Sony car radio does not work radio

My compliments to all! Junsun 8259 radio tape recorder. When you start the firmware. The phone starts downloading, a menu appears and immediately.

The radio tape recorder does not turn off 04/14/2021 16:00 Kenwood KMM-BT305 car radio tape recorders

Good day. Kenwood KMM-BT305 autoradio tape recorder. When you turn off the radio, it always lights up like this. How to make sure that the display does not burn at all?

No low frequencies in the speakers 04/09/2021 22:20 Sony CDX-GT454US car radios

Hello. The Sony CDX-GT454US car radio does not amplify the low frequencies. I twist the equalizer all the way, but there’s little use. Speakers.

The problem with the alpine radio tape recorder a week ago Car radio tape recorders Alpine UTE-200BT

Good evening. Please tell me how to remove the connected bluetooth device from the Alpine UTE-200BT car radio?

Side buttons do not work a week ago Junsun car radios

Good day. The radio of the Junsun car radio does not work, the side touch buttons do not work and there is no sound. What to do?

Car radio repair Kenwood 2 weeks ago Car radio Kenwood KMM-BT306

Sony car stereo FIX!!

Good afternoon. There was a short circuit in the Kenwood KMM-BT306 car radio, after which it issued an error, the keys do not function, and at the moment, yes, they do not.

The car radio does not turn on after a cold 2 weeks ago Car radio

Good morning. After the last turn on, the car radio was in the car in the cold for 1.5 months, after which it did not turn on. What is it with.

Display disappeared 2 weeks ago Car radios Pioneer MVH-150UB

Good morning. The Pioneer MVH-150UB car radio has lost the light indication of the screen. Buttons are highlighted, radio and flash drive are played.

The radio does not work 2 weeks ago Car Radios Prology MDN-2820T

Hello. When you turn on the Prology MDN-2820T car radio, five numbers appear, four in the corners and one in the middle, and everything that to do and what.

The radio tape recorder does not work in the car reasons 2 weeks ago Panasonic radio tape recorders

Goodnight. After removing and reinstalling the battery, the Panasonic NSDN-W60 (Japan) car radio stopped working, and the screen appeared.

The radio tape recorder is on when it is turned off 2 weeks ago Car radio tape recorders Kenwood KMM-125

Good day. I turn off the tape recorder in the Kenwood KMM-125 car radio, and after a second it lights up and burns when the mode is off, like.

Boot error 2 weeks ago Car Radios Pioneer DVH-840AVBT

Hello. When loading a disc into a Pioneer DVH-840AVBT car radio, it writes. download and then. loading error. What are the possible.

The car radio hangs 2 weeks ago Car radios Intro CHR-2296 HX

When playing music from a flash drive, the Intro CHR-2296 HX car radio freezes and does not react to anything else. What do you want to do?

Car radio repair in tver more than a month ago Car radio MyDean 2209

Good evening. MyDean 2209 car radio does not read the flash card. Through this multimedia, the charge from the battery leaves when the car is de-energized. Where can.

The car radio does not turn on immediately more than a month ago Car radio Prology MPC-70

Hello. The Prology MPC-70 car radio turns on every other time, or it may not turn on at all. When trying to start, it loads.

The radio does not turn on more than a month ago Kenwood car radios

Good evening. When turned on, the screen on the Kenwood car radio flickers and does not turn on, but this happened after the car was standing.

The player does not work more than a month ago Car radios Prology CMD-160U

Hello. The CD-player Prology CMD-160U does not work, when the disc is loaded, it is being read, and then it does not end with anything. Radio.

The car radio has frozen more than a month ago Car radio Kenwood KMM-BT306

Good evening. During the upgrade of the Kenwood KMM-BT306 car radio, the battery is dead. Update error err 1, it hung on this. Power off.

Apps not loading more than 2 months ago Junsun car radios

Hello. Please tell me why I can not download anything to the Junsun car stereo. Wi-Fi connected, Play-market.

Problems with the screen of the radio more than 2 months ago Car radio Xomax XM-Dtsb4800

Hello. The XOMAX XM-DTSB 4800 car radio has no information on the display (volume level, radio station name, images (from.

With Quick-BrowZer function

sony, radio, does, work

The Sony MEX-DV1700U receiver allows you to play any audio file formats, supports iPhone and iPod connection via the USB input on the front panel. In addition, you can use the auxiliary Aux-In to connect any other gadgets. The Quick-BrowZer function will give you the ability to search music by artist, genre, album and is the highlight of this model. Available:

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Sony car radios: models, characteristics, connection and setup

Sony car radios traditionally have a budget range of models and a fairly developed functionality. They are reliable, beautiful and play great. The company constantly develops and implements the latest technologies in a timely manner.

A wide range of brand models is very popular among buyers of car radios. The numerous advantages include their simplicity, ease of use and high-quality radio reception. Let’s consider some of the most popular models.

Car receiver SONY DSX-A102U

This model of car radio supports music playback from removable flash media. In addition, the ability to listen to the radio is provided on all popular frequencies. The amplifier with an output power of 55 W operates on 4 channels. The Sony DSX-A102U car radio is equipped with an AUX connector, suitable for most multimedia players. The main controls are directly accessible and arranged in an intuitive manner. The stylishness of the receiver is enhanced by the original green illumination of the controls. The rotary control allows you to quickly adjust the volume.

Sony CDX-M20 Digital Music Player

Compact, modern and stylish Sony car radio will delight you with good sound and its functionality:

  • easy-to-read and understandable one-line liquid crystal display shows playback source, clock and phone;
  • an additional front input allows you to connect almost any portable audio device for your car;
  • during the evening movement, the bright blue illumination of the keys will allow you to quickly find the buttons;
  • the three-channel EQ3 will allow you to adjust the sound with a center frequency of 60 Hz, 1000 Hz and 10 kHz;
  • Radio Data System. a radio system for transmitting a small amount of digital data simultaneously with an audio signal in the FM band.

Receiver with VHF and RDS radio

At first glance, you will like the respectable appearance of the Sony CDX-GT747UI car radio. The large dot matrix display enables the display of built-in splash screens. The slot for loading MP3 and CDs is hidden behind the flap.

There are many settings for high-quality sound. By adjusting the button illumination, you can choose the color you like. A radio receiver with RDS and VHF band picks up radio frequencies well. As well as:

  • with support for connecting an iPod to the car system, you can connect, charge and control almost any type of portable music player;
  • with Quick-BrowZer mode, it is convenient to search among hundreds of songs from USB / CD / iPod / Walkman / i-Phone;
  • playback and storage of hundreds of files in MP3, WMA, AAC formats;
  • with the help of gadgets and thanks to the passenger mode, you can entrust the choice of tracks to the one sitting next to you;
  • control playback, adjust volume and change songs using the Sony car radio remote control, which is built into the steering wheel;
  • Detachable flip-down front panel gives easy access to the drive slot.

With EXTRA BASS mode

Car radio Sony CDX-G3200UV in a beautiful design has powerful functional characteristics. The front panel of the device is equipped with a front USB input, as well as the Android AOA2 function, which is capable of playing files from gadgets on the Android platform. Also, the car radio allows you to compress audio files into the Flac format without losing sound quality.

Thanks to the Extra Bass mode, lovers of rich and powerful compositions will get a more dynamic sound. Plus, it comes with a 10-band equalizer to give your music a personal touch.

Lovers of singing while driving will surely love the built-in karaoke mode. The backlight of the device screen is synchronized with the sound. You can also control your Sony car radio using the steering wheel by installing the control buttons on the steering wheel. For clear and loud sound, the car radio is equipped with a 55 W amplifier for 4 channels.

Car radio Sony WX-GT90BT

This model has a distinctive design and the ability to play media content from removable media, as well as through the AUX input. The detachable front panel is backlit with blue keys. The built-in amplifier has a power of 55 watts for each of the four channels. In addition, there is a proprietary Mega Bass feature for bass boost. A good solution in the field of car audio for lovers of branded classics.

Features and characteristics of the car radio Sony WX-GT90BT:

  • connection to digital music players;
  • convenience and extra power thanks to multiple pre-outputs;
  • easy and convenient music control using a multifunctional remote control;
  • clear signal reception thanks to Digital Clarity Tuner technology;
  • content management using Bluetooth over a wireless interface;
  • the ability to make hands-free calls, thanks to the Bluetooth connection and the built-in microphone;
  • Automatic Level Optimizer function stabilizes the sound volume level regardless of the source;
  • quick search in the library with the Quick-BrowZer function;
  • the general setting of the Sony car radio (and in particular the steering wheel) is due to the remote control connected to the steering wheel;
  • dynamic color lighting with 35 thousand color variations will make any trip brighter and more positive.

The radio tape recorder works, but there is no sound: what could be the reason

For many drivers, the radio in the car is an integral part of it. Since it allows you to enjoy pleasant music or just your favorite song during the trip. With such an escort, even the longest journey will not seem boring.

As soon as problems arise with the operation of the car radio, this causes a lot of inconvenience. The driver tries to eliminate it and return the device to its previous performance. One of the most common breakdowns is the lack of sound. There are many reasons for this. It is very important to install it correctly. This is the only way to count on high-quality operation of the device after the breakdown is repaired. Sometimes you can do this with your own hands, but it is better to consult with professionals. They will help in solving this problem and tell you what is best to do in this situation.

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The radio tape recorder works, but there is no sound, what to do?

The sound works in the Pioneer or Supra radio tape recorder according to the same principle, as shown in the photo. Therefore, the scheme for eliminating the problem is performed according to the same type. The main thing is, before starting to carry out what was conceived, to correctly establish the cause of the breakdown. Otherwise, you can only aggravate the situation and then the repair will not help, you will need to purchase a new car radio.

Even if the sound in the car disappears, and the radio is working, then you should not despair. If the problem lies in the amplifier, then you need to take a soldering iron, tweezers and a new part. Then carry out a series of sequential activities. They consist in:

  • Disconnecting the radio;
  • Removing the top and bottom covers of the device, and then the front panel;
  • Preparing the soldering iron for work. For this, it is warmed up. It is necessary to work with them extremely carefully. Because if you touch any other element, it can melt under the influence of high temperature;
  • Carrying out warming up of the solder. This procedure is performed for 20 minutes with periodic repetitions;
  • Removing the board. Before this, they need to make the clamps straight using the pliers;
  • Soldering the microcircuit. The details that are next to it are covered with foil. Such an event allows them to be protected from damage;
  • Preparing a place for installing a new part. For this, the solders that remain are removed from the board;
  • Installing a new plateau. Often its legs are not bent as they should. Then, using tweezers, they are straightened;
  • Fixing the microcircuit;
  • Soldering the legs of the part;
  • Checking the correctness of the installation of a new element;
  • Device assemblies.

Then it is installed in its original place. Check the quality of work. During the repair, it is necessary to ensure that it is done correctly. Since a new disassembly may lead to the following malfunctions.

This process can be seen in the video. It is made by a professional who has the necessary knowledge, skills and work experience. Experts clearly demonstrated the techniques that need to be applied and how best to do it in order to achieve a high-quality result.

Of course, it is not easy for many to understand why the radio is working, but there is no sound. Since, at first glance, this is one whole device. Therefore, if one element fails, the entire radio tape recorder should also stop working. But the manufacturers Supra and Pioneer foresaw this and made it in such a way that the details do not depend on one another.

So it is enough to replace one of them, it will take less time and it will be cheaper. After that, the device will work again as before: the sound is high-quality and loud.

The radio tape recorder works, but there is no sound. the reasons

At first glance, nothing has changed in the operation of the radio. It works as before, but there is no sound. This is often due to a breakdown in the power supply circuits. But there are other situations that become a reason for the sound to disappear. These include:

  • Defective speakers. There are two of them in the radio tape recorder and they can simply break. Then the sound will not be played either. As practice shows, there are mainly cases when one speaker breaks. This also affects the quality of the sound, it becomes quieter. If both do not work, then it is necessary to carry out a complete diagnosis of the device. Since the cause of the breakdown could be a completely different problem;
  • Amplifier defective;
  • The contacts on the device have become weaker. Over time, this happens. One or more contacts are broken. To rectify the situation, it is enough just to solder them;
  • Closing the circuit. This leads to the fact that a small amount of electrical energy is supplied to the equipment and it is not enough for its full operation;
  • Using a powerful speaker system. When choosing it, it is necessary to calculate the capabilities of the radio. Is she able to withstand them. Otherwise, the load on the amplifier will be very large, which will lead to its breakdown. It is very rarely repaired, mostly replaced with a new one. They also carry out such a procedure when the owner does not like the sound. Since its standard version is designed for low volumes, when you increase it, the sound is greatly distorted.

Hello! The Prology MDD-710 radio tape recorder lost sound to the speakers. There is a signal from the line-out (quiet). in my opinion and on the buffer the same. I replaced the amplifier (I thought it was in it). the effect is the same. Thanks in advance!

Bro found out what was wrong, I also have a problem

Malfunctions and remedies

Before removing the radio from the car and starting to repair it, read the list of faults specific to audio systems. Getting and repairing the car radio from the car is not such a problem, but before you pull it out, you need to know exactly what to repair.

The car radio turns on, but there is no sound or phonet

Repair of car radios on your own or by a specialist is required if there is no sound volume or when the volume is increased and the tracks are played, the sound is phonet.

  • There is no sound when starting the engine. If the sound disappears even when the volume is increased or not, this is usually due to the absence of the Stand.By signal. In this case, when the sound has disappeared and there is no sound, you should check the high-level pulse at 4.8 volts. This is the fourth pin of the IC901 controller. If the sound disappears, while there is no impulse, then the repair of the car radio is to replace the controller. If the sound disappears when starting the engine and increasing the volume, you need to diagnose the four contacts of the power amplifiers.
  • When the engine is started, the sound rises. If the sound is phoning when the volume is increased, check the presence of voltage at the bases, the obtained parameter should not be equal to zero. It often happens that the sound phonates when the volume is increased due to zero voltage. if this is the case, then the repair of car radios will be based on replacing transistors. Also, the sound sometimes glows when the volume is increased due to the inoperative Mute button. there is a possibility that the problem lies in the controller. If there are problems with the sound volume, you need to diagnose the Q802 transistor.
  • Loudness problems can be caused by one or more circuits on the amplifier not working properly. If there is no sound, you need to diagnose the entire “path” from the input to the output of each circuit. Repair of radio tape recorders is reduced to replacing transition capacitors or circuits.
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Weird Sony Head Unit Bug! MEX-N6001BD (not a wiring issue)

No display backlight or system does not turn on

  • Perhaps the problem lies in the lack of power at 5. If you decide to get the device out and repair it yourself, first of all you need to pay attention to diagnostics of the second contact of the CN701 connector. It should have a voltage in positive territory of 14 volts, this voltage should be transmitted to the collectors of the transistors. If there is no voltage, repair of car radios consists in replacing transistors or a zener diode.
  • There is no power activation signal. Before repairing car radios, you need to check the 4.8 volt voltage at the fortieth contact of the IZ901 controller. You should also check for a pulse on the third contact of the controller.

Dialing a multimedia system with a multimeter

The reasons

It’s no secret that over time, the mechanical elements of a multimedia system tend to wear out. So, if the system does not turn on or off, it is necessary to either repair it or replace it.

But first, let’s figure out the main reasons why the radio tape recorder does not work:

  • Dirty device. If the radio tape recorder stops working, this may be due to contamination of the mechanisms. dirt or dust can accumulate between them, especially if the system is used in harsh conditions. As a rule, optical or mechanical components break in this case. One of the signs of contamination is a disc that is stuck and cannot play properly.
  • Also, mechanical failures can be the reason. This type of failure is usually associated with the power circuit. If the connection of the head unit was made incorrectly initially, or the electrical circuit is characterized by sharp drops, then there is nothing to be surprised at. The first symptom of problems with the power circuit is the lack of screen backlight or the inability to start the radio.

Car audio system board

Typical car radio malfunctions: how to find and fix them?

The car radio, like any other device or mechanism in the car, can fail. As practice shows, the repair of car radios is usually carried out in the event of improper operation of the device or in the event of malfunctions not related to use. In this article, we suggest that you familiarize yourself with the main causes and methods of eliminating audio system breakdowns.

Doesn’t read discs, flash drive or disc is stuck

Why does the radio tape recorder not read a USB flash drive or disc after starting the engine? The disk is stuck, stutters, the system does not see the USB flash drive?

  • The radio tape recorder does not read the USB flash drive, does not see the disc, or the disc stutters or is stuck after starting the engine. Perhaps the device simply does not understand the recording format. Repair of radio tape recorders in this case is not required, you just need to burn the disc in a different format.
  • If the system does not see the disc when starting the engine, the disc is stuck, stutters or heats up, this may be due to contamination of the optical lens. As mentioned above, problems in the operation of buttons and the device as a whole after starting the engine can be associated with dirt. In this case, the problem is solved by using a special cleaning disc. The operation of such a disk is carried out in accordance with the requirements specified in the instructions. You can self-clean the system by blowing the elements or cleaning with a cotton swab.
  • Another reason may be the lack of laser current; you can get rid of such a malfunction by adjusting it.
  • Inoperability of loops and wires. Perhaps, during the operation of the car, the screws inside the structure were simply loosened, or it could be a leakage of resistors.