Set Up Smart TV Channels Via The Internet

Fork Player. will help you watch channels on Smart TV without paying

A popular way to watch TV for free on Smart-TV is to use the popular Fork Player program. We will need Smart TV and an Internet connection (Wi-FI or Ethernet), as well as the “Twigle” program usually installed on the TV.

We also need a smartphone on which we will need to install two programs “Ace Stream Engine” and “RemoteFork”.

  • Go to TV settings;
  • Find the network settings there (for example, “Network / LAN Connection”). We need to set up an internet connection;
  • In the network settings, we need to change the DNS server address. We go down in the network settings below and click on the “Change” button;
  • We register the DNS server data. (you can also try;

“SS IPTV”. app for setting up free channels

Another popular option for working with IPVT on Smart TV is to use the SS IPTV application.

To work with it, you need to do the following:

As we wrote above, you will need to add Playlists yourself in the settings. To do this, you will need to either manually register the address of the Playlist, or use Wi-Fi to synchronize your TV with a laptop, and work with Playlists via a PC.

To load an external Playlist, go to the “Content” submenu, select the “External” option, then click on “Add”. It remains to enter the name of the channel list and a link to it.

If you want to add an internal Playlist, then open the “General” section of the program, and select “Get Code”.

The received code must be entered on the SS IPTV website in the Playlist editor section, and then click on “Add device”.

Watch free Smart TV channels, what you need?

In the vast majority of cases, free channels on Smart TV can be obtained using IPTV, a digital multimedia service that broadcasts television channels over the Internet. Unlike traditional cable methods, streaming media content is stored on dedicated servers so that users can access their favorite channels anytime.

IPTV runs on Internet Protocol technology, and multiple users can access one IPTV subscription at the same time. The service is available on most popular platforms including Windows OS, Android OS, iOS, Mac, Linux and many others. Along with the above, IPTV is also available on Smart TVs, streaming devices (FireStick Roku) and game consoles (Xbox and PlayStations).

Since we are interested in free channels on Smart TV, then to implement our plans we need:

  • TV with Smart-TV function;
  • Internet connection;
  • Mobile application (IPTV player) that will need to be installed on your TV;
  • Playlist with a list of IPTV channels (in case of working with an IPTV list).

IPTV setup is generally SIMilar across different Smart TV models. Consider its typical installation.

How to install IPTV on Smart TVs

You can set up free channels on Smart TV for viewing by following the steps below (relevant for Samsung, LG and others TVs):

  • Turn on your TV and connect to the Internet;
  • Press the “Home” button on the TV remote control;
  • Now go to the search bar and search for “Smart IPTV”;
  • Select the “Smart IPTV” app that comes with the following logo;

How to set up free channels on Smart TV

It seems cable TV is going out of style. and more people are moving away from monthly cable viewing fees, opting for free internet TV. If you have a TV with Smart TV, then the procedure is even easier. It is enough to install one of the IPTV applications on your TV, load a fresh Playlist into it. And enjoy a huge variety of TV and Internet channels for free. How can this be done? Below we will analyze how you can watch free channels on your Smart TV, and what we need for this.

Using alternative apps for TV channels

If you do not want to deal with IPTV because of the constant need to work with Playlists, we recommend that you turn your attention to applications with SIMpler functionality. The latter offer the user a specific list of channels, which is convenient to view without having to perform any additional actions.

In particular, these are applications such as:

Applications: Description:
“Vintera TV” Provides viewing of hundreds of television channels from the Internet and local IPTV networks. Excellent selection available completely free.
“Pluto TV” Excellent English-language service offering access to viewing over a hundred channels on your device.
“Tubi TV” Provides access to tons of streaming, movies and premium shows, all completely free.
“NewsON” Streaming news and more.

In our material, we have analyzed how you can watch free channels on your Smart TV, and what steps and tools will help us with this. The most effective tools for watching free TV are IPTV applications installed on your smart TV. You can also use other alternatives described in this article.

setting up IPTV on Smart TV. Why watch TV over the Internet

Digital television is by far the most modern and optimal technology for watching TV channels. In the case of IPTV, the data stream enters the apartment via the Internet cable. In theory, a provider can provide an unlimited number of channels in the highest resolution. In addition, a subscriber has access to a package of options and services such as:

  • detailed TV program,
  • TV and movie previews,
  • cinema hall.
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With IPTV, you can watch a huge number of channels

IPTV is an interactive technology with real-time feedback and network connectivity. In this context, IP television is qualitatively different from analog, satellite and cable options. In real time, you can:

  • manage various options and services,
  • receive and send messages,
  • use communication services.

What is IPTV

The technology in question stands for Internet Protocol Television and uses digital packet data transmission. IPTV should not be confused with Internet television distributed over the network, the content of which the user has free access from anywhere where this network is available.

Smart TV connects to the Internet like a computer

IPTV transmission is also carried out using the Internet protocol, but does not depend on the world network in a global sense. data in digital form is distributed by a provider, including using closed channels.

How to watch IPTV on Smart TV

Many owners of Smart TVs are wondering how to watch IPTV on them. This technology is the transmission of a streaming TV signal and is usually provided by providers.

Installing the program on the TV and setting it up

Since Smart TV contains multifunctional software, it is important to be able to use it correctly. Developers offer smart TV users a large number of applications for watching IPTV, however, when installing a specific program, you must take into account the model of your device and the region of residence.

After downloading and then installing the program for viewing IPTV on a Smart TV, which is not much different from installing applications on a personal computer, you should enter its menu. On different TVs, the subsequent actions may differ (depending on the model), but the common thing is that each user needs to create an account on his device and activate the latter via e-mail using a smartphone or computer. After you have created an account, further actions are carried out through your personal account from the menu of the installed program.

As an example. instructions for installing and configuring a program for watching free IPTV on a Samsung Smart TV from the Fork Store App Market (the method works on many other Smart TVs). One of the advantages of this solution is that your favorite channels can be sorted by you according to the lists.

    First of all, you need to go to the resource. Install Forkplayer (the site has a choice of software for different brands and models of TVs and installation instructions), launch the application, find Fork Store App Market.

App menu on other brands of TV may look different

You can also install other widgets, but some of them may be paid

The final stage of application installation

Set Up Smart TV Channels Via The Internet

The installed widget is a list of files

The folder contains files for viewing IPTV

In our case, Playlists are freely available

If a channel stops working (but this is usually temporary), try looking for it in other lists

At the bottom of the screen. a prompt for quick setup and sorting of the channel list by pressing two or three buttons

It makes no sense to list all the available applications for viewing IPTV on a Smart TV within the framework of this article, since the list of them is extremely wide, depending on:

  • regional location of the user and provider,
  • presence or absence of local channels,
  • TV models,
  • and much more.

Viewing IPTV is carried out by launching the program from your TV remote control. Playlist (a special text file with channels, usually in m3u format) depends on the provider and the type of subscription. You can add any third-party Playlists to the section, including those made by yourself, but you need to know where to get them and how to edit.

Pros and cons of IPTV

IPTV, as already noted, is interactive television with all the ensuing advantages. As a rule, on Smart TV you can additionally carry out:

  • broadcast recording,
  • pause broadcasting with the ability to resume broadcasting at any time.

The capabilities of IP-television are not limited to the standard set of federal or regional broadcasting channels and even an expanded entertainment or educational selection of programs of cable (satellite) operators.

Controlling a TV from your phone has a number of advantages, including advanced functionality

Free and therefore the most common IPTV, which is transmitted over unencrypted networks, as a rule, includes 100-150 television channels, including educational and thematic ones. This service is usually included by default in the packages of most Internet providers, but there is not much high-quality HD content here.

The undoubted advantage of IPTV is that no additional and often expensive equipment is required to view it, for example:

  • antennas,
  • receiver,
  • TV with digital receiver.

In many cases, you will not even have to pay for services related to the connection, such as:

  • cabling,
  • customization,
  • and other works.

Internet cable installation usually doesn’t cost a dime

By the way, apart from Smart TV, they are quite suitable for watching IPTV;

  • computer,
  • the tablet,
  • smartphone,
  • TV with a TV-set-top box or media player supporting the corresponding protocols.

In addition to the already listed advantages of IPTV, you can also note:

  • the ability to view third-party streams through special Playlists;
  • the ability to customize channels both separately and together, as well as compiling their lists;
  • recording a program with saving to a media file;
  • displaying volume, recording indicator, channel name and other information in the information window (s);
  • scheduler for viewing and recording a program with the ability to SIMultaneously save several streams in the background;
  • remote control of playback and other functions from a smartphone or tablet;
  • multichannel audio.

Significant disadvantages of IP television are stream breaks and distortion of picture quality when the Internet is slow or unstable. A minimum 10 Mbps connection is required for proper data transfer.

Other disadvantages of the technology for transmitting television over the Internet protocol are not so significant and manifest themselves in certain situations when playing content on personal computers, laptops or older TVs. For example:

  • the need to purchase and connect additional equipment,
  • inability to use some options due to the specifics of a particular gadget.
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No IP TV signal on slow internet is common

Modern Smart TV devices are free of these disadvantages.

Where to get Playlists

Free Playlists for watching IPTV on Smart TV can be embedded into the program for watching TV channels, or they can be taken from your provider (if it provides such a service). Free content can be downloaded from the Internet, but its use can pose many problems, for example:

  • poor picture quality,
  • instability,
  • this or that channel can easily stop working at any time.

Free Playlists can also be found on specialized sites, but in general this method is not very practical and reliable.

Self-updating and more stable Playlists can be downloaded from specialized resources

Among other services, one can note widgets (both paid and free) for Smart TVs of various manufacturers, but of which Playlists, again only with a paid subscription, function stably.

recently, the terrestrial antennas on the rooftops have replaced satellite dishes and cables, and now the era of Internet TV has come. IPTV has a lot of advantages, the main one of which is the interactive factor, when it is not television that controls you, but you television.

How to watch TV channels over the Internet on a Smart TV?

The owners of modern smart TVs are increasingly interested in the question of how to set up IPTV for comfortable viewing of popular channels? This is streaming technology. Providers offer SIMilar services. However, you can set up broadcasting yourself, but first you need to understand what IPTV is.

Pros and cons of IPTV

Interactive television IPTV opens up several useful additional functions for Smart TV owners:

  • recording of television broadcasting;
  • pause and rewind the air.

The functionality of IP-television is not limited to the traditional set of federal and regional channels. Even the extended broadcasting of cable or satellite providers can be inferior in the number of available Internet TV channels. All this applies primarily to pay Internet TV.

You can also watch TV channels over the Internet for free. Independent connection to unencrypted networks allows you to customize the display of 150 TV channels, including educational and thematic programs. Mostly this service is included in the standard set of services of Internet providers, but you will not be able to find really high-quality content.

An obvious advantage of IPTV is the absence of the need to purchase expensive equipment that is required to connect satellite TV. All kinds of receivers and antennas are also not required. Mostly users have to pay for related work:

  • setting up TV and equipment;
  • cabling;
  • Additional services.

Of course, all-Russian companies include such small work in the cost of connection, but local providers charge subscribers an additional fee.

You can set up interactive television not only on a TV, but also on other devices:

  • tablets;
  • PC;
  • smartphones;
  • Smart consoles.
  • viewing the stream using special Playlists;
  • setting up channels, creating lists with selected content from them;
  • recording a program with saving to a media file;
  • volume display, recording indicator;
  • TV program viewing and recording planner;
  • background saving in multiple threads;
  • remote control of the content playback process;
  • multichannel sound.

Of course, IPTV also has certain disadvantages. Periodically, the signal is cut off, mainly due to the low speed of the Internet. For proper content transfer, a connection with a speed of 10 Mbps or more is required.

As for other shortcomings, they are not so significant. Signal transmission over the Internet Protocol is a really effective technology. Owners of outdated smartphones, tablets, computers, TVs may face certain difficulties. The point is that these devices may not support some functions.

Why watch TV over the Internet

Digital TV is the optimal broadcast technology. Data transmission is carried out promptly without loss of quality. That is why the decision was made to abandon analog television. As for IPTV, this technology is fundamentally different from the above methods of signal transmission. Data stream is transmitted via Ethernet cable.

Television over the Internet on the TV can be configured using the appropriate services of providers. Many companies provide access to an unlimited number of channels at maximum resolution. Subscription is accompanied by additional services:

  • watching new films, TV series, cartoons;
  • announcements of television programs, new films;
  • detailed TV program.

IPTV is an interactive technology with online feedback and internet surfing options. In this component, this type of broadcasting is noticeably superior to other methods of channel tuning: analog, digital, cable and even satellite. The user will be able to in real time:

  • use Skype, Viber and other applications;
  • launch all kinds of services, games;
  • send messages;
  • surf the internet.

Given the above arguments, it becomes clear why users prefer Internet TV.

Installing the program on the TV and setting it up

Smart TVs allow you to use a wide range of different software. The main thing is to know how to properly manage the available opportunities. The developers have created many useful applications for watching TV. However, in the process of installing the software, you need to take into account the model and functional features of the TV. The region of residence also matters.

For example, some operating systems offer access to a wide list of preinstalled programs, while on other models the software must be installed independently. This requires a stable internet connection. You can connect to the network using an Ethernet cable or Wi-Fi.

How to connect IPTV for free? The process begins with the installation of the corresponding application. Create a personal account in the program, and then log in to the system. The software may differ, but the TV tuning aLGorithm remains unchanged. To give users a real idea of ​​how to watch TV over the Internet on TV, consider a specific example.

Samsung Smart TV owners primarily use the Fork Store App Market. This program can be used on TVs and other brands. The software is convenient for efficient formatting of TV channels, you can sort them and create a list of “Favorites”:

  • Go to the official website of software developers.
  • Select brand name and TV model.
  • Read the instructions for the application.
  • Open the Fork Store App Market.
  • From the drop-down list, select the SmileBY application.
  • Reboot your TV.
  • The SmileBY widget will appear in the menu of available applications.
  • Turn on the program, and then select the first item in the list.
  • Go to the “Onlier Playlists” section.
  • Open the Segaz folder. Available playlists are displayed in this directory.
  • Run one of the available Playlists
  • If a certain channel stops working, you can find it in another Playlist.
  • Turn on any of the available TV channels to watch.
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It is SIMply pointless to consider absolutely all applications with which you can configure IPTV. The list of programs will change depending on a number of important factors:

  • the location of the provider and user;
  • the presence of regional TV channels;
  • TV brands and models.

Now you know how to tune channels on your TV over the Internet. Remember that IPTV control is carried out using a regular remote control. The number of available channels is determined depending on the Playlist used. Free lists contain up to 150 channels. For a wider assortment, you need to subscribe.

Each user can edit Playlists and even create their own. However, this requires special skills.

How to watch TV on a computer

There are several ways to watch TV online on your computer. The SIMplest and most effective option is IPTV. To set up TV broadcasts, you need to download the VLC Media Player and then download the Playlists. When the player is installed on a laptop or computer, and the list of TV channels is downloaded, open the Playlist in VLC. That’s all, you can enjoy watching.

The obvious advantages of setting up IPTV on a computer:

  • ease of customization;
  • no restrictions;
  • access to channels that are not available on all satellites;
  • no monthly fee.

If for some reason the considered option is not suitable, you can use alternative methods. Download special software to your computer. There is really a lot of software, but really working applications can be counted on the fingers of one hand. Pay attention to the “Eye TV” utility. It is a program with an intuitive interface. The utility takes up a minimum of free space. Install the software, then you can watch TV. No registration and channel setup required.

The third option is perhaps the least effective. viewing channels online. You just need to open a dedicated website. Finding a portal in a search engine will not be difficult. Online browsing in the browser creates an additional load on the computer, which can cause freezes. Another disadvantage is the large amount of ads.

Where to get Playlists

To watch TV channels on TV via the Internet, you need to use special Playlists. Free channel lists on some models are embedded in pre-installed applications. If your provider provides IPTV service, then free Playlists can be requested from him. The content can also be downloaded from the Internet, but this method carries additional risks:

  • poor image quality;
  • unstable display of TV channels;
  • periodically some channels SIMply stop working.

You can download free Playlists to your TV from dedicated websites, but this is not the safest way.

What is IPTV

The abbreviation IPTV stands for Internet Protocol Television, which translated from English means television over the Internet protocol. The technology also provides for the use of digital packet data transmission. It should be noted that Internet TV and IPTV are significantly different. In the first case, you only need to connect to the World Wide Web to watch TV.

For the correct operation of IPTV, the Internet protocol is also involved, but this is far from the only condition. The broadcast process is controlled by the provider, in some cases using closed channels.

How to watch TV on your phone

Watching TV channels is possible not only on a PC, but also on smartphones. Modern mobile technology is absolutely in no way inferior in performance to computers and laptops. Absolutely all of the above methods are suitable for phone owners. For example, on smartphones running Android and iOS operating systems, you can install VLC Media Player. Then just download the Playlist. Everything is ready, you can watch the channels.

An alternative way is programs for watching TV on the phone. There are also a lot of them, but the work of free applications leaves much to be desired. Therefore, it cannot be ruled out that you will have to subscribe.

Satellite tuner setup

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YouTube does not connect

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I have an Artel Smart TV. I can not configure the language in the browser and Play Store

Try unplugging the TV for 1 minute and then turning it on again.

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Artel TV instruction

TV Artel 32 a9000, according to the instruction manual, has the following specifications:

Table: Technical characteristics of the Artel TV

Parameter Characteristic Parameter Characteristic Parameter Characteristic
Screen resolution HD 1366×768 Screen format 16: 9 Brightness 240 cd / m2
Contrast 3000: 1 Response time 6.5 msec Viewing angle 178
Number of colors 16.7 M Update frequency 60 Hz Digital tuner DVB-T / T2, C, S / S2 with MPEG-4
CI support there is TV system PAL, NTSC, SECAM Audio out 2×10 W
Dolby Digital there is AV input Mini AV Maximum power consumption 55 watts
Standby Consumption 0.5W Weight 4.5 Kg Dimensions 432.3 x 736 x 81

Time and date setting. Can’t see Lan cable

1.8.2020 Artel 32AH90G Lugansk Can’t see TV Lan cable when connecting to the Internet.