Sony TV network connected without internet

Connected, No Internet Access. How To Fix

Having narrowed the range of possible causes and understanding which way to dig, you can try to fix the problem with connecting to a Wi-Fi network without access to the Internet. And you need to start doing this in the following order:

  • If, by connecting the network cable directly to the PC, the Internet does not appear, then the problem is on the side of the Internet service provider. This could be a line failure, a technical failure in the router, or another reason that only the provider can solve. You can, of course, just wait, in the hope that everything will be resolved by itself, but inaction is the lot of the weak. Therefore, you need to call the provider and delicately, preferably without a mat, explain how wrong he is and how you are indignant about the missing Internet. By the way, the problem may be caused by a banal non-payment for Internet services. If you know neighbors using the same provider, you can call them and inquire about a problem with the network.
    Phones of popular Russian providers:
    Rostelecom: 8 800 707 12 12
    MTS: 8 800 250 08 90
    Beeline: 8 800 700 8000
  • If, when the cable is connected directly to a computer or laptop, the Internet appears, then the problem is definitely in the router. It is necessary to connect the network cable to the router to the WAN connector, make sure that the wire is not bent and the connector is not loose. Then. turn off the router for 1 minute. It is advisable to completely disconnect it from the power supply. Turn it on and wait for it to load. Check if the Internet connection LED on the modem is green. Check if the message “Connected, without Internet access” is still writing;
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  • If the problem persists, then you need to check for errors in the operation of the Wi-Fi function of the router. This can be done using another network cable. It must be connected to the LAN connector and connected directly to the computer. If it works, it is obvious that the reason is in the Wi-Fi module of the router. Most likely it is faulty.

If a call to the Support provider and restarting the router did not give any results, and the chances of such a thing are extremely small, then all that remains is dancing with a tambourine.

Wi-Fi: “Connected, no Internet access”. what to do

What to do if Wi-Fi says “Connected, no Internet access”?

Any problem needs to be addressed with a diagnosis of the magnitude of the problem. It sounds serious and even scary, but in reality everything is quite simple. No miracle devices, sophisticated complex programs, etc. are needed. All that is needed, as a rule, is already at hand: “soldier’s ingenuity” and, preferably, another device to which you can connect the Internet, as well as a network cable.

  • If there is another device at home that can receive Wi-Fi, then you should check on it to see if there is the same problem. Suitable as such a device: a mobile phone, tablet, laptop or computer with a Wi-Fi adapter. If there are none, then you can always turn to your beloved neighbors for help. And that guy from above, who organized carpenter courses at home, is even more obliged to you and simply has no right to refuse. If the problem is present on all devices, then you can exclude the problem of the device itself and move on to the next item;
  • To eliminate malfunctions in the operation of the router, you need to pull out the wire from it that goes from the entrance / to the house and connects to the WAN connector, and then connect it directly to the computer or laptop. A TV with Smart TV function is also suitable for these purposes. If the Internet has appeared, then it is obvious that the problem is in the router. It is either incorrectly configured, or. has a malfunction.
  • If you have a Windows computer, you can use the operating system’s built-in troubleshooting tool. To do this, right-click on the connection indicator icon in the Windows system tray and select “Troubleshoot problems”, as shown in the screenshot below. This tool will help you understand why, when connected via Wi-Fi, it says “Connected, no Internet access” and what to do to fix it.

The problem was solved, but it is often repeated

If the message “Connected, no Internet access” appears regularly, and the service provider’s support team just waves it off, then it’s time to make a fateful decision and switch to another provider. Fortunately, the competition is now great and there is plenty to choose from.

Connected, No Internet Access: Wi-Fi on Android, iOS Phone. How to Fix

If a smartphone or tablet running Android or iOS, when connected via Wi-Fi, says: “Connected, without Internet access”, then you must perform the following steps:

  • Disable and enable the Wi-Fi option in the device settings;
  • Go to the list of available connections and delete the current connection. Then. add it again;
  • Reboot the device;
  • Disconnect the router from the power supply and wait 1 minute before turning it back on;
  • Call the Support Provider.
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If the Internet is distributed through an access point on one of their devices, then you need to check whether other devices accept such a connection. If there is no access to the network, then there is a possibility that the problem is on the side of the mobile operator. You need to call Support and find out what could be the reason.

Support numbers for popular mobile operators:

  • Beeline: 8 800 700-06-11
  • MTS: 8800 250 0890
  • Megaphone: 8 800 550-05-00
  • Tele2: 8 951 520 06 11

Reconnecting to the network

You need to disconnect from the network on the device and then reconnect. On Android and iOS devices, this can be done from the settings section or using the menu.

Updating Drivers

If the problem is observed only on a computer or laptop, while everything works fine on other devices, then you should update the drivers for the network card. You can download them from the website of the official manufacturer.

Operating system problem

The problem may be a malfunctioning operating system. In this case, you should roll back the system using a restore point. And if it doesn’t help, reinstall the operating system. After the steps taken, you should install the latest Windows updates.

If the problem is with the laptop

If it turns out that you have a problem with a laptop and a network without the Internet is only on it, then you need to check the settings of the wireless network connection. Perhaps in the process of setting up the router, you changed some settings in the laptop, or you previously configured some other network. Personally, on my laptop with Windows 7, there are parameters according to which the laptop automatically receives the IP address and DNS server from the router.

Everything works for me with such settings, my router is configured, as written in the article on setting up TP-Link TL-WR841N. In order to check if your wireless connection is configured correctly on your laptop, we do this:

Connect to your network, the laptop should connect, but the icon on the notification bar that shows Wi-Fi will be with a yellow triangle, that is, no internet access. Like this:

Right-click on it and select “Network and Sharing Center”.

Then, in the new window, on the right, click on “Change adapter parameters”.

Next, right-click on “Wireless Network Connection”. and select “Properties”.

A window will open in which you need to select “Internet Protocol Version 4 (TCP / IPv4)” and click the “Properties” button.

Another window will open in which you need to make sure that the boxes “Obtain an IP address automatically” and “Obtain DNS servers automatically” are checked. If not, then mark these values, and click “OK”.

Restart the laptop, and if your Wi-Fi router is configured correctly (and, as we found out above, it is configured correctly). then the Wi-Fi network on the laptop should work, and the sites should open.

Another important point: very often the connection can be blocked by antiviruses and Firewalls, so try to disable them.

Wi-Fi network without internet access. What to do?

Checking the Internet connection without a router

Let’s go in order. First, we check if the Internet is working, otherwise you never know. To do this, simply plug the network cable directly into your computer, without a router. If the Internet works fine, then everything is fine, let’s move on. If not, then solve this problem with the provider.

If everything is fine with the Internet, then there is a problem, either with a router, or with a laptop, or another device that you want to connect to your Wi-Fi network.

We find out if the problem is in the router, or in the laptop.

To do this, it is enough to try to connect not only one laptop to your router, but also a phone, tablet, or other laptop. If all devices find your Wi-Fi network, but when connected, it will not have access to the Internet (this connection status can be seen on a laptop). or just sites will not open, then there is a problem in setting up a Wi-Fi router.

Well, if, for example, only one laptop does not work on the Internet via Wi-Fi, and other devices connect and open sites, then the problem is in the laptop (not necessarily a laptop, it can be a regular computer with a Wi-Fi receiver).

I hope you managed to find out what the problem is, in the router, or in the laptop. And now we will consider how to solve, or at least try to solve, this or that case.

If the problem is in the Wi-Fi router

Before you start configuring the router, it is advisable to reset the settings to the factory settings. To do this, press something sharp and hold the small button on the back of the router for 10 seconds (more details in this article). Then you can configure the router as described in the TP-Link TL-WR841N setup article (link is above).

In solving the problem with a network without access to the Internet, we are only interested in the WAN tab. In this section, you configure the Internet connection that we connect to the router, configure the provider, if I may say so.

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In SND, most often, providers use such Dynamic IP connections. Static IP. PPPoE. L2TP. PPTP. For example, my Kyivstar provider uses Dynamic IP. so I have the following settings on the WAN tab:

And if your provider uses a different connection technology, for example Static IP. PPPoE. or PPTP. Then setup with Dynamic IP. like mine, it won’t work for you. Because the router simply cannot connect to the Internet, it creates a network, but there is no Internet. And it is in these settings that the whole problem is.

For example, you can consider the problem that Oleg had, about whom I wrote at the beginning of the article. He has a Beeline provider, he is in the settings on the WAN tab. opposite WAN Connection Type: he chose Dynamic IP and therefore, his Internet did not work.

After I began to understand what the problem was, it turned out that Beeline uses L2TP / Russian L2TP technology. After Oleg opposite WAN Connection Type: installed L2TP / Russian L2TP. registered my username and password, and made other settings, then everything worked. This is how the router settings for Beeline look like:

As you already understood, this problem is solved very simply. You need to call your provider, or look on the Internet, which connection method he uses to connect. And already based on the information that you receive from the provider, you need to configure the router, or rather the WAN tab. Here is also the address of the forum on which it is written how to configure TP-Link routers for some Russian providers, such as Beeline \ Corbina. NoByNo. QWERTY. 2KOM, etc.

If the provider binds to the MAC address

And more about binding to the MAC address. Some ISPs do this, and it may interfere with router configuration. Therefore, you need to connect the router via a network cable to a computer whose MAC address is registered with the provider, go to the MAC Clone tab in the router settings and click on the Clone MAC Address button. click Save.

They shared with me one solution that helped to defeat this problem when connecting over Wi-Fi. The person had Windows 8 and everything worked fine. But he decided to install Windows 7 and after that the problems started. The laptop was connected to the wireless network, but “No Internet access”. All the advice did not help, but this is what helped:

Go to Control Panel \ Network and Internet \ Network and Sharing Center. Then, on the left, select Manage Wireless Networks.

Right click on the network you are having problem connecting to. Select properties.

Go to the Security tab, then click the Advanced Settings button. Check the box next to Enable Federal Information Processing Standard (FIPS) compliant mode for this network.

Here is such an update, perhaps this method will help you!

Wi-Fi network without internet access. We solve the problem using the example of a TP-Link router

Hello, friends. And again, I will write about wireless Wi-Fi networks and setting up a router. An article on how to connect and configure a TP-Link TL-WR841N Wi-Fi router has collected a lot of questions. And as a rule, these are questions of the type: everything works, but the Wi-Fi network without access to the Internet, or the Internet works via cable, but not via Wi-Fi. Well something like that.

Today, I decided to deal with this problem, I understand why such problems can appear.

Here are a few more questions from the article on setting up a TP-Link TL-WR841N router:

Hello, here is the problem, everything is connected to Wi-Fi, it is possible to connect to it both from the computer that distributes it, and from other devices, he sees it and connects, but without access to the Internet, write to HP or here I will be very grateful, I have been suffering for days but nothing. Help.

So I decided to delve into this topic. Oleg has already set everything up, and everything works for him, but about everything in order.

I think the problem that we will now solve is clear, and you also have, after setting up the Wi-Fi router, the Internet via Wi-Fi does not work, or it works only via a cable from the router, or does not work at all through the router. We will consider this issue using the example of routers from TP-Link, although I have a specific model TP-Link TL-WR841N, but still, I think that the settings are not very different from each other. In principle, if you have some other router, then read it anyway, it may come in handy.

If you have a similar problem on Windows 8, there the status is Limited, then see a separate article with solutions Status “Limited” in Windows 8 (8.1) when connected via Wi-Fi


I hope that I managed, clearly and step by step, to describe what a problem can arise from when the network works through a router, but without access to the Internet. And how to solve this problem. Perhaps I did not write about something, so I ask you to supplement me in the comments. After all, it is impossible to write about all the ways to solve this problem, because there can be a lot of reasons for its occurrence. Good luck friends!

update the TV software

Despite the fact that the previously current version of the software on TV worked properly, this may change after the release of the update. You should not postpone the upgrade of the system to a fresh version until later, because of this, various failures may appear. We recommend that you go to “Settings” and select there an item like “Software Update”.

This will work if the update has already been downloaded earlier. If you need to download data, you will have to temporarily switch to a different Internet connection option. This is our next point.

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set the correct IP and DNS parameters

Sometimes the message “connected without internet access” on the TV indicates incorrect connection settings. The IP address may be incorrect or the DNS is incorrect and is currently unavailable. We suggest changing these parameters.

What to do if the network connects, but without internet access:

  • Go to “Settings” in the “Network” or “Internet”.
  • In the subsection, select setting the values ​​manually, and not automatically (if this did not work before).
  • We find the line “IP address” and specify any of the local range (we can look and set it in the router settings). Usually it looks like or depending on the number of other devices that have reserved an IP for themselves.
  • We do not change the “Subnet mask” and “Gateway”, we go directly to DNS. Here we indicate and as the main address.
  • Save changes.

What to do if the TV has a network without Internet access?

TV writes “Network without Internet access” more often than we would like. Everyone can face this problem, regardless of the device model, connection method or operating system, which makes our instructions especially valuable. The problem is aggravated by the fact that there are a lot of reasons, and therefore ways to fix it. We will figure out why this is happening, what it means “network without access to the Internet” and how to fix the problem on TVs Samsung, TCL, Sony, Haier, Xiaomi, Kivi and others.

TV without Internet access, what to do?

If the Smart TV connects to the network, but without access to the Internet, we can conclude that the local network is working properly. Most likely, the Wi-Fi router is operating normally, otherwise the TV would not recognize the connection. However, there are some system failures that prevent you from connecting to the Internet.

First of all, we recommend checking if there is access to the World Wide Web on another device. If there is no Internet either on your smartphone, or on TV, or on a PC, most likely the reason is the provider or the settings of the router. Most often, everything works on other devices, so let’s concentrate on the problems associated with the TV and router.

delete the existing Wi-Fi connection and create a new one

Sometimes connecting to a previously saved address causes some problems, but after deleting this data and reconnecting, everything works correctly.

  • Go to “Settings” in the “Wi-Fi” section.
  • Most likely there will be a list of saved connections, among which we select the desired one.
  • Press the “Options” button, hold down the “OK” key or select the gear on the side, depending on the type of operating system.
  • Click on the option “Forget the network” or “Delete the network”.
  • We start a second search for a connection, select a network and enter a password for it.

It is very likely that reconnecting will get rid of the “no Internet access” error.

changing the connection method

If none of the methods worked, although other devices have Internet access, it is worth considering the option of a cable connection. To do this, you need to lay an Ethernet cable from the router to the TV. The advantage of such a connection is the high stability of the Internet and low ping, which means minimal delays in loading. To connect, you just need to connect one side of the cable to the LAN input on the router, and the other to the RJ-45 jack on the TV. He is alone there, so you won’t be able to mix it up.

set the correct time and date manually

Very often, the message “network without Internet access” is the result of an incorrect time in the system. Also, a failure can be caused by the automatic setting of the time over the network with an incorrectly set latitude. For this reason, we recommend setting the time and date manually. Usually, the problem is caused by a deviation of 5 or more minutes or an incorrectly set date, year.

  • Go to the “Settings” section.
  • Open the section “Date and Time”.
  • Turn off the option “Automatic date and time”, this parameter can also be called “Use network time”.
  • Go to the “Date” line, where we set the correct value, and then go to the “Time” parameter.

It is also advisable to reboot the TV after changing the settings, this will facilitate the application of the parameters. Similar instructions apply to most TV models.

improving the signal quality of the router

There are often times when, judging by the technical data, the router should provide a sufficient coverage area, but this is not the case. The signal on the TV can be only 1-2 or 3 bars out of 5, and yet it is not enough for stable operation. The network seems to be catching, but there is no Internet connection or it starts working only for a short time.

There are several options for fixing the problem:

  • Shorten the distance between Wi-Fi router and TV.
  • Remove obstacles between devices, especially those that strongly block the signal. Even with a greater distance between devices, but there are no reinforced concrete walls between them, the signal quality can be higher.
  • Install a repeater (signal repeater) that will expand the coverage area.