comfort and control

The Sony WI-C400 wireless headphones have an average comfort level. The rim is made of high-quality plastic with a pleasant coating, fits well on the neck. Does not slip, does not outweigh even when jogging.

The neckband flexes to a certain extent, but not so much that it can be stowed away in a Considering that there is no case included, the headphones are supposed to be carried only around the neck.

The Sony WI-C400 ear cushions are of average quality: they are quite comfortable, it is not difficult to find the right ones from the kit. However, they are not as soft as the competition. Nevertheless, they are held securely and comfortably in the ears. Spending a few hours without taking off your headphones is not a problem.

The length of the wires is adjustable in a rather interesting way: they are pulled into loops on the rim and are fixed on both sides with clamps. Likewise, the wires can be fully pulled and secured to keep the headphones out of your neck when not in use.

Sony WI-C400 wire management and adjustment manual

The Sony WI-C400 is generally easy to operate, the details are even shown on the box. All buttons are located on the left side of the rim. They are easy to grope and press. It is possible to call a voice assistant.

Bluetooth headphones, Sony WI- C 400 headphones, how can pairing bluetooth devices

Personally, it is more convenient for me to switch tracks by double pressing the center key, and not by holding down the volume keys, as in this model.

    Power button: on / off; Long press the power button: enable pairing mode; Play \ pause button: start / pause playback, receive / hang up a call; /. short presses: volume control; /. long presses: switch tracks.

Autonomy and noise isolation

Sony WI-C400 can work on a single charge up to 20 hours. This is an excellent indicator and the main competitive feature of this model. You will not have to think about the “socket” more often than once a week. Unless, of course, you listen to music all the time.

However, the headphones take a long time to charge: about 4.5 hours. Accordingly, it is often better not to “plant” them “to zero”. There is a possibility of fast charging (more precisely, something like that): in 10-15 minutes the device will be charged for 1 hour of operation.

The noise isolation of the Sony WI-C400 is not the best for in-ear headphones, but better than that of the earbuds. If you prefer to listen to music quietly, then in ground transport or, even more so, in the subway, you will hear a lot of what is happening around. At the same time, the headphones almost do not let the sound out. accordingly, you can turn up the volume without worrying about disturbing others.

Kit and appearance

Sony WI-C400 goes to the owner in the minimum set: the headphones themselves, 3 pairs of interchangeable ear pads, 1 more pair already on, a USB-microUSB charging cable and documentation. I would also like to see a carrying case. On the one hand, it is a budget model, you shouldn’t expect many accessories. But on the other hand, cheaper analogs have covers in the kit.

It’s strange that Sony just stuffed the ear pads in transparent plastic: no stands, no compartments in the box. This makes the kit look especially cheap.

Externally, the Sony WI-C400 headphones look good, especially in bright versions. A total of 4 colors are available: black, red, blue and white. The materials are quite high quality, they do not look particularly brittle.

True, black is more like gray, but as the manufacturer called it, it is.

The wires between the rim and the earbuds don’t look very secure. They are slender, thinner than many of the competition, and prone to tangling if left hanging around your neck without being pulled up. It seems that it will not be difficult to damage them.

Connection quality and microphone

Sony WI-C400 connect to a phone or other source via bluetooth 4.2. No high definition codecs are supported. The connection is stable in the usual Bluetooth range: about 10 meters. But this is the maximum at which artifacts can begin.

Of course, one cannot do without “stuttering” at all, but there are fewer of them than many. Back s and walls are “overcome” with dignity.

If you are interested in the question of how to connect Sony WI-C400 headphones to a smartphone, then the answer is simple. it is quite standard. Press the power button until the indicator flashes, which means that the headphones are in pairing mode. Then we find them in the list of available devices on the phone, connect and listen to music.

Fast NFC pairing is also available. There is no multipoint, you can only connect to one source at a time. Detailed general tips for connecting any headphones can be read in the article:

The Sony WI-C400 Bluetooth headphones are not suitable for watching videos or playing games. Unfortunately, the lags here reach 239 ms, which means that movies will be unnerving and not enjoyable. And in games you simply cannot win with such desynchronization.

This also explains the delays when switching tracks and changing the volume through the headset, which sometimes occur.

One of the useful features of this model: vibration when receiving a call. The headphones hold the connection well enough, even if the phone is in the bag. And if it is there in vibration, you will still not miss an incoming call, thanks to the headphones.

The microphone of the Sony WI-C400 wireless headset is not the best. Of course, in quiet rooms, there are almost no problems with voice transmission, except for a noticeable “unnaturalness”. But extraneous noises are picked up very well. It is highly likely that in transport or just on a walk around the city, the interlocutors will often ask you again.

Sony WI-C400 Wireless Headphones with Microphone

Sony WI-C400 Review. Wireless Neckband Headphones

Sony WI-C400. in-ear wireless neckband headphones with an autonomy of up to 20 hours. Supports NFC pairing and fast charging: 10-15 minutes for 1 hour of operation.

The main feature of this model is undoubtedly the long operating time on a single charge. It is larger than many of Sony’s more expensive models and beyond. Does the Sony WI-C400 have other benefits? We will see.

    Battery life; Convenient design; Price.
    Thin wires; Desynchronization of audio with video; Microphone