Sony bravia TV does not respond to remote control

Extra options

Connect the antenna cable to the appropriate connector. Select the signal source “Antenna”. Disable additional devices. TV is now ready to search for TV channels.

How to connect a TV to a router? This option is available only to owners of TVs with support for Smart TV. Synchronization is carried out via a Wi-Fi router or by connecting a cable to the LAN connector.

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Find the lightest part of the diagram. Adjust the contrast until the right side of the screen is as bright as possible. The difference between the left and right side of the diagram should be palpable.

Color palette saturation

Colors will be saturated when all transitions are viewed in the calibration chart. Take a look at the center of the scale for natural tones.

Preparatory work

Save the diagram below to calibrate the image to a USB flash drive or external hard drive. Connect the storage device to the TV via the USB connector. Open the picture for customization through the media player.

On newer models running on the Android TV platform, the calibration files are played from a DVD or Blu-ray player. Since it is impossible to change the settings through the Album application.

First, we set up the main indicators. To do this, you need to disable advanced options. Open the main menu and go to “Settings”, and then to the tab “System settings” and subsection “Eco”, here turn off the light sensor.

Return to the main menu and again go to the “Settings”, and then to the “Image” tab to deactivate the following functions: creation of reality, smooth transition, noise reduction.

For highlighting, set the value to 7 or 8 points. Select Standard for Picture Mode. When these changes are made, switch to the Advanced tab to deactivate all features.

Access the settings menu only through the HOME button. If you edit the settings using the Options button, the set parameters will be applied to one signal source, and not to the TV as a whole.


Calculate the darkest part of the grayscale bar in the previously downloaded chart. Adjust the brightness so that the black area (on the left) is as dark as possible. Are there any differences between the left and right sides of the screen? Brightness adjusted correctly.

ALL Sony Remote Controls FIXED! Power Button, Other Buttons, Ghosting, etc FIXED!


After the device is completely disassembled, a full-scale cleaning of the device will have to be performed. In such a situation, it is recommended to use components that do not contain moisture or other liquid. This will require the use of cotton swabs, as well as the usual alcoholic wet wipes. In practice, excess dust and accumulations of dirt are removed with cotton swabs, after which the individual element is gently wiped with a napkin. Subsequently, after all the elements have been cleaned of the present dirt and dust, it is only necessary to completely dry the elements from moisture that got when wiping the devices with a damp cloth. Only after the complete drying of these elements is the subsequent collection of the entire structure, followed by testing for performance. All external elements, including the sensor, need to be cleaned routinely with napkins.

Information about codes is usually contained in the instructions

Of course, each remote control device has the necessary encoding to work with the TV when fully pairing the devices. In practice, manual or automatic input of values ​​is required to carry out the conversion. If all the necessary data is not registered in the device. You will need to find them first. As a rule, such data is contained in the following places:

  • In certain situations, such information is contained in the instructions that come with the equipment.
  • This data may be present in the user manual for your Sony Bravia TV model.
  • You can find the appropriate encoding on the official website of the manufacturer of such technical equipment.
  • Information is available in service centers where repairs and diagnostics of such electrical equipment are carried out.
  • You can also find everything you need in the public domain on the Internet, where the data is present in the clear form on forums and certain sites.

At the moment, it will not be difficult to convert such a technique, however, when performing such actions, you must follow the sequence.

It should be understood that the coding for each individual device may be different or correspond to a specific line of electronic equipment.

Important! Today, television is in great demand, which is why televisions are used everywhere, but we should not forget that these devices always work in conjunction with additional components, which is why timely maintenance is carried out not only for televisions, but also for remote controls.

How to set up a Sony TV? Adjust the picture and sound settings first. Then go to find and store TV channels. Users are offered two modes. automatic and manual.

Modern TV models from a well-known Japanese brand support all digital signal standards. The search for TV channels is carried out through the built-in receiver. You don’t have to buy an additional receiver and connect it to the TV.

Especially for users who have not previously used Sony TV equipment, step-by-step instructions for setting up channels have been developed. We will also consider the features of adjusting the image, sound and other important parameters.

Sony TV set-up tips

Correctly set up the TV is within the power of each user. Just follow the advice from the professionals. Setting the sound (volume, volume) is easier. Go to the corresponding tab of the main menu and select the optimal parameters.

It will take more time to adjust the image. In order for a clear and rich picture to appear on the screen, you need to adjust a lot of parameters. Now let’s look at the basic subtleties of setting up a Sony TV.


Start by checking that the picture size settings are correct. The default settings enlarge the image. As a result, sharpness drops. This manifests itself in the form of moiré, which can be seen in the contours of the resolution bands.

To adjust the picture size, open “Preferences” and go to the “Screen Control” tab to disable “Auto Display Area”. Disable the Maximum Resolution function as well. Arrows are now visible in all corners. Moiré effect disappeared.

How to set up a Sony TV

Image Adjustment

“How to adjust images to remove black bars on the sides of the screen Sony KDL 32wd603” Murmansk region Ostrovnoy. 11.27.2019 Sony 49XG9005 PETER What buttons on the remote control should be pressed to raise the brightness 11.24.2019 Sony cd 46w905a Kd 46w905a Krasnoyarsk Help to adjust the image on TV

The lower right button on your TV remote control is used to adjust the picture size. By successively clicking on it, you can select the optimal viewing mode.

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Setting up a Sony TV for high quality sound

You can set your Sony TV to select a sound mode according to your preference by pressing [Home] / [Settings] / [Sound] in succession. The following options are available for selection: inputs. applying custom sound settings for the current input; Sound mode. Standard, Cinema, Sports, Music, Game, Compressed Audio (low bit rate compressed audio enhancement).

Sony TV remote control

The Sony TV remote control is designed to set up and adjust all functions. Remote control buttons assignment:

In button. selection of the connected source. Button I. Turns the TV on and off. Button to turn subtitles on and off. AUDIO button. turning on the stereo sound mode. SYNC MENU button of the remote control for Sony TV. displaying the Bravia Sync menu.

RELATED SEARCH button. Internet browsing while the TV is on. TITLE LIST button. playing the title list. REC button. recording of the current program. SOCIAL VIEW button. watching TV with friends from social networks. FOOTBALL button. live soccer mode.

DISCOVER button. search for content. SEN / APPS button. application categories of the Home menu. GUIDE button. digital TV guide display. RETURN button. return to the previous menu. OPTIONS button. list of handy functions and shortcuts.

HOME button. displays the main menu of the TV. DIGITAL / ANALOG button on the TV remote control. switching between digital and analogue mode. EXIT button. exit from the Menu. Button?. displays information. I-MANUAL button. displaying the user manual.

Button 1. 9. Select channels. TV / RADIO button. switch between TV and radio modes. 3D button. selection of 3D display mode. Colored buttons On our website you can download the Remote control for the TV, the location and designation of the remote control buttons, as well as instructions and User’s Guide

Tuning the TV to channels

Please help me with setting up a free digital TV, TV brand and model: SONY KDL40WD653 The TV has a built-in digital tuner with DVB-C, DVB-T, DVB-T2 standards. A cable is connected to the TV from the common house antenna of a multi-storey apartment building. I do not have a separate individual antenna (UHF antenna). Is it possible in this situation to install packages of free digital TV distributed by the Ostankino TV Tower? Do I need to additionally purchase a UHF antenna, which I would not like? I carried out the tuning of cable digital channels DVB-C. The TV set found more than 200 of them, among which there are free channels of the 1st and 2nd multiplexes (RTRS-1 and RTRS-2). On the TV screen, only the channel name is displayed, and in the lower right corner of the screen there is an inscription: “The channel is encrypted or cannot be decoded”. What can be done in this situation? Sony’s new flat-panel TV is no longer shown at the dacha, it is written that there is no signal. An old TV on the same antenna shows well. I decided to return to the factory settings, but it does not work, since I need to enter the parental control pin code, after which the TV stopped responding altogether, not a single command passes, it requires the parental control pin code again

Terrestrial television packages transmitted free of charge from the TV tower can be received only on their own antenna. The digital programs of cable TV operators sometimes include free channels, try to do automatic tuning of DVB-C channels. If these channels are all encrypted, you need to contact your cable TV provider to conclude a contract. You should retune your TV. How to unlock is described here.


Find the lightest part of the diagram. Adjust the contrast until the right side of the screen is as bright as possible. The difference between the left and right side of the diagram should be palpable.


Calculate the darkest part of the grayscale bar in the previously downloaded chart. Adjust the brightness so that the black area (on the left) is as dark as possible. Are there any differences between the left and right sides of the screen? Brightness adjusted correctly.

Sound setting

Select the audio playback mode. internal speakers or external speaker. There are no additional parameters. Just adjust the volume.

Color palette saturation

Colors will be saturated when all transitions are viewed in the calibration chart. Take a look at the center of the scale for natural tones.

Automatic channel search

There are two ways to tune TV channels, let’s start with automatic search. Take your remote control and open the main menu. Select the “Automatic Channel Search” command. In a few minutes TV will independently find and save available TV channels.

While searching, the Sony TV screen will constantly change. Interference will periodically begin to appear. After finishing the setup, the device will start working in standard mode.

To tune all the channels on your Sony Bravia TV or find new ones, use the manual search function. It is also included through the main menu.


Start by checking that the picture size settings are correct. The default settings enlarge the image. As a result, sharpness drops. This manifests itself in the form of moiré, which can be seen in the contours of the resolution bands.

Sony Remote Control not Working Fix it Now

To adjust the picture size, open “Preferences” and go to the “Screen Control” tab to disable “Auto Display Area”. Disable the Maximum Resolution function as well. Arrows are now visible in all corners. Moiré effect disappeared.

Signal drops

Turning off / turning on the TV via the remote control does not occur, the indicator reacts, but there is no action, or the TV starts to respond only after repeatedly pressing any button. This problem appears more often with brands of TVs Philips and Samsung. try to solve this problem by simultaneously pressing Program and Volume on the front of the TV. If the problem persists, you need to reflash the product system to the latest software version, then your TV will turn on the first time.

Light-emitting diode

In addition to the batteries, the malfunction may lie in the infrared LED. It can break off or simply fail. It is simply impossible to determine if the device is in order or not: you need a smartphone.

To test the operation of the remote control using a mobile device, the following conditions must be met.

  • The TV remote control must have an infrared sensor.
  • You will need a smartphone with a camera.

The sequence of actions for checking the operation of the IR sensor using the phone is as follows.

  • Turn on the camera of your mobile device. In this case, the screen will display what falls within the range of the camera.
  • Point the remote control at the switched on camera and press one of the buttons for a long time. It is best to press on / off the TV set.
  • If the remote control is functional and the IR sensor is working, a reddish or blue-violet light from it will be visible on the smartphone screen. The dimmer the light, the worse the remote works. Poor performance can be from problems with batteries or oxidation of contacts. Repairing these elements will help the device function properly again.

Attention! At the time of checking the operation of the LED, the room should be dark.

Using this technique, you can identify those remote control buttons that are not working and repair them. Sometimes a specialist consultation is required. If the device cannot be repaired, you need to purchase a new remote control.

Check the operation of the remote control

Sometimes there is such a problem that the TV remote control does not work. Most often, the cause of the problem lies in itself. Of course, if the remote control is dropped or mechanically damaged, it is not so easy to fix it. First you need to check the joint operation of the TV receiver and the remote control. To do this, we perform the following actions.

  • Make sure the TV is plugged in. If not, plug the power cord into an outlet.
  • Make sure the mains voltage is present. The safety valve may have been triggered or the electricity was cut off due to an interruption.
  • Check the operation of the TV receiver without a remote control. To do this, set various commands using the TV control panel. If everything is in order with the device, then the problem lies in the remote control.
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Why the remote control does not work

If your remote control does not affect the TV, then there can be many reasons, and only an experienced master can understand the essence of the problem, establish an accurate diagnosis. With the help of special diagnostics, the cause will be found in a short time, and often it lies in other devices. this already requires completely different actions. However, there are also quite common reasons that cause problems with the remote control.

The problem lies in TV

As a result of numerous checks, have you found out that the remote control is working properly, and the TV is still not going to turn off when you press the corresponding button on the remote control? There are few options here: the photodetector is not working correctly, or a breakdown has occurred in the product control processor. Such a malfunction cannot be eliminated on your own. by your actions you can cause irreparable harm to the delicate technique. It can simply turn off forever, and no magician will be able to reanimate it, and you have to go for a new TV.

How to troubleshoot your Sony TV remote control

No signal frequency match

Does the indicator light up, but the TV does not turn on with the remote control? Such a malfunction, according to statistics, occurs more often with Sony and LG brand products than with other manufacturers. You need to check the remote control for the signal frequency on a similar model with friends or immediately contact the service. experienced craftsmen will check the device.


The most common reason for a device to stop working is due to battery drain. This is also shown by the statistics of customer calls to the repair points of household appliances. But replacing power supplies is the simplest thing to deal with. We find a cover on the back of the device, under which there are batteries. The lid has a special corrugated surface, by pressing on which, it can be easily moved. The movement takes place in the direction indicated by the arrows. After opening the compartment, remove and dispose of the old batteries, and insert the new ones in their place, observing the polarity.

Another reason is possible: the batteries themselves are in order, but the contacts in the power compartment are oxidized or loosened. To check their condition, remove the cover as described above. Let’s shake the batteries a little. If they are loosely fixed, dangling in the nest, they need to be tightened. Having taken out the batteries, tighten the contacts with a screwdriver, then set the power back.

Oxidized steel parts do not allow electrical current to pass through. Oxidation occurs from dirt, dust, moisture. With an ordinary cotton swab dipped in alcohol or cologne, wipe the contact points. If this is not enough and the corrosion is not completely removed, remove it with a sharp metal stick. A needle or screwdriver will work.

Why is the TV not responding to the remote control? Major malfunctions.

Now it is even difficult to imagine a TV without a remote control. Long gone are the days when you had to constantly get up from the couch to make the sound quieter or louder, change channels or change the screen settings. That is why, if the TV does not respond to the remote control, many users perceive it as a severe discomfort.

Before contacting the master, it is worth checking whether the banal discharge of the battery is the reason for the termination of the operation of the remote control. It is enough to replace it. and you can still control the TV.

Sometimes the TV does not respond to the remote control because the contacts in the battery compartment are loose or oxidized. These damages are easy to remove yourself: you need to wipe the oxidized parts with alcohol and, if they are loosely fixed, tighten them with a screwdriver.

Often the TV does not turn on from the remote control due to a faulty IR lamp. It will not work to determine with the naked eye whether it works. you need to use a smartphone. Direct the remote control at the switched on camera of the mobile device and press one of the buttons for a long time. eg “turn on / off” the TV. A blue-purple or reddish glow will appear on the smartphone screen. And the better the remote control, the brighter the infrared LED light. A weak glow indicates the battery is unusable or contact defects.

If the remote control works and the TV does not respond. this indicates a mismatch in the signal frequencies. A similar problem is most often observed with TVs LG, Sony, Dexp. If there is a defect in the electronic components in the remote control, the TV does not distinguish between the commands being given and does not turn on.

Insecure command reception. a defect that may differ from a TV set of Sharp, Samsung, Toshiba, Philips. For example, a Philips TV does not respond to the remote even though the box light is blinking. The fact is that the remote control sensor located on the front panel sometimes does not detect the supplied signal and therefore does not respond. To restore communication, it is recommended to simultaneously hold down the Volume and Program buttons.

It is important to remember: reliable communication with the TV set also depends on how far the remote control is from it. The maximum range for each model is indicated by the manufacturer in the technical documentation.

The remote control cannot perform well in the wrong environment. Especially serious difficulties in its work can be created by:

  • halogen lamps;
  • salt lamps;
  • fluorescent lamps;
  • direct sunlight;
  • powerful ungrounded equipment;
  • nearby hot objects.

And if, for example, the Xiaomi TV does not respond to the remote control, then you need to find out if the blinking of lighting devices, the radiation of a microwave oven or microwave oven interferes with it.

The presence of various software failures cannot be ruled out, which are eliminated by a flashing performed at the service center. This situation is also possible: the remote control is in excellent working order, but there is still no reaction from the TV. Then the first thing to do is to inspect the IR receiver. This sensitive element is easily damaged by vibration, shock, intense heat flow.

There is also the possibility of hardware failure. Cracks in the motherboard, destruction of contact groups or current-carrying tracks. just a few of the many alleged TV defects. And users should understand: only professionals can restore the operation of the TV receiver. And amateurish amateur performance will cause even more damage to an expensive apparatus.

Remote controller. a particularly demanded device in any family. It is used constantly and often in extreme conditions. Mechanical wear of the membrane or board leads to its malfunction and even complete failure. In addition, he is often subjected to strong blows or falls from great heights. And the consequences are sometimes simply fatal. Therefore, it is better to entrust the repair of remotes for TVs “Samsung”, “DEXP”, “Sony” and other brands to the employees of a specialized service center.

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The specialists of the TV-master54 company are ready to repair the faulty remote control as soon as possible. Contact us! We respond flexibly to all the wishes of our clients.

Factory settings

If problem persists after reboot, please do a factory data reset.

Factory reset

Sony Bravia runs on Android system. To perform a factory reset, press the Home button on the remote control. Select Settings, then Storage & Reset, Factory Data Restore, Erase Everything, and finally Yes. This process is called data reset and it erases all history and saved data and returns everything to default settings.

You can also perform a forced factory reset to remove all apps and all data from the TV’s memory related to you and your history. To do this, turn off the TV. Hold down the “Power” and “Down” buttons at the same time and plug the power back into the outlet, holding the buttons for 30 seconds. When the green LED turns on, release the buttons. Wait for the TV to restart several times and go through the reset cycle. The original welcome screen appears after the process is complete.

Sony bravia TV factory reset

If you experience a problem such as no picture on the screen or the remote control does not work, follow the procedure below to reset your TV. If problems persist, follow the factory reset procedure below: If an external USB device is connected to the TV, disconnect it from the TV before performing a factory reset.


Performing a factory reset will erase all TV data and settings (for example: Wi-Fi and wired network settings information, Google account and other login information, Google Play and other installed apps).

The Sony Bravia is relatively easy to reset with a shutdown or factory reset method in which the TV reverts to its original default settings. Resetting your Sony Bravia to defaults when you resell the TV or give it to someone else: A hard reset removes saved passwords, and uninstalls apps and other add-ons. Power cycle is better for small fixes like freezing, slow operation due to too many applications open, or anything else that gets stuck on the system. If your Sony TV does not turn on properly or has a major problem, a factory reset may solve the problem from scratch.

Power reset

Turn off the TV using the remote control or the TV itself. Unplug the power cord and wait a full minute to drain any residual power. Wait longer if you wish while making sure the TV is completely unplugged from the power supply. Plug the TV back into a power source. Plug it directly into a wall outlet to bypass a potentially bad surge protector. Check your TV to see if your problems are resolved. If not, go to the factory reset process. Restart Sony Bravia first to fix minor, intermittent issues.

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