Smart TV does not work on my philips TV

Installing Applications

All new Philips Smart TVs leave the factory with a minimum list of apps. Therefore, in order to expand the capabilities of your digital device, it is recommended to install them yourself, because with a smart TV you can do a lot:

  • watch your favorite movies, TV series online;
  • To communicate in social networks;
  • read news;
  • call and much more.

Connecting to the network

Since the main advantage of Philips Smart TVs is considered to be going online and watching videos on the big screen, the Internet connection is the key point for its full-fledged operation. Let’s see how to do it.

  • Check your router, clarify the password or how to connect to it. If there is no such node and you will have to use the network directly, through the wire, then pull it up, make sure of the required length.
  • On the icon bar, select the Wi-Fi picture with the caption: “Connecting to the network”.
  • Click “Connect”, mark how (wireless or wired connection).
  • If there is a pairing with a router, then a window will be displayed, which will offer several options:
  • enter password. scan. In the list of available connections, select your own, specify a password;
  • WPS. in this case, you can connect the devices to each other, bypassing the password entry. It will be enough just to press the button with the WPS signature on the router itself, and on the TV this item, the connection will occur automatically.

After all the steps have been completed, access to the Internet should be hassle-free. In the event that there was some kind of failure or an error was made, it is recommended to turn off and turn on the TV, repeat the manipulations again.

Philips Store

  • go to the main menu;
  • click on the App Gallery picture;
  • indicate your place of residence;
  • then the widgets available for download will be highlighted;
  • choose the one you like best, highlight it and add it to your programs page.

Using portable media

  • find an archive with the necessary application on the Internet;
  • format the digital drive to FAT format;
  • create a new folder on the USB flash drive, its name should be: Userwidget;
  • insert the downloaded archive into the created folder;
  • connect the drive to the socket on the Smart TV.

The TV must detect and install the program on its own. Soon it will appear in the general list of applications.

Register at Philips Club

To unlock many of the Smart TV features, you need to register it and yourself with a Philips club. You can do it like this:

  • go to the official website (;
  • find the “Register a product” section;
  • the page for registering a new account will open, fill out the form (fields marked with an asterisk are required), specify an email address;
  • confirm your consent to the processing of confidential data, put (or remove) a checkmark indicating the permission to send notifications about promotions and company news;
  • select the item “Create an account”.

A letter with confirmation of registration will be sent to the specified mail, click on the required link and the profile will be created.

Now you need to register your device on the server:

  • go to your personal account;
  • Sign in;
  • select the item “Product registration”, click on the plus;
  • enter the TV model number, select it from the displayed list;
  • indicate the date of purchase;
  • write the serial number (you can see it on the device case).

Fill in other fields if necessary. After that, the device will be verified and you can enjoy all the benefits that Philips provides to its customers.

Fork Player

If you connect to this service, you will open a huge variety of useful programs located on it. The scheme is a little complicated, but if everything is done in order, the result will not be long in coming. You need to take the following steps:

Channel setup

To watch TV, all that remains is to set up the broadcast of the TV channels that it will show. TV setup for Philips Smart TV is as follows:

  • find the house button on the remote control, press it;
  • in the list of the menu that opens, look for the “Configuration” section;
  • then you need to select the “Installation” item and then point to the “Channel settings”;
  • click on the “Automatic setup” menu.

After that, the TV itself will begin to search and install channels. The process may take some time (up to 10 minutes), so you have to wait a little.

For those who receive the signal of TV channels through a cable or a simple antenna, it is best to use the automatic Smart TV setup, but for owners of satellite dishes there is the possibility of setting up the satellite and other various settings.

How to Fix YouTube Not Working on PHILIPS Smart TV || YouTube PHILIPS TV Problems & Fixes

In the future, you can search for new channels in this way, but it should be remembered that after each such reinstallation, the sequence and all data about the old ones will be deleted.

Basic setup

Setting up your TV from scratch is easy. When it was just turned on, you need to adjust all the minimum settings for yourself:

Smart TV setup on your TV may differ slightly depending on the TV model.

In the life of a modern person, there is a huge variety of gadgets, which, it would seem, why do we still need to use a TV. However, the need, as practice shows, still remains. TV still remains source of information, although not the main one, since more often we search for necessary news and content using a computer, but it still remains. In addition, we really love to watch movies on a huge screen, which laptops and desktops are not equipped with. TV is perfect for such a purpose.

And also modern TVs have more functionality than it was before. Now the use of television goes far beyond viewing only terrestrial TV channels. A modern TV will be able to serve us not only as a TV receiver for various television channels, but also serve as a media player for us, because all of them are now equipped with USB connectors, where you can install a flash drive, for example, with a movie. And the most interesting addition to a modern TV is the ability to connect them to the Internet.

Today, most TVs have a Smart-TV function, which in fact implies an Internet connection, but still not all. If we became the owner of a TV with Smart-TV, then we should be prepared for the fact that the full use of such a TV will become available only after certain settings that we will have to make.

Smart-TV setup

Setting up Smart-TV directly is a more painstaking task that may be beyond the power of an inexperienced user. Nevertheless, we will show you the most basic points worth paying attention to. It is worth remembering that different manufacturers use different operating systems for their Smart TVs. For example, Samsung uses Tizen specially designed for them in its TVs, LG installs WebOS in its products, some other manufacturers, such as Sony or Philips, use the Android operating system.

Thus, the process for setting up Smart-TV on a TV may be slightly different. But all the same, the most basic manipulations that an ordinary user can make will be approximately the same. Therefore, no matter which TV we purchased and how new it is, the first step in setting up Smart-TV is to update the system to the latest official version from the manufacturer. It may take little effort to make these updates, but a lot of time. Initially, we need to go to the settings menu and find the “Update” item there. First, we must search for these very updates, and if the search gives us a more recent version than the one we have installed, we need to download it and then install it. At this stage, we will only need to press the remote button several times and wait.

In the event that we set up a TV that runs on the Android operating system, then it is highly desirable or even mandatory to create a Google account or use the one that we already have. This way we can make the most of our Android TV. Creating an account is done in much the same way as on a smartphone or tablet, so there shouldn’t be any difficulties with this. If another OS is installed on our TV, then it is not necessary to create an account.

Among the other programs that will make the TV more convenient to use, one can mention Gismeteo, which is most often used to keep abreast of the weather outside the window. Also, for moviegoers, the Kinopoisk program may be useful, where there is perhaps the largest database of information about modern cinema. WebCam World will allow us to visit many parts of our planet in absentia by viewing them through webcams in real time. And you can also choose from a huge number of applications the one that will most comfortably allow us to view the latest news from the film industry.

And yet it is better to consult a specialist

We have covered the most basic operations for setting up Smart-TV on a modern TV. Such procedures, for sure, can be performed even by the most inexperienced user, who has never been confused with setting up Smart functions before. Nevertheless, after making settings similar to those that we described above, we will be able to use Smart-functions on the TV only partially, because only a specialist who knows all the nuances of setting up to the smallest detail will be able to configure them as fully and efficiently as possible.

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Often, when setting up Smart-TV on their TV, ordinary users can face a number of unsolvable problems. For example, unstable or non-working applications, network interruptions, and so on. By entrusting the setup of Smart-TV to a professional, we will certainly avoid these problems, and among other things, we will save a lot of time, because the IT engineer will carry out the setup much faster thanks to his considerable experience. In addition, a professional customizer at the time of setup is able to detect hidden defects in a new TV, which we may not initially notice.

First TV start

recently, our TVs practically did not require any settings other than tuning the channels of interest to us. I plugged it in, pressed the power button and started auto-tuning. Like everything else. Now TVs have become smart, which means that our new Smart TVs will require us to enter basic settings before their first launch. They can be easily entered even by an inexperienced user or even one who has not been connected with Smart-TV before.

Of course, TVs come in different varieties and come from many different manufacturers. Each TV has its own settings interface, but, anyway, the essence of the manipulations is reduced to one thing. So, initially, turning on our brand new TV to the network, he will try to find out certain information from us. This will be necessary in order for us to be as comfortable as possible using our TV in the future.

To begin with, we will need to indicate in which language our TV should communicate with us and in which country we will use our TV. Sometimes it is additionally required to indicate the time zone in which we are located. This will be necessary in order for the TV to automatically adjust the time for us. A step later, we will be asked to connect our TV to the Internet. We recommend making the connection immediately, because if you skip this step, you will still need to return to it in the future in the settings menu, since Smart-TV will not work without the Internet. The connection can be wired or wireless. In the event that we connect the TV via Wi-Fi, select the “wireless connection” item, look for our network and connect to it using our own password.

After all these procedures, we have the opportunity to start searching for channels. To do this, we will have to select a channel search mode, for example, terrestrial television, cable or satellite. Choosing the mode we need, we start the TV to automatically tune the available TV channels. Now we will have to wait for a while until the scan goes to 100%. On some TVs, we will be prompted to set parental controls on some channels. We can either do this or skip this step.

At the very final stage of the settings, some manufacturers will ask us to read the user agreement and confirm that you have read it. It takes no more than a minute, after which our TV is already fully configured. And, for sure, he was able to find some TV channels, of course, if we did not forget to connect an antenna to him.

Free TV for Smart TV

TVs that support Smart TV provide the ability to watch free channels using the Internet, or rather wireless and wired (Wi-Fi connection), as well as using a cable or built-in / mobile antenna. All options give access to basic free national channels of transmission, a wider list of TV programs can only be connected through special applications or through IPTV, which is offered by your Internet provider. Consider all the ways to connect Smart TV to free channels and their settings:

  • Watching publicly available national channels on Smart TV analogue broadcasting. Despite the transition to a digital broadcasting format, analogue is still available and makes it possible to watch basic 20 channels for free on Smart TV. For connection, a cable is used that is connected to a universal antenna. Step-by-step instructions for connecting a free television broadcast:
  • To set up the broadcast at the first stage, you need to insert the cable into the connector.
  • On the remote control, find the menu button and enter the main setting system.
  • Select the line with automatic channel search.
  • In another window, a choice will appear through which the signal will be transmitted. In this case, select “cable”.
  • After that, a new window appears where the type of signal is selected. In this case, select “analog”.
  • Automatic debugging of channels in progress.

Some on-air programs may be of low quality, then the automatic search will simply slip through them. If you need this channel even in low quality, then manual tuning is recommended. Be sure to save your search settings so the TV list does not get lost.

  • Digital terrestrial broadcasting connection. Digital television has a number of advantages in terms of the quality of the transmitted image, therefore, it is preferable to connect a free TV for Smart TV digital broadcasting. To set up public channels of this format, you need:
  • Connect the receiver if it is not built into the TV.
  • Find the menu word or settings on the remote control and enter the control system.
  • Go to “Options” and select automatic channel search.
  • In the pop-up tab, you are prompted to select a signal source, for digital television it is a cable. Confirm your choice by clicking on the word “Start”
  • After that, a small menu appears with a choice of the type of signal transmission, you need to select “digital”. Confirm the selected source.
  • A window appears again in which you need to select the “Search Mode” subsection and select the “Full” tab there.
  • At the next stage, you need to fill in digital data: baud rate (6952 KS / s), modulation (256 QAM), start frequency (298000 KHz)

Some models provide an automatic network search system, in this case you need to select the search mode, which activates the free broadcast of 20 channels on Smart TV.

Programs are added in the settings via the “Content” subsection. Next, select the “External” item, enter the playlist name and a link to it there, save the changes. You can add an unlimited number of playlists to the external section as described above or using a special code issued by SS IPTV, which changes every day. Only one channel list can be added to the internal playlists section.

These are some simple ways to help you connect free channels to your TV.

Connecting to the network

It would be possible to configure the channels, but first I suggest connecting to your wireless network.

  • Click “Connect”, and then select the type. via Wi-Fi or wired. If via Wi-Fi, we make sure that the router is turned on and distributes the network (and you know the password from it), if it’s wired, just do not forget to connect the wire from the router to the TV.
  • Let’s connect via Wi-Fi. Immediately we get this picture:
  • Almost all routers have a WPS button (twist it from all sides). It allows you to connect without a password. Those. press it, select an item in this WPS menu. everything is paired by itself. If you have a network password on hand, then click “Scan”. The TV finds networks:
  • The network is connected and the Internet is available. If something went wrong, reboot the TV, reboot the router, try entering the CORRECT password or make a connection via WPS:

Philips Club

Some features require a Philips Club registration on some models. It’s like a Windows account, AppleID or Google account on Android. The details of registration are better seen in the official video from Philips:

Those. you need to go to their website, register and register your TV. Then all Smart TV functions are unlocked.

Software Update

Immediately after connecting to the Internet, the TV will check for updates, and if it finds it, it will ask you for permission to update:

Update it without a second thought. At another moment, it will be possible to call the check through the “Smart TV” menu of the TV and the Updates item.

A little bit about Smart TV from Philips

I would not like to spill water, but now you will not surprise anyone with any “smart” TVs. Personally, I’m a die-hard fan of LG, or at least Samsung. But I noticed that our readers are diligently switching to Sony Bravia and Philips TVs. What is special there, I still do not understand, apparently a matter of habit, but the price tag and functionality are about the same.

Philips TVs are webOS or Android operating systems.

Recently, a fashion for switching to Androids has appeared. it’s cool, fashionable, and familiar, and there are more than enough functions. But webOS as a transitional form between dead firmware and a full-fledged “axis” is also not bad. Both there and there it is easy to connect a TV set to Wi-Fi, set up channels and install a third-party application. These questions and I would like to devote further narration.

Setting up from scratch

Let’s start setting up your Philips TV from scratch. as if you just brought it home. There is nothing complicated, just do everything in steps and everything will definitely work out. But if anything. questions can be asked in the comments.

Philips Smart TV setup: step-by-step guide in pictures

Hey! Are you the proud owner of a Philips Smart TV but can’t set it up? There is nothing wrong here. Everything is very simple! Especially for people like you, this article was written. to simplify life and save irreparable nerves.

But if suddenly something did not work out, or you wanted something special, there are comments at the bottom of the article. There you can ask your question, help other people with their problem, or just chat about free topics.

Basic setup

  • We connect to the network. We turn on the remote control. The TV should turn on. how it will behave in this case is unknown, there are a lot of models, versions too. So your interface may vary. In my case it is so, in yours it may be different. But the essence will certainly remain the same. So look and do in the likeness.
  • Choose a language. Russian.
  • Time zone. just take a city in your own time zone. This will not greatly affect anything, but the clock on the TV will go on it:
  • TV installation method. as installed. on a rack mount or hung on a wall:
  • House or Shop. choose House. The Store is needed to showcase a random video in the Store (you’ve probably seen a few TVs show inviting demo videos). At home, we immediately switch the settings to combat mode:
  • Settings for people with impaired hearing and vision. whatever you like, you can set it, it won’t get any worse:
  • And so he invites us to make the setting. Click “Start” (what did we do before ?!)
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Channel setup

Need to tune in regular TV channels? No problem.

  • From the main menu, select the “Installation” item:
  • “Channel settings” (regular terrestrial or cable), for the satellite there is a neighboring button “Satellite settings”:

Next, the search for TV channels will begin. just wait and everything will tune itself. That’s why they are smart TVs.

The channel search process can take up to 10 minutes. just wait.

Smart TV does not work. Possible malfunctions and their elimination

Equipment manufacturers are trying in any way to facilitate the process of connecting and configuring their equipment. Smart TVs are no exception. It would seem that it is easier. they took it out of the box, plugged it into a DC network, connected it to the Internet and you’re done! But everything is not always as simple as it seems. In this article, we will determine why Smart TV does not work, the main problems with setting up and connecting the TV, and also show you how to fix them.

Connecting Smart TV to the Internet

The most common scheme for connecting home devices to the Internet is through a WI-FI router, into which a cable from your Internet provider is connected. Routers come in different models, colors and shapes, but the principle of operation is the same for all. to receive the Internet from the provider and transmit a signal to devices via WI-FI or cable.

smart, does, work, philips

The preferred method of connecting the TV to the router is cable. It is the cable connection that can provide the necessary speed for broadcasting streaming video. No matter how good your home WI-FI router is, you should know that the data transfer speed through WI-FI will definitely be lower than through a cable. The further the device is from the router, the older the router itself, the lower the speed.

And so, most likely you already have a router at home that “distributes” the Internet via WI-FI to all your devices. laptop, smartphone, tablet, etc. Everything works fine and no problems arise. But when you try to connect the TV to the Internet through a router, problems begin to arise:

    As practice shows, about 35% of users do not remember the password for their WI-FI. How to be? Remember the master who set up the router, call him, ask for a password? Reset your router to default settings? There are simpler solutions. If the apartment has a laptop that has already been connected to WI-FI with Windows XP / 7/8/10 installed on board, then you yourself can easily spy on the saved password. To do this, just go to the Network and Sharing Center. Manage wireless networks. Properties of the WI-FI network we need. the Security tab and check the item “Display entered characters”

In the network settings, set the DNS server manually and set the value:

The settings window images may differ depending on the model:

Hardware problems with Smart TV

Sometimes it happens that the TV seems to be connected to the Internet, but still does not go into Smart. After making sure on the other device that the problem is not with the Internet connection, we begin to look for problems with the TV:

  • Technical work on the servers of the manufacturer. You just need to know that someday it may happen. Nobody will warn you about the start of work, and you will only know that everything is in order the next time you turn on the TV
  • Outdated Smart TV firmware is also a common problem. Usually, TVs are automatically updated via the Internet, but there are also crashes. Then you have to either start the update manually via the Internet, or download the update file to a USB flash drive and update from the flash drive. Old firmware can cause non-working apps like YouTube on Philips TVs. Attention! You only need to download the firmware designed specifically for your TV model! Installing the wrong firmware can harm your TV.
  • Hardware malfunction of the TV. If software errors can be corrected at home, then, in case of problems with the hardware, it is better to contact a certified service center (especially if the TV is under warranty).

We hope this article will help you at least a little with solving problems with Smart TV. Our experts are always ready to help you. Contact!

Software update via menu

There is an easier and more reliable way to update the firmware of your Philips TV. It is available to most users who, to put it mildly, do not understand such nuances too much. Perhaps its only drawback is the fact that the device must be connected to the Internet, otherwise nothing will work. But if there is no Wi-Fi network, then you can always use a modem, on which the provider provides a consistently high speed.

Everything happens using the remote control and the TV menu.

You need to open Smart TV and find the “Settings” section;

Having found updates, you need to click “Update” and the software will download;

Immediately after loading, the system will offer to proceed with the update. you need to click “OK”;

After downloading updates, Android restarts to optimize the system.

Everything happens automatically, and the system itself copes with the tasks. The only thing is that the TV cannot be turned off, just like when working with a drive. Therefore, if a shutdown timer is set on the device, you need to remove it. By the way, if you don’t want to worry about updates regularly, you can make them automatically install themselves in the menu.

How to update the software on Philips TVs via a storage device

In order to start this procedure, neither experience nor special skills are required. All you need to do is follow the instructions exactly and prepare a few items. In particular, there must be a USB drive and firmware files that you can download yourself or use online services directly from the TV.

When it comes to Philips TVs, the most important step is choosing the right software. It’s easy to do. you can visit the official website of the manufacturer and enter the TV model in the corresponding search box by going to the “Support” section. Then a list of options will appear on the page that may be suitable in a particular case;

After that, the downloaded file must be unpacked from the archive, and the device must be formatted to make sure that the flash drive is suitable for the TV;

Turn off the TV and connect the USB to the SERV connector. It is advisable not to experiment at this stage, since using other channels, it will most likely not be possible to adequately carry out the procedure;

Next, the TV must be turned on, wait until the drive is scanned, and the firmware process will begin;

When the menu starts, you need to click “Yes”, and wait for the software to change.

To avoid any overlap, you cannot disconnect the device from the network, otherwise the TV will have a happy end. If the trouble happened, and in the process of changing the software, the lights were turned off, you should not panic. The damage is not major, but it is better to contact the service center, where the breakdown will be restored.

Updating the software on Philips TVs

Most modern TVs are no longer the same devices that could only receive and broadcast a digital or analog signal. At the moment, these are almost computers, although their functional set is rather weak. Nevertheless, with their help, you can easily access the Internet, save files and carry out a lot of other manipulations.

Not surprisingly, device support requires regular software updates as and when needed. In addition, devices may have an operating system such as Android or even Windows. We’re used to computers requiring software updates, and that’s the same story with Philips TVs. But here everything is simpler, since many models have a built-in system for installing programs, which minimizes user participation in the process.

Why do I need to update the firmware of Philips TVs

Regular TV software update is not just another trick of the developers to make life difficult for ordinary users. In order to conduct it regularly, there are several reasons:

The stability of the TV is improved. The fact is that many new models have, to put it mildly, not the best firmware installed. So if the user does not want to waste his nerves on dealing with frankly raw programs, you can simply update the firmware.

After the firmware, the functionality is updated, and new opportunities appear.

By flashing, you can solve many problems with Smart TV. If the system is buggy, just update it and most of the flaws will disappear. But different updates are suitable in different cases, because before installing them, you need to read what they are for.

Why Smart TV doesn’t work on my Philips TV?

Smart TV won’t turn on on Phillips TV? Do not despair. There are many methods to determine the cause. Let’s analyze each of them separately.

Try a wired connection if using wireless

In such a connection, various problems arise. The technique can be contracted or dependent. Various obstacles are interfering with the wireless connection. In this case, use a fixed wire. Plug the cable into your TV and set-top box and start the technique.

Make sure the time is correct

To check the configured option, follow these instructions:

  • take the control panel;
  • click on the “Home” button;
  • then go to the “Settings” section, after “TV settings”;
  • now start the folder “Preference”, activate the item “Section”;
  • in the window that opens, select the “Automatic clock mode” option and click on the “Configure manually” folder;
  • check the correctness of the written data and enter the date and time again.


  • a wired or wireless connection must be available on the device;
  • when using a wireless signal: the indicator of the same name connection should be about 80% between the TV and a router, adapter or modem;
  • a few minutes before turning on the Smart TV portal, the TV device worked for several minutes.

Contact your internet provider

Access to Smart TV is often blocked by a home Internet router. The provider helps to restore the settings and operation of the modem. Call the company office and inquire about disabling firewall and cloud protection. The operator will provide instructions for performing.

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Philips Smart TV not working? Most likely there was a system failure. Like any device, the receiver can be buggy or freeze. The next reason is the lack of an internet connection. Reboot the modem and check the connection. Reset model parameters to factory state. When using this method, you will need to search for TV channels again and set up the connection.

Performing a power cycle

This method involves performing the following actions. The user needs to reboot the TV in this way:

  • turn off the device;
  • remove the TV connection cable;
  • wait 5-10 minutes and reconnect the wire;
  • activate the device.
  • check the operation of the TV.

Hardware malfunctions

One of the reasons why the broadcast does not start may be a breakdown in the TV itself. The complexity can only be determined and eliminated by a specialist after diagnostics. If necessary, he will be able to replace the part and restore performance.

Why Smart TV does not work on Philips TVs: reasons what to do?

Let’s consider the reasons why Smart TV does not work on Philips TVs and how to set up yourself without calling the wizard. Android TVs can partially replace a personal computer, since they perform all basic functions. The new 2021 models are equipped with all the basic apps for a comfortable experience. Despite the new state of technology and basic user settings, you may encounter the fact that Smart TV does not work or there is no Internet connection.

Reboot TV

Another option for solving the issue when the TV does not show is to restart the TV. This happens according to the menu items:

  • “House”;
  • “Settings”;
  • “Setting up TV”;
  • “Reinstall TV”.

Performing a power cycle

This stage is fast and simple:

  • disconnect the TV from the power supply;
  • get all the cables and wires from the corresponding sockets;
  • wait 60 seconds before turning on again (the time is counted from the moment when the LED has completely gone out);
  • turn on the device, having previously connected all the wires.

What to do if Philips TV says no signal?

What if my Philips Smart TV doesn’t work? It is enough to follow the step-by-step path to reboot.

  • Performing a power cycle.
  • Make sure the time is correct.
  • Check network settings on TV.
  • Clean up application memory.
  • Try using a wired connection.
  • Contact your internet provider.
  • Reboot TV.
  • Hardware malfunctions.


The cause of the problem may be software or hardware related. Common failure options:

  • the option is not available for use;
  • Smart TV is downloading, but the process does not go further;
  • there is no connection to the main server of the manufacturer;
  • notification about turning off TV to confirm the download of the program;
  • test mode is displayed instead of the usual menu.

Contact your internet provider

Difficulties in the operation of Smart TV may be associated with the lack of a signal from the provider. You need to check your router settings. If the TV does not connect to the Internet via a cable after all these steps, it is worth informing the service provider about the problem.

Make sure the time is correct

If you have any questions or complaints. let us know

  • press the item “Home”;
  • select “Settings”, then “TV settings”. “Preferences”. “Clock”. “Automatic clock mode”. “Manual”;
  • fill in the latest information.

Where to begin

The first problem encountered by the user is the connection of the TV to the Internet. As a rule, this happens using a Wi-Fi router. These devices differ in shape and color, but the principle of operation is identical for all models. receiving a signal from the provider and then transmitting it to the end user literally “over the air”.

If the TV is connected to the Internet

In some cases, even if there is a network, the application refuses to function properly. If other devices are stably accessing the Internet, then faults should be looked for on the TV:

  • It is possible that scheduled maintenance is being carried out on the manufacturer’s server. You can find out about this on the official resource or from the company’s consultants.
  • Smart TV is an application that should update itself automatically, but sometimes it crashes, because of them, it does not work correctly. The solution is to replace the firmware, but it is better to do this in a specialized center.

Attention! Download the firmware exclusively for your TV model, otherwise you can completely damage all the software, which is fraught with serious consequences, for example, you will never be able to use this or that application or will not take advantage of the advantages of Rostelecom.

Why Smart TV doesn’t work on my Philips TV

Modern TVs from world brands have amazing technologies and useful functions, thanks to which the device turns into a full-fledged computer. Smart TV allows you to watch movies, play music files, use search engines using the Internet, watch paid high-quality channels, for example, through Rostelecom. over, there is no need to carry out lengthy settings and install additional software, it is enough to connect the TV to the mains and find your access point. It would seem that everything is very easy, but there are unforeseen situations, for example, Smart TV does not work on a Philips TV even after performing all the actions specified in the instructions. Let’s figure it out.

How to quickly connect your Philips TV to the Internet

  • You must go to the main menu. Click on the button on which the House is depicted (hereinafter “Home”).
  • Go to “Configuration”.
  • Choose “Connect to the network”.
  • Next, you should select the type of connection. There are two types here: “Wired” and “Wireless”. The first involves connecting to the Internet via a network cable that connects to the router, the second uses Wi-Fi directly.
  • When connecting with a wired method, use a network cable and router. If you have completed everything correctly, a corresponding notification about the working Internet will appear on the screen. Connecting via Wi-Fi is almost the same, only without a network wire. you should select your access point from the list of networks and enter the password from it.
  • Then you need to update the firmware, this will fix all the errors made in the old version of the software. Press “Home” and again “Configuration”.
  • But only now we select “Program update. provision “.
  • Next, select the installation source: from the network or flash drive.
  • The TV will check for updates on its own. If there are any, he will offer to continue the installation, you must agree with the further update. If there is no new software, a message will appear, which will mean that you have the latest version.
  • Now you can go directly to Smart TV, to do this, press “Home” and select “Browse Net TV”.

When you buy a used Philips TV, it may retain the network settings from the previous owner, so it is advisable to reset all settings, since this often prevents Smart TVs from working on Philips and Samsung TVs. In addition, such a solution will allow you to adjust the contrast, channel location, brightness “for yourself”.

Most recently, there was a massive glitch affecting almost all Samsung TVs, making it impossible to connect to the Internet. Now the problem has been solved, users are once again happy with all the benefits of Smart TV.

How to check your network connection

If you are connected to the Internet, you can go straight to watching movies or use Rostelecom to watch high-quality television. Otherwise, the verification activities should be continued. The Philips TV connection test is almost the same as Samsung, except for a few commands. If you have any problems with the Smart TV, then be sure to check the network settings of the TV.

Click on the button with the image of the House and go to “Configuration”. select “Network Settings”. After clicking on “View network settings”, you can see all the network characteristics of the device. Pay special attention to the “IP-address” field, there should be a number in the format 192.168.Х.ХХ. This will mean that the TV and the router have found each other. If this condition is met, but Smart TV still does not work, then you should proceed to check the router itself.

Often, the router is far from the TV, which prevents it from connecting to the network. Therefore, it is necessary either to install the router in a different place, or to purchase a more powerful model. Sometimes the TV refuses to connect to the router, even though all other equipment successfully uses the network. At the same time, the Samsung TV can have Internet access, but Philips does not, many will think that the problem is in the TV, but in fact it is hidden in the router. The solution is to update the firmware or install an alternative version for very outdated models.

Attention! When installing an alternative firmware version, there is a risk of damaging the router.

Sometimes a specific application or function does not work in Smart TV, therefore, when checking the connection, you should check several options, for example, the browser, the music application and the operation of Rostelecom.

First launch of Smart TV

At the first start, the screen will display the terms of service, with which you must agree. Next, you need to make small settings, these are one-time manipulations. After agreeing to the terms, you must carry out similar actions with Cookies. Next, you will be asked to register with Philips, this is an absolutely voluntary matter that you can skip if you wish. The next window will offer the function of storing the viewed material in order to further recommend materials for viewing.

Now you can choose whether to block applications that have a limit of 18. The list of settings has ended, the next time you start Smart TV, they will no longer be there. After that, a special window will open where you can go to watching TV, choosing an application, or go to the browser.

Setting up your Philips Smart TV is very similar to setting up other brands of TVs such as Samsung or LG. Therefore, if you have experience using such a technique, then you will probably cope with this situation as well. The main thing is to adhere to certain rules and recommendations! Smart TV is a very useful function, because it allows you not only to view paid materials, such as Rostelecom, but also to use the completely free benefits of the Internet.