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Receivers of this company connect to the Internet via a local Wi-Fi network as follows:

  • Let’s look at the “Network”, then. in the “Settings”.
  • Next is the stage of configuring the network with an internal adapter. Click “Start”, go to the next item of auto settings.
  • If there is a network, a menu appears with the name of the connected Wi-Fi device. Go to the menu and click the “Configure” tab.
  • If the router is configured as expected, a connection picture appears. an icon for connecting to the Internet. When setting up the TV, a connection password is entered. Click “Ok”.

In the “Applications” tab, select any, activate it. Everything should work.

The process of connecting a Korean LG TV receiver is simple.

We operate from the settings on the control panel.

  • After pressing the settings button on the right side of the screen, a menu appears in the form of a vertical row of rounds with icons. We select the lowest icon “Advanced settings”.
  • After clicking, enter the next list with icons on the left side of the screen. By clicking “Network”, we see the name of the device with the methods of connecting to the Internet. It has a wired connection, a Wi-Fi connection, a Wi-Fi Direct connection, LG Connect Apps. Under the button “Connect” should be entered “Connected to the Internet”. This means that everything went well.
  • When you click “Ok”, a directory of possible connections appears. In it we select the name of our router. After clicking, enter the connection password. When connected, a check mark will appear next to the network name.

How do you know if the internet is working? We find the button “App” on the remote control. After clicking, the connection menus appear at the bottom of the screen. Select the “WWW” browser. The page will load. In the command line of the browser, just enter the name of the site. If it boots, everything is connected correctly.

  • Press the “Home” key.
  • Go to the “Settings” menu with the suitcase icon.
  • Click the network icon.
  • “Network setup”. rebuilds the Internet and local connections.
  • The next step is to set up a network-wide connection. It provides access to the Internet and home “web”.
  • From the two dropped buttons “Simple” and “Specialist” press the button “Simple”. This is the recommended connection method. The setup wizard will ask for a password to connect to the network. “Specialist”. for experienced users who know all the settings.
  • Among the connection options: “LAN”, “Wi-Fi”, choose wireless.
  • We find our router from the list of proposed ones. If the router has “WPS”, click the “Connect using WPS” menu. In the lists, we operate the remote control to select letters on the screen. At the end we confirm “Enter”. To work with WPS, press WPS on the router. The connection doesn’t need a password.
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All. Your Sony is connected to the global web.

To connect your TV to the Internet, if there is no Smart TV, you will have to buy an external W-Fi module. The problem is that just one will not work. You will have to purchase the original device. It is necessary to find out whether the device will function with a remote module.

But you can try the connection through an additional router, connect it with a network cable to the TV receiver. The bridged connection of the new router will send the image to the TV, having received data from the main module.

How to connect TV to Smart TV via WI-FI on any TV

Everyone believes that having paid money for a TV and bringing it home, it is enough to plug the plug into the outlet. But this action alone will not put a new device into operation. With the help of this article, you will be able to connect your Smart TV to the Internet to get access to all the features of a smart TV.

How to connect a TV via Wi-Fi

Different TVs have different connection methods. Consider setting up popular models: Samsung, LG, Sony.

What you need to connect your Smart TV over Wi-Fi

Connecting Smart TV to the Internet via WI-FI can be done in several ways:

  • Using the built-in Wi-Fi adapter. You or your neighbors need a router.
  • Internet connection of a TV without Smart TV is possible using an external Wi-Fi receiver. Sold separately. Plugs into USB port.
  • Using an optional Wi-Fi router.

Possible connection problems

When connecting the Internet to a TV with Smart TV, a number of problems may arise.

Longer download times on TV are normal. The power of their computing devices is much lower than that of computers or even modern smartphones, so don’t panic in vain.

Resetting network settings on the TV

One of the most obvious and simple options that can be used to solve the error with access to the network is to reset the settings to factory defaults. However, it is recommended to use it as a last resort if all other methods did not help with the elimination of the problem. It is important to understand that all early settings set by the user will be reset.

To reset the TV, you need to go to the TV menu and select the item “Reset factory settings”. After that, the equipment reboots, the TV turns on, and the user will have to re-configure all the functionality for himself: set the access password, specify the IP settings, prescribe the subnet mask, determine the screen frequency in hertz, etc.

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Clarification of how far the TV is from the Wi-Fi router

It is important to understand that you can connect equipment via Wi-Fi in a fairly limited radius. If there is a long distance between the router and the TV, the signal will be weak or completely absent. The radius in which the network operates is also affected by the presence of:

  • walls (especially load-bearing);
  • furniture;
  • other radio devices.

All of them contribute to a significant attenuation of the signal. You can check the distance at which the TV connected to the router will work without problems using your smartphone. Also, before installing the equipment, it is recommended to initially determine the place where the signal is strong enough.

Important! If Samsung TV does not connect to Wi-Fi for this reason, to solve the problem, you just need to move the router closer to the device.

The TV does not connect to the Wi-Fi router, but it sees the network

Modern TVs allow not only receiving and playing special radio signals, but also have a number of other options, which significantly expands the functionality of the devices. One of them is the ability to access the global network, through which you can access multimedia content from the Internet. The connection can be made via a wireless router, which makes it convenient to use the option. However, due to the imperfection of the technology, problems may periodically arise, some of which the user can solve on their own.

Reboot TV and router

The first thing the user needs to do if the TV starts to display a message about an unavailable signal from the router is to restart the equipment. It is highly likely that the failure could be software in nature, which can be corrected by reactivating the device drivers. To restart the TV, you need to turn it off and on using the remote control. The need to disconnect from the mains arises if the TV finds a subnet even when the screen is inactive.

Note! Restarting the router is done in a similar way. However, after turning off, you need to wait 10-15 seconds. and only then turn on the device. This recommendation is due to the peculiarities of the work of providers, the operator must first close the previous Internet session in order for a full reboot to occur.

Updating the TV’s firmware

Another reason why the TV does not see the Wi-Fi signal is an outdated version of the device software. You can solve it by updating the TV firmware using two options.

The first method involves connecting the TV to the router using a cable. via a LAN-wire, because to install a new version of the software, you will need to have access to the corresponding resources on the Internet. In this case, the process runs automatically.

The second option involves updating through an external drive, for example, downloading the software to a USB flash drive and connecting to a TV for a successful installation. You can get the necessary files through the official website of the equipment manufacturer. However, it should be borne in mind that this method is not suitable for every model.

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Firmware update via standard TV menu

Note! When updating the firmware, it is important not to disconnect the equipment from the mains, otherwise the files may be installed incorrectly, which will lead to the inoperability of the TV.

DNS Server Errors

Invalid or invalid DNS server data is often seen on Samsung TVs. Accessing multimedia content can be difficult if the servers are overloaded.

If you write your own addresses, then the connection is configured directly, which eliminates the need to use the manufacturer’s infrastructure and prevents an error.

To find out the necessary information on DNS servers, you can contact the Support provider. An alternative option is to use public information, which is provided free of charge. You can get this service from a number of companies:

  • Yandex;
  • Google;
  • OpenDNS.

For your information! To use Google servers, it is enough to register the IP of the main server

The main causes of problems connecting a TV to a Wi-Fi router

There are a number of different reasons the TV won’t connect to Wi-Fi as the key factors. To identify them, you will have to carry out equipment diagnostics, as a result of which the following problems can be identified:

  • network devices are incorrectly configured;
  • there are failures in the software of the receiving module;
  • provider. communication service provider (Rostelecom, for example). due to various circumstances, cannot establish an uninterrupted network connection;
  • Smart Hub service is configured to ignore recommendations, which led to its inoperability.

Wireless TV connection. easy access to multimedia content

Note! The above list of reasons is not exhaustive, it only reflects a list of the most common. Problems may arise in connection with other circumstances, therefore, each situation requires an individual solution.

Using a cable connection

The failure of the module, with the help of which it can be possible to establish a wireless connection between the TV and the router, is one of the main reasons, which is unlikely to be resolved on its own. To eliminate the malfunction at the hardware level, you will have to write an application to the service center and hand over the equipment for repair.

Connecting to the Internet using a cable through the LAN port on the TV

If it is not possible to take the device to the workshop, then you can set up a connection via a cable. To do this, you need a power cord. It needs to be inserted into the LAN port on the router, and the other end connected to the TV. At the same time, there is no need to catch the signal from the router throughout the apartment, the TV will receive data without any loss.