Setting Up A Fork Player On Your LG TV

Installation on LG

When adding the ForkPlayer app, take into account the year of manufacture of the device and the system installed on it. For LG TVs released since 2010 with webOS or Netcast, the following instruction is suitable:

  • Open the main menu.
  • Go to the settings for connecting Smart TV to the Internet.
  • Select “DNS Server”.
  • Enter the value
  • Save the configuration.

If after entering this DNS ForkPlayer does not appear in the list of applications, try turning off SmartTV and then turning it back on. Or enter a different address:

  • 79.190.156;
  • 36.222.114;
  • 36.218.194;
  • 36.220.208;
  • 101.118.43;

If you are setting up ForkPlayer on LG TVs with webOS or Netcast 2.0-4.5, then follow these steps:

  • Open the TV settings and go to the “Network Connection” tab.
  • Select the method used to connect the device to the Internet.
  • Select an access point or network from the list.
  • Click on the “Advanced Settings” button.
  • Go to the manual DNS entry tab.
  • Enter

An error message may appear on the screen when connecting to DNS. Do not worry. Wait a few minutes and reconnect. If the error pops up again, turn off your Smart TV and turn it back on. To launch the application after a connection is established, open the Premium tab and select the vTuner widget, Russia TV or First Automotive.

ForkPlayer can also be installed on LG from a flash drive, but in this case, its capabilities will be significantly limited, and to expand them you will have to install the RemoteFork program and then activate it on the TV.

Since you have decided to expand your multimedia library on Smart TV, see what other free applications you can install: we have carefully prepared a selection.

How to install ForkPlayer on Smart TV (for example LG and Samsung)

If you know how to install ForkPlayer, you can access a huge number of movie sites and other useful services for free from a SmartTV-enabled TV.

The order of installing ForkPlayer differs depending on the manufacturer, model and even the series of the TV. We cannot consider all possible options, so we will focus on the general procedure for adding ForkPlayer to devices from LG and Samsung.

Installation on Samsung

Owners of Samsung Smart TVs can also take advantage of the ForkPlayer app to add free multimedia entertainment. For this:

  • Press the red button “A” on the remote control to bring up the authorization window.
  • Type the account name “develop”. The password should appear automatically. Select “Login”.
  • Press the “Tools” button on the remote. Go to the “Settings”.
  • Open the item “Development”.
  • Accept the terms of the agreement.
  • Select an IP address setting.
  • For synchronization, enter the address (or
  • Click “OK” and wait until the application is synchronized.

After the synchronization is complete, you need to close Smart TV and turn it back on after a while. When you turn it back on, you will see several ForkPlayer apps below. After launching it, you will be taken to the list of sites and services from which you can play for free on TV.

For clarity, here’s to you. which will help you figure out where to click and what to choose.

The application installation method may vary depending on the series and even the Samsung TV models. For example, on a Samsung UE40D6100SW, the password is not automatically added when the account name is “develop”. If you encounter this situation, try entering the value “111111” in the password field.

On other models, instead of the “Tools” button, you need to press the blue “D” button, then go to the “Development” section and then follow the steps of the above instructions. In the 2017 M TV series, the procedure generally received a different procedure.

  • Open the TV menu.
  • Go to “Settings”.
  • Press the up button on the remote and select “Network Status”.
  • Move the cursor to the left and open “IP Settings”.
  • Set to obtain an IP address automatically. If this option is initially selected, do not change it.
  • Go down to DNS settings and select “Enter manually”.
  • Enter the address Press the right arrow between numbers to move to the next block.
  • Click “Ok”. Wait for the reconnection to complete.

Important: this method does not work on wired routers provided by providers. In addition, your service provider may be blocking DNS changes so that you cannot perform this operation. But usually there are no problems with the setup.

To get into ForkPlayer, you need to launch the DivanTV application. By default, the icons for most sites are off. To add them:

  • Press the red button “A” on the remote.
  • Go to “Settings”.
  • Select “Start Menu Settings”.
  • Click on widgets to display them on the start screen.
  • Go back and select any app to test ForkPlayer.

For understanding. one more thing. in which the user shows that this method works.

If none of the above instructions helped you, write about the problem in the comments indicating the exact model. Let’s figure out how else Samsung is trying to prevent us from enjoying all the possibilities of Smart TV.

Launching Fork Player from a USB flash drive

You can install the program using another alternative method. using a removable storage device. This scheme is not very complicated (unlike the previous ones), but the result will depend on a successful workaround of some restrictions.

To do all the actions correctly, you need a computer and follow the specified aLGorithm:

If you cannot start the player in this way, you can try to find it in the LG Store in the “Purchased Apps” section. And in order for it to work correctly, you need to do a few more manipulations:

  • install the Remote program on your smartphone or PC,
  • activate the Remote Fork function and link the gadget with LG Smart TV.

Additional DNS addresses for LG Smart TV

The IP ciphers below can come in handy when none of the above methods helped. This can happen due to a discrepancy with a specific Smart TV model. Alternatively, you can try the following combinations:


For stable operation of the player, it is also recommended:

  • activate Remote Fork in its settings;
  • install the additional Remote Fork Player application on your computer. It will help you manage the widget on the TV (transfer files to it, configure bypass DNS servers, take over the load from Smart TV.

Fork player for LG Smart TV

If you successfully install the Fork player on your TV, you will be able to combine a lot of functions and advantages in one place, because its duties include:

  • getting free access to the media library, which includes: a huge number of television channels, playback of any films (both downloaded and located on removable media), as well as listening to music (online or from a flash drive), opening other files;
  • switching from one application to another, being only in this program.

How to Install Fork Player for LG Smart TV

Owners of LG Smart TVs can install Forkplayer on them in several ways:

  • by changing the DNS;
  • using developer IDE;
  • via USB stick.

Let’s take a deeper look at each of them.

Installing ForkPlayer App Using DNS

This one is considered to be the SIMplest possibility, which includes DNS substitution. It can be used by all owners of LG Smart TVs released after 2010, running Netcast Web or WebOS operating systems.

Installing on LG webOS via developer IDE

Forkplayer for LG Webos is a pretty handy way to set it up. It has several advantages over the others:

  • no need to deal with DNS codes;
  • it is possible to obtain official Root rights to webOS (thanks to this, the application will not be disabled due to the time counter);
  • all program files will be saved on the TV, making the multiplayer launch easier and faster.

Taking advantage of these benefits takes some time and also requires a PC. You will need to install on your computer:

  • Java by going to;
  • The latest version of the webOS program.

Next, you need to create a new account (on the site and connect the TV to the computer with one network.

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Perform the following steps on LG Smart TV:

  • install the Developers mode application from the LG Store;
  • open it, enter the data (login, password) specified during registration;
  • enable features such as KeyServer and DevMode.

Next, you need to work with the computer:

  • open the Web OS TV SDK program;
  • find the New connection section, click on it and enter:
  • In the Device Type field. LG Smart TV;
  • Line IP adress. enter the address specified in the DevMode widget.

It remains to right-click on the activated TV, and when highlighted, then select the Generate Key item. In the window that opens, paste data from Developers Mode and click on your device. After that, select Connect.

Application features version 2.5

The media player developers improve it and periodically release new, improved updates. The latest released version is 2.5. Its main innovations are:

  • Saving tab information. Thanks to this, the user can create a tab, save the information stored on the site and, on subsequent logins, get hassle-free access to it. To activate the function, you must enter the settings, select the “Initial group” section and click on “Continue work from the desired place”.
  • Ability to view the status of the information search process. When the required file is found, the search can be easily stopped by pressing a special button.
  • Improved navigation bar. Those who have already been able to evaluate the firmware noted the additional convenience after the introduction of the “Back” function, which allows you to quickly return to the previous section.
  • The appearance of a green bar helps you track the download process, navigate its speed.
  • Adjusting the brightness to the needs of the user, changing the background and color scheme. give the application comfort and convenience.

In addition, the Fork player for LG Smart TV is convenient for its ease of navigation, you do not need to additionally connect a mouse or a touch screen to the TV to browse the Internet, the program makes it possible to use the most minimal resource for this. a regular remote control. It’s enough to view the pages, execute the necessary commands.

Installation methods

The first method is suitable for all TVs produced after 2010. Consists of a specific sequence:

In fact, all the values ​​of the codes are the same, the main thing is to set up your TV correctly.

The second method is suitable for those users who have Smart TV operating systems versions 2.0-4.5. The installation consists of the following aLGorithm of actions:

  • you need to open the menu, enter the “Network Connections”;
  • click on the method of connecting your device to the Internet (wired or wireless);
  • select the section “Advanced settings”;
  • in the window that opens, manually enter the DNS code:;
  • if the connection is through a router, you may need a password from it. It is better to prepare it in advance;
  • if everything went right, click “Finish”.

Sometimes it happens that when all the data is specified, the system may crash and give information about the formation of an error. In this case, you need to repeat the steps again, but before that, wait a few minutes. This usually helps, loading is fast and hassle-free.

How to install Fork Player for LG Smart TV?

Forkplayer for LG Smart TV is a program that will help ease the use of the TV and make viewing more enjoyable and fast, as well as open up a lot of additional possibilities. Let’s analyze in more detail the characteristics of the player, as well as step-by-step instructions for each of the possible installation schemes.

Installing ForkPlayer from a USB flash drive

First, you need to download the archive with the required version of Fork Player, which is located at the link Then you need to unzip it with any specialized program on a flash drive. In addition, to complete the installation, preliminary user registration is required on the Smart TV LG Store website. This procedure is absolutely free. If you are already registered. log into your account by entering your username and password.

After unpacking the files, you need to connect the USB flash drive to the TV’s USB connector on the back panel. The app should appear in stripes at the bottom of the home screen (if your TV is running webOS 4), or in the “My Apps” (Netcast) section.

It should be borne in mind that in this case, the display of content will be limited. For full access, you need to install the Remote ForkPlayer program on your tablet or smartphone and run it. The RemoteFork option must also be enabled in the ForkPlayer 2.5 settings.

If your LG device was released in 2010-2013, and the Netcast operating system is installed on it, then after logging into an account on the Smart TV LG Store and installing a flash drive in the slot, you need to go to the “My Apps” section. There you should select the item “My applications on USB”, and run the widget from the flash drive.

Features of the Fork player application for LG Smart TV

ForkPlayer is an application that combines software for browsing the Internet, images, as well as playing audio and files of various types, or streaming. The user gets access to a large number of channels, and the ability to play files from a flash drive.

The main advantage of Fork Player is the ability to play from various sources in the player itself, without switching between other applications. There are several more of its advantages:

  • SIMple navigation bar for quick transition to the desired section;
  • visual display of the progress of the download in the form of a bar, indicating the remaining time until the end of the download;
  • a convenient system of bookmarks, in which you can quickly save the necessary information;
  • the system of personal settings allows you to change the appearance of the application;
  • can be installed on TVs of any brands Samsung, LG, etc.

ForkPlayer for LG Smart TV 2020 is a good solution for moviegoers. Its main page can be easily customized. add links you like to Favorites, sort and group. The “Top search queries” tab is very interesting. it contains popular search queries of other users. By clicking the link “KinoPoisk” you can select top films, and the choice can be made according to different criteria: by year of release, by rating, or, for example, by box office.

Installing by changing DNS

To install Fork Player in this way, you need to go to the TV settings, and click the “Network” item. Then select your Internet connection from the list. wired or Wi-Fi, and click the corresponding line.

Find your home network in the list of available connections, then go to the “Advanced settings” sub-item.

In the window that opens, delete the DNS address that is registered in the settings, and manually enter a different DNS server address, for example or The numbers for entering a new address can be viewed on the ForkPlayer official website. To confirm the entry, you must click the “Change” button.

If changing the DNS does not work, you need to delete the entered numbers and enter a new version of the address. After a successful replacement, you need to go to the “Premium” section of the LG Content Store, and find one of the available applications. Deezer, vTuner, or First Automobile, and click on its icon.

How to install ForkPlayer for LG Smart TV

When installing Fork Player, you need to pay attention to the year of the TV and the type of OS installed. The installation process may vary slightly. There are two main ways to install Fork Player for LG Smart TVs. by changing DNS, or by launching from a flash drive. The first method is more popular and easier to implement.

Cinema fan’s dream: Fork Player for Smart TV LG

Each digital TV has its own operating system. WebOS is LG’s open source operating system. Thanks to its openness, it was possible to develop a large number of applications that work on various LG devices. smartphones, tablets, TVs.

Convenient ForkPlayer widget for LG Smart TV is widely used in TVs with webOS operating system. It performs a quick search for content in open sources. In part, it is analogous to a regular browser used on a computer.

  • Features of the Fork player application for LG Smart TV
  • How to install ForkPlayer for LG Smart TV
  • Installing by changing DNS
  • Installing ForkPlayer from a USB flash drive
  • Additional DNS addresses for LG Smart TV
  • ForkPlayer errors and problems

Additional DNS addresses for LG Smart TV

When entering the server address, you need to take into account that not all DNS can be suitable for your Smart TV. For correct operation of the player, you can use the following list of additional DNS:

  • 101.118.43;
  • 36.220.208.

First, you should delete the idle DNS, then enter a new one, and confirm the action by pressing the “Change” button.

Additional DNS server addresses can be found on the Fork Player official website. There is also a user forum. In the comments to one of the threads, they share solutions to connection and installation problems for Fork Player, and also publish working fresh DNS.

ForkPlayer errors and problems

When launching or running Fork Player, there may be errors or problems. They can manifest themselves in different ways: in someone they do not reproduce. the player shows just a black screen; Someone has lost bookmarks with their favorite films, or there is no way to add them. Possible freezes or interruptions in playback, or looping of a fragment. Let’s consider some problems and possible ways to fix them.

  • If ForkPlayer does not start after installation, you need to go to the LG Content Store (after logging in). On the “My page” tab, select the “Purchased applications” item, then press the “Smart” button on the remote control and select the Fork Player shortcut.
  • If the TV with Smart TV does not see the USB flash drive, you need to format it and re-unpack the installation file. If this does not help, you should take another flash drive.
  • If the list of applications does not include those mentioned in the article (Deezer, vTuner, First Automotive, as well as IVI or TVigle), you need to check that in the Smart TV settings the country of use is Russia or Ukraine.
  • If ForkPlayer does not start when launching applications, you should check if this DNS is blocked by your router or provider.
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If the described problems cannot be resolved, it is recommended that you update your Smart TV or reset the TV settings to factory settings, followed by reconfiguration.

helpful articles on setting up Smart TV on LG:

  • How to watch torrent TV and movies online via torrent
  • How to install ForkPlayer on LG TV
  • How to watch movies on TV from a computer
  • How to use your smartphone to control your LG TV
  • How to set up IPTV on LG TV

Here are my ForkPlayera settings, page 1:

Setting up the ForkPlayer app.

To enter the settings, click on the three horizontal lines at the top. and select “Application Settings”:

and here you can already customize as you like. In order not to paint for a long time and not to hammer your head too much, I suggest you just do everything like mine. in the screenshots below. But, in order to SIMplify the task for you, I will say that I changed for myself:

  • Time zone (put your own),
  • Live Search. Included,
  • Third Party Content. Included,
  • Quality. 1080p,
  • Sorting IPTV. from Russian to English.
  • RemoteFork. Auto. this item is responsible for the ability to watch torrent TV and movies online via torrent, read how to set it up here.

Setting up ForkPlayer app and start menu on LG TV

If you do not know what this is about and came to this page by accident, then here is an article on what this forkplayer is and how to install it on your LG Smart TV.

ForkPlayer start menu setting:

Now let’s set up a little more start menu. add more applications and you can enjoy watching online movies on TV.

So, click on the icon of the three horizontal lines at the top. and go to the “Start menu settings”:

and then enable or disable those applications that you like or dislike. To begin with, you can enable them all, and then, already filter out and disable unnecessary ones that you are not interested in:

That’s the whole setup. And then, either choose the best applications for yourself. go to them on the start page, or use the global search (I personally do this). look for what you need and see. It may not be familiar at first, but I’m sure you will quickly figure it out. After all, in fact, this is the same browser as on your computer. Here you can also open several tabs (although it is not very convenient to do this with a standard remote control, but, as an option, you can make your life easier using your smartphone and the LG TV Plus application, which I wrote about in this article), you can also make bookmarks in the fork player and much more.

A couple of tips on how to work with ForkPlayer, useful tricks, so to speak.

In general, a fork player is a really cool application. The developers need to give credit and thanks to them for that. Indeed, everything is very conveniently organized and, most importantly, access to a huge amount of content is open. It is quite convenient to work in this shell, everything works stably, in general I have only positive emotions.

Feature # 1. adding new links to the start menu:

This is how my main page looks like:

Well, I hope, as you already understood, the main page can be customized at your discretion. add or disable certain applications. You can also find new ones through the search and add them to your home screen. This is done SIMply, the main thing is to know what to look for. Well, for example, we put the cursor in the search bar

entered. click “OK” and the search results will appear:

And if you like this link you can add it to the start window. to do this, press the red button on the remote control:

and select the item “Add to start menu”:

in SIMple terms, we added a link to favorites, to our top favorite sites on the main page of the web browser (forkplayer). In this way, you can add links to IPTV channels, or to your favorite cinemas and other useful things.

Also, the search for a movie itself happens. move the cursor to the search bar. type in the name, and you will be offered options as you enter, you can just go up and choose the appropriate one to save time on entering, all by analogy with a regular browser on a PC or smartphone and click “OK” and again “OK”:

and here’s the search result:

Feature # 2. TOP search queries:

Setting Up A Fork Player On Your LG TV

Also a very interesting thing, if you don’t know what to see, just click on the “TOP search queries” link under the search bar:

and you will see the results of the most popular queries, what people are looking for, what people are watching:

Feature number 3. TOP movies:

Here you can also see the TOP by the largest portal. film search, by ratings, by box office, by years, etc. Click on the link “KinoPoisk”:

and here are various ratings for you, choose what your heart desires:

Feature # 4. TOP searches in Playlists:

If you don’t have enough content, you can search for interesting Playlists, see what people are looking for. To do this, in “TOP searches on Playlists:

and you will see a list of popular requests:

there is already a huge field for experiments. Add, as I described above, in the chip Here you can find links to new online cinemas and lists of IPTV channels, a lot, a lot of everything is hidden here, so use.

Feature number 5. listening to online radio or music:

In ForkPlayer, you can also listen to online radio or any music. To do this, go to the ZV.FM application:

and then you can choose to listen to radio or music, this window will appear:

Online radio list:

Chip number 6. add bookmarks

Here, just like in your browser on your computer, you can add bookmarks, for this you need to click on the asterisk in the top line:

Let’s say you have found a good movie or TV series, but want to watch it later. Being on the page with the search result or by selecting one of the links without launching the movie itself for viewing, click on this very star. choose “Add to bookmarks”. Add to movies or TV shows, IPTV, etc. :

Then, as you want to see. just press the green button on the remote control to enter the menu of internal bookmarks and choose what you need.

Well, that seems to be all. The article was not small, but I tried to describe everything so that it was more or less clear to everyone. I wanted to share important and useful tips on how to customize ForkPlayer for yourself and how to use all of this in general. In fact, there is nothing complicated here, as it might seem at first glance.

I am sure you will succeed. If you have any questions, write in the comments.

DNS for LG Smart TV

If you decide to install the program by changing the DNS, then you should take into account that not every address may be suitable for you and your Smart TV model. In general, to configure the correct operation of the program, you can try to register the following DNS:


To make the closed sections, which can only be opened by replacing the DNS, more convenient when working with them, you can go to the settings of the ForkPlayer application for Smart TV and connect RemoteFork. You will also need to install the Remote ForkPlayer program on your computer. This will make working with the application much more convenient.

Installing from a USB stick

You can install ForkPlayer not only through changing DNS, but also from a flash drive, but you should take into account that the content will be limited. To get full access, you will need to install Remote ForkPlayer on your computer or other device and launch it. In this case, the Remote ForkPlayer option will need to be launched in the Smart TV settings.

Second way

If you are running an LG Netcast Smart TV with the WebOS or Netcast operating system version 2.0, 3.0, 4.0 or 4.5, then the process of installing the widget via changing DNS will be as follows:

  • Go to the network settings on a TV running on webOS and go to the Network Connection tab;
  • After that, you need to choose the method by which the Smart TV was connected to the Internet: wired or wireless;
  • If you are connected via a wire and select the appropriate item, then a record will appear in front of you, which says that the network is connected;
  • Next, you will need to select a list of access points or networks;
  • After that, you will need to click on the “Advanced Settings” button;
  • The setting of connection parameters will appear on your screen, in which you should go to the tab for manually entering the DNS IP address;
  • Here you will need to enter the DNS number;
  • If a TV with the WebOS operating system is connected via a Wi-Fi network, you need to select a wireless connection type and enter a password to connect to the Internet;
  • After Smart TV connects to the Internet, you will also need to select advanced settings in the list of networks;
  • Now enter the DNS IP address;
  • You will see an inscription on the screen, which will tell you about an error connecting to the DNS server. You should not worry about this. You just need to wait a couple of minutes and reconnect. After that, everything should work. If this does not happen, then try to disconnect and connect Smart TV again.
  • When everything works, click the “Finish” button;
  • To launch the application, you need to go to the “Premium” tab, find and launch Russia TV, vTuner or First Automobile.
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In order to work with the application more conveniently, install Remote ForkPlayer on your computer, laptop or smartphone and activate RemoteFork in the TV settings.

Installing ForkPlayer on LG Smart TV

ForkPlayer application for LG TVs supporting Smart TV function is extremely popular among users today. This is due to the fact that through this widget you will get access to a huge number of TV channels absolutely free, and you will also be able to watch movies, records and listen to music from the Internet or any device that is connected to a TV or is included in the home network.

Basically, all of this is available without the ForkPlayer app. These possibilities can be provided to you by other programs that are available on the Smart TV initially, or additionally downloaded and installed. However, for all of the above, you will need to install several programs at once. ForkPlayer contains all these features and you will not need to switch from one widget to another.

Method number 1

So, if you need to install a widget from a ForkPlayer flash drive on an LG TV with a webOS operating system, you will need to follow these steps:

  • On the flash drive itself, you need to unpack the archive downloaded from;
  • Log into your own account on LG Smart TV;
  • Connect a USB flash drive to the TV;
  • As soon as Smart TV detects it, press the button with the house on the remote control and scroll to the right until you find a widget in the Launcher list;
  • Run the application. For full access, turn on the Remote ForkPlayer program on your computer and activate RemoteFork on your TV.

ForkPlayer 2.5 for Smart TV

At the moment, the most modern version of ForkPlayer is version 2.5, which was released back in 2014. In the near future, there is a possibility that an update to the application will be released, which will make working with files, managing and installing the widget through changing DNS easier and more user-friendly.

Previously, most users had ForkPlayer 2.0 for Smart TV installed. Compared to it, version 2.5 adds the following:

  • You can create tabs that allow you to save information when you exit the program. In order for them to start working, you need to go to the settings and select the “Initial group” item. There you should enable the option “Continue from the same place”;
  • During the search for data, its process is visible. Therefore, if you find the file you need, you can stop the search by pressing the Return button;
  • You can customize the program for yourself, set the brightness, color and background image;
  • convenient navigation bar that allows you to return to the previous section by clicking on a specific button;
  • When loading data, a green bar is visible showing the loading progress.

Installation via changing DNS

There are several ways to set up ForkPlayer on LG TVs that support the Smart TV function, and setting through changing DNS is one of them. In doing so, you should take into account the year of manufacture of the TV and its operating system. Depending on these nuances, the setup instructions will also differ.

The first way

So, if you have a smart TV from LG, running on the webOS or Netcast operating system, which was released from 2010 to the present, the instructions for setting up via changing DNS will be as follows.

Method number 2

If your LG Smart TV has Netcast OS and was released between 2010 and 2013, you must follow these instructions:

  • Unpack the rar archive on a flash drive and connect it to your LG Smart TV by logging into your account, as in the previous version;
  • After that, you will need to go to “My Applications”, which are located in the bottom right corner;
  • Select the section “My applications on USB”;
  • Run the application stored on the USB flash drive;
  • To get full access, you need to install and run Remote ForkPlayer on a laptop or other device, and also activate the RemoteFork option.

If the TV with Smart TV does not see your device, then try to format the USB flash drive or take another.

Steps to optimize player usage

After installing the program, you should configure it for the needs of the user, and then periodically update it to avoid freezing, braking and other manifestations of incorrect operation of the application that occur when playing multimedia content. If you lose the relevance of the program, you can delete it.

What ForkPlayer can do

The current version of the program for the summer of 2019 is 2.5. In fact, this is a browser adapted to work on Smart TV. It converts content from the web (web pages, streaming) into its format using executable scripts (scripts) and displays it on the TV screen. The software has the following functions:

  • work with Playlists XML, M3U (ready-made or user-generated);
  • playing files from connected devices;
  • creating tabs to save data and, after restarting, continue playback from the same place;
  • search for information by keywords;
  • customizing the appearance of the program;
  • return to the previous section. by means of a special button;
  • displaying the progress of searching and downloading content.

However, it should be borne in mind that the capabilities of the application depend on the Smart TV model and the installed version of the operating system.

How and where to download software

The application can be downloaded for free as an ipk file or a zip archive, for which you need to go to the developer’s portal. Download links can be found on other resources: portal, webOS users forum, thematic sites for Smart TV owners. All actions for downloading software are performed on a computer through a familiar Internet browser.

Options for installing ForkPlayer on Smart-TV from LG

There are many differences between the versions of operating systems and models of “smart” TVs, so you can install the player using one of the aLGorithms described below.

Setting up and updating the player

After installation, you need to launch ForkPlayer, press the red button on the remote control, go to “Application Settings” and specify:

  • Interface language;
  • Timezone;
  • permission;
  • Software for playings;
  • the ability to use third-party content;
  • click action on the “Return” key and other parameters.

Then you should go to the “Start menu settings” and enable / disable the available services with the “OK” button on the remote.

To update ForkPlayer installed through the development environment or from a flash drive, you need to download the new software version and repeat all the steps described earlier. When changing DNS, the software is updated without user intervention.

Advantages and disadvantages. Installing and using ForkPlayer on LG Smart-TV

Broadcasting TV channels from different sources is not the only function of a smart TV. This technique will replace several multimedia devices, since it is able to play media files of different formats from a local or global network, as well as from external devices (digital media, gadgets, PCs). It is noteworthy that for these tasks it is not necessary to install separate applications. ForkPlayer for LG Smart-TV combines all the necessary functions. In this material, we will consider all the features of this program and the subtleties of its settings.

Installing from a flash drive

This method is suitable for TVs manufactured in 2010-2017. First you need to download the program (version 2.57) or.rar (version 2.5, online version) archive and unpack it to a USB flash drive in the root folder. Then you need to do the following:

To enter some sections of the utility in question, you need to activate the “RemoteFork” option in the settings of the online version, as well as install and run the “Remote ForkPlayer” application on a PC or Android device.

If the program does not appear on the feed, you need to go to “My page” in the LG Content Store (authorization is required), from there. to the “Purchased applications” section, press the “Smart” button on the remote control and click on the ForkPlayer icon.

Part of IPTV does not work

The reason for this problem is the partial or complete blocking of Playlists. As in the case described above, you need to replace them with actual ones.