Setting up a forked player on a Samsung TV

Through settings

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When buying a TV, the default movie viewing programs, such as IVI, must be set up. The ability to launch the Forkplayer app for Samsung Smart TV through the settings is also available. To install Fork Player on Samsung Smart TV, you need to go to the network settings of the TV and click the “Network Status” button. We are shown an excellent internet connection.

We go to the item “IP Settings”. Press the button “Settings. DNS “and change the automatic connection parameter to manual configuration.

We go to the “DNS Server”. We enter the values ​​using the remote control and the on-screen line with the symbols: Click “Finish”, “Ok” and wait for confirmation of receiving a connection to the server.

If after this chain of operations the video does not work, then the router is stitched for the provider. And this means that changing the DNS address cannot be avoided and you will not be able to watch movies through ForkPlayer.

In this case, reinstalling the router or program, as a separate application, will help. This can be done by transferring it from flash memory.

If the operation is completed successfully, open the IVI application. If the setting is successful, the Forkplayer application starts with a large letter “F” on a blue screen. By default, there will be few links in the program window.

You can configure all links in this way:

  • go to “Settings”, then. to “Application settings”;
  • enable the parameter “Third-party content” by rearranging the adjustment to “On”;
  • click “OK” and “Continue”.

The default video quality is 720. You can change it to 1080. Return to the start menu. nothing seems to have changed. Press again the letter “A” on the remote control, go to “Settings”, “Start menu settings”. Click “Add all links”.

Coming back, we see an increased number of links to sites. Having fallen into one of them, we find ourselves in a catalog with films, cartoons and other content.

Forkplayer for Samsung Smart TV: installation methods and subtleties of work

The standard set of programs for a modern TV already includes Smart Player for Samsung Smart TV. But due to the difficulties with broadcasting models from YouTube, after 2012, you have to watch the video through the browser. This is inconvenient and broadcasts are often interrupted by advertisements. This article discusses how to install, configure and subtleties of working with the Fork player, which extends the standard capabilities for viewing video content.

How to install and configure Fork Player on Samsung TV

All you have to do is set up the app directly from your TV remote. The Samsung remote has a large red button with the letter “A”.

After clicking on the screen, a menu window called “Login” is displayed. This is a menu to sign in to Smart TV and Samsung accounts. She immediately offers to merge existing accounts. To do this, you need to log into Smart TV by creating an account or logging into an existing one.

For authorization in the empty field “Account. app. Samsung ”enter“ develop ”. You don’t need to write the password right away. It will be affixed automatically. Look for the checkboxes in front of the fields “Remember password” and “Automatic login”. they must be ticked. After these operations, press the “Login” button.

Let’s go back to the TV remote control. Let’s pay attention to the TOOLS button. After clicking in the lower right corner of the screen, a drop-down window appears. Use the remote control buttons up and down to move the cursor to the “Settings” button.

After that, in the middle of the screen is the next drop-down window. Move the cursor to the “Development” menu button.

The next menu is “Terms of Agreement”. You can read it to the end and understand that only you are responsible for your actions, and Samsung disclaims any liability for damages and damages associated with the installation of the program, and you agree to use Smart TV equipment in full accordance with the instructions. Or you can not read, but just put a tick in front of the “I Accept” menu and press the “OK” menu button.

After pressing the key, the next menu “Development” appears. On it, select “IP address settings”. In the next window, enter the IP address for synchronization with Smart Hub: 46.36. 222.114.

Everything is extremely simple and the address is exactly the same. After confirmation, go to “User Application Synchronization”. The sync process takes some time with the work being displayed on the screen.

After synchronization, you need to close the Smart TV program and restart it to update. 4 new application widgets will appear on the bottom of the screen.

By clicking one of the widgets, we get to the list of sites with starting icons of sites from which you can watch movies for free. From here we go to the site you like and choose free videos. movies, cartoons or series.

From a flash drive

There is a way to install the program as a standalone application. If the TV version has the letter J, then this method is for you:

  • formatting a fresh USB flash drive in the computer and giving it the name userwidget;
  • create a folder with the same name;
  • transfer the downloaded file to a folder;
  • connect the flash card to the TV and launch the application with the remote control.

After a while, the application will be installed on your TV.

Forkplayer Features for Samsung Smart TV

Fork player installation methods are considered based on Samsung 5 series model. But for other models. previous and subsequent, for example, 6 or 7 series, it also fits with small variations.

The Smart TV system is installed in order to watch movies on TV just like on your favorite computer. Initially, people believed that movies can be played through the browser.

  • it is not very convenient;
  • the page does not expand to full screen;
  • the movie often turns off and you have to refresh the page;
  • asks to install a flash player, which cannot be installed on a TV;
  • in most cases, TV channels are paid and you won’t be able to watch anything without a monthly investment.

And this widget allows you to watch most of the new movies in excellent quality for free.

ForkPlayer errors and problems

Not everything goes smoothly when setting up the program. Let’s consider the typical errors in the application, installation difficulties and methods of fixing them:

  • There are 2 widgets instead of 4. On some versions of TV sets this happens.
  • The password does not appear after entering the “develop” login. Then you should enter it manually: 123456.
  • When registering, writes that such a user has already been created. Login “develop” is entered directly into the field along with the password. No need to register again.
  • If synchronization takes a long time, it is recommended to restart the application.
  • On Samsung UE32J5500 and other J series, the program is installed from a USB flash drive. Not configurable via preinstalled applications.
  • IP TV is not viewable. To watch TV channels, subscribe to the author of the player. It is paid.
  • The password itself is not entered on the UE40D6100SW model. Therefore, installation via Smart HUB is recommended. You need to log in with the same username with an empty password. Or enter the password 111111; instead of the “TOOLS” button on the remote control, press “D” and then follow the instructions; in the “Setting the IP address” enter or; hereinafter. “Synchronization of user applications”; reboot Smart TV.
  • Unable to connect to server. If this error occurs, you need to update the TV software.

You can update the player in two ways: by automatic updating through the settings or by transferring a new version to a USB flash drive. Older TVs do not support auto update. Therefore, the best way to install a TV player on a Samsung Smart TV is to transfer it to a USB flash drive.

ForkPlayer for Samsung Smart TVs

To solve the problem of expanding the functions of the TV, forkplayer for Samsung Smart TV is suitable. This media player will help you to get free access to a long list of TV channels with different topics. Also intended for high-quality viewing of a movie or video files, listening to audio recordings online and many other functions. This article is devoted to describing the process of installing and configuring such a necessary widget with a description of common problems and their elimination.

Benefits and opportunities

Let’s consider the most basic advantages provided by such an innovative application.

  • You can create tabs for the purpose of informational preservation. When exiting the forked player, go to the setup menu and press the “Initial group” button. Then we make a choice to continue viewing from the required place.
  • Excellent and high-quality visibility when performing data retrieval procedures. The file you want is much easier to find and run.
  • Each user now adjusts the brightness, color background and other characteristics for individual needs.
  • A simplified navigation bar is built in. Return is possible by pressing a special button.
  • The green bar displays the loading process, which makes it possible to evaluate the duration of the procedure and its effectiveness.

Download and install

Modern man is spoiled by innovative technology, with parameters of multifunctionality. At the same time, even such an advanced TV as Samsung Smart TV cannot satisfy the increasing demands of the consumer. The main obstacle is the standard Internet browser, which does not support all modern technologies. Only the use of a fork player for Samsung Smart TV will make the TV a universal and multifunctional gadget. First, let’s look at the issues of downloading and installing this widget on a Samsung Smart TV.

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In order not to get problems after installing pirated programs, you should download the widget on the official developer’s resource. Is free. Using the Play Market, we find the required application. You should also pay attention to the impossibility of installing third-party applications by providing a Samsung TV.

There are two installation options to connect a fork of the player to a Samsung TV:

The first option takes into account the release time of the device from 2015.

In this case, the first step will be to disable automatic software updates. This is necessary to prevent the version from being updated to the latest version.

The algorithm of actions is as follows:

  • from the main menu, go to support;
  • on the software update tab, put a check mark on the “off” auto-update;
  • then we connect to the Internet and go to the menu bar “Network status”;
  • select “IP Settings”;
  • then the path lies to the “DNS Settings”;
  • we prescribe;
  • connect to the internet.

The following steps are based on opening Smart Hub and then going to the My App tab. First, we install the Divan.TV application. When loading, we get to forkplayer.

The second option involves installing a forked player on a Samsung Smart TV for models older than the year of release.

Previously, the owner of the TV goes to Smart Hub to activate the “A” button. The window that appears allows you to enter the “develop” key in the “account” field. As for the password, it is entered automatically. Then we enter.

We connect the following steps into a logical chain of the necessary steps:

  • “Tools” button. press.
  • A window appeared, in it we select the item “Service”.
  • Going to “Settings” we move to the item “Development”.
  • You must agree with the proposed program by clicking the “OK” button.
  • Change the server IP address to digital values ​​ in the menu that opened.
  • It is imperative to synchronize. Press the required button.
  • After completing the last process, exit Smart Hub. On next entry, the forkplayer widget icon is present in the given menu.
  • You can use.

We connect and configure

Before you start configuring the installed program, it is worth dwelling on one more method of connecting ForkPlayer. We are talking about installing from an external drive. The inconvenience of this method should be considered the impossibility of using the entire list of options for such a software product. In principle, an additional widget is downloaded to the computer, and using the same flash drive, activate it on the TV.


  • On a computer or other device, pre-unpack the folder with the downloaded archive on the USB flash drive.
  • In Samsung Smart TV, go to your own account and activate the media.
  • When the carrier is found, we use the remote control to find the required widget. We need a button with a house on the remote.
  • We activate the program on the TV, following the pop-up tips.
  • After the completion of the process, the activation procedure must be repeated on the computer.

After the chosen installation method, you should start setting up for full use of the forkplayer application for Samsung.

When you launch the widget, the main window will open. There are all the shortcuts that provide various options to the user. It is worth pre-evaluating the choice of content.

The lower part of the screen is occupied by the central control buttons, which help with navigation. Great option “External Bookmarks”. Designed to create custom playlists that can be opened on all connected resources.

Following the pop-up tips, you can integrate a profile in the network into the TV. All internet options will be available on Samsung TV as well. The widget helps you use your storage, even with huge amounts of storage. At the same time, the internal memory of the television device is displayed.

As elsewhere, all the main settings are concentrated in the “Settings” section. It makes no sense to describe in detail each step of the setup. If the user hovers over the selected option, a tooltip instantly pops up. Consumers value this comfort very highly. After all, it is common knowledge that our people do not like to read instructions and follow directions.

Key settings for forkplayer include:

  • availability of multilingualism;
  • the “Picture in Picture” functionality;
  • parental control;
  • shaping the appearance to your liking.

Let’s move on to the possibilities of watching movies. Convenient organization provides for a detailed description of actions directly when starting a video file. All options are displayed to adjust the degree of picture, sound and other characteristics.

There is an IPTV tab for watching free TV channels. At the same time, the TV program of the channel is always displayed, and there is no need to jump to a separate channel to determine the viewing. Very comfortably.

The “Store Portal`s” tab is designed to allow you to view paid and free content, according to your preferences.

You can fully evaluate the fork player for Samsung Smart TV only after personally testing the program.

Features of the process for models 2018-2019. KU / MU / NU series and others

On TV panels of the KU, MU, NU series and so on, released in 2018-2019, ForkPlayer is installed as follows:

  • first, in Smart settings you need to find the “General” section, go to “Network” and select “Network status”;
  • when the connection check starts, at the bottom of the screen, click “IP Settings”, then. “Enter manually”;
  • enter in the “DNS Server” field and confirm the action by clicking “OK”;
  • after automatically setting the parameters and a notification about connecting to the Network, you need to close the settings and go to Smart Hub;
  • then you need to go to “Apps” and through the search in the database find the utility “Russian Music”. this is the necessary ForkPlayer;
  • the next step is to log in to the service and start the installation process.

When the installation is complete, close the Smart Hub and then reopen it. That’s it. you can start using the utility.

Installing the player on TVs of different series

To make full use of all the features of the application, you need to install it on your Smart TV receiver. Let’s consider this process in detail.

Description of ForkPlayer features

The possibilities of the ForkPlayer app are extensive. The utility allows you to:

  • search open sources for interesting content;
  • watch online movies, cartoons and other products of the film industry;
  • watch free IP-television;
  • communicate on the social network ;
  • set parental controls;
  • create playlists;
  • customize the visual design of the utility, etc.

Process features for 2015 models. J series

Samsung’s J-series TVs, released in 2015, changed the Fork Player boot sequence significantly. now you need to use a flash drive or other USB media. The procedure looks like this. from the manufacturer’s official page you need to download the archives with the application to your PC. They are named “”, “sForkPlayerLmod” and “”. On the USB flash drive, you should create the “userwidjet” directory at the root, where you should copy the downloaded files. Further, it is simple. you need to insert the USB-drive into the TV receiver, start the installation and wait for it to complete.

If after installation the ForkPlayer icon does not appear in the main menu, you need to turn off the TV receiver for at least 5 minutes, and then start Smart Hub again. If the problem persists, you should reset the Smart Hub to factory settings and then reinstall the video service.

How to install ForkPlayer on Samsung Smart TV

A number of games and applications are installed by default on Samsung smart TVs in the Smart Hub section. Among them there are also services for watching videos online. Unfortunately, most of the content in them is only available for money. To get the opportunity to watch movies and TV series for free, you should download the ForkPlayer video service for Samsung Smart TV. It allows you to search for the desired content on various open sources and play the video you like on your TV set. To use the program, you just need to download and install it correctly, as well as perform the initial setup.

Setting up the player

When you first start in Fork Player, there are few services available to search for content. Their number can be increased by performing an easy setup. To do this, you need to start the application, then click on the red button on the remote control, and then go to “Application settings”. In the list that appears, you can change the language, set the clock and date, video quality and other data. Then you should press the red button again and go to the “Start menu settings”. This will display a list of available services. To enable or disable you need to select the service and click “OK”.

Features of the process for models 2016-2017. K / M series

The Tizen platform appears on TV receivers of the K and M series produced in 2017 and 2016.

To get around this prohibition, you will need to change the DNS server, which will require:

Then you can install the application from a USB drive as described above. There shouldn’t be any difficulties.

Where and how can I download

Next. installing software on your device. On Samsung TVs 5, 6, and 7 series released in different years, the ForkPlayer setting may be different. To understand which of the methods is suitable for the existing TV-receiver, you need to find its model and release date on the back of the panel or in the user manual.

Installation via changing DNS

Setting up ForkPlayer through changing DNS is the easiest and fastest way to install this widget on your Smart TV. The only thing you need for this is the TV connection to the Internet and the correctly entered IP address.

Samsung Smart TV 2010-2014 years of release

In order to set up this widget on your Samsung Smart TV and access your playlists, you will need:

  • Go to Smart Hub;
  • Log in by entering your username or password or, if you have not registered yet, by entering “develop” as your username. In this case, the column with the password should be left blank;
  • Click on Tools and go to the development tab;
  • In the list that appears, select the item “Server IP address setting”;
  • A window will appear in front of you, in which you will need to register the address of the DNS server;
  • After that, you will need to click on the “User Application Synchronization” button and wait for it to finish. As a result, the ForkPlayer widget will work and you can create your own playlists, view ready-made playlists and watch your favorite video on the Internet.
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LG Smart TV

Installing the ForkPlayer widget on LG Smart TVs does not cause any particular difficulties.

  • Download the archive with the installation files of the ForkPlayer widget and unpack it to the root of the flash drive;
  • Go to the LG Smart TV Store by entering your username and password;
  • Insert the USB flash drive and go to “My Applications” to find it, or click on the button with the image of the house to find it in the strip located at the bottom of the main screen;
  • After installing the application, you will have access to the main categories. To add sheets for playing your favorite video, you will need to activate the RemoteFork option on Smart TV and run the Remote ForkPlayer program on your tablet, smartphone or computer. Also, with the help of these applications, you can create and independently edit your playlists.

Samsung Smart TV J Series

Installing ForkPlayer from a USB flash drive and accessing playlists with your favorite videos is quite simple. For this:

  • Create a folder on the USB flash drive called “userwidget” and transfer the widget archive to it without unpacking it.
  • Insert the flash drive into the TV and wait for the application to install.
  • After it is installed, remove the drive so that the program does not reinstall when you turn on the Smart TV.

Samsung Smart TV J series with software 1421-1422

This option is more complicated. Many do not even install the ForkPlayer program as they do not want to take the time to downgrade the software. Without this, it will be impossible to install the widget.

In order to roll back to an older version, you need:

  • Download the folder with the firmware to a USB flash drive;
  • Go to the main Smart TV menu and find the firmware update item;
  • In the menu that appears, select the update from USB;
  • Wait for the firmware to be updated. When this process is over, the TV will turn itself off;
  • After it turns on, a small sign will appear on the screen. Click OK and remove the USB flash drive;
  • Now you can start installing ForkPlayer.

DNS numbers for ForkPlayer

When installing ForkPlayer through changing DNS, which numbers will be used depends largely on the manufacturer of the Smart TV.

Outdated DNS (undesirable to use):


For Smart TVs from other manufacturers, DNS will have to be selected, but most often the same addresses are suitable for this as for LG.

ForkPlayer DNS setup and errors

The ForkPlayer program, which is installed on TVs with the Smart TV function, is quite popular among people today. This is not surprising, because it is quite easy and convenient to use. Thanks to ForkPlayer, you can watch a huge number of Russian and foreign channels for free, watch videos from the Internet, as well as watch movies and TV series online. In addition, you can listen to your favorite music over the Internet or access files stored on a computer, flash drive or other portable device. In addition, you can create playlists yourself and add the video you like to them. If desired, you can install an additional widget on your computer that will facilitate the process of creating and editing a playlist. And this is far from all the advantages of this widget.

However, in the process of installing and configuring the ForkPlayer widget, some people may have problems. This is primarily due to the fact that the process of setting up and installing the application is not so simple, and everyone can make a mistake when entering data. In addition, there are many different DNS IP addresses and it is not always possible to guess which one you personally need the first time. In addition, errors can appear as a result of the fact that there are problems with access to the Internet or problems with other programs that prohibit visiting some sites or launching an application.

All these problems can be solved. To do this, you just need to be careful when connecting and configuring ForkPlayer, as well as know some secrets and features, which we will tell you about in this article.

Installing from a USB stick

The installation process for the ForkPlayer application from a USB flash drive can be different. It all depends on what brand of TV it is installed on, as well as on some other points. Let’s consider the main ones.

Setting up a forked player on a Samsung TV

Launch from a flash drive for TV with OS Orsay (series D, E, F, H and partly J).

  • Download archive.
  • Unpack to a USB flash drive into a folder with an arbitrary name.
  • Insert the USB stick into TV and the application will appear in the list.

You can also install the application through an installer program, for example Samygo

Launch through the replacement of DNS for all TVs, including the Tisen axis!

  • Register in the network settings DNS server
  • Launch via donor apps RedBullTV, Smart STB or ivi. RedBullTV is preferred. it has fullHD interface resolution

Launch via fork (TIZEN will not start !!):

In the personal account of the fork or in the fork itself, create a link to an external playlist with the address:

Then you can drag it out to the start menu

After launching the application, there will be a warning that there are no playlists configured. Remove the warning with the “Ok” button

We indicate the access key from your personal account. Save and reload the player. After the overload, a list of channels will appear, with easy navigation through the list, categories and archive

If you have a subscription to the Media Library in the menu, you can select the corresponding item, you will have access to films with the ability to search and filtered by category.

Remote control button settings recommendations

By default, in the application, the settings of the remote control buttons may not seem convenient to everyone, especially for those who have simplified remote controls without color and number buttons. We recommend in the settings of the provider. the settings of the remote control buttons are set as follows:

  • behavior of horizontal arrows in lists. Paging
  • left arrow function. Categories
  • right arrow functions. Info
  • up arrow function. Rewind
  • down arrow function. Rewind
  • red button function. Program
  • green button function. Recordings
  • yellow button function. Menu
  • blue button function. Categories
  • Back button function when viewing. Joystick
  • function of the OK button when viewing the archive. Program
  • remote control without colored buttons. No, Yes (if the control panel is simplified)
  • remote control without number buttons. No, Yes (if the control panel is simplified)
  • [Q.VIEW]. Return to the previous channel (so far only webos)
  • [INFO]. Calling information about the current program (in a circle of pressing: show title. Show description. Remove)
  • [LIVE MENU]. Calling up the settings menu (so far only webos)
  • [OK]. Call up the channel selection list
  • [RETURN]. Remove info from the screen / close any menu
  • [EXIT]. Exit
  • [A]. Calling the list of programs and channel archive (archives scroll up and are highlighted in red)
  • [IN]. Calling the list of channel archive records. no repetitions and alphabetically (convenient for movie channels)
  • [C]. Calling up the settings menu
  • [D]. Selecting a channel category

In live view mode:

  • [one]. [0]. Channel selection by number
  • [Play / Pause] [0]. Pause / play (if there is a channel archive)
  • [Rew]. Timeshift: a minute ago (if there is a channel archive)

In archive view mode:

  • [Play / Pause] [0]. Pause / Play
  • [Stop] [8]. Stop playback and return to live broadcast
  • [2]. To the beginning of the transfer / To the previous transfer
  • [five]. To the next gear
  • [Rew] / [Fwd]. Back / Forward 1 minute
  • [1] / [3]. Back / Forward 15 seconds
  • [4] / [6]. Back / Forward 3 minutes
  • [7] / [9]. Back / Forward 10 minutes
  • [Up] / [Dwn]. Call the rewind dialog with a step of.1 minute and confirm the transition

In the interface settings, you can select the behavior of the horizontal arrows when viewing the Volume / menu-info and in the list view mode Scrolling / Volume / dune-pkhp dune-pkhp. the option of moving arrows between the lists: categories-channels-epp-info

The concept is as follows. while nothing has been changed in the list of channels or categories, what and how comes from the provider will be taken. After any change, local sorting will be taken, but if the provider’s list is changed, the changes will appear in the “All” category. it is not really a category. nothing can be changed in it. this is a general list of channels from the provider. In other categories, you can change everything:

  • change the sequence of channels
  • delete channels
  • add channels
  • rename
  • change order
  • delete
  • create new
  • copy

There are no restrictions on the number of categories and channels in them. It is only limited that a category cannot be without a name and there cannot be two categories with the same names (even within a category, a channel can be present several times). Controls: in the channel list and in the category list, the [TOOLS] button or the [C] button. by pressing it, a list of functions with actions appears / disappears. actions work only while the list is visible. If you get carried away with editing, then delete all categories and restart the plugin. everything will return as with the provider.

Installing from a USB stick

  • Download the archive from the link: http://forkplayer.TV/apps/ Unzip the contents to the root of a USB drive, connect it to the TV.
  • The application will appear in “My Apps” (for Netcast) or on the home screen, in the lower bar (for WebOS).

If the displayed shortcuts are not active (you cannot click on them), you need to proceed as follows:

  • Open the settings, in the “General” section go to the “Account Management” item.
  • Register a profile by entering the required data.

With each subsequent start of the TV, you will have to open the menu and go to the “Account Management” item, while waiting for the system to download the information. After that, you can go to the home screen and use the application.

Installation on LG

There are not many installation options on LG TVs and they are somewhat simpler. Let’s consider the process in detail.

Why do you need ForkPlayer

ForkPlayer is an open source information gathering tool on the web. The application itself does not provide access to video content, but collects links to movies, TV shows and other videos, converting them for easy viewing on TVs with Smart function. In other words, you can use it to view almost any video content for free.

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Some users may notice that sites accessed by ForkPlayer can also be opened through the built-in browser. This is true, but in most cases, the Internet browser is not able to normally play the films presented on the pages. they will slow down, desync or the application will crash.

You can achieve a much higher performance of the TV only by launching a video in the player, having previously received a link to it. Actually, this is what ForkPlayer is doing, providing access to content on such well-known resources as:

  • Kinokrad;
  • KinoKong;
  • etc.

The possibilities of the program cannot but interest, therefore, below we will provide instructions for installing ForkPlayer on Samsung and LG Smart TV. The methodology differs for different series of devices, therefore it will be given separately.

Installing and configuring forkplayer for all popular Smart TV models

Consumers choose Smart TVs because it transforms the device into a mini-computer for playing video content over the Internet. Apps created by developers open up access to huge catalogs of movies, TV series and programs, but you have to pay for services.

ForkPlayer collects information from open resources and transforms it for easy viewing on TV, and also plays user-created playlists. In the article below we will describe how to install ForkPlayer for LG and Samsung Smart TV, carry out the initial configuration of the application settings.

Manual for C-F series (edition 2010-2013)

To install ForkPlayer on C-F series TVs:

  • Press the red button “A” on the remote control (if there are problems with the remote control, use the instructions).
  • The system will offer to log out of the account. confirm the action.
  • A login window will open, in the line “Account. record Samsung “write” develop “. The password will be entered by the system automatically. After that, tap on the “Login” button.
  • Press the “Tools” button on the remote control.
  • Go to the “Settings” section, then “Development”.
  • Agree to the terms of use.
  • In the new menu, select the “IP address settings” item. Enter the following numbers: Click “OK”.
  • The system will return the user to the previous menu, where you should select the “Application Synchronization”.
  • Wait for the end of the process.
  • Switch off Smart function. When you turn it on again, several ForkPlayer TV shortcuts will be displayed on the main page. Registration in it is not required, you can immediately start using.

Installation via changing DNS

  • Go to network connection settings.
  • Enter one of the combinations in the “DNS server” item:

Installation on Samsung

To get ForkPlayer into use on a Samsung TV, you first need to find out its model and, only based on the information received, choose the appropriate instructions. If you implement all the recommendations step by step, then even an uninitiated beginner can complete the task.

Manual for H series

  • Open the Smart TV menu, go to the “Smart Hub” section, then “Account. record Samsung “.
  • If necessary, exit, then repeat the path and press “Enter”.
  • In the new window, tap on the square with the inscription “Enter”. In the line “ID” enter “develop”, click “OK”. Usually a password is not needed, but in some cases it is required to enter “123456”.
  • Focusing on any application in the My APPs list, press and hold the OK button on the remote until a pop-up menu appears. In the list, select the item “IP Settings”.
  • Enter value
  • Repeat step 4, and select “Start User Sync”.
  • Wait a while until the application shortcuts appear in the list.

Installation is complete. How to set up Fork Player on Samsung, let’s talk below.

Main advantages

The new version, which was current in 2017, replaced the old 2.0 media player, now it includes an updated list of convenient options that many users have already appreciated. This list includes benefits such as:

  • the ability to create tabs to save information after exiting the widget; to activate this option, you need to go to the settings item and click on the item called “Initial group”, then choose to continue working from the desired place;
  • visibility of the data search process, which allows you to stop it by pressing a button if the desired file is found;
  • the ability to customize the brightness, color scheme and background of the application, taking into account individual needs;
  • a simplified navigation panel that allows you to return to the previous section by pressing a special button;
  • the appearance of a green bar in the process of loading data, which displays its duration and activity.

What is Fork player for LG Smart TV

Today’s world is experiencing a real boom for new models of Smart TVs. Innovative technologies, modern design, a huge selection of model range. all this explains the growing popularity of Smart TV. But after buying the long-awaited TV, an important question arises: for high-quality operation and convenient use, you need to install a special player, but how to choose it from a huge variety? Many, relying on public taste, choose among the most popular and already proven ones. One such widget is ForkPlayer. We will focus on it in order to learn in detail all its main functions and advantages.

Installation process via DNS

Most often, users prefer installing forkplayer via DNS. If your TV model came out after 2010 and is based on the Netcast webOS operating system, you can use this method. The setup will take only a few minutes and will be done automatically. The brand of the TV does not matter. The main thing is only two conditions: the year of release is not earlier than 2010 and one of the two platforms described. If your device fits these parameters, you must:

Since you can install Fork Player designed for LG Smart TV using different methods, it is worth considering the second option. It applies to devices that run on systems from version 2.0 to 4.5 and includes a few simple steps. To install you will need:

  • go to the settings menu and click on the Network connections section;
  • then you need to choose a wired or wireless method to connect to the Internet;
  • in the first case, a record will be displayed on the screen that the network is currently connected, after which it is necessary to select a list of networks or points to access them;
  • then the user needs to select the advanced settings option;
  • in the settings window, you will need to enter the DNS address manually, this will be the number;
  • in the case of a wireless connection, you must enter the password, and then also select the advanced settings option;
  • after entering the DNS address, an error warning will appear on the screen, the user needs to wait a few minutes and repeat the connection process again;
  • when the Smart option is connected, you must click on “Finish” and start the widget, after that the program will work.

Usually, setting up the application does not take much time, but in order to significantly simplify the work with it, you should download a program called Remote ForkPlayer to your computer or phone, which is activated in TV settings.

What is this widget for?

Not everyone knows that this application can be installed on any TV and other Smart TV-enabled device, regardless of its brand. This program allows you to search for films in a convenient online mode in open sources. Thus, each user will be able to access the content of a wide variety of topics, this service is completely free, and it does not matter how the connection will be made. This can be done using an ordinary flash drive or via the Internet.

Modern “smart” television offers all users a huge number of opportunities to receive content and information, for this reason, the presence of special applications is a must. The fork player has become especially famous because through this media player you can easily get free access to an extensive list of TV channels on any topic. It is also designed for watching movies, videos, listening to music online and from any media connected to the TV.

Installing from external media

Installing ForkPlayer on LG Smart TV can be done in several ways, for example, from external media, in which case the list of available content will be more limited. To get full access, you need to download an additional widget to your PC or phone and enable it in the TV settings. The installation file must be located on a USB flash drive, from which you will need to run it. In this case, there are also two available installation methods, if we are talking about a device with WebOS OS, the user will need:

  • open a pre-loaded archive on the media;
  • go to your Smart TV account for Samsung or LG and turn on the flash drive;
  • after finding it, you need to press the remote control button with the image of the house, you need to scroll through until the widget is found in the list;
  • then you will need to open the application by activating the Remote widget on the PC after activating it on the TV device.

In the same way, you can install ForkPlayer for Sony devices for Smart TV. Every user should know about the second method, designed for Netcast OS and TVs that were made from 2010 to 2013. In this case, another instruction will be relevant, according to which you need to:

  • open the archive, having previously turned on the media where the media player is already located, to the device and log into your own account;
  • then you need to go to the “My Applications” section, located in the lower right corner;
  • after selecting this section on USB, you will need to open the file with the player;
  • to get full access, you will need to install and run on a third-party device, for example, on a PC or smartphone, the Remote application and activate the RemoteFork option.

All described installation methods will be relevant for any device regardless of its brand, including Samsung Smart TV. In this case, it is worth choosing the most suitable option depending on the type of operating system and other factors, after the successful completion of the installation, you can test the media player and all the advantages of the “smart” TV, which will certainly become even more popular in 2017.