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How to Fix SONY TV Connects To WiFi But No Internet Access || Unable to watch internet content

Wi-Fi on Android is on, the status is “Connected”, but there is no Internet access

Let’s say that you have activated Wi-Fi on your smartphone and connected to an access point. Your phone displays the status “Connected”, but you cannot access the Internet, either using a browser or through other programs, for example, Odnoklassniki. What should we do in this case?

First you need to check if the Internet works for this connection at all. That is, you need to gradually filter out the list of possible causes by the elimination method and check the Internet. the very first of them.

Try to connect to this access point from another device and go online. If everything is fine, then the reason is your smartphone. If the other device does not connect to the Internet or does not open sites, then the point is already in the access point or router itself.

Solution 2. Setting up a proxy server

Another possible problem is the automatic selection and setting of a proxy server for a specific access point on a wireless network.

  • Go to “Settings” on your device
  • Next, select the item Wi-Fi or “Wireless networks”, depending on the version of Android
  • Find the hotspot you are connected to and hold your finger on it for a few seconds. An additional menu will appear, in which you need to click “Change network”
  • Check the box next to “Advanced options” and select “Proxy settings”
  • It remains only to put a tick next to the “No” item, after which the proxy server will be deactivated

Solution 1. Configuring Your Router for Wi-Fi Correctly

First, check if your smartphone is within range of the wireless network. Typically, routers can transmit a signal up to 200 meters, provided that there are no obstacles in this radius. If everything is in order with this, then go to the router settings.

You can also change the operating mode for Wi-Fi. As practice shows, by default, the 11bg mixed mode is usually set everywhere. Change it to 11n only.

If you have a column in the settings for specifying the region, then be sure to set your region there. This is an insignificant parameter, but in very rare cases even it can affect the correct operation of the access point.

Wi-Fi is enabled on Android, but Google Play and other apps are not working

If Wi-Fi is activated on your smartphone and it is connected to a specific access point, but the phone does not open websites, does not load pages and applications in Google Play, check that the time and date settings are correct. This is a very common user error! In 90% of cases, it is she who causes connection problems.

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You just need to set the time and date correctly, reconnect the Internet, then try to log in to Google Play and view one of the applications on the page.

Wi-Fi is connected, but the internet is not working on Android

We all use the Internet while in cafes or restaurants, with friends, even at home at the dinner table, checking mail or messages in the same “”. As practice shows, one of the most common problems arises when working with Wi-Fi wireless technology. Let’s say we have an access point in the house from a router or in a public institution. Everything seems to be configured correctly, but for some reason there is no network access.

Sony TV | Connected, no internet | SOLVED | YouTube isn’t working on SMART TV. Wi-Fi set up.

So, what to do if you are faced with such a problem? In fact, there may be a dozen reasons here, each of which we will consider in this material.!

Why Wi-Fi doesn’t work on Android: other reasons

  • Incorrect password. Sometimes the Android operating system saves a password from a specific access point, but when you connect to it later, there are no notifications that the password is not correct. We advise you to check the correctness of the entry and change it, if required. As you can imagine, in public places there are usually open access points, but there are also closed ones. To guess the password for them, you can use special programs, for example, from the same Google Play, where users share information around the world.
  • Software problems. Another common cause that has to do with your system’s software. To check the correctness of work, you can use the Wi-Fi Fixer application. Just install it on your device and launch it. There you will also be able to view a complete list of networks for which the data to which you have connected previously is saved. Restart your phone and try to connect to the hotspot again.
  • Malicious applications. It is possible that viruses or Trojans have appeared on your phone that block the operation of wireless networks. In this case, you will have to manually install an antivirus, for example, Kaspersky.
  • Incorrect settings. We have already talked about the settings for Wi-Fi networks. If you can’t change them, then you can just do a factory reset. You may also have old access point records. For example, you connected to it, as the system writes, although in fact the connection was not made. Just update the list of networks in the settings or delete everything and try updating again, and only after that connect to a specific Wi-Fi point.

But what to do if Wi-Fi is connected, but the Internet still does not work even after all the described recommendations? Most likely, the Wi-Fi module itself is not working correctly. The following will help here:

  • Phone firmware. if the reason lies in the software part of the smartphone. If you do not know how to flash Android operating systems yourself, it would be better to contact the service center.
  • Fixing the Wi-Fi module. If the phone’s firmware does not help, then the problem lies in the wireless network module itself. In this case, you will have to carry the smartphone to the service center and replace parts.
sony, writes, connected, internet

This is not a complete list of reasons that cause Wi-Fi to fail. If you have had similar situations, and you solved them in some other way, be sure to tell us about it in the comments for our readers.!

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Finding out the reason why the Wi-Fi connection has limited access

Before we start, and provided that literally half an hour ago everything worked, and now the connection is limited (if not, then this is not your case), try the simplest option. restart the router (just turn it off and turn it back on), and also restart the device that refuses to connect. very often this solves the problem.

Further, again, for those whose wireless network only recently worked and the previous method did not help. check if the Internet works directly, via a cable (bypassing the router, via the provider’s cable)? Problems on the side of the ISP are the most common cause of “connection without Internet access”, at least in my province.

Wi-Fi connection without internet access. what to do?

Considering the significant amount of materials on the site on the topic of “configuring the router”, various kinds of problems that arise when a user encounters a wireless router are a frequent topic in the comments to the instructions. And one of the most common. a smartphone, tablet or laptop sees a router, connects via Wi-Fi, but a network without access to the Internet. What is wrong, what to do, what could be the reason? I will try to answer these questions here.

If problems with the Internet via Wi-Fi appeared after upgrading to Windows 10 or installing the system, then I recommend reading the article: Wi-Fi connection is limited or does not work in Windows 10.

The very first step is for those who have just set up a router for the first time

One of the most common problems for those who have not encountered Wi-Fi routers before and decides to configure them on their own is that the user does not fully understand how it works.

For most Russian providers, in order to connect to the Internet, you need to launch some kind of connection on your computer PPPoE, L2TP, PPTP. And, out of habit, having already configured the router, the user continues to launch it. The fact is that from the moment the Wi-Fi router was configured, you do not need to start it, the router itself does this, and only then distributes the Internet to other devices. If you connect it on the computer, while it is also configured in the router, then as a result, two options are possible:

  • Connection error (the connection is not established, because it has already been established by the router)
  • The connection is established. in this case, at all standard tariffs, where only one simultaneous connection is possible, the Internet will be available only on one computer. all other devices will connect to the router, but without access to the Internet.

I hope I have put it more or less clearly. By the way, this is also the reason that the created connection is shown in the “Broken” state in the router interface. Those. the essence is simple: the connection is either on the computer or in the router. we need only in the router, which will already distribute the Internet to other devices, for which it actually exists.

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Which device is to blame for the fact that there is no access to the Internet. a router, laptop or computer?

First, if you have already checked the Internet by connecting the computer directly with a wire and everything works, but when connected via a wireless router it does not, even after restarting the router, then there are usually two possible options:

  • Incorrect wireless settings on the computer.
  • Problem with drivers for the wireless Wi-Fi module (a common situation with laptops that replaced the standard Windows).
  • Something is wrong in the router (in its settings, or in something else)

If other devices, for example, a tablet, connect to Wi-Fi and open pages, then the problem should be looked for in laptops or a computer. Here, too, various options are possible: if you have never used wireless Internet on this laptop, then:

  • If the operating system with which it was sold is installed on the laptop and you have not reinstalled anything, find a program for managing wireless networks in the programs. this is available on laptops of almost all brands. Asus, Sony Vaio, Samsung, Lenovo, Acer and others It so happens that even when the wireless adapter is supposedly enabled in Windows, but not in the proprietary utility, Wi-Fi does not work. True, it should be noted here that the message is somewhat different. not that a connection without access to the Internet.
  • If Windows was reinstalled on another, and even if the laptop connects to other wireless networks, the first thing to do is to make sure that the correct driver is installed on the Wi-Fi adapter. The fact is that the drivers that Windows installs itself during installation do not always work adequately. Therefore, go to the laptop manufacturer’s website and install the official Wi-Fi drivers from there. This might fix the problem.
  • There might be something wrong with the wireless settings in Windows or another operating system. In Windows, go to the Network and Sharing Center, select “Change adapter settings” on the right, right-click on the “Wireless connection” icon and click “Properties” in the context menu. You will see a list of connection components, in which you should select “Internet Protocol Version 4” and click the “Properties” button. Make sure that there are no entries in the fields “IP address”, “Default gateway”, “DNS server address”. all these parameters should be obtained automatically (in the overwhelming majority of cases. and if the phone and tablet work normally via Wi-Fi, then you have this particular case).

If all this does not help, then you should look for the problem in the router. Perhaps changing the channel, type of authentication, wireless region, 802.11 standard can help. This is provided that the configuration of the router itself has been performed correctly. You can read more about this in the article Problems when setting up a Wi-Fi router.