Samsung TV not responding to remote

Software Update

Software updates should be carried out regularly. Outdated firmware often becomes the main cause of errors and problems, some of which are related to IPTV. Go to the TV settings and in the system parameters section go to the updates tab, where you will need to click on the check button. If a new patch has been released, the system will display a notification where you need to confirm the download and wait for the download.

You can also use the official website. Just go to the developer page and check the latest updates in the appropriate tab. Smart TV manufacturers always release new patches for devices.

Lags when watching movies online

  • Slow internet connection. For optimal operation of IPTV, a connection speed of at least 2 mbps is required. Check this value using the service. Go to this site and click the “Start” button, after a minute the result of the current speed will be shown on the screen. If the indicator is less than 2 mbps, then the problem is hidden in the slow Internet connection.
  • The second reason has to do with the playlist. Certain channels not working? The problem is in the files being played. Then use another playlist.


The TV does not want to execute commands from the remote control, but the indicator is on or blinking? Try restarting your device. In this case, you need not just turn off and turn on the TV, but get the plug out of the socket. over, if you additionally use a set-top box, then disconnect it from the power supply as well. After five minutes, you can plug the devices back in.

If you have any questions or complaints. let us know

Internet and its connection

Users often complain that Samsung Smart TV lags when using home Wi-Fi. Let’s consider each type of connection:

  • Wireless over WI-Fi. This is the most convenient type of connection. To use it, you need to go to the set-top box or TV menu, enter the wireless networks section and select the network name in the corresponding tab, and then enter the password and connect. But, if lags are found while watching movies online, then WI-Fi will become one of the main reasons. After all, such a connection is not reliable, especially if there are too many devices connected to the router. This can cause packet loss, which is why IPTV starts to slow down.
  • Wired by cable. This option is considered the best. The cable provides a stable connection. The problem may lie only in the protocols used by the provider. It’s good if the provider provides a dynamic IP.

What to do if Samsung Smart TV slows down?

What if my Samsung Smart TV is frozen and the remote is not responding? We have discussed the main causes of this malfunction. But how do you solve the problem? Below we will study the available solutions that allow you to fix the problem yourself, without contacting the service center.

The remote does not respond

The reasons why the TV or set-top box stop responding to remote control commands:

  • The first is associated with a faulty device. For example, the photodetector or control processor could break down. Then diagnostics in a service center and appropriate repairs will be required.
  • The remote control is defective. If, after replacing the batteries, the device still does not work, then check it for operability, it is probably broken. To do this, make sure that the remote control is really faulty. install a special application on your smartphone that allows you to control the TV from a remote distance. In the official program market, in the search box, write “LG Remote” (or another TV model). If the device responds to commands, then the remote control is broken and requires either replacement or repair.
  • The next reason is related to signal loss. For example, the TV set refuses to respond to commands, but performs actions only after numerous button presses. This problem is mainly found on Samsung and Philips. To fix the situation, you need to hold down two keys on the TV set. Program and Volume. Did not help? Update your software.
  • Interference. This includes household appliances. Televisions are not always installed in rooms, they are often placed in the kitchen, where a microwave oven can act as interference, etc.
  • Wear of components. If the remote control is very old, then probably many parts are simply out of order.

Why Samsung Smart TV slows down and freezes: reasons

Sometimes users are faced with unpleasant moments while using Smart TV on the TV. One of the most common problems is that the device starts to freeze or does not work well. The main reasons are:

  • Slow internet connection.
  • Too many unnecessary widgets are running in the background, which caused the device’s memory to clog up, and it began to slow down.
  • The cache is clogged in the browser.
  • You haven’t downloaded software updates for a long time.

Look at the screen to determine the exact reason for the freeze. What happens when you brake? Does the notification error appear? After all, the reason may lie in the insufficient power of the antenna. This is usually characterized by interference, poor picture quality, or braking. But, the main reason is still considered to be insufficient connection speed.

Why Samsung Smart TV Freezes and Doesn’t Respond: Reasons, How to Fix?

Today, Smart TV is available in almost every home. Any modern TV has this function. It allows you not only to watch movies online, but also to use the Internet and listen to music. The presented technology has a sufficient number of advantages. But, despite this, sometimes errors can occur. Let’s take a look at why Samsung Smart TV freezes and how to fix it.

Why Samsung Smart TV Freezes and Doesn’t Respond: Reasons What to Do?

Why Samsung Smart TV freezes. a relevant query in 2021. Smart TVs are becoming more and more popular. Through the Smart Hub application, it became possible to watch online videos, pictures, Internet pages, listen to music, play games. and all on TV. In our material, we will identify common problems associated with freezing Smart TV, the reasons for their occurrence and possible ways to fix the problem.


If the technician stops responding to commands from the remote control, and the indicator starts blinking or is constantly on, try restarting the TV. Unplug and plug back in about 5-10 minutes. If the problem repeats, we go further.

What to do if Samsung Smart TV slows down

If the TV with the Smart TV function is stupid, we will try to determine the problem and how to fix it. Sometimes an elementary reboot of the device helps. If the problem persists, let’s see the stability of the network connection, new firmware, change the settings.

Internet and its connection

There are two ways to connect your TV to the Internet:

  • wireless. via Wi-Fi;
  • directly by cable.
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To connect the equipment to the router, go to the “Menu” and go to the “Network type” section. select “Wireless” connection.

In the window that appears, enter the WI-FI authorization parameters. The connection will be established. If the notification “Can’t get the network settings” pops up, update the router software. For a wired connection via a cable, follow the same steps, only select “Cable” in the menu.

For the most part, the provider provides a dynamic IP, but if the protocol is PPPoE, PPtP, L2TP, then you will also need to enter a username and password. Such data is required to be obtained from the manager of the service provider.

Device settings

Sometimes TV lags due to incorrect settings. The fault may be your inattention, or a child “played” with the remote control. The solution to this problem is to reset Samsung Smart TV to factory settings. If there is no response from the equipment, try unplugging and plugging back. This should help.

So, this article discusses the possible factors of TV freezing and how to fix them. If the described steps did not help, feel free to contact the service center from the manufacturer.

Software Update

Very often Samsung Smart TV slows down if there is a new firmware version. Because for the normal functioning of the TV, it needs to be updated, otherwise it simply will not start. If internet speed is not enough, new software can be downloaded to flash memory via PC. After that, you need to connect the USB flash drive to the TV and update the system.

The remote does not respond

The lack of response from the remote control may be caused by various factors.

First of all, check the health of the batteries on other equipment. Perhaps they are out of order and need to be replaced with new ones. With a low energy intensity of the batteries, the remote control buttons may not immediately respond to pressing, and therefore the user begins to suspect that the remote control is inoperative.

The camera on your smartphone will also help to check the operation of the remote control. Each device has an infrared sensor that gives a command signal. You need to place the remote control with the indicator upward above the camera and try to press the buttons. If there is a signal, it is immediately visible on the display. the sensor is on.

In most cases, when the Samsung Smart TV freezes and the remote does not respond, the remote is the reason. Take it to a service center, where specialists will quickly help you solve the problem.

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Good to all! There was a problem: the TV does not respond to key presses on the remote control. precisely, it reacts after fifteen or twenty presses in a row and only then turns on, or if it is already working, it executes the given command. This problem arose, as I suppose, after my searches for options to turn off the melody. Somewhere on this forum I read that it is necessary to “briefly press the MENU button on the TV and hold the volume key for five seconds.” Experts, tell me how to return the setting back, i.e. so that the TV responds to the commands of the remote control with a single press. Thank. TV UEC 6000 RW

75 answers to the question “TV does not respond to the remote control”

Yes, I probably asked our support specialists an overwhelming task 😉 I wanted to solve one problem. remove the on / off melody, got another problem. the TV does not respond to the remote control 🙁

Troubleshooting Remote Control Issues for your Samsung TV | Samsung US

Good afternoon! If you pressed the MENU button, then simply changed the home mode to demo. Such manipulations have no effect on the operation of the remote control. Maybe you just need to replace the batteries in the remote control? And if you are still interested in turning off the sound, then I can write how to do it.

the TV works but when you use the remote control the sound disappears

Thanks NastyaNastya, I turned off the melody. But I still struggle with the solution of the problem with a belated reaction to the remote control. 8-(

The problem has been removed. I invited a warranty service worker to my home. He could not do anything. Asked him about the ability to reset ALL user settings. He climbed into some special menu (service menu). I chose the RESET item. Then I replaced the batteries on the remote and everything is fine! It works! 🙂 Good luck everyone.

I have a similar problem, sometimes it refuses to respond to the remote control, I found a solution, I just need to lightly click my fingers at the place where the red indicator lights up (on the TV), it immediately starts to respond to the remote control, but this is not quite the case and I would like to know what case and how to solve it

Thanks for your advice, Fugas. I had the same problem. The MVideo warranty workshop could not solve the problem. The warranty is over, the problem remains. Your advice works. I’m not an expert, but it looks like there is a connector in this place on the TV and there is a snot in it. Thanks again.

Damn advice helped, clicked on the TV set it all worked. Interestingly, under the guarantee of the Samsung they will be able to do it or they will take a TV set, but the marriage will not be revealed and will end there?

Thanks a lot for the advice. It worked! True, I don’t know how long this problem has been solved.

Damn, thanks, I would never have guessed, but it helped.

sometimes refuses to respond to the remote control, I found a solution, I just need to lightly click my fingers at the place where the red indicator lights up (on the TV), he immediately begins to respond to the remote control, but this is not quite the case and I would like to know what is the matter and how to solve ? UE40 ES 5507

Sergey, my remote control stopped working, for Smart TV, I did not understand a little, you clicked your fingers on the remote control itself, where the signal is coming from or on the TV that receives the signal, and where is this place on TV?

Tin) helped. but what do you always do?)

Sergey, the same problem and TV is the same, I handed it over 2 times under warranty. the defect was not confirmed.

Before trying to EEPROM reset, please try a factory reset, that might revive your TV also.
Press “EXIT” button for 12 seconds (15 is better since you cannot see TV), than press “Left” and “Enter”

It helped! Long press on the joystick (15 seconds) all this time, the red LED on the TV set blinks, and then on the pairing button on the remote control. And voila.

please explain which joystick you pressed and what is the pairing button

Yes, 15 seconds press the joystick up and everything worked

Please tell me which button to press for 15 seconds

Thank you. Reading the previous comments, I tried everything I could.!

My LCD TV Acer stopped responding to the remote control (and to the keyboard). The volume is maximum. When you press the key. The volume (on the remote control), the percentage on the scale jerks from 100 to 99 percent and back. On the remote control, only the “on” button works. off. “What could be the reason?

Good day! We have an 8th generation Samsung Smart TV. Paired with the TV is a soundbar of the same company. This equipment comes with two large format remotes and one smart remote. We use one of those two. You can switch it to TV or a bar and press the buttons. And today TV stopped responding to pressing from this remote control in TV mode. The bar works from the same remote control. The smart remote also performs its functions properly. They began to sin on this main remote control, but the second one, exactly the same, does not control the TV in the same way! The batteries were changed. What could be the reason? Maybe a combination of buttons was pressed. rock plays naughty sometimes.

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I have exactly the same problem, I just can’t solve it!

On my Smart TV in Internet mode, the sound keys on the remote control do not respond. What could it be? Help.

I just took out the batteries and put them in, the problem was in the power contacts of the remote control

BOUGHT A Mystery TV, THE REMOTE WORKS IMMEDIATELY ONLY AFTER MANY PRESSES, you need to DIRECT exactly by the button. otherwise it does not switch at all. what is the reason in the remote control or on the TV, tell me.Thanks!

Perhaps the remote control, try changing the batteries

On Smart TVs, remotes communicate with the TV via Bluetooth. Sometimes it is enough to take out the batteries and press the PAIRING button on the remote control from the side of the battery compartment. And the TV will start responding to the remote again.

hello, a similar problem Smart TV 48j6250 Smart TV shows without problems when you switch normal channels, it freezes, there is a black screen or a menu pops up, if someone had such a problem, please write how to solve

I have a Samsung TV. The TV did not respond to the remote control. I disconnected the TV from the network for about an hour, after switching it on, thank God everything is fine. I found this hint on the Internet.

Thanks everyone for the advice! She turned off the TV, changed the batteries, wiped the contacts in the remote control with foil. Iiiiiiiiiii. the remote control is working!

bought the remote control it is working and the TV set does not switch what to do

The remote completely stopped working, switched by the Samsung phone. The problem was solved by disconnecting the TV from the network, thanks for the hint.

Please tell me the TV onyx 63 tts 11-91 stopped responding to both the remote control and the buttons what to do ?

Clicking the red light solved the problem (TV Samsung)

people for the sake of rzhaki went up to the TV set and clicked on the red light a couple of times and in nature it all worked 🙂 my wife and I laughed for a long time

I also clicked on the light bulb, the remote worked! But this is not an option. What could be the reason? Please tell me.

I called support, the problem was not solved. The master was scheduled to leave for Tuesday, today is Sunday. I came up and clicked on the sensor on the TV and the remote connected to the telecom. It all worked. Thanks to the discoverer of this method.!

Thanks for the tip. Also, the TV stopped responding to the remote control.
The batteries are normal, IR. there is an impulse.
Subtracted here about the usefulness of clicking on the indicator.
It worked.
Thanks for the hint. Y7o

Samsung UE49MU6400 TV was bought 3 days ago, stopped responding to the remote control. It just turns it on and off. Everything switches normally from the phone. Clicking on the light bulb did not help.

The remote control stopped responding to buttons, only on / off. The red light on the remote control is flashing. We changed the batteries. Under the cover of the remote control, above the batteries, a combination of keys is written that must be pressed so that the TV with the remote control can again see each other via Bluetooth.

Thank you very much for the hint))) It worked.

Clicking on the red light, replacing the batteries, returning to factory settings DIDN’T HELP.
And these magic two buttons WORKED.
Thanks for the hint!

Thank you very much, it turns out that the combination of buttons is written, and I press where the batteries are in the back, someone wrote to press there and I don’t understand. I think it doesn’t look like buttons. Laughed with her husband for a long time. After all, none of us guessed.

Thanks for the advice!) And the chest, as they say, just opened!) It turns out that all you need to do is pair the TV remote control by pressing the combination of two buttons indicated in the hint picture under the remote control cover. Everything worked!))

what buttons? I can not understand. TV Samsung ue49mu6670u

also a Samsung MU7000 TV set, after playing with a button on the TV set where the red indicator is on, the TV stopped responding to the remote control, channels and sound are switched only with the help of the phone, they tried to connect through the application in the Samsung phone, it did not work. the application sees it but does not allow to connect. a combination of buttons for pairing the remote control with a telecom on the advice of the service did not work, resetting the settings also cannot be done; it is impossible to enter the menu. they said you need to give it to the service. what nonsense

Samsung ue40mu6100k also the remote only worked on / off.
performed a search for devices (under the cover of the remote control it is drawn what needs to be done) and everything worked.

Yesterday I bought a Samsung UE49KS7500U. Smart works great, all buttons on the remote are active. But as soon as I connected the cable, when watching the channels, the remote control stopped responding to the increase and decrease in sound, the channels did not switch up and down either.
I exit the cable back to Smart and the keys work again.
I don’t know what the problem is.
By the way, through the phone, the volume on cable channels also does not work.
Help out!

Hello everyone!
I repaired the TV yesterday myself, with a grill.

My Samsung 5-series TV stopped responding to the sound volume buttons, then all the remote control and joystick buttons on the TV itself, and on 10/28/17 the TV stopped responding to the power off and sleep mode buttons.

1. August 2017, the TV stopped responding to the sound volume buttons, while the signal reception indicator blinked, but the function did not work, Smart Hub either worked or did not work. Because TV set is needed only for watching YouTube and sometimes 1 konal, it was critical;
2. September 2017 the TV stopped responding to all buttons on the remote control and joystick, except for the on / off and sleep mode buttons, but sometimes (late night, early morning) there was a reaction to all buttons, sometimes the functions were reassigned between the buttons;
3.October 28, 2017, the TV stopped responding to all power off and sleep buttons.

Searching for a solution to the problem:
I must say right away that since The TV set is 3 years old and knowing that the same people as I work in the service centers, I decided to turn to the Samsung service center or to repair TVs when I break everything myself, and the initial condition was to fix the TV set without disassembling it, because it was stupidly lazy.
The TV model is UE40H6230AK, but in the end you will understand that this information has nothing to do with the result:
1. I read almost all the Russian-language forums of the CIS where the problems of Samsung TVs were discussed (I learned a lot, thought a lot (no more than 10 minutes) and did it quickly);
2. I changed the batteries in the remote control (it didn’t help);
3. I disassembled and cleaned all the boards and contacts of the console with alcohol (alcohol did not help the console, but it helped me);
4. Checked the outlet and power plug of the TV (did not help);
5. I checked the power outlet, disassembled it, extended the contacts, collected it, checked the ground (it did not help);
6. I checked the protective zero and the machine in the switchgear. shield, extended contacts (did not help);
7. Reset the Smart Hub settings through the menu (did not help);
8. Through the service password (from some forum), I reset Smart Hub, built-in browser settings, cleared the cache, turned off Wi-Fi (it didn’t help);
9. Through the password for extended access (from some forum), I got access to all factory calibrations, settings and functions. There I was looking for a function on / off Bluetooth, because even then, except for Bluetooth, I checked everything that was possible (it did not help);
10. Because all that could help me those. I already did support for Samsung, then I called there only to clarify whether it was possible to turn off Bluetooth. The technical support manager repeated the resets and zeroes through the external access password, checked the factory settings, at the same time explaining that there is no software on / off Bluetooth, only disassemble and disconnect the antenna with your hands, they also discussed with him the option of stupidly gluing half of the laptop to the TV set and using the TV set only as a screen. the conclusion was that it was premature (in general, it was interesting and pleasant to talk to, but did not help);
11. Consistently, observing the reaction to the buttons, disconnected all devices and wires from the TV, turned off all devices with Wi-Fi and Bluetooth in the apartment (it did not help);
12. I took a cell phone and started a search for Bluetooth devices under, above and around the TV, a device “Samsung 9th generation TV” was found under the TV, the signal is stronger, obviously this is a TV set from the neighbors below, to interrupt the signal you need a metal mesh or grill that was found stove. grill grate 500×500 mm.
I put the grill grate on the floor, under the carpet, under the right corner of the TV (there is a Bluetooth antenna) and all the functions of the TV worked without disassembling the TV, without a useless ride through diagnostics and service centers so that everyone who wants to pay 500-1000 rubles for a “watch”: )

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In those. Samsung’s support by phone was not denied that the seizure of the functions of one Samsung TV set by another older generation telecom is possible and they have no solution to the problem.

Cool! This is persistence.
Those. as an option, move the TV to another place and try there.

The TV does not respond to the remote control: the problem is with the remote control or the TV?

For the owner of a TV set, accustomed to relaxing by his screen, a faulty remote control becomes not just an annoying nuisance, but a real problem.

So you don’t want to get up from the cozy sofa and control the TV manually! However, you will have to get up, because usually, when the TV does not respond to the remote control, it is the remote control that is faulty.

In some cases, you can eliminate the cause of the malfunction on your own, and easily and quickly, but there are also such breakdowns that only an experienced TV repair specialist can deal with.

Remote controller malfunction

Take your time to run out and buy a new remote if the TV is not picking up its signals. There is a high degree of probability that you will be able to fix the remote control in a minute.!

If the failure in work is due to the fact that the batteries in the remote control have sat down or leaked, the polarity (plus / minus) of the batteries is reversed, there are no batteries at all (children could get them out of there while playing), you will very quickly resolve the issue.

Even if you installed new batteries just a couple of days ago, you should still check them. Unfortunately, there are copies on sale that, when checked, work properly, and after a couple of days they are completely discharged.

When you find it, fix any of the above battery problems and try using the remote again.

If the problem persists, take a close look at the room where your TV is located. Sometimes, although very rarely, it happens that the TV does not pick up the signal from the remote control due to nearby bright light sources or other interference. This can be a bright fluorescent lamp, microwave radiation, and so on. Try turning off everything except the TV, free up space around it and use the remote again.

If everything is in order with this, check if your remote control is not mechanically damaged. Buttons don’t lock? Perhaps one of them cracked? The rubber membrane of the remote control may have worn out. These parts can be replaced, but in most cases it is more advisable to purchase a new remote control.

Sometimes the reason that the TV does not “see” the signal is a change in its frequency. In this case, the diode on the TV blinks, as if the signal was received, but in fact. no.

But, before you go to check the remote control somewhere, check it at home.!

Turn on the camera on your mobile phone or camera and point it at the LED on the remote. Press any button on the remote. If you see a flickering diode, the remote control is working.

In this case, you need to look for the problem in the TV itself and repair it. This should be done by a master who understands household appliances.

TV malfunction

If your remote control is working properly, and the TV does not respond to it, as well as in the case when the remote control itself has broken down (you did not see the glow through the phone camera or there are other problems), call a certified master VseRemont24 to your home.

Note! “Handicraft” TV repair very often leads its owners to the need to buy a new one! Also, unprofessional actions can provoke a potentially life-threatening situation and cause household electrical injuries.!

There are only two reasons for the breakdown of a TV that does not respond to the remote control:

  • faulty and therefore incorrectly working photodetector,
  • faulty control processor.

The VseRemont24 master will quickly and efficiently repair them, as well as the remote control itself, if the reason is still in it. Although it is possible that the master will offer you to replace the remote control with a new one, if the old one cannot be repaired.

The master calls the exact price of repair services for a TV that does not respond to the remote control upon completion of the breakdown diagnosis, starting from the type, brand and model of your TV.

You will certainly be pleased with the optimal ratio of price and quality of TV repair services at VseRemont24!

A couple of hours after the master arrives at your home, you will again enjoy such a convenient and life-making device as a TV remote control.!