Smart TV how to access the Internet

LAN connection

When it is not possible to use the distribution from the router or the TV does not have a Wi-Fi function, a regular LAN wire comes to the rescue. You will need to cook and do:

  • cable of the required length;
  • insert it with one end to the router, the other to the output on the back side of the TV with such a connector.

Next, you need to go to the settings menu and select:

  • item “Network”;
  • “Network settings”, “Start”;
  • after that, in a new window, click: “Cable” in the “Connection type” section;
  • the TV will connect to the network automatically.

It is recommended to prepare a password for the router in advance and then proceed with the configuration, which will take place in the same settings menu.

  • in the “Network settings” section, specify the type “Wireless connection”;
  • there will be a search for available networks, determine your own among them;
  • specify a password.

After completing the setting, the screen will display a message about the successful completion of the operation.

Peers tv

  • opens access to more than 150 channels;
  • watching films, TV series;
  • it can be synchronized with a smartphone;
  • a convenient player in which it is comfortable to control the viewing (pause, rewind, etc.).

How to connect the Internet to a TV for IPTV

Any IPTV setup on a Samsung Smart TV should start with its internet connection. This can be done in several ways:

  • wire from the router;
  • via Wi-Fi;
  • using WPS;
  • using PlugAcces.

Each method has its own nuances, so we will consider step-by-step instructions for each of them.


The technology is the fastest among all of the above. For its implementation, you will need two conditions:

  • PlugAccess support by home router.
  • Regular flash drive (must be formatted).

If you have all this, you can start setting up:

  • insert a removable drive into the router;
  • one of the lamps should blink on the tethering device. When the flashing stops, you can remove the card from it;
  • insert the flash drive into the TV and leave it there until the connection is made.

IPTV on Smart TV Samsung: ways to tune and watch high quality TV channels

High-quality broadcasting of TV channels has long supplanted the methods of broadcasting that are familiar to everyone. But what needs to be done for the IPTV player for Samsung Smart TV to work correctly, because all previous installation attempts ended in failure: it was not possible to find a convenient application, the TV did not want to go online, or there was no certainty at all whether it supported such a novelty.

This article will detail the answers to all the possible difficulties that a person might encounter trying to set up IPTV on a Samsung TV with the Smart TV option.

Applications for viewing IPTV channels

To expand the capabilities of IPTV for Smart TV Samsung, you can download some applications that allow you to diversify the existing content, as well as watch: television, online movies and much more.

Among Samsung users, the most popular widgets stand out:

  • OTT-Player;
  • Peers TV;
  • SS IPTV.

Using WPS

If the router supports a function that allows you to receive fast network transmission using WPS technology, you can configure the Internet on Smart TV in this way. The connection algorithm is very simple:

  • open the network settings, in the “Connection type” section, set WPS or PBC;
  • at this moment, press the key with the WPS signature on the router.
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The devices should connect to each other and the connection will be completed.

Movie widgets

The problem is that almost all special players for LG TVs (for example, SS IPTV) are paid. True, there are also unofficial players, with the help of which the owners of television sets of this South Korean company can see almost any films for free.

All about TV settings for LG Smart TV

Under the onslaught of new technologies, modern television is gradually moving to a new level. interactive broadcasting, which allows the user to independently decide what he wants to watch at a given moment. Smart TVs by the South Korean company LG are already capable of replacing personal computers. All the secrets of installing and setting up TV for Smart TV LG are set out in this article.

Watching TV channels on LG Smart TV

The main difference between Smart TVs of this popular South Korean company from previous models is the presence of a special digital block. This block allows the owner of the device to enjoy all the benefits of Internet TV with a network connection.

However, to watch regular TV, the owner of a Smart TV can easily do without setting up an Internet connection. Currently, the territory of Russia is covered by digital broadcasting, and 20 free information and entertainment channels are available to all users living in this territory.

smart, access, internet

Owners of LG Smart TVs will be able to view public channels if they connect to the corresponding DTV-2 connector (if there is no such input, you will have to additionally buy a special TV set-top box), on the back panel of their TV set, a house or small. about 6 inches. room antenna and make a simple adjustment using the remote control (RC):

  • open the “Menu”;
  • go to “Settings”;
  • select “Channels”;
  • go to the “Channel search”;
  • select the signal source in the form of “Terrestrial TV”;
  • we activate the link “Digital only”, launch “Autosearch” and confirm our actions;
  • wait for the end of the process and exit the “Menu” by simply pressing the “OK” button.

Before setting up, it is recommended to select the interface language so that the notifications on the TV screen are displayed in the language that the user is familiar with. This is not difficult to do. We just pick up the TV remote control and go along the following path: “Menu”. “Settings”. three points. “General”. “Languages”. select the language in all sections. “OK” (“Done”). In addition, in the general section, it is recommended to set your region, as well as the date and time.

In such a simple way, the owner of an LG TV can connect to watching all-Russian channels. You can expand the list of TV broadcasts by connecting cable, satellite or IP-TV. At the same time, cable and satellite TV (Tricolor, Megafon and other operators) is connected according to a similar scheme, but the installation and configuration of IPTV is possible only if there is a stable and high-speed Internet connection.

Algorithm for installing applications using Smart World or Game World

Establishing a network connection and setting up TV on a smart LG Smart TV will allow the user, right from the couch to:

  • get access to IPTV;
  • view any video content posted on the network and on remote media;
  • play computer games and communicate in any social networks;
  • install applications on the TV to significantly expand the potential of your device;
  • relay movies, programs and other content to any digital devices connected to your home network;
  • update software in a timely manner.

Therefore, the overwhelming majority of users decide to make such a purchase only after their houses and apartments are connected to the Internet. After all, only after that the owner of the LG TV will be able to use all the features of Smart TV and will receive direct access to the network content.

True, for this, the user will have to connect his TV receiver to the Internet. This can be done in three ways:

    Connect a network outlet or router to the TV using a LAN cable. At the same time, with a direct connection, it is still recommended to include a router in the scheme, which will synchronize different types of signals used by operators;
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Establish an over-the-air Internet connection using Wi-Fi routers. If there is no WI-FI unit in the Smart TV, then you can purchase a remote modem and connect it to the TV receiver.

  • Create a network connection using a USB modem with a mobile operator’s SIM card. For the same purpose, you can use a regular smartphone supporting the Wi-Fi Direct standard.
  • All these connection methods are carried out in a similar way:

    • take the remote control in our hands and press the Home button;
    • we are looking for in the “Settings” menu (Gear);
    • go to the “Network” section;
    • go to “Network Connections”;
    • we give the go-ahead for the “Connection settings”;
    • select the type of Internet connection (wired network or Wi-Fi channel);
    • click on the “Update” button.

    That’s basically it. After a few seconds, a notification should appear on the TV receiver screen that the Internet connection has been successfully completed.

    When connecting an LG TV “over the air”, the user will be prompted to select their Wi-Fi from the list of available channels and enter a password if the network was protected from intrusion by unauthorized users.

    However, one network connection will not be enough to connect to IPTV. After all, the owners of “smart” TVs will be able to use all the features of Smart TV only after registering the official LG website. There are three steps to creating an account on

    First, we take the remote control in our hands and proceed as follows:

    • press the Home key to enter the menu;
    • click on the “Login” link located in the upper right corner of the screen;
    • click on the “Register” or “Login” button, depending on the absence or presence of an account;
    • we approve the terms of the user agreement and privacy policy;
    • specify the e-mail and put a tick in front of the column “Authentication”;
    • we come up with and enter a complex password twice, which must then be remembered or written down for reliability;
    • agree to or refuse to receive newsletters;
    • again click on the “Register” button and refuse to enter your page.

    Please enter your valid email address. After all, otherwise, the owner of the LG TV simply will not be able to activate the account and will be forced to repeat the whole procedure from the beginning.

    At the end of the first stage, we sit down at a computer, laptop, tablet or pick up a smartphone in order to look into the mailbox, where the owner of the LG Smart TV is already expecting a letter with the link “Complete registration”. Just activate this link and go to the official LG website, where there is a message about the successful creation of an account.

    After that, the user needs to go back to the TV, pick up the remote control and press the Home key again to enter his data (e-mail and password), and then put a tick in front of the “Log in to the system” item, refuse to enter additional data and open your account on the official website of the manufacturer.

    • turn on the TV set;
    • press the Smart (Home) key on the remote control;
    • launch the LG Smart World program (applications) or LG Game World (games);
    • select the application and click on the “Install” button.

    The process of downloading and installing applications on an LG Smart TV, the choice of which depends on the regional localization of the device (you can change the country at any time in the menu settings), is fully automated and does not require settings. The user can launch the installed application or game through the Smart TV menu or the My Apps button on the remote control.

    Watching movies and channels on unofficial Smart TV apps

    Installing Vintera TV App

    After installing and launching the Vintera TV application, IP TV settings are not required, since this program already contains ready-made playlists with free and additional TV channels. The choice here is not very rich. only about 150 TV channels. However, a user-friendly interface and the addition of paid channels, in principle, corrects this shortcoming.

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    Best Official Smart TV Apps

    Among other popular services, users of LG Smart TVs highlight:

    • YouTube. This service offers a large selection of movies, TV series, cartoons and other video content, both on a free, paid or conditionally paid (subscription) basis.
    • In this online cinema, the user can watch online their favorite films, animated and television series for free, by subscription and for a fee.
    • Gizmento. Weather portal that instantly informs users of the current forecast right on the TV screen.
    • 3D World. Another service through which the owner of the TV set can view a movie in a “three-dimensional” dimension.
    • SS IPTV. Internet player for watching IPTV.

    What are the functions of the Samsung TV service menu

    As already mentioned, the average user is not recommended to experiment with the service menu on Smart TVs, including the Samsung K series or any other series, even J. The point is not that this is a whim of the developers. On the contrary, users can press the wrong key on the remote control, and all settings will fail, which will lead to a complete loss of the normal performance of expensive equipment.

    But in the hands of the master who entered the service menu of TVs, it can turn a standard Smart TV into almost a home theater. Nevertheless, sometimes such settings can be opened completely by accident, by involuntarily pressing some key combination. If this happens, then you can change:

    In general, if the user needs to change any automatic settings, then this is done right here.

    How to enter the service menu of a Samsung TV

    Any TV, including those that are not smart TV devices, have a service menu that controls vital settings. In particular, the size of the image horizontally and vertically, brightness correction, and other parameters that can seriously affect the operation of the device. Therefore, if you do not understand how and what to do, it is better to leave this service altogether.

    It is not surprising that the service menu on Samsung TV is usually called extended, because it is used if you need to make serious changes in the operation of the TV itself. And to use it, you need to have a special remote control. over, it is important that it is “native” for the TV, that is, it comes with it in a set. Otherwise, even if you get into the menu, it will be difficult to be there, since the control is not reliable.

    How to get into the service menu of Samsung TV 6

    • We take the remote control and press the following sequence: info. menu. mute. power;
    • Having learned how to enter the service, you need to wait a couple of seconds, since the TV will restart after pressing the specified combination to display the necessary information;
    • After that, the incoming person must learn to move in such a way that they do not accidentally change the settings. If you need to change something, you must press “Enter” and only then enter the amendments;
    • Go to “Control”, “Cloning” and so on;

    It is important, before finishing the work in the “Hotel Option” section, to mark “OFF” in order to save some functions from failures. And also, since the user has entered the menu, and knows how to enter here at any time, you still need to understand how to exit and not damage the settings. This is done in this way:

    • You can exit by turning off the TV normally;
    • Then go back to MENU-SYSTEM, and see what has changed;
    • If all is well, we entered without any problems and I am satisfied with the settings, which means that you can continue to use the TV with an updated menu.