Sony TV does not see wi-fi

What to do if your Samsung TV can’t see Wi-Fi?

Reset network in Samsung Smart TV settings

Open the settings and go to the “General”. “Network” section. We select “Reset network settings” and confirm the reset to factory values. After restoring the factory network settings on the Samsung TV, we try to connect it to the Internet again.

How to connect the Internet to a Samsung TV?

  • 1 Connect the cable to the LAN connector of the TV.
  • 2 Enter the TV menu.
  • 3 Select “Network”.
  • 4 Select “Network Settings”.
  • 5 Select the type of network. “Cable”.
  • 6 Click “Connect”.
  • 7 Wait while the TV connects to the Internet.
  • 8 Click “OK” to finish setting.

How to check if your TV has Smart TV?

Usually, on the box the inscription “Smart TV” flaunts. You can find a button on the remote control to bring up the Smart TV menu. You can also pay attention to the boot screen when you turn on the TV.

How to disconnect your Samsung TV from Wi-Fi?

If for some reason you need to disconnect the TV from the Wi-Fi network, then you can do this in the settings, in the “General”. “Network”. “Network status” section. You need to click on the “Disable” button. Now you can go back to the Smart TV menu and use the internet connection in different applications.

Why Samsung TV can’t see Wi-Fi?

However, it is not the perfection of network equipment, incorrect setup or raw firmware that can be the reason why Samsung TV does not connect to the Internet. … First of all, try to unplug the power plug for 10 minutes to completely de-energize the TV (and then turn it on). May 10, 2015.

Why TV box does not see Wi-Fi?

If the router we need is not in the list, you need to restart it. Just unplug the device and turn it back on (or use the dedicated button). We do not use Hard Reset, otherwise all settings will be reset. Also restart the box itself.

Finding problems with a WI-FI router

Sometimes the reason for the lack of a wireless connection lies in the incorrect settings of the router. In this case, you need to go to the settings and make sure that the DHCP server is enabled and functioning correctly. Otherwise, the TV will not be assigned a local IP address, as a result of which the device will not be provided with Internet access.

Another reason for the lack of a wireless connection is the enabled MAC address filtering in the security settings of the router. It must be disabled. Connection with a device from the list via Wi-Fi is not blocked, connection via Wi-Fi is restored.

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You can find out the MAC address of the TV in the menu (different models may differ).

does, wi-fi
  • select the “Settings” menu item;
  • go to the “Support” tab;
  • column “Product information”.
  • menu item “Support”;
  • section “Contacting Samsung”;
  • tab “MAC of the wireless interface”.

After entering data into the router’s memory, it must be rebooted.

What to do if TV receiver can’t see Wi-Fi

Do not panic, pull out and check Internet cables, convince the provider by phone that the TV has stopped seeing the Wi-Fi router due to his fault, and demand immediate repair. A few simple tips below will help you in 90% of cases to establish a wireless connection on your own, without resorting to outside help.

Updating the TV’s firmware

The Smart TV operating system needs to be updated regularly. Outdated software may be the reason that Smart TV LG, Samsung or other does not connect to the Wi-Fi network. New versions of software shells fix bugs, improve performance and security of devices.

If the TV is connected to the Internet (it does not matter whether by wire or Wi-Fi), the system itself will prompt the user to install a new version after its release with a description of the sequence of steps. Download and installation takes no more than 10 minutes.

If there is no connection to the Network, the new version of the operating system is downloaded from the manufacturer’s official website to the flash drive and from it is installed on the Smart TV.

Reasons why the TV won’t connect to Wi-Fi

Unfortunately, it is not uncommon for the TV to see Wi-Fi. The malfunction occurs both at the stage of device synchronization during the first connection, and during operation. Problems arise due to various reasons:

  • Incorrect settings of the Wi-Fi router or TV receiver. The error often occurs when using routers not recommended by the provider, which refuse to work. In difficult cases, you may need the help of a professional.
  • Insufficient Wi-Fi signal strength, interference. The radiation level is checked by a special program on a smartphone.
  • Provider problems. If the signal is not received via the Internet cable, you need to call Support to find out the reason.
  • Outdated versions of Smart TV operating systems. TVs with older operating systems may not connect wirelessly to the router. It is necessary to keep the software up to date.
  • Software glitch. Occurs for no apparent external reason, is treated by rebooting the device.

There are many more reasons why the TV does not catch Wi-Fi. But here are some typical malfunctions that can be eliminated by users on their own.

Reasons why the TV does not see Wi-Fi, and their solution

Internet access has transformed Smart TV into a home entertainment center for the whole family. The most convenient way to connect a device to a network is a wireless Wi-Fi connection, so most smart TV models are equipped with built-in Wi-Fi adapters.

Features when connecting Wi-Fi on TVs

Connecting to a wireless network Smart TV Samsung and LG have some differences.

  • indicate the type of network “Wireless”;
  • the TV searches for Wi-Fi networks;
  • select the name of the required network in the drop-down list;
  • enter the network password in the window that appears and click “Finish”;
  • when a connection is established, a window will appear with information about this.
  • using the “Setting” button on the remote control enter the Smart TV settings;
  • select the “Network” section in the menu and enter it;
  • click the “Network connection” item;
  • click on the desired Wi-Fi network from the proposed list;
  • enter the password in the proposed window;
  • click OK;
  • connection made.
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Manual entry of connection data

When you cannot create a Wi-Fi connection in automatic mode, you can try to do it manually:

  • Use the TV remote to enter the network settings.
  • Select manual setting.
  • In the “Gateway” field, enter the IP address of the router. You can find it out through a computer connected to this router. In Windows 7, for this you need to: go to the “Control Panel” section, select “Network and Sharing Center”, select the “Local Area Connection” tab, in the “Status” window that appears, select “Information”.
  • Move the sequence of numbers in the “Main gateway” column to the “Gateway” field of the TV. this is the IP address of the router.
  • Enter the numerical sequence of the “Subnet mask” column in the corresponding field on the TV.
  • Click OK.

If all values ​​are entered correctly, the connection will appear.

Using a different WI-FI connection method

To quickly connect the TV to a router via Wi-Fi, it is convenient to use the WPS mode. It does not require entering a password from a Wi-Fi network. Prerequisite. WPS must be supported by both devices.

In the section of the menu about wireless connection, you must select the item “Connect using WPS-PBS” and activate it. Within 2 minutes after activation, you need to press the WPS button on the router. It is usually located on the front of the instrument, but can be mounted on the back. You can enable the mode through the browser settings by entering them using the login and password provided by the provider. After a few seconds, the connection will be established. a window will appear on the TV screen with a notification about this.

Manual data entry

If Smart TV does not connect to WI-FI, you can try to enter data for connection manually. What do we have to do:

  • We need to get to the Smart TV menu;
  • Now our goal is the parameters of the WI-FI connection;
  • Select the manual mode for entering settings;
  • in the column “IP-address” enter the corresponding values;
  • in the column “Subnet mask” designate which part of the corresponding address will be used for users of the home network;
  • in the “Gateway” column indicate the address of the router.

TV does not see Wi-Fi network at all

This is the most common type of problem. Usually it consists in the fact that when you want to connect to Wi-Fi, the TV simply does not find it and does not display it in the list of available ones (or, less often, it is grayed out and cannot be connected to it.).

Among the list of networks (which TV sees). yours is not.

How To Fix a Sony TV that Won’t Connect to WiFi

TV does not connect to WI-FI: Samsung and LG cannot see the network

Modern TVs with Smart-TV function allow not only watching TV programs, but also going online. This makes the receivers a multifunctional device. To fully enjoy TVs with Smart TVs, an internet connection is required.

The easiest way to access the network is with a router. Usually there is no problem with this. However, it may happen that the TV does not connect to WI-FI. In most cases, you can solve this problem yourself. The main thing is to find the cause of the problem and fix it.

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For any TV using a USB stick

To update the software using a USB flash drive, proceed as follows:

  • log into the official website of the company and download a new version of the software;
  • formatting the drive on a computer or laptop in the FAT32 system;
  • copy the downloaded file to a USB flash drive;
  • click on the text “Extract”, which starts unpacking the file;
  • after the completion of the process, the USB flash drive is removed from the socket;
  • the drive is installed in the TV connector;
  • enter the device menu;
  • redirected to the “Support” sub-item;
  • go to the “Software update” tab;
  • click on the inscription “Update now”;
  • the system makes a request to update the data, after which the action is confirmed;
  • the process of detecting the firmware on the flash drive starts, after which they click on the “Update” inscription.

After that, the software update process begins. When the procedure is complete, the instrument will automatically reboot.

Sony TV won’t Connect to Wifi Fix it Now

restart TV and router

This step is quite trivial, but very effective (after all, when the devices are rebooted, they are re-initialized and paired, which eliminates many software malfunctions).

By the way, if you do not know how to reboot the Wi-Fi router, then it is enough to disconnect it from the power supply for 20-30 seconds. (this is necessary so that the previous Internet session with the provider was closed).

Updating the TV’s firmware

Smart TV firmware needs to be updated in a timely manner. Errors can accumulate in the process of work, as a result of which difficulties arise when connecting to the Internet via WI-FI. Depending on the TV model, the update can be done in several ways:

  • Through a wireless network;
  • Using the cable Internet;
  • Via an external USB storage device (USB flash drive or hard drive).

If WI-FI does not work on Smart TV, use the second or third option to download the new software version. Detailed instructions for updating the software are usually posted on the website of the company that released the TV. Possible names of the required section: “Help”, “Support” or “Help Center”.

While the utility is running, it is important not to disconnect or de-energize the device. Any interruption may affect the further functionality of the Smart TV. Do not use third-party firmware to avoid loss of warranty service.

does TV see at least one network?

And the last thing: does your TV see at least one Wi-Fi network at all? If you live in a city (in an ordinary apartment building). you should find at least 3-10 Wi-Fi networks of your neighbors

If this does not happen, you may have a damaged Wi-Fi module. Alternatively, you can try to connect the TV to the router using a network cable, or use an external Wi-Fi adapter.

Connecting TV to a router using a network cable

Is the adapter working?

  • Through the menu we go to “Support”, then to “Contact Samsung”.
  • If the MAC address section is empty (there are zeros or dashes), then the module is not working.

If this is the order, you are convinced that the adapter is working properly, then read on.