Sony Bravia TV Connected Without Internet

Setting up a connection to Sony servers

The Sony Bravia screen will ask for permission to send data to Sony’s servers to improve the TV’s functionality. It is worth allowing the sending of data, since if you refuse, then further advancement through the settings menu will be suspended.

The transfer of data does not indicate personal information of users, only technical data. When this function is enabled, the TV will be able to download new software for the most convenient operation. You can also reset the installed software to factory settings at any time. A PIN code is set to set parental controls. It helps parents to close access to certain channels or Internet resources. The code consists of any four digits that are easy to remember.

Turn on the TV

Before turning on Smart TV and setting up channels, you should connect all equipment (players, speakers, antennas) to the appropriate connectors. Turning on for the first time activates the initial setup mode. After pressing the power button, you need to wait about 20-30 seconds. At this time, you do not need to press anything on the remote control. When the TV is on, information will appear where you will be asked to select the menu language and the type of network connection (Wi-Fi or cable).

Next, you need to select a region in the menu. Regardless of the selected country, Sony Bravia immediately adjusts to the standards of the selected region.

Instructions to set up Sony Bravia Smart TVs after purchase

After purchasing a Sony Bravia TV, when you first turn it on, it becomes necessary to configure it. The new product always comes with an instruction brochure. But do not be surprised at its small thickness. This does not mean that the set of functions is limited. The basic settings are not on the instruction pages, but in the memory of the TV itself.

You can turn on the necessary functions or set up channels at any time: for this, there is an “i-Manual” button on the control panel. It brings up the menu regardless of the Sony Bravia operating mode.

Installation rules

First you need to properly install the TV. The main condition for installing the panel is its perpendicular position. It is this position that the manufacturer advises to obtain an optimal image. It is not recommended to install the panel so that you need to look at it from top to bottom, bottom to top or from the side.

For an optimal picture and no harm to eyesight, the distance to the screen should be at least 2.5-3 diagonals. It is important to position the panel so that the lights in the room do not give glare to the screen. Luminaires placed nearby will reflect on the screen, distorting the image.

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When installing Sony Bravia, it is worth remembering not only the comfort of viewing, but also pay due attention to safety. During long-term operation, the device inevitably heats up, and for cooling it needs a constant flow of air. Insufficient ventilation will lead to overheating of the electronics and failure earlier than the service life.

Often the model is mounted in a niche in the wall, where air access is difficult. Avoid this installation method or provide sufficient space. there should be space between the back of the TV and the wall. To avoid overheating, it is not recommended to install heaters nearby or hang the TV directly above heating radiators, as heating will lead to discoloration of the material and deformation.

When placing the TV on a table or nightstand, it is important to ensure that the furniture is stable. For fall protection, electronics often come with a special strap that attaches the Bravia to the stand.

Channel setup

The channels are tuned depending on what type of antenna is connected to the TV. The first step is to auto-tune the satellite dish, if available. Next, digital and analog television are set up. Digital channels are configured depending on the type of cable. For more information on the type of cable, contact the company that provides digital TV services.

Setting up an analog TV is easy. The TV searches automatically, which takes only 2-3 minutes. Then the time and sound are set, after which it remains only to click the “Finish” button.

Additional features of Sony Bravia:

  • Internet access;
  • Online Games;
  • connection of cameras and cameras;
  • listening to your favorite music;
  • downloading files;
  • chatting;
  • use of social networks;
  • IPTV, etc.

Watching your favorites and photos on the big screen of Sony Bravia is much more convenient than on a computer. This device is one of the best multimedia entertainment centers.

Smart TV Sony Bravia

With the development of technology, more advanced gadgets with many functions began to appear in many homes.

Television, like other branches of the media, has also stepped forward. Now users with the latest devices have Smart TV service.

What it is, how to install it and other nuances will be described below.
Function description

Sony Bravia TV Connected Without Internet

Smart TV function

The name “smart” TV came into use not so long ago. In fact, everything turns out to be much SIMpler.

The function is an alternative to a smartphone, allowing you to enjoy the same entertainment services on a large screen.

Good internet connection with high speed required to work.

By connecting the service, you get a whole range of useful benefits.

Firstly, Smart TV allows you to watch your favorite movies and TV series, regardless of the set program schedule.

It is enough to enter the name in the search by pressing a certain key, and the function will automatically give you all the available options in the browser, or through a special portal, which will be discussed later.

Secondly, in addition to the usual TV viewing, users can use the screen as a game console. The game list is also displayed in the search for the specified criteria.

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Thirdly, the device easily becomes a replacement for a computer, since it allows you to view mail, read articles, find out weather forecasts and other information.

Most TVs have built-in keyboard and mouse connectivity.

Fourth, YouTube lovers have a nice alternative to use a wider screen.

As you can see, the function is really convenient in many aspects, so connecting it clearly will not be useless.

Sony Bravia features

The “stuffing” of this device is really perfect.

In addition to excellent quality, Android TV is built into the TV. In fact, this is the same Smart TV.

All services are supplied by Google, so you need to register before testing the features.

Wi-Fi from any provider with a speed higher than 40 Mbps is perfect.

If this is not possible, then a modem router will do, however, if the connection quality is poor, Smart TV may freeze.

This TV model is good because it has built-in numerous functions that SIMplify the process of use

Smart TV. First, voice control. By pressing the corresponding key, you can SIMply tell the device the movie or TV series that you would like to watch.

A list of available channels will appear on the screen, where you can choose the most suitable. Secondly, the ability to broadcast images from their devices to a large monitor.

The Chromecast service continues to amaze users. It is enough to select the broadcast button on the smartphone screen and the image will go to the TV.

Chromecast feature

Have you already decided that you just need the Smart TV option? Read on for how to do it.

List of applications on Smart TV from Sony Bravia

After switching to Smart TV mode, a window will open.

On the left there will be a column with the proposed current channels, and on the right there is an empty field, where you can later add your favorites.

To view the full list, click the All Apps button at the bottom of the screen.

Here you can see channels of various topics: applications for watching exclusively films in excellent quality (, various music TV channels, portals of cartoons, serials, ordinary user (YouTube) and much more.

For lovers of a more classic set of entertainment, state channels are also present, for example, Channel One or STS.

In addition, Smart TV from Sony Bravia has an “Opera TV Store” function that allows you to expand your usual TV viewing experience.

Opera TV Store app

Here you can improve image quality, see even more information, play online games and much more.

Games on Sony Bravia

Description of Sony Bravia

The Japanese company never ceases to delight users with more and more advanced gadget models.

Sony’s new Bravia TV not only has an attractive design, but also great functionality.

The updated 4K HDR standard produces the best picture resolution without ripples and other interference.

The screen perfectly reproduces the entire color gamut, creating a realistic effect. Contrast and clarity are the main characteristics of the gadget.

Watching TV has become much more enjoyable!

The sophisticated design in the literal sense makes the device not only an entertainment device, but also an interior item. It will perfectly fit into absolutely any style and complement it.

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What can be distinguished from the convenient functionality of this TV, we will consider further.

How to connect Smart TV to Sony Bravia?

In total, there are two ways to connect the service to the TV: wired and wireless.

As mentioned earlier, Smart TV requires an Internet connection, hence the options above.

1) To use wired communication, you will need to purchase a special cable, patch cord. It is important to choose it correctly, since others, SIMilar, may not fit.

The next step is to “connect” the TV and the Internet router. When the network appears, let’s start setting up.
Press the Home button.

Home Menu

In the window that opens, in the upper right corner, find the “Settings” icon, and then select “Network” from the list that appears.

Home screen List of functions

You will need to configure it before the Internet starts working. Find the appropriate section and then click on “Configure network connection”.

Settings Network connection

Next, indicate the option for setting up the network (“SIMple”). If the cable is connected correctly, the TV will find the network automatically.

User setting

2) When using Wi-Fi connection, follow the same instructions to the last point.

At this stage, a window will pop up in front of you where you will need to select the appropriate type of network.

After the Internet has appeared on the TV, you need to turn it off and on again. Now let’s proceed to the direct setup of the Smart TV function.

Press the button “Home”, then also go to “Settings”, and then to “Network”.

Next, select “Refresh Internet Content”.

After this step, the device will connect to all Sony entertainment services, and then a prompt will pop up to return to the home screen.

This completes the Smart TV installation. To start using it, click the “Sen” button.

All available channels and applications will now open, which will be discussed in more detail in the next section.

Application menu

Features of Smart TV from Sony Bravа

It remains to find out what is unique about the service on the described device.

Thoughtful interface. Users are given the opportunity to enjoy watching movies and TV series with maximum convenience.

Smart TV remote control may not be included depending on region.

Some apps and TV channels may vary from country to country. This is due to the blocking of inappropriate content and political sanctions.

The broadcast function does not work on all applications. Compatibility can only be checked with direct use.

Netflix requires registration before using it. After that, the search for the necessary.

Image resolution on all channels. 4K: 3840 2160 pixels.

Excellent contrast and color rendering immerse users in almost the real world.

Other features depend on each individual device and only open after the start of use.

Generally, the name of the buttons and some other small design details and functions may differ.