Sony wh ch500 factory reset

Sony WH-CH500

Disadvantages: the sound is strongly audible to others. does not connect to laptop.

Advantages: Design, sound, holds a charge for a long time

Disadvantages: Even a 12-year-old child compresses ears, the sound lags behind on some attachments.

Advantages: Work, do not buggy, good sound.

Advantages: The microphone works well when the headphones are on, they go into power saving mode.

Disadvantages: Strong pressure on the head, ears hurt after an hour of listening

Commentary: There are no complaints about the sound, but there are questions about the comfort of wearing on the head: the ears redden and sweat, the sensations are not the most pleasant.

Pluses: Good sound, average noise isolation

Resetting Sony WH-1000XM3 Wireless Headphones

Disadvantages: When watching a video on a PC, the sound is ahead of the picture, but probably all bluetooth users have a similar problem.

Disadvantages: Recognized in Windows as headphones and as a phone headset. Possible conflicts.

Advantages: Simple design Good looks and style Excellent (but not perfect) sound Amazingly long battery life Fast enough full recharge Good sound isolation Excellent built-in microphone microphone) The shore itself personally: did not wear in the rain and carefully stored in the “soft” compartment of the bag to avoid vibrations.

Disadvantages:. It will not last for a long time and it has been tested by many owners of these headphones. A theory arises that the headphones were produced with the expectation of temporary use, calculated to exceed only the warranty period of operation, in order to later take off responsibility.

Commentary: LATER 5-6 MONTHS of use, the first PROBLEM arose: the sound interface stopped talking to me. When turned on, the girl’s voice in English sounded in the headphones and said “Power ON” / “Power OFF”, etc. As it turned out, the board responsible for the voice interface burned out. but the headphones did not stop making sound during playback and, fortunately, this did not affect its quality. The connections to the devices were working normally, properly. For me personally, this has become bearable, but you must be prepared for this: every second user encounters such a problem, just look at the forum or others like it to make sure of this. The most terrible PROBLEM arose after a YEAR. Headphones, with normal connection to the device, they began to emit only a quiet sound, which could not be adjusted either by the keys on the headphones themselves, or by the volume buttons on the device itself, the sound source. In addition, instead of the usual blue-red indicator, purple somehow began to glow, which was not mentioned anywhere in the technical manual. Then I nevertheless decided to reset the headphones to the factory settings (I honestly admit that I had to use this only twice during the service, including this one, so there are no bugs or software glitches in the headphones. At least I did) and again decided to connect everything to the same device, but in the process of connecting they began to emit a nasty screeching noise, which lasted until the display showed “Headphones connected”. The sound was still quiet and it still could not be adjusted in any way, but the LED indicator began to work normally. I even tried to connect to different devices and reset connection keys, but all attempts were in vain, and the problem did not disappear. By visiting the WH-CH500 forums, I was able to meet many other “brothers in grief” who faced the same problems as me. In the service, we were all told “not subject to recovery”

Pluses: Good sound. Easy to connect without crushing.

Comment: When I took it I was afraid that they would put pressure on my head. I have a big head, but if you put them on carefully, then even in a few hours the head does not hurt from them.

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Sony WH-CH500

Pluses: Wonderful headphones for their price, I am satisfied with the sound. I was pleased with the battery charge, if you listen to music for 4-5 hours a day, then there is enough battery power for 4 days

Disadvantages: Rarely, but sometimes it does not immediately connect to the phone, you have to reconnect. it doesn’t matter to me

Commentary: Good sound, but who likes a lot of bass. Take the JBL TUNE 560BT Bluetooth stereo headset. I took my wife, she is happy, headphones for rap or rock music,

Advantages: Loud and pleasant sound, connects instantly, switches between devices too, battery, price, control, design.

Commentary: The product “with a slice” justifies its price: there is no sound insulation, but it is not declared, however, there is enough volume and an audiobook in the subway to listen to, the controls are comfortable and familiar, the assembly is not very strong, but the plastic is flexible and pleasant, the charge confidently holds for several days. but it takes 4.5 hours to charge, the microphone is usual for such headphones. Too good for temporary ones, not good enough for permanent ones: I bought them temporarily, but I don’t want to change them anymore. For “plugging your ears on the way to work and don’t take them off all weekend.”. damn good, to work with music you have to find something better.

Advantages: Ear pads material: artificial leather. I did not know that leatherette can be so soft. Easy to adjust to fit your head and ears. For a child, in general, the class. The sound is good if the sound recording is in good quality.

Disadvantages: I found the volume buttons not very convenient. If they were below or above, then it would be more convenient for me, but this is my personal opinion.

Battery Replacement on Sony WH-CH500 Headphones (How to DIY)

Commentary: The earbuds do not fold completely. but the ear pads can be rotated and then transportation will be more convenient.

Pluses: Build quality. Working hours.


Disadvantages: The main idea of ​​the purchase was to use it as a headset for Skype, etc. for computers with Windows 10. But the miracle did not happen. I connected it to three different computers, then the microphone does not work, the ears do not work, then vice versa. They are not friendly with Windows at all. At the same time, everything is fine with mobile phones. So I don’t recommend it as a PC headset!

Pluses: Sound. Holds charge for a long time.

Disadvantages: Very squeezing, you need to get used to.

Advantages: Price-quality level

Disadvantages: No connector for wire cable

Pluses: Decent build. Quickly connects and controls. Sound is decent

Disadvantages: A little too small for a grown man. But maybe my head is too big. Convenient in principle

Comment: Nice material to touch

Pros: The sound for this price is more than worthy.

Disadvantages: Too much pressure on the ears. Since the earbuds do not cover the entire ear, but are superimposed on the auricle, this is a big problem. It is impossible to walk in them for more than 20 minutes: the ears begin to hurt. I can’t call myself a big head, but I feel excessive pressure. A child would probably be fine. The outer surface of the headphones is glossy. Even with careful handling, noticeable scratches quickly appear.

Commentary: Normal headphones for small heads.

Advantages: I’m not a sound addict, so I can’t say anything bad about the sound, they sound good to me. The connection with the phone is not interrupted, the approximate distance at which, for me, the phone caught them was 10m, I did not check it further. Under a big head (I have a head size of 60), they deformed in 1.5 months, all this time I wore for about 1-1.5 hours, my ears ached after 1 hour of use, after they were completely deformed, the pain in the ears stopped bothering me. Now, after 6 hours of using the headphones, my ears have never hurt. Although the design looks flimsy, in fact it is not.

Disadvantages: Headphones do not fold inward, only have swivel ears.

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Comment: I have been using it for 6 months. After 6 months, the ear cushions were slightly cracked. The charge lasts 5 days, when used for 1-2 hours. after a year of use, the ear pads began to fall apart from the inside, the coating almost completely crumbled. (Attached photos)

Advantages:. well assembled. hold a charge for a long time. reasonable price. good pleasant sound. good sound insulation

Disadvantages:. connection memory for only one last device, and so there are no complaints

Advantages: The first month was all the norm, except for the ease of wearing (due to the hard plastic bow).

Disadvantages: After a month, the buttons on the headphones stopped working (volume control, start / pause). As it turned out, this is due to the connection of headphones to different devices. Saves (while saving) reset to factory settings. Initially, on these headphones, the idea to make a general button for volume and track switching is implemented crookedly. The sound has become hoarse and quiet. over, an attempt to adjust the volume can make the sound barely audible, and the next press can stun.

Commentary: Complete disappointment. Headphones for a month.

Advantages:.Light-neutral appearance.Do not put pressure on the ears after several hours of use-Sufficiently even in the frequency range-Sufficient autonomy.Unexpectedly large radius of work (10 meters and 2 concrete walls breaks through with a bang).You can freely talk on the phone, Skype. discord, etc.

Disadvantages:.Do not fold.Cheap plastic.No noise reduction (on the street the interlocutor will not hear it), but for such a price it should not be

Commentary: I found my headphones. They’re regular, just regular headphones that just work. I was afraid to get a terrible sound, because the first wireless headphones, but got the sound that I’ve always been looking for. You can listen to any music in them. The sound is average in quality with slightly blurry highs, but excellent mids and sufficient bass not overwhelmed, stereo also sounds wide enough.

Disadvantages: No serious shortcomings have been identified for 1500r.

Advantages: comfortable, not expensive, good sound.

Advantages: I generally liked the headphones, but they look fragile, but for their price, and this is about 1600r I took at a discount like the norms

Disadvantages: Sometimes it seems that the sound lags a little behind the playback by 0.5 seconds, so I would not use them for video editing, well, let’s say that there is no bass and the frequencies are too low, so you will not enjoy the direct sound quality, unlike Shanhazeir headphones, but it is it is clear that there is a price = product.

Pros: good looks, ergonomic headphones

Disadvantages: once paired with the phone and no longer wants to connect, not even visible when searching for the phone to connect

Commentary: I bought for my nephew. He’s happy with the headphones so far.

Comment: my husband really liked!

sony, ch500, factory, reset

Advantages: the sound quality pleases, the charge lasts for a long time.

Disadvantages: Reboot is required when reconnecting to another device.

Advantages: Sound, ergonomics, battery life

Disadvantages: Inability to use microphone and headphones at the same time

Commentary: I took them to increase the comfort of communication in online games. They were satisfied with almost everything: cool sound, stability of connection, large working radius, long working time, they sit comfortably on the head of an adult, do not fall off the head of a child. But there is one drawback that puts an end to all the advantages: this is not a headset, at least not for Windows 10. It’s either wireless headphones or a wireless microphone. When detecting the microphone of any of the programs, the sound in the headphones disappears. The problem is quite common as a way out. I use a third-party microphone.

Commentary: while working. with all devices are connected at once

Disadvantages: There are problems when working with Macbook: 1. The earbuds fall off when the microphone is turned on 2. From time to time there is an eerie grinding of unknown origin

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Commentary: There were no problems connecting to Android.

Advantages: Sony Price Sound is decent (someone lacks lows and details. I was satisfied with both) “/.” Convenient control Decent battery supply Design

Disadvantages:. Attention for those who take headphones for a PC or laptop: the device cannot simultaneously work on sound playback and recording. That is, just a microphone or just headphones. Sitting in discord / skype and playing at the same time will not work. Do not repeat my mistakes). Inconvenient charge indicator. On the device (mobile / laptop), the charge of the headphones is not displayed, and on the headphones themselves, you can only determine the charge by the blinking diode (IMHO. inconvenient).

Commentary: It is a pity that I did not know about the “one-channel” mode before the purchase. I would have looked after another model. Otherwise, I am completely satisfied with the gadget: Talking on the phone, watching a video while you wash the dishes. for a nice thing. It is very dubious to do sports in them, as the ears sweat quickly and the headphones slip off the head.

Pluses: Sound quality, wearing comfort, battery life

Comment: I bought it for 995, for this money 12 out of 10. Many write that they cannot connect to another device without disconnecting from the previous one. You need to hold down the power button for a couple of seconds, the headphones will go into search mode.

Bluetooth wireless streaming

The Sony ch500 headphone wireless streaming wirelessly includes the One-touch function, which allows you to connect to devices with one touch, listen to music from both mp3 players and from a computer or laptop on the YouTube site. Thanks to this function, the client no longer has problems connecting the gadget to any device.


Sony‘s ch500 wh headphones are sold in a plastic box that includes the simplest of packaging:

  • the headphones themselves;
  • micro USB cable, USB-A;
  • instructions with a description for the user.

The ch500 wh headphones are charged when connected to a computer, laptop or portable charger, including chargers for smartphones. It is not recommended to charge wireless headphones using a tablet. Additional devices are not included in the package. case or carrying bag must be purchased separately.

NFC technology

Thanks to the new function, unlike the same JBLs, the Sony ch500 connects to a smartphone in a couple of seconds. One touch is enough to connect to a smartphone, other devices, the only drawback of this function is that connection is possible only to the Android 4.0 version. Apple devices can only be connected via Bluetooth.

Up to 20 hours of battery life with wireless connection

The ch500 Sony battery is charged in 4.5 hours, after listening to tracks it reaches about 20 hours. This allows you to charge the earbuds once a day and not worry that the accessory will turn off at the wrong time.

Sony Wh Ch500 Wireless Headphones

Sony pleases customers with its new products. The accessories developed by the company cost a lot of money, but the release of the budget Sony wh ch500 headphones was expected by many. New Bluetooth streaming is installed in the headphones, making it easier to use the headphones, improving the quality.

Specifications table

Name Parameters
Headphone type Sony ch500 wh closed type, full-size
Connection type wireless
Compound Bluetooth
Microphone Yes
Frequency range 20-20000 Hz
Battery charging time 4.5 hours
Music runtime on a single charge 20 hours
Standby time 200 hours
Bluetooth 4.2
Battery charge USB
Work radius 10 meters
Audio Format Support SBC, AAC
Speaker size 30 mm
Voice assistant Siri, Google Now
Voice call control Yes
Headband material plastic
Ear cushions material eco-leather
Cup body material gloss
Noise suppression Yes