Setting up Mi band 4 on Android

How to set up Mi band 4 to show who is calling

The settings for the fourth version of the sports bracelet from Xiaomi are managed through the Mi Fit application, which is available both for smartphones on the Android system and for mobile phones on the iOS platform. You can download useful software for your phone in Google Play or AppStore.

How to set up caller name on Mi Band 4

How to set up on the Xiaomi Mi Band 4 bracelet so that you can see who called, many users think with a smart bracelet. This question also arises due to the lack of Russian firmware for the new gadget, as a result of which the contact name is displayed in hieroglyphs.

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Step-by-step instruction

To turn on the notification on the display of the smart bracelet information message with the name of the contact, you must perform the following actions:

  • Synchronize the mobile application on the device with a portable gadget through the “blue tooth”. This must be done before adjusting the display of notifications on the bracelet display.
  • Allow the application, and therefore the smart fitness tracker, to access contacts from the smartphone’s notebook.
  • Go to the second page of the application, where set the slider for incoming call notifications to the active position (in addition to moving, the activation of the option will serve as changing the color of the switch to intensive).
  • switch the toggle switch for displaying contact information to the on state.
  • A useful setting is not to show notifications about incoming calls from numbers that are not included in the smartphone’s contact book. It is also activated by moving the slider.
  • If desired, you can set the parameters of the notification delay (from 3 to 30 seconds) about an incoming incoming call.
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After completing these steps sequentially, you can configure the display of notifications about the caller on the bracelet display. But, most likely, the name of the calling contact will be displayed in hieroglyphs.

How to set up the name of the caller in Russian on Mi Band 4

If the standard tracker settings are used through the Mi Fit program, the caller’s name is displayed on the bracelet screen in English, and more often in Chinese. The manufacturer on the official Internet resource promises multilingual support with a smart bracelet, which should appear with the first updates.

Until this happens, there is a way to configure the name of the subscriber of an incoming call in Russian. This requires:

  • Completely uninstall the Mi Fit app after unlinking the gadget and turning off Bluetooth.
  • Configure the language layout of the smartphone by choosing Simplified Chinese.
  • Fill the Mi Fit software again and log into your account.
  • Synchronize with a portable device, while providing access to the list of contacts.
  • You should set permission to receive notifications of an incoming call, following the standard instructions.
  • After all the manipulations, you must turn off the application and the “blue tooth”, translate the language layout of the smartphone into Russian and restart the device.

After connecting the bracelet, the name of the caller will be displayed in Cyrillic in Russian, just as it is written in the smartphone’s contact book.

When setting up the caller’s name in Russian, before using the Chinese layout, it is advisable to take screenshots of the main key parameters from the Russian version of the program.

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Why notifications are not received on Mi Band 4?

One of the most annoying and frequent problems that owners of Xiaomi fitness assistants face are notification interruptions. Although many people buy a gadget precisely in order not to miss signals during sports or taking a shower. There may be several reasons:

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  • the wrong operating system is selected. You will need to go to the appropriate item and select the OS of the current smartphone;
  • autostart of the utility is prohibited. switch the slider opposite the name to active mode;

XIAOMI Mi Smart Band 4 Unboxing, Setup, Connect to Phone & Factory Reset

  • background activity control is installed. remove restrictions on this item;
  • Mi Fit is not fixed in active applications. set a “lock” on the desktop next to the fitness utility;
  • the main software does not have access to the contacts and calls of the smartphone. allow the utility such access.

On iPhone

For iPhone owners, the above procedures are not available. The operating system is of a closed type, therefore, setting is possible only using applications: Mi Fit or Mi Band Master. The very procedure for setting up notifications for Mi Band 4 for iOS in Mi Fit differs little from the one described above for Android. You will need to set all permissions and disable the restriction on working in the background.

The second application. Mi band master. in iOS has more meager functionality, but still allows you to set the signaling of incoming calls, messages, alarm clock. In the desired tab, you must sequentially activate all the parameters for which you want to receive signals.

How to set up notifications on Mi Band 4

Fitness Assistant from Xiaomi supports notifications that come to the owner’s smartphone. This is an alarm about SMS, messages on social networks or popular instant messengers, missed calls, etc. The question often arises. how to configure Mi Band 4 notifications if they stopped coming to the tracker. We will analyze: what may be the reasons and how to perform the setting.

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On Android

You can enable notifications not only for instant messengers, but also for mail services. To do this, follow the algorithm:

In addition, you can select and activate:

  • goal reminders;
  • refusal of signaling about messages that come from numbers unknown to the user;
  • signals about incoming calls;
  • permission to display contact details;
  • warm-up reminder;
  • alarm signal.

After setting up, it is worth testing the work of the marked services and the functions of the bracelet. To do this, you need to send several messages to your smartphone from another device. The hardest part is the activation of messages about the loss of communication via Bluetooth. Previously, trackers had such a function; currently, such an “alarm” can be set only through third-party utilities.

Summing up

Many users purchase Mi Gang 4 in order not to miss any incoming messages, letters and calls even during the time that is devoted to playing sports or taking a shower after them. In addition, the bracelet will remind you of the goals created, warm-ups before workouts and other tasks. Setting up notifications for Mi Band 4 is possible after pairing with a smartphone, all manipulations take place in the application. There can be many reasons for the lack of alerts. One of the main ones is the ban on working in the background and the lack of software access to smartphone data. To solve the problem, you need to cancel the ban on working in the background and allow access to contacts, alarm clock data, scheduler and other programs.