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How to Hard Reset on Mi Band 4

If your Mi Band 4 was previously paired with the Mi Fit program on your smartphone, it is recommended to unlink it from the program. Unlinking is carried out in a similar way described in the case of the Mi Band 3 bracelet.

The very same reset of the Mi 4 fitness tracker to factory settings will be performed in a similar way to the one described with version 3.

  • Activate your bracelet by tapping on the screen;
  • Swipe from top to bottom until the “Advanced” option appears. Tap on it;
  • Using a swipe from top to bottom, scroll through the menu to the “Settings” option and click on it;
  • In the list of options that opens, swipe up from the bottom to the “Reset settings” option. Click on it;

How to reset the smart bracelet Mi Band 3

The need to reset the Mi Band 3 fitness tracker to factory settings may be due to the unstable operation of the device. Or the requirement of the “Mi Fit” program, which offers to carry out a Hard Reset after a period of inactivity.

If your bracelet was previously paired with the “Mi Fit” program on a smartphone, it is recommended to untie it from the program, and only then reset it.

  • Launch the “Mi Fit” application;
  • Click on the profile tab;
  • Find your Mi Band 3;
  • Scroll the screen from bottom to top several times
  • Click the Unpair button;

After unlinking the bracelet from the program, reset it.

How to reset the bracelet Mi Band 3, 4

Despite the fact that the bracelets Xiaomi “Mi Band 3” and “Mi Band 4” are of high quality, they are not immune to failures. The devices have a small amount of memory (only 512 KB). And over time, the memory is inevitably clogged with various garbage data. This leads to a malfunction of the gadget, slowdown, freezing and incorrect display of indicators. The solution to the problem may be to return to the factory settings, allowing you to “reset” the bracelet and get its factory “clean” version. In our material, we will analyze how to reset the fitness bracelets Mi Band 3 and Mi Band 4. And also what we need for this.

Things to Remember When Performing a Factory Reset

You can find a lot of tips on the network offering to reset the Mi Band 3 and 4 device, put it in the freezer for several hours, completely discharge the device, close a number of contacts in it, and perform other barbaric actions. If they are objectified, you risk losing your gadget altogether, leaving it in an unusable state. Do you need this. a rhetorical question.

The software methods described above using the bracelet menu are effective. The use of third-party questionable “Diagnostic” level applications is not required.

The following steps will help to make a Hard Reset on the Mi Band 3 tracker:

After performing a reset, the Chinese version of the Mi Band may switch to Chinese, as a result of which you will see hieroglyphs on the screen. To return to the Cyrillic alphabet, it is recommended to pair the bracelet with Mi Fit on your phone. As a result, the bracelet will receive the necessary data and switch to the Russian-language interface.

Above, we reviewed the steps to manually reset your Mi Band 3, 4 smart bracelet to factory settings. Early versions and firmwares of trackers did not allow Hard Reset from the menu. And users had to resort to third-party tools. Now the situation has changed radically. And you can easily delete the settings of your gadget using the tips given by us.

Xiaomi Mi Band 4: basic tracker settings


  • First of all, it should be noted that mi Smart bend 4 does not have an on / off button, which means that it will not work to turn off and on the watch. mi bend 4 turns on and off automatically. when connected to a charger and completely discharged, respectively.
  • At the first contact with the device, you need to press the touch button mi band and wait for the screen to turn on. if this does not happen, then the gadget is completely discharged and the first thing to do is to connect it to charging. It is recommended to check the inclusion of mi band 4 directly upon purchase, so as not to purchase a non-working device.
  • In order to use all the functions of Xiaomi mi band 4 to the full, you will need to connect the tracker to your smartphone via a special application. Optimal use of the application from Xiaomi. Mi Fit. Other programs are also suitable, for example Master for Mi Band or NotifyFitness.

How to connect mi band 4 to a smartphone via Mi Fit app?

  • The first step is to install Mi Fit on your smartphone by downloading it through the Google Play service. Please note that older phone OS versions may not support this tracker app. By the way, Xiaomi smartphones can always be updated to the required version, since the manufacturer supports updates for all its gadgets.
  • Next, you need to create an account or log into an existing Mi Fit account.
  • Allow the necessary settings and activate the Bluetooth function on the phone.
  • Upon completion of registration, you need to find in the program settings in the “Profile” tab the opportunity to add a new device, select “Bracelet”. After that, the phone will search for tracker mi band 4 and to confirm the creation of a connection between the phone and mi band, you will need to press “ok” directly on the tracker.

Charging Mi Bend 4

To charge the mi band 4 bracelets, it is necessary to remove the watch capsule from the strap each time. The easiest way to do this is by pulling the strap and prying the mi band up. Next, the capsule must be placed in the charger by connecting it to a power source. Please note that the contacts of the tracker and the charger should fit snugly together. Every time you start charging, we recommend that you make sure that the charging process has been successfully activated. sometimes it will be necessary to wipe the contact area from invisible dust particles that can interfere with charging. It takes approximately two hours to fully charge the mi band 4, and you can connect the device to a laptop / computer or to a power outlet. The rechargeable battery holds a charge of the tracker for approximately 20 days.

Monitoring user activity mi band 4

All the main functions of the fitness tracker are displayed on the mi band 4 in separate menu items, but all data is only for the current time. In order to view statistics for a week, month or any other required period, you will need to log into your Mi Fit account on your smartphone. The app also stores all data about the user’s heart rate measurement, workouts performed and sleep quality.

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Date, time and language

Basic settings on mi band 4, such as the current date, time and interface language, are connected automatically after synchronizing the bracelet with a smartphone. The display of data on the main screen depends on the dial, which in mi bend 4 can be changed at your discretion at any time.

How to change the dial in Xiaomi Mi Band 4 watch?

It should be noted that by default in the settings of the mi band trackers there are 3 dials. you can choose any of them by going to the “Display” clock menu. However, using the Mi Fit app, many other watch faces can be easily and quickly installed on the bracelet. To do this, you need to select the “Linked device” menu in the program settings, then. “Dial settings”, then select the dials you like and press the “Synchronize” button.

Master for Mi Band

The utility has advanced functionality, and it is very easy to customize the display of calls using it.

Click on the three bars in the upper left corner and click “Calls”. “Add notification”. Choose one contact or all.

setting, band, android

Go to the additional menu. First of all, we set the type of notification. It can be a preset vibration, arbitrary text or a name, a subscriber number.

If you chose the first option, we indicate the number of vibrations, their duration and delay. Next, let’s move on to filters. We set or uncheck the checkboxes from different positions: receiving notifications in quiet, normal, vibration mode and when the screen is off.

Configuring messages is similar. We go to the tab of the same name, add elements and set the parameters. Messages can be sorted by content filter.

Deactivating the option “On screen off only”

If calls do not come from Viber, WhatsApp, Skype, disable the “Receive notifications only when the screen is off” function. When you receive a call on the messenger, the smartphone display automatically lights up, and the bracelet does not need to vibrate, because the user already sees the call. But it happens that the phone is far from the owner, lies in the in silent mode, so notifications from Mi Band are needed. You cannot explain these situations to the application, so just deactivate the function.

There is a similar point in the messengers themselves. Go to “Settings”. “Notifications” and uncheck the box next to “Turn on the screen”.

Mi Fit

  • Pair your smartphone and wearable device.
  • In the lower right corner, click “Profile” and tap on the linked Bend.
  • Go to the “Incoming call” tab and move the slider opposite the “Warn about an incoming call” item.
  • Provide access to the numbers on the phone and activate the line “Show contact details” so that the name of the caller is displayed on the display.
  • Optionally, block notifications from unknown numbers and set a delay with an interval of up to 30 seconds.
  • Go to “Profile”. “Alerts”. “”.
  • Select the “Incoming SMS” tab and move the toggle switch opposite the only item. There are no more settings here.

Calls and messages are not displayed

Unfortunately, even the correct setting does not protect against problems. Therefore, you need to know what actions will help if the bracelet does not display alerts or does it incorrectly.

Setting up calls and SMS on Mi band 4

Displaying calls and messages is one of the main functions of a fitness bracelet. Earlier, we wrote how to set up notifications from applications. And today we’ll talk about how to properly configure the display of calls and SMS and what to do if Mi Band 4 does not show them.

How to enable notification

In this matter, you can not do without connecting to the phone. Synchronization with applications is required, otherwise almost all useful functions of the bracelet will not be available. Special programs will help you activate and configure calls. Beginners will like the official Mi Fit software, more advanced users will like Master for Mi Band and Notify Fitness.

Software Update

With an outdated version of the operating system (below Android 4.4), calls are usually not displayed on the Mi Band display. The only thing that can be done in this case is to turn off smart unlock and set “No restrictions” in the background activity control for Mi Fit.

It is also recommended to regularly update the MIUI firmware as stable updates are released (on Xiaomi and Redmi phones). And, of course, install the latest version of Mi Fit or other software with which you control the wearable device.

Configuring and solving problems with MiBand 4 and MiBand 5

I decided to write this article since recently there have been very similar questions about setting up fitness bracelets MiBand 4 and MiBand 5. Unfortunately, very few people read the instructions from Yegor Kalina to the end, where it is written how to fight and correct mistakes, and even fewer people switch to the page of the developer of these dials Artyom Kovalenko, who is engaged in the development and updating of such a convenient solution. Who wants to. can support the author in his efforts to develop these useful things!

Link to the instruction from Egor Kalina in Russian.

First of all, when buying a bracelet, make sure that you buy the “original”, it should connect with the MiFit application on your smartphone without any problems. If the synchronization with the phone goes through another application, this is a copy and it will not work to bring sugar to them. Several people have already contacted me with a similar problem.

Remember. when the battery charge reaches 10% or less. the bracelet will constantly show the last value without changing it or notifying you, so keep track of the battery status of your device!

At the moment, the difference between MiBand 4 and MiBand 5 when showing the blood sugar graph is 5 additionally displays the weather readings in your region. Also, MiBand 5 has more convenient charging and you do not need to pull out the “pill” from the strap to recharge.

Straps with 4 models do not fit 5, so who wants to switch. there is no point in this now, but in the future, possibly a larger screen size will be able to show more additional information.

These devices do not affect the quality of communication with your monitoring, if the phone is no more than 3 years old, then there will be no problems when using it, older phones just need to be checked. As a rule, there are no problems with Android version 5.1 and higher.

This watch does not know how to read blood sugar, but simply displays what comes to your Android phone (do not set such a schedule on the iPhone) and this allows us to constantly monitor our sugar or blood sugar of a loved one (followers can also be configured).

Therefore, the links will be at the top. so that everyone can read and consider them before jumping and shouting with joy.


Everything is simple here. we use the instructions from Yegor Kalinkin, where everything is clearly and understandably described and it helps most users.

But if you did everything very carefully, and there is still no sugar schedule, then we act according to this algorithm:

  • If you do not have the “Detection” item in the jailbroken Mi Fit, first of all make sure that your account is over 18 years old.
  • Make sure that only your bracelet is connected to the MiFit application and no more devices, if there are others. disconnect these devices.
  • If you cannot get the authorization key (points 1-8), there is no “Detection” item in the jailbroken Mi Fit, you cannot log into your account, etc., try to perform steps 1 through 8 on any other smartphone by connecting Mi Band with him.
  • After removing the jailbroken Mi Fit (p. 8), open the phone memory with any application (Files, My files, Explorer, etc.) and find the freemyband folder.

It will contain one file. Open it and copy all the symbols after; in the “Authorization Key” field in the Mi Band settings in xDrip on your smartphone. If necessary, fill in the “MAC-address” field with symbols up to; in the same file.

After that click on “Update BG manually” and the graph should appear. All other points of the instructions remain mandatory.

If the sugar graph does not appear when the “MAC address” and “Authorization key” settings are filled, make sure that you have disabled the setting “BG readings as notifications” and enabled “Send readings” in xDrip. At the very bottom, try to enable “Disable hight MTU values” and click “Update HA manually”, this may help.

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If you did everything correctly, but the chart still does not want to appear on the watch. clear the “MAC address” and “Authorization key” fields in the xDrip settings, disable “Use Mi Band” and delete the freemyband folder from the phone memory.

Then use this version of Xdrip instead of the one specified in the instructions of Yegor Kalinkin. To do this, the Russian version from Egor must be removed, then put the version below (do not forget to give all permissions for Xdrip and MiFit in the phone settings). The rest of the actions are strictly according to the instructions, even if you have already done it 10 times:

After you configure your MiBand 4, you can use this version of Xdrip that you installed, but if you have problems with monitoring, you can install the Russian version from Egor Kalina back, after removing Xdrip MiBand

– added a widget for Always on Display (if the smartphone supports displaying the clock / other information on the screen off, you can add an xDrip graph there by allowing it access in the accessibility settings and enabling Always on Display (usually in the lock screen settings));
– fixed display of the chart on the home screen widget;
– bug fixes.

Differences from the original version:
– calibrations of all sensors work according to the xDrip algorithm version dated 05/18/2019, without limiting the intercept;
– Libre 2 calibrations without a transmitter are supported in a wider range of ± 3.33 mmol / L (see instructions);
– fixed interface of statistics and system state on devices with small screen.

If you already had a translated version, the update is installed without removing the previous one.
If there was the original version, the translated version is installed according to the instructions in the attached message.

You don’t need to do anything on the bracelet and in the MiFit app, just turn off the synchronization with MiBand before uninstalling the Xdrip MiBand app

After installing the Russian version of Xdrip, give all permissions to the Xdip application, turn on synchronization with MiBand and enjoy the indications on the bracelet.

Mi Smart Band 4. How To Setup And Unboxing | How To Connect Mi Band 4 With Phone # Mi Smart Band 4

MiBand 5

Here we also take the connection diagram from Yegor Kalinkin as a basis, only with some changes:

  • We use the Xdrip application only this, and not from the instructions. Xdrip MiBand
  • Hacked by the MiFit application, we use only this, and not from the instructions. MiFit 4.2.0
  • After you configure your MiBand 5, you can use this version of Xdrip that you installed, but if you have problems with monitoring, you can install the Russian version from Egor Kalina back, after removing Xdrip MiBand You don‘t need to do anything on the bracelet and in the MiFit application, just turn off the synchronization with MiBand before uninstalling the Xdrip application MiBand After installing the Russian version of Xdrip, give all permissions to the Xdip application, turn on the synchronization with MiBand and enjoy the indications on the bracelet. If this does not help, then stay on version Xdrip MiBand

That’s all you need to set up these fitness bracelets. I did it myself and suffered for a couple of days until I found the correct algorithm and I think I won’t be able to “chew” in more detail.

If something doesn’t work out for you, ask questions in the comments under the article, so more people can see them and find answers to their questions. I will diligently ignore questions in PM, because I am physically lacking for everyone and I see no reason to answer the same questions.

In the end, I want to say thank you to those people who have dealt with and are engaged in this issue. Artyom Kovalenko and Yegor Kalinkin, help us make our life more convenient and spend their personal time on it.!

Do I need Mi Band 4 with NFC?

The Chinese version of the bracelet, in turn, is also presented in two configurations. with and without an NFC module. There is no point in overpaying for the version with NFC for Russian users, since the module does not work outside of China, and even there it is used to emulate cards, and not contactless payments.

Payments via Mi Band with NFC are carried out in the Alipay system by displaying QR codes on the bracelet display, and not by attaching the gadget to the terminal, as we used to do with smartphones.

Left. standard Mi Band, right. version with NFC

Visually, modifications can be distinguished by different patterns of the touch key. The version with NFC has a microphone and support for the Xiao AI voice assistant, which allows you to activate various functions of the bracelet with your voice. All this is also intended for the Chinese market. the assistant understands only Chinese. Perhaps in the future there will be custom firmware, where the microphone will be used to implement additional features, but so far these functions have no benefit.


The next menu item is “Weather”. Everything is simple here, the forecast for the current day and the next four are displayed. In addition to day and night temperatures, cloudiness and the possibility of precipitation are indicated.

In Mi Fit, you can set the desired city or set automatic location, set the units of measurement and turn on the weather alert.


Mi Band 4 received a redesigned charger. Now the cradle is made in the shape of a boat, the tracker can be inserted into it quite easily, but the inconveniences that arise each time the capsule is removed from the bracelet are still there.

The manufacturer’s declared autonomy of the gadget is 20 days, and these promises are not far from the truth, since after 9 days of using the bracelet while monitoring the heart rate every 30 minutes, I have 53% of the battery left. It should be borne in mind that the operating time on a single charge will greatly depend on the settings, especially on the frequency of heart rate measurement. If you turn on the minute monitoring per day, it will go to about 10% of the charge. The battery replenishes resources quickly, a full charge cycle lasts 80 minutes.

Features and price

Official sales of Mi Band 4 in Russia started on July 9, the new product is offered at a price of 2,990 rubles.

  • touch screen: 0.95 inches, 120×240 pixels, color AMOLED, 2.5D glass;
  • strap: replaceable silicone, width. 18 mm, length. from 155 to 216 mm;
  • battery: 135 mAh (Li-Pol), autonomy up to 20 days;
  • connection interface: Bluetooth 5.0;
  • compatibility: Android 4.4, iOS 9.0;
  • protection from water: 5 ATM (immersion up to 50 m);
  • weight: 22 grams (with strap).

The package, in addition to the strap, capsule and charging adapter, includes a rather massive instruction in 9 languages, in which there is not a word in Russian.

Synchronization and setup

For neophytes, let’s take a look at how to connect Mi Band 4 to a phone. The first synchronization is very simple, the main thing is to do it not through the Bluetooth settings, but with the help of the appropriate application. The algorithm is as follows:

  • Download the Mi Fit app (links for Android / iOS)
  • Launch Mi Fit and choose a login method: you can create an account in the application itself, or log in via email, which is easier and faster.
  • Next, we connect Mi Band 4: go to the “Profile” tab, click “Add device” and select “Bracelet”. the search for a gadget will start, on which you will need to confirm the connection request by tapping on the checkmark.

That’s all. our smart bracelet is ready to use. To configure Mi Band 4, we find it in the “Devices” tab and understand the available options. Everything is intuitive and well Russified, so even people using such gadgets for the first time shouldn’t have any difficulties.

With the smartphone Mi Band 4 connects via Bluetooth 5.0. There are no complaints directly about the quality of synchronization, communication in open space is maintained within 30 meters. The presence of the bracelet allows you to use the convenient Smart Lock function, in which the phone is not locked for a password / fingerprint if the bracelet is connected and is in close proximity to it.

Design and ergonomics

Like all previous generations, the new Mi Band is made in a capsule form factor, which is located inside the landing hole in the strap. Its dimensions have changed minimally in comparison with its predecessor, and therefore with the novelty it will be possible to use silicone straps from the third generation (metal ones may not fit, since the capsule has become 0.6 mm thicker).

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As for the complete strap, it is light and tactilely pleasant, it feels absolutely comfortable on the hand. The fixation of the tracker is reliable. for the entire time of use there was not even a hint that it could fall out.

On the back of the capsule, there are contacts for charging and an updated PPG sensor for measuring heart rate. The latter, although it sticks out quite strongly outside the case, when the bracelet is on the wrist is not felt.

There is also a proximity sensor on the back, on the basis of which a new security function has been implemented. now Mi Band can be blocked and require a pincode when removed from the hand.

The tracker itself, although it remained very similar to the Mi Band 3, has changed significantly in detail. The front side of the capsule has lost the recess for the touch key and has become less convex. now it is completely flat, there are only small 2.5D rounded edges.

For the first time in the series, the display is not covered with plastic, but with tempered glass. Xiaomi does not disclose the manufacturer, but the material looks strong enough. after 10 days of use, even minor scratches did not appear on it.

Glass not only adds reliability to the gadget. now you can not be afraid to break the tracker by inaccurately touching something solid with your hand, but also makes interaction with it more pleasant tactilely. Thanks to the oleophobic coating, the finger glides well on the screen, leaving a minimum of fingerprints and smudges that can be easily erased.

The gadget complies with the GB / T 30106-2013 waterproof class, which implies the ability to dive to a depth of 50 meters. With Mi Band 4, you can not only wash your hands and take a shower, but also swim. As practice shows, the tracker easily survives immersion in both fresh and salt water.

Interface and control

The bracelet interface is represented by a vertical menu consisting of 7 main desktops, navigated by swipes from top to bottom. There is also an additional tab “Music” that opens with a horizontal swipe. Confirmation of the action and selection of a tab is carried out by tapping on the screen, pressing the touch key below it is responsible for going back. Menu scrolling animation is fixed. you cannot tap on the screen and crawl the interface back and forth.

The fourth Mi Band received support for all kinds of interchangeable dials. Three standard ones are sewn into the device’s memory, which also stores the last dial installed through the Mi Fit application, in which there are about 50 of them. It is possible to install watch faces from third-party developers (for example, here you can find animated versions) and even make them yourself with any pictures, so the gadget’s customization possibilities are very wide.

For my taste, screensavers with a black background look best, they do not show the outlines of the screen borders, which looks more aesthetically pleasing. By the way, in the three pre-installed screensavers, the name of the day of the week is localized, and on those stored in the application it is displayed in English.

Mi fit

The easiest way to set up the functionality is in Mi Fit, since this is an official application that has been tested by a large team of developers. If the basic capabilities are not enough, you can use third-party programs. We will also touch on this topic.

  • Pair your phone and device.
  • Go to “Profile” and select a device from the list.
  • Go to the desired section.
  • Turn on the toggle switch and activate the “Receive only when the screen is off” function. This will eliminate duplicates.
  • Click on the “Manage” button and select the programs from which you want to receive updates.
  • Optionally, you can create a custom vibration pattern. Fill in the progress bar to the required value, test the impact on Mi bands and click save or repeat the recording.

The fitness bracelet allows you to customize several types of notifications:

We have already considered the basic setup of the first option, move on to the rest.

To configure notifications about calls and messages, return to the “Profile” tab and open the additional menu.

Select the desired item and follow all the recommendations of the program. In the case of calls, you need to allow access to contacts and calls, as well as give permission to work in the background.

You can customize the delay, set the vibration pattern and turn off the reminder for unknown numbers.

There are much fewer parameters in SMS. activation and a familiar pattern.

To set up target notification, do not leave the open menu and select the last item.

A similar situation with the inactivity reminder.

The hardest part is to turn on the message about the loss of Bluetooth communication. Previously, Mi Fit had such a feature, but later the developers removed it. You can still configure the “alarm” through third-party software.

Notify Fitness

This program significantly expands the standard functionality. The developer added the ability to customize a custom template. You can set an icon, reminder mode, enter text and add a filter by content. For example, a user can set up a stop list to disable reaction to spam in WhatsApp, Viber or Telegram.

The list of built-in icons is small and some options are available only in the paid version. It is quite possible to pay 210 rubles for cool software, but first it is worth testing in detail the main competitor MBM. The apps are very similar, although Notify has unique features like workouts, map connections, and disconnect alerts. It can be configured only in the PRO version.

  • Click on the icon with three stripes.
  • Switch to the “Miscellaneous” tab.
  • Scroll to the bottom and activate the function when the bracelet cannot find the smartphone. Remember to set up a timer to check.

Notifi significantly enhances the capabilities of the bracelet. For example, you can send a message to the tracker about the discharge of your smartphone. It will take more than one day to master the interface and learn the functionality, but it is very useful.

Mi Band 4 notifications

Thanks to the enlarged screen of the Xiaomi Mi Smart Band 4, viewing notifications has become more convenient compared to previous generation models. The developers have increased the amount of built-in memory. now 10 messages are stored, if more are received, the old ones are pushed out of history. At the top of the message, the application icon, content and time are displayed. In the case of SMS, a standard image is displayed. The font is a bit small, but you can fix this problem by uploading a custom.ft file. Below we will show you how to do this.

In the previous version of the fitness bracelet, large texts were split across multiple screens. You could scroll through the notifications by swiping to the right. The four distinguished themselves here too. Messages are now displayed on one screen. To view the full text, you just need to slowly swipe down on the display. Switching to the next SMS is carried out with a quick swipe down. The interaction mechanics are very convenient.

Configuring notifications

It is not difficult to enable the function, but it is important to follow all our recommendations so that it starts working as usual. Users often experience problems with notifications, but we will try to answer all questions and post existing solutions.


To set up on Android, you need a smartphone and a fitness tracker. Step-by-step instructions will help you follow in our footsteps and do everything exactly as recommended by the manufacturer Mi Band 4.

Mi band master

Notify’s main rival in the custom software niche. Works on a similar model. the most “delicious” functions are available only after payment.

    built-in debugging mechanism; large space for customization (delay, filter, type, multiple modes); messages about important events (exceeding heart rate, distance, calories, charge).

5 menu items are responsible for notifications. They can control various functions: from alarms to messages from instant messengers.

There are no more than 2 templates available in the free version. For more demanding users, PRO is suitable for 185 rubles.