Smart TV Set-Top Box How To Set Up Channels

How to set up public channels

the transition to digital television should be completed in 2019. Telecom operators are stopping analogue broadcasting, but it is not planned to make viewing exclusively for a fee. 20 main channels. information and entertainment. are available for all TV viewers in the country. This option is perfect for those who need to watch the programs that have become familiar almost immediately after turning on the new device. The steps for setting up 20 free Russian-language digital TV channels must be performed in a specific order.

If no channels were found or their number is less than 20, the process must be repeated with preliminary movement of the antenna.

Most of LG’s new Smart TVs support DVB-T2. The popular lines of budget Smart TVs LH590V (produced in 2016, now discontinued) and UK6200 (produced since 2018) are equipped with a built-in digital tuner of the specified broadcast standard. In more expensive models, the presence of this option is implied by itself, although the older ones may need an external tuner or prefix.

How to set up a “smart” TV to work with IPTV

To configure the IP channels, the Smart TV receiver must be connected to the router by wired or wireless.

Software configuration methods may vary. The entire sequence of actions can be found on the portal or forum of a specific project. Often, to bind software to a Smart TV receiver, create your own Playlists, as well as save some parameters, you need to create an account on the program’s website and enter your personal account.

Playlists are posted on thematic resources and are constantly updated due to blocking by providers. The user will have to regularly check them for operability, download and add new ones when a large number of broken channels are found. Some Playlists are self-updating, problems with them appear less often.

Watching IPTV

Content transmission technology over the Internet is used by cable digital TV providers and universal telecom operators. Its advantages lie in the picture and sound quality, as well as the number and variety of channels. As a rule, such services are provided for money, but a number of programs allow you to get free access to many IP channels. All modern Smart devices can broadcast interactive TV. To do this, you need to connect to the router via Wi-Fi or Ethernet, a tariff with high speed and unlimited traffic, special programs and a willingness to read and follow the setup instructions.

Ways to watch channels on LG Smart TV without paying for services

So that after replacing a SIMple TV with a “smart” one does not have to conclude an agreement with a provider and lay out an amount of several hundred rubles for connection, additional equipment and a package of necessary options, you can use the following methods:

  • set up 20 free all-Russian digital TV channels;
  • install programs for IPTV and add free Playlists from the Web.

If the services of the telecom operator were paid for before purchasing the Smart TV receiver, the channels will still be available. You only need to download the appropriate software and Playlists provided by the provider. You won’t have to pay for the change of equipment, but the subscription fee will remain the same. This method is not free. it is intended to SIMplify channel setup for users who will continue to watch digital TV on a new generation TV.

Free TV for LG Smart TV

TV with computer capabilities. this is how TV receivers with Smart TV function are described. But the developers have not forgotten about the main purpose of television equipment: broadcasting television programs. Many owners of “smart” devices want to master the aLGorithm for adding channels and ways not to spend money on connecting packages and Playlists. You should be aware that the process of setting up Smart TV receivers of different brands is somewhat different, so devices from each manufacturer should be considered separately. From this material, the reader will learn how to watch TV for free on LG Smart-TVs.

Smart TV Set-Top Box How To Set Up Channels

TOP 3 best apps for free IPTV viewing

The programs below, designed for free viewing of interactive TV channels, are leading in the popularity rating among LG Smart TV owners.

Summarize. Films, news, programs and series that are broadcast on TV channels are quite capable of satisfying the needs of many viewers who prefer to receive content for free. You can watch TV channels on LG Smart TV shortly after unpacking your new TV. Playlists’ selections contain a lot of content from different countries, and the thematic variety of programs will delight the most sophisticated TV viewers.

How to set up an IPTV program on a Smart set-top box?

Click on and choose the method that suits us. enter link or add IPTV file.

We’ll choose the way through adding a URL link. enter the link and enter the name of the IPTV list and click OK.

We see that our sheet has loaded. all channels are sorted by headings.

We select the channel of interest to us and click on it. a request will appear with which player to play it, select MX Player

Done! You managed to set up IPTV on an Android Smart set-top box!

How to set up IPTV on an Android Smart set-top box?

In order to configure IP TV on a Smart set-top box, you need to download one of the applications in the Play market:

  • IPTV
  • Kodi
  • Lazy IPTV

P.S. In our opinion, these are the easiest to set up and the most stable IPTV programs.

We would like to note that the method of installing the IPTV list may differ for different providers. For some. the sheet is installed by entering a URL link. others. loading the file through the program. Installing the file is easy. download a file from a computer to a USB flash drive and transfer it to a set-top box, or directly download from an Android box. The URL link is a little more complicated. You can manually enter it into the program, or you can send the link to your email, open the mail on the Android set-top box and copy it from there.

Let’s consider each program separately.

Now let’s look at how to set up IPTV in Kodi, aka Kodi or Qodi.

So that they do not face unexpected errors, before starting we advise you to remove the one that was installed by the manufacturer, and then download the original version of KODI from the Play Market.

We go into the program and repeat all the actions that are shown in the screenshots:

Now, in the location, select:

Remote path (Internet) and enter the address of the location of your IPTV list.

Turn on the add-on and restart the program.

Done! IPTV setup in KODI completed!

Setting up Lazy IPTV on an Android set-top box:

Open the program and add a new IPTV list. click on in the upper right corner.

We select the method for adding an IPTV list (in our

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Enter the link and click save.

Done! Lazy IPTV setup on Smart set-top box is completed. we see the channel list.

How to connect Smart TV to LV TV using a cable

To connect in this way, you will need to enter information manually.

Procedure for connecting via cable:

  • Connecting the LAN splitter socket on the back of the Smart TV cabinet:
  • Using the remote control, you need to go to the main menu and press Home.
  • In the “Settings” you need to go to the “Network” section and the “Network connection” option.
  • You need to click “Configure connection” and select “List of networks”.
  • Click the “Wired network” option.
  • Refresh.
  • After a while, click “Finish” to complete the TV connection to the Internet.

How to set up Smart TV on LG TVs: initial setup, channel connection

By correctly setting up the Smart TV function on LG TV, users will be able to watch TV channel packages via the Internet if there is a wireless connection, without using additional equipment.

Connecting your LG Smart TV to the network

First, you need to connect the device to the Internet. By connecting to their service provider, the customer is provided with a large amount of additional opportunities provided by the use of LG Smart TV. This has certain positive aspects:

  • playback of online media content;
  • availability of access to Internet TV broadcasting;
  • the ability to watch your favorite movies from the free list;
  • the selected applications and games are launched;
  • the ability to use additional functions.

To use Smart TV technology, there are two ways to connect your TV to the Internet:

  • using a cable. used when it is possible to conveniently connect a wire to a TV or in the absence of a home Wi-Fi network;
  • using a wireless Wi-Fi network.

With both connection methods, the settings will differ only at the first or last stage.

Connecting using Wi-Fi: necessary equipment, how to turn on Wi-Fi on your LG TV and further actions

The second option is to connect via a router. In this case, the following procedure is assumed:

  • You need to turn on the TV with a router.
  • Using the remote control, you need to go to the main menu and press “Home”.
  • In the settings, go to the “Network” section and select “Network connection”.
  • Select “Configure connection” and go to the list of networks.
  • Select the option “Wireless network”.
  • From the list that appears, you need to choose your own Wi-Fi router.
  • Next, you need to enter the password for your Wi-Fi network (as in the case of setting up a PC or other gadgets).
  • Confirm Action.
  • After a short wait, a message will appear in the form of a special icon about the network connection.
  • Click the “Done” button to use the Internet on your own LG Smart TV.
  • Better to test the network by visiting a website.

Additionally, you can see the following. which shows you how to connect your LG TV to the wireless Internet:

How to set up free channels on Smart TV?

Most of those who have a Smart TV still use cable TV, not even knowing that you can connect and configure free channels on Smart TV using the IPTV application.

IPTV is a great solution with which you can watch TV in excellent quality and, most importantly, absolutely free. There are two options:

  • SS IPTV application;
  • Vintera TV program.

Both methods allow you to view channels without a monthly fee, so the choice is yours.

LG Smart TV free channels with Vintera TV app

Smart TV viewing free channels from Vintera TV is much easier to set up and use than the above application, since this program already has a ready-made list of channels, you do not need to download the Playlist. The choice here is small, but many users are satisfied.

A user with any skill level can install the application.

After that, you can freely start watching, the main thing is to never forget that the TV must always be connected to the Internet.

Smart TV free channels set up IPTV

First you need to connect the TV to Wi-Fi. The application supports connection via cable TV and Wi-Fi, there is no difference in connection. Now you can start setting up IPTV itself.

Watching channels using an Internet connection is possible thanks to the SS IPTV application. This requires a Playlist with a list of channels and access parameters, as well as a SIMple TV setup. First you need to create your account, you will be sent an email in which you need to confirm your registration, and then enter the received data in the TV connection parameters. Thanks to authorization, the user has full access to all the features of the application.

When you first launch the application, you won’t find the Playlist right away, since you need to create it yourself. A menu will appear in front of the user, then you need to:

  • Go to “Settings”.
  • Select “Download Playlist”.
  • Click on “Create Playlist”.

As for creating a list of suitable channels, there are two options:

  • find and enter the address yourself in the TV menu;
  • synchronize via Wi-Fi with a computer or laptop and manage the channel list through it.

Addresses for Playlists can be found on the websites of IPTV providers or downloaded from the SS IPTV website using a code, but it changes every time. The number of external catalogs is not limited, but the internal one is only 1. To download external channel catalogs it is recommended:

  • Open the “Content” submenu.
  • Select “External”.
  • Click “Add”.
  • Specify the name of the created directory and link.

To add an internal list you need:

  • Open the “General” category in the application settings.
  • Click “Get”.

The list will be valid for a day or until another code is created. You need to copy it on the SS IPTV website in the section for editing the Playlist and click “Add”.

Smart TV watch free TV channels you need?

So, you have a TV with Smart TV and want to watch channels for free. Are you wondering what is required to make everything work without purchasing a separate package from providers? Little is required, namely:

  • so that the TV can connect to the Internet;
  • a computer or laptop to change access parameters;
  • basic knowledge of using the LG Store;
  • Playlist with a list of channels.

The most difficult task is to decide on the list of channels. IPTV is always full of offers, so try different options, everyone will find something for themselves.

Viewing public channels

Smart TV Samsung Free Channels Set up multichannel TV with a possibly universal method that works for all TVs.

On the remote, you must press the Settings button to open the settings. Depending on the model, the button may have a different name. Next you need:

  • Find the item “Channels”.
  • Click on automatic search.
  • Designate the source of receipt “Cable TV” or “Antenna”.
  • In the field “Supplier” select “Others”.
  • Set the desired frequency range.
  • Select to search for channels with analog or digital signal.
  • Click “Run” and wait for the search to complete.

Now you can watch numerous channels without a monthly fee that any TV can pick up. IP TV has a fairly large selection, and in it you can watch such channels only in HD resolution. Do not be afraid to experiment with Smart TV functions and find out what else your “smart” TV is capable of.

Launcher change

Launcher is a graphical interface with which you control your TV set-top box. If you don’t like the factory launcher, you can change it to any other by installing the application. The most popular and convenient. Nova Launcher, allows you to create a standard Android desktop. You can install it using a USB stick or download it on the Internet via a STB. After installation, you need to go to the settings, then the Home screen (icon. house) and select Nova Launcher from the list.

Setting up Android TV set-top box X96

If you bought a TV box based on Android and it is not configured or you did a factory reset and do not know what to do next, then this article will help you how to set up everything from scratch. For example, we have chosen the most popular and best-selling model called X96, but in general, the information presented is suitable for all modern TV boxes with the Android operating system.

How to set up Android Smart TV box set-top box?

Internet connection via Wi-Fi

We go into the settings further Wi-Fi and look for the name of your router in the Available networks list (you will see a list of all the nearest W-Fi points), select the necessary one and enter the password. If everything is done correctly, the message Connected will appear in the status of your network.

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Date and time setting

It is important to know that incorrect setting of the date and time can affect the operation of the TV set-top box. There may be errors in applications, problems with access to the Google Market, errors in the browser, some applications may stop working, problems with Internet access, etc. The date and time settings must be: use of the network date and time. enabled, 24-hour format. enabled, the desired time zone is selected.

Setting the language

On the desktop, click on the Settings shortcut, then Settings. Next, we see the advanced settings of the TV set-top box, scroll a little lower and go to the Language input section, in which we click Language and select the desired language. Ukrainian or Russian. The language will change automatically, but some menu items and the center page may contain English words.

Installing Applications

Any application for Android TV box can be installed from a USB flash drive or memory card, and using the Apk installer program, this is done very quickly. To begin with, you need to transfer the necessary applications to removable media, insert a set-top box into the TV, launch the APK installer, put a checkmark against the necessary programs and click install in the menu. Everything will be installed automatically. A list of useful applications for Android TV set-top boxes can be found here.

You can also download applications through the service, but you need to have a Google account, you can use an existing account or create a new one. If you use the Gmail mail service, then you already have an account and you can use the login and password from the mail to access the applications. Some useful applications have been removed from Google Play and need to be installed from a USB flash drive.

IPTV setup

The first thing to do is connect your TV to the internet. You can use a wired connection or Wi-Fi, there is no difference. After that, you can start setting up IPTV.

When you start SS IPTV for the first time, you will not find any Playlists in the settings. This is not a bug, you just need to add them yourself. There are two options: find the address and register it manually in the TV settings or synchronize via Wi-Fi with a laptop (PC) and manage Playlists through it.

Playlists can be added to external addresses that are posted on the websites of IPTV providers or downloaded from the SS IPTV website using a code that changes every time. You can add an unlimited number of external channel lists and only one internal.

To load an external Playlist, go to the “Content” submenu, select “External”, then click “Add”. Provide a name for the list and a link to it.

To add an internal Playlist, open the “General” section in the program settings and click “Get”. It will be valid for 24 hours or until another code is generated. It must be entered on the SS IPTV website in the Playlist editor and click “Add”.

Instead of SS IPTV, you can use other programs to work with IP TV: for example, forkplayer, which we have already talked about, or PeersTV.

Setting up free channels on Smart TV

Many owners of Smart TVs continue to use cable TV, unaware that the same capabilities can be enjoyed for free using IPTV applications.

We really hope that there will be no representatives of cable TV providers among the readers, because this information may offend them. But we will not do anything illegal: just see how to set up free channels on Smart TV.

What you need for free viewing?

You have a smart TV. What does it take to show a channel on it without buying a package from cable TV providers? Very little:

The biggest problem is choosing a channel list. You can try different options for a very long time, because it’s always interesting what else IPTV can offer.

Viewing public channels

If you want to watch regular free TV on Smart TV, then there will be no problems with this either.

  • Press the Settings button on the remote to open the settings. The button may have a different name, it all depends on the model.
  • Select “Channels”.
  • Activate automatic search.
  • Specify the source of the signal antenna or cable TV.
  • In the field “Supplier” select the option “Other”.
  • Set the frequency range.
  • Select to search for digital and analogue channels (yes, they still remain in the regions).
  • Click “Run” and wait for the search to complete.

Done, now the TV shows public channels that any box catches, even without the smart filling. But why do you need them if there is an IP TV with a huge assortment of the same channels in HD resolution? Use Smart TV and don’t be afraid to experiment with its functions: your TV can do more than you imagine.

Setting up a smart TV set-top box Android

In general, the standard process of setting up a Smart TV set-top box can be divided into several small stages. The first. localization, second. installation of necessary applications for television and films. Third. linking a Google account to a device and applications.

1) Localization includes setting the device language and time zone. All this is done through the settings menu. Find the “settings” icon in the Android set-top box menu. gear and click on it.

The menu items are displayed on your screen. Find the inscription “Language” and go to the language selection menu.

After opening. move down to select the Russian language and also click on it.

That’s it, the language settings are set, and all menu items should be displayed in Russian. Next stage. setting the correct time. In the Smart STB settings menu, find the “date and time” item:

further time setting:

then setting the timezone:

Select, by moving down, the city corresponding to your time zone. There are two time zone options for Ukraine. Summer time. choose 3 (Minsk, Moscow) Winter time 2 (Athens, Istanbul.).

Smart TV set-top box will automatically pull up the correct time via the Internet. It is highly discouraged to set hours and minutes manually, as some applications may or may not work properly. Everything, with localization finished.

Installing Applications

It’s called “Appinstaller”, an icon in the form of an android robot. Open it and choose a path. USB.

Appinstaller will show all applications available for installation on the screen. In the upper right corner, click on three points:

click “Select All”

again click on three dots, click “Install”.

The application installation process will begin. After a while, all applications will be installed on your Smart TV set-top box. You can download the archive with applications here.

Android Smart STB account

How to set up Smart TV

Our masters set up Smart TV with connecting the TV to the home Internet network, searching and sorting channels of received television broadcasts of analog and digital television, connecting additional equipment to the Smart TV, initial training of the user in watchings and movies, using a browser, Skype, etc. We know how to set up Smart TV.!

Smart TV manual

Connect your Smart TV to the Internet. The router must be configured to work on the Internet with a data transfer rate of at least 20 Mb / s.
Turn on the TV, then press the SMART button to enter the SMART HUB menu.
Register an account by pressing the red button A on the remote control.
Data entry is carried out using the on-screen keyboard.
In the lines Password and Password verification, you must enter any value from 6 to 15 characters.

Smart TV connection. Smart TV setup.

Connecting Smart TV consists in connecting it to the power supply network, connecting a cable or terrestrial antenna, connecting a satellite antenna (if available), connecting Smart TV to the Internet (wired or wireless), as well as connecting external equipment: DVD player, camera, acoustic systems, etc.

Smart TV setup occurs when you first turn on the TV. Smart Smart TV will ask you to choose the language of the user Menu that is convenient for you, set up the system clock and indicate the location of the TV (not only the time zone, but also in which room and on which stand it will be located). Then the Smart TV will tune to TV channels and indicate all the programs available in the antenna network. The next step to connect Smart TV is to set up Internet access. You must enter the username and password provided by your Internet provider. It is not uncommon for this data to be forgotten. Find the network with the best signal strength from the suggested connection options, most likely this is your home network. Very often the password is written on the back of the router, take a look. Another option is to access the Internet from your phone or tablet, and in the connection properties section, allow opening the password window. Now you need to set up Smart TV in accordance with your preferences: sort the TV channels in the usual order, adjust the color tone of the picture and bring the TV picture size to match the transmission format.

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After the setup of the Smart TV is completed, it remains to check the operation of the television channels and try the main advantages of Smart TV. going to the Internet, watching an online movie, calling your interlocutors via Skype. If in the future you need to make changes to any settings of the Smart TV, this can be done through the items of the subsections of the Menu.

Smart TV remote control

The Smart TV remote control contains the following buttons:

  • Smart TV remote control numeric buttons. Used to enter numbers and text
  • Mute button. Mute and unmute sound
  • And buttons. Volume control
  • Buttons. switch Smart TV viewing to previous or next channels
  • TOOLS button. Entering the menu for setting up Smart TV
  • INFO button. call information window
  • Cursor buttons. navigation buttons (joystick) and confirmation button when setting up Smart TV
  • RETURN button. go back one step (to the previous Smart TV menu)
  • Colored buttons A, B, C, D. Multi-function keys
  • Positioning buttons. forward, backward, pause, stop, start
  • SOURCE button. Smart TV source selection
  • PRE-CH button. return to the previous viewed channel
  • E-Manual button. electronic instruction manual and user manual for your Smart TV
  • P-Size button. changing the format and aspect ratio of the output
    to the image screen

Smart TV box

Smart set-top box for TV is an additional device, via cables or HDMI port, connected to the TV screen. The operating system, processor and memory unit are inside the Smart TV box. Internet connection is provided by the built-in wireless connection module. Many set-top boxes are equipped with a built-in WEB-camera and microphone. Even old TVs can be turned into a modern multimedia Smart TV complex using the AV output of the set-top box.

Externally, the Smart TV set-top box can be miniature and inserted directly into the HDMI connector, or it can be a separate small-sized unit. A larger number of outputs are placed in such a block for connecting to TVs of different years of release. Most Smart TVs use Android 4.1, 4.2, 4.4 and 5.1 as the operating system. The number of processor cores and internal memory varies from model to model.
The most modern way to transfer audio and signal from a set-top box to a TV is the HDMI port, and it is present on all modern Smart TV set-top boxes. Some models have connectors for transmitting a signal to old TVs, in which there is no modern HDMI port. Internet connection is carried out by a built-in wireless module. Some models have wired connectivity.

Smart TV setup. Smart TV box.

What is Smart TV?

First of all, let’s answer the question: “What is this Smart TV”? Imagine a computer monitor connected by cords to a bulky computer unit, next to it there is a tuner unit and another digital receiver unit for receiving television programs. Let’s not forget the keyboard and mouse. This is a computer, and not a SIMple one. That’s right, but if we fit all this stuffing into the monitor case with the help of modern technologies, we will get a Smart TV. In fact, Smart TV is a modern thin and light TV with the capabilities of a powerful computer.

In order to watch movies on a Smart TV, it must be connected via a home network router to the Internet Cinema application or to an IPTV television channel. Here you can watch films of all genres from all over the world. Such viewing is provided both free of charge and by purchasing a user subscription.

And if you want to have a telephone conversation with your relatives from another city, setting up Smart TV for the Skype program will help. Connect a webcam with a microphone to your Smart TV, and your beloved uncle will appear on the big screen of the Smart TV in your apartment. So, Smart TV is a window into the future of information, entertainment and communication technologies.

Smart TV vs. Smart TV

Let’s conduct a comparative review of the characteristics and capabilities of the Samsung 6 series Smart TV and the Alfacore A30 Smart TV set-top box on the Android 4.2 operating system, for this we will connect the set-top box to the TV via the HDMI port.

The advantage and convenience of the Smart TV is the presence of a single remote control with which you can adjust the TV parameters and control the Smart functions. No need to connect a wireless mouse or dedicated remote with mouse capabilities. The TV interface and all applications are controlled by a standard remote control using the navigation buttons up, down, left, right.
Among the programs installed on the Smart TV TV is the popular YouTube for watchings uploaded by users of the network. This is a powerful resource containing a huge number of educational, entertainment, educational programs and films. Channel and selection is carried out by navigation buttons.
The IPTV Peers TV viewer allows you to watch about 200 TV channels in standard quality and in HD quality. The selection of a TV program is also carried out with the navigation buttons on the remote control.
On the Smart TV, movies are played one after another and there is a problem with viewing long clips, when you try to rewind, pressing the buttons to the right or left sometimes leads to jumping to the next one. The disadvantage of the TV is the inability to install some programs and applications, their choice is limited by the manufacturer.
Setting up viewing 3D movies is made in the TV menu, where you can set the necessary parameters. There is no such possibility in the console.

The Smart TV menu of the set-top box is the usual Android menu found on smartphones and tablets. There are five scrolling desktops, an application menu, support for Mirakast wireless signal transmission, screen mirroring function.
IPTV on the set-top box is viewed using a special application called IPTV. The start of watching a TV channel on a set-top box is faster than on a TV. Channel icons are located on the entire surface of the desktop, and it is very convenient to find the desired channel using the mouse.
The presence of the Play Market program in the console allows you to download any additional programs and applications: games, tools, widgets. You can install the Films EX application, which contains a huge number of films of different genres.
It is very convenient to watch movies and listen to music from the website, where there is a large amount of content, including in high quality. To do this, it is advisable to create a special account so that the messages you receive do not affect viewing. You need to upload movies to your page through a tablet or smartphone, and then enjoy watching them on the big screen at home.
Certainly, multitasking is higher on the Smart TV set-top box. If, while watching YouTube on TV, you switch to watching a TV channel, then it will be difficult to play the from the same place. And if you were watching on a set-top box, you just need to pause and switch the input. You can even turn off the TV. In the future, you will enable viewing on the console from the same place.

In fact, the comparison of Smart TV TV and set-top box is a comparison of one device with two, as well as a comparison of operating systems. The Android TV operating systems installed on some TV models is a major step towards the user. However, so far TVs on Android TV do not have the same flexibility and convenience as a Smart TV set-top box on the standard Android 4.4 or Android 5.1 OS.