Smart TV Does Not Catch Wi-Fi

Smart TV over Wi-Fi

What progress has reached. now, to watchs on YouTube or search for the necessary information on the Internet, you do not need to run for a laptop or grab a smartphone. Anything you want can be done through the TV. The only prerequisite is the Smart TV function. Electronic stores offer a fairly wide selection of TVs from different manufacturers with Smart TV functions, which, by the way, are not cheap.

Smart TV Does Not Catch Wi-Fi

What you need to do to set up Smart TV over Wi-Fi?

  • Turn on the TV, press the “Settings” button on the TV remote control.
  • In the TV menu, go to the Network tab and select Network Connection.
  • Next, the possibility of a wired or wireless connection is displayed. Press the button “Configure connection”.
  • Select the desired wireless network from the list. Attention! If there is a need to set your own parameters when connecting, then you must select the “Manual settings” item. For example, this will be needed to connect to a network with a hidden SSID, when using a static IP address, or connect using WPS technology and other possible options.

  • Next, you need to specify a password to connect the TV to a Wi-Fi access point.
  • Click Ok.
  • On the next window, you will see the connection status. The network is connected, the signal is stable. Click the Finish button.
  • If you are prompted to enter IP and DNS, then select “receive automatically”. You can use the functions of Smart TV technology! If Smart TV mode is activated, then at the top you will see an icon, Internet connection.

After you have successfully connected to the network via Wi-Fi, you will need to go to the “Menu” again and select the “Smart Hub” function in the “Support” tab. She is able to open access to many information resources on the Internet. With its help you can view on YouTube or visit other Internet pages.

What you need to know before setting up your Smart TV?

Your dream has come true and you have taken out that very Samsung Smart TV from the box. We identified its place, put it there, and now it’s time to start setting up. What you need to know and be able to in order to seamlessly use the Smart TV function?

Let’s start in order and analyze the order of TV settings via Wi-Fi. Of course, there is an option to connect the TV directly through a wire, but this is not a very convenient option.

Additional cable, wire knots. all these are hassles and inconveniences that are unlikely to please. There will be opponents and connections via Wi-Fi, because many believe that such a connection is not capable of providing an uninterrupted connection to the Internet. But this is not true. The interruption of communication and the lack of its stability is exclusively a problem of the router. If the processor of the router is strong enough and the Internet provider provides fast Internet, then there will be no problems. Otherwise, either change your router or your Internet service provider.

Before proceeding with the Smart TV settings, you need to clarify a few points, namely:

  • Does your Samsung Smart TV come with a built-in Wi-Fi adapter? If yes. this is great, if not. then it must be purchased. If you buy an adapter, be sure to pay attention to the fact that it is individual for each Smart TV model.
  • Is the router configured and working properly? But, if the router is not new and your smartphone or tablet already has an Internet connection, then this item can be skipped, because all the necessary settings have already been made. Otherwise, setting up a router for Internet access will require specialist intervention.

What to do if Smart TV connection fails?

It often happens that everything seems to be done correctly and the sequence is followed, and the Samsung Smart TV stubbornly refuses to connect to the network via Wi-Fi.

In this case, you need to understand the reason for this behavior and eliminate it. Among the most common are incorrect router settings. Check connectivity on other devices in your home. phones, laptops, tablets. If they also do not see the network, then of course move towards fixing the problem in the router. If the Samsung Smart TV refuses to connect, then your next action will be to fix the error in setting up Smart TV.

The most common mistake when setting up Smart TV is the incorrectly selected Wi-Fi network. In this case, go back to “Menu”. “Network settings” and choose your router more carefully. The second error may be the incorrectly entered Wi-Fi password. In this case, follow the same path to the menu, and enter its correct version in the password field.

Another error can be either a software glitch or an error in the TV itself. In this case, you will need to update the firmware. Also, sometimes in case of an unsuccessful attempt to connect to the network via Wi-Fi, an elementary reboot of the TV or router can help. Just turn off the devices for a few minutes and then resume work.

It happens that the Samsung Smart TV cannot see the router because the distance between them is too large. If, for example, more than one wall separates the TV and router, the connection may be interrupted. In this case, you need to place them closer, thus improving the quality of the connection.

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No special skills or abilities are required to set up Smart TV. Everything is very SIMple and accessible. Carefully follow each step of the instructions step by step and finally enjoy the unlimited possibilities of your Samsung Smart TV.

Write in the comments if you failed to configure the connection. We will help!

Reboot your TV and router

Correction of the arisen connection errors should be started by restarting the devices. Smart TV and router are smart devices with a central processing unit, RAM and long-term memory, a motherboard, etc. They run operating systems that are regularly updated to eliminate identified errors and improve their security and reliability. In complex electronic devices, the occurrence of errors in the operation of assembly elements and installed software is common. A universal solution is to reboot the devices, after which the wireless connection is restored.

What to do if TV receiver can’t see Wi-Fi

You should not panic, pull out and check Internet cables, convince the provider by phone that the TV has stopped seeing the Wi-Fi router due to his fault, and demand immediate repair. A few SIMple tips below will help you in 90% of cases to establish a wireless connection on your own, without resorting to outside help.

Updating the TV’s firmware

The Smart TV operating system needs to be updated regularly. Outdated software may be the reason that Smart TV LJI, Samsung or another does not connect to the Wi-Fi network. New versions of software shells fix bugs, improve performance and security of devices.

If the TV is connected to the Internet (it does not matter whether by wire or Wi-Fi), the system itself will prompt the user to install a new version after its release with a description of the sequence of steps. Download and installation takes no more than 10 minutes.

If there is no connection to the Network, the new version of the operating system is downloaded from the manufacturer’s official website to the flash drive and from it is installed on the Smart TV.

Reasons why the TV does not connect to Wi-Fi

Unfortunately, it is not uncommon for the TV to see Wi-Fi. The malfunction occurs both at the stage of device synchronization during the first connection, and during operation. Problems arise for various reasons:

  • Incorrect settings of the Wi-Fi router or TV receiver. The error often occurs when using routers not recommended by the provider that refuse to work. In difficult cases, you may need professional help.
  • Insufficient Wi-Fi signal strength, interference. The radiation level is checked by a special program on a smartphone.
  • Provider problems. If the signal is not received via the Internet cable, you need to call Support to find out the reason.
  • Outdated versions of Smart TV operating systems. TVs with older operating systems may not connect wirelessly to the router. It is necessary to keep the software up to date.
  • Software glitch. Occurs for no apparent external reason, is treated by rebooting the device.

There are many more reasons why the TV does not catch Wi-Fi. But here are some typical faults that can be eliminated by users on their own.

Manual entry of connection data

When you cannot create a Wi-Fi connection in automatic mode, you can try to do it manually:

  • Use the TV remote to enter the network settings.
  • Select manual setting.
  • Enter the IP address of the router in the “Gateway” field. You can find it out through a computer connected to this router. In Windows 7, for this you need to: enter the “Control Panel” section, select “Network and Sharing Center”, select the “Local Area Connection” tab, in the “Status” window that appears, select “Information”.
  • Move the sequence of numbers in the “Main gateway” column to the “Gateway” field of the TV. this is the IP address of the router.
  • Enter the numerical sequence of the “Subnet mask” column in the corresponding field on the TV.
  • Click OK.

If all values ​​are entered correctly, the connection will appear.

Reasons why the TV does not see Wi-Fi, and their solution

Internet access has turned Smart TV into a home multimedia entertainment center for the whole family. The most convenient way to connect a device to a network is a wireless Wi-Fi connection, so most smart TV models are equipped with built-in Wi-Fi adapters.

Reset TV settings

This method eliminates connection errors, but has a serious drawback. When you reset the settings to the factory settings, all passwords and logins stored in the TV receiver’s memory will be deleted, they will have to be re-entered. Therefore, each time before resetting, you must write your personal credentials to the flash drive. After completing the reset, connect to the Wi-Fi network as usual.

For the LG TV receiver, the aLGorithm is as follows:

  • In the “Settings” menu, select the “Advanced” tab.
  • In the “General” section, activate the item “Reset to factory settings”.
  • In the settings menu, select the “Support” mode.
  • Enter the section “Self-diagnosis”.
  • Activate the menu item “Reset”.

Using a different Wi-Fi connection method

To quickly connect the TV to a router via Wi-Fi, it is convenient to use the WPS mode. It does not require entering a password from a Wi-Fi network. Prerequisite. WPS must be supported by both devices.

In the section of the menu about wireless connection, select the item “Connect using WPS-PBS” and activate it. Within 2 minutes after activation, you need to press the WPS button on the router. It is usually located on the front of the instrument, but can be mounted on the back. You can enable the mode through the browser settings by entering them using the login and password provided by the provider. After a few seconds, the connection will be established. a window will appear on the TV screen with a notification about this.

Features when connecting Wi-Fi on TVs

Connecting to a wireless network Smart TV Samsung and LG have some differences.

Setting up Wi-Fi on Samsung:

  • open the “Menu” tab on the remote control;
  • select “Settings” and then “Network”;
  • go to the “Network settings” section;
  • specify the type of network “Wireless”;
  • the TV searches for Wi-Fi networks;
  • select the name of the required network in the drop-down list;
  • enter the network password in the window that appears and click “Finish”;
  • when a connection is established, a window will appear with information about this.

Setting up Wi-Fi on LJI:

  • using the “Setting” button on the remote control enter the Smart TV settings;
  • select the “Network” section in the menu and enter it;
  • click the “Network connection” item;
  • select “Configure connection”;
  • click on the desired Wi-Fi network from the proposed list;
  • enter the password in the proposed window;
  • click OK;
  • connection made.
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Distracted, but not a problem. CONTINUE.

Sometimes you may be asked to enter IP or DNS. Select “Automatic”. A network map can be created in the same way. As you can see, there is nothing difficult in starting to watch movies on TV via Wi-Fi.

But if you connected and the signal is bad, even with interference, then it makes sense to dig further.

Changing the Router Location

The TV may lose connection with the router due to poor signal reception. You can solve the problem by rearranging the router closer to the TV.

Smart TV and built-in Wi-Fi

It is possible to watch analog and digital TV, as well as connect to the World Wide Web through a device, if the device has Smart TV and built-in Wi-Fi. The connection takes place through your own browser, to start using which you just need to enter the password after turning on. To control such a device, a remote control, a special detachable keyboard or a computer mouse can be used.

If the owner did not specify at the time of purchase about such a possibility, then you can learn about its presence or absence from the attached instructions. It should describe the process of accessing the Internet step by step and describe the setting. In addition, the owners by the name and model of the device can get acquainted with all the characteristics and capabilities via the Internet.

Reboot your TV and router

The first thing to do when your LG smart TV keeps losing Wi-Fi network is to reboot it and the router. Problems can be software in nature, and turning off devices will help fix driver initialization. Disable them for 15-20 seconds.

Internet does not work after connecting to Wi-Fi

When the TV is connected to a wireless network, but the Internet is not connected and the error “No connection to the Internet via Wi-Fi” appears, in this case, you must first check if the network is working on other devices. If so, the problem is with the TV itself. You can solve the problem using the following actions:

  • In the settings in the “Network”. “Connecting to a Wi-Fi network”. “advanced settings” section, register the statistical DNS address: and try to connect to the network.

If everything is done correctly, the connection status will change to “Connected to the Internet”.

Updating the TV’s firmware

Smart TV built-in software needs to be updated on time. Errors can accumulate as you work, making it difficult to connect to the Internet over Wi-Fi. Depending on the TV model, the update can be done in several ways:

  • Via wireless network;
  • Using the cable Internet;
  • Via an external USB drive (flash drive or hard drive).

If Wi-Fi does not work on Smart TV, use the second or third option to download the new software version. Detailed instructions for updating the software are usually posted on the website of the company that released the TV. Possible names of the required section: “Help”, “Support” or “Help Center”.

While the utility is running, it is important not to disconnect or de-energize the device. Any interruption may affect the further functionality of the Smart TV. Do not use third-party firmware to avoid loss of warranty service.

At 5 GHz

When the LG TV does not see the 5GHz network, the problem may be that it does not support this band. If such a situation occurs, first you need to check if the device supports the 802.11ac standard. You can read this information in the specifications or contact Support LG for advice.

If it was possible to find out that the model supports the standard, but the problem persists, then in this case, you need to check in the router settings, in the section with Wi-Fi settings, that the channels for the range are set correctly. It corresponds to 36, 40, 44 or 48 channels. If others are indicated, then the changes must be made manually and be sure to save the settings, and then restart the router. This problem can be solved by changing the region through the service menu.


To restore the wireless network and find out why Wi-Fi turns off on the TV, you should use the basic methods.

Of course, there are solutions called Smart TV.

Connecting to the Internet on modern devices is the easiest procedure. If we want to watch a movie or receive the Aunt Shura service. via Wi-Fi, we need a router.

But if such a module is not installed initially, the issue is solved SIMply. It is advisable to purchase and install Wi-Fi via USB!

Of course, first find out which USB modules the manufacturer recommends. So you save yourself the headache of choosing compatible devices.

Check the router settings before connecting directly. The main thing is that the DHCP service is connected in the LAN settings.

The connection itself. Connecting a TV to the Internet is no more difficult than connecting a computer. Of course, each device has its own unique features, but the idea is the same everywhere.

What to do if your Samsung TV won’t connect to the Internet via Wi-Fi

Thanks to setting up an Internet connection, the Smart TV platform has become extremely popular. Mostly users buy devices that support this function. However, what if the Samsung TV won’t connect to Wi-Fi? Why this problem appears and how can it be solved?

There are several types of faults. For example, the TV does not see the router, or the desired network is detected, but the TV device does not connect to it. Now let’s analyze failures in the wireless connection to the Internet.

Very often, connection problems arise through the fault of the user. Not everyone knows how to connect a TV to a home network.

Inoperative Wi-Fi adapter

To determine the probable cause of a malfunctioning wireless module, inspect the TV for mechanical damage. Check device performance and health.

If the TV is equipped with a built-in module, then the hardware component is checked for operability as follows:

  • Try connecting to your home network from your smartphone or tablet. If it fails to connect from another device, it means that the built-in Wi-Fi module is not working. Contact the specialists to solve the problem.
  • Open the main menu on your TV by clicking on the “Support” option. Now select “Contact Samsung”. Scroll down the web page. The corresponding numbers will be indicated in the MAC address line. If the combination consists of zeros or dashes, then the module is faulty.
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Sometimes Samsung TV will not connect to the Internet due to incorrect settings that were set by the user. You can reset them. How to do it? Find out now.

Resetting your TV and router

Resetting the network parameters is quite SIMple. Let’s take a step-by-step guide for Samsung Smart TV as an example:

  • Turn on the TV device.
  • Press the buttons quickly in the appropriate sequence: Info, Menu, Mute, Power to open the system menu.
  • Select the “Option” section by pressing the Enter button.
  • Activate the “Factory Reset” function.
  • Turn off the TV to close the service menu.

Turn on the TV and re-configure the device, after changing the name of the home network and the password to it.

If the connection to Wi-Fi is still not established, do the following:

  • manually change the DNS value to parameters: or You must first disable the DHCP option on the router;
  • open the main menu, and then the section “Control”, switch to the subsection “Sub Option”, and then to the tab “RF Mute Time”. Set the frequency with which you will switch to the next TV channel (you need to specify the time in milliseconds). Initially set to 600 milliseconds.

If you are still not connected to the network via Wi-Fi, you need to reset the router settings. It is very easy to do this, but you should only do it if you are sure that you can configure it again. When turning on the router, press and hold the WPS / Reset button (for about 10 seconds) until the SYS indicator starts flashing rapidly. Release the button and wait for the device to roll back to the basic parameters.

Quick guide for connecting Samsung TV to Wi-Fi

To determine the causes of problems with connecting to wireless networks, you must first carefully study the main features of configuring the Wi-Fi interface. It cannot be ruled out that the TV does not connect to the router due to incorrect user actions. Follow the SIMple instructions:

  • Turn on the router.
  • Take the remote control and open the main menu of the TV.
  • Go to the “Network” subsection, and then select “Network Settings”.
  • Choose the best connection method. “Wireless”.
  • Connect to your home wireless network.
  • Enter your password and click “OK”.

The step-by-step guide clearly demonstrates that connecting to the Internet via Wi-Fi is a very SIMple and straightforward process. Users shouldn’t have any problems.

What to do if the Internet was there, but then stopped working? It is necessary to determine the cause of the failure. Based on this, remedial measures are determined.

Possible problems and how to solve them

Why won’t the TV connect to my home network? There are many reasons. Sometimes it is extremely difficult for even a professional technician to determine the cause of the failure. Let’s consider the main prerequisites for the emergence of problems with the Internet:

  • the network equipment is configured incorrectly;
  • Smart TV settings are incorrectly set;
  • problems with the TV operating system;
  • problems with the provider;
  • weak signal.

To quickly understand why the Internet is not working, take a look at this table, which contains the main reasons for the lack of connection and how to fix the failures.


TV does not see the router

Turn off your router and TV, and then turn it on again; reset network settings; install operating system updates.

The user is connecting to a different Wi-Fi network

Go back to the network settings section and then select the name of your home network

Incorrect security password

Re-enter the security code in the appropriate field

Incorrect operation of the dynamic configuration of the network node

Configure automatic assignment of DNS values ​​and IP address settings. Go to “Network”, then to the “Network Status” tab. Select “Configure IP” and then set the value to “Obtain Automatically”. The problem persists? Enter the settings manually: IP, mask, gateway, DNS. this information is provided by the provider.

Software failure and system errors in the TV

The issue is fixed by updating the firmware

Connecting Samsung TV to the Internet via Wi-Fi is not much different from connecting devices produced by other popular manufacturers. The only difference is the different names of the main menu subsections.

Changing the Router Location

What to do if the TV does not see the router or the Internet periodically disappears. The signal quality directly depends on the distance between the TV and the router. Walls, furniture. all these are obstacles that negatively affect the quality of the connection.

Therefore, if the TV does not find your home network, then try placing the router a little closer. This applies to cases when the TV and the router are in different rooms, which are separated by a large corridor.

After changing the location of the router, the TV will see the home network. The user does not have to look for alternative ways to solve this problem. The solution is very SIMple and does not require any special skills.

TV firmware

In order for Smart TV services to function correctly and without any disruptions, you need to update the software in a timely manner. There are 2 main methods for updating the operating system firmware: via the Internet or using a flash drive. Step-by-step instructions for installing updates on Samsung TV from a USB flash drive:

  • Open the official web portal of the manufacturer.
  • Enter the model name of your device in the search bar.
  • Switch to the “Support” tab.
  • Go to the “Software” section.
  • Select the latest firmware from the drop-down list.
  • Follow the link to download the update files.
  • Create a folder “Samsung_dtv”, and then upload the downloaded files there.
  • Insert the USB stick into the USB connector of the TV.
  • The system will automatically offer to install system updates.
  • Click on the “Run” button.

Now you know what to do if Wi-Fi is missing on your Samsung TV. If the TV device stops picking up a signal or the Internet speed is very poor, use one of the listed solutions.

If the user connected an external Wi-Fi adapter, and the TV does not see the device, then this indicates a compatibility problem. To avoid such difficulties, buy only branded devices. It is advisable to purchase a device from the same company as the TV.